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OBJ : Studying and comparing a film and the story it was inspired by. A cultural approach of the Elisabethan theatre (The Globe) Outils : Preterit. Superlatif / SEANCE 1 : Etude des affiches. + Introduction. Supports Affiches + Tableau des Awards (IMDB) 1) Décrire 2) comparer 3) Parler du film avec l'aide des différentes affiches. 4) Introduction : Title of the film The film was shot in by film director ............ of Acacademy Award nominations Winner of ...... Academy Awards. HWK : Chercher sur Robert 2 Shakespeare et Marlowe. SEANCE 2 : Vocabulary TEST1 SEANCE 3 :Characters SEANCE 4 : Plot + les connecteurs logiques TEST 2 SEANCE 5 : Cultural background (The Globe + Theatre + The Queen) SEANCE 6 : Travail sur différentes critiques (4 ou 5) 1) Lire les critiques et classer dans un tableau les adjectifs (positif / négatif / expression ) 2) Préparez des questions ( personnage / plot ) à partir des réponses données (type examen) 3) Préparez un quizz : je décris un personnage (texte à trous) --> devinez le personnage. SEANCE 7 : Evaluation SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE, a witty, fast-moving romantic comedy set in London in 1593, follows the trials and tribulations of Will Shakespeare (JOSEPH FIENNES), a struggling young playwright suffering from a dreadful bout of writer's block. No matter how hard he tries, he just can't seem to make any headway with his latest work, "Romeo and Ethel, the Pirate's Daughter." Somehow, even the title doesn't sound quite right. But then, Will meets and falls instantly in love with the startlingly beautiful Viola (GWYNETH PALTROW) who, desperate to become an actor (in a time when women are not allowed to perform in the theater), disguises herself as a man to audition for his play. Inspired by love, Will's creative powers are unleashed as his great love story, "Romeo and Juliet," is brought to life for the first time. From acclaimed director JOHN MADDEN ("Mrs. Brown"), SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE also stars Academy Award winners GEOFFREY RUSH ("Shine") and BEN AFFLECK ("Good Will Hunting") in fabulously comic roles, Academy Award nominee JUDI DENCH ("Mrs. Brown") as Queen Elizabeth I and COLIN FIRTH ("The English Patient").

PLOT: It's 1593. London, and a young and struggling playwright, Will Shakespeare (JOSEPH FIENNES), has a series case of writer's block. With theater owners Philip Henslowe (GEOFFREY RUSH) and Richard Burbage (MARTIN CLUNES) anxious for his latest work, Will is desperate for any help, especially considering that he's competing against the likes of literary marvel, Christopher Marlowe (RUPERT EVERETT). Desperate for the intervention of a romantic muse, he hopes that his female acquaintance, Rosaline (SANDRA REINTON), may cure his malady. When he finds her in bed with another man, however, he tears up his first draft and wonders how he'll ever finish his play, "Romeo and Ethel, the Pirate's daughter." Agreeing to deliver his work to Henslowe who's being pressured by his financier, Fennyman (TOM WILKINSON), to open a play, Will's luck changes during casting auditions. Spotting the perfect young man, Thomas Kent, for the part of his hero, Will goes chasing after him unaware that he's really a she in disguise -- Viola De Lesseps (GWYNETH PALTROW), a wealthy debutante with a passion for the theater. Unfortunately for her, no women are allowed on the stage in her time and thus every role is played by a man. Unfortunately for Will -- who falls for Viola once he learns of her ruse -- she's unknowingly engaged to Lord Wessex (COLIN FIRTH), a New World landowner who's received approval of his pending marriage from none other than Queen Elizabeth I (JUDI DENCH). As their romance progresses and they continue working on the play that slowly becomes "Romeo and Juliet" -- with Viola still in disguise and popular actor Ned Alleyn (BEN AFFLECK) now in the cast, Will and Viola deal with her pending marriage to Wessex as well as efforts by others to close down the theater and Shakespeare's latest production.


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