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Our approach to Business Management is simple. Discussing and understanding what is important to you is the cornerstone of the services we provide. Together we build a strategy customized to fit your life. A strategy based on experience that is expertly executed.

Cash Management

Keeping track of how much you earn, how you spend, and ensuring that you collect all you are entitled to can be very can take you away from the life that you want to live. time consuming. These tasks, though undeniably essential,

Services and Solutions

We offer a variety of Business Management services to simplify your life. Executed by your PBSM team of professionals, the services available include the following:

We can put time back into your hands by paying your bills, keeping your financial affairs in order, managing your credit, and keeping a record of your spending trends.

Keeping track of your income and expenses enables you to make informed purchasing decisions and measure the progress toward your long-term goals.

Experience. Commitment. Peace of mind.

We understand that your time is valuable and that with success comes great responsibility. Complex decisions demand your time and attention. With experienced professionals on your side you can get back to doing the things you love, knowing that your Business Management affairs are in the hands of people who understand your vision and share your passion for excellence.

At Philpott Bills Stoll & Meeks, LLP we have been setting the standard for more than 25 years. Providing leading edge wealth, career and life management solutions for some of the most successful and enterprising people in the world. We are pioneers in our industry, offering innovative solutions to handle whatever turns your life may take.

Our services are custom tailored to fit your unique lifestyle and needs. You are in control and we are accountable to you. We simplify your life by keeping close tabs on the day-to-day details while assisting you in achieving your long-term goals. We offer more than Business Management, we offer Life Management. Our goal is to bring you greater peace of mind. It is about your life, and how you define it.

· bill payment · budgeting and cash flow management · debt planning · financial record keeping · tax planning assistance · insurance review and implementation · financial career guidance · family governance and policy development · mortgage review and implementation · coordination of domestic services and property · retirement planning · negotiation of major purchases · medical claims processing, and · a range of other services and solutions


Protecting your earning power is another benefit of our Cash Management services. Where appropriate, our specialists offer advice on contract negotiations, arrange

income and royalty audits, and correspond with the parties involved on your behalf. We are your vehicle for getting your business matters handled effectively.

Live the life you have always wanted to live and we will take care of the rest, reporting to you all the while.

Whatever turns your life may take we will be there by your side to offer guidance and expertise.



Risk Management

Life is full of risks. Planning for them is the only way to obtain the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you and your family are protected. We work with a network of third-party insurance brokers to provide you the most comprehensive and efficient insurance coverage, customized to your specific needs. This planning minimizes your exposure to risks that can threaten both your financial success and lifestyle objectives, thus protecting your well-being and your peace of mind.

"Planning minimizes your exposure to risks that can threaten both your financial success and lifestyle objectives, thus protecting your well-being and peace of mind."


PBSM goes beyond the traditional services of Business Management and incorporates Life Management services because looking after your finances is not the only way to obtain peace of mind and wellness. We take care of all of the details that impact your way of life. From finding domestic help to purchasing your residence - if you need it, we'll find it or facilitate it. Real Estate We help coordinate real estate and other major asset purchasesseamlessly and efficiently. Whether it's locating properties, or arranging financing, you need an experienced professional to make sure your interests are protected. Our specialists can do so much more. We can help you relocate to your specifications or monitor home improvements and negotiate with contractors. Your life demands it and you deserve to get exactly what you want. Mortgage Services We have a network of mortgage companies list of recommendations that best suit you and your financial strategy.

Tax Services

Tax laws are some of the most complex laws in existence. Our specialists are very knowledgeable in domestic tax laws as well as foreign tax laws. Tax planning is one of the foremost considerations in the development and maintenance of your financial strategies. Designed to minimize the impact of your tax obligations as well as maximize the benefits of your investment plans to ensure that you are receiving every available tax advantage. Our resident tax specialists work to control tax consequences and are prepared to deliver this service exclusively or collaborate with your existing tax professionals at your direction. Sophisticated and integrated, and taking into account both short-term and long-term implications, our

Plane & Yacht Management Securing our plane and yacht management services is just one more way to simplify your life. We can oversee all of the details

of owning a plane or yacht. We can arrange

fractional ownership, ensure that you have the most tax advantageous structure and hire the maintenance company involved. Retirement planning As we work through the day-to-day details we always keep an eye on your long-term goals, making sure you can maintain your professionals bring you together with the of retirement planning to determine the

quality of life into your golden years. Our most knowledgeable specialists in the field strategy that best address your expectations. Life Management is an integral part of our services and does not stop here. We can help with hiring assistants, coordinating specialty health care,

Critical illness, disability, death and property damage are unexpected obstacles that can dramatically change your life. Let's define a strategy to shield you and your family from the things that concern you most. Our network of professionals are well-versed on sophisticated insurance programs and can advise on the best plan for you.

tax services can cover a wide range of applications including compensation in all of its various forms, business acquisitions, debt management, philanthropic activities, and more. We are also available to manage the preparation of individual, corporate, partnership, trust and other types of tax returns, as well as coordinate scheduled payments and represent you before federal and state tax authorities as required.

to assist you. Whether it's your first home purchase, the purchase of a vacation home or the refinancing of an existing loan, we will use our network of professionals to do the research and provide you with a short

arranging for third-party specialists to assess your

home and office security needs, and so much more.

Whatever your life requires, you'll have peace of mind.




Life and Business Management is not a one-time event. process of change, re-evaluation and adjustment. Customized Approach Working with you, we outline a customized approach, identifying key drivers for success. Then, on your approval, we proceed with the implementation. Keeping You on Track Our Business Management team will work directly with you to consider revising your game plan for life's inevitable detours and changing circumstances. Reporting We meet with you on a regular basis to review your

Your needs are an integral part of the process. An ongoing

Life can get complicated. When you consider all that is involved in a life of your magnitude, one simple solution stands out. A dedicated and talented team of professionals in the Business Management industry, servicing clients for more than 25 years. A team that is completely committed to your unique needs.

We welcome you to Philpott Bills Stoll & Meeks, LLP. Discover how we can provide tailored solutions to your Business and Life Management needs, and help you enjoy more out of life.

progress. You also receive regular financial statements and other periodic reports. All to ensure you feel confident in the soundness of your decisions and to monitor your progress.

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16030 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 380 Encino, CA 91436 Ph: 818-905-9500 Fx: 818-905-6823

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Bob Philpott [email protected] Steve Bills [email protected] Peter Stoll [email protected]

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"Live the life you've always wanted to live and we'll take care of the rest."


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