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BUILDING THE FUTURE WITH PRIDE AND TRADITION Peace Hills Trust is Canada's first and largest First Nation owned Trust Company. Established in 1980, it has over twenty-nine years of experience serving the financial needs of First Nations; their members, corporations, institutions and associations both on and off reserve. Over the past twenty-nine years our commitment to operate a full service trust company on a national basis has provided us with the opportunity to act in the capacity of sole trustee, co-trustee, financial institution or agent, on claim settlements. Our specialized team of experienced trust professionals is committed to working with First Nations to help guide you through the complex issues involved in establishing and administering trusts and trust Agreements. Peace Hills Trust is dedicated to providing quality training to Chief, Council and new trustees on the operation of the trust in addition to the duties and responsibilities of the trustees, ensuring the preservation of trust assets for

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future generations.


Peace Hills Trust offers specialized assistance to First Nation trustees in the operation and management of a trust by providing a range of administrative and financial institution services, including workshops.


Selecting and monitoring investment managers has become a key responsibility for a trustee. Peace Hills Trust is committed to working with our clients and their chosen Investment Consultant to select and monitor the investment manager. Peace Hills Trust

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acts purely in the capacity of a fiduciary and does not provide any internal investment/deposit options on trusts. Investment options are based on third party providers that are subject to careful due diligence. In conjunction with our client and/or an Investment Consultant each Investment Manager is assessed against industry standards and interviewed to find the best possible fit for the client's needs.


Peace Hills Trust offers a full range of trustee and administrative services tailored to the needs of the First Nation. 1. Performs the duties and assumes the fiduciary obligations of a corporate trustee, as outlined in the Trust Indenture. 2. Provides the trust reporting required under the Trust Indenture and ensures that trust documents remain in safekeeping. 3. Carries out its duties and obligations outlined in the Trust Indenture and processes all receipts to or transfers from the trust and all withdrawals or distributions in accordance with the Trust Indenture. 4. Opens accounts relating to the trust through its agent, ensuring that trust property is not "commingled" with the assets of Peace Hills Trust or other clients. 5. Carries out the investment and administration of the trust property in accordance with the Trust Indenture. 6. Through our agent Peace Hills Trust we will provide custody and safekeeping of all electronic or physically issued authorized investments acquired by the Trustee through the investment manager/counselor of the trust, trade settlement services, accounting of realized capital gains, and receipt and credit of dividend and interest payments. 7. As required or requested, assist in preparing the administrative documentation required under the Trust Indenture, including: promissory notes, records of decisions and appropriate resolutions, amortization tables, as well as various reports such as regular financial reports, income reports and annual reports. 8. Fulfils the requirements of the trust including: ratification sessions, annual meetings and educational sessions either independent or in conjunction with your lawyer, Investment Consultant and/or Investment Counsellor.


Our dedicated team maintains a close relationship with our clients from goal setting and forecasting through investment selection, community presentations, and ongoing communications. During each step of the process we have developed methods to cope with both simple and complex situations and communicate this back to our clients in an understandable manner.

Peace Hills Trust manages our specialized First Nation trust services from our office located in Edmonton, Alberta with appropriate support from our regional branches. Our team has the training, expertise, and experience to meet the needs of First Nations and is committed to providing support to our First Nation communities. For more information, please contact us at 1-800-661-6549.


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