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The Mainsheet

FEBRUARY 2007 Celebrating 40 years!

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Joe Tringali, Editor

Dindy Murphy, Assoc. Editor

Photo: Keturah under sail

Llwyd Ecclestone Program Will Be a Sellout!

On Wednesday, February 21, 2007, the Sailing Club presents a multi-media evening on world class racing and cruising by renown sailor Llwyd Ecclestone. Llwyd has been a member of PBSC for many years but this is his first program appearance at our club since his schedule has just recently allowed an opening. Not the usual internationally acclaimed racer known only as a racer, he is prominent as a major real estate developer, a worldwide cruising enthusiast, and a sailor immersed in the technical details of making his boats go fast. Ecclestone grew up in Detroit, learned to sail in small boats, and at age 17 sailed and raced his first offshore yacht, a 38' S&S yawl named Bikini. A 50' Ted Hood design with the same name followed in 1968.* As racing skills and interest increased, his selection of names changed to more serious racing choices, Dynamite, again by Ted Hood, and Kodiak by German Frers. In 1972 Llwyd sailed Dynamite representing the Bayview Yacht Club in the prestigious Canada's Cup, a match yacht race which he won. He has raced in 28 Port Huron-Mackinac, 17 Newport-Bermudas, 13 Chicago-Macs, and cruised all over the world. He won the Chicago-Mac in 1990, but his proudest victory is the 1998 Bermuda Race on Kodiak, and when he won the Lighthouse Trophy for the first overall. His latest yacht is another Frers design, a sloop of 94 feet named Keturah. Perhaps not designed strictly for racing, but surely a luxurious and fast cruiser as well. And knowing Llwyd, she will continue winning races. Please join us in welcoming Llwyd Ecclestone to his club on Wednesday, February 21. See page 3 for menu.

*Ned's note: I remember seeing Llwyd and his 50' Bikini at the PBSC Memorial Day race to West End, Bahamas in the early 1970's. This program is guaranteed to be a sellout, so call the TACK line (881-8225) now. Reservations will be limited to the first 125 paid (and yes, you can use your club account, but if you do you will be charged even if you don't show up). Because of space limitations there will be no exceptions! Don't be disappointed ­ make your call now. Tickets are $20.00 per person. Please make your payment by 2/17.

The Mainsheet

Celebrating 40 years!

Palm Beach Sailing Club

4600 North Flagler Drive West Palm Beach, FL 33407

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From The Commodore

I would like to thank all of the members for their confidence in entrusting me with the leadership of the Club. I am honored. I would also like to thank the 60+ members who attended the Change of Watch ceremony. In particular, I want to thank former members Jim and Kay Peterson for providing the cannon and Jim Peterson for serving as Adjutant for the ceremony. A special thank you goes to the new Junior Board of Directors for looking so elegant in their blue and tan uniforms. They were, and will continue to be, an inspiration to me and all of the Board to do all we can to make their efforts on behalf of the Junior Sailing Program succeed in an ever increasing way. I would also like to thank P/C Lou Daniello, (Org.) for offering to purchase a cannon for the Club. I would like to thank my wife, Karen, for arranging the lunch. Thanks also to Karen and Kathleen Chalaire, Social Chair, who served Mimosas and Bloody Mary's prior to the ceremony. Another very special thank you goes to John Gross who arranged to purchase the tractor Brandon Cairnes uses to trim the lawn. This tractor will also be equipped with a trailer hitch to help in moving boats around the property. John is donating a hand mower to further assist in maintaining the grounds. A winch has been installed on the floating ramp-- try it next time you launch your boat. You can preserve the ramp by using it for only for dollies. A reminder sign is being posted: DOLLIES ONLY ON THIS RAMP TRAILERS AND TOW VEHICLES USE CONCRETE RAMP AT SOUTH END OF WATERFRONT Finally, I would like to thank all of the members who have accepted chairmanships of committees. We are again including a list of this year's committees and are asking each member to find a place on at least one committee to help our Club be even better. We need a chairman for Lawn Games, Membership Retention, Boat House Paintings Preservation, Tennis Court Feasibility, Friday Night Food/Programs, Boat House Restroom and Transient Boat Pump-outs.

Flag Officers

Jim Sattelmeier Joseph R. Fields Sloan Witkowski Jim Wheat Shari Hembree Joseph A. Tringali Robin Baker Edward Crawford Ned Goddard Jackie Waddell Mark Arthay Guy Britton Matt Woods Kathleen Chalaire Karen Sattelmeier Guy Britton Mark Arthay Paul Gingras Steve Hill Janet Plitt Mark Elliott Kathleen Chalaire Ed Greenberg Barbara Oetzman Hank Chickering Harry Woodworth Liz Elliott


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Classified Ad Rates:

Members: $10 first 25 words or less. $2 per additional word; Non-Members: $20 first 25 words or less, $2 per additional word. Mail or E-Mail your ad to the club office, with payment. All classified ads must be received by the 15th of the month to appear in the next issue.

Jim Sattelmeier

Membership Committee Meets

Wednesday, February 7 at 6:30 p.m. Are you interested in learning more about the Membership Committee at the PBSC? Then come check Closing date for advertisements is the 5th of the month preceding publication; out our first meeting for 2007 on Wednesday evening at editorial materials, the 15th. The Mainsheet and the Palm Beach Sailing Club, Inc. are not responsible in any way for mishaps from the use of any product or 6:30 p.m. Call Shari Hembree (805-5616) or Matt Woods services advertised in the Mainsheet or mentioned in any column or article. (310-6435) for more information.

The Mainsheet

Celebrating 40 years!

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Welcome Our Newest Members

Bob Miles- Bob is a former member of PBSC who was very active in the sailing programs of our past. In year 2000 he organized such activities at the club as a Man Overboard Seminar, a USSA Small Boat Sailing Instructor Certification Course and was involved in the expansion of the Adult Sailing Program. Bob lives in North Palm Beach and will be part of our offshore siling group taking part in races and cruising in his new Pearson. We welcome Bob back to the club. Please send your welcome e-mail to Bob at [email protected] Eric Arens is also a former member of PBSC. He was born and raised in south Florida and has enjoyed sailing for most of his life. As a younger man he was an avid multihulll racer in everything from Hobie Cats, Tornados, hydrofoilers and Corsair trimarans. his cruising experience includes 10 years living aboard a Westsail 32' sailing the US coastal waters and the Bahamas. Today, he is content to day sail his little trailerable Cape Cod style catboat "Cat's Pause." Send an e-mail to: [email protected] welcoming Eric back to PBSC. Michael Edmondson & Keith Musbach own and enjoy sailing their 38' Kaey-Krogen Sailboat, "Take Five" which is moored just to the southeast of the club. Michael is Exec. Asst. to the State Attorney and Keith is a realtor with Coldwell specializing in Lake Worth, College Park and Intracoastal homes. Keith can welcomed at [email protected] and Michael at [email protected] Join me in welcoming all of our new members!

I am very excited to announce my new affiliation with the Palm Beach Sailing Club serving as Banquet Facilities Manager in charge of sales & marketing for deck rentals. I have enjoyed working with all of you in the capacity of Office Manager, and now I look forward to helping each of you plan your perfect event at your club. Feel free to call me to discuss ideas or to book a date. I'm always available via my cell phone: 561-317-7153. (Much to my husband's dismay!) Thanks for all of your support for the past year and a half, it's wonderful to have so many friends at the club.


February 7th

Grilled Sliced Beef on Focaccia Toast with Mushroom Gravy - $12 Foil Wrapped Salmon with Lemon and Rosemary - $12 Above Served with Sides, Salad and Dessert Specialty Burger - $8 Regular Burger - $6 Burgers Served with Salad and Dessert

February 14th-Happy Valentine's Day!

Grilled Balsamic Marinated Chicken with Glazed Sweet Onions - $12 Seafood Kebob with Tuna, Cod and Shrimp - $14 Above Served with Sides, Salad and Dessert Specialty Burger - $8 Regular Burger - $6 Burgers Served with Salad and Dessert

February 21st Llwyd Ecclestone Program Buffet Dinner - $20

Broiled Salmon with Tarragon Sauce Roasted Chicken Breast with Herb Bread Stuffing Steamed Rice with Butter and Baby Peas Mixed Baby Green Salad with Mango Vinaigrette Dressing Sautéed Vegetables Assorted Dinner Rolls with Butter Pound Cake with Peaches, Vanilla Pudding and Whipped Cream

Prepaid Reservations Only-Call the Tack line Today! 881-8225

Dindy's Ditty Bag



1800 Forest Hill Blvd., Suite B-11 West Palm Beach, FL 33406

February 28th

Pork Loin Stuffed with Apples and Wild Rice - $12 Moroccan-Style Tilapia with Cumin, Mango and Cilantro - $12 Above Served with Sides, Salad and Dessert Specialty Burger - $8 Regular Burger - $6 Burgers Served with Salad and Dessert


Karen Beaver

[email protected]

The Mainsheet

Celebrating 40 years!

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A new year's beginning is expected to present many inspired comments about happenings during the past year, or proposed future events that will render the new year even more successful. This article will concentrate on 2007, with suggestions as to how to improve this new year by learning from past years, especially those from 1996 through 2006, the years of our ownership of this property. At our first official club function in 1996, a barbecue held on scrubby grass close to the scrubby club house, we were pleasantly surprised at the turnout of close to 100 members. Surprised perhaps because PBSC dues had just then been increased from $150 to $500, and we feared a loss of membership, which fortunately did not happen. The Quartermaster had the foresight for that event to order 50 knit shirts with the club's logo, similar to our present ones, except with the years 1966 - 1996 embroidered under the logo. I remember the occasion clearly, since my grandson Christopher Hornig (age 13, a family member of the club at that time) had agreed to hawk these to the attendees, and sold every one! I still have mine, a bit worse for wear. At what event have we sold 50 shirts (at a profit) since then? The Boathouse was a prime attraction at 4600, but the second floor had no windows, either from neglect, storms, or miss-use as a boathouse of ill repute. At a club meeting in 1997 we sold new aluminum windows with plaques naming each window for its contributor. I'm afraid today we add such items into our overworked expense budget, hoping for the best. Raffle Dazzle - From the Mainsheet, October, 2000: Members and guests have been generous in raffles at meetings, with tickets $1 each, or 7 for $5. We have netted an average of about $90 pure profit for the club at each raffle event. 50/50, or donate a prize. Who will chair this fun event for 2007? From the beginning our annual party was held as a holiday affair at a member's home, pot-luck, with boat crews invited. New officers were announced, and attendance was always many more than our total membership - a big fun family. Today is different. The party is a ball, with live music, and with a catered supper (Prime rib), and with concerns as to attendance, costs, etc. In recent years we have tried to ensure a profit on such affairs, but since there are many fixed expenses (music, invitations, etc.) we have seldom succeeded. The best way to estimate charges for such a happening is to know charges and results of the recent past (from available information): Remember, fund raising is necessary for the continuance of most clubs, and member participation and income from activities are effective means of fund raising!

Dues are not considered as fees. They are for support of our infrastructure, taxes, mortgage, insurance, maintenance of property and buildings, and utilities. As such, they are generally applicable to all members regardless of their special interests in the club. As such they are generally raised only in keeping with the published Consumer Price Index, effectively keeping us "level". To this end, the Board has approved a dues increase of 5% for 2007. Further, for 2007 our budget suggests a total of $126,000 income from dues compared with expenses of infrastructure of $134,299. Thus the increase mentioned above puts us in line for the coming year (at least as far as dues are concerned). May I repeat a paragraph from the March 1999 Mainsheet: "Perhaps it's reasonable to suggest that each member's purpose in joining the club, in addition to an enhanced opportunity to sail and associate with other sailors, should be to help in the support and growth of an organization which has not previously existed in its present form, and yet is vital to the future of our sport and our community."


Neditorials a Part of the Past

I've enjoyed the many years of editing your Mainsheet (except perhaps for lapses in creativity, trips to the bulk mail department, deadlines, editing, attempts at humor, not to mention typing with only eight fingers). But all great high paying jobs must come to an end, so at least a portion of this Mainsheet will be my last. Joe Tringali will edit this fine newsletter from now on, and I hope each of you will welcome him for the improvements sure to result. This by no means diminishes my interest in PBSC, and I will continue as a director. Perhaps Joe will even allow an occasional article from me in the future. Best wishes to Joe, and thanks for all who have helped in the past. Kindest regards,

Ned Goddard

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The Mainsheet

Celebrating 40 years!

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Yachting Customs and Courtesies, Third Edition

A Wonderful Message from Some Dear Member Friends

By Ned Goddard Back in the mid-nineties we welcomed to PBSC membership an extremely attractive couple with an interest in sailing. Having recently moved to south Florida after a very successful `dot-com' business elsewhere, Craig & Linda McKee entered into the sailing and social life at 4600. Our directory at that time shows a boat named Insouciant (with no other information) but much of their sailing was as crew on our Alondra. A party hosted by Craig and Linda at their luxurious double condo at Old Port Cove was held soon afterwards to show plans and pictures of work in progress in Holland of their Trintella 59' aluminum hulled yacht to be named Mona Lisa. On completion, many of their PBSC friends were invited to Holland for the three-day commissioning party and ceremony. Those able to make the trip reported a wonderful party and an absolutely gorgeous yacht with state-of-the-art equipment throughout. An extensive shake-down cruise continued for the next few years throughout Scandinavia, Europe, and Britain, with Mainsheet reports whenever possible. Excerpts from our publication of April 2001 follow: "Mona Lisa is 59 feet overall, with a 100 foot carbon fiber unstayed mast. It features an AeroRig self tending jib design for efficient and short-handed sailing ease. The navigation and communications equipment includes two SSBs, two radars, two GPSs, Satcom-c, etc. The sextant relied on in event of electronic failure was never used because of weather in the English Channel and Irish Sea unable to take a single sight!" Then, after six years, imagine our surprise and delight to receive this email dated January 16, 2007 from the McKees: Dear Ned, I just received the dues invoice from PBSC and your note. Although we almost never are in NPB, we are pleased to support the PBSC. We are sailing full time on "The World of ResidenSea" on which we own an apartment. I am writing this email at sea enroute from South Georgia Island to Ushuaia. From there we go on to 8 days in Antartica. The web site for the World is below, at which you can see our itinerary and other information. http:/ If you are wondering about our beloved yacht Mona Lisa, she is still for sale. You can see her at this web site. If you know a world cruiser looking for the ultimate yacht, please inform them of Mona Lisa's web site. Best Regards, Craig McKee Note: We will reply to this email with thanks and with a request to send Mainsheet articles of interest to the club as time permits.

PBSC Couple's Book Goes National

­ the book that made its debut in the PBSC lounge a few months ago ­ is receiving national coverage. Our very own P/C Joseph A. Tringali will be doing a book signing at the United States Power Squadrons national meeting in Jacksonville on February 22 and 23 of this year. He and wife Mary Lou Tringali will barely have time to get home and unpack before they drive up to Stuart where Joe will lecture at a dinner meeting at the Chapman School of Seamanship on March 16. A few days later they'll fly to Newport, Rhode Island where Joe will do his thing at the Museum of Yachting, with a stop at the International Yacht Restoration School. The couple was interviewed recently by Soundings, and Mary Lou finally got the credit she deserved for collecting over 800 burgee graphics and 2,000 yacht club listings. They have also been told to watch for a lengthy (and they hope favorable) book review in The Ensign magazine which goes out to 50,000 readers. If you haven't seen a copy of the book yet, check it out ­ many of the photos were taken right here at Palm Beach Sailing Club. Type in "Yachting Customs and Courtesies Third Edition" on any Internet search engine (Google works great) and see what happens.

Food Fight!

(or, Beat the Chef)

Would you like to be declared "Chef Extraordinaire," see your name in lights (well, okay, on a whiteboard), and (possibly) hear the applause of your fellow members? Here's your chance! Friday night "Grub at the Pub" has developed a loyal following. Any Friday evening you can meet 30 or so of your friends around the Club bar as they enjoy each other's company and try to get Claude to sing. The food is provided by members and payment is always on the "on-your-honordrop-five-bucks-in-the-piggy" system. That's not going to change! Friday is still a no-reservations, have-fun night. But here's something new: A Food Fight! All right, you can call it a "Toque Challenge," or "Beat the Chef," but whatever you call it, here's how it works: any member (that means you) can challenge for the title of Chef Extraordinaire. All you have to do is select a Friday night, call Karen Sattelmeier, say, "I challenge!" and tell her your specialty. The club will pay your expenses up to $50 so you can put out your best effort, and Grub-at-the-Pubbers will decide if you get the coveted Chef's Toque for the night! Challenging Chef P/C Joe Tringali has signed up for Friday, February 9, and says he will stick to his tried-and-true menu of baked pasta, meatballs, sausage with peppers and onions, Caesar salad and garlic bread. YOU can be one of the people who decides whether Joe gets the award or flops miserably. All you have to do is show up on Friday, February 9, drop a fiver in the piggy, eat and vote! YOU can also show off your cooking talent. Sign up on the whiteboard in the lounge and declare your menu.

The Mainsheet

Celebrating 40 years!

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The Junior Board with Joe

The Watch is Changed

Some seventy ­ count `em 70 -- members and guests participated in our annual Change of Watch on Sunday, January 14, 2007. The formal ceremony included the official swearing in of flag officers, and a special induction of P/C Joe Fields into the International Order of the Blue Gavel. And, as if that were not enough for one day, history was made when Commodore Jim Sattelmeier swore in the very first officers of the Junior Sailing Club. Jr Com. Colleen Hartman, Jr.V/C Erick Fields, Jr.R/C Dana LoBouno, Jr.Sec. Gabrielle Nepa, and Junior Board Members Andrew Britton and Wade Waddell responded with a snappy, wellrehearsed salute when the Commodore declared them duly installed. They truly are the future leaders of this club. The formal ceremony was followed by a luncheon of traditional New England Clam Chowder and finger sandwiches, washed down by delicious Bloody Marys and Mimosas. After lunch, it was time for sailing, as our newlyinstalled Fleet Captain, P/C Robin Baker led a group of dedicated, well-fed sailors in a challenge of the Junior Club. The weather was perfect: the sun sparkled off the deep blue water and a stiff morning breeze laid down to more manageable conditions. All in all, it was the perfect combination of dress-up formality and goodtime sailing: the kind of day that made you glad to be a member of Palm Beach Sailing Club.

Junior Sailors with Joe Fields at Change of Watch

Darrell Naquin

561-832-4663 Office 561-358-9893 Cell [email protected]

Representing the Mediterranean Style Luxury Waterfront Community in North Palm Beach, Florida

Isola Grande

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The Mainsheet

Celebrating 40 years!

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Offshore Antics

February is here and the bigger boats have a couple of events scheduled. February 3, Saturday is a full moon raft up at Munion Island. Some folks are going to start showing up early in the afternoon. We will have the famed Astronomical Calendar from Furman University so folks can show their skills at identifying night objects. I've head rums helps in this endeavor. February 23, Sunday, an ocean race is scheduled. If the weather permits it will be off Lake Worth inlet, start at 11:00, more details in the calendar as we get closer. As usual monitor channel 72 on race morning to hear what the race committee has to say. If the weather is dicey we have a high tide about 13:00 so we can hold it in Lake Worth.

The PBSC online calendar is being populated, so take a look. Dates have been nailed down till May when we are planning a race to Hillsboro on Saturday, a raft up inside the break water and a haphazard race back Sunday, or a motor up the ditch. There are some interesting places to stop at I hear. Look for more news as the dates draw near and remember the Palm Beach Regatta PHRF and Cruising Class race on April 28.

Steve Hill


Furmious at the start on Jan. 7

F ancy P urses & P illows


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2500 South Dixie Highway West Palm Beach, FL 33401

561-832-4662 · 561-252-6195 cell · 561-655-9029 fax

Contact Troy Conrad at: 1-516-241-9766 in Palm Beach, Florida: 1-866-456-2783 Email: [email protected]

The Mainsheet

Celebrating 40 years!

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Monday Morning Sailor

Or, What I (Think I) Learned Last Weekend By Robin Baker The date: Sunday, January 14, 2007. The course: In Lake Worth, off the Sailing Club. One short windward leg, followed by a close reach, a broad reach, a jibe followed by a beam reach in semiplaning conditions, followed by a short windward leg. Wind: 10-12 knots with occasional higher gusts. The fleet: A mixed bag of one designs, including Snipes, Lasers, Megabytes, a Banshee, a Finn, and others. Ten boats total. The situation: In marginal planing conditions, there is a certain "inevitability" to what is going to happen. The Snipe, being a heavier, older design, is simply not going to jump up onto a plane, go as fast when it gets there or stay on a plane as long as a much lighter, powered up boat like a Megabite. And, as the lighter boats jump onto a plane and come up from behind, they will approach the slower boat with blazing speed. So, in order to win a race in a fleet of this kind, the Snipe has to excel on the windward legs. The Snipe has to work extra hard to get in front at the first windward mark. Winning the race then depends upon protecting that lead. To do this, it is necessary

to prevent getting "rolled" by the faster reaching boats on the reaching legs. So, what can the slower boat do? Two things, seems to me: first, as soon as you get on the reaching leg, position yourself high so that it is clear to the following boats that they will have a big penalty to pay by going way up to windward in order to pass you to windward, and that you aren't going to give up without a fight. Secondly, do this early. If you wait until the faster boats are on your tail before you go up to windward, they will be past you before you know it. Lesson learned by the Monday Morning Sailor: In marginal planing conditions, to protect yourself from being passed to windward, position yourself to windward of the fleet early, in order to deter the following boats from trying to pass you to windward. Coyote Accounting Inc.

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Celebrating 40 years!

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4512 N. Flagler Dr. West Palm Beach, FL 33407

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March 7 International Wine Tasting With Dinner at the Club

On Wednesday, March 7, Palm Beach Sailing Club will host an International Wine Tasting with dinner. Ten wines from around the world will be served with a three-course dinner. Although the menu has not been established as of press time, Com. Jim Sattelmeier, P/C Robin Baker and Committee Chair Ed Greenberg, wine enthusiasts all, promise the food will be "appropriate" to each course. Cost for the entire evening is only $26.00 per person (which includes the wines), for what promises to be an interesting gourmet experience. Please let us know if you're coming! Call the TACK line (881-8225) for reservations. Thank you.

Ed Greenberg, Food & Beverage Committee Chair

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Jeffrey H. Greif

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(Cell) 561-373-9677 (Ph/Fax) 561-835-9006 By Appointment Only

2727 North Rosemary Avenue Unit #1 West Palm Beach, FL 33407

The Mainsheet

Celebrating 40 years!

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The 2007 Boomerang Regatta was "Awesome"

by Scott Lindley Sailing Master We had perfect sailing conditions; the kids had a great time, and Lauderdale Yacht Club put on a well run, fun-filled regatta. "Awesome" is the only word to describe it. PBSC kids once again did a great job, with everyone showing improvement. Sailing conditions can be very tough in Fort Lauderdale. Inside the harbor you must negotiate local conditions like buildings that block or bend the wind, a sand bar that will put you aground

and obstructions like docks and channel markers. Outside in the open Atlantic, the Fort Lauderdale area is noted for rough, sloppy conditions that include big waves and high chop. These are conditions our kids rarely see and they handled it well. In the Opti Green Fleet, Cody Stansky was our top sailor finishing an outstanding third place out of 53 boats! Cody has moved up the ladder in finishes in every regatta and was tied for first place after the first day. His success comes from his serious approach to racing, and his attendance at practice. He's becoming a real student of the sport. Gabrielle Nepa finished a strong 20th. Dana LoBuono finished a spectacular 24th cont, on pg. 12

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The Mainsheet

Celebrating 40 years!

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Laser Masters February 10 & 11

Florida Laser Master's Championship for the Jack Swenson Memorial "Dirty Old Man of the Sea" Trophy organized by the Royal Turkey Yacht Club will be hosted by PBSC on Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 10 & 11. All Laser sailors over the age of 35 are invited to participate in this prestigious event. Awards of unparalleled taste and quality will be presented for the first three competitors in each division. The overall winner will be presented the Dirty Old Man of the Sea Perpetual Trophy and receive honorary membership in the Royal Turkey Yacht Club. For more information contact Carl Schellbach at [email protected] NOR is available at www.

Andreas Richter and friends at Grill `N' Chill, January 17

Washington's Birthday Regatta February 17 & 18

What is said to be the longest continuouslyheld regatta in the United States (hey, you can look it up) will be held right here at Palm Beach Sailing Club beginning on Friday evening, February 16, with sailing Saturday and Sunday. Committee chairs Sue and Tim Slater are planning the event that will draw sailors from near and far for the weekend. Tim expects to hold a clinic on Friday evening, and says sailing will begin first thing Saturday morning. Opti's will be on an inside course, and "everybody else" ­ Megabytes, Vanguard 15's, Lasers, Laser Radials, Laser 4.7's, Sunfish, Snipes, and, well, every one else will be outside if the weather cooperates. Sailing Master Scott Lindley expects a large crowd, and reports that Opti sailors from as far away as the Bahamas have already registered. The entry fee is only $55.00 for single-handed boats and $85.00 for double-handers, and it includes a free tee shirt, continental breakfast and box lunch both days and one dinner ticket for Saturday night. Extra meal tickets and tee shirts can be purchased for $15 each when you register. Saturday night's dinner will be catered by the famous C. R. Chicks restaurant and is sure to be mouthwatering. People who aren't sailing but want to hang around with a great bunch of people are welcome to attend the Saturday dinner for only $15 per person. Call the TACK line at 881-8225 and let us know you're coming. Sue and Tim are going all out for this, and they really, really need some volunteers. The saying, "many hands make light work," is never truer than when you're helping with chores like preparing box lunches for hungry sailors, and it's a great way to participate in a fun club event. Contact Sue or Tim at 561-820-0021 or at [email protected] and tell them you're willing to lend a hand wherever you're needed. And thanks.

Don Neumann & Steve Reynolds at Grill `N' Chill, January 17

Save the Date for the Palm Beach Regatta

By Guy Britton, Chair All hands on deck! Sails are set for this year's Palm Beach Regatta, April 27-29, 2007. This is the big one! Classes will include: Laser (all fleets) Optimist (all fleets), Megabyte, PHRF and Cruising Class plus any other class with 5 or more entries. Racing will be held both inshore and offshore with at least 3 race courses. A gala dinner with special entertainment, auction and dancing is planned for Saturday evening April 28th. We need help both on-shore and in the water and this is your official invitation to join us in one of the most important and enjoyable events of the Palm Beach Sailing Clubs seasonal schedule. We need volunteers and we need you! This is a fun event dedicated to the future of sailing in Palm Beach County. Call or email Guy Britton, Regatta Chairman at 561 775-2600 or [email protected] Do it today...the future of sailing depends on you!


MELGES 24 - USA 380 "The Artful Dodger"

Winner 2000 U.S. Nationals (ex "M-Fatic"). Bottom, keel, rudder reworked by Ernesto Rodriguez September, 2006. New mast June, 2003. New upper delrin September 2006. Quantum Fusion M main and jib, two North jibs, one North main, one Quantum and one North spinnaker. All sails good condition. New lifelines. 4 hp Johnson motor. Tack tick, radio, anchor and rode, trailer, spinnaker bag. Full North "mast up, boom on" cover that completely covers deck and sides. This boat is in excellent condition, ready to race. Boat located West Palm Beach, Florida. US $34,000. Contact Robin Baker 561-6500505 or [email protected]

2005 22' 115hp LX Panga Center Console, Garmin GPS, VHF radio, Custom Aluminum Trailer. Used very little. great on fuel, $23,500.00 or best offer. Contact John Gross at 561-5734036 or 561-274-8829.

Palm Beach Sailing Club

4600 N Flagler Drive West Palm Beach FL 33407

Claude, Jan. 28 Fast Eddie, RC, Jan. 7

Presort Std US Postage PAID West Palm Beach, FL Permit # 4109

At the Orange Bowl Regatta in Miami, December 2006

The Mainsheet

Celebrating 40 years!

Page 12


cont. from pg. 10 (second regatta ever). Ian Arthay finished a great 25th place. Jessica Fields finished 32nd and, in my mind, took the most prestigious award given at the regatta: the Sportsmanship Trophy. She was given this honor for helping another sailor who had flipped over during a race. Jess jumped out of her boat and helped the other sailor bail out his boat ­ all of it after she herself had flipped and hit a mark and did her penalty circle while full of water! She was truly amazing! LYC recognized her at the award ceremony and the top ranked woman Laser Radial sailor in the world presented her with the award. How cool is that! Parker Sargeant finished 35th. Cameron Grubb 43rd and Daniel Meltzer finished 50th. It was Daniel's very first regatta ever. He did an outstanding job and should be proud of himself! In the Laser 4.7 Class Andrew Britton finished 5th and took home some hardware. (Nice Job Andrew!) Our Laser Radial Team saw great improvement from the first day to the last. Brendon Greif finished 18th. Erick Fields finished 19th, and Lexi Coudert finished 20th. They got valuable ocean-sailing experience and learned a lot. In the Laser Full-Rig Class, Travis Ouellette, our newest team member, finished 6th in a fleet of highpowered Olympic hopefuls.

All in all it was a successful weekend, and I'm very proud of all our kids. We're all looking forward to Valentines Day & Washington's Birthday Regatta!

Doris Reynolds, Bobbi Leek & friend at Grill `N' Chill January 17

Ned Goddard, John Oetzman & Bob Dodd at Grill `N' Chill January 17

Linda, Webb & Katherine at Grill `N' Chill January 17

Palm Beach Sailing Club Telephone-Email List for February 2007

(Confidential - Official Club Membership Use Only)

Please report Corrections/Changes to Karen Sattelmeier, 844-9059

NAME Anderson, Clark and Mari Arens, Eric Arthay, Mark & Rory Bailey, Jack and Sally Baker, Robin Barton, Eleanor Beaver, Brian and Karen Blain, Daniel and Sheila Blain, Travis Blau, Jorge and Ana Blazer, Rex and Sheri Bone, Bill Britton, Erin & Guy Brodeur, Marilyn Brown, Susan K. Burt, Oliver and Laura Byers, Elaine Cairnes, Chuck and Debbie Carr, Steve and Julie Chalaire, Don and Kathleen Chickering, Henry Cook, Ray Cope, David & Maria Juliana Crawford, David Crawford, Ed & Wendie Czerwinski, Rina D'Agostino, Thomas and Elzbieta Daniello, Lou & Eskew, Teresa Daniello, Lou, Orig. Danton, Doreen & Richard Davant, Witkowski, Sloan Denton, Peter and Audrey Derringer, John & Barbara Dillon, Don Dodd, Bob and Marge Drew, Robert Ebersbach, Noel & Jacquelyn Ecclestone, Llwyd and Diana Edmondson, Michael Elliott, Mark & Liz Embler, Jonathan & Laura Embler, Jonathan and Joenid Erneston, Dan & Coree Eykel, Paul S. Fernandez, Francisco M Festino, Patricia


818-3184 799-9854 615-1267 748-9909 863-2408 650-0844 844-3178 625-4881 626-5043 954-491-0200 561-243-4010 832-4432 630-0608 561-272-3070 833-0856 561-775-3421 622-9286 740-3981 561-840-7226 848-5234 352-1144 586-9379 561-827-4860 881-7828 561-346-5591 561-651-7853 627-8555 627-3748 841-7175 845-6968 609-304-9624 439-1627 622-9172 848-0348 561-655-0833 833-3162 307-3572 694-2469 561-832-7557 845-8519 863-8515 832-3040 561-702-2820 561-582-0067




[email protected], [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected],offshoreirrig [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

650-0505 840-4600

832-9434 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]


912-8007 C-655-8744

310-9505 835-4788 832-2372 791-4919


686-2000 472-6651


NAME Fields, Joe & Tammy Fields, Martie & Marty Fifield, Matthew & Elizabeth Fisher, Ed and Bonnie Flom, Jonathan & Dunn, Liza Formisano, Vincent V. Freeland, John K Gallant, Steven A. Gary, Brad and Susan W. Gingras, Paul & Sally Goddard, Ned and Jean Gould, Rebecca Greenberg, Edwin & Gail Greif, Jeffrey & Shelley Greifinger, David and Nancy Gross, John Grubb, Peter & Susanna Halladay, David and Debra Halmos, Peter and Vicki Harris, Grant Harris, Lamont Hartman, Tom & Denise Hausman, Charles Hembree, Shari Herman, Shirley and Waitkevicz, Joan Hickman, Amy & Wallace Hill, Stephen Hogan, Bob & Zan Hokanson, John & Ann Hollo, Jane Hough, John Hutchins, Charles & Ann Isiminger, Charles & Becky Joh, Erik Johnson, Mark & Stacy Kahan, Joel and Ana Kerman, Stephen Kimball, Bill and Colleen Kinney, Jerome & Carole Kirby, Lauren & Joe Koch, William Kraus, William & Carol Kress, Katherine & A'Hearn, Joe Lampert, Michael A. Leighton, Erika Lichtenstein, Eric and Maria


640-9219 845-1585 627-3655 585-3690 242-9100 561-715-6097 832-9826 561-848-6123 845-8686 848-9508 622-8359 493-8541 640-4339 973-467-3840 247-8829 741-3486 561-632-2628 659-5609 561-574-2223 655-5993 746-6946 622-0084 561-805-5616 561-802-3722 964-2488 588-2508 561-655-4062 820-8499 742-3339 775-7618 863-1621 626-3879 738-500 451-9536 630-9069 493-8900 772-545-8533 301-365-7262 345-1171 832-9894 775-9425 822-3091 842-1216 683-9655


J-832-5655 616-6803 C-720-936-1622


[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]


682-0177 573-4036

[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

C-214-1357 373-3778

[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

723-5511 881-0003 734-5099

689-9407 719-9289

[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

Palm Beach Sailing Club Telephone-Email List for February 2007

(Confidential - Official Club Membership Use Only) Please Report Corrections/Changes to Karen Sattelmeier, 844-9059

NAME Lombard, Thomas V. Lorentzen, Per & Rachel Lowens, Nancy Hope MacDiarmid, Blake Macfarland, Benjamin S. MacPhail, Duane & Donna MacPherson, Randy and Jill Mahon, Bruce A. Mahoney, Dan & Suzanne McCurrach, Doug McKee, Craig S. McNally, John & Janine Meyer, Richard Miesen, Richard Miles, Bob Moore, George/Marilyn Morgan, Stuart & Susan Murphy, James Murray, Cameron & Leighia Murray, Josh and Marge Naquin, Darrell Neumann, Don and Janet Niemeyer, Peter and Kenna Nolen, Mickey Nolen, Timothy & Susan Noyen, Michael & Liz Oelsner, Vesna Oetzman, John and Barbara Osmer, Stephen Ostrander, Steve Padnos, Seymour Plitt, Janet Pouille, Olivier/Sabine Powell, Glenn & Kathleen Preston, Lon Prickett, Braden and Erin Rainey, James H. Reeves, Brian W. Reynolds, Steve and Doris Rhoads, Webb & Linda Richardsson, Richard Richerson, Tom Riley, David & Peggy Roberts, Sydney Robertson, John and Sarah Rohloff, Michael Rosensweig, Alan

HOME 434-4202 561-841-9895 471-1186 659-8565 561-686-6968 881-4470 561-625-3104 748-9373 655-6733 624-8206 624-1956 743-2351 795-0320 310-6687 622-0412 561-743-4511 586-0831 954-683-7368 622-9212 841-9122 848-4488 736-9171 627-0756 848-6789 689-6068 833-2648 848-0495 841-2365 694-0136 351-0184 848-8835 744-3253 627-0017 202-8490 309-7819 561-640-9371 627-4933 863-8786 358-5976 561-870-7424 790-6704 842-2768/h 561-272-0356 772-214-8895 627-3467


EMAIL [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]; [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]


624-4191 743-3355 795-5087 379-8748 622-3659 653-7111 840-8565

[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]


[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] C-978-590-4637 586-5616 863-8900 494-2432 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]



NAME Russ, Don Rybovich Ryder, Nicole & Chris Saavedra, Jose P Sargeant, Jeffrey & Heidi Sattelmeier, James & Karen Schwarzenberg, Andres & Monica Shaffner, Chris and Rimiko Shalloway, Michael & Marsha Sherman, Steve Shields, Dolores Slater, Tim & Sue Smith, Bob and Gail Smith, Patrick & Betsy Spalt, George and Marilyn St. Clair, Scott & Rhonda Steitz, Bill & Melanie Test, Ed and Margaret Thomas, Mark and Dawn Tisdale, Todd Toll, Richard D. Tolley, Brad & Aggie Toothman, Thad Tozzie, Rick Tringali, Joseph and Mary Lou Tylander, Will & Jane Tylander, Jr., Bill and Gigi van Hoek, Cees-Jan & Bradley Veldhuizen, Randall Volkwein, Fred Waddell, Clay & Jackie Wagner, Jerald and Robin Wainright, Richard Wallander, Amy and Michael Walsh, John and Donna Walter, David Wheat, Jim and Veronica Wilcox, Lou Williams, Richard K Wolverton, Larry & Diana Woods, Matthew Woodworth, Harry & Joy Wright, Michaelon Yansura, Margie & Jeff Young, Stephanie and Greg Zale, Donald Zeiner, Barbara

HOME 840-8129 799-7753 689-1704 272-9988 844-9059 954-659-2097 845-1345 686-8858 561-251-1071 561-797-1336 820-0021 776-9124 694-9596 561-745-6887 561-703-1620 412-491-6539 cell -254-8800 561-966-4359 790-4565 588-6078 799-3510 630-2006 622-7122 848-4353 832-8373 561-281-1693 793-2944 832-5400 626-3458 842-4656 301-526-9687 659-4417 561-833-0203 744-3675 793-9268 561-586-6684 561-369-1905 547-8163 734-5994 832-1595 744-9285 630-0612 842-6114

C=CELL/WORK EMAIL C-407-230-2163 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] J/C-543-9582 kasattelmeier or [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] 820-1682 [email protected] [email protected]

[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Dawn_M_Thomas, [email protected] 687-6511

838-4634 837-5000 436-2696

[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]


[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

796-1621 C-543-9143

704-7914 310-6435 734-3749 C-373-9750 748-8118


Long Range Planning ­ Harry Woodworth, Chairman Goal: Develop a plan for physical property and program development and growth. 2. Landscaping (In accordance with Long Range Planning Committee) ­ Janet Plitt, Chairman Goal: Plant and maintain plantings; grass, shrubs, trees and flowers. 3. Quartermaster ­ Liz Elliott, Chairman Goal: Purchase and sell monogrammed cloth goods and miscellaneous other item. 4. Historian ­ Hank Chickering, Chairman Goal: Create and maintain historic documents/pictures of club. 5. Librarian ­ Kathleen Chalaire, Chairman Goal: Organize and maintain club library collections. Dispose of excess volumes. 6. Insurance ­ Ed Crawford, Chairman Goal: Recommend coverage, solicit bids for liability, property and flood insurance including buildings, boats and employees. 7. Food and Beverage ­ Ed Greenberg, Chairman Goal: Monitor profitability and viability. Meet member needs. 8. By-Laws Review - Tammy Fields, Chairman Goal: Keep By-Laws current with needs of membership. 9. Meetings and Programs ­ Barbara Oetzman Goal: Plan and secure monthly speakers and programs. 10. New Member Welcome - Sloan Witkowski, Chairman Goal: Assist new members by placing them on committees where their talents will best benefit the club. 11. Waterfront Development (in accordance with Long Range Planning Committee) ­ John Gross, Chairmen and Don Chalaire, Advisor Goal: Develop overall plan to improve waterfront so as to attract members and better serve the needs of the current membership. 12. Kitchen Remodeling (in accordance with Long Range Planning Committee) ­ Marge and Josh Murray with Phil Bouckaert, Consultant. Goal: To develop a feasibility plan. 13. Deck Rental ­ Josh Murray, Chairman Goal: Develop an advertising program to increase revenue through additional rentals and services to members and renters. 14. Public Relations ­ Margie Yansura, Chairman Goal: Public relations, organize news releases regarding teams and regarding programs.


15. Dues Structure ­ Joe Tringali, Chairman Goal: Review and restructure fees and classifications to attract new members. 16. Lawn Games ­ Need Chairman Goal: Plan and organize tournaments for bocce ball, croquet, horseshoes, badminton and volley ball. 17. Junior Sailing ­ Mark Elliott and Joe Fields, Co-Chairmen Goal: Work with Sailmaster to ensure success of summer program opti team and laser team. 18. Finance and Internal Audit ­ Sloan Witkowski and Jim Wheat, Co-Chairmen Goal: Meet with, advise and manage office staff to maintain viability of financial structure. 19. Social ­ Kathleen Chalaire, Chairman Goal: Plan and implement social activities coordinating with the Food & Beverage Committee. 20. Membership Handbook­Karen Sattelmeier 21. Mainsheet ­ Need Chairman Goal: Supervise publication of Mainsheet re: content and advertising. timelines,

22. Property Maintenance (in accordance with Long Range Planning Committee) ­ Lou Daniello, Orig., Matt Woods, Joe Richert and Grant Harris Goal: Advise Board on needs of physical property. 23. Adult Sailing, Cruising, Regattas and Raft-up ­ Robin Baker, Chairman, Ed Crawford and Steve Hill Goal: Review club boat usage, plan cruises, monthly raft-ups and adult instruction. 24. Membership ­ Matt Woods, Chairman, Shari Hembree Goal: Keep accurate membership records and promote activities to obtain new memberships. 25. Membership Retention ­ Need Chairman 26. Boathouse Painting preservation - Need Chairman 27. Pool ­ Feasibility study ­ Need Chairman 28. Tennis Court Feasibility ­ Need Chairman 29. Friday Night Happy Hour and Food. 30. Boathouse Restroom Feasibility Study ­ Need Chairman

Com. Jim Sattelmeier


15 pages

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