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Cat Fuel Water Separators and PrimeTimeTM Priming Pumps


for Cat XT Hose

® TM

Protect your fuel system

Advanced High Efficiency Fuel Water Separator Diesel fuel acts as a lubricant in unit injectors. The film strength of diesel fuel prevents metal-to-metal contact between the plunger and barrel. Water can compromise film strength, resulting in scuffing and eventual seizure. Cat Fuel Water Separators have greater water removal capabilities essential for better protection of unit injectors. Fuel Water Separators also deliver longer secondary fuel filter life. · Removemorethan98%ofdebris10micronsandlarger · Virtuallyeliminatefreewaterinfuel · Remove87%ofdissolvedwater PrimeTime Priming Pump Cat PrimeTime Priming Pumps are easily installed on the frame or engine as retrofits. They prime the filter and fuel system with a flip of the switch. · Noneedtopre-fillfilterandriskdebrisreachinginjectors · Primesfuelfilterintwotosixminutes · Notime-consuming,difficultmanualpumping While these two products are available separately, you will get the best results when they are used together.

Cat® Fuel Water Separators and PrimeTime Priming Pumps

Retrofit Information Axialsealfiltersaredesignedtoretrofitenginesinthefieldwhileradialsealfiltershave anexclusiveCatdesignforimprovedsealingperformanceonnewengines.Bothwill upgrade the durability and water removal performance over previous Caterpillar offerings and other brands.

Engine SmallEngines C12&smaller MediumEngines C15-C16,3408 PrimeTime Pump Full Flow Configuration Kit206-5756* Kit206-5756* The1R0770,included inthekit,canbe replacedwiththe1R0771 for additional capacity Hand Priming Configuration -Base128-8557with 1R-0769(axialseal)or -Base202-9871with 1R-0770(radialseal) -Base128-8557with 1R-0781(axialseal)or -Base202-9871with 1R-0771(radialseal) Fuel Water** Separator Basic Configuration -Base195-1068with 1R-0769(axialseal)FWSor -Base177-9778with 1R-0770(radialseal)FWS** -Base195-1068with 1R-0781(axialseal)FWSor -Base177-9778with 1R-0771(radialseal)FWS** Fuel Water** Separator Basic Configuration Base175-7060with 200-4139(axialseal) 232-5263group,eachinclude (2)base225-6404with (2)200-4139(axialseal) 232-5263group,eachinclude (3)base225-6404with (3)200-4139(axialseal)

Extend the life of unit fuel injectors

Undissolvedwaterquantitiesgreaterthan .1%cancausemajordamage.Excesswater caused metal-to-metal contact between the plunger and barrel in the fuel injector on the left. A Cat Fuel Water Separator protected the injector on the right, preventing damage and extendingitslife.

Water removal efficiency*




81% 58% 45% 56%

Engine 3508 3512-3516 3524

PrimeTime Pump Prime Only Configuration Kit206-5756* (forprimingonly) Kit206-5756* (forprimingonly) Kit206-5756* (forprimingonly)

Test1Test 2

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*270-5320WaterCollectionBowl--220-8678Bowl/CanSeal **Installthekit206-5756perSpecialInstructionmedia#REHS1037-01

Model Specific Electric Priming Pump Kits:

Model D11 777 793

Part no. 205-6452 205-6453 205645

Cat Fuel Water Separators are much more efficient than those produced by other manufacturers. This efficiency minimizes barrel-to-plunger scuffing and significantly reduces the chance of fuel injector failure. Checkthecollectionbowldailyanddrainas needed.Insomeapplicationssuchasmarine and underground mining, a metal collection bowl is asafetyrequirement.

* estproceduresandresultsareonfileandcertified T to represent the parts actually tested. Caterpillar implies nothing further, and no one should infer that these parts typifythemaker'soverallproduction.

Easy to Install Pump


We offer you the right parts and service solutions, when and where you need them. TheCatDealernetworkofhighlytrained expertscanhelpyoumaximizeyourequipment investment.

Electric priming pumpworkswiththeflipofa switch,primingintwotosixminutes. Resilient mountingextendspumplifeand absorbssomeoftheshockload. Primary fuel filterremovesmorethan98%of debris10micronsandlarger. Water separator removes virtually all free waterand87%ofdissolvedwaterfromdiesel fuel. Reusable water collection bowl has capacity of90ml,istransparentforeasymonitoringand drains in less than one minute.

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