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Dear Sir:

My name is Ammar Alzaydi, I am a Ph.D. candidate in Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering ­ Management Science Option at the University of Waterloo. Being in Mechatronics Engineering and having the background of four different engineering disciplines, opened the possibilities of exploring different programs including Systems Design, Computer, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. I always take the initiative in finding new and unique solutions when facing a problem in real life research studies. I worked previously with Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS) and I came up with completely different solutions to micro adaptive mirrors. Two Years in a row competition Award Winner in the IEEE "Undergraduate Students Paper Night Presentation's Competition" at the University of Waterloo, and Conestoga College. Furthermore I was selected by a System Design Engineering professor for an Undergraduate Research Assistantship Award (URA). Founder and Leader of UWIRE (University of Waterloo Intelligent Robotics Experiments) group. Winner of First Prize at UW Autonomous Racing Challenge 2006. UWIRE competed against teams from Univ. of British Columbia, Western, UWROBOTICS and fellow Waterloo Electrical Eng, Comp Eng and System Eng. Organizer and Leader of the International Autonomous Robot Challenge since 2007. Where fully autonomous

robot vehicles compete head-to-head on an outdoor circuit and drag race track.

Previous work experiences have taught me key skills such as time management, leadership, initiative, work quality, planning and organization. My Work has been mainly focused on the research and development field in which extensive use of computer equipment was required. Daily responsibilities included building test fixtures and programmed circuitry with various types of sensors, creating test methods, generating test procedure documents for company newly populated PCBs and customer devices, exploring different sensors and building autonomous robots for different applications.

Sincerely yours,

Ammar Alzaydi Mechatronics Engineering University of Waterloo ID: 20127994

Ammar A. Alzaydi

92 Mayfield Ave. Waterloo, Ontario, N2J 3S1 Tel: (519) 880-0354 Cell: (519) 998-0996 E-mail: [email protected]

Ph.D. Candidate in Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering

University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON

M.A.Sc. Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering

University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON

B.Sc: Honors Mechatronics Engineering, Management Science Option

University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON



Candidate for Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario [August 2014]. · Masters of Applied Science in Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario [April 2011]. Undergraduate: · Applied Sciences, Honors Mechatronics Engineering, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario [April 2008]. ·

Skill Summary:


in programming Micro Controllers, programmable PCB's, and other sensory circuits Always innovative and provide multiple new solutions to any problem Experienced in PID Phase and Pole-Zero placement, Fuzzy logic, Artificial Neural Network controller designs, and PID-Fuzzy, PID-Neural Network integration techniques Extensive experience with Analog, PWM, Serial-TTL sensor communication protocols Pneumatic and Hydraulic circuit analysis, design and pneumatic ladder diagrams design Detailed analysis of Robot Vision, Forward & Inverse Kinematics and different Manipulators analysis techniques such as Statics and Dynamics and Joint Torques Knowledgeable in robotics parts design and FEA Calculations and analysis Excellent organizational, leadership, presentation, massive data handling and communication skills Extensive laboratory experience, self motivated with the ability to work independently and as a team member Can operate most machine shop machinery, such as Milling machines, metal and wood horizontal and vertical Band-saw, engine Lathe, floor and press drills, grinders, sanders, Metal shear, and digital gauges Fluent in PLC's "State" and "Ladder" diagrams

Computer Proficiency:


in C, C++, AutoCAD, CAD Star, MathCAD, 3D Auto-Desk Inventor, QBasic, Turing and PLCs, Unix, Linux Operating Systems, FTP, WS-FTP, Matlab, Flash, and PixPro (PLC programming software), and HTML code

Experienced in MATLAB, Microsoft Excel, Access, Power point, Word, FrontPage, Netscape Composer, Video Wave, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adobe Acrobat, Lab-View, Maple, ADAMS and Solid Works I learn new applications all the time, thus dealing with unknown applications never hinders my progress

Relevant Projects:

Dec 2006 ­ Present

Intelligent Thermal Fire Detection Stem Intelligent system capable of detecting potential fire hazards hidden from the naked eye through thermal imaging techniques.

Sept 2007 ­ April 2008 Active Prosthetic Leg (APL) Project Development of an active microcontroller-operated trans-femoral prosthetic device known as the Active Prosthetic Leg (APL). Leg movement is controlled using Fuzzy-PID based controller, and cyclic human cycle is controlled pneumatically. Jan 2006 ­ Apr 2006 UWIRE Autonomous Robot Challenge 2006 Designed and built autonomous robot using cutting edge sensors and vision devices. Demonstrated use of Ultrasonic sensors, Infrared Sensors, Sonar, Digital Compass, GPS unit, Tachometer, CMU Cams for vision control, EZ-Controller, stepper motors, servos, Motor Controllers and hand build power regulator circuits and supplies. Sept 2005 ­ Dec 2005 Signals and Systems Autonomous Robot Project Designed and built autonomous robot using Printed Card Board and various electrical circuits, including filters and amplifiers.

Work Experience:

Robotics Research and Development Engineer Apr ­ Aug 2007 Crosswing Inc. Markham, Ontario, Canada Experimented on Indoor positioning systems for robot indoor robot localization Communicated with different sensors using PIC Micro-controller's (MCU) analog, serial RS-232, and PWM Capture and Compare methods. Using vision, indoor localization was conducted and position accuracy reached ± 0.5 mm scale. Created from scratch a fully autonomous robot base that is capable of moving the robot in tight spots without touching boundaries and lifting the robot up to 2' without tipping. The base was designed to handle weights up to 200 lbs. A Motor controller, Accelerometer, Gyro, PIC MCU, IR, Ultrasonic, Stargazer Indoor positioning system, motors with gearbox, linear motors (to prevent tipping), and motor encoders were used to build the base. The communication between sensors and MCU included RS-232 TTL level, analog, and PWM input/output methodology. Wireless digital control was also investigated to control the robot base movements. Engineering Assistant and Project Developer (Part-Time) Sept ­ Dec 2006 Canadian Professional Links Inc. Waterloo, Ontario, Canada Develop new fire detection system using image analysis boards and thermal imaging cameras. Developed new timing and recording systems using newly developed computer motherboards, and Phidget interface kits. The new alarm system monitor up to 30,000 people at the same time and chooses suspicious activities such as higher than normal temperatures, misplaced flammable materials or illegal smoking, and transfers frames and location to supervisors to prevent potential fires.


the system also keeps track automatically, by following the object using two dimensional servos of such activities, as smoking, to not loose track of any illegal activity

Teaching & Research Assistant Sept ­ Dec 2006 University of Waterloo, Mechatronics & System Design Department Waterloo, Ontario, Canada Modified the entire University Library Time and Space management system to prevent further student manipulation of the current library rules regarding study space and study time allocation per student study cubical. Mark, prepare and organize assignments for first year Engineering courses. Conduct Tutorial sessions for Mechanical, Mechatronics, and System Design Engineering departments. Critique resumes and conduct mock Employer ­ Student interviews to enhance students Coop performance. Under Graduate Research Assistant (URA) (Part-Time) May - Jul 2006 Professor John Yeow Systems Design Engineering, University of Waterloo Project Goals: To prove the functionality of previously published mirror in the Single Cell DNA identifier and Cancer Cells detachment machinery project. Researcher & Developer of Newly Populated PCB's Jan ­ Apr 2006 Northern Digital Inc. Waterloo, Ontario, Canada Design of programmable analog or digital circuits for testing purposes Design and development of Test Fixtures for newly populated PCBs Design of micro scale devices and control mechanisms for combined physical endurance (bump tests) and electrical tests of PCBs Supervise the production of assembled products to ensure specified quality standards Created and Documented Hardware and Software troubleshooting methods Created variable power supplies and microcontroller circuits Created encoders circuit (counter circuit with ADC, Counter, Op-Amp, and Register Chips) Assisted in tuning highly sensitive products to improve accuracy Documented all work conducted on individual circuits and products Research Assistant & MEMS Adaptive Optics Project Assistant Manager (Part-Time) Sept ­ Dec 2005 Professor John Yeow Systems Design Engineering, University of Waterloo Initiated and Invented Micro Adaptive Optics Project on Sept. 2004 rd Supervise 3 year Electrical engineering student during final "Micro Adaptive Mirror" design building process

Adaptive Invented Writing

Optics System contains designed DAC Cards, Integrated Circuit Controllers, and image focus Micro controllers

designs are provided for final mirror build up and Publishing final micro product paper

Teaching Assistant, Engineer & Research Assistant May - Aug 2005 Professor Sanjeev Bedi, Mechanical Engineering, University of Waterloo. Waterloo, Ontario Created encoder cases and synchronized encoders with step-motors to minimize error in machining Hands on experience with PMAC, ACC-8D, ACC-8D OPT. 2, limit switches, Motor Amplifiers and StepMotor Designed electric motor caps, and bases using AutoCAD Improved hardware system and software tuning for a new computer controlled lathe machine Balanced threaded rods that control motor movement using personal new ideas Presented and documented all work done on any motor or encoder

Research Assistant & MEMS Project Manager (Part-Time) May - Aug 2005 Professor John Yeow, Professor Ehsan Toyserkani Systems Design Engineering, University of Waterloo Wrote two papers related to biomedical cell imaging equipment and MEMS Adaptive Optics Developed a fully automated micro-adaptive mirror, using liquid hydraulics Invented Rotational Adaptive Optics that are Magnetically controlled Invented new air heating and transfer chamber without affecting any surrounding micro sensitive electronic sensor with magnetic fields and rapid temperature changes Designed and built a mechanically controlled medical syringe Proved all hydraulic mirror theories I proposed using carefully designed prototypes Equipments required by research groups for experiments are redesigned and completely home built instead of being purchased from certain companies


metal substrates and system components using Laser machinery and technology

Under Graduate Research Assistant (URA) (Part-Time) Sept - Dec 2004 Professor John Yeow Systems Design Engineering, University of Waterloo Projuct Goals: To create autonomous Single Cell DNA identifier and Cancer Cells detachment machinery Built a micro-adaptive hydraulic mirror prototype Conducted experiments and proved mirror theory to be very accurate Designed and built substrates for Carbon-Nano-Tubes growing process Started writing my first academic paper entitled "MEMS Bio-medical Adaptive mirror" MEMS Research & Teaching Assistant Sept - Dec 2004 Professor John Yeow Systems Design Engineering, University of Waterloo Investigated and Invented Micro-electromechanical Systems (MEMS) such as micro-optics, biomedical/genome devices, opto-electromechanical devices, and more Prepared Robotics for micromanipulations of actuators, sensors, cantilevers, and more Invented Nano-electro-mechanical Systems (NEMS) including Adaptive mirrors Proposed different designs for MEMS Scanners Designed and built multiple shock absorbing stands for research cameras and microscopes Created Ionization Chambers for radiation measurements and Carbon Nano-tubes applications Designed and built Nano-Cuircuits for cell imaging Engineering Consultant & AutoCAD Specialist (Part-Time) Sept - Dec 2004 Canadian Professional Links, Waterloo, Ontario. Designed a fully automated fire detection system for high rises using high tech thermal imaging cameras Designed and enhanced AutoCAD Sketches for two city's sanitation areas Manager of Sanitation project AutoCAD work Created new water circulation systems and invented the most silent water pump ever used in any industry Research & Engineering Assistant Jan - May 2004 The Alan G. Davenport Wind Engineering Group The Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario Worked on computer systems that control Wind Tunnel activities and tests Ran various wind and climatic tests on tall buildings and bridge models Collected test data digitally and performed analysis, solved problems and changed data formats using Linux and Unix systems Helped with the maintenance of the tunnel itself, including the mechanical components of the Wind Motor Built physical models and created their complete terrains and surrounding environments Assisted in tests for wind tunnel projects and ongoing development research Solved problems related to software and hardware conflicts and memory availability

Secretary & Designer Jan 2001 - Aug 2003 Canadian Professional Links, Waterloo, Ontario Designed and built special packaging containers for exports Designed various products using AutoCAD 2000 Created product logos using Adobe Photoshop Elements Designed PowerPoint slides and complete presentations for the manager and other employee's presentations Completed drafting, typing reports, copying, and book-keeping



"Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems Liquid Hydraulics Based Adaptive Mirror for Bio-Medical Applications," Submitted and Accepted at the journal of Mechatronics Engineering (A.A. Alzaydi et al. / Mechatronics 18 (2008) 61­70) "Time-Optimal Trajectory Generation for 5-Axis On-the-Fly Laser Drilling", Article in press, CIRP Annals ­ Manufacturing Technology. CIRP 628 1-4.

Conference Papers:

"Time-Optimal Minimum Jerk Trajectory Generation for 5-Axis Laser Drilling Applications", Oral Presentation at the American Society of Precision Engineering (ASPE) 25th Annual Meeting, (Oct, 2010, Atlanta, Georgia)

Submitted / In progress:

"Optimized Fuzzy Logic Training of Neural Networks for Autonomous Robotics Applications", Mechatronics Engineering Department, Submitted to the Journal of Mechatronics Engineering (MECH-S-11-00101) "Magnetic and Rotational Adaptive Mirror and Scanner prototype for Low-Cost Micro applications", Department of System Design Engineering, Preparation in progress, to be submitted to the journal of Mechatronics Engineering

Publications Acknowledged In:

"The Design of an Intelligent Mechanical Active Prosthetic Knee", Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, Preparation in progress, to be submitted to the journal of IEEE

Scholarships and Grants:

Textbook and Technology Grant ­ Oct 2008 University of Waterloo Graduate Research Grant ­ August 2008 General Motors - General Dynamics Proficiency Award ­ May 2003 Queen Elizabeth II Aiming for the Top Scholarship ­ Jun 2003 Undergraduate Research Assistantship Award (URA) ­ Sept 2004 Green House Robotics Assistantship Award ­ April 2005 IEEE Student Paper Night Competition 2005 Award IEEE Student Paper Night Competition 2006 Award

Relevant Courses:

Digital Systems

· Microprocessors and Digital Logic · Linear System and Signals · Microprocessor Systems & Interfacing · Actuators and Power Electronics · Systems Models


· Algorithms and Data Structures · Digital Computation in C++ · Numerical Methods · Real Time Operating Systems


Undergraduate Electronics & Power

· Electronic Circuits · Sensors and Instrumentation · Actuators and Power Electronics · Electromechanica l Machine Design · Mechanical Eng Design 1 · Mechatronics Eng Design 2

Systems Control

· Automatic Control Systems · Digital Control Applications · Fluid Power Control Systems · Robot Manipulators: Kinematics, Dynamics, Control · Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks

Management Science

· Design and Society · Organizational Behavior · Organizational Design and Technology · Engineering Economics: Financial Management for Engineers · Introduction to Optimization · Information Systems Analysis and Design

· Properties and Structure of Materials · Mechanics of Deformable Solids · Statics · Dynamics · Introduction to Thermodynamics · Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines · Fluid Mechanics


· SISO & MIMO System Identification and System Control · Non-Linear System Linearization and Control · Multibody Machine Dynamics · Linear Optimization Techniques · Precision Control Systems


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