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Monthly News Letter - Peace Lutheran Church

Box 66, 140 Saturn St N, Cosmos, MN

(corner of Saturn & Pegasus)

Phone # 320-877-7500 ­ Web: Email: church [email protected] [email protected]

April ­ May 2010


From the pastor: Tony Campolo tells the story about a pastor who once preached an entire sermon using only five words. (Youll probably tell me I should try it sometime!) The five words were these: It's Friday...but Sunday's coming. The way Tony tells the story, there was a lot of drama in these sparse words ­ words that were both whispered and shouted; words that were both hesitant and hasty, words that were feverish and frenzied, words that despaired and rejoiced in the same breath. It's Friday...but Sunday's coming. The preacher was referring, of course to the Friday and Sunday that are nearly upon us: Good Friday, the day we recall the crucifixion and death of our Lord Jesus and Easter Sunday, the day of his resurrection. On Palm/Passion Sunday, March 28, through Lukes gospel, we hear about the arrest, trial and crucifixion of Jesus. On Good Friday, we hear the same story from a different perspective, the gospel of John. John claims the cross as the sign of the worlds redemption. John sees victory, not defeat in the cross. That victory is confirmed on Easter Sunday as the angel announces, "Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here, but has risen." (Luke 24:5). It's Friday...but Sunday's coming. As Christians, we cannot separate Easter from Good Friday. We cannot celebrate the good news that Christ is risen unless we have seen him die for the sake of the world. Good Friday and Easter belong together. Will you be there to see God bring life out of death, hope out of despair, rejoicing out of sorrow? I hope so. Good Friday worship (April 2, 7 pm at Peace) will include scripture, solemn hymns and silence for reflection. Easter worship (April 4, 6:30 and 8:30 am at Peace, 10 am at Trinity) will be celebrated with joyful Alleluias, Holy Communion and shouts of praise. In the coming days, we will all be reminded that It's Friday...but Sunday's coming. Invite someone else to share these holy days with you. Tell them why you need Good Friday and Easter. You might be the one to roll the stone away so that others can hear how God brings life out of death. Someone may experience resurrection life through your invitation. Remember, It's Friday...but Sunday's coming. Holy God, you were willing to suffer and die for us on the cross. You were able to raise up Jesus from the dead. You promise to share resurrection life with us through faith in Christ Jesus. Draw us closer to you, that in all our Fridays, we might anticipate the Sunday that is coming and prepare to celebrate it with joy and thanksgiving. Bless the members of Peace and Trinity, that they might be Easter people. In your name we pray. Amen. May each and every day of the coming months find you rejoicing in the good news of Easter and sharing it with others! Pastor Marlaine

Youth News: On February 26, six high school teens and I ventured off to the Twin Cities for a weekend of learning, service and fun. With the help of GoogleMaps and my front seat navigator we managed to arrive at every location safely and on time. (That is no small accomplishment given the unfamiliar neighborhoods, snow packed streets, a big suburban, six teenagers and a pastor who doesnt really like driving all that much!) Here is a quick summary of our weekend: Friday: Lunch at St. Martins Table, a restaurant/bookstore dedicated to peace and justice issues. The food served at St. Martins Table is organic, locally grown when possible, and low on the food chain (i.e. vegetarian). Servers are all volunteers; tips amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars every year are distributed to agencies that work with peace and justice. February tips went toward earthquake relief work in Haiti. After lunch, we went to Global Health Ministries in Fridley where we unpacked, sorted and repacked boxes of donated hospital supplies. The newly packed boxes will be shipped to a hospital in Cameroon in the next week. Friday evening was spent helping at the Friday Rocks program at the Oliver Ministry Center in the Philips neighborhood of South Minneapolis. Approximately 45 kids between the ages of 5-12 participated in supper, worship, Bible Study, open gym, crafts, and games. Our group provided milk and vegetables for supper, help set tables, played with kids and discussed the Bible story with them. Most of the children were from Little Earth, the largest native American non-reservation housing project in the country. Peace students were deeply moved by the stories these children told of the daily realities of broken families, alcoholism, drug addiction, violence and poverty. Friday and Saturday nights we stayed at Messiah Lutheran Church in the same neighborhood. Messiah is being transformed from an urban upper class church into a multi-cultural mission minded congregation. The congregation is based in the Center for Changing Lives. Along with many other agencies and non-profit organizations in the same building, Messiah is touching lives through a ministry of outreach, service and love for neighbor. While we were there, Messiah hosted a free food pantry and clothing give-away, a free income tax preparation service, a Bible study breakfast, and Sunday noon meal. Worship on Sunday morning was led by a gospel/jazz band. On Saturday we learned more about the needs of the homeless and the services that are offered free of charge through Sharing and Caring Hands. We saw breakfast being served to over 1000 people, the free food pantry and clothing closet. We heard about the daily foot-washings done by Mary Jo Copeland, the owner and operator of Sharing and Caring Hands. We toured the day care building and teen fitness center and then spent two hours playing with children at Marys Place (transitional apartments for homeless families.) We visited the Global Market on Lake Street and 10,000 Villages, a fair trade store in St. Paul. As you might guess, teenage girls were interested in a bit more shopping, so we made a last minute dash into a few shops on Grand Avenue to check out prom dresses! Everyone came out empty handed. After the things we had seen and heard, spending money on fancy clothes was not such a high priority any more. On Saturday evening we attended a Minnesota Without Poverty Event on the campus of Luther Seminary. This was a ,,grassroots gathering of folks who are concerned about the growing gap between rich and poor in this state. Speakers addressed current legislation and the need for citizens to act on behalf of those who would be severely affected by budget cuts. A highlight of the event was hearing some spoken word poetry and original music performed by young people. We came home Sunday afternoon, our heads filled with images of people we met, our hearts aching from the stories we heard. Through it all, we remembered, "as you did it to the least of these, you did it unto me." Each student contributed $20 to the cost of this trip; the rest was covered by youth funds. The student money was distributed to each of the places/agencies we visited so that their work could continue.

It was a blessing for me to have Paige Wilner, Skyler Bouley, Alyssa Arndt, Alisha Grams, Hanna Lang and Sandy Zwanziger (exchange student) with me. What great kids and what a great weekend! Thanks to all the lay folks who led worship ,,back home so that I could stay and worship with this group. On March 12-13, I attended "Are You Hungry?" -- the Senior High Youth Gathering in Mankato with two more high school students, Hanna Lang and Holly Litzau. Speaker/singer Rachel Kurtz was awesome! The Synods Lutheran Youth Organization did a great job of planning activities. On Saturday, the 250 participants headed out to do service work. Our group went to a nursing home to visit with residents. Others packaged meals for Kids Against Hunger, rolled bandages, sorted clothes for thrift stores, assembled health kits for Lutheran World Relief and helped with activities at health care facilities. The accomplishments of these kids over that two hour period of time were incredible! Once again, I was blessed to be in such good company! As we look into the months ahead, note these other youth events: Easter Breakfast preparations Sat. Apr. 3, 10 am Easter Breakfast serving and clean up Sun. Apr. 4, 7:30- ??? Confirmation resumes on April 7, (supper at 6, class at 6:30, mentor wrap up at 7:30) 9th Grade Pre-Confirmation Retreat Apr. 23-24 at Pastors house Confirmation Services on May 16 Graduate Recognition on May 23; ACGC Baccalaureate on May 26 Baobab Blast! Vacation Bible School for 3 yr olds -6th grade, June 14-18, 5:30-8 pm. Watch for registration information and a list of things well need! Many hands are needed to run a successful VBS. We will need cooks, artists, set designers, music leaders, story tellers, crafts people, game organizers, and shepherds to lead students from station to station. Call the church office to sign up before the organizational meeting on April 20 at 5:00. Believe me, there is a job for everyone! Students who plan to attend Bible Camp this summer should get registered soon. Ill be at Green Lake and Shores of St. Andrew during the week of July 19-23. I hope to see some familiar faces when Im there! If you cant go that week, register for any week that fits your family schedule. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------At the annual meeting in January, the congregation voted to order the new Evangelical Lutheran Worship hymnal. We will need more than 200 hymnals to replace the ones we currently have on hand. You can help by donating one or more hymnals in memory or honor of someone. Cost is $22.50 per hymnal. Please fill out the form below and return it with your payment before April 10. If you purchased a Lutheran Book of Worship back in 1977 and would like to have it back, we will gladly let you take it after the new books arrive. With One Voice hymnals will also be available at that time. I want to order _____________ hymnals @ $22.50 each. Amount paid ________________

Given _____ in memory of ____________________________________________________ _____ in honor of _______________________________________________________ Name of donor ________________________________________________________________

On April 17-18 I will be at the Southwestern Minnesota Synod Assembly in Redwood Falls, along with John and Deb Boll, the voting members from Peace. This will be an important time for us to gather with others from our Synod to learn about the work of the whole church and the ways that our congregation can benefit from and support the work of the synod. Lay people will lead worship in my absence.


Nine 5th graders will celebrate their First Communion on Maundy Thursday, April 1. These young folks and their parents have participated in four weeks of communion instruction and have indicated a readiness to receive the Sacrament of the Lords Supper. Students have come to recognize Communion as a Sacrament of Love, Remembrance, Unity, Forgiveness and Trust. We welcomed Logan Dahlk, Miranda Lang, Braeden Lies, Malorie Macik, Rayanna McRoberts, Amelia Miller, Carly Rusch, Corey Schmidt, and Shauna Wehking to the Lords Table. The Parish Maundy Thursday Communion Service will be held at Peace on April 1st at 7 pm. Refreshments will be served after worship. The Parish Good Friday Service will be held at Trinity on April 2 nd at 7 pm. Come prepared to begin and end this service in silent darkness as we focus our attention on the cross of Christ. Easter Sunrise Worship at Peace begins at 6:30 am, followed by Easter Breakfast at 7:30 and a second service at 8:30 am. (Trinitys worship begins at 10:00). Our thanks to Don and Sandy Martin for heading up the Easter Breakfast crew and organizing the meal and workers.

Easter Breakfast: The 5th - 12th grade students will be hosting an Easter

Breakfast after Sunrise Worship. Breakfast includes: pancakes, scrambled eggs, ham patties and more. Students will meet on Saturday, April 3rd at 10:00 am to prepare for the breakfast. Parents PLEASE make sure that your child is here on Saturday with the food they are to bring and also on Sunday morning to help serve and clean up!!!!!! Contact Don or Sandy Martin at 877-7649 if you cannot be here.

Confirmation Day for Peace Lutheran students will be Sunday, May 16. Affirming their faith at this service: Jesse Albrecht, Hanna Lang, Holly Litzau and Emily Randt. These students have received instruction in the Old and New Testaments, the Sacraments, the Lords Prayer, Creed and 10 Commandments. They are ready to publicly state their faith and take greater responsibility in the life of the congregation. We pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to fill them with faith and guide their lives.

Our thanks and appreciation to all who have served as Sunday School Teachers and Helpers this year. They have spent much time reading, preparing and teaching the faith to young people of this congregation. We are grateful for their service! Parents, please note that there is no Sunday School on Easter Sunday (April 4) and that the last day of Sunday School is May 23.

Graduate Recognition will be Sunday, May 23rd. Please make sure that you bring a billfold size picture with a light background to the office before May 16. The PLCW will present you with a quilt to keep you warm in the remembrance of those who love you at Peace. Baccalaureate is Wednesday, May 26 at 8:00 pm and graduation is Friday, May 28 at 7:00 pm. Graduating this year from ACGC is Cody Rusch and Evan Blackwell.

Support for earthquake survivors in Haiti in needed badly! Financial

contributions to support relief efforts in Haiti can be made at or by calling 800-638-3522. Money can also be donated through our congregation, just mark on your envelope "Haiti".

The Cosmos Public Library and the Peace Lutheran Church of Cosmos are pleased to host the Green Lake Bluegrass Band on Thursday, May 6th at 7:00 p.m. at the Peace Lutheran Church. This program will include a wide variety of music including Bluegrass, Gospel, Irish and Folk. The "toe-tappin" music will appeal to people of all ages! Refreshments will be served following the program. Everyone is welcome and there is no admission charge. This program is funded in part or in whole through the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund of the Legacy Amendment, by a vote of the people of Minnesota on November 4, 2008 to preserve Minnesota's arts and cultural heritage.

Parish Report: Attendance: Feb 7 14 17 21 28 March 7 14 21

-99 -83 -110 -100 -88 -89 -81 -89

Communion: Feb 7 - 82 14 - 84 17 - 94 Mar 7 - 80 14 ­ 69

Thursday night potluck supper. Prayer and medication to follow.

THANK YOU TO: ....Mel & Karen Maas for the beautiful butterfly wall hanging that is just outside of the church office. Their son, Joel, made it. ....All those who helped move furniture back and forth so we could put the new carpet down and paint walls. ....Ski trip chaperones: Steve & Michelle Randt, Jason McCarthy, Jeremy Anderson and Pastor Marlaine. ....7th, 8th, 9th grade for serving refreshments after our Lenten worship. ....John & Deb Boll and Pastor Marlaine for attending the Synod Assembly in April as voting members from Peace.

THANK YOU FROM: I would like to thank everyone for your cards, prayers and concerns during my time with chemo and heart surgery. A special thank you to Pastor Marlaine for her calls & prayers. A special thanks also to my family for being there for me. God Bless you all. Don Nelson. PLCW: Dear Women of the church: Im sorry that it has taken so long to thank you for the blanket, flower (which is as fresh as ever) and the butterfly and cant remember if any more things. My memory is not too good any more. Im doing all right after the bout with pneumonia last fall. It took about five months but I feel good again now. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts. Marvin Grimm. Thank you to everyone for the cards, get-well wishes, visits and prayers following my accident. Thanks to Pastor Marlaine for her prayers and visits and to the Cosmos ambulance crew for their quick response. Mick Reinke. Youth: Thank you for your most generous donation to help Gods poorest of the poor. Truly you add a bright shining star of love and hope to this hurting world. Your goodness will not be forgotten. Thank you. Mary Jo Copeland, Sharing & Caring Hands. Thank you for your gift of $168.88 to ELCA World Hunger in December. Well put your gift to work right away to make a life-saving difference for neighbors in need. The Rev. Daniel Rift, Director, ELCA World Hunger and Disaster Appeal.

On Your Special Day

God bless you Mother, on this special day, For always being lovable and dear, For thoughtful things you find to do and say That mean so much to others all the year. For patience and for willingness to share Whatever comes, in joy and sorrow too, For thoughtfulness and tender, loving care. God bless you, Mother, all your lifetime through.

Plymouth Congregational United Church, Aberdeen, SD

The Golden Rule is old, but it's as good as ever. It hasn't been used often enough to wear it out!

PLCW NEWS April Bible study is Thursday, April 15 at 7:00 pm. Hostesses: Sue Martin, Una Walter, Kim Mortenson Board meeting is April 14, 4:45 pm. We collect for Sewing Kits. (Items needed: 3 yards of material-44" or 45" cotton or cotton bled fabric (4 yards if 36"), package of needles, matching thread, card of 6 or more matching buttons. May Bible study is May 20 at 9:00 am Hostesses: Jane Schleusner, Karen Adams, Deanna Nelson Board meeting is May 12, 7:00 pm. We collect soap. Spring Gathering will be held on Tuesday, April 27th at Trinity Lutheran in Grove City. Registration starts at 4:30. The cost of attending is $6.50 and includes the meal and meeting. Please sign up on the bulletin board if you plan to attend. We will carpool from church at 4pm. Plan to attend to enjoy inspiring speakers and great music. Sign up deadline is April 18 th.

23rd Synodical Convention is June 11-12, 2010 at Our Savior's Lutheran in New Ulm. Table Time at Peace is Saturday, April 10, 10:30 viewing, 11:30 dinner.

The 3rd Annual Table Time at Peace will be held on Sat., April 10th. There will be 14 tables with lovely settings for guests to enjoy. Tables may be viewed at 10:30 with meal being served at 11:30 and a program to follow. Tickets are available at the church office for $12 each. The catered meal will consist of tossed salad, Salisbury steak with mushroom sauce, baked potato, mixed vegetables, dinner roll, beverage & a dessert choice. Ticket availability is limited so get your ticket so you don't miss this fun time! The PLCW financial statement: Beginning balance Feb.1st was $6,017.41. Income from coffee and circle offering was $134.15, no disbursements, so we have $6,151.56 minus special accounts, we have $5,127.76. Chairs and tables have been ordered. The 2010 PLCW Yearbook is available in the back of the church. If you can deliver any please take them with you. Corrections should be called in to the church office and they will be printed in the next newsletter. Summer Outing ideas needed. One suggestion was flower gardens. Call Coral Ackman at 877-7501 if you have any ideas. Next Sunday a special collection will be taken to defray the cost of the new carpet. All those wishing to do something on the new carpet will come forward and do so.

April & May 2010 Worship Assistant Schedule

Please trade with someone if you cannot make it the Sunday you are assigned, call the church office and let us know so we can print the correct names in the bulletin. Date April 1 Apr 4-6:30 Apr 4-8:30 11 18 25 Date May 2 9 16 23 30 June 6 Date Apr 1 4-6:30 4-8:30 11 18 25 Acolytes Tye Olson Abby Todd Cody vonLoh Jacob Albrecht Dan Finke Mickena Inselmann Readers Pastor Becky Macik Ashley Nelson Myron Macik Paul Peterson Shirley Peterson Greeters Video Camera Greg Arndt Curt & Sandy Meyer Adam Lietzau Mark & Deb Minnick family None Keith & Coral Ackman Mike Kutzke Karen & Doug Adams Harry Weseloh Duane & Carol Adams Duane Miller Video Camera Mike McRoberts Greg Arndt Adam Lietzau Harry Weseloh Duane Miller Mike McRoberts

Acolytes Mariah Wehking Payton Wilner Nicole Randt Kyla Blackwell Corey Finke Mitchel Macik Ushers

Readers Gordy Reinke Lynn Reinke Rom Rennecke Karen Ackerman Coral Ackman Carol Adams

Greeters Jim & Pam Ainslie family Shirley Anderson/Janie Blum Greg & Shannon Arndt family Bob & Delores Arndt Mark & Julie Bakke Penney Blankenship family Coffee Servers PLCW Easter Breakfast

John & Deb Boll Myron & Becky Macik Elmer & Bernice Retzlaff Kenny & Judy Schmeling Duane Miller & Anna vonLoh family Virgil & Karen Ackerman Mike McRoberts & Becky Degner family Shirley Anderson, Janie Blum Milford Houck & Isabell Sjogren Dave & Michele Dahlk family

Easter Breakfast Floyd & Una Walter Rosie Kiecker Connie & Elaine Ainslie Brian & Janice Christiansen family Kenny & Connie Dallmann Lisa Hirschman family

Date Ushers Coffee Servers May 2 Mike & Kelly Inselmann family David & Shelli Lewis family Gary & Sue Martin 9 Doran & Cindy Jenkins family Marlo & Angie Macik family Harold & Nancy Kiecker Elaine Schiro 16 Bruce & Linda Nelson Mark & Deb Minnick Lyle Nelson family Richard & Dorothea Mortensen 23 Lynn Reinke, Sharon Welch Paul & Shirley Peterson Harry & Pat Weseloh family Sharon & Gordy Reinke 30 Laurel & Carol Schiro Lynn, Myron & Roberta Reinke Mike & Pam Walter Randy & Jo Rusch family June 6 Kenny & Jane Schleusner Randy & Judy Schiro Robert & Pat Straumann Gerry Wright & Desiree Karls-Todd family Altar Guild April ­ Group 2 Rosie Kiecker Sue Martin Ardell Johnson LaVonne Flemming Roberta Reinke Sharon Reinke & Lynn Reinke Communion Assistants April 1 Pam Walter April 4 (6:30) LuAnn Lang April 4 (8:30) LuAnn Lang April 11 Tom Rennecke May 2 Deb Boll May 9 Jeff Lux May 16 (Conf.) Chris Langness

May-Group 3 Pam Walter Chair. Elaine Schiro Sharon Jenkins Linda Nelson Anna von Loh

PEACE LUTHERAN CHURCH FINANCIAL REPORT March 1 - 24, 2010 Balance forward 3/1/10 Receipts: Current Plate Interest checking Building Cement Project Churchwide Ministries Sunday school Memorials Church rental Hymnals Lent offering (Food Shelf) Total Total with balance forward Disbursements: Salaries Housing Mileage Pension Social Security, Medicare Churchwide Ministries Green Lake Ministries Crow River Conference Meeker County Food Shelf 5th grade communion class Delegates to Synod Assembly Sunday school materials Copy machine lease Office supply Checks & deposit slips Electricity Fuel Water, garbage, sewer Telephone/internet Snow removal Remodel, paint Basement wall Postage & yearly trust fee Computer repair Total Cash on hand 3/24/10 $18,108.94 Funds in Accounts Current Carpet Cement In Red Building Memorial Missionary Cash on hand 3/24/10 8,909.26 60.00 (1,435.78) 2,744.17 2,121.00 271.40 12,670.05

4,600.00 36.00 4.00 155.00 50.00 155.00 40.05 200.00 30.00 944.50 820.75 7,035.30 25,144.24

4,211.82 875.00 233.33 785.58 157.09 155.00 300.00 20.00 820.75 48.58 350.00 52.67 90.28 216.99 124.28 268.70 924.54 86.40 70.13 297.50 800.00 1,350.00 180.00 55.55 12,474.19 12,670.05

Savings Accounts: Air Conditioning Choir Deacons Spiritual Enrichment Camp Scholarship Mission Outreach (Estate) Stain Glass Window Fund Church Leadership (Seminary) Cemetery Parsonage Ready Reserve

475.26 516.36 2,444.27 2,742.20 5,629.23 1,815.69 16,628.96 30,242.56 56,666.93

A woman goes fishing with her husband, and after about an hour she asks, "Do you have any more of those small plastic floats?" "Why?" "The one Im using keeps sinking."

Pastor: Marlaine Doidge Home phone: 320-864-3447 - Cell phone: 320-510-0223 Custodians: Sally & Gerald Jaster 877-7001 Secretary: Judie Kutzke ---------------------We belong to the Peace, Trinity Lutheran Parish. Parish address: P.O. Box 128, Cosmos, MN 56228 Phone: 320-877-7500 Peace: 140 Saturn St. N, P.O. Box 66, Cosmos, MN 56228 Trinity: 88320 Cty Rd 22, Hector, MN 55342 Directions: From Cosmos: Go south on Hwy 4 to Meeker/Renville Cty Line Rd (Renville Cty #7) Turn left on 7 to Cty Rd 22 Turn right on 22 and go 1 ½ miles Sunday Worship times: Peace: 8:30 am, SS at 9:45 Trinity: 10:00 am, SS at 11:00



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