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PDI Modules (15 @ 30 hrs) (For award, must complete any 8 modules = 240 hours study)

Recommended ANZIIF membership outcome for PDI

Recommended ANZIIF educational credits for PDI

791I2 -Insurance Principles & Practice

ANZIIF Associate Successful completion of any 5 PDI modules (which must include a minimum of 1 legal module from the group of 793I2, 799I2, 797I2, or 798I2)

792I2-Insurance Underwriting & Claims

Block of 4 PDI modules: 791I2-Insurance Principles & Practice 792I2-Insurance Underwriting & Claims 794I2-Property Insurance 781I2-Liability Insurance credit for Block of 3 Cert IV GI modules: FSI403- Insurance Products FSI404- Intro to Underwriting FSI405-Claims Handling

794I2-Property Insurance

781I2-Liability Insurance Upgrade requirements for ANZIIF Senior Associate: Complete ANZIIF Diploma of General Insurance (4 modules)

793I2-Legal Aspects of General Insurance

78412-Financial Planning credit for FSP504 Preparing Financial Planning Advice in Dip of Financial Planning

795I2-Motor Insurance

796I2-Life & Health Ins

799I2-Legal Framework for Insurance Contract

78212-Marine & Aviation Ins credit for FSI507 Marine Claims Management in Dip of GI 78512-Business Financial Planning (old name: Business Insurance) credit for

782I2-Marine & Aviation Ins

797I2-Life Insurance Underwriting & Claims

798I2-Legal Aspects of Life Insurance

780I2- Insurance Organization Operations

FSB505 Managing Broking Operations in Dip of Broking

783I2-Personal Investment & Financial Services

784I2-Financial Planning

785I2-Business Financial Planning

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Exemption arrangements with ACII & Others: Updated as at July 2008

1) ACII Subject to discretionary accreditation review of CII <>, graduates of PDI (for those PDI units granted by exemption will be separately assessed by CII) can be entitled for 150 non-unit specific credits at Advanced Diploma Level (ACII, 290 credits) and will be barred form entering the CII units corresponding to similar contents of the prior learning under PDI. Candidates completing the PDI qualification may register 150 non-unit specific credits at Advanced Diploma Level into the CII general insurance qualifications framework. As a condition of this award, such candidates will be `barred' from entering the following CII unit examinations corresponding to similar completed PDI modules · · · · · · · · 555 Life and disability underwriting 556 Life and disability claims 735 Life assurance 745 Principles of property and pecuniary insurance 755 Liability insurance 765 Motor insurance 770 Principles of marine insurance 780 Aviation insurance

2. Professional Diploma in Business Management (PDBM) Relevant PDI units are recognised as equivalent insurance electives of PEAK's PDBM, completion of which can lead to the final year of a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree of some of the Universities in the United Kingdom. For details, please refer to our PDBM course leaflets. 3. BA Business Administration (BABA) of Coventry University PDI graduates can apply to articulate to final year of BA(Hons) Business Administration degree by Coventry University by completion of any 2 modules from the list of 624B2 Economics, 625B2 General Statistics and Data Analysis & 627B2 Financial Accounting & Management Accounting under the Professional Diploma in Business Management (PDBM) offered by PEAK, VTC

ANZIIF Senior Associate may also apply direct to final year of BABA degree by Coventry University.

3. Insurance Authority (IA) CPD Evidence of passing the PDI examination of at least one module in a particular year will be granted 10 CPD hours, for 6 years at most. Please refer to the CPD information sheet as illustrated in the webpage of the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance <> 4. Hong Kong Society of Certified Insurance Practitioners (HKCIP) Local recognition of Hong Kong Society of Certified Insurance Practitioners (HKCIP) on 10 corresponding subject to subject basis, up to a maximum count of 5 subjects (as per maximum exemption rule of 7) for PDI modules. Details refer their web at <>

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