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Central Pine Barrens Protected Lands Council Charles T. Hamilton, Co-Chair John Pavacic, Co-Chair Meeting Minutes for 4/07/09, 9:00 a.m. (FINAL - Approved 12/1/09) Camp Wauwepex - Schiff Scout Reservation Wading River, New York Organizations and representatives present: Long Island Trail Lovers Coalition: Ken Kindler NYS OPRHP: Jim Mesenbourg The Nature Conservancy: Larry Paul CLIMB: Michael Vitti, Jody Mazur, Ken Wiesmann SC Parks: Diana Sanford LEC: Sgt. Arthur Pendzick Town of Brookhaven: Meg Shutka L.I. Greenbelt, P.B. Society: Tom Casey Boy Scout of America: Jim Gasowski Pine Barrens Commission staff present: Robin Mills, Karen Eichelberger and Larry Hynes. John Pavacic, Suffolk County Parks Department, chaired the meeting. 1. Meeting Summary from December 2, 2008 A motion was made by Meg Shutka and seconded by Mike Vitti to approve the 12/2/08 meeting minutes as amended. The motion was carried unanimously. 2. Activities of the Law Enforcement Council and Wildfire Task Force Law Enforcement Council Sgt. Pendzick said Long Island Search and Rescue is the newest member of the Law Enforcement Council. Their organization is comprised of volunteers who assist police agencies with search and rescue operations. A Memorandum of Understanding between the New York Wing of the Civil Air Patrol and the Central Pine Barrens Commission was proposed by the Law Enforcement Council in 2003. The Memorandum of Understanding has been finalized and signed. This agreement will allow the Civil Air Patrol to assist the Law Enforcement Council in the air and on the ground. The Law Enforcement Council has been working with the New York Army National FINAL - Protected Land Council Minutes for 4/07/09 (Approved 12/1/09) ­ Page 1

Peter A. Scully Chair Philip J. Cardinale Member Linda A. Kabot Member Mark Lesko Member Steve A. Levy Member

P.O. Box 587 3525 Sunrise Highway 2nd Floor Great River, NY 11739-0587 Phone (631) 224-2604 Fax (631) 224-7653

Guard to do an abandoned vehicle airlift in the Pine Barrens. The New York Army National Guard has the GPS coordinates and is working with Capt. Byrnes to complete the required paperwork. Sgt. Pendzick and Larry Hynes are representing the Law Enforcement Council on the Dept. of Social Services Homelessness Committee in Suffolk County. They are working on a ten-year proposal to end homelessness in Suffolk County. The next meeting date has not been determined. The Law Enforcement Council members have been involved with the ATV Mitigation Committee. Last month, Sgt. Pendzick, Larry Hynes, Ann Carter and SC Parks personnel met at the Sears Bellows County Park Office. They addressed the issue of Sunrise Highway crossing over Bellows Pond Road which is a major access point for ATVs. This area will be blocked off with concrete barricades in the future. Sgt. Pendzick said the SC Sheriff's Office sent two officers to Maryland to become certified ATV instructors. A course has been set up at Gabreski Airport to train officers in ATV operation. Sgt. Pendzick stated that ATV activity has decreased on the weekends but increased during the week and at night. Sgt. Pendzick reported total multi-agency detail statistics for 2009 include14 ATVs impounded and 31 ATV related summonses. Five ATV riders were arrested in the Pine Barrens area of East Quogue for illegally operating an ATV on public property. Larry Hynes said dumping has increased in the Pine Barrens. The Town of Brookhaven Highway Department cleaned up 22 dumping areas in Manorville. For the last year, the Law Enforcement Council has discussed revisions to the Section 469 Law of the Suffolk County Code, which prohibits the illegal ATV use in Suffolk County. On April 6, at the Legislature Office in Hauppauge, Ray Corwin, Larry Hynes, Sgt. Pendzick and Lt. Bengel met with Terry Pearsall, Chief of Staff for the Suffolk County Legislature's Presiding Officer (Legis. William Lindsay) and George Nolan, legal attorney, to discuss the proposed changes to County Law 469 regarding ATV offenses. Wildfire Task Force Larry said recent fire training at the New York Wildfire Academy and daily fire ratings on Long Island were discussed at the 3/31/09 WTF meeting. Chuck Hamilton gave a presentation on the New York Wildfire Academy training classes last year. Judy Jakobsen is responsible for the operation of the weather station. She makes the daily fire rating available to other agencies on the internet. The Wildfire Task Force will only have two meetings a year. 3. Roundtable Announcements

FINAL - Protected Land Council Minutes for 4/07/09 (Approved 12/1/09) ­ Page 2

Larry Hynes reported there have been 14 incident reports this year and dumping has increased. Ken Kindler is working with Chuck Hamilton to apply for Temporary Revocable Permits to do maintenance on the trails in the Sarnoff Preserve. The Long Island Greenbelt Trail Conference has created a team to maintain trails and have obtained a DR Brush Cutter. The Sarnoff Trail from the Route 104 parking area to Wildwood Lake has been cut. Ken and Peter Manfredonia from the Long Island Greenbelt used their new machine and cut the blue loop on the other side of Route 104. Ken said the Pine Barrens Discovery Day is set for June 13. He is working with Melissa Griffiths to create an event for that day. The hike for Discovery Day will go from the Route 104 parking lot and around the blue loop. This hike will highlight three aspects of the pine barrens: (1) the ATV Damage Mitigation project, (2) the prescribed burn project and (3) typical pine barrens ecosystems, both upland woods and wetlands. Ken Kindler asked for assistance with the interpretative aspects of this hike. The East Hampton Trails Preservation Society had a meeting and discussed the damage to Millers Ground and the Buckskill area from ATVs and dirt bikes. The water bars in the trails are being ripped out by ATVs and dirt bikes. Ken suggested creating an information sheet on tick precautions, preventive issues and places to hike. Diana Sanford suggested Ken contact Tammy Yeh at Cornell Cooperative. Tammy educates the Suffolk County Park employees on tick prevention and control. Larry suggested that Tammy could be a future guest speaker at a Protected Lands Council meeting. John Pavacic said the public thinks the deer tick is the only tick out in the woods. They do not realize the prevalence of the lone star tick and how aggressive it has become. He thanked Ranger Jim Gasowski of the Boy Scouts, for allowing the Protected Lands Council to use their Camp Wauwepex facilities to host today's meeting. Jim Gasowski stated the camp was established in the 1920's. Schiff Scout Reservation consists of 403.71 acres with a spring fed kettle lake in the center. In the past, it was used as an overnight boy scout camp. It is now being used as a cub scout day camp in the summer. There is overnight camping on the weekends. Michael Vitti said the Town of Brookhaven Community Clean Up day will be held on April 18. CLIMB will be cleaning Setauket Woods from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. CLIMB is organizing a trail design and maintenance workshop on August 27 - 30, with the International Bike Association's Subaru/MBA Trail Care Crew. The Subaru/MBA Trail Care Crew travels around the country and teaches sustainable trail design and maintenance. All land managers and user groups will be invited. The location has not yet been determined. CLIMB has been working with East Hampton Trails Preservation Society on developing sustainable trails and getting rid of fall line trails. Fall line trails cause erosion. The new design will reroute the trails to follow the contours rather than going down the fall line. A contractor who is a member of CLIMB has offered to redo the Calverton parking lot and the Rocky Point FINAL - Protected Land Council Minutes for 4/07/09 (Approved 12/1/09) ­ Page 3

overflow lot. They submitted a proposal to NYS DEC and are waiting for a response. CLIMB started a "Trail Ambassador" program to compliment their "Trail Patrol" program. The Trail Ambassadors will assist, inform and educate other trail users. Michael Vitti stated that horses are crossing the Carmens River wetlands and the neighboring barns have horse manure piles that are leaching into the wetlands near Cathedral Pines Park. Michael Vitti asked for assistance in determining how to handle this problem. John Pavacic said horses are only allowed on certain trails. Michael Vitti introduced Jody Mazur, the new Vice President for CLIMB, and Ken Wiesmann the Trail Steward for Calverton and Eastport. Jody Mazur said there is a problem with sign vandalism in Setauket on the mountain bike trail. CLIMB wants to have a Suffolk County park sign made similar to Cathedral Pine Park signs for the designated CLIMB trails. Ken Wiesmann said people are riding horses on the mountain bike trail in Calverton. They are parking on 25A and coming in on NYS DEC property by the cemetery. A complaint has been filed with NYS DEC. Tom Casey thanked John Pavacic for attending the Long Island Greenbelt Annual meeting on April 4. The Long Island Greenbelt will be hosting a hike at the Pine Barrens Discovery Day. Tom Casey will be meeting at the Long Island Pine Barrens office with a representative from the Long Island scouting organizations to discuss their 100th Anniversary. Tom Casey wants the Protected Lands Council Recreational Subcommittee to start meeting again. He asked if anyone has items for an agenda. Suggestions can be emailed to Tom Casey at: [email protected] The New York State Trails Council had a meeting at Saratoga, New York. Mike Vitti from CLIMB gave a presentation on a mountain bike project in Washington Heights Park in New York City with the New York City Parks Department. Meg Shutka said the new Town Supervisor for Brookhaven is Mark Lesko. She spoke to Dennis Cole and Isabelle Morris in the Town of Brookhaven regarding the mapping information available on GIS layers. The Town of Brookhaven has several GIS layers, but they are not set up to be accessed by people outside the town. Larry Paul walked to three locations to check TNC preserve boundaries this month: along Nugent Drive, Hampton Hills, and the new SC Trailhead at CR 111 and Hot Water Street. In the area of Nugent Drive he found littering and dumping in spite of Brookhaven Town warning signs. Evidence of ATV use was present except along the pond edge. All posted signs were in good condition.

FINAL - Protected Land Council Minutes for 4/07/09 (Approved 12/1/09) ­ Page 4

In the Hampton Hills area he found heavy ATV use and eroding trails in some areas, while other areas had little evidence of recent ATV activity although new litter was present. At the new SC Trailhead he found new signs, a gravel loop road back to the two parking areas and two kiosks. One kiosk is empty and the other shows a raised relief aerial display of Manorville Hills, but no trails are shown. The presence implied by these changes appears to be effective in deferring the unlawful ATV activity there in the past. Larry is interested in reviewing the allocation and enforcement efforts in the segregated trail use plan as it develops. John Pavacic said the Advisory Committee is reviewing the input received from the PLC for their study of existing committees' functions and goals. The Advisory Committee will be making recommendations to the Pine Barrens Commission for their meeting on April 22nd.. After the meeting Jim Gasowski will be leading us on a tour of Camp Wauwepex Schiff Scout Reservation. Adjournment A motion was made to adjourn by Tom Casey and was seconded by Jody Mazur. The motion to adjourn was approved unanimously. Tour of the Schiff Scout Reservation - Camp Wauwepex Site Locations: The car pool tour of the Schiff Scout Reservation was led by Jim Gasowski. Several stops were made along the way. 1. Main Camp Site area - The tour passed the main campsites on the way to the dining hall. This area used to be a sod farm. The entire reservation is now private property owned and managed by the Nassau County Council of the Boy Scouts of America. The access roads are used for emergency access and fire breaks. 2. Dining Hall/Gulch area - There used to be three active dining halls, now there is only this one. Day and overnight campers use the dining hall. There are two lean-tos and two cabins in the area around the dining hall. 3. Deep Pond - Deep Pond is a spring fed glacial kettlehole pond. The pond is clean with visibility down to fifteen feet. In the summer, docks are set up for the scouts to swim or fish. NYS DEC restocks the pond with various fish and runs a fishing clinic. 4. Stone Council Ring/Totem Pole area - The Stone Council and totem pole are near the pond. This is one of three established fire rings. The stones which make up the ring were brought by scouts who visited as early as the 1920s. FINAL - Protected Land Council Minutes for 4/07/09 (Approved 12/1/09) ­ Page 5

5. The Long Island Caboose/Hayden Hall area - Hayden Hall was once used as a dining area but now it is used for meetings. The Long Island Railroad Caboose No. 57 has been retired from the LIRR and is now set up as a camp museum. A family camping area is also located in this area for scouts and their families. 6. Outer vehicle trail/fire break area - Scouting takes place all year even during the winter. Winter camping in tents is called "blue nose camping". The tour ended by continuing around the perimeter of the pond and through the pine-oak forest. Along the outer vehicle trail/firebreak there was evidence of dumping and tracks from ATVs entering the property. Attachments: 1. Sign in sheet 2. PLC 4/07/09 News Clips 3. Schiff Scout Reservation - Camp Wauwepex

FINAL - Protected Land Council Minutes for 4/07/09 (Approved 12/1/09) ­ Page 6


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