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Label Feeder


The new Fuji NXT Label Feeder

Label Feeder LP Series


· · · · · · · · · · Simple to use Automatically places labels using existing pick-and-place equipment Fits on to the placement machine like any other feeder The most flexible solution for board labeling Faster and more accurate than hand placement Reliable, electronic operation Requires no additional floor space Low maintenance costs Saves time and money

a unique approach

Identification Requirements

PCBs need to be marked for a number of reasons ­product identification, traceability and process flow control are just a few. By far the most common method used is the application of labels, usually by hand. This can add significantly to labor costs and placement accuracy can be questionable, especially if the label data is to be read automatically downstream, for instance in an AOI system. If a pleasing cosmetic result is required, hand placement should not be the method of choice. Other identification methods are available: in-line label applicators being the favorite. These can however be expensive both to buy and to own. A high initial purchase cost can be difficult to justify, ongoing maintenance also needs to be considered, as does the additional factory floor space they consume. Laser marking is another option and while this does facilitate realtime data marking it comes with compounded cost penalties and is not suitable for all applications.

A Flexible Alternative

Why not use your existing placement equipment to place labels? A Hover-Davis LP series label feeder fits easily onto existing placement machines and presents the labels to the pick-and-place machine as if they were just another component. Add a vision file for the label as a leadless chip component and your work is done! No special programming or training required.

Cost Effective

The LP approach is faster and more accurate than hand placement: Labels are placed at the normal machine rate and as accurately as normal components. The result is a far more cost effective solution to board marking

Modular and flexible

Modular construction

A simple, modular approach to feeder design adds to the overall flexibility of the LP series ­ the concept involves two basic components. First: the machine specific feeder element (LP) which provides the mechanical and electrical interface to the host machine (see LP Series compatibility matrix). Second: the label specific module (LMG) that is designed specifically to peel and present the label stock (see applicable label dimensions).

Label Modules

Label modules are interchangeable: This allows the user to quickly and efficiently change label sizes without the need for tools. Simply use the release lever on the base feeder, lift the module off and replace it with a new module. The one-piece design has all the size-specific parts that are required for the new label.

label module, interchangeable

New for Label Feeder Siplace (LPS):

Take-up wheel for the used liner material of the labels. The empty material can be taken out of the feeder without stopping the machine.

labels and more

Cost effective

The LP Series is extremely versatile. The flexibility of the label module means it can also be adapted to present a wide assortment of adhesive backed products just a few of which are illustrated below. Change your special applications with the label feeder to standard applications.


Humidity or pressure sensors, distance pads, shields, thermal conduction pads, Kapton dots, special masks or similar special parts. In one row applied onto a liner it is possible to feed these parts automatically in the pick and place system with a label feeder.

Highest Flexibility

type LPA manufacturer Assembleon machine Model ACM, FCM-II, GEM-Xi, GEMXi, AX Series, MG-1 & MG-8 with ITF Interface. GEM, GEM-X, GEM-X-II, MG-1 and MG-8 with CL or Cli interface FLX and Paraquda Xpress, Flexys10, Finesse*, Vitesse* IP Series, QP232, QP341, XP242 NXT, XFP, AIM 700 Series, 2000 Series, FX, CX MY and TP series MPAV2, MPAG3, MSF, MCF, BM221, BM231, IPAC CM212, CM402, CM602 CP20, CP40, CP45, CP45 NEO CP 50 SIPLACE® S, F, C, HF, HS, D Series GSM series, Genesis, Advantis® YG Series


AssembleonEssemtec Europlacer Fuji Fuji Juki Mydata Panasonic Panasonic Samsung Siemens Universal Yamaha

Compatible with many pick & place systems


Applicable label dimensions:


* Please contact us for other applications


X Tolerance Y Tolerance L

4 mm

42 mm

± 0.13 mm

4 mm

± 0.13 mm

50 mm

± 0.25 mm

6 mm

± 0.25 mm

40 mm



Feeder width Feed Rate Pick Point Repeatability


61,7 mm ^ 56 mm feeder 53 mm/s ± 0.25 mm

The perfect solution from pb tec for automatic labeling

Our Label Feeder combined with the Kapton material TT403FL, which is temperature resistant up to 300° C. The labels are available in white and green, matt or glossy. They can be printed in several different colours. The transparent liner ist specially designed for auto-apply applications, for example with label presenters from Hover-Davis. TT403 is UL and CSA certified and also RoHS compliant. To eliminate damaging static buildup in the production area, our auto-apply labels are delivered on an anti-static plastic reel. These reels are recyclable and 100% RoHS compliant.

Standard label sizes available ex works or on short call ­ pre-printed or blank, for example:

4 x 4 mm 5 x 5 mm 6.35 x 6.35 mm 7 x 7 mm 9x9m

The pb tec product range

For more quality.

Failure free from the beginning.

Track, trace and control.

With high quality accessories from pb tec, as for example Permalex squeegees oder cleaning systems for bare boards, production processes can be optimized and the quality of the products will increase.

Systems for optical inspection enhance essentially the production quality. Error sources can be detected and thus eliminated. Faulty products can be taken out of the production process at an early stage and will not go completely through the production line. Thus needless costs and risks will be avoided. Furthermore automatic systems guarantee a close control in line speed.

With software and hardware solutions from pb tec traceability will no longer be a vision. Because of the modular structure our software can be adapted to existing systems without any problem. Furthermore we offer solutions for material control, inventory tracking, MSD control and much more.

We know how.

So fast, so accurate.

Move forward.

Feeder from pb tec and Hover-Davis are featured with the newest drive system and they work accurately and reliably. They achive a high return of invest because of low cost of ownership and easy handling. Our product portfolio includes tape feeder, label feeder, direct die feeder, surftape feeder, tray and waffle pack feeder and diverse feeders for special applications.

Component programming is the transfer of a customized code to serial manufactured silicon chips for a special product application. With programming systems from pb tec flash components, microcontrollers and programmable controllers can be programmed in highest quality and in an optimal cost/performance ratio.

The pb move product range includes simple conveyors, each kind of loaders and unloaders, laser and label cells and also "intelligent" buffer systems. Furthermore it is possible to realize individually designed systems according to customer request.

pb tec GmbH Güterbahnhofstraße 3-7 63450 Hanau (Germany) Tel. +49 6181 36011 0 Fax +49 6181 36011 20 E-Mail [email protected] Internet


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