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&*,· 'APEIL 25, 1389.

) · Thursday, April 25, W89. CONSOLIDATION 1 heir Final Inspection. Architect Rutan and Mr. O'Keilly, r>pJL after '48, I88g. trftin* wilt The Pittsburgh and jUiegheny Presby- / ' On the Lookout.--Did you rejsentius the architects and-contractors Union Station, as jfbiloiw, teries Won't Coc ibine. A BAIRB, ever look earnestly for that you SOME LUCKY LICENSE APPLI- ol the new court house,yesterday made UNCLE SAM WILL NEXT PAY Heal Estate Dealers, When tho Pittsburgh Presbytery retheir final inspection of the building, iu 95 fourth. Avenue. CANTS IN TROUBLE. ATTENTION TO THE OHZO. convened in the Pjirk Arenua Presby- did not wish to find? Did you pany with the county commissioners aid engineer. Everything was found in t«rian Church yesterday raovning, the ever get through the spring T710K SALE-FIFTH AVENUE PROPERTY gbod working order, aud but few details Jt. A clioioo ploco near tlio now Court House. first business taken up wan 'the proposed a m. Mew Complications Arise--Judge Ewing nieded attending to.' A Series of Lock to be Constructed to consolidation of the Presbyteries of ;Pl«a- months without sickness? Per- Call at ollioe for full parUciiUrs. BLACK fc Day Express daily at 8:00 a m. HAIJID, 1)5. Fourth -avenue. ap23-5t Mail JSxpross tlaily nt i;00p m. at the Helm Now--Councilrnanic Complete the Good Work Begun burgh and Alleghenj, which would place haps a mere ache---a headache, Judicial Jottings, lilladelphlA'^xprosa dally at i:8& » m ?01t SALE-A HBAUTi>*UL , KOUP Extern Erfiross dally, 7;16 p m. street residence contuintng 0 elegantly The county commissioners and controller Deahrs Must Resign Their Seats. ou thi Mononsahela and Alleg1, eny. the Presbyterian churches of Allegheny Fast lino daily at Osoo p m, county under the control of one body. a backache, a rheumatic ache; papered rooms, four of which arc on first lloor met yesterday and op»ned the bids which (pMrlor, library, ··dining room k!tclion)y linll, Other Legal News of Note. w All through trains connect »t. Jcwey Olfcf ' Ffee Waterways, all the .Way Up. The cuiEiuittee on conaond Uion drew up With boats o? "liroofc yn Annox" for hi,ve been received for the material and bath, laundry, nuturul fens: all modern cona resolution declaring that ,sinco Pitta- possibly a general sense of poor ferriaKe vonicnnofi; laiv« lot. 'J'h'fs line horao is ono of construction of the eipht county brides burgh and Allegheny are , so closely X 'A* tho most desirable locations In rhc Kast End, health, a weak, languid, nerve- convenient to H. K. B. and Fifth avenue cable JohnBtown Accom,, except Sunday fl;<ton w; Judge Ewinp reopened the license court to be erected this- year. The bids wore Behind the.purchase by the government milted, and ninca tiie people of both Presff4 Jroonsburg Acoorp., 11:16 P*a daily,, eft Id over to be tabulated. cars, anil will be fiola chbajias owner la leaving f eaterday for the purpose of going over of lock and dam Jfo. 7 in the Monong&hela byteries are generally favorable toward less, lifeless feeling. t'undity; on Sunday,aoigopjtt. tho city. BLACK Sc IJAliiD, 95 Fourth av«;. the move because it would glvo them betGroonsburK Express, firio p m TT< the bonds of the li.qu.or dealers who had Ap23-7t '""ffin A verdict for £62 16 was rendered for is-'a plan ot rivor improvements which ter means for extending chjirch work, the Deny Express, U;00 a ^ not to be wondered at. been granted a license. It was anticiplaintiff iu the suit of William Harris will oxtend for miles down she Ohio and union of the two Presbyteries bo brought Walla Accom., 6:16. (OK KADE-CJJIKAP, ON FJ2DEKA.L Give notice tliat we should all adapt our 50, fijOO, 6:80,fl;25,8:&D,B-oo. 10:30'* m., L-JO ': ·'}$* 9; pated aome appeals would he made from ainst William Taylor, an action for ,cost many thousands of dollars. As TilE about immediately, and the Allegheny All winter you have breathed street, a 2-story brick ttwzlllne; cotimls.\flg ant (except Monday). ea. *a. lu lar«;e rooms, batu room, stationary wash- gar rn on is to the S'-aaon, The grasses ia the decision or Judce White, and quite a POST has intimated, the condemnation ot Presbytery be merged with that ot Pitts:30. 2:30, 0:40, 9:40 p m. stands, laundry, furnace and all the poisonous gases thrown off Jntj26xl'.'6 to un nlle>;j {food stableconveniences; the park, tbe Iravn.s oa tbe trees, all WilklnBburjr Accom,, C.'M. 7:20, 7tw, .>*,*» large crowd was on hand when court the tower dam was the first step toward burgh. To-Day's in the >e»r, nature dons her favorite garb of. green; a m., 12:01, 4:45, 6;20, 5;W, 6:60, 6:1010:00 (tad ifiZ R«v. J. W. Maxwell couldn't see any J opened, but no appeals wore made. Judge Uail ac pjflco u.nd yetthe .particulars ofthls deCOMMON PLEAS No, 1-- Reynolds ot al. free navigation in the Monongahela river. ~ Sunday, 1:05 m. in the scheme. J. H. Baldwin, by .furnaces and stoves in tightly Plra-blo and rei^sonablo · priced property. even the tree-boxes put on a fresh coat of - jjrpddook Aocom.>and 6:16 p 0:50, 8:10, 10:tf», Xiilft Ewing positively refused to allow one vs. Craig; , Hey man et al. vs. Weidinger; That 6:50, 6:40, is in itsUf a stupendous emerald pai nt. ULAUK ft BA1HD.&5 Fourth ftve. ap'23-fit favored consolidation, and so did ft m, 12:30, 1;33, 2:00, 3:26, 4:00, «:00, 8:40. Tfli ftS* et al. vs. Berber; McOruder vs. projecf, not only in the matter of expense, Mr. Davul Knbinson. Revl J. T. Patter- closed houses. You have eaten man to he on more than r.wo bonds. That reminds us to remind you that we p m week days.-"Sundaye, 6:35 R m. K AL K^DES J RAJBwTllOU S E, FEN The court refused to approve the bonds Ivinffman & Bro.; Miller . vs. Johnston; but- tho difficulties >to be encountered son was opposed to consolidation. Ho manuhearty food, with perhaps little dwelling: of elg-ht rooms, W.r no\y Q.ueon Anno have for sal<» an excolletit paint, fry tlio For Uniontowu,fi;45,8;y5a w and 4:35 p «j, Venue riaco, P. K. Hackman vs. Grottzinger; U. Baird Ma- before the desired transfers can bo made. Pittshurgh of /Messrs. John O'Neill, W. J. Euhlandt, chine Company vs, the | Specialty Glass said tho Allegheny Presbytery was not recy)tion hall, bath, w. G:ly M. C. Dwyer and Jamis Getty, Jr., uatil Ccmpany; samo vs. Clark & Co.; Park et But the purchase of these locks is a,small doincr anything to help itself and would out-door exercise. Spring's lot,o., norohos;iaundry;'all convenlonc6sVj!trgo f Iroa paint Color Company. WH have also it change of oars; i;0o p m connecting 60x120, wltit forest troea, cr,o.t prices roaeou- the brushes. Every housekeepor ,matter compared to tho erection of five or only ho an expense 10 Pittsburgh. Dr< Trains arrive from -nniontovrn they furnished a certificato showing they al. vs. Doubleday ; Sfcraub vs. Troy Hill n half dozen others ,dowa .the 'Ohio. nMo: terms to suit. #LAUK & liAlIUJ, U5 knows that ifi does not pay to send to the pot pay 20, 0:16, 8:20 p m. Purves spoke m favor of thn consolida- variable weather adds the*finish- n l hud resigned theif saaCs in councils. Fol- Incline Plane Company; Gaines vs. Fourth avenue. palntor for pvery little bit of work needed, .Trains arrive at tho Union Station ,,. lowing is the list of the dealers whoae boon; McBride et al. vs. Walker Brewing United States District Attorney jAlloa tion, and the in oral ng sefsiou then ad- ing touch and you need mediBre Jtntl Train, dally ...., ,,.M is authority for the statement that jo u rued, ^oir~sT£ii"^TjKKi'iiy HOME iw TJIJR especially just'novv when tho painters.aro bondsmen were refused : ostorn Express, dally ,r..» Tfisim Cclmpany; Moaely vs, Eagnn; J^ast End: street paved with asphalt; com- very buay and vory exponsivq, With our Tho consolidation was defeated at the George Reltteman,;3?ir3t ward, one bonds- vs American Building aud Loan Associa- tiie dams will iu all probability be,built. t.;..l2;«ttm pleto soWcraffO: Q,uc«n Anno frame .dwelling; proDared palutH, neatly put up in tin cans, C wllic firpreaa, daily The object · ia to have a ,erand afternoon session by a veto of 3i to 18, cine. lioajcp limited Uxproae. daily ..S^piM man unsuffioleut. Frocl Saunders, JTirac tion; Commonwealth vs. Dallmeyer, exreception hall, nuiife, bath, laundry with can r.ho wiadovsr ulila ward, one of his bondsmen, Daniel ecutor; Wellington VA. Wood, garnishee. system of waterways above and 'bolow and tb» project thereby falljj to tho ground. tubs, mno pantry, furnace; the You need Pailie's Celery stationaryfoot; elope to'rooms, R. station: price, you bath yourself;girotrco-boxes a touch or tub, or iho or Pittsburgh with Jreo navigation. Tho A resolution by Ktiv, J. P. Hill' urged tho lot oOxlOO V. K. Weigel, on tco many bonds. Lonz & >OMM:ON PJVRAS No. 2-- Sweeny vs. tV.'O that dam at Kleiuamitb, Third ward, bond not cor- Hunter; Xiacock vs. liampton Coal Corn- oonstvuction of a to benefitHerr's island, peopl B to vote for tho amendment. Compound. It will purify your $7,500: terms, $1,000Of>caflll, balance to suit sightly. will improve and niako thdm wharfage in BLACK & HAIKD, Fourth, are. ap'23.4t Tho election of delegates to.'tho general rect, both signatures on one line and the pa iy; Davis vs. Schumacher; Scheberttva. wbile primarily Wo take pleasure in recommending Pittsburgh, is tho initial step in tlio im- assembly resulted an follows: Ministers, blood, stimulate your liver, bond a wholesale one. E. Keinoman, },pgood et al, Btroofc station. ,,,, these paints, 'Iho, prices for coinrnoa provement of the Allegheny. With both Rev, J. M. Maxwell, D. D.{ Rev. J. S, *Third ward,' John W. O'Brien, his bondsCOURT-- Common wealth -vs. tho contributing streams controlled bv tram, for Blalravillo... ,...^ A fine lot in tho Eaut End for small Improved colors will be 12c a pound, and for high man, on too many bonds. Daniel Hag H ry Bupp, Gottlieb Gilgen, Thomas free locks, the only thing nended to per- PI u miner and llev. G. L. PnrvoB, D. D. strengthen your nerves and reg[Jfls for Blalrevlllo, connecting' "ft 1 f colors, such a» rod, yellow, · green and Elders, Dr. W. 0. Bune, D(. T. D. Da via i* gerty, Tenth ward, Omert, his bondsman, lloway, ulate kidneys and bowels. property In Allegheny, or on the hill. I or fur- blue, 3oc pound. Tiieae paints are put up « jUtlor,...,,,..»,'..,.,.k<., fect navigation is to have similarjdams aud W. J. Alexander. ther particular*call on tierAccomrao<lAtion,8;27r*am;2!****** on too many bonds. Felix McKniuht, in cans ot various sizes, and will be sold bui^t iu Ohio. The next meeting will lie held In the Giving health to every organ, it Fourteenth ward, one bondsman's prop- D'3 SIGHT PIANO AT A; SAOKI- aro soon tho come. These, Mr. Allenj says, to ' aa follows, viz: Knoxville Churob on June »rfiy mortgaged. Timothy Barrett, jS"ineFICB 9peakinc of tbo difficulties attending Common His?h rth Apollo Accom,, 10:60 a m teenth ward, one bondsman's property is the medicine you need this 95 Fourth Avenue. Colors, Colors. \suoh a project as the condemnation and Vorth $9,000 'and mortgaged for {10,000. At Henriott's Tomplo of Musio. apl8-IO.20-22-2ft.27 purchase of lock -and dam No. 7 Mr. 23c 30c spring, when every part of the Pfnte, · · A, C. JDarrah, Third ward, Allegheny, nearly new upricht piano, used only Allen said, yesterday: "It is a discour- Further Testimony Taken -I Major Klein not accepted as a bondsman. BY" W. A. HBKKOJST & 40c 58c in excellent condition, aging task. Whea we have to come Quarts, · . < Moiatal Condition. body is weak and debilitated. "William Burdette, John ..S. Snyder, Heal Estate Dealers, rtb when new $450, will be- sold for. against a concern like the Monongahela 70c $1.05 Half-galloiiSj The insanity proceedings Daisy $1 00 per bottle. Sis for $5 oa Charles Wolfeudale; and Mrs. K. Weber, $225 in order to dispose of quickly. One of .Navigation Company, which iu 10'years ' 80 Fourtn Avenue. $1.35 $3.00 Gallons, WELLS,' KICIIAKUSON Fourth ward, 'Allegheny, bonds refused r-h) biggest bargains of the season. Can be has derived a quarter of a million Hutchluaon \vero continued yestorday jlurllngioa. Vt. because Peter Walter, Jr., now deceased, sejm for a few days at btjfore Mautor Shoemaker. A. E. Weils, dollars in tolls , from the property named as one of the bondsmen. James HENKICK'S TJEMPLK OF Music, we wish to control, we qxpect liousefuruisher on Smithfici d street, testiAMTEl)--MORTO-AG-ESIN LAK&E OR ,fi:37 a-m »nd 8:0*4 Tarphy, JTifch ward, Allegheny, Samuel 435 Wood Street, to encounter a heavy resistance fiod to sailing Daisy gooda and said she fort^ Apollo Accom smalt amounj.8, at 4i£ to fi por cenL ,8:40am*nac;ilOi ft iSholes not) accepted as a bondsman. Between Fifth ave. and Diamond at. j\'att't>' rtht'in ·tuitif'tn, /^ Besides, the government has no friends in had always acted ratlona ly, Mr. Meaccording to the size and kind of mortgage. Trains 'James Boyle, Taylor Loyd, Koger P. Union Station, W. A. HEKKON & SUNS, No. SO Fourth avba case of this kind, the synipathien of tho ICbnna wanted to subpens as follows.--- ' Evans, Owen Murphy and Michael Ward, Overcoats Still iNeoeaaary. nue. uuS.g.O.ll.ia^g public, being with the smaller concern, no villoand Uniontown,~ll:00 a rh Homestead, bonds Insufficient. James IT. At this season of the year to be both matter how grasping u may be. [ The the two rai;o who put down the carpets in 8eoda at 3c » package. AT .»??£**** WeBfc fewwtoBWIIe, Ward,, Braddock, bond insufficient. 11 dressed and comfortable one must coal operators, for instance, take no fur- her house on liObecca street In the opinVe/retable Scodn At^3<5 a package. al Goltart Squara, Oakland, avo' for sale by Sii!ttp ra' On s«nday. j-oi p > ·»· «*£&,: ' ... <«« Robert C. Carotbers, McKeesport, one a light spring overcoat, such as can ther interest in the atfair now that the ion of Dr. Frank Sraudf, ,of St. JTrftftcifl Grass Seeds at 20c a quart, A. HEllttOtf & SONS, JNo. SO Fourth ave£* Mononirahrta City, 6;«o p m, weefc Hospital, the woman \va» in perfect health bondsman InsFuflleienfc. William Franey, nue. Superintendent on tins promises. secured at the merchant tailoring estab- proper leeislation is passed. They are Garden Trowel M, 7c t-ach. davB °B ^ Aoc0maao|ia'tloat 3dtO -p m,* physically and mentally, iillchard Land apifi,24,37-m y 1,4,8, \ 1,16,18,^, 23,38 Baldwin township, one bondsman insumment of Mr. A. L. Sailpr, 58, 60 and 62 sure to have free navigation, aud; they Garden Bakes, 2 Vvost Eliz&isech Accommofjftt «ieut. James Briggs and William Thropp, th street. Mr. Sailor is also asrent for don't care what it coststha government to testib'ed the woman had aotjed quoerly and Garden Hous, 2.5i5 2:00, 6:20 and 11:35 p m. Sunday, OKSALE-AKE YOU SATISFIED WITH MiflUn township, bondsmen insufficient. B^okaw Bros.' ready-made clothing, furnUU it. The testimony of these people talked Insanely, saying }i«r house wan Trains arrive from Uniontaton Garden Spades, Wo eaoh. the house you root or own'? If not, soe tho City and West Brownsville Judge Ewing stated tliat both Judge whose wares have a reputation as wide- would doubtless save the government haunted. This ended tho testimony.' finely built residences j n <Jolf»rt Snujiro, Oaft. Gardon Forks, 70c «acb. i rom Mononfrahola- City and land. W. A. HBBKON ft SONS, 80 «h avo. Magee and himself would go over the spread as the great country, itself. The considerable money on Garden Sets, 50ii ea<?h. vlllo at 8:25 a m 1535 and Conflicting Stories. bojidsof tha wholesale d«alers at such stores are ceii tra-lly located and every- they have gone b&okthis purchase, but 10:15 a ID ' o "\Vatoring Pots, 27o to 50c, on us entirely. Emma Johnson, sixteen years From ]vi «OQgttiiolA c time as they could find iu the clerk of budy can have their tastes suited. Gas Tubing, 7c per foot. Before they had their bill through con- was arrestnd in A11e#heuy last night- on a BY JOHN F, BAXTEK, days. > -- Pipe Yalves and Fittings, | .. _ : courts' office. Kubbor HOSH, He par foot. gress, however, they would have 'made liravosburtf Accommodation, 6;*5 p JRoal Estate Dealer, Ayo WhisWea. charge of incorrijjibUlty preferred before Hose Reels, 51.4') eaoh. , West Elizabeth Accommodation t willing witnesses." ! 51 SmithfleW Screot. SUITS. McKim 's 1860 Private Stock. 12:03, 4:50,10.-3& p m Sunday, 7:15 p u "Water Coolers, $1 45 anct upward, "You, of uourae, regard the demanjds of Mayor Pearson by her mother. The latter Tho Excelsior |SXX1855 Pureilye. says the girl cannot be controlled. The Jewett'a Water JFtlceru, $5,00 and tip- wtll call for andBajiuaare EXD?«M the Monongahela Navigation Company F THIS--BUY YdTJBSELF A On* for a Gaa J&ploslon, the Otners for Gibson's 1879 Pure Bye. · * ' JL lot, 40x}37, Bank of Com ine red Addition, ·veard. aa very exhorbitant?" asked the reporter. keeper of a boarding house on Btanton Slander.' xtraOld Cabinet. Brushton Station, -and haveiyour own homo. 'Ico Cream Freozers,' 52,00 aud upward, t'Vaa " fanliASl Ml. Alliin "r>iA*r irivf,-. Yea," replied Mr. Allen, "they virtu- avenue, where Emma worked 14 months, Is'o oity taxes Broad streets- and alleys, sldooss Export Pure Bye. Tho Allegheny .Express Charles DuriD^ of Ko. 401 Brovrnsville Meat Safos, $5.35 and upward. ally ask what the court has reJus«d-- re- gave her an excellent recommendation. walka, Excellent neighborhood. Only good /or and check baggage fr< ST9 Export Pure Bye. hotels Kefrlceratars, $625 and upward. HVenue, yesterday entered suit against the muneration for franchises. They place a house can bo built. Call for particulars. deuces in Allegheny. 880 Export Pure Bye. Hammocks, from S5c to 53.75. Ticket offices--Corner Fourth certain extra valu« upon their dain beJOHN F. BAXTER, Ajrent, Philadelphia Company for $200 damages. For sale at G. W. SCHMIDT'S, Try atraet, and Union station, ap23-25-27 512Smithfleld street. ' cause it stood the three-years' guarantee. He claims /bis house wa» damaged to that p!8-7t 95 au d 97 Fifth aven ue. J. ft. WOOD, Oon/P Catarrh;-in its deaiructiro'force itandsnextto That is sitqply a scheme to evade the reJP1TTSBUKGH, PA. ) extent by -»'n .explosion of natural gas, OH AS. E. PUQH, (Jen. Maaag GRABBING & Htrictions pur upon the Board of Appraiser* and undoubtedly leads on to consumption. It ir addition to the. IT lamoua beer Fratis w t c h dccurred" when tha company was Heal Estate Deftlern, ' Is therefore slnirnlar that- thoio afflicted wlUi regarding remuneration for franchises.0 TpfiNNSYLTANlA CO^)PANV'S connection -with the adjoining en lelm & Vilsack have pla;cad oa tho 135' Fourth Avo. JL . February 10,18SB, Centr&i "Are they likely to make their poitit?" this fearful disease should not make It tho ob''' m"irk«t an exceptionally fine quality o( ·JL RAINS JJEPART at followi % "I cannot tell," returned Mr, Allen. ject of tholr Uves to rid laoinjsu'lves oi it. Deand .porter. Purity ia this firm** Statioo: For Chicago, d 7.JJ& a m1; <Slil«i Lena Schultz, of East Deer town"Four members of the Board of Ap- ceptive remedies concocted by ignorant prod,7.45, «sxcopt Saturday 11.20 p wi Tol*y yeaterday entered suit again at mitto, and that is what tha public de- praiser* s«*m to be favorable to the com- tcndf-Tg to medical knowledjjo have woal^otied tf&O a m: d 12 20, d 1.00, arid excopt fc»atu«!fity and Mary,, Aritz for |2,000 mand. pany, and they arc a majority. Even if the confidence of the tflroat .majority of titiftarerr m; Crestliao, 0.« a m: Cleveland,, 7i! diijtuagea for slander. Mrs. Schultz 12.35 and d 11.05 p m; New <Jastle »»A "V OR SALE-200 ETtffc' BUIIiUIN0 LOTS their demand* were refused they might in all advertized remedies. They become reB. & B, town, 7,05 a m, li'20. 3.45 p m; " life claims that the defendants talked on Lincoln avenue, borough of Avalon, Decorations for the Oontennial--Silk Flags appeal th« case. /Tbe matter of pay for alfcucd tn a with of misery r/itiier than torture JVlies, d 12,20 p m; Moadvflle, dotibtfui.palltutives. only 6ra,fnuios walk from Avalott 'ttatioii, P., about her to such an extent as to alienate at 25 ecuts, just half price--Flag Prints and franchises is ve*y likely to be carrjed to tliemsolves\vllt novor do. Catarrh must bo mot bula. 7,ufi a in; 12.20 p in: " ' But thl-s F. W. <t,C. K. K. and 10 minutes ride from city, in red, white and blue for decorating 5 tbe supreme court of the United States ateveryafaico and combated with all our uiijfht. her husband trom her and cause him to 3,46 p m, Masslllon, 4." on llflflof pro]coiod .Electric road. 'Pricefrom ceiitsayard. , Booos · & BUHL, 1 JBeJlajlro, 6,10 a m, 12.35, ceite loying her. A capias was issued for $200 to $400 oaclt. Terras, $25Vcaflli; MUnca lo. for settlement. It is not merely tho pur- In many cuaps thodiaca^o h«s ansumod danger£hf arrest of the defendants. , of r,h,o montUly payments, >rlthput Interest. cbase of look and dam No, 7 that in in- out symptoms, Tho bones and YOBK. EXCURSION TO r and OKAEBIWU & X-YOIN, jMCrs. Lisetta Bibler,; of Troy Hill, Allevolved, but the rules of transfer iln tho nose, tho organs of hearing-, 0! tha uvula of tastlnc: so so ·> ISS'Foax'tb avenue. PITTSBUKG-H, PA. gfi&jj, entered suifc against Henry Arke- Tc Centennial Anniversary of Tnaugura- case of this dam will remain in (force elongated,affected ns to bo useUss,and Irrigated the thront eo Infiftta nl Darr, 'a neighbor, for $5,000 damages for afterward, and all tho other dams w^ll bo as to produco a constant and distvoislnjj couyh. tion of General BY HKNHY A,, WKAYBB & Co., slander. SASKOIID'B KADIOAT^ OukK mctois every ?he Baltimore and Ohio Ball road will pui-chased undor th«ru with pernaps phase of uatnrrh, t'roiu A simple linad cold to Heal, Estate ' Dealer* 'KAIWS AiUUvil Union Station fro%<3h&;Vr'^ 1 .\AffJ G tJ»ATIOS f ^o, except Monday l.W, dB.09,, m. flz.jtfr*-^ *;£ 92 Fourth Avenue. Be i excursion tickets to New York on. Blight alterations." the most loathsome and rtestr CBIMIJNAl. CALBJSfDAB, OF THE v \\ Toledo, excopt Jdooday 1,60, d6.3$ *,BJ,,7J^fef W^ "How long will it be until the Mpnon- Jt la looal and constitutional. D a taut iu ro1 ril 27 to 30, inclusive, at rate of $13 32, v «i: Orostiiao, 2.10 p IB; Youzurstomt ano Jy*^,^ '^ I Moving, permanent lu curing, SH «,.ocdiioinloaL iind trip. Tickets good for return pas- gahela is open all the way up?" ANTJ5D - HOKTQAGtKS ON O1TT Art Election flow--Beer Agents Accused Uactlo, 9.10 a m, L25, 7.86, 10.1& p m; Wti«8 W "" "Bill? lor the oonaeuination of two and never-fuillriR. , ronoriT, 4A£ per cent.; n^ tax. HENKY f ge until May 2, inclusive. Youn^stown, d7.S5pio; Cleveland, <J6.M,|l | of Smbeazlenaent. ' Ench paokapro contains one bottle of tho A. NVEAVTBK * CO., W Fourth »ronuo. more dams will likely be introduced in !W&, 7.45 pin; Wheeling and Bellalre, e,<»»KAntUALC'oitB, otio box OATAK i l A L ^OLVKJi'T (T |a the criminal court yesterday P. 2.i!&, 7.4& p in; Erie and AnUtabula, -1.25530,1^ PEKTLA DEL PUMAB are high grade congress next winter. The remaining and an IMIMIOVKD ..INIIALKH, with treatise; p m; Mueffillon, lo.OOam; NUes and, Jiimec«; Punn pleaded guilty to assault and Vest Cigars manufactured for those four will probably bo taken up tiie fol- prico, !>i. _ BY I, M. FJUfNOCK & SON, town, am: Beaver Falls, 7.80 am, l;i&p'ia/ 'battery on David Blair. The quarrel smokers who can appreciate 'Havana To- lowing term. Iu the mean time I ClitSMIC'ltd S 8.25p m; Loetadale, 10.40 p m. , / Si>,t Real Batata Dealer, on tho Oblo rlvar AURIVE Ar.LKonBKV, from Enon, 8.0j{j» " occurred at the polls during the February ba cco iu its natural condition. V Sold froni work on the new 106 Fourth Avonu*. w,lll be btfguu." Couway, 0.60, Jiochcstor, 9.40am; " 50 to $12 00 per 100. ...-,FIVE JSVENKVO election, in the Sixth ward. Blair, it is --. G.. W.'-SCHMIDT,. .. ONCITY AIf»TWO AFTEBWOON CONCERTS claimed, was knocked back into a bonfire Do NOT suffer from siok headache a autinrbaii · properties at A;nd Insn ntly roliovod : p!8-7t 95 and 97 Fifth avenue. , and severely burned. Dunn was fined fa raotuent longer. It is notneoesaary.i Carand 9 per cent.j and on iarm« in AlleDV tho Cutk'ui'ti An i~I'iti>i pm. Krciiiiiif, , gheny and adjacent counts at o per cent. No <-, a Perfect An'tldot to 1'ai.n, tntor's Little X»5yor Pills will euro you. an<i costs. Watsou Provost pleaded , Sunday only; d, dally- other trato;a,-'o*i%fc\r<. money loaned out of FennsylTania, X. M. llauimjition and Weaklnoss. A'nmv, "Vlatue unknown--our price, 65c; after trying: DOSQ, one little pill. Small price. Small Sunday, · ' . , ;. cuilfcy to fdrnix et cet. on path of JFaunie Eerr Anton Seidl, Muric&i Director. PKNNOUK. fc SON, 1,0ft F»urti\ niyBt:"uafeoatilo, in»tantanentKs and infallible It.ypu would, not take ten times _the price, if dose. Small pill. .'Brttchelor, Owen McGovern, of Home- yoi could not replace it--'-our New XJndorwaist palii-kUMnu, piaster, uapuelally adapted to.roEraiJMBIt* ARTISTS, -pl'JfTSBUKG-H AND LAKE ERIE ' ete»d, pleaded guilty to sellJn'g liquor for ;hlldron"--(Corset Dopartment, ) ilcvo fomulo jiains and \voakn sses. V«*tiy OttCHESTKA OF 100 IttlTSIClAPTSI Wall-.Paper, superior to nil otjior plasters. At all drtu-A, J. ·withoutlicense and on Sunday,. Henry BOOGQ & BUHL. Fobruarr ^, 1889, Central time. OF 000 VOICES. $1 00; or, f'reo, R-al Estate Dealer. llunp and Charles Gilgau wore placed on Largest line of pressed goods in tho git.ts, 16 c'jtlfH; Jive fi^r(.IHKMICAI, P. fc. L. E. K, B.--H«!PABT~Fdr of iVrrEii PHUO-AM.I OHi'UHATXON, Wall-Paper.. city. JOHN S. BQBKKTSJ, tria.1 on a charge of embezzlement. The did Grant $treec. 6:26. *«:W a. ra., *1:20, 4:15, «9:80 p. m. J3tP"T!<*et for Single Concerts, |8-<X), Hoston; -j^if cluuatl, C]]ic,axo and St. Louie, £>:26 a 434 Wood street. 2f twd caen, it is alleged, ware the agents iu Ijargsst line hand-printed -good*, in the ap!9-6t fl.OO and Me, uccordliiK »o location. 3 p.,m. For Buffalo, f^eAHon Ticket^, ?J2.W, ffi.OO aud $5.00, accord thitcity of _the Crescent' Brewing Com- Clt4v ATSON PLAOEJOHST S. ROBEBTS, "":40 ft. G. "SV. SCHMIDT will 8*11 you one^uart lute to looation. paiiy, ofOhio. It is claimed they have, aplMJfc ^ 414 Wood street FrlTate J^oxce, Beating six, |100 for the sea*'* of 1S80 pure Kye JSxport Wblskr ior for : so me time past, failed to make reV3O on yie lino of tho Federal st. Electric Railway. as for many years past, devotes especial atten·1 HE family trade supplied with choice $1. U3 auU 97 JTlith avenue, Oity. turns for all the beer shipped to'(hem-and 2d, Beautiful building ditcp laid out i u < ^ o e r e tion to tho study and treatment of AP> Old Wine* and Liquors at apl'8-7c ' sold by them. Thomas C. Campbell, tnicta, frontlnsr Porryavllle avo. .Special inHP ox vrsEAsi1; MUSIC vr G. W. SCHMIDT'S, laanagor of the company, accuses tbe dtftjemcnw to parties .who will 'improve; oity VM.jujuHrATjU!fp^'jL&ro " ARRIVE--From Cleveland, &8Q *. ia,,, *, B. & B. ,t>liys(cal decay, nerroufitio*H, lacte of energy, ami 6:40, *U:oo p. m. From Cincinnati, Chie»^(?, 95 and 97 Fifth avenue, City. water, within a fovr minutes of Alletcliony, plaintifls of getting away with about Centenntai Decorations--See our nne| Silk Jliirkut House; cars leave . All«»5heny P. O. ambition, impaired memory And flight, St. i<ouie, *l:00, *S:Oo n, m. l-'rom HufXailo, jj 17,060. for a. m M *l:uo, 6:40 p. m. From. »ttia.mttttofc.M*3 Flags at KO oentfi--j in t hall price. every ir> ralnutos. Plans and particulars from eruptions,- dovitali ted blood, aud 1 S A.MUEL \V ATSON, on t|io prot&lses, '· dutlei of business or aoclotjr, permnnoatly >8:00 p, m. From YounKStowa, wwt "fltdtt, * B. & B. Ofi* BBCKIiESS DJRIVING, a, m., *i:00, 6:40, #8:0^p. m. From JUwrerrjjf*,TM.,,^ . OrlA. J. PEN tKSUST, 413 Gr>ni<it. % ap24-Qt cured. Mnst be seen to be appreciated--the Ladies' 6:30, ^·.SO.'Tzao. 9:iO a. m., *1:00, 1:3$, fc<0,j ^J^v,^'^ THE body of W . J . Wriglby, ,who j was Cotton all forms scrofula, altc-etla^ b^oo.l, p.m. From OUartlers, 6:LO, p:22,.6:30,^a:*i*^40,;^' S*\ ^ Commission Merchant Has to Settle Soft s. They Hibbed.Vests at 15, 20,'25 aud 36 K A N I ) r p E R A HOtTSK-- Every Erenins;. cou are real bargains. throat and nose, ctvuslajf wasiluifj ;rcnoral ill* 7:08, *7;30, 8:30, 9;2i1, 1U:10 a. ta drowned Monday night, was found at " Blafiltee Saturday. for Baaing on Forbes Street. 150008 & BuiiL. health, and HO olseaelatf tho functions of tno *1:12, 1:85, »3:«, 4:00, - - · '$$ 'Tt Jt'ttK WOKLD'S GREATEST noon yesterday at the Point under tho lo the suits of James B. Anderson and \ Y . atrents in cvQty town; ,10, f6r the city, to body as to roudor life mlaerable. Dr. \Vhlttloc P'i^* MoK. tt. Y, K. ll.~; wuere the acSuspension bridg« Can't Give a Reception. soli metal lainpwiok, no' trimming, oleaninv:, makes'' ii- special study of eacU ease, thus Insur- H.f»vou, b',M a. m.j *3:3J p. m. vrife against William Fried, a Liberty ing reliable and suleuttnc troatinout and KBAL The committee of arraheamento for the cuient occurred. stnoke or broken cluraneya; seUs o« · sight; Week April ^0~Alono iu Street commission merchant, a verdict Americus Republican Club dinner Saturporcouta^o; entirely new; sample lyo, or throe OUUBB. Consultation free and coutidontiai. Haven,, Sundays only.' for 2&c. Address KEYSTONB .WIOK-OO., No, Ottico hours « A. M.'.to 4 V. M., and 8 to 8 p. M. Woliaro constantly on hand «. full Itnoof K A N 0 Ol'HRA HOUSK-UXTRA·vras rendered yesterday civin-z Mrs. AnAKRrvp-Frota Keir Haven., *10:00>aL Sundavs. 10 A. M, to 1 P. M. ouijr. Call or day next, met yesterday afternoon and-dcapis-tf ii. i). Wu/i1 ,..jjcssoo and Manager. iK> Fourth ave., room 6,- Pittsburgh. Counting House 'Stationery, iricl'iding. every derson $275. The cases were for damages address JJK. WHia'TlEK, 030 t*onn avenue, cid d that it would be impracticable to dos«r.!p'tlbn of JDay Boofed,--;'LoU^on, .Tournals, Pittsburirh, Pa. · jai>d&w for personal injuries. Fried was driving hoi the general, public reception at the etc.; Jcrotfico use, and are. prepared to furnlsli out Forbes street, and, while racing with house on Saturday afternoon. The ii short notice AN K V B K V VA JtlVJEK l'A<A friedd, his rig collided with Anderson's dtot nguished guests will arrive Saturday. illl-yry. . &olo agents for ,( 7:30, KO:UO n. ra., »0:06 p. in, The Sterling Comedy Drama, *fw yragoii, throwing out Mr. and Mrs. An- Thejjr will be taken around sigh t-soein? 1113 Canon tioor, / LETi'KK FILES/ .the most eon plate , and *Dilly. IfSundayaonly. '·*&. der»od. Frank itfcKelvey, Esq., attorney and will return to their hotels at 2 o'clock PlTTSiSUBitlH, iK), 1S88. J oconoinical Letter File in the iu rlcet, each A. 33. iJl^AKK, G-onoruL Pasflon ami Ug LECTION MOTI.CE THE ANNUAL Kegutar 'Packet for Wlieeitnx, Marietta, lor tbe;plaintifts, in addressing the jury, for luoch. The banquet begins at 7 IV City Ticket Oiflce, 401 Smtthtte! election (or president and managers of this fjirkursbttrg.Poinoroy.P^int Pleasant, (hullseverely co»demned fast driving on tho o'clock. company to ser^e durinar tho ejpsulag-j'ear, will tfolifl, Wuntlffjf on, Ashland, Ironton, Portsmain. thorough fares of the city, which, he _ bo hold at this office on TUESDAY, May 7, bemoutU, C/i:iol»nati, LuUlsvlUe, ^ompjils, at. r>AX«TIMOBK""AND OHIO A Voto of Thanks, s* d, endangered the live* of those more Louis, Jiot.SiirltifcS, Nuw ()riot(Utt, aud all in- T) Schedule In effect November J»^ Presented by tho Brooklyn Park Theater Co. tween the hours' of 3 and 6 P«' Ity, washinscton. D. U.. Baltimore. J*ft|i, 7._ ,, quietly inclined, and was a constant ment a,meeting of St. Bridget's Total Abapilfl-12t G-. Si'JJirqiit., Bocretary. terniodlato lianuln^«, W i U ' l u i w u w n u v Under tlio Direction of Sinn and, DeShotloy. and .-, »*1U30 ft m aud *lo:SB j> m.' %jtyi' boat, lootoT "\vnoii <itrcftt. as foilD\v«: ace to men, women and children who may stinance Society bold recently a unani, "WiiahJagrton, JL*. O,, Baltimore, livery ?tonday, 4 P. MM stoamer and bo oat for a walk on the thoroughfare. PITTSBURGH, Fonx WXTJT,K XWD CHICAGO SEATS NOW ON SALE. f7:00 mous vote of thanks was tendered Judge ICatle JStoofcaale. Thoa. :>. land. f7:00, *ll:8aam a, as. For r ap26-3t __ qalhoun, Maetvr. t;. M . CoiiaaUsvJile, t7:00 f Sla::le and Principal Johnston, of tho , Px,,v April 17, 1883. ) in Civil Suits. . Knpx, Clcrkj IJOU1 t VfOTlCE-The Annual Meeting of the Stock +4:00 Iri the suits of Sheriff & Aanworfch and Eleventh ward school, for their kindness Every Wednesday at 4 Pf Mr, f7iOO ana *10:20 i l l ana Bondholders of tbis(Corapany will bo to Kev. Father Kearney during his severe HANL NS stoam'or Hudson. J. P. Kill- For the TJ. Baird Machine Company against hold at tho Qflice of the Company, In thla City, illness iu not ringing the school bell, sou, Master: A. -It Slaven, l-n-"'VOYAO<E EN SUI8R" m. on Wednesday, May 15, 1889, at ijz o'clock, noon, Clark, Heahl & Sponsler, and tho as- father Kearney is sloyvly recovering and OleriT. a m, Nexe week--the Howard Athenaeum Star for tho purpose of electing three Directors in JSrocy Friday at 4 P.TH., steam- 0:30 > *7:30, *V:M, fa&:«Jt) and #8:30 fligntes of Hanna & Ci ark, verdicts were is DOW able to sit up. . fa:30 m, Specialty Company, . ^ the plaoe of a like ntimber whose, terjrii, of aer-, T or Scotu. G-io. W. Jlowloy, rendered for the plaintiffs, allowing them vloo expires on thai day. Master. / Itobt.' U, Kerr, Vot Columbus, #7:30 m, *8;80 » m,' LIFE IN EASTEKN SIBE1UA.1 8^ cents damages. A verdict for $12 was aplTtuiylf. JOHN J.- HALEY, Soor<Jtary. 'A Suddaa Death, Clerk, X i ark, *7v30 T^'^O am, *3:35 *»:30 p rendered for the plaintiffs in the suit of AJlderman Gallacher, of the Thirtyat 3 P. M.,' steadierfcJJonania. E. Chicago, *7:30» 19:30 a- ui, BY aEOKOE ICENNAN> Jacaes Mason anrt wife aKaiust Frederick fo^ii th -ward, dropped dead at his.lipnlo on J h ' H * ' K l^c\''t '';'<"·'>'· p m. Tr^Jn» arrivo from jfirst class ft,r«'Plttflbur*?b. co Otaoiaam( $r.. · jphla. Baittmore aud. (XTnder Auspices Prosa Club.) Elk, for coal, taken irorn the plaintiffs' Went Carson street last evening, between. T>EKSONAI«-.THAT'H 'WHAT A MAN / HouUd Trip. *l'i MeaU and etfctorootn. ia* and *0'.w p m. From Clttothn^./ Lind* Catherine How^ey received » verJL .told mo yeeievda'y^ sWtUle strolling: do^vu AT LAFAYETTE HALL, MONDAY, APBIL the avenue yesterday a iron tlumnn witha pack- rclttdea. Tioicets Rood luilil used, 'Forfrelpht aud bicago, «7:4B a m and *0:lo p ja, Froi£ *« r diot>for 51,054 against; the city of .Pitts-1 8 and 9 o'clock. 'Squire Gallagher had ;, *7:*a,' *10:6:) a m. ffi-oo. *fl'ifl not been ailinpc and tbo causo of death is aye on route'to DICKSON*the 'Tailor, (35 or pM0»ge apply oa .board or tolj» phono Mo burgh- for damages to her property on 20, 8 P. JVI, Sleeping Cara to '-' ·' ' w ^?^ Fifth avenue, said ho was goia«;- to · have hla 430-3. 3AM1& ^ UENUE and Ciaclnuatf. Fifth avenue, cauaed by an overflow of unkniSwm. He -was in his office yesterday teadoat,M WaterKtreiic. Thto i« only tha eecond tJaow fo eight weeks thrt spring and summer icarrnanta cleaned, re·Wheeling, Coiumbua^atsd as usual, He was forty-five years .of ago Ihave liiui to poUeh ipy boots, and y»fc I h«d hnrd Tickets on sale at Kleber'B. 428 >V001> ST., COK. DIAMOND, water. _^_ ___ paired, pressed, so as ?o make his frfends be(JSaturday aud leaves a w l ro and family. work «**tin« W-hwbaud to give np Ws old bl»«kjng lieve they we're new: Be"m0mber the placi, K A N A,W H. A 4t I V 15 K Prices, $1. 76 aud 50 contj, brash, »nd tfie M^noywco of havlog tlw paste bl»ck; Behoof an Allegheny Eaid06 Fifth arouae, ooraer -Wood street/ second except Sunday, PACKET, THKOUG-H TO 'aiy. BroSce Into a Shoe Store. floor. Telephone 1551'. tatt rub off on til wmt«, and itdopt T.^fO more suits were entered yesterday CPU Jt^KtSTON. J3T.EAMEK onl Pittsburgh Transfer Company wil c« AKRYWILL1AMS 1 ACADEMY. Fnrnisiies tnfoncation as to the standing of A A. Wilbriok'a shoe store at No. 541 IAZZIK nA^, Captain, G-^O. against Officers Btchard Wilson, Jatues oaecfc oagtfftffe f-fom hotel* 'an.4 'business men throughout the United States B. McCljntock; Oloi-k, John ftl. Deem. Every *-*^A^v«-^V-i apon orders left at B. It, O. 'J Wilson and Tod Johnston, of the Alle- Fifth avenue, was broken into early yesTuesday, Thursday Tuesdayat 4 £*. M. /or Wheeltntr, >"\latictta, and Canada. Reference books issued quarterly. S. FKASEK, and Saturday, Pnrkorsburjf, Tomeroy, (^ullijwUs and otbvf corner Fifth aveaue and Wwd «trew j-- ght^i*' police force, as a result of the raid terday morning by, thieves, who trained The beat facilities for collection 4* t'as6 4U* W. M. CLEMENTS, Oft AS. O. ARCHITECT, FOLLY & BURLESQUE CO. points on the 131|c Kanawjia river, luakintr direct lta»p BladtPoHwb. which iaete on Mrs. Bowers' house at No. 85 Bobln- an entrance by jimmyinjr pp«n the front · General "MONTE CKISTO, JK." connection for Cincinnati and points'South/ Y. M. C., A. BUILDINO-,sou litreet, on the information of Dr. E. doorf They "succeeded in oarrying oft an M«n'« boots a week, tad onWbmaa'samonitL. ap22-Ct Frotvht received at Pat».«rsan'3 wliarf l>oat. foot Ponn Avenue and Seventh street, B. Bennatt. Those entered yesterday tbree large, boxes of shoes, -which Mr. WOLFF & RANDOLPH, "PHILADELPHIA. of Wood street, For freight or poaaa^e apply on ANHANIXLE ASE liALL TO-DAYTJnJon (Station, Cantrai StMidiutt? board ur to S, H, PA'PrKKSOfW & OU, or PA. ·wer^by John Sample and Isadore Bow- Wilbrlok valued at ?200. iiEOBEATION PARK. __ -.,,.» « / , .---- 0-. H. O-laKlJEIST, JSo. IPS Water street. for Cincinnati and St. ers, ilia husband of Mrs. Bowers. Sample LEAGUTE CHAMPIONSHIP G-AME. mb2T Horrid Torture. m. Donnlsoa. *H,#,'3}$&"f* 8:0tiand«i »isd Bowers wera.both arrested but were CHICAGO VS. ALLEOHEWY. · p. m. M:Q5, Th s Is often felt in every joint and musole of discharged at the hearing before Mayor G/amo at. 8:45. Adml«8lon, 60c.' ,K E G U X* A K TH U HSUAY NOTICE -- LETTJ3U8 TESTAthe tody bv turns, by Train 'Irom Union 'Depot at 3:30. .PACKET 1'OK CINCIN- a, ju V2:09, 6:10 p. m. Pearton. They each claim $10,000 the o irlleat twinges otpeople who, neglect to ,, _ M.ENTHBY on tho esttto pf Anna rheumatism, a. m. NATI. Jh« clccivnf E; Bennett, deceased, haye been granted to the arrest the malady, as they.may easily do, vrlfch RAND CENTRAL Bteaaer W. N. C L ;.;o, 4: 55 p, ia. Bultrer 10:10 a., undersiKnod, who will receive all debts due the HostJttor'a Stomach,- Bitters,..* professionally To-nijrhi--Matluoos, Tuesday, Wednes- estate and to whom all cjalms acalust ttio name LOU Will/cave lor t,n« above «intjl .vli iu!nr- tovrn, U:<$.; M. m . &:26 p. m. Filed Their Char-tors. aathjjntloated romcdy forthfl :aKon'izIng opmday, Fridav and Saturday. ixiedlate poiuia every ^'jiursday at 4 P. M., 11 ;004i . in, CtfO, d 8-^5, 10:40 p, «t, should be presented properly probated for eet- ftlvlnu: tliroiig-h receipt^ <#n freight to nli points Cb*rierswere filed ip the rooonler's plair i. ttUKLHUKT'S HOKSJ2 SHOW. ' ^ m. oiierj lasts a lifetime, or abruptly terminates it florses, Dogs arid Ponies. Matiieeat 2 P. M. tlenicnt. West and South at. lowest rates. Snvclnl d 4 16. cflice'yesterday, for the Homestead Water .ivhou tli,e malady attacks the heart. The BitJAMES I. BENNETT. Night at 8. Admission 26, 36 and 50 cents. rates to tourists and o^curflionlstij. K. P. Chan- p. uv Jiciio o«t, dl:60, dO^*! *. m., 3-O 08 .7UL1ETE. BENNETT. Donation, «:3» a. in. SteabearWtr. Compauy and the Homestead Gas Light tors Iso remedies chills and fever, dyspepsia ap22-8t cellor, Waster- Clnrko Barringcr. Ulorlt;fc».H. HAY WAfcKEK, k WUeelloje, 1:60, 3-45 a. m.. 8;OJ. 6:6S p, PattoiRou & Co. and (ioorg* H, Company, the capital stock of each com- aud iver complaint. PA.. IVtarchtW, 1889. mh 7.15 a. m,, « UM& a, m, pany i« J600 divided, into 60 shares, at 510 p. TO per share. The directors for both comO.. Claud 92 Watei of a pit brow one milu from Stato lino, a building U^iie* are Arthur Kennedy, Charles W. Vittaburgh, fa. TO 1.0AN woman in Jjan·^'d, diil.,;^ to tho storaureof liquors with a oapap^bison, "Walttir Lyon, Henry Spooue {n amounti ot Trains leave (Julcin Station \w>wii* Sunday. A Standard Remedy for Asthma, fty orsao barrels for Bale very cheap, for cnsMre, JB^ffStores at Oil City and Brad« $3,000 frUd Up- standard time)'. Klttannlu* Ac., 6:56(a.s».; t»kd \7. JS. Sewell. Dyspepsia, lr.dl«estion, disorder of ford. Pa., and at. otue r point*Ia mrticulars apply to JONATHAiSr ANDER- vrard on oity and avburban property^ at 4X land, - is. both Kiagara Ex., dally, 8:4& a. iu,: Jiulton Ac.,/lO;\o tho Liver and Kldneys--m Malaria TTSBUKaU A^D WESTEHN rON, No. 2403 ivinth avenue, JBeaver I'allB. Pa. cent., Ireo of tax. AIM smaller amount* the Oil ICeglonja. but there is nottttn'/ ardi a.m.: Valley Camp Ac., Vl'Mp. Mu: OJJ UTQ£ Bivoroa Proceedings. a Febrifuge--in general debility -KOAD~(CcntnH Standard ap26-2t andoperoeot. and DuBols JKx., 2:oO p. n$.; Huftoa Ac., 8:0ft^). //ta# tni>ritat&s against hcaltlt, of Manufacture alii iu a pot m an e n t Ton 1 c, | H. B. Herron, B^q.., commissioner in avenue. m.j Klttannin^ Ae., 4|00 p, rn.; Uraebuw t;x., Butlfti OB SALE--EN(*INES AND, BOILEl^ alTr. JPiUtfiisf weaves a. delightful WHOLK3ALB BY j the divorce suit of Annetta Alexander &:0() p. m,; Klttanntntf Ac., 6:3) p. m,: Braeburn DayiCt,Ak'»,T'do,Cl'n,JKoe all alEes and sty lei. Table, Holatlag rotnfynve around the lives 0fJK<iteZ,»igh and Ac., 8:20 n. m.: Haiton i\$.t 7:50 p. w.; Buffalo »»ainst Lee H. Alexander, yesterday filed ind Winding Knginea ior Steel (jfianta, Coal Aocotn lish. Head «AI>it Brow Lassie," -'" ^orke, CoutraotoM, etc. Kollinie Mill and Con- T^XCUKSION TO aK^MAWT-RT W- 'O, Ex,,, daily, jo KxprBaiXdaUjr)..,,,, V-WJlp m JliW^wi the testimony tali en in the oast*. Deser- if ht h cotnmencta publication in the daily 913 Liberty Ave., Pittsburgh Lloyd steaioorWain/j^om Baltimore, -^ayj .JBrmuhUi f actors' Machinery. Clay and Ore P*nv New ( !a«tio an^GT^ttv^b Kx l».JO^ m 9^pcm tion if^a the raa'n charge mad^». George St. mi -Saturday> , ,an(L yet tlto And rusher*, etc. Steel Hoistinsr Tuba. Derricks, JSelioi > A M^Aint . opl«t ftBd'Foximra AX> «IHO P in /fi#*fcw!| m <>v!Irt «v ^Dnt.t<k «L-ia »l and'!" ^ Kt»U«Volp K"<>» 'M WyU« avenue. -ye«ter'ir« Kop*, Cara, etc., etc. TKOM.ASBUtlOf AOCKIP^.^^f JAKLlNVs SONS, Lacock aad" Betftil by ail drugglai* at li'plr TiHttugJiooajafc d»jr §ncd for a divorce from Emma Muelstreet*, mrTTTS-nKtf » , , ler, XteMrttoB is the allegation made.



"The flowers that, bloom in the Spring, tra-la-la"




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fly&^tovTM******* -^as*




Here are some more springtime ''reminders i"*





Catarrh to Consumption.

Phosphor-Bronze Castings

Pipe-fthng orders for Steam, Water and Natural Gas in iron mills, and all kinds of manufacturing works promptly executed by experienced workmen.


NEW DEPiRfPNT STORES, 504-506-508












Poor, Foolish Men.

WEEK coMNHif fern, JPRIL n,



«' fff A »


Pittsburgh^ CincnwanPaGketlme.


ItalflwantBe Agency B


ESTABLISHED ML , , R, 6. DUN & GO,, - hobnetors. A.B.W/GLEY, - - Manager. GERMANIA BANK BUILDINa









Wj^t * ,f



fill mil JBPFLlf C limited,







OIL, WATER, STEAM 4 H Boites, Tutiior


r^rJ- ^4sa'i &M




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