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Wha t Parish Leaders Say


That Educate and Transform Mind and Heart Presented by Deacons Eddie Ensley and Robert Herrmann

been deeply touched by their presentations... their stories and their humor. I loved the concrete practical suggestions they made during each day of the mission. They helped us see life in a new light for which we will be forever grateful."

Fr. Austin Titus, Staten Island

"I AM VERY SATISFIED AND DEEPLY APPRECIATIVE OF THE WONDERFUL CONTEMPLATIVE MISSION THAT YOU GAVE OUR PARISH. Your prayerfulness and sharing was gratefully received by the parishioners and the results are already visible in the increase of spirituality within the parish community."

Fr. Joseph F Connoly, TOR, Sarasota FL

DEACON MINISTRIES, INC 144 Crater Dr. Fortson, GA 31808


offered our parish an excellent blend of sound teaching, practical instruction... humor and deep faith"

Fr. Al Kirk, Holy Spirit, Memphis, TN "THEIR WORDS AND MESSAGE ARE POWERFUL. I was impressed by the way that they could speak to the people in a way that all could understand. . . keeping it down to earth" Fr. Raymond Burkle, Epworth, Iowa

"A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE... Deacons Ensley and Herrmann tailored their presentations to fit our parish."

Deacon Richard Fetterman Immaculate Conception, Moultrie GA


A complete parish mission information kit, including a book authored by the deacons, Call or email the deacons for the kit or to book a mission: Tel: 1-800-745-4416 Email: [email protected]

"The Mission proved to be a tremendous help for our families on their spiritual journey to Easter. The brochure advertised `Our parish missions fill pews and fill hearts.' I found this to be true on both accounts. The reconciliation talk was clear and uplifting and assisted well in preparing our people for a good confession. OUR ATTENDANCE WAS BETTER THAN EVER. The guided meditations throughout were vivid and also uplifting. The mission was filled with solid content. I would recommend Deacons Ensley and Herrmann without question. The greatest compliment has been in the attendance".Fr. John T. Euker, Perryoplis,PA .

"I want to thank you for coming here and helping us conduct a fabulous mission. My parishioners have been inspired by your spirit-filled words and earthy humor. You helped us realize the great gifts of Mary, contemplative prayer, and forgiveness given to us through our Lord Jesus. The stories , especially the moving conversion story of Deacon Eddie, have opened our eyes to the mysterious ways that God works in our daily lives. Fr. Peter Vu, Belmont Mich. "Mahalo (thank you) very much from Fr. Ray and the entire parish for an inspiring mission. We believe that families and relationships will find inner healing because of your words of wisdom and love... You come highly recommended by our parish. "

Nona Iwata, Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii

Why a Mission?

A Parish Mission is a MUST. Why? Because nothing less than miracles can happen! Miracles of the heart! A mission by the two deacons draws the whole parish together. It recharges the congregation. Everyone takes time for the truly important things like wonder, mystery and prayer. People reconcile. Faith is awakened. Vocations are discovered. Families are healed. Lives are forever changed. The parish discovers afresh its ultimate calling and meaning.


The joy of our Catholic heritage The art of prayer - meeting God in authentic conversation How to deal with the tough issues of life Mary, the model of our discipleship Contemplative prayer is for everyone Healing relationships Transforming anger and bitterness through compassion Healing past hurts How life's losses can become steppingstones To new beginnings How to forgive from the heart Embracing the unconditional love of God Recognizing the sacred moments of our lives

Deacon Eddie Ensley,

When Deacon Ensley was studying to become a Protestant minister, something happened on his first visit to a small Catholic church that would forever change his life - he experienced the special presence of Christ in the reserved Blessed Sacrament. The series of "miracles" that occurred from that moment forward, that brought him into the Catholic Church, is a story that you will want to hear and then share with everyone you meet. Deacon Ensley is one of the most gifted Catholic speakers today. His writings have been fervently recommended to the Church by spiritual giants like Fr. Benedict Groeschel and John Michael Talbot. Describing himself as "a miner in search of the forgotten riches of our Christian past" he conducts primary-source research into the vast and long Christian and Jewish history of spirituality. Deacon Ensley is the author of many books and articles, including Prayer That Heals Our Emotions (Harper/Collins) and Visions: The Soul's Path to the Sacred, published by Loyola Press. He holds a masters degree in pastoral studies from Loyola University,.He is a permanent deacon incardinated in the Diocese of Savannah. He is a NCCA Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor. He served as consulting editor for the multivolume Complete Library of Christian Worship as well as being a major contributor to this series.

Deacon Robert Herrmann

Deacon Herrmann holds a widely respected expertise in spiritual journaling and teaching contemplative prayer. He is the author of Writing To Be Whole published by Loyola Press of Chicago. Deacon Herrmann holds certification in pastoral ministry from Loyola University. He is incardinated in the Diocese of Savannah.

The Team

Deacon Eddie Ensley and Deacon Robert Herrmann are both nationally known authors, and retreat leaders. They have over thirty years experience leading parish missions, retreats and conferences. Passionately overwhelming audiences with their talks, they teach the same way Jesus taught the crowds, by telling stories and parables. Infectious wit, down-to-earth insights and truly holy inspiration are the hallmarks of their message. Their gentle words help tie heaven and earth together, helping the divine connect with our everyday living. Many pastors and parish leaders say the team's missions attracted the largest crowd they had ever had for a mission.

WHAT NATIONAL LEADERS SAY In part based on the endorsements of the team's books. "Eddie Ensley has succeeded, as he has done before in many of his writings and conferences, to connect us to the presence of the sacred in our ordinary world."


"I met Eddie Ensley more than twenty years ago and was deeply impressed by his life and work."


"Remarkable...examines the most intriguing subject ever to confront the human mind-- the contact between the infinite and the finite, between God and human beings."

(from book endorsement of Deac. Ensley's book Visions: The Soul's Path to the Sacred)

For a free detailed parish mission information kit, plus a book authored by the deacons or to book a mission, phone or email the deacons. 1-800-745-4416 [email protected]

These Missions draw large crowds


"I recommend them highly."

Fr. Richard Rohr

PHONE: 1-800-745-4416 EMAIL: [email protected]


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