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Jane Aarons M.A.A.O.T., M.A.H.T.A. Occupational Therapist, Hand Therapist Dupuytrens Contracture

What is it? Dupuytrens disease is an inherited disorder affecting the connective tissue of the palm of the hand. Dupuytrens presents in two ways. Firstly as either nodules in the palm, which may be painful with gripping and or thick "cord" like bands that contract the fingers toward the palm. . Most commonly it affects the little and ring fingers. Established contractures are irreversible and require surgery. Your Hand Therapist can assess your need for a surgical consultation. Signs and Symptoms

First sign is often a small lump, "puckering of the skin" developing into a "cord" in the palm which gradually thickens. Thickening of the fascia pulls the finger towards the palm leading to contractures Often occurs in both hands and in the soles of your feet

Painless and benign for a certain population, however those that use their hands for gripping, holding, pulling or twisting can find that the lumps or cord can become painful with pressure

Peninsula Hand Therapy

Jane Aarons M.A.A.O.T., M.A.H.T.A. Occupational Therapist, Hand Therapist


The cause of Dupuytrens is a heavily debated topic with the exact cause unknown One theory is genetic mutation in Viking era e.g.: Northern European population

Can occur following trauma to the fingers, hand and wrist eg; Following immobilisation of a wrist fracture.

Incidence More frequently occurring in men than women.

Usually starts after the age of 40

Predominantly affects people of Northern European descent 4% of population rising to 20% after the age of 65

If you notice any of these signs and symptoms please contact your hand therapist

Jane Aarons Occupational Therapist Peninsula Hand Therapy The Bays Hospital Level 1, 262 Main St Mornington Victoria, 3931 PH: 5973 5699 F: 5973 5499 E: [email protected]


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