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C10/1: Analytical Thinking

Definition of Analytical Thinking

Chapter 1: Definition of Analytical Thinking


1.1 Introduction

This course deals with analytical thinking from two points of view. The first one; consider the analytical thinking as a cognitive process and its relation to four main concepts: Synthetical (Chapter 2), Systemic (Chapter 3) Critical (Chapter 4) and Creative Thinking (Chapter 5). The second point of view; approach to analytical thinking as a style explaining its main characteristics. At last some techniques to think analytically such as: decomposable matrices, dimensional analysis, input/output, organized random search, and relevance system are presented. Figure 1.1 shows a clear formulation of the main components of the text.

1.2 Definition of analytical thinking

Analytical thinking is a powerful thinking tool - for understanding the parts of situation. It is defined as: - The ability to scrutinize and break down facts and thoughts into their strengths and weaknesses. - Developing the capacity to think in a thoughtful, discerning way, to solve problems, analyze data, and recall and use information.

Pathways to Higher Education


C10/1: Analytical Thinking

Definition of Analytical Thinking

Analytical Thinking

Ch 1: Definition

As a Cognitive process Its relation with

Ch6: As a Style

Characteristics of the Analytical style

Cha 7: Some Techniques to Think Analytically

Ch 2: Synthietical Thinking (Syn. T)

Ch 4: Critical Thinking (Cri. T)

Decomposable Matrix Dimensional analysis

Definition Differences between Syn. T and A.T.

Definition A. t. as components of Cri.T. Ch 5: Creative Thinking (Cre. T) Input Output

Ch 3: Systemic Thinking (Sys. T)

Organized Random Search Relevance Systems

Definition Distinctions The Assumptions Process Barrier Vs analytical Vs. Analytical (Comparison)

Definition Difference between An. and Cre. As a Component of C.P.S

Figure 1.1: Formulation of the main components of the course Pathways to Higher Education



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