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A2LA has accredited


Johnstown, NY for technical competence in the field of

Mechanical Testing

This laboratory is accredited in accordance with the recognized International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories. This accreditation demonstrates technical competence for a defined scope and the operation of a laboratory quality management system (refer to joint ISO-ILAC-IAF Communiqué dated 18 June 2005). Presented this 4th day of October 2006.

President For the Accreditation Council Certificate Number 1967.01 Valid to August 31, 2008

For the tests or types of tests to which this accreditation applies, please refer to the laboratory's Mechanical Scope of Accreditation.

SCOPE OF ACCREDITATION TO ISO/IEC 17025:2005 PEARL LEATHER FINISHERS, INC. TESTING LABORATORY 11-21 Industrial Park P.O. Box 709 Johnstown, NY 12095 David Thum Phone: 518 762 4543 MECHANICAL Valid To: August 31, 2008 Certificate Number: 1967.01

In recognition of the successful completion of the A2LA evaluation process, accreditation is granted to this laboratory to perform the following tests on upholstery leather: Test Method AATCC 8 ASTM D747 ASTM D1388 ASTM D1813 ASTM D1894 ASTM D1912 ASTM D2097 ASTM D2208 ASTM D2209 ASTM D2211 ASTM D2261 ASTM D3776 ASTM D3884 ASTM D4705 ASTM D4710 ASTM D5034 ASTM D5587 ASTM D5733 ASTM D6182 Test Description Color Crock Stiffness Relative Stiffness Thickness of Leather Test Specimens Static and Kinetic Coefficients of Friction Cold-Crack Resistance of Upholstery Leather Flex Testing of Finish on Upholstery Leather Breaking Strength of Leather (Grab Method) Tensile Strength of Leather Elongation of Leather Tearing Strength of Fabrics (Tongue Procedure) Mass Per Unit Area (Weight) of Fabric Resistance to Wear (Taber Method) Stitch Tear Strength of Leather, Double Hole pH Breaking Strength and Elongation of Textile Fabrics (Grab Test) Tearing Strength of Fabrics (Trapezoid) Tearing Strength of Nonwoven Fabrics (Trapezoid) Flexibility and Adhesion of Finish on Leather (Bally Flex)

(A2LA Cert. No. 1967.01) 10/04/06

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Test Method Chrysler 463KB-06-01 Chrysler 463KB-13-01-C Chrysler 463KB-28-01 Chrysler 463KB-29-01 Chrysler 463KC-04-01-A Chrysler 463KC-04-01-B-1 Chrysler 463KC-21-01 Chrysler 463LB-05-01 Chrysler 463LB-12-01-A Chrysler 463LB-13-01 Chrysler 463LB-19-01 Chrysler 463PB-09-01-B Chrysler MS-JK4000 DIN 53 333 FLTM BI113-03 FLTM BI113-07 FLTM BN102-02 FLTM BN103-01 FLTM BN105-03 FLTM BN106-01 FLTM BN106-02 FLTM BN107-01 FLTM BN108-02 FLTM BN108-14 FLTM BN112-01 FLTM BN112-08 FLTM BN112 FLTM BN150-04 FLTM BN157-01 FLTM BO131-01 FMVSS 209 FMVSS 302 Ford DVM-0067-MA Ford DVM-0090-MA Ford WSB-M1F17-B (Sec. 3.25) Ford WSS-M1F24-A/A2 (Sec. 3.12.3)

Test Description Wear Resistance (Wyzenbeek Method) Seam Strength Resistance to Cold Crack-Fold Surface Friction Soil Resistance Cleanability Perspiration Spue Resistance to Humidity, Hot and Cold Cycling Resistance to Heat Aging Top Coat Adhesion Resistance to Condensing, Humidity Exposure Fiber Show-Through Water Vapor Permeability Resistance to Perspiration Resistance to Perspiration "W" Flex Test Resistance to Migration Staining Shrinkage Weight Seam Fatigue Resistance Resistance to Cleaning Agents; Color Crock Resistance to Wear (Taber) Pilling Wear Test Soiling and Cleanability Soiling and Cleanability Susceptibility of Trim Materials to Dye Ingress Tensile and Elongation Softness Odor Seat Belt Abrasion Test Flammability Resistance to Fade Drop Impact Test for Finished Leather Fiber Show-Through Environmental Cycling

(A2LA Cert. No. 1967.01) 10/04/06

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Test Method GM 2756M (Sec. 3.3.12) GM 2756M (Sec. 3.2.22) GM 2795M (Sec. 3.2.25) GM 9032P GM 9040P GM 9070P GM 9126P GM 9140P GM 9141P GM 9142P GM 9150P GM 9151P GM 9200P GM 9240P GM 9335P GM 9900P GMN 8170 GMN 10041 GMW 3010 GMW 3182 GMW 3205 GMW 3211 GMW 3232 GMW 3235 GMW 3259 GMW 3390 GMW 3402 GMW 3405 GMW 14069 GMW 14102 GMW 14124 GMW 14126 GMW 14127 GMW 14132 GMW 14134 GMW 14140 GMW 14162 GMW 14296 GMW 14445 GMW 14864

Test Description Resistance to Humidity Resistance to Thermo Cycle Aging Fiber Show-Through Cold Crack Resistance Resistance to Perspiration Flammability (As Received) Cleanability Cold Crack Compatibility Grain Retention Resistance to Scuffing and Marring Pliability Flammability (After Accelerated Aging) Resistance to Perspiration Staining Top Coat Adhesion Resistance to Consumer Cleaning Products Blocking Drop Impact Tensile / Elongation Weight Odor Stretch / Set Flammability Fogging Mildew Resistance Flexibility Soiling / Cleanability Seam Fatigue Migration Resistance to Water Shrinkage Cold Crack Cold Impact Blocking Softness Water Vapor Permeability Colorfastness to Light Perspiration Resistance Resistance to Sunscreen Hydrogen Sulfide Staining

(A2LA Cert. No. 1967.01) 10/04/06

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Test Method HMC MS 200-11 HMC MS 300-8 HMC MS 300-11 HMC MS 300-31 (Sec. 4.1) HMC MS 300-31 (Sec. 4.3.2) HMC MS 300-31 (Sec. 4.6) HMC MS 300-31 (Sec. 4.9) HMC MS 300-31 (Sec. HMC MS 300-31 (Sec. 4.12.4) HMC MS 300-31 (Sec. 4.12.5) HMC MS 300-31 (Sec. 4.13) HMC MS 300-31 (Sec. 4.14) HMC MS 300-31 (Sec. 4.15) HMC MS 300-31 (Sec. 4.16) HMC MS 300-31 (Sec. 4.19) HMC MS 300-31 (Sec. 4.21) HMC MS 300-31 (Sec. 4.27) HMC MS 300-31 (Sec. 4.28) HMC MS 300-31 (Sec. 4.29) HMC MS 300-31 (Sec. 4.31) HMC MS 300-31 (Sec. 4.32) HMC MS 300-31 HMC MS 300-31 HMC MS 300-34 HMC MS 300-51 HMC MS 300-54 ISO 15-A02 ISO 105-A02 (AATCC Evaluation Procedure) ISO 105-A03 ISO 105-X12 ISO 2589 ISO 3795 ISO 11644 ISO 13937-2 JIS: L0849, L3102

Test Description Resistance to Soiling Flammability Resistance to Scuffing Weight Thickness Tensile Strength and Elongation Tear Strength Resistance to Fade Crock Resistance to Perspiration Stain Tackiness Cold Flexibility Shrinkage H2S Contamination Abrasion Resistance Bending Resistance Seam Strength Seam Fatigue Surface Friction Squeak Index Softness F-Flex (As Received) F-Flex (After Light) Odor Grease Content Fogging Resistance to Humidity Resistance to Heat Aging; Colorfastness Grey Scale for Assessing Staining Color Crock Thickness Horizontal Flammability Leather ­ Test for Adhesion of Finish Tear Force Abrasion (Gukushin Rubbing Test)

(A2LA Cert. No. 1967.01) 10/04/06

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Test Method SAE J323A SAE J365 SAE J369 SAE J855 SAE J861 SAE J912 SAE J948 SAE J1351 SAE J1530 SAE J1756 SAE J1885 Toyota TSM 0500G Toyota TSM 0503G Toyota TSM 0505G

Test Description Cold Flexibility Test Resistance to Scuffing Flammability Stretch and Set Resistance to Crocking Resistance to Blocking Resistance to Abrasion (Taber Test) Odor Resistance to Wear (Wyzenbeek Method) Fogging (Photometric Method only) Colorfastness to Light Flammability Fogging Smell

(A2LA Cert. No. 1967.01) 10/04/06

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