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Hoou and wife against; John Cleland ami w5fe, asking for th« partition of property in Robinson township.

CLOSE OF THE FAMOUS BRACE A Terdictjfor tho defendant was ren- POSTS DIVIDED AS TO THE MANBOYCOTT CASE. Jered in the, suit of W. B. Luptoru& Co., NER OF OBSERVANCE. .'igainst W. iA. Shiebler, an action on n mechanic's lien. Attorney Jennings Thinks the Labor Lively Meeting of the Joint ComtmUe-! James "Vv.j Friend yesterday recovered Leaders Should be Held for Dam- a verdict for f3,43i 34 against the city of in Allegheny Last Evening--Dele, in a auit to recover on bonds. ages--Other News of Note Picked gates From Post 128 Refuse to Up in Legal Circles. THE ! RECORD BROKEN, Serve--Causs of the Kick. An Ohio Man Succeeds in Marrying His The final argument in the case of Brace There was a very lively meeting of tho Mother-in-La w. Bros, against the K. of L. boycott comCINCINNATI, May 3,--James H. Hull, joint committee representing the three O. 'taitto* was made yesterday before Master A. B. postu of AlleKueny last night. This K. A. "Woodward by A. K, Jennings, twenty-six years old, ia a machinist and a commitiee mot last woek and passed a Esq./ attorney for tha plaintiflU The man of nerv'e|. Of the last there can be no resolution that each oost defray its owu points of Mr. Jennings^ argument were doubt, as he has broken the matrimonial expenses on Memorial Day. This caused that the defendants were representatives, record and married his mother-in-law. somewhat of a jangle tha timo and tho It was two years ago that Hall's first meeting adjourned, soatthat the delegates members and .even committees of the home in Aberdeen, O. trades Assembly and District No. 3, K. of wife died at th«irto Cincinnati^ being ac- could get the advice of their posts oil the Hall then moved X/., and as such the assemblies wore companied by Mrs. Mary Jtfiller r his situation, and at the meeting last night jointly re»ponsible!for the damage and loss mother-in-law. Hall went to live at 22(i rhe inntrer culminatad by the deiecatea to the business of; Brace Bros. Mr. Jen- Plaasaut street. from Post 128 absolutely refusing to Tho deceased wife's mother kept house s«rve on any committee and refusing nings said the difficulty lay in. placing the responsibility jfor the distribution of for Hall. About seven months ago they to recognize tho committee as a joint, Mrs. Miller the circulars, papers and "boycott pla- moored to 785 Vino street. exception that body. Their grounds for this action are must have Cither been the cards," but that the most convincing proof proves the imle or the very extreme model that five years ago., a set of 'resolutions existed that such llturatare was dis.. of the generally accepted idea of a-mother- were adopted after having boon notified tributed, and that not the slightest denial in-law, Ibri Hall conceived the id.ia of by the aoparate posts which particularly or refutation of complicity had been made marrying, and yesterday secured from specified that Memorial Day be observed Deputy Guthardt a-licenso to wed. toy tho labor assnmblles. in a joint manner by the three post?, and There dillydallyintr, The testimony adduced against Mc- two werewas -no into-one in the and the tho ifiatte>r of expenses bo equally mereod parson- divided. This year the committees AulifFe,r Evans, Dicus, Fisher, Dovey age of St. Matthscns' Church 1 by the from posts 88 and 102 werw in and others of the Knighta of Labor in reEov. Jacob Pister. Last gard to their efforts to produce and main- pastor, thestarted OUD to congratulatenight favor of simplifying the ob.icrvunce the tain the "boycott," was reviewed super- a reporter ,| happy ones. the girls were giggling of that day, and instead or" haying floially by Mr. Jennings who held that as .over the news All tho wedding. Hull waa .services and orations in the.cemofcsrios, of no testimony whatever had been offered called to the |door of the bridal- chamber. have the post* separate, each taking a, by the defendants their responsibility Hois a'slim built yoang nian about five cemotery, decorating cho graves and in ·was even more apparent. · As to the ques- f*?et sevan inches in height, and wore a the evoniritf meet in somo church or hall and hear a memorial service. The coat oi' tion of damages Mr. Jennings said: " We small are entitled to claim damaged in a bill of rather cheerful smile and ainvisible,black music, transportation, etc., was to be mustache.'' The bride was but paid by each post as they incurred the exequity. As to the measure we have when querry a » right to prove any loss to the giggle she heard the reporter's soft tones punHO, This laat stop was .suggested Ju or<ler that thflw migbt bo no soliciting trade of Brace Bros, by the acts by: was heard, followed in from tho citizens and 'business men an. it of defendants. After the Institution of the "Jimmy, dear, don't tell anything." was thought tht-y had bo-n callmi upon for toycott the business of Brace Broa. fell off "1 .won't, dearie," spoke Jicamy. enough mon«y and contributions during about $600 per week, and after the inThen Hall ;began junction, restraining the boycott was friends knew all aboutto say that their the year. The meeting of last night, was the marriage. a long drawn out on« and thero was no Drought the trade again, assumed its The mother-in-law-brida is former shape, hence ;it was possible al- fair and forty," as widows are not "fat, end of bickering ovor d.-tails, generally; Finally the step taken by the delegates most to estimate exactly the loss of Brace supposed to be, but is tall, rather angular, from 1'osc 12S ended the squabble, :ui<l Bros, and the damage dona them." Mr. Jennings' argument closed the case. and inclined to be "sallow, slim and less the meeting was adjourned until next The attorneys "will probably give their than sixty." puzzling the neighbors is: Friday night in order that the delegates The question briefs to the master this morning. Master What relation is the bride to the child of can go back to thfcir posts and be in; structed on how to act. Woodward said he could not give a decision for several weeks. He would have her daughter by their mutual husband? FiiEDKRrCK T. ROBERTS, M, D,, Professor of to carefully consider the arguments and J3IQ- JSAKGA1NS Clinical Medicine ut University College ttostestimony and los* of Brace Bros, and pitui. London, England, Bays: "Brig'hi's Ulsthen balau ce each before he could give his easo lias no s'yjnptoms'qflt's own and mayMonjf In Second-Hand Pianos and Organs. docisfon. exist, without the tctiowlcdgo of -.the patiout or PIANOS, $00, ORGANS, ?25, practitioner, and no pain will bo felt in the

THE NJBXT GHAWD J0BY. AT M'ELLOK <& HOENE'5, kidneys or their vicinity. 1 ' All the diseases to which the kidneys are Bubjoot and to which they jrlvo rise can be prevented If treated In tiuio." 'Warner's'Safe Ouro is theonly recognised specliic, R. A. G-unn, I«l. !.>., Doan, nnd Professor of Surgery of tho United States M'edleal College; Editor of "MofUcol Tribune;" Author of ''G-unn's New and Improved Handbook of Hygenle and Domestic Medicine," says: MI"anrwHU"ni? to acknowlodsre and cominond thus frankly tho value ot Wurnor's Safe Cure."

j. n. COOPER

Re A I Estate Dealers, 107 Fourth Avenue.

rpHIHTJSENTH- WAKD LOTS ON WYL1F, JL avc, cable If no, [from $260 to ftiCO, OH «a.-?y li.iyments; is, ' | chance to double your money Hi a few months; buy 'quick and got in on the ground lloor.-- i'or plan and-terms.BCO ,J, 1C, COOPER & CO., 1.07 Fourth ave.


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!70Ji SALE-BIAPLEWOOD PARK, -WIT* JP , kinsbiirt?,.lotte 4oxl'20. J. B. COOPER*. my4-it <JO.,' 107 Fourth n venue. tt 370K SALE-FOURTH (AVENUE, NEAR r Smlthfield street, a ivood investment, si 3-fit'o'ry brick buflilinir; lot 23X&0; tartns to suit. .). B.'UOOPER & CO., 107 Fourth avo. ,


You can do your t favorite newspaper a go d turn! You can do us a good turn! You can do --yourself a gcod turn! if you will only taketh trouble to cut out this advertisement and bring it with you wher you buy, It will entitle yov to a souvenir, Some persons, eling a certain delicacy about accepting' a : v/* ··.-·· . present, may h jsitate to 'bring the newspaper s ips, but we assure yoijt that we nbt you, We the oned under bligation. As frequently expla trying to learn w iich papers are of the most benefit to us, and if you will assist is m acquiring this infojrmatipn, vou us your debtor.

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"CMfcorfofs so well adapted to children that I Cartort* cores Colic, Constipation, ICrccommendit^Buperiortoanyprcacriptlou j |our Sto^^rrh^ta^.^ ^. to me." H. A. AAOHKR, H. D., I -Stion, . tout injuriDUfl medication. TEDB CwiTAua COXPANT, 183 Fulton Street.


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S AL K-THI KD AVENUE, NEAR i; | new postoffica, brick house Brooms, good lot, side entrance, otc.; cheap and easy terms, J. K; COOMSJB &,CO., 107 Fourth are. . : \ ', · / iny*-lt lt SALE-$3,000-- WYLITS AVE., JNEAR Somora ajrcieV neat -frame dwelling, 6 rooms, hall, vostlbuUi, b* tn i rsmira, hard wood tnantefs, riicaly llnitfhcd throughout; lot 2U1Q0. .1. K COO'PKR & CO,,; 107 Fourth are.





17OU SALE-ONLY _$J,pQO, EASY PAYJj nicntH, 8ecojut. ay«. ahora Try st., brick house, 6 rooms and atttc: lot 13x170: roots for $1-20: a g-roat bargain. J. B. OUOPEK & CO.,

107 Fourth ave.





"For nearly a month I was not able to> sleep, but Rafter using. PAINB'S CELBRT COMPOUND for two days, insomnia fled and strength returned." K.G. SMITH, Claussen, S. o. "I have taken only « part of a Txrttlo of Palne's Celery Com* pound, and It has entirely relieved me ol sleeplessness, from which I have suffered preatly." MK». E.' AuTOLiif*1, Peorla, 111. paine'9 Colory Compound produces sound and refreshing sl«ep. A physician's prescription, it does not contain one harmful drug1. Like noth-^ Luir else, It Is a guaranteed cure for sioeplessness, it direction's are falthftuly followed. $1.00. Six for fS.OO. tfnifTHlsts. WKLLS, RJOHAH.DSON & Co,, Burlington, vt.

"For a lone tune I was so nervous and worn out that I could not work.. I tried many medicines, but none gave me reUui until I used Palne's Celery Compound, which at once strengthened and invigorated my nerves." Burlington, Vt.

BY JA3. W. DRA.F1S * CO. Baal Estate Dealers, 1U9 Fourth Avenue.

?OB SA^E-THE CHAUTAUCIUA HOTJBI. property, all furnished; with a furnished cottage,of 11 rooms, 4 acres.-of Around, icehouse, livery buildings, etc., at Mayvilie, head of Lake Cliautauqua, Opposite railroad station and steamboat landing;1, about; 65 bedrooms, double parlors, lar^o' dining room and ordinary, lar^o billiard room with 4 now style tables and complete equipment, excellent barroom with counter, beer cooler, mirrors, etc.; icehouse full of {food ieo; lamproom, .barber shop with lavatory, commodious kitchen, long patent ranir'c and furnacef, puntrloH, .china closets, commissary rooms; i?ood office' with safe, desk's,~eienlarge music hall and ballroom; the entire furniture, carpets, silverware, etc.; aro. ID-good order,*.everything in readiness to open tho hoi el; wide piazzas on each floor stretch over the entire front affording it charming view of the Jake and its beauties; tine orchard and grounds; the jiotel'Is 1one of tho best on Lake «Jliaur.a'uqua and has always enjoyed liberal patronage: can bo run ail the year: as the owners do not wish to rent the- property: we have been authorized to oiler it at public-Bale, on Tuesday, May T, at 2 o'clock P. M.; In our office, 121) Fourth avenue, Pittsburgh, and it will bo allowed to go at an immense sacrilice, Including the entire furniahmont, etc.; possession i<iven at once and terms to suit; further Jnformatjon and particulars from a personal examination by one of our nrin, ana handbill Diving more full details can be had at our offlcci or mailed when requested; a card .win DO furnished by ua to allowprospoctlvopurchasorsto examine the premises. JAS; W; DRAPE Sc. CO., Agents and Auctioneers, 12D Fourth avenue, Pittsburgh. my*



quioldy quiets and (strengthens the nerves, when irritated or weakened 67 overwork, excesses, disease, or ahoclc. It cures nervonpness. headache, dvflpepsia, sleeplessness, melancholia, and other disorders of the nervous system.

Tones up the

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rtnd anly reliable. y" poor Imitation*.


with Weak Etft for


Wames of Those Who Came Out of the In order to close out our second-hand "Wheel Yesterday. pianos and organs we out some of the folEoai Estate Dealers, The sheriff and jury commissioners lowing second-hand pianos and organs 135 Fourth Ave. yesterday drew the grand jury for the down as low as ?50: Stoddart, Weser, Stein way; Naveson, Juno term of court. They will commence Hale, . Liable & Nowton, Chicken ng, Gilwork on the first Monday in June. Fol- bert, Scherr, Bin me and other pianos. And they propose to remain there if sellinc: Carpets, Matting, Chamber, Parlor, lowing is a list of those drawn: Among our second-hand organs are Office-and Dining Jttooiu Furniture for loss mo7ioy for CASH or ORBD1T than any J1OR SAL.E--200 FINK BUIXiDINO1 Nathaniel Montgomery, farmer: Charles Sterling, Prince, Estey, Smith, Klraball, on Lincoln avonuo, borough of Avalon, tho Brave. HooK, liquor dealer; John W. Carie, Century, Wood and others. Somo ofthejie other house in the city, only 6 minutes walk from Ava.lon.,«tatlon; P., BALTIMOKE, May 3.--Captain Murrall, agent; Joseph A. Link, jeweller; Hiram as low as $25. Any (if the above instruF. .WYfc C. K. R, and 10 minutes ride from city, on lino of impeded .Electric road. Price from Landis, tobacconist; Nick Stofcely, drug- ments will suit be^lnners'nictily. We will who rdfloned thepaxs enters from the aiuk$'200 to 5*00 each. Terms, $25 cash, balance in gist; Morrison Ritcbey, farmer; Mioke arrange easy monthly payments, and will ing Daniriark, waa given an enthu«ittHtic monthly payments, without Interest. McGill. laborer; Charles Burlback, driver; at any time exchange aeain for ne\v in- reception by bis b rotiier Masons here last GKAEBINU & I/TON, Henry Erisman t shoeuiak8r; Jainea Kraus, struments. If you want a bargain call niphi, and by tlioui wan presented with <a 135 Fourth avenue. clerk; Michael King, laborer; John Hof- BOOH Ofl AlELIjOK & HOENE, cola medal. Tho testimonial f u n d at. Came and see tneir Chamber Suites in Wainut,;Oalc, Natural Cherry, Mahogany xneister,pla«terer; Patrick Morau, puddler; Palace of Music, 77 Filth avenue. Philadelphia for tho offic<-r» und crew of JBY HBNBY A.- WEAVER & Co., id Ash, Come and sec their Parlor Suites, Fancy Chairs, Couches; Bed Lounges, Samuel Calvin, laborer; Thomas Mcthe Missouri amounts to |3,100. Heal Estate Dealer,1 all Baoke, Book Cases, Wardrobes, Chiffoniers, Folding Bods. etc. Speolai Bargain*. Carthy, gent; J. M. Fiemintr, 'real-estate' 82 Fourth Avenue. agent; James Carey, laborer} CJiarles 300 pieces of Dreas Ginghams, fast col- , IF you are tired taking tho large oldCome and see their large lino of'Moquot, Body and Tapestry Carpets; all kinds of PITTSBURGH; PA. fashioned griping pills, try Carter's LitKirscb, barber; Eva(n Davis, fireman; ors, at 8}£ cents, 12 yanis for Jl, at -- MOKTCJACJKS . ON O1TY ftocy and plain Haitings; Inirnttn nnd Bag Carpets; Hugs, Mats, Stoves, Ice tle Liver Pills and take Home cnrnfort, A 2>avid Foster, carpenter;' P. JF. Sulliproperty, 4j£ per ceat.; no tax. H. J..LYKCH'S, P. S.-~Watch EATHiE fit CO., 8* Fourth avenue. man can't stand everything. One pill a van, laborer; J. W. Hoover, mach nist ilofritfcrators, Mattresscm, Springs, etc. 438 and 440 Market street, dose. Try them. · bud Opening. Vhe Criminal Calendar. IK addition to tuoir larnous beer FraaTfflS NUM&Ett IS BALTEETSPEKGDBB & WILLIAMB. 3, 4 or 6 Children in Imwn In tho criminal court yesterday B. W. enlieirn & Vilaack have placed oa th« POST. Heal Estate Dealers. Lauor'B DOW portable and Hel Moorhead and Mrs. Josephine Bu,wan market an exceptionally fine, quality -of 154 Fourth Avenue. -were tried on a charge of renting a house ale and porter. Purity is this arm's will carry 800 Ibs, Delivered and put up for immoral purposes. The prosecutor motto, and that is what the public de- free of charge r,o any part of Alte^hwny ABK PLACE HOTE OK SALE.-- City---020 Liberty street,. my4-3t was Captain Wishart.1 A verdict of not mand. of decl-tf JL Tho undersigned^ . cuilty waa returnod. L. Goldstein waa Park Place Hotol, Sewld oy, Pa., Mid &sfcs for l the bent; La, Purla del ITumar the continuance of the p .rooago ao liberally found guilty of aggravated assault and THE "Dispatch Property, "'frontins 30 boetowed heretofore, *.Tb house has baen thorbattery on M. Clenry, a brakemau on the feet on Fifth avenue and running back clt»r Havana Kny W^st Cignrs. Throe on PorryBvllle avcnua, noftr Second .Ward omcbJy refurnished throu liout. Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Bailroad, on 240 feet to \ T ir.'in alley, will be Bold at 10 for 26c. G.' W. tighmidt, 95 and 07 F i f t h royrj-126 W H. SI , ap29-7t School'House, with elegant frame dwelUnjr of March 12. Frank Oonjierford waw accused o'clock Monday at the Gburr, House. Se« aventio. 7 rooms, hall, bath, ran»te, gases, marble manof the larceny of calf a'nd hides, valued at sheriff's «ale ia to-day'« Dispatch, Times Succssior. . tels, etc. A posUlvb barsraln. BALTENXicra ^5, from a Pennsylvania Bail road car. He and Freiheits J?rcund, SPEKGJ3K 4c WILLIAMS, 15i Fourth aveAHTED-LADIliS LONDON, May 3.-- The freeman's Journal ·was acquitted. Carrie Budolphj a resinue. ' my2-4 agents In evory to> n; 10 for the city, to .states that tho Marquis of Ormonde lamp THJB family trade supplied with choice will succeed Lord Londonderry ae viceroy dent of Homestead,was placed on trial for OR SALE-CHEAP. XK}V SIX ttOOM* coll metalbroken wick, no trimming, cl«a,njnur, chimney sells, Belling liquor without a license and selling old wiu«s and liquors at G. W. SchnuidL'a, of Ireland. house on Southern avenu^ Mt. Washtng- smoko or ; entirely ae»r: ample. oil,flight: bltf 10c, or inreo ap29-7t on Sunday, Constable McBroom is the 95 and y? .Filth avenue, city. ton, hftll, eased, otc. BALTENSFEKOEK & Address KEYSTdWEWlOJR. CO,, No. ' *» · 164 Fourth avenue. myiprosecutor. The jury is out. 90 Faurth ave., room 6, Pi f------·-' --- "' W-h^t Gladstoniabs Expect. IjTJlt SALE-$4,200 BUYS TWO BRICK Arguing for an; Injunction. IJOU THEATER-- May 3.--An interview with^a Jn, houses of 4 rooms and uttlc each, in Third ff«ne, 'IJ'lesn a- »»<«TT of diaAn argument was held yesterday afterMatinee to-day at 2. INAT7GSTR.A.TI01 'ward,. Allegheny; A 10 per cent, investment. member of parliament shows that OF, OHIO VAI^BY G-AS euso, Lug diminished one-tltird in fiizt.i. noon before Judge Slaplo in the equity several men of that political stripe would BAJ/TJiNSPEHG-ER * WIJLLIAMS, 154 Oft TiftE PA., May 8, Condition Jiot>alc*s. C\ir«d by the CtttiFourth u,vcnue. my4-lt, QTOCKHOL,1>EHS MlhETING- -- STOCTKcase of the school district of Or«acent lika to join the rauka of the Gladttonians. NJE\V ictirn.jRemcdies..-in.tteo_'.inoHtha* Jtfvt a, O holders of the Ohio V illoy O«g Company township asratnst. the Pittsburgh nnd Th«y havrt not the eournee. howevur, to Mayo In- Davy Crockett. notv to in: 9(tou. wJlMneot at office ol the cimpnny tn Sowicfcley & W. ^ Lake Erie Bailroad CJompany. The suit make .the move, and so will probably reon Friday, »Tuly 6, at 8 P» "" *·*· ^" "·>*«"»*· ~f f'Jstate RAND CJ5NTKAL Js for an injunction tci restrain, thrf rail- fli£n t.hoir seats. Them* will b« confcesteil For three years I wu« almost jcrippied with holding on election (bet eea tho houra of 3 road company from taking possession of and th» GUdsfonians expect, when the an awful sore lex from uiy knoo down to my and 4 P. M.) for or again i an increase ofoaplTo-nle-ht, FKOF. 11 UKLBUllT'S wonderful land belonging to the j school, which the next session opens, to have several seats aoktc; the Bkin wasontirely i?ono,' and the flesh OB S A I j B - T H E N E W HOUSES AT tul stock, and also to tran Rct any other bu»!HOKSES. ..T?OOS AND, PONIES. was one mass of disease. Somo physl ians procompany claims limler its right o£ way now occupied by members.of the Union nounoodItlncurabio. It had, diminished about CoHa-rt Sqiuirc, Oakland, aro for sale by BOSS that may bo brought ofore tlic moetlnc JS Four Nljr Ivts Moro, , Soareiary. F. W. A. HEKKON & SONS, JNo. 80 Fourth avejrrant. Attorney Bacujauan appealed for party. Matinees Thurfiday, Friday and Saturday. one-third the ;<iZ9 of the ··'other,.a'nd I was in a my4,ll,18,26Jelt8,16,22,29 nue. Superintendent on the promises. the plaintifii and Attorney Bead for the hopeless ·.condition." After trying all kinds of ·-·-« FORT VK A.1KD UHIOAOp Under tho Musical Direction of remedies and spending hundreds of dollars, K AND OPERA HO US E. defendant. Judge Sllagle reserved his Will Put a Sample .First. C from which J K«t no relief whatever, 1 ivas perdecision. · j CHICAGO, May 3.--A permit was suaded to try your CUTIOUIIA KKMKDrws, and HKKK ANTON 8JSIDL. IT, £A Every Evening, Matlnocs Wednesday and T710E SALE-ARE YpU ^SATISFIED WITH J"1 the house you ront or own? If not, see tho OTIOJB-Tho Annual tteetlus of tho Stock Saturday. granted to-day for an elevated road o» tho result w«a as follows: Aitor throe days I An Elootric Scale Company. finely built residences in Coltart. tiquarej Oakfor and Bondholdors oft is Qompftny will be AN D C ONCE UTS ^I,ONE JN LOIN DOW. A charter ·· was filedl yesterday in the West Lake street. It is intended to con- noticed a decided clianscewas tho bettor, antt at tho end ot two months 1 completely cured. "Week-May 6--JJoston Ideals. ap20-0t land. W. A. HELKRON & SONS, 80 4th ave. held-at: the Office of the C mpany, In tht» City, given on tho struct only a umall portion of the line at My flesh was purilied^nrt the bone (which had recorder's office for] the Pitt.nburgh on Wednesday, May 16,18 MA Y 21 AltKY WILLIAMS' AUADEMY. three id, been exposed « Electric Scale Company. The capital present, as it is believed'that the iron flesh bouan tofor over is year) tjot sound. The AWTED-MORTGAO-ES IN LAKGE for tho purpose of electing whoso1 Directorsaer26, and- on tho isryw/arid to-day"i and for nonrly the plaeo of a ilke number t«rxa xrf or small amounts, at 4J<C to C per cent., vice explroK ou that day. ·To-nightjMatlneoa Tuesday, Thurfldsy and Satstock of the company is $10,000 divided work provided for uader tho ordinance two years past, aiy loj? is us well as ever It wit*, accord!»tr to tho slze'and kind oT mortgage. W. apl7tinyi6 OI Thursday, and urday. JOHN 3. H|A.EiKY, Into 100 shares aa $100 uer sjhare. The will be so heavy HS to darknn thn str«et sound in every respect, aud not a sign of tho A. HEBRON & SONS, No, 80 Fourth avenuo. Saturday, 'May HARRY KEKNELL'S director;* »!»· M. AV. Ban kin, John W. too much. The projectors hope to have disease tp bo.aoen. 23 and2J., Tho Now Specialty Company. S. (i. AHJEllN, Dubois, Dod^e (5o., Cra. TO Kevin. Charles E. Billou, W". P. Bick»l, the ordinance amended after tho "sample Tewiblo Suffering from HiJctn JfJ<»c«*(?.<j. I. S. Keymer, R B. Petty and F. G. is up." TO BY BljAolv. 06 1 have heon a terrible sufferer for -years from In amouat* of Paulson. Heal Estate ^Dealers, diseases of tlie.Jkin anU : 'blood, aud have boon Tho Kooublicans Are in Powor. . 93,000 and up96 Pourth Avenue. y co shun pablio places by.reason uf ruy ward «n«lty »nd for botclinc boor or in Eiist The Case Against IM evins Postponed. BKLVIDEBB, K. J., May 3. -- The War'humors.'- Havo had the best, of phyConsist Intc ol the Mb- Palestine, O., ouo milo for a brewery,line, for cent,., freo of tas. Also mttl from Stato The case of the ."United States va. ren Furnace, at Hackattatown, which re- sicians anil'-spout hundreds of dollars, bufpot troi.oliUn O p e r a JJH-IB chu'rp. 'Inquire of JONATHAN' ANDEKAt BA1KD, 06 Fourth House Orchoatra,, Kichatd Nevin's, Jr., ex-Suparintendunt sumed operations last August, after no roller u n t i l 1 ueed tho OtmouiiA JiKMKnui-;, avoaue. wliich have curod hie, tind left my. skin a-s.clear Augmented to 100 TON, No. 2-103 N i n t h avcnuo, Beaver Falls,Fa. of Public Buildintrs in this city, which having been idle for several years, is to be and my blood as pure as a child's. Musicians, is UNIDA MAY BASS, D. Tho ·was to have been placed on trial yestar- blown out on account of.the dull state of AND BOILEHS, Olive Branch P. O., Miss. all eiiiBS and stylos. Table, Hoistlnid day ia the TJriited State* district court, the iron market. The company has i Of Fivo Hundred Vo'cos is nnd Winding Engines lor Stool J'lauts, Coal Jtfarveltons Cure of Skin ·was continued until r.h*> October term. A. 39,0.00 tons of Iron on hand and no market UNEXCEPTIONABLE, and Works, <Jontractbrs, etc. KolilnR Mill andOonphyaician's certificate was presented for it. The furnace at Stauhopo is also to The Crrr/ouRA, CtrTicuuA -.KKAotA'-jBN'i1, and i the traotors' Maehmory, Clay an Ore ans, mory, ay and re \J tors ol this batik have this day declared 1 OTJTIOUUA SoXr have broucat at<out n inarv«lgo out fora similar reason. showing that the defendant-was suffering Tubs, Derricks, Wo will sell at PU-BLIO AUCTION, on the a dividend of TEWIEE PEK on l o u s c u r o ^ i n the case of a skin disease on my Are of so varied. a'-char- Cruuhors, etc.,' SLeol HolaUngoto. THOIVIAS premises, TMDKSDAY, May 16, 188», at2P. M., capital 8 wofc out of the profits OiSNT. last tho t »-« ; Wiro ^Kopo, Cars, etc., from rheumatism and unable to appear. of tao six little non -el«ljt yeurfl old, I liavo tried almost actor andso.skiUftilly CAK LIN'S SONS, Laeocli aad Sanduiicy The Jonnitigbi J&stata. xnoatha, payable on demand. iill rentediea and alHO the most o m i u u n t doctors, outnplled iia to inaKo itreots, Allosrhanv. U CHICAGO, May 3--Tho Jennings Trust all alike falling, except, the wonderful 3 OHN HOEK» C»«hler. A Becoiver "Wanted. jthom WONDERFUL. A 1)111 In equity was filed yesterday by Company vras appointed by Judge Tuley PA., situate 28 miles from Pittsburgh, on BY JOHN F, BAXTBK, Now on Sale Penn Kallroad and AIleKheny river, cona or John T.Marland against William S. and to-dity as truatee of the estate of the late JUD. JN. iUiOWN, 7^0 N. 18th St., Omaha, Neb. Keal Eatftte Dealer, . at .Hum 11o( larfre throe-story brick building 40x90 feot, Cutiwnt Remedies, P1TT6BUKG 512 Smithfield Street ton 'a . ; ,iyiu~ Thomas L. .Pendleherry. The plaintiff Hon. John D. Jennings. The company (lot 100x140 foot), fully' equippod with modern HE BOARD OF DIKE JTO OJF TBDCS Cu-nptTRA, tho groat Skin Cure, and OuTrsic ^ tore.. alleges he formed a partnernhip with th will hold the vase estate intact for nearly auRA SOAT, im exquisite aScm- beautltier, exmachinery ana in complete .order. ) Natural I Banlc has this day doc! ared .a dividend, of OR SALE-LAKQ-il LOTS IN "THE and artificial urnses exctUent, irater, oto. Full FOUR (4) PER GENT, ont of tferjproflttf of th« defendants for the repairing, of boilers three generations whan, with the expected tornally, and CUTIOURA HESOLVKNT, tho new J-5ai)k of Commerce Addition," at Brushlaat six months, payafela on and aft«r , M»y etc., to be known as W. S. Pendle.herry natural growth of Chiougo, it,is support I blood purifier, internally, ore a positive euro Thb sal of Tickets' for Single Concerts will' bo- ton. Sisio, 40x137, on wide streets, and extend- description on application. ·' BLACK & BAIJRD. OX/ Y^R IdBKQN, free of tax. it Will be. worth $15,000,000 or 520,000,000. for fvary form of sKln, scalp and blood disease, ing to alloy.-*; no city taxes; new neighborhood; Son & Co., and he alleges that he has not eln on MONDAY, May 13, at 9 A. M. 95 Fourth avenue, Pittsburgh. Pa. from pimples to scrofula, except possibly ichall good houses; convenient to station. Secure jgot an equal share'of the proceeds of the thyosis. one Before it too late; .-Soon to Ltve. firm. He therefore asks that a receiver $12 60, $y,oo and $5.00 for Season posed of. Forispnrticulurs call all will be disou JOHN F. Sold everywhere. Prl/io, (jtrrictmA. i'OBK, May 3.-- George Ifranoia SOAV, i'oc.: KUSOLVBKT,^!. ProparKd by50c.; Tickets. $3.0D, $2.oo, $1.00 nnd BAXTJiK, Agent, 612Smithtiold street. OK SALE-EAST END-HOME, CHEAP, be appointed. tho C0c for near Flfrh avenue cable care and con* « in t rl ° Tickets. Boxes Train aaya'that ho ia fasting to live. To-day FOTTKK DRD(J A??» CjUJEMIOAL OOBPOBATJpN, ap^Mit, Judicial Jottings. j floating sii,?100 for the season vonlent to P. H. R,: a now 2-a|pry fram« dwellho entered upon the fifteenth day-of total Boa ton. N ing of 0 rooms, batn, hot and cold tfater', elecmv-tTo-day's trial list in the criminal courl A' 0 1 TOJE*. ^r-Sond for "How to Cure Skin Diseases," trio bells and burglar alarm*, wtred lor |no»n» Send our «ge; yrtfll fencl from food and drink, exceptis as follows: Common wealth, vs. John abstinence and nis faoa Las assumed a 64 pa^cs, 50 illustrations and 100 toatimonlala. descent lig;lits, and all other modern improved ITY 1 yourratte, '4ttTnaottbted iw» ing water, on AS. F. MO'KENNA, convenience; largo lot, jfood location: this le a and Mrs. M. Boyle, Albert Freyer, Khastly expi-osdion. He Bays that ho oxcarlty ^o th« iniowd."-- ' Skin and Scalp preserved and beautified Attorney at Law, 1W Fifth avenue. bargain: call for all 'particulars. BLA.OK & AlSfD TUUK8DAY, ' Samuel Meyer, Thomas McOloy,Corne- Dfcts a erear, ep-deruic nnd is getting Tabor. 'A* safe a* the tKMt u by OUTICUHA. OOAI*. Abnolutcly pure. 1 BA1KA 95 Fourth avenue. my4-7-o-il lius Thoma* Allen (2), "William Gle\v, hir^self in condition to live through, it. ,MAV 15 AND 10, .NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN old-; Ruth* Catharine Schmidt, G. W. Scott, John __ that letters testamonUry on the; BY JAMISON & UICKIB/ A&fa ratUA. Good p*y, estato of James Gallery , deceased, Jate of Pitts'Gilluly, Thomas Clark, Jaines Carsou. *Netirly a Thousand Bhud Veterans. Keal Estate Dealers, Back Ache,'Kidney Pains, and Weakburgh, have boon granted to the understood, WASiriNGTOK, :May 3.--CpuxiBiaaioher Avenue. ness; Soreness, Tjameness, Statins, ana to whom all persons indebted to said esinto are An inquost in lunacy waa held yester- Tanner, of the pension office, has caused Pain roJieverl in oue ruiiinte by the requested to, make immediate payment, and day on John Ei Moore, aaed forty.Jour the rolls of his office to be searched for Cut.onra Anti-Pom Plaster. Tho those havlnir claims or demands against the Tl/TOETOAQES W ANTED m SUMS FROM F romptly same will make thorn ItnoTfn without delay. 1YJL $500 to $10,000; mon«y furnished pro years, and he was declared insaue. The th'e purpose of ascertaining the nnmber of first and only Inalantu-ncoua ,pain-klllin tor. ; . J.D. CALLEHY, and on favorable terms. JAJHISOlf & care of his estate was given to his mother, for WILLIAM V- CALLER Y, OB Fourth avenue, or corner Pentt and~,Snady brothers and sisters, he having no wife or ex-sold,era who are drawing pensions per avenues, East End. .,inj'2-TT»-2oa apl3-cs-6t Executors. MK, W LHELtM GEBIOKE, CONDUCTOR. total 'blindness «t the rate of |72 month. Tha nurabwr is found to ba 858. FRANK FISHEK VS. -MAKTHA OB SALE-A BARaAIN~BUSlNE»a _ ^|>_ , . Balance of stock of G-allinifer & Co., consisting _ J. Fisher. No. -280 April T., 1880. property, Penn. avenu«. near Fourteenth A verdict was rendered fop the defenOh, if J only had her complexion.- Why, it la, of glassware, lamps and trlmtnlngu, vasod, lu Ulvorco. To Martha J. Fisher, Kotfpondent. street, store room and" four dwelling rooms; dant yesterday in the suit of Morrison easily obtained. ; -Uae Fozzonifa Complexion crockery, cutlery, and fancy imported goods. You aro Hereby notified that, having been ap- also, stable in roar; lotfcoxlOOto an alley,' 'For · "· " ' · Bros. vs. Dr. B, S. Sutton, an action "on Powder. pointed Commissioner to take testimony in Information call 'on BLACK & BAIKl>b V5 Dealers will comult their own interest by call» raechanlc'a lien tor work dona at the ' ,tj Mil. .TAS, 1 MaOOLtiUM, CONUUOTOR. abovetyise,1 will-attend to said duty at my office, Fourth avenue. No. 405 Grant Btreet. Pittsburgh, on Monday, Incr at 109 Water street, Must be closed out by Allegheny General Hospital.



.To-day our c splay pf Miilinery, both trin imed And uatrimmed, will be somet^fng extraordinary. Dob't miss it, if you have an eye or the beautifiil NO CHARGE FOR TRIMMING if materials are purchased here. The souvenirs are now on exhibition in our jho^ wihdows. A complete lisl of the souvenirs will be m free of charge to any ad areas, Write for it. *i& 'X. ^wb'« K ^. ^A. · ' - _ JL


Fufnisli four House From Cellar to Attic,



for our Rose-



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^ ^ ^


^ ^ «


^ W ^ » u

LOT 100x200,











» · . - -

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T!ie Fallerton Woolen Hills, atFreeport,



" -




· j.



V U t t i C W i l J r . C b l J I V l V ^ M J t * V.1 W A»ZV

JlVt^UJV/J-J » itfif Jtf

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J 4 Vf if










The jury is ont in the case of the TJ: Baird Machine Company against Joseph A. Steen and William P. Getty, assignee, a. suit in replevin to recover machinery Bold to Steoo. The suit of Albert Kaiser against Charles L. Flaccus, to recover damages for the loss of an area while working in the defendant's factory is still on trial before Judge Stowe. Two suits for divorce wera entered yesterday. Barnaul Cuccaresa against his wife, Mary, for infidelity, and, Matilda J. Both agalnftt Peter Ro&h for. desertion.' A bill int «quifcy was filed b/,

June 1. my4-2t

S. FKANK, Assignee.

THUIi SDAY, Ma yie.




May 27, 1880, at 3 o'clock P. M., when and where you may attend If you aee proper.



Office and Work9--2007 OABSOW BtS -WHAT A. MAN __ told me yesterday. While strolling down the avenue yesterday a gentleman with a paoUa^e en route > to DIOKSON.-the Tailor, 05 Fifth arenuo, said ho was golnj? to have hlg and summer garments cleaned, raPftlria.ftrewi.dup as;, to mMce -his ^Imjds be-;

d Mrs. Geonr Honschel, Dr. Carl Mis.i Adelaide Foreainan, Mr. Paul uvu. et open Thursday, May 9, at Jlellor 'a, 77 'fifth avouue, 9 A. JVI. Admiaslon,·-$!; Iroserved seats, $1 50,



station or cablo dare; reaaonablo price*; terms to suit; call or solid to Office for colored plan. LEGAL JSOTiay--Notiee la hereby BLACK & JBAJJRU, «5 Fourth avsDUe. _ ^-«-- S^vpn that John A. Moelian, asmy4,7,9,11,13,16,17,121,23, signee'for the honrflt of the creditors' of Henry J.' Lynch, of the City of PUsburRh. has tiled hi? OB SALE--LA WHENCE VUULE PKOP petition In tha court of Common Pleas No, l,of ' orty, Forty-th'lrd, street, double brtclc of Allegheny county, at J^fo.. 180 June term, 188), six rooms, attic, hnll, both gasee, water, setting forth that ho has paid all the claims oacu wall sewered and all in rood repair; against the assigned eatatu which have been Jot, rannlnk back to'an alleys will neU rnado known to him and asicinpr lijr leave to ro- or a« a whole very ioyr. -Call at office. convey to the said assignor ail the assigned & BAIKP, 05 Fourth avonae. estate,ln the hands of tne petitioner freed from the crusts of the said assignment, and that the »B ·HAZiB-.Z.LOYD-'OIBOXiEi KJfTH avenue and, DUhrldg* streat; ohploest .lots prayer of -the petitioner wlU'bo granted on the le city, ThJ " /J .... «..*. t 25th day ol Mav, 1889, -at 10 o'clock .Av' Ml, ; aim an' order to execute a deed, of reconveyance; wiift approval, arid t; thereupon be unlens.cauao bevHhona to tho contrary. K.


W. A. BOOTH, Commissioner.

SALE-SHADY. SIUE.LOTSI $0X10"; Atlantic avonuc, ncar Liberty; beautiful,, FOKlots; good,neighborhood· conveniant to level


»g Jfor many yekn p*ut, £«TO tion to the etudy and. treatra tnt $



ambition, lt»p*lred n«, d«7itall» of bofttneM

all forms «crof uU, throAtftnd'mo lie»Hh, and 90 bodj M t matei «. i

tut* of »tt*


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