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Year 6 Issue 66 December 2011

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By the road side, there is a caution--Be not in a hurry. It is better to be 5 minutes late here than to be 5 years early there. The caution, by implication, tells us that haste or hurry is likely to put an end to one's life. And in fact, it does happen at times. If one makes haste to cross the railway line, chances are that the train comes earlier than expected, people who try to board a moving train in a hurry, often fall down either on the platform or on the railway track. Generally, it is the habit of doing things at the eleventh hour, which makes people be in haste. A child prepares her or his school bag and is in hot hurry to reach the school, as only five minutes are left for the school gate to close. He leaves either some book, notebook or school bag and the like. The house lady is hastening to prepare food for her husband and in doing so her fingers get burnt or her saree catches fire. She pays a heavy price for being in a hurry. To what extent, haste may lend one in troubles, is clear enough for a blind man to read in this incident. A lady forgot to pick up her sleeping child, because she was in a hurry to catch the train. As good luck would have it, she realised her mistake just before the train was to move. A man could not find entry to the railway platform, as he had left the purse, containing his ticket for the journey. The same reason--he did so while he was in haste to reach the railway station in time. Innumerable incidents could be related or cited to show how persons suffer on account of making hurry. The harm done through haste is not easy to gauge, and it is rightly said that `haste is devil's work'. When the husband is in

hurry and he finds that his meal is not served, he gets furious and quarrels with his beloved wife. Both get grief-stricken and the husband is not able to concentrate on files in the office.



"I have always found that mercy bears richer fruits than strict justice."



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