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as Mr. Withers, Mr. Eehnout and others of tho. more important .owners, but during the time that ho has been engaged in racing he has owned some of the greatest- thoroughbreds in the ' land. The star of tho stable was The Bard,.the finest racer of his time. Mr. Cassatt lirst. raced under the pseudonymo of "Mr. Kelso." .;




THINKS IT A MISTAKE. ·\A BUI)8BT OF JOHNSTOWN KEWS. WHAT A GERMAN'PRINCE COSTS.' His arm was caught between the dead ·j SOME REMARKABLE KVIDENCE. block and was crushed. He fell under the wheels afterward and would have boon Jlr, C. P, Hontington Will Pay JjllO.OOO.OOO for a The Distribution of Funds May Begin on Wednes- Monsfguor Mocenni Says It Is the English Bishop, The Prosccntlou Is the Case of an Alleged Murderer mangled had the car not. stopped on the Draw the Lines Fine. day-- Woodvalc People Will Rebuild tho Town. Noble Husband for His Daughter. Corrigan, who has been Sent For. PAN-AMERICAK DELEscale"track. The arm was amputated at, THE BASTOK, PA., October 20.--At the third JOHNSTOWK, PA., October 20.--Four - LCVNDON, October 20.---(Jollis P. HuntROME, October 20.--A correspondent the shoulder. He is twenty-four years of GATES IN CHICA IO. ] days' trial of Wra. Bartholomew, aiujl unmarried. ·ington- has left for Brussels and does noi; steani firo engines have been contracted for, had an interview to-day with Monsignor -ft. is boing held here, for and will be paid for.qut of the relief money Mocenni, the Papal Under-Secretary of which expect to return until a few days before the . murder of Aaron W. Billiard, the A S;unday o.f Rest Enjoy ed .by the h|s daughter's wedding to Prince Hate- in the hands of the finance committee. State, who thinks that the mistake Sporting Notes. state produced some strong circumstantial., Some of the people vigorously protest Thoru Will be few changes" made in tho Foreigners--They are Wearying foldt, which, as-now arranged, will take against this action, and say tho scheme was about Archbishop Cofrigan, of New evidence. It was proven that the'prmoner. THE LEAGUE PLAYEKS RESERVED. makefup of the Athletic Club. place on October 28. What price Mr. devised by those with property interest York, having been sent for, has arisen had Dilliard's gun on the night of the mur- i Already of their Trip. Tho game at ColummivS yesterday reAbout What Was Expected Though Sunday is Not Huntingfcon will have to pay for his in order that they may bo relieved from through the fact, that the English dcr. Two keys found where the murderer" sulted: Columbus 5, Cincinnati i5. taxation. on the Allegheny List. princely prize no one knows yet, but it their, share ofborough, although seemingly Bishop of the same name has been sum- stood fitted locks in Bartholomew's room . Manager Mutrie says the champions can His Stable to be Disposed of at PubWoodvalo Shot taken from Dllliard's body were ^YASHI^^GTO^^ October 20.--President raise $10,000 iu 10 minutes to bet on the CrncAQO, October 20.--The Pan- is a good round'"sum, estimated with the completely wiped out, gives notice that a moned to Rome. «··» lie,Sale October 29. The Archbishop of New York, how- identical with others found in the prisonYoung, of the National Base Ball League, world's series. American delegates reacher. here last dowry and settlement of debts taken special election will he held to determine er's room. Seventeen bits of paper, which has received tho reserved list of playert . Tho winners at Elizabeth Park wore evening from South Bend. Hayor Cre- into consideration, at ncarty ten million whether the borough debt shall he in- ever, has powerful enemies here, as he formed the wadding over the load himself well knows. His alleged finan- of load and powder which caused creased, the purpose'being to replace the 4UTHE SPORTING NEWS 01' THE "SEASON. for the season of 1890. Tho following Little Minch, Badge, Oregon, Freedom, gier welcomed them.briefly a · tho hotel dollars. The princo has never been so municipal buildings,-open the streets and cial enterprises are often spoken of named players have been reserved bjy their Kenwood aud King Cru-b. and then tho foreigners retire 1 anticipa- devoted to his fiance as he has been this restore the river embankment. No wos^c" among certain of the prelates here, who Dilliard's death, proved to have been torn respective clubs: j The Phillies defeated the Athletics in an ting with pleasure a Sund; y of rest. week, driving with her, shopping with at all was done by the Slate forces, have repeatedly urged the Pope to inter- from a copy of the Northampton Democrat, parts of which were found in BartholoMINN., October 20.--Tho New York--William Brown, JR. Conner, exhibition game oh-^aftircluy by a .score of her and spending most of his time when aud not a was left, hut the property mew's house. The editor of tho paper re^' Statement is made here on good authority P. Crane;, William iC\ving, G. F. Gore, M. VI to 2, and Cleveland itaafc Cincinnati 4 Eighteen days ago.they start d from the not ithus engaged in Mr. Huntington's owners are determined to build up again-/ fere, fitted every piece exactly where it beo , _ - j _ .. , i-r-.. _ 1. . ,, i_ ^ ' ·* · * iil-1^ «n-"This week tho Crona-caNera, of Rome, city of Washington. Sinc< that day that the Brotherhood of Base Ball Players Welch, L.. Tieman, J. *M. Ward, T. ,.T. tol. . apartments at, Brown's Hotel. Secretary Ivremer has been keeping hfe* a ncwspaper devoted to the interests of longed. The pieces in the wads fitted as a "" X A rni'co t C'mi'L-c nan nr. iviivlr o i l rln-rr «mrl . _ ^ _ ^ _ Jockey Hamilton has signed to ride Cor they have boon speeding witl lightning is backed by Mr. Spalding and the Boston Kcefo, P. 4 .Murphy, J. O'Uourke, H, O. Prince Hatzfeldt is a. Catholic, and he force rof lclerks hard at work all day and _ ^ rule to the other torn pieces, rather than August.lBelmont next .season at a salary of rapidity through the va-st t irritory of insisted on a marriage by the rites of the, part Of the night, the action of tho people the lower clergy, openly declared that to .the paper itself, but when they were all triumvirate. The Brotherhood managers Day, D. Richardson, M. J. Slattcry, i tho Catholic archdiocese of New York Washington--A. Forson^.G. 8. Had- $10,000.' GtirrLson 'will Jikely ride for the the United States, tarrying but long Cathelic' Church. /Bnrmpton Oratory, in demanding an accounting evidently was dissatisfied with Archbishop Corri- laid in their proper place they completed liad riot secured the expectedfinancialaid, d'ouk, G. W. Keete, G., H. Kroek, John a Hough .Bros.. '·' i . serving as a stimulus to accomplish somethe portion torn from the main sheet of i; and it was thought the move would 1x3 Invin, TV. H. Wilmot, F. Beecher, O. ·· enough in the populous cities aud busy the wedding is arranged to take thing. e*rt is now confidently believed, that, gan's condact. 1 If-Jockey Me; Laugh liu succeeds as a paper. This evidence was of greatest imabandoned. Finally it was concluded to Clark, C. Maek, J. H. Jliddle, A. A. lr- starter Mr. Lorillard will release him at towns on their route to get a glimpse of place, is the scene of all fashionable they will begin paying put tho money on No official complaint, however, has portance to the State and it was"1 brought Catholic marriages in London, and, so. Wednesday. The services of St. John's reached the Vatican, and Mgr. Mocenni, liave a conference with Spalding, and tho wiu, W. b\ Hoy, ,'J. J. Carney. once, and ho can step into a'position worth their wealth and resources ; nd future out with great care, the hi story of each far as can. be learned, it is intended to -last time the Giants played in Chicago; J-Boston--J. G. Clarkson, Charles Kad- at least $10,000 a year. prospects. To bo sure their accommo- make this'wedding one of great splendor. congregation were held in the open air to- the papal under secretary ot state, gave piece of paper being given as it was fitted day, the. small frame church building beWard had. a long conference with bburue, William Daley, C. TV. Bennett, comprise' every tJ mg that At first this question of religious belief ing too small to accommodate those who the correspondent to understand that his to its place. One piece of wad was but an Tho winners at Latonia-were Passion." dations Charles Ganzell, D. Brouthers, Joseph holiness was well satisfied with Arch- inch long and an eighth of an inch wide, him. He made a proposal to Spal- Quiim, William Nash, C: Smith, M. J. Dutchman, Zulu, Lottie S.,Monita Hardy, human ingenuity can ( oyise to were in attendance. with tapering ends, but it wafyrequived to bishop Corrigan. ding that the monied members of the Kelly, B.»Jf. Johnston, H. Eichardson, 1\ (Cincinnati Motel autumn handicap)-- alleviate' the discomforts < f travel; threatened to be almost as big an obstacle to tho marriage as the settlement witli "And what about the report that the fill just that space in the task of fitting the JLeague should advance fuudsjfor running J. Madden, T. Brown. Fouso aud Queen of Trumps. A CAR J U M P E D TUB TRACK. the people with whom they nave been the prince's creditors, but Miss Huntbishop of Cleveland has been criticized?" whole. Some pieces were' rounded tho the Brotherhood clubsT at Boston, New Philadelphia--C. G. Bumnton, John McClelland'won the race from Donald R thrown in contact have been most, con- irtgton was' ready m this emergency, size of a five-cent piece; others were about York, Chicago, and^Philadelphia. In re- Clements, A. B. Sanders, TViiliamShriver, He had to run 1% miles while the horse siderate of their welfare, -ami programs How a Fata! Accident Near Confluence Was asked the correspondent. an inch square, Bartholomew watched TVilliam Gleason, F. TI. Decker, S. D. paced 2%" miles. He covered the Hrst mile for their entertainment .1 ave been and by her own desire she became a com"Of that I know nothing," replied the this evidence dovolopcd with greatest inturn the Brotherli-pod agreed to sustain Caused--Two Killed and Several Hart. j municant of the Catholic Church. The monsignor. "Tho affairs of the Catholic terest. His hands worked nervously all the chibs in'-the-other fou>Leaguo cities, with Farrar, Al. Myers, Joseph Mulvey,' S. L. in 4:47 and ilnisheid tho other half fully promptly abridged or others ise modi- wedding will be witnessed only by a few CONN ELLS viLijE, PA., October 2 Church in the United States are regu- time and he chewed his tobacco vigorously. , the hdpe that the Brotherhood would Thompson, TV. Hallman, E, G. Delalianty, oOO yards in the lead. tied to meet the slightest s iggesticm, intimate friends. · bad wreck occured on the Confluence lated by the Propaganda Fide, which may The trial will be continued Monday. break even on its first season. Spalding, J. S. Fogerty, and David Anderson. The old disreputable hat which Ward but nevertheless! the last wee c has been Cleveland--C. L. Zimmor, FJ F. Sutolifte, The couple intend, to go to Italy on Oakland Railroad, a branch of the Balti- have appointed a commission to investiafter communicating with the Boston has used for three seasons, and which he most exhausting in its clem nds upon their honeymoon, and then go to the more anc Ohio,- near Confluence, yester- gate inatters for some purposes of their THE ROYAL STUD AT KISBEK. managers, ag?eed to advance from $25,000 Henry · Gruber, F. Beatiu, J. 1<|. O'Brien, carried all round tho world, was 'broken a \ to $35,000 in cash, which would be placed F. Bakley, J. S. Faatz, John Strieker, F. few days ago. So was Ward's heart. the physical strength of the delegates, prince's 'mother's castle at Schoncstein, day morning. A construction train of five own. Certainly tho pope has not apin the Brotherhood's hands in tho spring. J. McKeau, 0. Tebcau, L. C. Twitchell, J. Strango'to say, ho dreamed a few nights and they welcomed the uinounce- Germany. It is reported that the cars carrying 200 laborer left Connollsville pointed any such commission, though How the Great Aafifro-HungarJan Army is SupB. McAleer, P. liad ford and K. J. Gilks. ment that to-day they wcro at plied With Fresh Horses. The proposition was accepted by Ward. Chicago-Thomas F. Burns, F. N. Will- previously that somebody broke it,--Ev- liberty to rest. Cousecmontl r' few of prince's father and mother do not intend ;at an early hour. The cars were being his approval must have been asked." [lUnder the existing order of things the According to the London Standard^ the to come here to witness the ceremony, pushed by au engine. The leader jumped chanyc, ' From private sources of information, Brotherhood is an offshoot of the League; iamson, D. L. Darling, C. A. FarreM, J. tho party were scon at \thc breakfast "'Tommy" Quiun, of the Baltimore tables this morning, and\ it was well but will stay at Sehonestcm until he the trade and the next two crashed into however, from America to certain pre- Hungarian state keeps altogether^ four it also meaus a disruption of the American K. Tener, W. F. Hutchinson, C. .'Van 1 brings his bride to them. But the it before tho engine could be stopped. studs, viz: Mezohcgyea, with 1,646 horse? Association. The strong clubs will be Haltren. Frank Dwyer, James Ryan , team, is home and will remain here during along toward noon before, th s majority tronblo is over at last. His creditors are Foreman James Fritxpatrick, of Wilming- lates here, the correspondent learns that things are not going on smoothly in of various breeds; Babolna, with 639 taken into tho League, and the League and Hugh Duffy, N F. PfetFer, A. C. Gumbert. the winter. "Tommy" closed the season of them deserted their comfor ,able bed's appeased, and the prince i^ out of debt ton, Del., and James Wlliaras, (colored) Bishop Gilmoro'n diocese. Indianapolis--T. TY.. Glasscook, i.7. with one of the best records made by any horses, a.nd Fogaras, with 421, both for Brotherhood will divide up their territory Denny, C. F. Bassett, P. A. Hiucs; J. C. Association catcher. He has been re- and appeared in tho lobby of the hotel for the first time'siiice he began to grow of Snakevillo, Va.,' were instantly killed. Arabian horses; finally Kisber, with /509 among them, ^two clubs boing allowed in A LONG LOST SON FOUND. Whiskers. Miss Huntington, with her George Riiulbaugh, laborer, was fatally towns that will warrant such a condition McGeaohy, C. F. Andrews, J. F. Seery, J. served by the Baltimore management for where they are stopping. horses, principally for the importation H. Boyle. A. W. JRussie, C. H.' Getzein, B. jnext year. Carriages had been kept in % a i ting by mother's assistance, has w,on a valiant injured. Ira Stem, a brakeman, and J. *>f things as in Philadelphia, Xew York and W; Tiering, laborer, each had a leg. broken, After More Than Two Years of Wandering a Boy and breed of British horses, racers as well The Allegheny s defeated tho McKees- the reception committee, an" I such of fight against her rich father. possibly Boston and Chicago. The war- D.Buckley, J. A. Souimersj C. A. Daily as half-breeds. The state keeps other The'causo of the accident is unknown. and Fee, JB Restored to His Blotter. the excursionists as felt incl ncd were ports on the,'hitter's grounds Saturday by iare will, apparently bo bitter, and for depots of stallions at different places, Pittsburgh--G. F. Miller, J. F. Galvin, a score of 1.9 to 2. Galvin pitched for the driven along the lake front o on other A REJIARKABlS ESCAPE. the reddest kind of gore, but at the end of CINCINNATI, October 20.--Over two A Kick for Cheaper Fuel. having altogether 2,300 there in 1887, the the playing season of 1890 the moving F. H. Carroll, TV. J. Kuehne. J., J. Fields, Allies. The attendance was quite large. attractive courts. After din icr about ERIK.' PA., October 20.--The committee years ago Mrs. John L. Moore came hero latest year for which a return has been spirits of the Brotherhood and the Nation- Fred Dunlap, H. F. Staley, A. J. jSFaiil, Galvin and Miller talk of picking up a 30 <rf' the party were takeii in harge by Supposed Plunderers Attempt to Wreck a Train which, Saturday to meet, the manager on a visit from her home in Seymour, prepared. on the Hook Island Kdad. al League will have several good round J. P. Beckley, P. J. Con way, J. F. Bowo. nine in this city and playing (.he Mclvees- tho. local committee find osoor cd to the ** dollars to divide among themselves, aud J. :!)., White, William Sowders, Alex ports during the week. WICHITA, KAN., October 20.--An at- of the Pennsylvania;.Gas Company, has Ind., leaving her son Willie, aged fourThe review at Kisber lasted||ver two Armour Mission a,ud -Kin ergarton, ^ Jones and James McCormiek. returned with -President Hayes ultimatum. teen years, with his grandmother there. base ball.-will be regarded as a good inAt Lexington Saturday Jean Valjean hours. The emperor was seateffon the tempt was made at 10 o'clock this mornvestment?, and if need be, the clubs in New fin the caso of the Chicago Club Captain; Avon tho 2:4U trot in straight heats. Best where 1,500 children arc cared for spiritThe company will not' recede from tho While his mother was -away Willie covered tribune of the open riding school, ually and materially. The St nduy ser- ing to wreck a passenger train on tho Anson's name does not appear, as he' sighs York and Chicago, which have recently new rates, ami in an interview stated time, 2:24^. Palo Alto .Hello had a walk"been incorporated, will lie idle, the name a^eparate contract with that club. The over for the three-year-old futurity stakes. vice was in progress when they oii- Rock Island Railroad, 15 miles east ,of they would continue the service in Erie struck up an acquaintance with a horse and all the generals and otheivstair' officers, iftier lis- .McFarland, Kan. A strong piece of even if nine-ten Uhs of their patrons joined man called "Bribe" Baker, who per- as well as the military attaches, were altc.rcd the building, aud "being secured them, and rest content with "Washington Club did not reserve Daly, wh|o Time, 2:22W. Houri won the 2:19 trot; in suaded tho boy to go away with him. lowed to go where they liked, in order to ey were the profits that -will accrue.from the Broth- also signed a contract agreement, and it is straight heats-. Time, 2:18;^, 2:17, 2:18. teuing' to some hymns timber was placed in an upright posi- the boycott. Prominent lawyers say that problematical whether or not ho will play «rh6o6dyOrganization. Acolyte! won the 2:30 race for stallions. ·shown* into the kindergartoi . There tion in a culvert, the end projecting five the repealing ordinance, just passed by Willie informed his grandmother of his have the closest inspection.of tho splendid in Washington next season. were no demonstrations or epartivres council, cannot ho enforced, and that tho purpose and left and nothing was heard Best time, 2:21)4'. * ., feet above the tracks. The train was city cannot compel them to take up their of him fpr fcwo yearsl Last spring the horses and the whole establishment. The MR. A. J. CASSATT TO KKTJRE. The American turf has probably scon from the ordinary practice of tl is school, running at tho rate of So miles, and lines. Mass meetings will be held here matter was placed in the hands of detec- first to pass muster were 35 half-bred stalPULLED UP EVEN. lions, beautiful animals, all led into tho 1 the last of Baldwin's horse Volarite. This except that the children had be en gotten Me Will Sell His Kanaers and Unit the Turf, The Giants Walk Away From Brooklyn^ Team year he did not1 come to a race, and when together on Sunday instead >f a week whon the engine struck tho obstruction this week, and the organization of a local tives. About a week ago, when Baker circle, by their trainers, as the State does one of the cross ties, which held the competing company is the latest devised appeared in Crockett county, Tenn., one not dispose of this costly material except · -'*" Probably Forever. he returns to Los Angeles, Cal., ho will clay, but it may safely be said hat upon ft With Perfect Ease. of the boys with him was recognized as when the horses arc fully broken in. The no other occasion during tliei .journey beam, broke in such a way as to permit weapon. | enter the fajupus Santa Anita stud./ Dur. NEW YORK, October 20,--Mr. A- J. CasThe Giants won the second game of the ing his four years' racing Volaut.u has won were the delegates more d eply ki- the beam to fall to the ground and al- . tho original of the photographs sent all enthusiasm of the connoisseurs at seeing Kuuning on Schedule Time. B»tt, one of the -wealthiest and most en- world's series at Brooklyn before .16,172 for "Lucky*" Baldwin over, §100,000 In He admitted bis these fine creatures was somewhat premateresfccd. than when the 75 1 ttle -. tots' low the .train to pass with , only slight j YoTJNGSTOwjsr, ,O., October 20.---Robert, over the country. thusiastic patrons of racing in this coun- people. The size of the wholi? matter was stakes and purses. damage to the engine. identity, saying that he had had enough ture, "for soon afterward ten thoroughbred neatly, but plainly attired, · 'hispered try, has determined upon an immediate that the Brooklyns were outplayed at every Twenty minutes before tile accident- ·I. .-Bennett and Miss T;lzzio Campbell, both traveling. He wrote to his mother and stallions were brought in, the pride of tho When. Axtell was foaled ho was so first the" words and then sang in small retirement from the turf, and it is quite point, being utterly unable to size up small! and had such bad, crooked and infantile voices, and with -such expres- .the/Colorado express had passed the-cul- of Beaver Palls, Pa., called upon Justice to-day he will return to her at No. 218 royal stud of Itisber. There was no need of mentioning thoir names, as was dono .Hallowell last evening, the gentleman reprobable that the famous tri-color of Ches- Crane's delivery. The score: curby] hocks that. Mr. Jlussey, who had sion as the teacher's warnii K ^ finger vert without encountering' the obstruc- marking: "We have just 12 minutes to Court street, in this city. in the case of the half-breds, as all of ·, the charge of Mr. Williams's stock, thought could inspire, of the mother dove and tion. The wreck . is supposed ; to have get married and catch a train," at the terbrook, which has been borne to victory guests knew and recognized them. A. 15. YOUKL H. In. I p.i A. IK. the colt ought to be. killed. .Here is a her little ones, aud of the babi ·« birth- been attempted for the purpose i of rob- same time producing a license. They were THE RUBRIC WAS DEFEATED by some of the greatest horses seen in re- BBOOK'jN. K . B . Horses like, Verneuil, Craig Millar, Donstriking example of what tall oaks from bery. The company's detectives are married and succeeded in catching a train caster, Ruperra, Sweetbread and Gunnerscent years, will never appear on a race O'Ern.lf 0 Gore, i day. Proposed Change In the Episcopal Celebration of bury, all of which arc English, are too ilic little acorns grow, as Axtell 'is the fastest OT'rnan. rl' bound for home. course again. All of Mr. Cassatt's racers Collins, 2 o ''These childreit- are. just from tho investigating th<3 matter. and most wonderful three-year-old trotter Cttiumnulon Not Concurred In. rf well known on the international turf not 1 'will be sold under the hammer, without Btirns, 1.. o mother's breast," said an impub ive-rneinrj : 3 o that this country has ever produced, and Foutz, ,' AKKKSTED FOR AN OLD CRIME, - NEW YOHK, October 20.--A resolution to be recognized by the gentlemen who were Saw a Rough Side oflt. 0 1 (-onnor, I reserve, at the American Horse Exchange r'kn'v, 3 Oj 0 he is likely to still further rcduco his won- ber, who comes from the Arge tine Re( that their curiosity remained 5> ,, derful record; before the snow flics. 3 E'h'.d'n,2 c o public, "and nature is their fir. tbook," Texas JJfficers Capture a Member of the Once No- | YOUXGSTOWK, 0. , October 20.--Harry passed by tho house of bishops of the assembled, so on the four thoroughbreds in this city, on Tuesday, October 29, and Visner, pj i oj o concentrated OJ 0 o O'R'kc.lf Car't'r, ; convention was consid- bred of English parents iu Kisber. VerPorter, aged thirteen'years, ran away from Episcopal and ho pointed to a dove whic i soared with their disposal the great "Kelso C'kh'l, nil oj o 0| 0 0 Whit'y, n . toHons Qqantrell Gang. j 21 0 Crime, p. with outstretched wings a' ove the home during the past ·week, saying lie in- ered Smith, ss 0! o yesterday by the house neuil had not been in the arena for sevA CHANGE IN DOCTRINE. Stable" -will Tae a thing of the. past. i PARIS, TEX., October 20.--Sheriff teacher's head. tended to see the world. His parents re- cf deputies. It provided that eral years, as his temper lias .caused many .That Mr. Cassatt has decided upon this 3 27 Totals, ij 9 27 Totals, The visitors reluctantly tu.r od their I'Cox, of Hill county, has arrested Kinch ceived a message this morning stating that there should be no celebration of the inconveniences.. He proved so unmanageRev. John McDowell Lcavitt, B. D., Leaves the Proimportant step with some haste is unable and obstinate on the last occasion that backs upon, the little school ta' inspect 'West in the Indian Territory for the while beating his-way on a"freight train at ...1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 -- 2 testant for the Reformed Episcopal Church. doubted^ The first news of his intentions Brooklyns New Ybrks .-. .1 1 1 1 2 (^ 0 0 0--6 the dispensary attached to the mission murder of D. Martin in 1870. West^be- Home, O., he .had fallen oft', tho wheels Lord's supper unless there were some to this time it was deemed advisable to put on in this >city was a telegram froru Mr. · KEW YORK, October 20.--Kov, John and to look at the rows of substantial crushing his leg and causing other ilpnged to .Quantroll's gang,' and after injuries that rightprobably cause his death. commune with the priest. Dr. Hunting- him a leather muzzle, from which chains Sacriflce hits--Ewin'g, Ward, O'Rourke, C&Bsatt to Colonel Sanders D. Bruce, rewill ton's motion to non-c.ohcur was lost, and were suspended on each side, and these McDowell Lcavitt, D. D., who, after 41 'aud well-appointed residences whose ·tho' war located in Laihar county, where on Piiday night, 'asking the latter Whitney, O'Brien. Three-base hit--Richa motion to postpone was alsojlost. After were held by strong men. The horse conardson. " Stolen basea--Gore, 2; Tiernan, years' service as a minister of the Pro- rental goes toward maintaining the mis- ho gathered around him a few bold,He is $2.000 Shy. to come to Philadelphia immediately and some discussion the proposed rubric was sequently kept perfectly quiet, with his TVard, .2; O'Rourke, O[Brien. Double testant Episcopal Cliurch, has withdrawn sion. The carriages were agai i called ·'-prepare'for the sale. Colonel Bruce anYOUNOSTOWNV "O.j {.October 20.--T. W. defeated by a clerical vote, most of lay head on one side, and the emperor and"-his desperate men, who stole - horses and swered the telegram in person by going to plays--TVard, Richardson and Connor, 2; to become aReformodJEpiscopal Church into requisition and tho disti iguished guests expressed their admiration at his Thompson, the expert employed by the Philadelphia early yesterday morning, O'Brioii and Visner; TVard and Cqnnor. minister, preached tb/is morning on his visitors wore taken on a long' clr vo along kept;a reign of terror up and'down .the '|Joardof Bevision tp investigate the ac- delegates favoring it. The house of form. First base on balls--Oft' Crane. J; oft' Cabishops refused to concur in the proRed river for .100 miles. In"1807. thqy arid when he left the Quaker City last Michigan avenue, where they ;aw how" His majesty and the visitors afterward i murdered a man near this counts of City Clerk ·; John S. Boiler, has posed division of California. evening all the arrangements had been ruthers, 1. Hit by pitched I ball--Pinckney. reasons tor doing so in the First Re- Chieago'B wealthy men live, at d' made a round of the stables, pasture places, formed Episcopal Church, Madison avenot completed the work and will not be completed^whereby orer 40 thoroughbreds Struck out-- By'Crane, 3; by Caruthers, 2. .city. A vigilance committee was orand the rest of the breeding establishment. back to their hotel and to dinne A GERMAN PRINCE PIKBD UPON. .able to make a report for several days, The are to be put up at public auction and Passed ball--Visner. Wild pitches--Crane, nue and Fifty-fifth street. 3<\>r each eouplo of ' mares there is an inThis evening, at tho sugge itiou of 'ganized and the party (were attacked examination thus far indicates a deficiency Caruthers'.- Time--1:52. Umpires--GaflDr. Leavitt declared that he had been knocked down to the highest bidder. In and two of them killed. West escaped. offrom 91,800 to §2,000. '. -Tho trouble of The Would-Bc ABBussin Captured--He Wanted a closure of nearl y two acres of pasture land, those in charge, the delegates V ere ucy and; Lynch. 3 practically forced into liis present 'posiresponse to questions as to the cause for with a small stable divided into two parts Mterkilling Martin in Hill county he the city clerk is due entirely to his intemCatholic King. Mr. Cassatt's retirement Colonel Bruce, tion, and his action' was the outcome of undjstnrbcd for rest. in the center of it. The mares .have their left and was reported that- ho had been perate habits. . . ' . - ' ' BEnT-iN", October 20.--While Prince colts and til lies until the latter' 'are, taken ' A GREAT TEAM PERFORMANCE. a long and persistently fought battle bekilled in Mexico. lie went to the InENPOKCIXG 1'HOHIBITION. ^Mr. Cassatt's horses have caused him tween the tenets of the Protestant EpisWilliam of Wurtemburg was driving to awayto put; on a puszta aud handed over ' Sued for'$4,COO. · dian Territory and lived quietly under more or less trouble during the past sea- Lady Wellingtoa anf Aubine Trot a Mil* 4t Fleet- copal Church and the dictates of his ZANESVILLE, 0., October 20.---The church at Ludwigsburg to-day he w~as fired to the picturesque Esikos for supervision an alias for 18 years. the S« An Interesting Decision Handed Down son, and as he needed a complete rest he wood in 2:16. while grazing on the vast plain. own conscience. His Avidest difference Zanesvillel and Ohio Hirer Bailway Com- at by a man named Klaiber, who, upon Court of low*. decided to get rid of them and go abroad. from the church was on the supremacy KEW YORK, October 20.--The trotting LOUD STANLEY'S KKTUKN. pany has begun suit against James H. An- being arrested,- exciain?ed: "It is high TEAITS OF THE WEOJ-BBED GIRL. His departure_will occur immediately after IA., October 20.- ·The RUthe sale and he will not return inside of a horse men in this vicinity who were absent of the Scriptures as the solo rule of preine court has rendered an ir iporfcant England Wishes to Negotiate foi- ja Settlement of drews, formerly assistant cashier of the time Wurtemburg had a Catholic king," road, to recover $4,000 whioh the petition The prince was not hurt. The would-be What She's Like and Hovr to Tell Her by the year, and?perhaps he will remain on tho from Fleetwood Park Saturday missed a faith. The baptismal office was, lie 'the JJehring Sea Trouble. alleges he used for, paying the personal assassin is supposed to be deranged. Other side somewhat longer, lam quite great sight,,although|it was an impromptu said, in direct contradiction to the arti- decision here bearing upon" the enforceThings She Doeeu't Do. «. » « ........OTTAWA, ONT.. October 20.--It is debts of his father, Charles Andrews, the >ur& that Mr. Cassatt is not quitting the affair. Major S.jT. Dickinson has lately cle aud homily on this point, for the '.nient of the prohibitory liquor 1 uv. An Philadelphia Times. Exonerated the Policeman. turf /because-.of any disappointments he .purchased the black bares Lady Welling- reason that while the. office asserts tho information had been filed before rumored that Lord Stanley will shortly builder, and at the time of the using of the Do you know many well-bred girls? Oh, may have received in connection with it. money for the. purpose alleged, the presiregeneration of tho infant in baptism, ST. Louis, October 20.-?~At an early ton, by Victor, and Aubine, by Young the Scriptures are silent on tho sub- a justice alleging that certain liquors retifSh home from the Pacific coast, and dent of the road. they can Always he told. In fact, I am certain that he is not dishour this morning Andrew Getcheuser, owned by-'Con. Creeden wore kept at in connection with this rumor the. 'state-. gusted with racing. Nor yet has he found Rolfe, siro of Kelson, the young stallion ject. A well-bred girl thanks the man who aged seventeen years, was v shot and inwho lias trotted into fame thiffseason, and the .Hock Island freight depot in Pes ment is made that the British govAlways Have Their Knives Ready. it-an'unprofitable kind of sport. His , »-4^_ gives her a seat in the street-car and does stable has always been a good winner in there was not a little excitement wheu the Moine.s, intended for sale in vio' afcion of ernment has instructed Sir Julian YOUNGSTOWX, 0., October 20.--Early stantly killed by Officer McCormick, of the it in a'quiot and not in an oflensive way. AN EXPLOSION OF COAL DUST. --.-" days; gone by, and during the present sea- team came out, hitched to. wagon] to bo the law. The case was tried iu fclie dis- Paurieefote, its ambassador at Washing- this morning a fight in ' an Italian tene- Central district. Young Getcheuser and She doesn't turn round to look a'ftor BOH his horses have won in stakes and sent a fast mile, over the coiirso. several companions attempted to force They had not been hooked together very Terrible Accident in a Western Mine Caused by trict court and the liquor's-' wore ordered ton, to negotiate for a settlement of the ment house Sandy Dominiek, a laborer, their way into a dance without paying and gamblers or posing actors on the street, purses something over $60,000. still Mr. )pealod, Bearing Sea .difficulty and the Atlantic wus frightfully cut about the head and destroyed. Tho defendants a Miner's Liunp. Cassatt is determined to make his present long, and had "been driven only on tne were ejected. One of them hit the oliicer and she doesn't think that her good^Jooks road. Ike Fleming was up behind them, j FORT SiwiTH, ABK.,- October 20.---A claim ing that the liquors wer in the fishery question. The Behring Sea mat- chest with knives. He was taken to the in the face with a rock,1 and Getcheuser arc causing the men to stare at her. separation from racing complete, if not as a ter, i|; is believed here, will be settled hospital and will probably die. Another and at the word they went away like one disastrous explosion occurred yesterday custody of the railroad compa She doesn't wear all her jewelry in the altogether permanent.'' about to hurl missile ttor be- 11 pon the basis originally proposed, viz: of the party, an old man, was beaten until wasofficer tired and another,fell dead. when daytime, and she understands that dia"You think, then, that it is possible he horse, and moving 'with clockwork pre- in- a coal mine at Bryant Switch, 00 common carrier and thai/ the the the boy The cision reached I the quarter pole in !0:32^. came one of- inter-State coramcr ;c, over The appointment of a commission repre- he became'unconseious. Those engaged in coroner's jury exonerated the officer. may'return to the turf again ?"J mond rings, ear-rings and bracelets were "I can hardly say J that. CMr. Pierre Half a mile was almost gone when Lady miles south of here, iu the Choctaw na- which the State courts had no urisdic- senting Japan, 'Russia, England, Canada the fight are under arrest. intended for the evening alone. Wellington broke, and .Fleming pulled the tion. A miner's lamp came in contact tie n. A Bishop Consecrated aud Installed. Jjorillard retired and has 'again returned, and the United States. THE NEWS OF THE SEIQHI50RIIOOI). go to and Mr. Cassatt may do the same. But if team up, although theyj had made the dis- with a keg of powder. The explosion of The decision of tho supren e court RICHMOND, VA., October- 20. --The Rt. is She doesn'twith asupper after the theater over aloue man. tance <in 1:06, a 3:12 gait, i he does it'will be with an entirely new finds that C.reedeu was a pcrsiK ent vioDEATH OF ANOTHER \ ICT1M Rival claimants among the United Rev. A. Van Devy ver was consecrated and She docs not declare that she neve/ rides On the second attempt tho horses, after the powder caused an explosion of coal stable,'for he will not retain a single one lator of the law, and had boon r j~& the race' horses now in 'his possession, jogging around tho circuit, came do^yn for dust which set the mine on fire. liquor'"in this way for some tim :, using Of the lit. Auburn Inulincd Plane '-Accident--Two Brcthern of New Castle, Pa., to the church installed as a -bishop in St, Peter's Cathe- in street cars. property of that place, began a suit in dral to-day. Cardinal Gibbons acted as She does not accept a valuable present Etirus alone excepted. This horse has not the word. They wore trotting level as a Sixjteen men wore in the mine, the shaft the i'rcight office as a storage room to equity at Chainbersburg on Saturday. of the Injured Improving. consecrator, and tho sermon was preached from any man unless she expects to marry yet recovered from the effects of the race die and moved like a black cyclone. They of which is 500 feet deep. The work of James Neff, one of the alleged accom- by Bishop John J: Keane. The assistant him. at Monmouth Park last summer which did not .falter, and Fleming kept them up! rescuing the unfortunates was com-keep the packages till ncode . The CINCINNATI, October 20.--Mrs. Agnes She doesn'4b,talk loud in public places. rendered him lame, and Mr. Cassatt thinks to their speed earnestly. As they Hashed pleted at about dark last evening. All court holds that the intcr-Sta 0 com- Hochstetter, one of the' victims of the plices in the murder of William Mc- consecrators were Bishop Kane, of "WheelShe does not speak of her mother in a Causiand, will be given Ms second trial in ing;: Bishop Haid, of North Carolina, and that he would not bring a fair price if put past the quarter pole the watches showed of thorn wore taken out more or less in- nicrce feature of the. transact!o 1 ended Very Ilev. A. Maguion, ,D, D,, superior sarcastic way, and she shows her the lovup at auction in his present condition. But '32% seconds, a 2:11 gait. On they fle,w to jured. A few were horribly burned and when the liquor had reached the, freight Mount Auburn incline piano accident, tho Washington county., criminal court. ing deference that is her due. if lie were sound and well ho would surely the half in the unparalleled time of 1:05. at last accounts were not expected to ro- house; that the railroad in keepi .g them last, Tuesday, died at the Cincinnati A special meeting of presbytery is talked of St. Mary's Seminary, of Baltimore. 4 Sb,e doesn't want to be a man, and she "Can they keep up the clip over the hill?" go with the others." for several days was holding t cm uot Hospital to-day of injuries received by of at Canonsburg to.settle the question of , coyer. A (ilraffe Korn at doesn't try to imitate him by\weariiig stiff "Will Mr. Cassatt sell his breeding was every one's whisper." They breasted organ or no organ in1 Chartiers church of as a carrier, but as a warehousei mn. the crash of the car at tho bottom of, the . CINCINNATI, October 20.--The female liats, smoking cigarettes and using an octhe rise as though it was nothing to them, establishment also ?" incline. Miss Lillie Oskanip and Joseph that place. Atp present the organ!tes are g\irafte at the Zoological Garden in this casional big, big B. DR. TALMAGB OFFERS A SURPRISE · "No, that will remain intact, for al- and at the .three-quarter pole the watches on top. GOVERNOR ' F O K A K B R QUITE 1 McFjulden, who were also injured, are She doesn't say/'she hates women, and though Mr. , Cassatt will not actively marked 1:40%. On the level home stretch The Board of Trustees of the Church Will Erect city gave birth to a young male giraffe A flow of gas was struck at. the Weaver she has some good, true .friend** among doini? well to-night, with a fair and a engage in racing, he will continue to breed they came as surely no team cjver came bewell. Canonsburg, Saturday night. It ig- this forenoon. This is said to he the first them. a New Tabernacle at Once. He Has Been Confined for Several Days, lit Hopes much improved prospect for' recovery. and sell the yearlings raised at his farm at fore over Fleetwood and passed the wire nited at the forge fire and burned the der- born in captivity in America. But one was ·She doesn't wear boots without their \ ' NEW YOKK, October 20,--Dr. Talto be Out Soon, GhesterbrodV where his stallions Strat- hr2:16. rick, tool house and all other combustibles born in London in 1877. The youngster at buttons or a frock that needs mending. This time has never been . surpassed or mage announced to hjs congregation in ford, Ben d'Or and The Bard now are." The St. Louis Exposition Closed. the Zoo is nearly five and a half feet high, COLUMBUS, 0., October 20.--C-ovornor within reach. Loss, $1,000. She doesn't scorn the use of the needle, 'The horses that are to be offered at auc- equalled but once at Fleetwood, when Brooklyn to-night that tho board of Iforaker was finite ill yesterday, but the and his estimated weight is 150 pounds. ST. Louis, October 20.--The j exposition, and expects some day to make clothes for . It is reported that New York and Maud S. and Aldine trotted a, mile under tion are as follows : which has been the most successful in Painesville capitalist^. have contracted to very little people who will be very dear^to . Taragon, a four-year-old colt, by Strat- the watch in 2:15%, and fully j justifies tho trustees of the church had purchased last fact was not mailo known to but. a few of Wheeling Kight in Line. general expectation that Major Dickinson's week the property 150x200 feet on the 3iis intimate friends. Ho spoke in the point of attendance, money received and build a line of railroad from Painesville ford--Tara, bred by Mr. Cassatt himself, WHEEMNG, W. VA., October 20. --There her. That's east and west and »nd a full brother to Connemara. He has team will lower all existing records. northeast corner of Clinton and Green campaign last at Cleveland and 'car le home general excellence since the institution lino to Youugstown20 miles south, witli a were two cutting scrapes on the South Side that you the well-bred girl; she's the sort want for your wife, and the one and Pittsburgh. started 18 times this year and bas won six Thursday, since when he has been troubled was established seven years ago, except to-day. William Uttermiller was stabbed avenues, on which to erect a new taberthat.of two years . ago, when the Grand of his racBS, among them being the Long J. A. Williamson, of Albuquerque, N. by a young man named Atwell in a quar- who will not want to be an actress, but 6AVE THEM A SEN!)! OFF. nacle to replace tho one "burned. It is with bowel trouble, but the information Army encampment was in session here, M., has asked the courts of Erie, Pa.,.to who will be faithful through sickness and Branch and Delaware , handicaps at Monunderstood that the price paid was in was that it, was only a alight indis losition, closed last night. The cash receipts for have probated the will of Conrad Schoen- rel at Boggs's Run, and George Scbull had through health, through sorrow, and, if ifrouth Park. The Giants Tendered a Reception at the Broadthe result of a. cold. Last; nighii he was the 40 clay's display have been over tho neighborhood of $125,000.' Dr. threatened with "peritonitis, but th > physi; 3SFow or.Kever, four years old, by Stratfoldt, a former citizen of Erie, who died at his arm sliced to-night in a row on Twen- need he, through shame; who Tviik never way Theater--The Flag Presented. waver in her love, and in whom the'heaft Talmage said ho would personally break cians announce that tho danger poiut was jji 130,000, and tho attendance, about 550,000 Albuquerque, leaving an estate valued at ty-fifth street^' -fojd--Bye and -Bye, also a product of Mr. of her husband may safely trust. * "^ I NEW YORY, October 20.--A reception ground for the church on tho afternoon passed and pronounce the patient improv- persons. Cassatt's "breeding. This colt bas even a §75,000. . · , "..-·· They Refuse to Kntcr the Pit. . frHM i "better record for this season than Taragon, wad given to-night at the Broadway of tho 28th hist. | ing and entirely out of danger to-night. Prominent citizens of "West Chester, Pa., Tiie Funeral of Hem j«hn G, flail / LONDON, October 20.-- The work of rehaying won seven timers in 13 starts. LIached^y a Mob of His Own Race. Theatre to the New York Base Ball blub, The governor's appointment^ for ton day have formed a County Prohibitory League covering the bodies of victims of the ex- SPECIAL TO THE VITTgBUIlOII I'OST. Edie, a four-year-old colt by Eolus--War and that edifice was tilled to the doors. and "Tuesday have been filled 1 y other MEMPHIS, TBNN., October 20.--A mob as an,adjunct to the Union Pilohibitory i SUCCESSFUL 'HIGHWAYMEN^ PHILADELPHIA, October 20.--The body Song. speakers, and it is expected he will be able 'of negroes'hanged a negro last night at League of Pennsylvania. Wijliarn L. plosion at the Ben ti lee colliery in the of tho late Hon. John G. Hall, of Elk Marauder, a four.year-old colt, by Rayon The program consisted of,theatricals and They Believe a Dakota Man of $2,500 at the I'oint to resume work on the stump by 1 iie nudLongtou region, last Wednesday, has .come Lake Cprmoi'ant, Mhss.p 25 miles south of Bailey, of · Thorndale, was elected presi. to a standstill. -The miners refuse to de- county, who died recently in London, d'Or--Maudine, winner of the Brooklyn singing, and many prominent players took of Their Revolvers, die of tho week, , i Memphis. His' crime |waa assaulting a dent. arrived'in this^ city to-day. The funeral cup at Grayesend, in which where Han- part in it. The members of jho team were CAS.SKLTON, N. D., October 20.--Word Jack McCarthy, of Eden township, O., scend into the mine on account of the will take place on Tuesday aftei'nooii from colored girl of tender years. He confessed over, Elfcwood, Glen Echo, and Ms,own marshaled on the stage, and I)eWolf Hop- ·was received here late this evening of a Blackmailing the Letter Carrier was murderously assaulted by a com- stench arising from the dead bodies of men his late residence in Elk county. to his colored captors, who strung him iip per presented James Mutrie with, the etable companion, Eurus. NEW YORK, October 20.--There a e about to a.pile driver near a railway trestle. Ko panion named David Pjust on Saturday, and horses in tho coal pit. -- ,--»-«-« 1-- Madstone, a three-year-old colt, by Van- pennant of the League. Brief responsive highway robbery which occurred near Arand stabbed with a pocket knife several The Would-Be Assassin Suicided. A Disastrous Fire at Ksca&aba. derbilt-i-Nina Turner, winner of the Arrow speeches were _ made by Mr. Mutrie. and thur, 17 miles north of here.. ]M. Collet, 1,500 letter carriers in this city, nd ao- furtner,particulars can! he obtained; timesj It is feared he will die. Both had YOKAHOMA, October 20.--Count Okuma, ESCANABA, MICH., October 20:--Ten gtakes and the Katouah handicap at Jer- John Ward. Tho receipts of the affair agent of tho Korthwestorn Elevator Com- cording to the campaign plan of the Rebeon drinking. " Heavy Loss hy Fire, i pu-blican party-of this State each carrier ome Park, and the: Xewark stakes at were about ?4,000f pany of that place, had received §2,500 in business dwellings and a hotel were turned Minister of Foreign Affairs, was slightly MAKSHP.tKLD, MASS., October. 20;--The , Judge Ihghram, of Waynesburg, will be here this morning. The loss will he about wounded to-day by a would-be assassin. Honmouth. gold, which during the day ho took to and postoillce.clerk is expected to$\ bscribo "at least $10" to tho campaign fuucjl or go little village of Curtiss, containing between asked for an '.injunction tp restrain the Eric, "a three-year-old colt, by Duke of A Beaeflt for Horac? Phillips. Hunter, the nearest banking town, to $75,000. Ko lives were lost but several The latter committed suicide. of Uniontown Magenta--Second Hand, half broth/r to On Thursday next the Allies-will play a change into small'bills for greater conven- overboard after election day as a goveni- 300 and 500 inhabitants, on the line of the councils work of.the gas from interfering gue.sts of the Lewis House barely escaped company of that Exile. This colt received great v emi- picked nine a benefit game at Recreation ience in paying off wheat-'chocks. As he ment employe. The fund from tlie car- Central .Railroad, north of here, was de with the Chakir Paah* Has Not Resigned. in their night clothing, losing all personal nence by beating Diable and Zeph »*us in was returning alone at about 8:30 o'clock riers will amount to $15,000, and tl at will stroyed by fire on Friday. Tjhe loss is at place of disconnecting the gas, pipes from efl'ects. CONSTANTINOPLE, October 20.--The re· > Park for the benefit.of ex-Manager Horace . -^ the Belmont stakes at Jerome P? k last ..... · m ·in the evening, he was stopped by two go a great way-,- the Republican canip'aigh least $100,000. The principaHndustries^of the street lamps. port that Chakir Pacha resigns 'the goverspring. He also won the Slii opshead Phillips. The picked nine will include men with revolvers about t.\vo miles from ers bolieve, toward "fixing things, a la the town wore lumber and hay. Park Chalfant, aTyouth of cichranville, Fatal Typhoid «t Yale. norship of Crete on account of the,revolt Quay methods, in corners of thjj State stakes at Sheepshead Bay last month from such players as Pete MoShannic, Steve homo, and relieved of the money. Chester county, .Pa,, was bitten by a · NEW HAVE*T, CONN, October 20.--Two where money will."do the-most good." Hindoooraft, Diable, Castaway II. and Toole, lid. Swart wood. Chuck Laner, strange beagle a few days ago. The dog Yale students have died during the past on the island is officially denied. It is Getting (Joltl in Minnesota. Grunt, Brigg^t, Blair,, Pry, Gray, I HutclmiSluggard. Capsized iu Lake Superior. ST. VINCENT, MINIT., October 20,--The was reported to be mftd, and on the advice THE coroner was notified yesterday of two or three days of typhoid fever. Three TUB OCEAN STEAMERS. ^Equality, a three-year-old filly, by Bend son and B.ergcr. The game should draw a POUT ARTHUR. OXT., October 20.--On temperature haa not risen above 29 degrees of a, Philadelphia physician, * Chalfant large crowd, as Horace · certainly Ayorked others, including Mark Borden, of Chicago, the death of a child named Smith at Or--Equipoise. sailed for Paris on Saturday to be treated Euroclydon, The Abbess, Tartar, Fox- long and faithfully for tlieSbest interests of Thursday three uueu, Frank Dupreys," J, are ill with the disease, There are hopes 158 Arch street, Allegheny. The case will 1NEW YORK--Arrived--Steamer.' Um- and is falling rapidly to-night. It-will by M. Pasteur. ' ' Paul Ma^k aud another known as "Curly;" probably be within a few degrees of zero the game in this eiry.< hill and Phoenix, all two-year-olds, and of thoir recovery. be investigated to-day. bria'aud Bothnia from Liverpool; 3 GaaSquire Shoemaker, of Siienandoah, Satby morning. left Peninsula harbor, 00 miles east of hero, , thirty-four yearlings, the get of Mr. CasTHE Moorhead Union W. C. T. U. held cogne from Havre; Persian Monaicn and j: urday night sent-to jail Ursula ICuslutie, a on thojiorthishore of Lake Superior, for Naples Partially Iiundated. ' jwitt's stallions, Stratford and Bend Or. He Lust an Arm. an interesting meeting last night. Mrs. JK. THE FIKK"*RW]ORD. Polish woman, aged 23 years, who is Port Caldwell iu a lishing smaclc. AVhen Helvetia from London; Kichmona Hill \ This Trill be the most remarkable clearNAPLES, October 20.--Violent storms Allen presided and a large crowd was in Walter Fletcher, a ,B. .;& 0..brakeman, a short distance out tlioy'were overtaken from London and Havre. charged with killing her child and abanIng out sale since Mr".' Pierre Lorillard 'disALBANY, K Y.--The Albany Stove doning its body on the mountain, where it prevail in this region. The city is partially attendance, Addresses were made by* Mrs. who resides at Councils vulle, lost an arm by a. storm aud the boat "was capsized. A QUEKX.STOWN--Arrived--Steamer Britposed of his horses at Bancocas in FebruWorks at North Albany burned; Loss, was found by some bpys. She denies that mundated. An immense amouut of dam- R. H. Jones, Mrs. Huntley, Mrs. A. M. ary, 1886. Mr. Cassatt has not been and was otherwise badly hurt yesterday boat went to the rescue and saved J. .Paul ish Prince, from Philadelphia, ami sailed '$30,000; insurance, about §13,000. the little one was bom alive, : age has been done. Hammetand W. T. Powell. while weighing cars at Bissell. Mark, but the other two had gone down. for Liverpool. connected with the turf for as many years


1 Story to t&o Effect That Spaldiog, Wen 4 Co. Are in With the Bfollicrliooi AICASSATT TO RETIRE FROM THE TURF










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