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Rock Hill, MO 63119 OBJECTIVE

To obtain a challenging position as a Technical Manager, Team Lead, UNIX/Linux Systems Architect, or Senior UNIX/Linux Administrator in an enterprise data center environment.


I am a Senior UNIX/Linux Administrator and Systems Architect with over twenty years experience in the industry. My specialty is with the Sun Microsystems family of products and the Solaris Operating Environment, as well as Red Hat Enterprise Linux. I have managed multiple flavors of UNIX and Linux systems over the years, and I am currently managing an environment that consists of Solaris, IRIX, HPUX, RHEL, and SuSE Linux systems; along with EMC Clariion SAN and Celerra NAS storage, and VMware ESX Server virtualization. In addition to my system's skills, I am an experienced technical manager/team lead with project management, change management, policy and procedure creation, and documentation skills.


Twenty years experience in the design, implementation, and support of Sun Microsystems workstations and enterpriseclass servers. Experienced UNIX and Linux Administrator including Solaris, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SuSE Linux, Ubuntu Linux, IRIX, and HPUX Experienced VMware ESX Administrator, including ESX 2.x, 3.0.x, and 3.5 Limited experience with AIX, DECUNIX, OSF, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD Experienced with enterprise class storage including SAN, NAS, DAS, SCSI, RAID, and FibreChannel technologies. Experienced in Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) , HighAvailability (HA) solutions, backup and recovery, performance tuning and capacity planning Experienced providing system administration support for enterprise business applications including financial, engineering, and web applications. These include Oracle, Siebel, Marimba, Rational Clearcase, Compilers, Netscape, Apache, and Jboss. Extensive experience with shell (bourne and cshell), html, and cgi scripting Experienced technical and project manager with extensive skills in site audit, planning, training, and documentation Extensive experience with customer support and helpdesk functions; including internal corporate business units and users, customer phone support, and field support. Highly motivated, selfstarting, team player, with a strong desire to learn and excel Processorientated with a strong attention to detail

Rodney P. Rutherford

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Sun UltraSPARC workstations including Ultra 1, 2, 5, 10, 30, 60, and SunBlade 100 systems Sun enterprise servers including E220R, E420R, E280R, E3500E6500, E10K, F3800 F6800, F15K, V210, V490, V890 SGI workstations including O2, Octane, Fuel, Prism, Tezro SGI enterprise servers including Origin 200, 300 and 350; Altix 350 and 3000, Onyx 3 and 4 HP workstations and servers including HP 9000 series rp2470, rp5470, K580; rx2600 x86 and x64 based workstations including Intel D850, D875, D925, D955, SC5275; HP xw5000; Dell Precision Desktops; IBM IntelliStations x86 based laptops including IBM ThinkPad Tseries x86 and x64 based servers including Dell PowerEdge, Intel Whiteboxes; IBM Bladecenter; HP Netservers and HP ProLiants EMC CX600 and CX340 Clariion SAN and Celerra NAS storage, Brocade FC Switches SCSI and FibreChannel storage arrays, including Sun StorEdge A1000, D1000, A5000, A5200, D2, S1, T3, 3511; HP DS2100 Tape libraries and media including StorageTek, ADIC, Qualstar; 8mm, AIT, DLT, and LTO


Solaris 1.x and 2.x operating systems including Solaris 2.6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 Red Hat Linux 7, 8 and 9; Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3, 4, 5 SuSE Linux Professional and Enterprise Server 9 and 10 VMware ESX 2.x, 3.0.x, 3.5 Server running Linux and Windows Guests OS installation tools including Solaris JumpStart, Linux Kickstart, and IRIX Roboinst Storage management applications including Sun Volume Manager, Sun StorEdge RAID Manager, Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM), Veritas Filesystem (VxFS), System backup and disaster recovery applications including Veritas Cluster Server (VCS), Legato NetWorker and Veritas NetBackup UNIX system services including automount, DNS, FTP, NFS, NIS, POP, IMAP, SSH, SMTP, TCP/IP, compilers, etc. Source and Revision Control systems, including Subversion, RCS, Rational Clearcase Email (SMTP) applications including Sendmail, Postfix, Exim, Procmail, SurfControl Web (HTTP) services including Apache web server, OpenSSL Scripting languages including Bourne shell, html, sed, and awk Open Source software and tools, including the entire GNU suite of products User applications including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Project, and Visio; OpenOffice and Star Office System's level support for Oracle, Seibel, Marimba, Netscape, Apache, Jboss, Tomcat

Rodney P. Rutherford

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Skill SunOS / Solaris Sun SPARC Workstations and Servers x86 Hardware EMC (Legato) NetWorker Solaris JumpStart DNS NIS Sendmail Apache HTML Solaris Volume Manager Veritas Volume Manager Veritas Filesystem Red Hat Enterprise Linux SGI Hardware IRIX EMC SAN EMC NAS HP Hardware HPUX Postfix SuSE Linux VMware ESX Server Linux Kickstart IRIX Roboinst Veritas Cluster Server Veritas NetBackup Ubuntu Linux

Years Experience 20 20 20 17 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 6 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 3 3 3 5 2 1 1

Last Used 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2004 2003 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2003 2003 2008

Rodney P. Rutherford

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September 2003 to Present Tripos, Inc. Life Sciences ­ Drug Discovery Software and Services Senior UNIX Administrator

As the Senior UNIX Administrator, I was the primary admin responsible for the architecture, implementation, and support of all UNIX, Linux, Vmware, SAN and NAS resources worldwide for Tripos. This included the corporate datacenter in St. Louis, MO and the Research datacenter in Bude, England; as well as remote offices in the US, England, France, and Germany. Primary tasks included: Provided 1st through 3rd level UNIX and Linux support to all business units, including software development desktops and servers; as well as corporate infrastructure. Provided system's level support for UNIXbased corporate applications including Oracle, Siebel, Apache, Netscape LDAP and Calendar, Jboss, Tomcat, Rational ClearCase, Subversion, Sun and Intel Compilers; as well as internally developed applications. Managed and supported the corporate EMC CX600 and CX340 Clariion SAN and Celerra NAS environments. Designed, implemented, and managed the corporate Backup and Recovery environment utilizing EMC (Legato) NetWorker, ADIC Scalar 100 tape libraries, and LTO2 tape drives. Provided UNIX desktop and server architecture and enterprise storage design and review for corporate business unit project requirements Designed and documented corporate standards and best practices for implementation and support of Sun, SGI, and HP UNIX workstations and servers; x86based Linux workstations and servers, as well as VMware ESX servers. Reviewed and standardized all UNIX hardware and software support contracts and maintenance agreements, resulting in significant costsavings for the company. Developed and documented the corporate Change Management Policies and Procedures Developed and implemented a webbased Change Management application for tracking changes utilizing shell scripts, CGI, and HTML. Designed, configured, and implemented an enterprise Sun JumpStart server to automate installations of Sun SPARC workstations and servers supporting Solaris 2.6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. Designed, configured, and implemented an enterprise SGI Roboinst server to automate installations of SGI IRIX workstations and servers. Designed, configured, and implemented an enterprise Red Hat Linux Kickstart DVDbased installation to automate installation of RHEL workstations and servers.

Rodney P. Rutherford

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October 2001 to August 2003 Washington Mutual Bank Financial Services ­ Home Mortgage Division Senior Technical Specialist As a senior technical specialist for Washington Mutual, I was the UNIX Engineering Lead providing system's engineering for the enterprise UNIX group. These tasks included: Provided UNIX architecture design and review for corporate business unit project requirements Designed and documented corporate standards and best practices for implementation and support of Sun Solaris servers Designed, configured, and implemented an enterprise JumpStart server supporting Solaris 2.6, 7, 8, and 9 Project lead for audit and design recommendations for an enterprise backup and recovery solution for the Irvine Datacenter utilizing Veritas NetBackup, StorageTek libraries, LTO tape drives, and a Brocade SAN infrastructure Project lead for design and implementation of SMTP mail proxies using the Postfix MTA for the Irvine datacenter Project lead for design and implementation of both internal and external DNS services utilizing Bind 9 for the Irvine datacenter Project lead for design and implementation of infrastructure services for the Irvine Datacenter, including NFS, Web services via Apache, login and compute servers, and monitoring via Big Brother and Nagios. Provided thirdlevel support for enterprise Sun Solaris servers within the Irvine datacenter, including Sun E280R, V480, V880, F6800, E10K, F15K servers; and Sun A1000, D1000, D2, S1, and T3 storage.

Rodney P. Rutherford

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August 1997 to October 2001 Collective Technologies Irvine, CA IT Services ­ National Consulting Firm Senior Consultant As a senior consultant with Collective, I provided systems management and administration skills to various endclients on both shortterm and longterm engagements. The following is the summary of the consultant services provided: Legato Systems ­ Computer Software: Performed a site survey of the existing Legato NetWorker installation. Documented and analyzed survey findings, and provided recommendations for future direction. Performed a full Disaster Recovery drill of the client's Tru64 UNIXbased Legato NetWorker server, as well as the Tru64 UNIXbased client running a 150GB Oracle database. Provided detailed operational documentation of the complete Disaster Recovery procedures as performed and verified during the drill.

GE CITS ­ IT Services: Installed and configured Sun Ultra 5 and E220R servers with Solaris 2.6. Installed and configured dual Sun StorEdge A1000 hardware arrays. Installed and configured Sun StorEdge RAID Manager software. Installed and configured Veritas Volume Manager and Filesystem software. Designed, configured, and implemented a custom Solaris JumpStart server for the installation of Solaris 2.6 systems. Created operational documentation for all installed configurations.

ePerception Technologies ­ Human Resources Assessments and Surveys: Reconfigured dual 3rdparty hardware RAID storage to provide dualpathed connectivity for a Veritas Cluster configuration Configured Veritas Volume Manager and Filesystem to mirror between the two RAID devices Tested and documented configured solution

Rodney P. Rutherford

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Intuit ­ Financial Management Software Developer: Installed and configured Sun E250, E420R, E450, E3500, and E4500 servers with Solaris 7. Configured volume management, using Solstice DiskSuite as RAID level 1 mirrors. Designed, configured, and implemented a custom Solaris JumpStart environment capable of jumpstarting Solaris 2.6, 7, and 8 systems, providing a baseline configuration on all servers and allowing custom configurations. Supported recurring operations for Solaris 7 servers. Created operational documentation of the server installation and maintenance.

IBM Corporation: Supported recurring operations for Solaris 7 servers and a single AIX server running Legato NetWorker for backup and recovery. Provided performance tuning of a Legato NetWorker configuration, and implemented Web based reporting tools with Apache and Perl CGI scripts. Maintained an NIS environment, and implemented a printers.conf NIS map for printer support. Designed, configured, and implemented a custom Solaris JumpStart server. Installed and configured new Solaris 7 workstations.

Petco Animal Supplies: Performed a Backup and Recovery Audit of Petco's Legato NetWorker server and client configurations. Documented findings, and presented recommendations for standardization, integrity, and performance improvements in the backup and recovery environment. Implemented Legato NetWorker recommendations made during the Backup and Recovery Audit. Supported an SGI Origin 200 as a Legato NetWorker server, with a Scalar 1000 tape library and a standalone Ampex DST312 tape drive and Windows NT, NetWare, IRIX, AIX, HP UX, and Solaris systems as Legato NetWorker clients. Upgraded the server and all clients. Implemented Legato Modules for Oracle, MSExchange, and MSSQL. Designed and implemented new backup schedules and groups, enabled cloning, and tuned the Legato NetWorker configuration for performance. Wrote shell scripts to automate operational tasks and reporting. Implemented Webbased reporting tools, using Apache and Perl CGI scripts. Documented new configurations, and provided training for client personnel.

Rodney P. Rutherford

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Hughes Space and Communications: Served as the Project Leader for the design and implementation of a Sun E10000 (E10K) server with Sun FCAL disk storage, using Veritas VM and Veritas FS. Provided daily support and maintenance for the system. Designed, configured, and implemented a custom Solaris JumpStart process with a quarterly rollout of 500 client workstations and servers. Assisted with the design, configuration, and implementation of an enterprise backup solution, using a Sun E450 server with a StorageTek tape changer, Legato NetWorker, and a private 1000BaseT/100BaseT switched network. Wrote shell scripts, using awk and sed, to filter logs, support backups, and notify support staff via pager or email. Developed documentation and training materials, and trained junior system administrators. Performed a site survey of existing UNIX servers, and developed an overall server strategy for the enterprise UNIX applications. Developed Web forms and documentation, using HTML and CGI, in support of the server strategy and the server support teams. Designed and implemented SPARC Enterprise servers, consisting of E5500 and E6500 systems with FCAL disk storage, in support of a rollout of Oracle applications and an Oracle data warehouse.

Rodney P. Rutherford

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December 1992 to August 1997 Zzyzx Workstations San Diego, CA Value Added Reseller of UNIX Hardware and Software Vice President, Technical Services Managed Research and Development, IS, Technical Support, and Production personnel. Developed and documented operational policies and procedures Developed and documented production build policies and procedures for all products Managed corporate inventory, including development of a standardized part number system and corresponding bill of materials for all products Produced technical documentation to support enduser UNIX products. Redesigned the company accounting system (MAS90) from the ground up, including related operational policies and procedures Configured and maintained a corporate TCP/IP network of Solaris and Novell NetWare systems using 10BaseT technology. Configured and maintained corporate network services, including DNS, NFS, SMTP, and Anonymous FTP. Configured and maintained corporate Internet access, using Frame Relay and an internal Solaris Web server running Apache. Provided presales and postsales UNIX technical support to Zzyzx customers for SPARC workstations and SCSI peripherals, including RAID storage.

January 1988 to December 1992 Artecon, Inc. (now Dot Hill) and Andataco Value Added Resellers of UNIX Hardware and Software Technical Support Representative Integrated and tested custom Sunbased servers and external storage products. Produced technical documentation to support enduser UNIX products. Provided both pre and postsales UNIX technical support to customers for UNIX based workstations, servers, storage, and other peripherals.

Rodney P. Rutherford

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University of California, San Diego Extension ­ 1996 to 1997 Introduction to Programming C Programming I Lake Worth High School ­ Lake Worth, FL High School Diploma ­ Top 6% of class Emphasis on college prep courses and the sciences


Novell 3038: Advanced SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server Administration Sun ES420: Sun Fire Workgroup/Enterprise Server Administration Sun ES421: Sun Fire 15K Server Administration Sun ES400: Ultra Enterprise 10000 Server Administration Sun SA400: Solaris System Performance Management Veritas Foundation Suite for Solaris Veritas NetBackup 3.4 for Solaris Veritas Cluster Server 1.3 for Solaris Legato NetWorker Telebit Netblazer and TCP/IP


Member UNIX Users Association of Southern California ­ Technical Reviewer for the O'Reilly book Unix Backup and Recovery authored by W. Curtis Preston Active participant in various UNIX related user forums, including: [email protected] Discussion of Red Hat Kickstart [email protected] Discussion of EMC (Legato) NetWorker [email protected] Discussion of the Postfix MTA [email protected] Discussion of Sun systems and their administration [email protected] Discussion of Veritas Volume Manager Contributor to various online "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ), including: Legato NetWorker FAQ Veritas Volume Manager FAQ (aka ssastuff)

Rodney P. Rutherford

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Resume of Rodney P. Rutherford

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