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Pediatric Neurology Lecture Schedule: 2009-2010 July 20 2009 Pediatric Neurologic Exam July 27 Epilepsy Syndromes I August 3 Antiepileptic drugs August 10 Intractable epilepsy management August 17 NF1 August 24 NF1 August 31 Normal development (clips) (Sept. 7) LD Epi syndromes II? September 14 Autism September 21 Tuberous Sclerosis September 28 Neuroembryology October 5 Anti-epileptic Medications I (Pharmacokinetics/dynamics) October 12 Neurofibromatosis type 2 October 19 Anti-epileptic Medications II (Pharmacotherapeutics) October 26 Brain Death (Pediatric/ Infant) November 2 Cerebellar malformations November 9 Other neurocutaneous syndromes November 16 PP: GDD/Autism November 23 November 30 December 7 December 14 PP: 1st nonfebrile seizure *Dec 17(Thu Cerebral Palsy management at noon) Get a different room??? December 21 None December 28 None

Dr. Kenneth Silver Dr. Kenneth Silver Dr. Michael Kohrman Dr. Michael Kohrman Dr. James Tonsgard Dr. James Tonsgard Dr. Carol Macmillan Silver Dr. Carol Macmillan Dr. Michael Kohrman Dr. William Dobyns Dr. Abdul Mazin Dr. James Tonsgard Dr. Abdul Mazin Dr. Michael Kohrman Dr. William Dobyns Dr. James Tonsgard Dr. Carol Macmillan

Dr. Carol Macmillan Dr. Lisa Thornton None None

January 4 January 11 January 18 January 25 February 1 February 8

Chromosomal Disorders/Dysmorphology Mitochondrial Disorders Inborn Errors of Metabolism (AA, OA, CHO/Peroxisomal) Lysosomal Disorders Childhood Brain Tumors: Posterior Fossa

Dr. Darrel Waggoner Dr. Carol Macmillan Dr. Darrel Waggoner Dr. Kenneth Silver Dr. Rimas Lukas

February 15 February 22 March 1 March 8 March 15

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Neurology Videos: Cancelled March 30 Pediatric Sleep Disorders: Cancelled Leukodystrophies with Dr. Silver Ped Sleep Disorders Practice Parameter Review: Eval/Tx of First Non-Febrile Seizure: Cancelled Dr. Silver gave Charcot Marie Tooth lecture Cerebellar Malformations Peds Neuro cases Brain Death Learning Disorders: Cancelled Status Epilepticus AAN Ped Stroke: Luba Spina Bifida/ Myelomeningocoeles Learning Disabilities Memorial Day Ped Neuro Cases: Big Head and Baby Stroke Ped Neuro Exam: Peripheral Exam Myopathies Neuropathies

Dr. Karin Vander Ploeg Booth Dr. Kenneth Silver Dr. Michael Kohrman Dr. Michael Kohrman Dr. Carol Macmillan

March 22 March 29 April 5 April 12 April 19 April 26 May 3 May 10 May 17 May 24 May 31 June 7 June 14 June 21 June 28

Dr. William Dobyns Dr. Muruvet Elkay Dr. Michael Kohrman Dr. Scott Hunter Dr. Muruvet Elkay AAN Dr. Luba Romantseva Dr. Ann Flannery Dr. Scott Hunter Memorial Day Dr. Claudine Sinsioco Dr. Kenneth Silver Dr. Kenneth Silver Dr. Kenneth Silver

Planned Topics:

Chromosomal Disorders Peroxisomal Disorders Disorders of Amino/Organic Acid Metabolism Lysosomal Disorders Mitochondrial Disorders Neuroendocrine? Cerebellar Malformations Headache Toxic and Nutritional Deficiencies CNS Infections Multiple Sclerosis Early Normal Development in Children

Dr. Waggoner ­ Dr. Waggoner ­ Dr. Waggoner ­ Dr. Silver ­ Dr. Macmillan ­ Dr. Macmillan??? Dr. Dobyns; Dr. Silver Naznin or Luba Dr. Alexander??? Dr. Roos covered this in Adult lecture Dr. Reder Promised 2009/ Schorr Dr. Msall/ Smith February; Need to resched to Thursday Dr. Macmillan gave this lecture Dr. Msall/ Smith February; Need to resched to Thursday Dr. Rimas Lukas? Dr. Rubin?-; Suggest supratentorial childhood tumors in the future Dr. Gomez?? Gave lecture in Adult Dr. Mazin?? Emailed about scope of topic; Only pink ones since others have been covered

Learning Disorders in Children Neoplasms

Childhood Ataxias Neonatal Neurology

Newborn seizures Stroke (fetal or neonatal) Intrauterine growth retardation Developmental delay Hydrocephalus, congenital or newborn Dandy-Walker malformation Agenesis of the corpus callosum Holoprosencephaly Megalencephaly/macroencephaly Microcephalus Plagiocephaly Cytomegalovirus infection, congenital Meningitis, encephalitis in the newborn Neurologic follow-up of infants who received ECMO therapy Hypoxic-ischemic brain injury Diparesis Hemiparesis Monoparesis Quadriparesis Intraventricular hemorrhage Posthemorrhagic hydrocephalus

Periventricular leukomalacia Hypertonia, hyperreflexia Spasticity Dystonia Torticollis Brachial plexopathy

Pediatric EEG 1 Pediatric EEG 2 Status Epilepticus Neuromuscular I (Neuropathies) Neuromuscular II (Myopathies) Neuromuscular III Practice Parameter Discussions on 1st Seizure Practice Parameter on GDD/ CP Brain Death Ped Sleep D/O Glycogen Storage Diseases Leukodystrophies/ White Matter Dse/ Dysmyelinating/Hypomyelinating Intro to Child Neurology For Adult People Cerebral Palsy/ Spasticity management Learning Disabilities Autoimmune/Neuromuscular Pediatric neuroradiology, myelination

Dr. Mazin Dr. Mazin Naznin Dr. Silver June Dr. Silver June Dr. Silver June Dr. Macmillan: Committed Dr. Macmillan: Committed Dr. Kohrman: Dr. Kohrman: Dr. Waggoner or Naznin/Luba Dr. Macmillan; will do next year; Need to remind her next year to prepare lecture; Dr. Macmillan has a prepared lecture Dr. Thornton Dr. Msall/Karin Vanderploeghbooth Dr. Schorr Dr. Burrowes


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