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008-1 507-5 600-4 (P) (P) (P) 401-0 480-0 244-1 176-2 565-2 (P) 242-5 012-x 274-2 Sex Education Teen Esteem Teen Idols for Today Teens, Real Life Takes Guts! What We Really Want to Know Winning Attitude, The You and Your Career You Can Make a Difference Your Life, Your Choice You're Better than You Think Youth and Drugs


Dr. Anthony Grugni Nikila Srinivasan Jim Auer M. F. Pennock John Maxwell Joe D. Pereira Alfonso Elengikal K. E Grabner CSC Dora Albert Rajendra Pillai


40.00 40.00 30.00 40.00 75.00 50.00 30.00 35.00 50.00 20.00

Pal Palmer & M.A Froehner 45.00


(P) (P)

485-1 145-2 458-4 070-7 343-9

7 Mantras for Teenage Success 20 Intense Prayers for Youth 60 Ways to Let Yourself Grow 100 Ways to Build a better you A to Z Tips for Teens A to Z Tips For Success


Varkha Chulani M.A. Dr. DovPeretz Elkins J. D'Souza Martha Mary McGaw,CSJ Rajendra Pillai Teresa Anne Antonette Jesumani Dr. Urvashi Bandhu James Aril Sj Lucienne Pickering Samuel smiles K. E Grabner CSC Sue Atkinson J. Maurus

60.00 20.00 20.00 30.00 25.00 55.00 45.00 25.00 35.00 35.00 32.00 80.00 45.00 45.00 55.00 50.00 30.00 120.00 50.00 55.00 30.00 95.00 30.00 55.00 40.00 45.00 40.00 35.00 (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P)

12 Pathways to Feeling .... Yourself

(P) (P)

239-5 621-8 424-9 154-1 171-1 001-4


476-2 629-3 022-7 528-9 460-6 091-X 534-3 265-4 362-6 514-8 627-7 215-7 321-8 319-6 142-8 143-6 494-X 273-4 215-0 081-8 394-3 10 Best Gifts for Your Teen Building Self-Esteem in Children Ageing Gracefully, Staying Fit Creativity: a Force Within Child and Problems of Today, The Daddyhood Eight Things Not to Say to Your Teen Every Child Can Succeed Gentle Hands Good Health Practices for the Family Handle with Care How to Really Love your Husband How to Really Love your Wife Joy of Committed Love (For Wives) Living a Blissful Marriage Moulding Your Child My Role as Father My Role as Mother Patt and Steve Saso L. Coleman 70.00 65.00 65.00 30.00 40.00 65.00 ......... 70.00 45.00 30.00 60.00 35.00 35.00 45.00 45.00 80.00 55.00 25.00 30.00 60.00 10 Things Your Teen Will Thank You For P..H. Berne & L.M. Savary ` 50.00 J. F. Correia Rachael MacBean Ed. Edgar J. Schmiedeler Daniel W. Driscoll William L. Coleman Cynthia U. Tobias Susan Harley Dr. S.S. Fonseca C.P. Varkey S.J. H. Norman Wright H. Norman Wright Gary Smalley Lilian Gafni Dr George J. Kaliaden A.M. Zanzucchi A.M. Zanzucchi

Beauty Tips for Glowing Personality Be at Your Best Boys Talk Character: Helps to Personality Growth Choose the Best in Life Building Self Esteem Developing a Winning Personality Confidence For Youth on Life, Love & Sex Girls Talk How to Accept Yourself How to Develop a Pleasing Personality How to Select Your Career How to Boost Your Self - Confidence How to Get Where you Want to Be How to Survive as a Teen Inside-Out Beauty Book, The Journey to Maturity Power of Positive Thinking Pretty as You Please Seasons of Life


243-3 506-7 544-X 453-2 368-4 642-9 170-3 628-8 422-2

Developing the Adolesecent Personality Dr. A. Alphonse Dr. Alan Loy Mcgennis Jennette Pinto Lucienne Pickering Dr. Windy Dryden J.Maurus Uttam Dave Shammi Sukh Christian H. Godefroy Steven E. Atanasoff Sandra Byrd Cecilia Thomas Norman Vincent Peale J.Maurus Joan Chittister


614-5 435-4 627-6

Joy of Committed Love ( For husbands) Gary Smalley

(P) (P)

102-X 528-9 370-6 073-1 137-1

My Wife & Other Problems..My Husband..Johnnie& Barbara Alves



Enthusiasm is the backing power of life; without it you are flat, with it you rise.



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172-X (P) (P) 170-4 598-X 224-6 079-0 (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) 513-0 496-6 137-2 111-8 512-2 520-3 524-6 550-4 106-1 Parents Listen Parent's Bedside Companion Parenting Teenagers Planning a Happy Family Preparing for Marriage Raising A Good Kid Secrets of Successful Parenting Six Things Children Need To Understand Each Other in Marriage Way They Learn, The Way We Work, The What Kids Need Most in a Mom When Your Child Starts School Woman's Guide to a Happy Home,A


Lucienne Pickering A K. Sanders


30.00 40.00

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592-X 296-3 (P) 392-7 618-7 590-9 510-5 429-X 397-8 627-6 193-2 645-0 118-5 121-5 139-8 146-0 587-3 591-1 536-9 120-7 560-1 619-5 135-5 628-4 481-8 599-7 399-4 535-0 428-1 637-5 373-0 586-5 582-2 583-0 Happiness through Harmony Gently and Firmly Healing Wounded Emotions Help Your "Self" Holistic Guidance How to Achieve Inner Strength How to Affirm Yourself How to Boost Your Energy How to Get Where You Want to Be How to Live 365 Days a Year How to Make Life Happen? How to Succeed How to Use Your Complexes How to Win Personal Efficiency How to Enrich Your Life In a Nutshell Inspiration for Life Inspiring People, Challenging Lives Joy of Feeling Good,The Joy of Being Human, The Keys to Success and Happiness Keys to Successful Living Learn to Be Your Own Life Coach Live Today, Live Fully Living the Marvel of Life Look Beyond Your Horizon Love Yourself Loving Your Job Make the Most of Your Potential Minding the Whole Person Minute Motivators for Dieters Minute Motivators for Graduates Minute Motivators for Leaders


J. Maurus C.P. Varkey

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45.00 40.00

Lois L. & Joel R. Davitz 60.00 Grugni &J.Fernandes Dr. A. Grugni John F. Smith Andrea Clifford-Poston John N. Drescher Paul Tournier Cynthia U. Tobias Cynthia U. Tobias Patricia H. Rushford Su Garnett J. Maurus 35.00 60.00 65.00 50.00 38.00 45.00 75.00 75.00 85.00 45.00 40.00 Martin H. Padovani Seema Anil Agarwal C. Drago Shammi Sukh Cary Egeberg Shammi Sukh Christian H. Godefroy John A. Schindler, MD Gladeana McMahon Brian Adams J.Maurus J. Maurus S.Perry Shammi Sikh Devasia Puthiyaparambil F.M. Britto William A. Miller J. Maurus F.M. Britto Alvin H.Goeser Gladeana McMahon J. Maurus J. Maurus Patrick D'Lima, SJ Manju Shah Joseph G.A.Allegretti J. Maurus William F. Haynes Jr.M.D Stan Toler Stan Toler Stan Toler

80.00 60.00 80.00 55.00 50.00 35.00 95.00 70.00 150.00 75.00 70.00 30.00 40.00 45.00 50.00 60.00 40.00 50.00 60.00 40.00 120.00 40.00 50.00 40.00 35.00 60.00 100.00 55.00 45.00 45.00 45.00


(P) 633-8 367-6 277-7 449-4 203-3 437-0 (P) (P) 486-X 573-4 624-1 378-1 396-X 636-8 540-7 397-X 625-X 3000 Pearls gathered by Percy ( A Book of Quotations) Bp. Percival Fernandez 130.00 Achieving Success in Work and Love Dr. Alan Loy Phd 60.00 Are you a Winner or Loser? Art of Commonsense Living,The Art of Dynamic Thinking,The At Ease with Stress Attitudes of Gratitude Befriending Your Emotions Beyond the Obvious Breaking Up, Down and Through Caring Coming to Your Senses Conquer Thy Self Discover the Power of Your Inner Self Generous Nature, A C.P. Varkey J. Maurus Melwin Powers Wanda Nash M. J. Ryan Janina Gomes Navniit Gandhi Andre Papineau Marcy Heidish Sally M. Veillette Harixson OP Louis S.R. Vas Antje Janssen 55.00 55.00 30.00 60.00 65.00 65.00 90.00 50.00 55.00 250.00 70.00 60.00 125.0



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585-7 581-4 584-9 015-4 508-3 531-8 641-2 (P) 493-2 499-0 055-3 479-6 431-1 623-3 (P) 565-3 497-4 610-1 622-5 513-X 490-7 588-1 304-8 023-5 482-6 605-5 Minute Motivators for Men Minute Motivators for Teachers Minute Motivators for Teens Miracle of Motivation, The Quick Fix Your Life Restoring Your Self Seeing the Unseen Spiritual Notes to Myself Strength Within Success in 30 Days Templeton Plan, The


Stan Toler Stan Toler Stan Toler George Shinn Judith Verity Peter M. Kalellis, Ph.D Shammi Sukh Hugh Prather Barbara Hansen A.P. Pereira John Marks Templeton


45.00 45.00 45.00 65.00 40.00 65.00 50.00 70.00 65.00 50.00 60.00 90.00 170.00 75.00 65.00 50.00 170.00 45.00 50.00 55.00 25.00 55.00 55.00 120.00

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138-X 632-2 538-5 116-9 (P) 440-1 092-8 211-4 528-8 372-2 057-8 621-7 Group Discussion and Team Building Know Thyself:Stress Management Leading Teams Leadership Leaders For Today, Hope for Tomorrow Make the Most of Your Time Man's Search for Meaning On Becoming a Counsellor Pain of Being Human, The Personal Counselling Relationship Strategies for Success


Desmond A.D'Abreo Dr. Craig Hassed Rob Yeung Anthony D'Souza Anthony A. D'Souza J. Maurus Vikyor E.Frankl


50.00 110.00 35.00 195.00 160.00 50.00 40.00 65.00 85.00 140.00

E.Kennedy& S.C. Charles 180.00 Eugene Kennedy COMMUNICATION J.M. Fuster Madan Saluja

Ten Secrets to a Balanced, Successful life Chandru Gidwani 1000 Most Important Questions, The The Impossible is Possible Thrive on Stress Tips for a Better Life Take Control of Your Life Under Pressure Use It or Loose It Use Your Stress to Keep Away Distress Why Do We Face "Problems"in Life Woman's Guide to a Better Living You Are Good Enough You Can Shape Your Destiny Alyss Thomas John Mason Jan Sutton Davacia Puthiyaparambil Dr. Gail Ratcliffe John Sutton Allen & D. Gamon J . Maurus Hemant V. Jadhav John A. Schindler Robert J. Furey, Phd Sebastian K.A


595-4 205-X 569-5 456-7 543-1 566-0 571-7 272-6 382-X 530-X 562-8 603-9 567-9 (P) (P) (P) 408-8 157-7 495-9 315-3 579-2 206-8 (P) 450-9 606-3 ABC of Happiness Art of Courageous Living,The Are You a Winner Being Happy and Successful Born to Rise Discovering the Joy of Living Dream Big! Dream True Elocution Pieces for Students I Elocution Pieces for Students II Everybody Wins! Fifteen Great Men of India 40 Secrets for a Happy Life Fourteen Laws for Happiness 50 Gems of Value: 5 Minute Reflections Gifts of Education Pathway to Success Happiness is Your Right Rich in Heart, Rich in Life 17 Steps to Excellence Search for Meaning, A Some Outstanding Women of India Shammi Sukh John A.O'Brien Shammi Sukh Dr.S.Ignacimuthu,S.J Shammi Sukh J. Maurus Sr. Teresa Joseph, FMA Anita Pinto Anita Pinto Dianne S & Terri Akin Jose Dominic Joseph Saji Antony J. Maurus Dominic Mathews Pauline Chakkalakal Lissy Kurian C.P. Varkey Shammi Sukh Dharam Prakash Janina Gomes Dr. Satishchandra Kumar 40.00 50.00 35.00 50.00


40.00 25.00 30.00 30.00 60.00 35.00 30.00 45.00 50.00 25.00 30.00 35.00 25.00 55.00 40.00 100.00


580-6 (P) (P) 449-5 345-6 447-8 (P) 549-1 Be a Lighthouse Collaborative Leader,The Concreate Leadership Strategies Dear Youth Counsellor Discipleship a Space for Women's Leadership?(Doctoral Thesis) How You Can... a Leadership Group Madan Saluja Loughlan&S.T. Donald Rev. David Heny Dr. Anthony Grugni, M.D Pauline Chakkalakal James Keller 150.00 120.00 75.00 55.00 265.00 45.00




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612-8 608-X (P) (P) (P) (P) 537-8 416-9 417-7 418-5 611-X 227-0 485-0 561-X 616-0 345-5 090-1 334-X 529-6 631-4 259-9 127-4 535-0 553-9 492-3 089-8 444-3 (P) 605-6 65.00 Stop, Look, Go! Ten Commandments for Happiness Thoughts of Bl. Mother Teresa Tonic for the Heart Vol. 1 Tonic for the Heart Vol. 2 Tonic for the Heart Vol. 3 Towards a Fuller Life You Can Be an Effective Speaker You Can Succeed Your Happiness is in You ABC of Human Relations Art of Communicating Effectively Art of Getting Along with People Friendship Factor,The Good Listener,The How to Address a Group Human Relationship Skills It's Human Relations that Count Love Yourself Loving Choices Making the Most of Your Relationship Power to Influence People,The Restoring Relationships Ways to Deal with Depression


J. Maurus Saji Antony Lissy M. Frank Mihalic, SVD Frank Mihalic, SVD Frank Mihalic, SVD Monica Fernandes Dr. George Kaitholil Sumbye Kapena S.Devaraj Shammi Sukh J. Maurus Cecil G. Osborne Dr. A lan Loy McGennis, James E. Sullivan Brian Cooney Richard Nelson-Jones J. Maurus Manju Shah


40.00 25.00 18.00 80.00 80.00 80.00 40.00 50.00 40.00 35.00 40.00 40.00 55.00 55.00 35.00 95.00 90.00 35.00 30.00 50.00 60.00 60.00

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446-X (P) 381-2 575-X 574-1 046-4 324-2 (P) 529-7 498-2 007-3 161-4 63-4 336-6 299-8 292-0 563-6 441-9 391-9 390-0 (P) 532-7 117-7 152-5 596-2 (P) 637-6 347-1 540-8 Gitanjali Guide to Better Living, A If He & She Can, Why Can't I Joy of Living, The Just a Moment Please Little Thoughts... Wisdom (Vol I & II) Make Each Day Count Making a Wedding Speech More Anecdotes of the Great 40 Ways to Say "I Love You" One Sip at a Time Pocket Book of Quips and Quotes Pocket Book of Wisdom,The Rainbow of Feasts, A Quotes Worth Repeating


Ravindranath Tagore Titus Babu C.P. Varkey, SJ Michael Amaladoss, SJ J.Maurus Joseph Thenasseril George Cheruvil John Bowden J.Maurus James R. Borge George Menezes Rajendra Pillai Rajendra Pillai Swami Shilananda Bob D. Kelly


40.00 45.00 70.00 50.00 65.00 @ 35.00 60.00 55.00 45.00 30.000 65.00 45.00 35.00 120.00 180.00 65.00 60.00 60.00 70.00 35.00 110.00 120.00 65.00 40.00 65.00

Response to 101 Questions on Buddhism John Renard Response to101 Questions on HinduismJohn Renard Response to 101 Questions on Islam Seeing With Our Souls Something to Think of Source Book of Inspiration, A Sugar and Spice Teacher's Inspirational Handbook Treasure Imperishable, A 100 Inspiring Anecdotes John Renard Joan Chittister, OSB J. Maurus J. Maurus George Menezes Dr. Elaine Ann Charles Chandru M. Gidwani Percival Fernandes

Dr. Bruce Fisher & Nina Hart 90.00 William Stewart O.A. Battista Peter M. Kalellis Siang-yang Tan John Ortberg


365 Inspiring Thoughts for the Year Anecdotes of the Great Begin the School Day Well Beyond the Ordinary Book of Indian Quotations, A Easy Ways to Quit Smoking Corruption ­ Who Cares Facilitator's Handbook Denis G. Pereira& F.Vaz J. Maurus Patrick D'Lima SJ Ed. Sathishchandra K. St. Pauls Shammi Sukh Brian Lightowler Alban D'Souza SJ 90.00 35.00 90.00 50.00 45.00 25.00 70.00 45.00


640-8 130-4 357-9 577-6 064-2 480-X 604-7 593-8

Forthcoming Titles from Pauline Publications



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Qty ISBN* Title

555-0 Acting out the Gospels (1-4) Bible Quiz Bible Quiz for Children (N.T) Bible Quiz for Children(O.T) Dramas for Youth and Children Feast of Laughter, A Fun Time Puzzles Household Humour Jokes Laugh More, Live Longer! Literary Humour More Bible Quiz More Riddles for all ages Puzzles and Fun Puzzles and Fables G.K. Quiz Ravi's Christmas Gift (Plays) Relax, Have Fun Riddles for All Ages Skits for Various Occasions (P) 003-1 064-8 065-6 (P) (P) (P) 291-3 518-0 138-0 398-6 590-4 608-9 374-9 (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) 353-7 631-4 475-4 623-4 571-8 445-2 633-1 191-7 721-9 781-2 551-8 104-5 264-5


Mary Kathleen Glavich Marisa & Lissy P.C.Thomas P.C.Thomas Various Authors Kudson K. Cornelius Gafoor S. Abdul Judson K. Cornelius Theresina. T Devaia Puthiyaparambil Judson K. Cornelius Liguorian Chittaranjan Andrade Dr. Pravin S. Kate Dr. Pervin S. Kate Nancy D'Souza Cecilia Thomas


@ 40.00 22.00 25.00 35.00 40.00 55.00 35.00 50.00 25.00 35.00 50.00 25.00 25.00 30.00 30.00 30.00 18.00 32.00 40.00 40.00 45.00 40.00 40.00


(P) (P) (P) 628-5 592-0 369-2 494-0 060-X 554-7 (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) 084-7 579-3 533-5 295-6 517-3 024-4 598-9 292-1 495-9 582-3 633-8 461-4 027-9 622-6 085-6 496-7 241-7 423-0 030-9 As You Journey Ahead Creative Teacher's Handbook, The Congratulations! Dream on You Can Achieve For You My Friend For You My Love Gift for Teachers Go Ahead... Achieve Peace Go Ahead...Succeed God Bless You on Your Birthday Golden Moments of Love Just for You Just for you With Love Life a Gift Pathway to Success Strive on... Face the Challenge Teacher's Inspirational Handbook Teacher, You're a Gift To a Friend Treasures for Teachers With Love on Your Birthday With Love, to a Friend Wishing You Good Luck Word of Thanks You Are Special Michelle DSP Neil Azavedo Jobby Mathew Tamanna Bhatia Sudha Khristmukti Sajith Cyriac J. Maurus Antonette Jesumani Antonette Jesumani Lissy M. Antonette Jesumani Lissy M. Fr Trevor Z. D'Souza Leela Moozhayil Lissy M. Rosy M. Dr. Elaine Ann Charles Lissy M. Lissy M. Julie FSP Jenny Cyriac Lissy M. Cathy Jacob Sajith Parapallil Lissy M. 25.00 60.00 20.00 30.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 30.00 20.00 65.00 22.00 22.00 25.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 (P) (P) (P) (P) (P)

Elizabeth P. & Antonette J. 25.00 Dr. Chittaranjan Andrade P.V. George

Ten Christian Plays (With Song & Dance)Christine Ribeiro Three plays on God's Wonderul Love With a Light Heart You'll Die Laughing F. Peter Paul Fernandes J. Maurus Johnnie Alves


547-6 527-0 554-6 309-X 221-2 257-1 148-8 10 Short Stories 15 Stories 16 Short Stories 20 Moral Stories for Children (Colour) 20 Most Amazing Stories 20 Stories for Children 30 Well-Known Indian Stories Marceline fsp Maya S. Achar Margaret D'Souza Dorothy Serpes Iris Castillo Dorothy Serpes Aloysius Lazarus 20.00 22.00 27.00 45.00 20.00 22.00 30.00


548-2 576-8 (P) (P) (P) (P) 207-7 477-0 479-7 271-9 1001 Fascinating Facts 1001 Riddles for Children 5 Minutes Skits on Value Education 9 One Act Plays 12 Dramas (based on Akbar, Birbal stories) 500 Jokes, Riddles and Facts.... Jubel D'Cruz Jubel D'Cruz Mathew Panamkat Suneel Hattangadi Ladislaus D'Souza Rajendra Pillai 60.00 35.00 30.00 35.00 25.00 30.00





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555-5 601-2 085-5 027-8 006-5 (P) (P) (P) (P) P) ((P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) 636-6 359-6 628-4 630-7 603-X 251-4 561-0 526-2 403-7 421-5 574-2 425-8 015-5 199-2 216-6 351-0 486-9 557-2 229-8 195-9 462-2 079-1 601-3 132-1 40 Stories 40 Stories that Stir and Inspire 50 Aesop's Fables 50 More Aesop's Fables 50 Stories 60 Stories For Children Adventures of Ankur Animal Stories Brave Friends and Other Stories Brave Sniffer Dog and Other Stories Chinese Magician & Other stories Clever Shepherd Boy & Other Stories, The Dancing Shoes, The Diwali Gift, A Folk Tales from Burma Life of Jesus for Children, The Magic Paint Brush (25 Moral Stories) Magic Carpet & Other Stories Magician & Other Stories Midnight Adventure & Other Stories Miracles of Jesus Moral Stories 1-8 Moral Stories for Children More Short Stories More Stories from Indian History More Tales of Wit & Wisdom Most Wonderful Story (Bible Stories) My Favourite Stories Secret Wish and Other Stories


Asha Saji Sukh Antony


35.00 35.00 20.00 25.00 25.00 40.00 18.00 45.00 25.00 25.00 22.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 22.00 60.00 35.00 27.00 30.00 20.00 40.00 @ 15.00 20.00 22.00 22.00 25.00 35.00 25.00 30.00

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(P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) 228-X 546-7 105-3 567-X 380-4 217-4 253-0 471-1 538-6 568-8 Short Stories Snow Man & Other Stories, The Stories from Indian History Stories of Animals & Birds Stories & Parables of Jesus Ten Magic Wishes & Other Stories Three Magical Words & Other Stories The Three Friends (10 Stories) Two Honest Cricketers & Other Stories

Author Author

Miriam N. Jennifer M. Petro P.C. Thomas Maya S. Achar Leela Moozhayil Maya S. Achar Dorothy Serpes Marina Andrade Yvonne Bazliel

Price Price

20.00 25.00 22.00 25.00 40.00 20.00 25.00 35.00 25.00 32.00

Vernon Thomas Vernon Thomas Arty Pereira Maya S. Achar Indrani Raimedhi Mary Ann Pereira Ramendra Kumar Eva Bell Monarose Pereira Michelle & Salome Maya S. Achar Various authors Rachael Macbean Clare Ukken Margaret Helen Das Gupta Miriam N. Cecilia Thomas Compiled by Liza Louis C.Schmid Metilda Rose Miriam N. P.C.Thomas Teresa Aranha M. C. D'Aniso Christine Gomes Helen Albuquerque

Ten Tales of Wit and Wisdom (Akbar/Birbal)Teresa Anne


(P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) 515-7 086-3 082-1 033-2 437-1 551-3 060-0 056-2 525-4 607-2 472-X 539-4 428-2 353-0 409-6 511-4 240-9 061-9 573-4 Amu the Elephant travels to America Adventures of Pinocchio, The Basket of Flowers, The Genevive Ghost Town Mystery Journey to Success Little Princess, The Martin Mysterious Caves, The Mysterious Girl, The Mysterious Magic Lamp, The Mysterious Shirt, The Mystery of the Elusive Thief Mystery of the Missing Diamonds Mystery of the Strange Legacy Mystery at the Spanish Castle Mystery of the Midnight Incident, The Nobody's Child On a Holiday Trip Leela Lopez Carlo Collodi C. Schmid C. Schmid Ruth Nulton Moore Martha J. Ross- Rodges F. H. Burnett Gina Vianney Maya S. Achar Siddhesh Inamdar Joeyanna D'Souza FSP Siddhesh Inamdar Vernon Thomas Maya S. Achar Vernon Thomas Ruth Nulton Moore Shevlin Sebastian Hector Malot Maya S. Achar 45.00 45.00 38.00 35.00 45.00 50.00 45.00 45.00 25.00 50.00 20..00 40.00 25.00 25.00 20.00 45.00 25.00 45.00 30.00

The World of Books is the most remarkable Creation of Human Beings

12 13

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(P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) (P) P) (P) (P) (P) (P) 000-7 553-X 188-7 633-0 592-0 144-5 248-4 146-1 006-6 011-2 069-4 196-8 619-6 224-7 194-1 309-X 574-2 186-0 342-1 625-3 123-2 036-8 623-4 195-X 002-3 112-7



50.00 45.00 60.00 50.00 42.00 32.00 32.00 20.00 15.00 18.00 32.00 18.00 20.00 15.00 18. 00 45.00 32.00 25.00 30.00 25.00 18.00 15.00 30.00 20.00 32.00 36.00

Qty ISBN* Title

359-5 364-1 360-9 570-9 254-8 174-6 109-6 287-4 082-0 358-7 186-6 512-1 255-6 222-X 034-0 175-4 Ben Hur Callista Fabiola Gulliver's Travels Ivanhoe Jataka Tales More Jataka Tales Kidnapped More Tales from the Panchatantra Quo Vadis Robinson Crusoe The Robe Tale of Two Cities, A Tales from the Arabian Nights Tales from the Panchatantra Treasure Island, The



70.00 50.00 50.00 40.00 25.00 15.00 20.00 30.00 25.00 50.00 25.00 35.00 30.00 25.00 25.00 30.00

Rony and the Mystery of the Missing Chilld Mathew Panamkat Screams at Midnight J. D'Souza Secret Garden, The Watchmaker's Daughter, The Touched by Love ABC Colouring Book A To Z Moral Stories Bible Stories( Read and Colour) Camel and the Pig, The Elephant and the Monkey, The God Loves Me (Colour) God Cares Grateful Child, The Happy Day, A Happy Me Little Lost Lamb (Colour) Little Pink Elephant, The My ABC Book My Guardian Angel Magic Mango Tree Naughty Little Prince Puzzles and Fables Puppy and Pussy, A Red Balloon, The (Colour) Thank You, God (Colour) F. H. Burnett Jean Watson Sushila Fonseca


Lew Wallace Newman N. Wiseman Jonathan Swift Sir Walter Scott Vernon Thomas Vernon Thomas R.L. Stevenson Vernon Thomas Henryk Sienkiewicz Daniel Defoe Llyod C. Douglas Charles Dickens Vernon Thomas Vernon Thomas R.L.Stevenson


Helen Albuquerque Dorothy Serpes L. Moozhayil FSP FSP Jenny Cyriac Cathy Jacob Jean Monterio Marceline Cardoz Cathy Jacob

20 Moral Stories for Children (colour) Dorothy Serpes Gery Berger Haines Cecilia Thomas Claudette Miranda Leela Moozhayil S. Rashadath Ali FSP Dr. Pervin S. Kate Cathy Jacob FSP Jenny Cyriac


186-X 212-2 047-2 048-0 Volume I -Words Volume II- Idioms Volume III- Proverbs Volume IV - Grammar Volume V - Essays A to Z of Correct English,The Adventures and Discoveries Basics in English Conversation Coaching People Creative Writing Delight in Knowledge 101 Essays and Letters G.K. Quiz A.G. Rego A.G. Rego A.G. Rego A.G. Rego A.G. Rego Angela Burt P. Gopalakrishnan Augustine Mannoor Rob Young Adele Ramet Charles Menezes Iris Castillo Nancy D'Souza 55.00 35.00 25.00 50.00 35.00 70.00 40.00 45.00 35.00 60.00 55.00 55.00 30.00

Co 271-8

515-6 (P) (P) 141-0 554-8 539-3 500-8 413-3 (P) (P) 608-0 571-8


What exercise does to the body, reading does to the mind.



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(P) 548-3 501-6 382-X 530-X 562-8 (P) 585-8 003-0 425-7 551-2 516-4 572-5 301-3 246-7 (P) (P) 552-1 570-X Essays for Primary & Middle school Exams Are Easy Elocution Pieces for Students - II Everybody Wins! Fifteen Great Men of India Gallery of Scientists Growing up Gracefully How to Evaluate Students Improving your Spelling Increase your Word Power Lives of Some Great People Live Your Values (Student's) Mass Media and You, The Speeches Tips to Study Better


Fr. Augustine Mannoor Mike Evans Anita Pinto Dianne S & Terri Akin Jose Dominic P. Gopalakrishnan Gratian Vaz Bernadette Pinto Marian Field Angela Burt Jose Dominic Joseph Felix Koikara SDB Desmond A. D'Abreo Suneel Hattangadi Pancha Biada


35.00 40.00 30.00 60.00 35.00 50.00 40.00 25.00 50.00 70.00 30.00 45.00 45.00 40.00 20.00

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341-2 307-2 Living Moments of Truth Living Moments of Wholeness

Author Author

J. Maurus J. Maurus

Price Price

25.00 25.00


019-7 198-3 159-2 157-6 115-0 199-1 158-4 197-5 114-2 160-6 113-4


Make Beauty Your Target Make Caring Your Target Make Freedom Your Target Make Joy Your Target Make Leadership Your Target Make Optimism Your Target Make Patience Your Target Make Peace Your Target Make Relaxation Your Target Make Self-Reliance Your Target Make Will-Power Your Target Dr George Kaitholil Dr George Kaitholil Dr George Kaitholil Dr George Kaitholil Dr George Kaitholil Dr George Kaitholil Dr George Kaitholil Dr George Kaitholil Dr George Kaitholil Dr George Kaitholil Dr George Kaitholil 30.00 30.00 30.00 30.00 30.00 30.00 30.00 30.00 30.00 30.00 30.00



400-1 401-X 402-8 301-3 302-1 467-2 My Values - Volume 1 My Values - Volume 2 My Values - Volume 3-12 Live your Values -Students Workbook Live your Values - Teacher's Guide Cyriac Vally Cyriac Vally Cyriac Vally Felix Koikara, SDB Felix Koikara, SDB 25.00 30.00 @ 35.00 45.00 115.00 35.00 547-4 546-6 549-0 548-2 468-0


Neglected Garden & Other Stories Shall I Be a Fisherman & other Stories Strawberry Picker & Other Stories,The Whistle a Happy Tune & Other Stories Read and Learn Grade 1-4 C.Schmid C.Schmid C.Schmid C.Schmid Bernadette Pinto 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 @ 15.00

Value Education: What, Why, How & Who Brendan MacCarthaigh


270-X 296-6 308-0 268-8 260-2 313-7 300-5 342-0 266-1 312-9 Living Moments of Awareness Living Moments of Faith Living Moments of Forgiveness Living Moments of Hope Living Moments of Love Living Moments of Prayer Living Moments of Self-Healing Living Moments of Silence Living Moments of Suffering Living Moments of Sunshine J. Maurus J. Maurus J. Maurus J. Maurus J. Maurus J. Maurus J. Maurus J. Maurus J. Maurus J. Maurus 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00


Inspirational Quote (Monthly) The Teenager (Monthly) @Rs. 6.00 @Rs. 10.00 1 Year: 1 Year: 60.00 100.00


A home without books, is a body without soul . - Cicero



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The Ten Career Commandments

Rob Yeung Pp80 Rs 35.00


This book is packed with ten big ideas to make a tremendous difference to your career.

CD Price

110.00 110.00 110.00 110.00 110.00 110.00 50.00 50.00 @50.00 100.00

AUDIO CD'S and Cassettes

Qty Title

Boom Diddy Boom (Action Songs for Children) Various Gift of Peace (Instrumental) Harmony of Angels(Instrumental) I Love to Sing (value based rhymes) We Can Achieve Nature's Calm (Instrumenta) Quiet Moments: (Instrumenta) Orchestral Music - Vol. 1,2,3 Bhakti Sangeet (Instrumental) N.B. ( ) Only Cassettes available Renato Giorgi Alex Wu Suesan Lobo Joey Mendonza Joey Mendoza Giuseppe,Monti , Schermidori Recalcati, Stiz, Lanzoni Joe Francis & Group


You and Your Career

JOe D. Pereira Pp228 Rs 50.00 A practical guide that describes different and almost multifarious opportunities that are available in India today to young men and women.

Spread Out Your Wings (Youth/ Social Issues) Caroline Duia FSP

How to Select your Career

Uttam Dave Pp 112 Rs 55.00 A practical guide to selecting the right career. p others but her happy life style in Holland



Title Script Boom Diddy Boom (Fun Action Songs) Kiriku (Animated) Maria Goretti (2 discs) Mother Teresa & her World (Documentary) Dur.(mins) J. Mendoza & D. Baptista Michel Ocelol RAI Paulines, Japan Price 30 75 95 55 35 199.00 150.00 299.00 199.00 99.00

Wages of Tears (DocumentaryonChildLabour) Anant Joshi


Maria Goretti (Story of a Courageous Girl) RAI Wages of Tears (Documentary on Child Labour) Anant M. Joshi 95 35 220.00 99.00

s CD


The World of Books is the most remarkable creation of Human Beings



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Qty ISBN* Title




What Kids Need Most in a Mom

Patricia H. Rushford Pp 208 Rs 85.00 This book will help mothers to get focused on: growing with their children, on trusting their life and their kids to God's care, and celebrating Life.

Every Child Can Succeed

Making the Most of Your Child's Learning Style Cynthia Ulrich Tobias Pp 172 Rs. 70.00 C. U. Tobias helps parents appreciate the different ways in which children receive, process and respond to information.


Daniel.W. Driscoll Pp 128 Rs 65.00 Daddyhood is about experiencing with your child the wonders of the world, the ups and downs of living with others, the joy-filled discoveries of something new.

Communicating With The Young

Ann and John Murphy Pp 96 Rs. 35.00 It's a helpful "how-to" book for parents who are concerned about passing on their moral values in the area of human sexuality to their children in a clear and methodical way.

Raising A Good Kid

John F. smith Pp 120 Rs. 65.00 Every parent who reads this book will benefit. More to the point, so will every kid.

Eight Things Not to Say to Your Teens

William L. Coleman Pp 158 Rs 65.00 This provides parents and teachers with practical advice on how to better choose what to say, when to say it and more importantly, decide when just to listen.

The Way They Learn

How to discover and teach to your child's strengths. Cynthia Ulrich Tobias Pp 184 Rs 75.00 The author introduces a variety of learning styles that shape the way students interpret their world. Once these approaches are understood, parents and teachers can become far more effective in helping children grasp confusing concepts, stay interested in lessons and utilize their strengths.


10 Best Gifts For Your Teen

Patt& Steve Saso Pp 176 Rs. 65.00 Raising teens with love and understanding is perhaps more challenging today than ever. While adolescence can sometimes be as frightening and challenging for parents as it is for their children, a strong parent-teen relationship can be both influential and rewarding.


Qty ISBN* Title



Qty ISBN* Title




Parenting Teenagers

Lois L. Davitz Ph.D. & Joel R. Davitz Ph.D. Pp 136 Rs. 60.00 The authors focus on some of the major concerns parents have today. Their questions come from a survey of reallife situations that parents face: relationships, communication, crisis, money, bad influences.

7 Mantras for Teenage Success

Dr. Varkha Chulani, M.A. Pp 118 Rs.60.00 A refreshing and unconventional approach to tackling teenage troubles! By using real life examples, the book helps teenagers easily identify and relate to the content matter. Highly recommended for teenagers.

Ten Things Your Teen Will Thank You for...

William L. Coleman Pp 176 Rs .00

What We Really Want To Know

(Answers to 45 Questions Teens Always Ask) Michael Francis Pennock Pp 118 Rs. 40.00 Parents can use the questions to help them answer similar ones posed by their own teenage son or daughter. In schools, teachers can use this book as a springboard for discussions with teens.


Combining heartwarming truth and practical insight, this book collects a treasury of wisdom that has proven effective in children's lives.Looking to the future when your own children are adults, you can incorporate this "hindsight" view into your child-rearing decisions now.

Moulding Your Child

Dr George J. Kaliaden Pp 152 Rs 55.00 Dr Kaliaden, shares with you the very techniques he himself employs with success in dealing with children having behavioural problems.

The Power of Positive Thinking

For Young People Norman Vincent Peale Pp 192 Rs 45.00 This book aims at helping people achieve a happy, satisfying and worthwhile life.

Ageing Gracefully

Staying fit and Healthy J.F. Correia Pp 128 Rs. 62.00 The author shares his experiences for the benefit of all and to enable everyone to gain self confidence and achieve self empowerment, tapping in full the inexhaustible store of his/her inner resources.


The Winning Attitude

Your key to Personal success John C. Maxwell Pp186 Rs 75.00 The author shares insights from real life experience showing how to recognize and attain the winning attitude to overcome life's difficulties, win people over, and turn problems into opportunities.


Qty ISBN* Title

YOUTH Author


Qty ISBN* Title



Choose the Best in Life

Kenneth E. Grabner, C.S.C. Pp 112 Rs. 32.00 The book contain inspiring, interesting and challenging reflections, ancedotes and stories. Especially geared to the youth, it is a sure guide to personality development and to a positive outlook towards life.

Ways to Deal with Deperession

The "Common Cold" of Emotional Life Siang -Yang Tan & Jhon- Ortberg Pp152 Rs 65.00 Understanding the ABCs of emotional life--Affect, Behaviour, and Congnition can shed light on the causes of depression. It shows, how your thoughts affect the way you feel and describes how each dimension is linked with depression.

Dream on--You can Achieve

Tamanna Bhatia Pp 104 Rs. 30.00 "If you believe in making your dream come true, you are not far from being successful. Get set and go!"

Fourteen Laws For Happiness

J. Maurus Pp128 Rs 45.00

How to Survive as a Teen

Steven E. Atanasoff Pp 88 Rs. 30.00.00 Written by a friend of youth, it deals with some of the real and difficult problems of teenagers today and offers help to face them.

This book serves as an eye-opener as regards the human values on which we would do well to build our life.

The Way We Work

A Practical Approach for Dealing with People on the job. Cynthia Ulrich Tobias Pp 170 Rs. 75.00 In this enlightening resource, C.U Tobias delivers an easyto-understand system for being more efficient with those you work with.

A to Z Tips for Teens

Teresa Anne Pp 58 Rs 25.00

"Life is wonderful for the person who wakes up each morning with wonder and joy. Variety is the spice of life. There is no time or opportunity to be bored."

A-Z Tips for Success

Antonette Jesumani It contains insightful collection of success strategies that the readers can apply to their unique situation. Youth in particular will find this book very practical and challenging.

24 25

Qty ISBN* Title



Qty ISBN* Title



Secrets to a Balanced, Successful and Happy Life

Chandru Gidwani Pp 280 Rs 90.00 Each of the `ten secrets', incidently pertains to ten different aspects of life that call for scrutiny, whereby alone can one find what one searches for.

The Impossible is Possible

John Mason Pp 192 Rs. 75.00

"Truths to help you do more than you ever thought possible. One can live a fruitful and fulfilling life when one steps forward in faith, believing that God will never command what He doesn't provide.

Building Self-Esteem

A Practical Guide to Growing in Confidence Sue Atkinson Pp248 Rs 80.00 This is written for all those who suffer from low self-esteem ­ who lack confidence in themselves ­ and if we are honest, that is probably most of us.

Befriending your Emotions

Janina Gomes Pp 144 Rs. 65.00 The author takes the reader on a tour of the museum of one's own emotions in a very skillful way. By acknowledging and understanding the various emotions we can enrich our lives and others.

Helping Those Who Hurt

How to be there for your friends in need H.Norman Wright Pp 184 Rs. 75.00


17 Steps to Excellence

Dharam Prakash Pp184 Rs 55.00 The book contains a very positive approach to the development and progress of young people, and highlights their extraordinary qualities and powers.

Norman Wright offers practical ways to help friends when they go through a crisis or suffer trauma.You'll learn when to listen rather than speak and know the words that comfort and not hurt.

Attitudes Of Gratitude

How to give and receive Joy every day of your Life. M. J. Ryan Pp 152 Rs. 65.00 Each section of this book acts as a mini refresher course in the wisdom of focusing on what is really important and how the practice of gratitude empowers, heals, inspires and fosters heartfelt well-being.


The Power to Influence People

O.A. Battista Pp 188 Rs 55.00 Written with the purpose of helping people to establish and foster healthy human relations, the book has many psychological insights, practical hints, keys and tools that will help you to live a harmonious life and make your life truly satisfying and successful.


Qty ISBN* Title


Creative Teacher's Handbook

Neil Azavedo Pp136 Rs. 55.00



Qty ISBN* Title



Leaders for Today, Hope for Tomorrow

Anthony D'Souza Pp 446 Rs.160.00 This book will be of immense benefit to cooperation managers, lay leaders, pastors, religious and all individuals for their personal growth and enrichment. How to Conduct a Small Leadership Group James Keller Pp 152 Rs 45.00

Tips for an Emerging Leader

This book is an invaluable asset to any teacher today. Books like these are reservoirs of ideas, which teachers can draw from and incorporate into their own teaching.

New 101 Essays and Letters

Iris Castillo Pp 144 Rs 55.00 Collection of Essays and Letters for High School students.



THE TEACHER'S INSPIRATIONAL HANDBOOK By Dr.Elaine Anne Charles The author offers a wide range of inspirational and enlightening articles. The articles present essential interpretation of the vocation of a Teacher in the field of education. A useful companion for every teacher! Price. Rs. 65.00

With the ideas proposed in this book, you can take the first and most important step in learning to think and speak standing on your own feet, familiarize yourself with vital issues, ask and answer pertinent questions, chair a meeting , etc.

Human Relationship Skills

Richard Nelson-Jones Pp 312 Rs 180.00 A much needed text for teachers and students on relationship courses in schools, colleges, polytechnic, universities, health and social services, industry and commerce, etc.

Dr. Elaine Ann Charles

Inventors And Discoverers

P. Gopalakrishnan Lives of 30 great men and women who tirelessly and selflessly contributed to the progress and development of the world.Pp216 Rs 55.00



Qty ISBN* Title



Qty ISBN* Title




Personal Counselling

J.M. Fuster Pp 312 Rs 85.00



This book will be of great help to professionals in counselling and to those who would like to get a good idea of what counselling is about and wish to acquire some skills to improve their way of functioning with people.

These QUOTES were gathered by the author over the years, keeping in mind both thier usefulness for prayer and reflection and their educative and inspirational value. They are classified into various topics of interest. Those who take pains to prepare their lectures and homilies on various subjects will find a " Treasure Hosue" in this book. Price: Rs. 130/-

On Becoming a Counsellor

A Basic Guide for Nonprofessional Counsellors & Other Helpers Eugene Kennedy & Sara C. Charles, M.D. Pp 184 Rs 55.00

365 Inspiring Thoughts for the Year

Denis G. Pereira & Frank Vaz This book is intended to be an invitation to the celebration of life. It recalls the work of the Spirit, who breaths into the reader the breath of life. Pp 392

Make Each Day Count

George Cheruvil Pp 128 Rs 60.00 "To make our life meaningful, we must leave our troubles behind and move on to claim our daily share of happiness," suggests the author.

100 Inspiring Anecdotes

Bp. Percival Fernandez Pp 144 Rs 65.00 A collection of a great variety of modern-day anecdotes-- all of them contain a lesson for life.


Writing an Assignment

Pauline Smith Pp120 Rs 45.00 A practical book giving you the tools and planning techniques for making light work of assignments, essays, reports and dissertations.


Spiritual Notes to Myself

Hugh Prather Pp152 Rs. 75.00 The wit and wisdom in this book are brief and to the point and yet deeply intuitive. It offers us gems of spiritual wisdom and a challenge to look at life from a higher perspective.


Qty ISBN* Title



Qty ISBN* Title




Qty ISBN* Title



Qty ISBN* Title




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