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Welding System

Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America

Electrode holder and cable not included.


Dual-process Welding Solution--260A MIG/150A Stick Welding

· 208/230/460 or 230/460/575 multi-voltage, single-phase input

permits use at many locations

· Internal tool and consumables tray · Genuine Tweco 300 amp, heavy duty MIG torch

a popular torch for easy parts availability

· SCR-controlled with reliable solid state contactor

continuously variable current and voltage output

· Regulator/flow gauge with gas hose

for adjusting gas shielding flow in high draft or wind conditions

· Energy-saving circuit in MIG mode

keeps fan on only while welding, automatically shuts off 6 minutes after completion of weld

· Braking spool support assembly · Casters and cylinder cart · 10-foot cable and ground clamp · 8-foot input cord · Clear viewing panel for input voltage setting · Spool-gun-ready without requiring expensive interface module

easier and less expensive option for aluminum welding, with MK Products PrinceTM Spool Gun

· In MIG mode, hot-start feature

ensures smooth arc starting for reduced spatter

· In MIG mode, burn-back feature

allows wire to burn back at end of weld to prevent wire sticking in weld

· In MIG mode, can readily change polarity

to run solid or flux-cored wires

· Excellent low end MIG operation

with .023" diameter wire

· Wire-inch button

permits wire feed without welding for added safety

· Thermal protection

automatically powers down machine if duty cycle is exceeded

· Gas purge button independent of

welding operation

· Extended warranty

3 years on welder, 1 year on torch


Type Width Depth Height Weight Input voltage Phase Frequency Amperage draw 55 50 25 20 40­260 A 12­28 V 38 V 200 A, 28 V @ 60% 260 A, 28 V @ 40% 0.035 & 0.045 standard 0.023 & 0.030 optional A A A A MIG ­ CV 17" (430 mm) 40" (1010 mm) 30" (760 mm) 270 lb (123 kg) 208, 230, 460 VAC 1Ø 60 hz @ @ @ @ 208 230 460 575 VAC VAC VAC VAC 20­150 A 20­26 V 52 V 150 A, 26 V @ 40% N/A 230, 460, 575 VAC STICK ­ CC

Applicable Materials

Mild steel Stainless steel Cast iron, nickel welding High quality, low hydrogen welding of high tensile materials Aluminum Copper

Input rating Output current/voltage range Maximum open circuit voltage Duty cycle rating Wire diameters, inch

*Note: All dimensions are approximate

12 KVA or 8.11 kw


Digital panel meter module (part#: TSM90314) This option allows the operator to display actual voltage or amperage on a 3" tall LCD display by toggling a switch. Spot stitch module (part#: TSM90313) This option has 3 modes; Normal, Spot and Stitch. The spot time, stitch-on time and stitch-off time are all adjustable from 0.3­3 seconds. MK products PRINCE XL SPOOL GUN (Contact your local distributor) 150 amp, 25 V, 100% duty cycle Spool Gun for use with 4" spools. Wire Capacity: .023" ­ .045" solid and hard wire .030" ­ .062" aluminum and cored wire MK part#: 316-725 Air Cooled PRINCE XL Spool Gun with 25' leads. MK part#: 316-750 Air Cooled PRINCE XL Spool Gun with 50' leads. MK part#: 005-0617 Adapter to connect PRINCETM Spool Gun control cable to Gunslinger 260 (required). Inside view of wire feeder tray and rotating braking spool assembly

Drive Roll Options

Part number MDR00021 MDR00007 MDR00022 MDR01206 MDR00806 MDR01227 MDR01202 MGT01205 MGT00808

Standard components

Wire size .023" (.6mm) .030" (.8mm) .035" (.9mm) .045" (1.2mm) .023"/.030" (.6mm/.8mm) .035"/.045" (.9mm/1.2mm) .035"/.045" (.9mm/1.2mm) .023"­.045" (.6mm­1.2mm) .023"­.030" (.6mm­.8mm)

Description V grooved ceramic V grooved V grooved V grooved V grooved V grooved V grooved ceramic outlet guide outlet guide See through voltage changeover on back panel

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How to Order

Item description 261 (208/230/400 VAC) with accessories 261 (230/400/575 VAC) with accessories 261 (208/230/400 VAC) 261 (230/400/575 VAC) MIG torch Regulator Manual Part number YM-260AS2YVL YM-260AS2YVG YD-260AS2YVL YD-260AS2YVG 6009032 6009026 6009034 Your local Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America distributor.

Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America 1-888-PANWELD [email protected]

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Panasonic Gunslinger 261 Welder

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