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PARKSTON DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION BOARD MEMBERS ­ 2012 Paul Weidenbach 928-3618 work 928-3797 home 928-7991 work 928-3377 home 505-0245 cell 928-3311 work X253 928-3564 home 995-1777 work 928-7630 home 928-7776 work [email protected] Weidenbach Concrete Works

J.D. Bormann President

[email protected]

Farmers State Bank

Gale Walker Vice President Jolyn Doering Treasurer Julie Davidson Secretary Shayne McIntosh

[email protected]

Avera St. Benedict Health Center -Parkston Vantage Point Solutions

[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

S&T Trucking Logistics

928-3368 work 928-7129 home

[email protected]

Parkston Schools Superintendant

Rick Herrold

770-9118 cell

[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

Cortrust Bank

Mike Maxwell

928-7956 work 928-7626 home 928-7571 home 928-3361 work 933-0556 cell 661-1603 cell 999-3143 cell

Maxwell & Bowar Agency

Scot Herr

[email protected]

Murtha Repair Parkston Properties

Greg Reiser Ryan Thompson OTHER NUMBERS: David Lambert

[email protected] [email protected]

Reiser Construction Santel Communciations

996-1140 work X113 999-8749 cell 770-7927 cell 928-3321 city hall 996-1140

[email protected]

Regional Development Coordinator Mayor of Parkston City Finance Officer Mitchell Area Dev. Corp.

Dave Hoffman Brenda Huether Bryan Hisel

[email protected] [email protected]


board members - 2012.xlsx

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board members - 2012.xlsx