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Bajaj Auto


Bajaj Auto

Type Founded

Public 1945

Headquarters Pune, Maharashtra, India Key people Revenue Net income Employees Website Rahul Bajaj (Chairman), Rajiv Bajaj (Managing Director) Rs. 81.063 billion (2005) or USD 1.32 billion Rs. 11.016 billion 10,250 (2006-07)


Bajaj Auto is a major Indian automobile manufacturer started by a Rajasthani merchant. It is based in Pune, Maharashtra, with plants in Chakan (Pune), Waluj (near Aurangabad) and Pantnagar in Uttaranchal. The oldest plant at Akurdi (Pune) now houses the R&D centre Ahead. Bajaj Auto makes and exports motorscooters, motorcycles and the auto rickshaw. The Forbes Global 2000 list for the year 2005 ranked Bajaj Auto at 1946.[2] Over the last decade, the company has successfully changed its image from a scooter manufacturer to a two wheeler manufacturer. Its product range encompasses scooterettes, scooters and motorcycles. Its real growth in numbers has come in the last four years after successful introduction of a few models in the motorcycle segment. The company is headed by Rahul Bajaj who is worth more than US$1.5 billion.[3] Bajaj Auto came into existence on November 29, 1945 as M/s Bachraj Trading Corporation Private Limited. It started off by selling imported two- and three-wheelers in India. In 1959, it obtained license from the Government of India to manufacture two- and three-wheelers and it went public in 1960. In 1970, it rolled out its 100,000th vehicle. In 1977, it managed to produce and sell 100,000 vehicles in a single financial year. In 1985, it started producing at Waluj near Aurangabad. In 1986, it managed to produce and sell 500,000 vehicles in a single financial year. In 1995, it rolled out its ten millionth vehicle and produced and sold 1 million vehicles in a year. According to the authors of Globality: Competing with Everyone from Everywhere for Everything, Bajaj has grown operations in 50 countries by creating a line of value-for-money bikes targeted to the different preferences of entry-level buyers.[4]

Timeline of new releases

· · · · · · · · 1960-1970 - Vespa 150 - Under the licence of Piaggio of Italy 1971 - three-wheeler goods carrier 1972 - Bajaj Chetak 1976 - Bajaj Super 1977 - Bajaj Priya 1977 - Rear engine Autorickshaw 1981 - Bajaj M-50 1986 - Bajaj M-80, Kawasaki Bajaj KB100, Kawasaki Bajaj KB125,

· 1990 - Bajaj Sunny · 1991 - Kawasaki Bajaj 4S Champion

Bajaj Auto · · · · · · · · · · · · · 1994 - Bajaj Classic 1995 - Bajaj Super Excel 1997 - Kawasaki Bajaj Boxer, Rear Engine Diesel Autorickshaw 1998 - Kawasaki Bajaj Caliber, Bajaj Legend, India's first four-stroke scooter, Bajaj Spirit 2000 - Bajaj Saffire 2001 - Eliminator, Bajaj Pulsar 2003 - Caliber115, Bajaj Wind 125, Bajaj Pulsar 2004 - Bajaj CT 100, New Bajaj Chetak 4-stroke with Wonder Gear, Bajaj Discover DTS-i 2005 - Bajaj Wave, Bajaj Avenger, Bajaj Discover 2006 - Bajaj Platina 2007 - Bajaj Pulsar-200 (Oil Cooled), Bajaj Kristal, Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi (Fuel Injection) , XCD 125 DTS-Si 2008 - Bajaj Discover 135 DTS-i - sport (Upgrade of existing 135cc model) 2009 - Bajaj Pulsar 135(December 9)[5] (January) Bajaj XCD 135 cc , Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTS-i UG IV, Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTS-i UG IV, Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-i , Bajaj Discover 100 DTS-Si.


Spinoffs and acquisitions

The demerger of Bajaj Auto Ltd into three separate corporate entities--Bajaj Finserv Ltd (BFL), Bajaj Auto Ltd (BAL), and Bajaj Holdings and Investment Ltd (BHIL)--was completed with the shares listing on May 26, 2008.[6] In November 2007, Bajaj Auto acquired 14.5% stake in KTM Power Sports AG (holding company of KTM Sportmotocycles AG). The two companies have signed a cooperation deal, by which KTM will provide the know-how for joint development of the water-cooled four-stroke 125 and 250 cc engines, and Bajaj will take over the distribution of KTM products in India and some other Southeast Asian nations.[7] Bajaj said it is open to taking a majority stake in KTM and is also looking at other takeover opportunities. On the 8th of January 2008, Managing Director Rajiv Bajaj confirmed the collaboration and announced his intention to gradually increase Bajaj's stake in KTM to 25%.[8]


Bajaj has made a number of motorcycles, scooters and cars. Motorcycles in current production are the XCD, Platina, Discover, Pulsar and Avenger. Cars include the Bajaj ULC ultra-low-cost car.

Low cost cars

Bajaj Auto says its $2,500 car, which it is building with Renault and Nissan Motor, will aim at a fuel-efficiency of 30 km/litre, or twice an average small car, and carbon dioxide emissions of 100 gm/km.[9] . The car is scheduled to be launched in 2012.[10] It is a Tata Nano competitor. The Bajaj venture will have an initial capacity of 400,000 units, while Tata expects eventual demand of 1 million Nanos.

Bajaj Auto


External links

· Bajaj Auto Ltd [11] · Tata rival bullish about Nano [12], BBC, 2008-06-05, chairman Rahul Bajaj speaks to BBC's Chris Morris about prospects


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Hero Honda


Hero Honda

Type Industry Founded

Public company BSE: HEROHONDA M Automotive


January 19, 1984 in Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Headquarters New Delhi, India Key people Brijmohan Lal Munjal (chair and founder) Toshiaki Nakagawa (joint managing director) [2] Pawan Munjal (Managing Director & CEO) Motorcycles, Scooters U$ 2.8 billion


Products Revenue Website

Hero Honda Motors Limited has been the largest two wheeler company in the world for eight consecutive years. The company had a market share of 41.35% in the year 2008-2009 and over a 25 year span it has crossed the 15 million unit milestone. Hero Honda sells more two wheelers than the second, third and fourth placed two-wheeler companies put together.[4] Hero Honda, based in Delhi, India is a joint venture between the Hero Group of India and Honda of Japan.[5] It has been referred to as the world's biggest manufacturer of 2-wheeled motorized vehicles since 2001, when it produced 1.3 million motorbikes in a single year. During the fiscal year 2008-09, the company has sold 3.28 million bikes and the net profit of the company stood at Rs. 1281.7 crore, up 32% from the previous fiscal year.[5] The company's most popular model is the Hero Honda's Splendor, which is the world's largest-selling motorcycle, selling more than one million units per year.[6]

Company profile

"Hero" is the brand name used by the Munjal brothers for their flagship company Hero Cycles Ltd. A joint venture between the Hero Group and Honda Motor Company was established in 1984 as the Hero Honda company,India. During the 1980s, the company introduced motorcycles that were popular in India for their fuel economy and low cost. A popular advertising campaign based on the slogan 'Fill it - Shut it - Forget it' that emphasised the motorcycle's fuel efficiency helped the company grow at a double-digit pace since inception. Hero Honda has three manufacturing facilities based at Dharuhera and Gurgaon in Haryana and at Haridwar in Uttarakhand. These plants together are capable of churning out 3.9 million bikes per year. Hero Honda's has a large sales and service network with over 3,000 dealerships and service points across India. Hero Honda's customer loyalty program, the Hero Honda Passport Program, claims to be one of the largest programs of its kind in the world with over 3 million members. The 2006 Forbes 200 Most Respected companies list has Hero Honda Motors ranked at 108.[7]

Hero Honda



India became the second largest two wheeler manufacturer in the world and starting in the 1950s with the Automobile Products of India (API) that manufactured the Lambrettas and Bajaj Auto Ltd. with its association with Piaggio of Italy (manufacturer of Vespa scooters) as the largest manufacturers within the country. The license raj that existed between the 1940s to 1980s in India did not allow foreign companies to enter the market and imports were tightly controlled. This regulatory maze, before the economic liberalization, made business easier for local players to have a seller's market. Customers in India were forced to wait up to 12 years to buy a scooter from Bajaj. The CEO of Bajaj commented that he did not need a marketing department, only a dispatch department. By the year 1990, Bajaj had a waiting list that was twenty-six times its annual output for scooters. The motorcycle segment had the same long wait times with three manufacturers: Royal Enfield, Ideal Jawa, and Escorts. Royal Enfield made a 350cc Bullet with the only four-stroke engine at that time and took the higher end of the market but there was little competition for their customers. Ideal Jawa and Escorts took the middle and lower end of the market respectively. In the mid-1980s, the Indian government regulations changed and permitted foreign companies to enter the Indian market through minority joint ventures. The two-wheeler market changed with four Indo-Japanese joint ventures: Hero Honda, TVS Suzuki, Bajaj Kawasaki and Kinetic Motor Company (Kinetic Honda). The entry of these foreign companies changed the Indian market dynamics from the supply side to the demand side. With a larger selection of two-wheelers on the Indian market, consumers started to gain influence over the products they bought and raised higher customer expectations. The industry produced more models, styling options, prices, and different fuel efficiencies. The foreign companies new technologies helped make the products more reliable and with better quality. Indian companies had to change to keep up with their global counterparts.


The Group Chairman, Mr. Brij Mohan Lall Munjal has actively looked at diversification. A considerable level of vertical integration in its manufacturing activities has been present in the Group's growth and led to the establishment of the Hero Cycles Cold Rolling Division, Munjal and Sunbeam Castings, Munjal Auto Components and Munjal Showa Limited amongst other component-manufacturing units. Expansion into the automotive segment started with the setting up of Majestic Auto Limited, where the first moped designed entirely in India, Hero Majestic, went into commercial production in 1978. Hero Motors, in collaboration with Steyr Daimler Puch of Austria introduced the which introduced another moped, the Hero Puch, in 1980. Hero Honda Motors was established in 1984 to manufacture 100 cc motorcycles. The Hero Group also plans to expand into other segments like exports, financial services, information technology, insurance and telecommunication.

List of models

· · · · · · · · Achiever Ambition 133, Ambition 135 CBZ, CBZ Star, CBZ Xtreme CD 100, CD 100 SS, CD Dawn, CD Deluxe, CD Deluxe (Self Start) Glamour, Glamour F.I Hunk Joy Karizma, Karizma R, Karizma ZMR FI

· Passion, Passion+, Passion Pro · Pleasure

Hero Honda · Street · Splendor, Splendor+, Splendor+ (Limited Edition), Super Splendor, Splendor NXG · CBF 150 (Honda Unicorn)


List of endorsements to sportsmen

· · · · Virender Sehwag Sourav Ganguly (previously sponsored) Yuvraj Singh (previously sponsored) Main sponsor of FIH Hockey World Cup.

External links

· Hero Honda Webpage [3] · Motorcycles in India [8] at the Open Directory Project


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Royal Enfield Motors


Royal Enfield Motors

Type Industry Founded

Subsidiary Motorcycle 1955 as Enfield India

Headquarters Chennai, India Products Parent Website Motorcycles Eicher Motors


Royal Enfield Motors is a motorcycle manufacturing company based in Chennai, India.


Royal Enfield motorcycles made in England were being sold in India from 1949. In 1955, the Indian government looked for a suitable motorcycle for its police and army, for patrolling the country's border. The Bullet was chosen as the most suitable bike for the job. The Indian government ordered 800 350 cc model Bullets.[2] In 1955, the Redditch company partnered with Madras Motors in India to form 'Enfield India' to assemble, under licence, the 350 cc Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle in Madras (now called Chennai). The first machines were assembled entirely from components shipped from England. In 1957, the tooling was sold to Enfield India so that they could manufacture components. By 1962, all components were made in India. The Indian Enfield uses the 1960 engine (with metric bearing sizes), in the pre-1956 design frame. An independent manufacturer since the demise of Royal Enfield in England, Enfield India still makes an essentially similar bike in 350 cc and 500 cc forms today, along with several different models for different market segments.[3] In 1986, UK civil servant Raja Narayan returned to India and organised an export arm for the company to market the Bullet in England. Starting with a Bullet 350 in 1986, he was soon giving feedback that led to improvements. By 1989, the Enfield Bullet appeared in UK motorcycle shows. In 1994, Eicher Group bought into Enfield India.[4] In late 1995, the Enfield India firm acquired the rights to the name Royal Enfield. Royal Enfield of India now sells motorcycles in over twenty countries. They are being imported into the United States, United Kingdom, and other western countries in increasing numbers, though the newer versions (2001) with electric start are becoming more popular than the 'classic' version which is little changed from 1955. There are a few changes: indicators, a 28 mm Mikuni carb, 12 volt electrics, an improved seat and, since 1990, twin leading-shoe brakes. The 2006, the latest top level export version of the Bullet is the Electra-X, a 500 cc machine with a 'lean burn' engine incorporating a new cylinder head and piston, alloy barrel, gear oil pump and roller big end bearing. There are also some styling and frame changes as well as a front disk brake. The recently designed left foot change 5-speed gearbox and electric start are also part of the package. Other improvements are a more modern Micarb VM 28 (CV) carburettor, 280 mm front disk brake, 150 mm rear single leading shoe drum brake, electronic ignition, and new, gas filled rear damper units.[5] This is an export-only model, and in India the top Electra is a 350 cc, though a basic right change four speed 500 cc version is available.[6] The lean burn 350 cc engine produces 18 bhp (13 kW) @ 5000 rpm, and 32 N·m (24 ft·lbf) @ 3000 rpm. The 500 cc version produces 22 bhp (16 kW) @ 5500 rpm, and 35.9 nm @

Royal Enfield Motors 3000 rpm. The main thrust for its development has been meeting increasingly stringent emissions regulations. This lean burn engine should ensure the future of the Bullet for some years to come and will replace the older, original design engine. First designed around 1947, but still including elements from earlier machines such as the Model G, the Bullet claims to have the longest continuous production run of any motorcycle. It is also significant that the Indian factory has itself now celebrated its own 50th birthday. Lately, the Royal Enfield bikes have enjoyed a resurgence in India after the release of some new models of these bikes with a constant velocity (CV) carburettor and an aluminium engine. These models are the Royal Enfield Thunderbird and Machismo. A model called Electra, which is a slicker version of the classic 350 cc bike with electric-start kit is also popular. This model is not normally exported outside of India, but is replaced by the 500 cc Electra-X.


Recent models

Over the last few years there have been a number of basic models on sale in the UK: · Classic (350 & 500 cc) ­ close to the original 1955 specification with some basic modifications. · Bullet 500 ES ­ Classic with electric start. · Bullet 65 ­ Bullet 500 ES with new 5 speed gearbox and left foot gear change. · Thunderbird (350 cc) ­ New 5 speed gearbox, left foot gear change, stylish look with dual colour/shade body, curved handle bars and electric start. It is compliant with UK/EU emission standards. · Bullet Electra-X (500 cc) ­ Much modified and re-designed lean burn, alloy barrelled engine with the new gearbox and many chassis modifications. The Electra-X looks like a modified and improved Bullet. All of these basic models have trials, cafe racer, and other derivative models. For noise and emission reasons, the old engine will cease to be imported into the UK/EU starting in 2008, and the 'lean burn' engine will then become the standard. Unfortunately, even this lean-burn engine may be short-lived in the EU as further emissions restrictions are to be introduced in the form of Euro 3. A new engine will be introduced in the Fall of 2007 called the "Unit Construction Engine" or UCE. It will be fuel injected and the engine casing and transmission will share a single casting. The Royal Enfield has been imported into the USA since 1995. The models which are available in the USA are: · Classic 500 cc- In the Classic, Deluxe and Military models. · Bullet Electra - X · Bullet Electra - Classic The 350 cc bikes were sold for a few years in the USA, but the US market heavily favors the larger 500 cc model. The 350 cc models are no longer imported into the US. No kick start only models are sold in the US as there was no market demand for them once the Electric Start models were developed.

Royal Enfield Motors


Royal Enfield models

Bullet 500 cc

The Royal Enfield Bullet is a 500 cc standard motorcycle.

List of vehicles manufactured by Royal Enfield, India

· Classic (350 & 500 cc) - close to the original 1955 specification with some basic modifications, 5 speed gear box and left foot gear shift. · Bullet 500 ES - Classic with electric start and 4-speed gearbox · Bullet Continental - US model 350 or 500 with 4 speed gearbox with left foot gear change. · Bullet Sixty-5 - Bullet 500 ES with new 5 speed gearbox and left foot gear change. · Lightning 500cc - 4 speed cast iron engine. Cruiser model on which the Thunderbird is based. · Lightning 535cc - 4 speed alloy engine. · Thunderbird (350 cc)- New 5 speed gearbox, left foot gear change, stylish look with dual colour/shade body, curved handle bars and electric start. It is also compliant with UK/EU emission standards. · Bullet Electra-X (500 cc) - Much modified/re-designed lean burn, alloy barreled engine with the new gearbox and many chassis modifications. The Electra-X looks like a modified and improved Bullet. · · · · · · Bullet Machismo 350/500 Mini-Bullet 200 Fury Explorer Silver plus Mofa a 22 cc shock-absorber-less mobike.

The Fury, Explorer and Silver plus were obtained from Zündapp, a famous German motorcycle company which went bankrupt in 1984. Zündapp entry-level models of small, lightweight two-stroke two wheelers were built by Enfield India (as the company then was) in a plant at Ranipet, near Chennai. These were the 50 cc Silver Plus step-through moped, and the Explorer and Fury 175 motorcycles. The Fury had a five-speed gearbox, and a hydraulic disc brake - the first in the country.

EGLI Super Bullet

Swiss motorcycle tuner Fritz W. Egli, a distributor of Royal Enfield motorcycle, was approached by a customer to create the Egli Super Bullet. The basis for this bike is Egli's use of a central tube frame constructed from nickel-plated chromium-molybdenum steel. The engine is equipped with an aluminium cylinder, US-sourced piston, larger valves in a redesigned cylinder head, longer stroke crankshaft, special main bearings, dry clutch, timing belt primary drive and 36 mm Keihin flat-slide carburettors. The output is 40 hp (30 kW) from a 624 cc engine fed via an electric pump from a classic-looking aluminium tank.[7]

Promoting Riding

As the only genuine touring motorcycle manufactured in India, Royal Enfield has more recently stayed away from regular mass media advertising and has concentrated more on building its brand around the values that the brand stands for - riding and eating up the miles. Royal Enfield strongly promotes leisure motorcycling as a lifestyle and encourages the Royal Enfield riders/owners to keep riding. In this regard, the company organizes annual events and rides such as the Himalayan Odyssey, The tour of the Rann of Kutch, The tour of NH 17 (Mumbai to Goa), the Tour of Rajasthan, the tour of the North East and the Southern Odyssey. It also organizes the Annual festival of biking, Rider Mania in Goa which attracts Royal Enfield riders from all over.

Royal Enfield Motors


See also

· List of Royal Enfield motorcycles

External links

· Official website [8] · Royal Enfield [9] at the Open Directory Project · Rider Mania website [10]


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TVS Motors


TVS Motors

Type Industry Founded Founder(s) Public (BSE: 532343 Automobiles 1978 Venu Srinivasan





Headquarters Chennai, India Key people Venu Srinivasan, Chairman K N Radhakrishnan, President & CEO S G Murali, CFO H S Goindi, President Marketing Harne Vinay Chandrakant, President NPI R Anandakrishnan, VP Business Planning BLP Simha, President Director, PT.TVS Indonesia Motorcycles, Scooters, Mopeds, Three-Wheelers TVS Group PT TVS Motor, Indonesia


Products Parent Subsidiaries Website

TVS Motor Company (BSE: 532343 [1], NSE: TVSMOTOR [2]) is the third largest two-wheeler manufacturer in India [4] and is among the world's top ten.[5] It is the flagship company of the parent TVS Group employing over 40,000 people with an estimated 15 million customers.[6] It manufactures motorcycles, scooters, mopeds and auto rickshaws. It is India's only two-wheeler company to have won the Deming Prize awarded for commitment to quality control, received in 2002.

History and Early Years

When TVS Motor was founded in 1978, its parent TVS Group, founded by T. V. Sundaram Iyengar had already been in existence for 67 years. Over the years TVS Motor has grown to be the largest in the group, both in terms of size and turnover, with four state of the art[7] manufacturing plants in Hosur, Mysore and Nalagarh in India and Karawang in Indonesia. TVS Motor is credited with many innovations in the Indian automobile industry, notable among them being the introduction of India's first two-seater moped, the TVS 50cc. The company became the leader in its category of sub 100 cc mopeds, having sold 7 million units. It also introduced the TVS Scooty, which is India's second largest brand in the scooterette segment.[8]


TVS Motor won the Deming Application Prize in 2002, becoming the first and only Indian two-wheeler company to win the award given to companies that do outstanding work in the field of Quality Management. It is considered to be one of the world's most prestigious quality awards.[9] The same year, the work done for the TVS Victor motorcycle won TVS Motor the National Award for successful commercialization of indigenous technology from the Technology Development Board, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India.[10] In 2004, TVS Scooty Pep won the 'Outstanding Design Excellence Award' from BusinessWorld magazine and the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.[11] The effective implementation of Total Productivity Maintenance practices won TVS Motor the TPM Excellence Award given by the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance in 2008.

TVS Motors TVS Motor has won several management awards, notable among them being the Emerging Corporate Giant in the Private Sector awarded by The Economic Times and the Harvard Business School Association of India. Business Today magazine awarded TVS Motor the Best Managed Company and the Most Investor Friendly Company awards. Its advertising practices won it the Good Advertising award by Auto India Best Brand Awards 2009.[12] Company Chairman Venu Srinivasan is a recipient of several awards for corporate excellence such as the Star of Asia Award by Bloomberg BusinessWeek[13] and the JRD Tata Corporate Leadership Award.[14] The University of Warwick, United Kingdom gave him an honorary Doctorate of Science degree[15] while the Government of India honoured him with the Padma Shri, one India's highest civilian distinctions.[16] Innovative implementation of Information Technology has won TVS Motor the Ace Award for Most Innovative NetWeaver Implementation in 2007 awarded by technology major SAP AG[17] and the Team Tech 2007 Award of Excellence for Integrated use of Computer-aided engineering Technologies.[18]



Domestic Range

· Apache RTR 180 · Apache RTR 160 Fi · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Apache RTR 160 Flame DS 125 Flame SR 125 Jive Max4R Star City Sport Wego Scooty Streak Scooty Pep+ Scooty Teen 2 XL ­ Super XL ­ Heavy Duty TVS King (Three-Wheeler Auto Rickshaw)

International Range

· · · · · · · · · · · Apache RTR 160 Apache 160 Metro Star LX Victor GLX 125 Victor GX 100 Max 100 Scooty Streak Scooty Pep + XL - HD 2 stroke XL ­ Super 2 stroke

TVS Motors


External links

· Official website [19]


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Predecessor Founded Lohia Machines Private Limited 1978

Headquarters Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India Products Scooters

LML (formerly Lohia Machines Ltd) is an Indian scooter manufacturer based in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

History and overview

Incorporated as Lohia Machines Private Limited in 1978, the company was engaged in manufacture of synthetic yarn manufacturing machines in technical collaboration with ARCT, France. In 1978, it became a public limited company and diversified into processing synthetic yarn. In 1984 a technical collaboration agreement was signed with Piaggio of Italy and a scooter project was set up. In 1986, the LML NV was launched. The relationship with Piaggio was redefined to that of a partner in 1990, both partners having equal equity participation of 23.6% each. The LML Select was launched in 1993, with new age technology and aesthetics, and became an instant success. LML's joint venture with Piaggio ended in 1999. LML continued to manufacture the Star, a classically styled steel-bodied scooter with twist-shift 4-speed manual transmission and a 150cc two-stroke engine. Some of these were distributed in the United States as the Stella and in the UK as A.K. International (AKII). AKII's Aura LML & A.K. International (I&E) Ltd was appointed the sole distributor for UK In 2008. Star Deluxe was re-introduced to the U.K. market by AKII (I&E) Ltd, with the Via Toscana as the Euro 3 emissions compliant model. Again in 1999, an agreement was signed with Daelim Motor Company of South Korea to manufacture 4-stroke motorcycles. In 2000 the company was recognized by the Indian Ministry of Science and Technology for remarkable success in introducing new models/upgrades of scooters in the market with more fuel-efficient engines, new electrical systems, latest emission norms, upgraded technology, better styling etc., and that year entered the motorcycle market with upper end lifestyle bikes in 100 cc, using 3-valve technology. Freedom LML's first deluxe commuter motorcycle in 110 cc, was launched in 2002. The next year Spirit of Freedom (range expansion through colours) was launched. In 2004 the company introduced the LML Graptor, marking its entry into the 150 cc lifestyle segment. It was the first indigenously designed bike from Ugolini of Italy. 2004 marked LML's transition from a single product company to a multi-product two wheeler company with three simultaneous launches: the LML Graptor (150 cc), the LML Freedom Prima (110 cc) and LML Freedom Prima (125 cc). Owing to excesses and over-spending the company has been under financial constraints ever since its foray into bi-wheeler manufacturing,with dividend being declared only twice to its shareholders in spite of contemporary bi-wheeler manufacturers like TVS Motors, Hero Honda AND Bajaj Auto not only growing multi folds but also enhancing shareholder's worth. Even new entrants into the scooter market like Honda Motorcycle & Scooter have achieved volumes of 50,000 units per month, which LML could never achieve with its full range of scooters and motorcycles. The bankruptcy has dealt a severe blow to SSI units in Kanpur,who were engaged in feeding critical and propriety items to LML since early 80's, with many closing down or facing huge financial burden on themselves. The workmen and staff of LML and vendor SSI Units, who have been out of work since Feb 2006 are also finding it extremely difficult to make both ends meet and to even feed their dependents.

LML New finance has been invested by Credit Suisse and other institutions and the factory reopened in March 8, 2008 to manufacture geared Vespa style scooters, primarily for export only. As of October 2009, has its limited production of LML Vespa 150 NV Four Stroke (also known as Stella Four Stroke) and has started sales in Delhi and Ghaziabad, India. Also they are exporting the Stella 150 2 stroke (LML Vespa NV Spl) with compliance to the Euro Norms. They also have plans to expand into the gearless 4 stroke market in India probably with the long talked about LML Clipper 125 4 stroke (Vespa ET4 clone), which was the last product from the Vespa/LML tieup.


Current motorcycle lines

· · · · LML 'Via Toscana' 125 (2009 UK)(re badged STAR) LML STAR 125 DLX + 150 version UK & Europe LML STELLA 150 (North America) LML 'STAR' from LML Italia 2 stroke and SEP 09 onwards 4t 125,150 200cc geared scooters. geared 4t jota 2010 · LML BELLA DONNA 150 RV (Australia) · LML NV SPL export and some to domestic market 2008 onwards · LML NV 4 Stroke (Delhi and Ghaziabad only) 2009 onwards · LML 'STAR' 4 stroke 125 & 150 export · LML 'STAR' 4 stroke 200 under development

Kinetic Motor Company

Kinetic Engineering Limited is an automotive component manufacturer in India which formerly sold two-wheelers under the brand names Kinetic-Honda and later Kinetic. In 2008, it stopped selling two-wheelers after entering into a joint venture with Mahindra Automobiles, where Mahindra held the major (80%) stakes. By this joint venture, Mahindra acquired the two-wheeler manufacturing facilities as well as the then selling brands of Kinetic. The brand Kinetic-Honda is remembered for its legacy 2-stroke scooters, with variomatic transmission and electric start, first in India when it was launched (in 1984) and the only in India until the late 1990s. Part of the Firodia Group of Companies, a pioneer in the Indian automotive sector, Kinetic Engineering started its operations in the year 1972. It entered into a joint venture with Honda in 1984 and started selling scooters under the brand name Kinetic-Honda. In 1998, the joint venture split and the company continued to sell scooters under the brand name Kinetic. Soon the company entered into the fastest growing motorcycle market but its endeavor failed and put the company into debt. With direct competition from the former ally Honda, which had now established itself as the leading scooter manufacturer in India, Kinetic lost its exclusive market foothold by the mid 2000s. Now having withdrawn from two-wheeler manufacturing, Kinetic Engineering continues to be a major player in the auto components manufacturing and exporting sector in India.

Kinetic Motor Company


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· Mahindra Two Wheelers [1] · Info site [2]


[1] http:/ / mahindra2wheelers. com/ [2] http:/ / auto. indiamart. com/ kinetic-engineering

Hero Motors

Hero Motors is a moped and scooter manufacturer based in Delhi, India. It is a part of multinational Hero Group that owns Hero Honda Motors Ltd and Hero Cycles among other companies. Hero Motors was started in the 1960s to manufacture 50cc two stroke mopeds but gradually diversified into making larger mopeds, mokicks and scooters in the 1980s and the 1990s. Noteworthy collaborators and technical partners were Puch or Austria and Malaguti of Italy. Due to tightening emission regulations and poor sales, Hero motors have discontinued the manufacture of all polluting vehicles and transformed itself into an Electric Two-wheeler and auto parts manufacturer.

Current models

· Hero Eazy · Hero Advanta · Hero Maxi

Discontinued models

· Hero Winner (Malaguti) · Hero Puch · Hero Majestic

External links

· Hero Motors [1] · Infibeam [2]


[1] http:/ / www. heromotors. com/ [2] http:/ / www. infibeam. com/ bikes/ make/ hero. html#HeroEazy

Ideal Jawa


Ideal Jawa

Type Industry Fate Founded Motorcycle manufacturer Automotive defunct 1960

Headquarters Mysore, Karnataka, India Key people Products Employees Website Irani Family, Founders Jawa, Yezdi n/a


Ideal Jawa (India) Ltd was an Indian motorcycle company based in Mysore, sold licensed Jawa and CZ motorcycles beginning in 1960 under the brand name Jawa and later Yezdi. The catchphrase for the bikes sold by the firm was "Forever bike forever value".


Frantisek Janecek began manufacturing Wanderer motorcycles under licence in 1927 in order to diversify the interests of his arms factory. Having bought the tooling for a 500 cc model, in 1929 he rebranded the machine with the name JAWA, derived from the first two letters of the words "Janacek" and "Wanderer".


There have been many models of this brand before the company shut its doors in 1996. Their various models included: · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Jawa 250 Type 353 Kyvacka called 'A' Type (under licence) Jawa 50 Jet 'A' Series known as Pionyr in Czechoslavakia (under licence) Yezdi 60 Jet 'B' Series Yezdi 250 'B' Type Yezdi 250 Oilking (CB Points and Oil Pump) 'C' Type Yezdi 250 Roadking (CB Points) 'C' Type Yezdi D250 Classic Yezdi 250 CL II Yezdi B250 Deluxe Yezdi 250 Deluxe 'C' Type Yezdi 250 Roadking (CDI) 'C' Type Yezdi 60 Colt Yezdi 60 Colt Deluxe Yezdi 175 (CB Points) Yezdi 175 Deluxe (CDI) Jawa / Yezdi 350 Twin Type 634 Yezdi 250 Monarch Yezdi 250 Supersprint (never released)

Ideal Jawa Ideal Jawa also exported many of the above models to over 61 countries around the world including Turkey, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Egypt and others. Guatemala was supplied with custom White Yezdi Roadkings for their Police forces.


Chronological order of models produced

1. Jawa 250 Type 353 Kyvacka called 'A' Type (Under Licence) - Kyvacka meaning "Swinger" for bikes with a Swing Arm

- with Tank Switch - 1961-62 (Imported Engines, bikes assembled in India). - with milling hub 1963-69 - without milling hub 1970-72. - with dimple tank (Kneepad Rubber) - 1973.

2. Jawa 50 Jet 'A' Series known as Pionyr in Czechoslavakia (Under Licence) - 1961-1964 3. Yezdi 60 Jet 'B' Series 1968-1980 - Straight handle bar 1981-1988 - Curved handle bar 4. Yezdi 250 'B' Type - with Flower head - 1974 - with Vertival fins - 1975-80 5. Yezdi 250 Oilking (CB Points and Oil Pump) 'C' Type - 1977 6. Yezdi 250 Roadking (CB Points) 'C' Type - sold on Premium for US$ - 1978-80 - without Premium - 1980-93 7. Yezdi D250 Classic - 1979 onwards 8. Yezdi 250 CL II - 1985 onwards 9. Yezdi B250 Deluxe - 1985 onwards 10. Yezdi 250 Deluxe 'C' Type - 1986 onwards 11. Yezdi 250 Roadking (CDI) 'C' Type 1993-94 - Jap nippon CDI 1994-96 - Indo nippon CDI 12. Yezdi 60 Colt - 1980-88 13. Yezdi 60 Colt Deluxe - 1988 onwards 14. Yezdi 175 (CB Points) - 1989 15. Yezdi 175 Deluxe (CDI) - 1991-94 16. Jawa / Yezdi 350 Twin Type 634 - 1987-89. 17. Yezdi 250 Monarch - 1995 18. Yezdi 250 Supersprint (Never Released)

Ideal Jawa


End of production

When the company was forced to shut down, it was producing the 175, Monarch, Deluxe, Road Kings and CL II. The main reason for the company's collapse was labor trouble and increasing levels of pollution control norms which were making the two stroke bikes that the company produced obsolete. The low mileage(35-40), increasing fuel costs contributing factors to the low sales of the vehicle. Moreover, the new 100 cc two-stroke and four-stroke bikes had better fuel efficiency and low maintenance.

Continuing loyalty

Although this motorcycle is long gone there are many enthusiasts who swear by this bike and continue to maintain and run them.The Jawa's and the Yezdi Roadking models were the most popular followed by Yezdi Classic.

In motorsports

Ideal Jawa had factory teams for both road races at Sholavaram and the National Motorcycle Rally Championships.Their close rivals were Royal Enfield Bullets, Rajdoot Yamaha RD350, Yamaha RX100 and TVS Suzuki Shogun.

See also

· Jawa Motors · Ceská Zbrojovka Strakonice · Yezdi Roadking

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[1] http:/ / www. yezdi. com

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