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Cause and Effect

· The cause is why something happens. · An effect is what happens as a result of the cause. · Clue words for determining the cause and effect include: if/then, because, as a result, so, for this reason, and since. · Asking "why" questions can help identify a cause. · Asking "what" questions can help identify an effect. · Examples: (cause) (effect)

· All of the students ride a bus to school, so the bike racks have been removed. · The students made a thousand dollars in their candy sale, which means they get to go on their trip to Sea World. · The students were given bag lunches because the electricity was out in the cafeteria.


All of the students can eat in the cafeteria thanks to the donation of ten new tables.


PastPast-Tense Verbs

· A past-tense verb describes an action that has already pasthappened. · Past-tense verbs often end in ­d, or ­ed. Past· Sometimes the spelling of a past-tense verb is changed pastwhen you add ­ed.

· Romona slipped cat masks to Sara and Janet. · In the word slip, one vowel is followed b one consonant, you usually double the

consonant before adding ­ed.


· We carried all of the boxes into the attic. · Zach borrowed his dad's camera. · We tried the science experiment at home.


FutureFuture-Tense Verbs

· A future-tense verb describes an action that futureis going to happen. · The helping verb will is used before a futurefutureverb. tense verb.


· Tomorrow Rico will bake a cake. · Chole will work in the garden next week. · Mrs. Green will grade the tests before Friday.


Phonics and Spelling Skill


· The schwa is the vowel sound in many lightly pronounced unaccented syllables in words of more than one syllable. It is sometimes signified by the pronunciation "uh" or symbolized by an upside-down rotated . · A schwa sound can be represented by any vowel. In most dialects, for example, the schwa sound is found in the following words:

· The a is schwa in again, vitamin. vitamin. · The e is schwa in electric, celebrate · The i is schwa in decimal, president, experiment decimal, dozen, · The o is schwa in oven, dozen harmony · The u is schwa in umbrella medium umbrella, · The y is schwa in syringe



· Homophones are words that sound the same, but they have different meanings. · Homophones may or may not be spelled the same.



pour coarse knight soar son ate their sew

poor course night sore sun eight they're so

there sow



We waited an hour for our bus to the zoo. Angela read about a red fox. The fox ate eight loaves of bread. write ­ right to ­ two ­ too see ­ sea won ­ one



Microsoft Word - focus_wall_lesson_24[1]

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