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2012 Board of Directors

Don Moak Don Berna Alan Bint Rick Rankin Bert Falzone Jim Parker Jim Knerr Paul Hlubek Ken Parker Harry Stover Bert Falzone Greg Moody Grady Stegall Ricky Weeks Jack Louhridge

President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Membership Webmaster High Power 2700 Pistol Trap Silhouette/Maint Rimfire Youth Director Newsletter Safety Director At Large 850-477-6127 850-477-4984 850-384-3418 850-434-2356 850-478-0871 850-968-1530 850-479-3538 850-934-0620 850-944-0686 850-968-6390 850-478-0871 850-497-1272 850-477-8009 850-626-7938 850-982-4490

Members are reminded to be sure that all rounds impact the berms. Targets that are placed close to the ground offer the chance for the rounds to ricochet over the berms. All targets placed on the ground must be at the base of a berm.


All members act as safety officers while on the range. If you notice an unsafe act or condition, it is your responsibility to see that the safety infraction is corrected. We are not encouraging confrontation. Usually a friendly reminder is all that is required.

Fiesta Match The annual Fiesta Pistol Match will be held on May 4-5. The pistol range and plinking range will be utilized for this two day match. For more information contact Paul Hlbeck @ (850)934-0620 or email the club at [email protected] New Rifle Range Members may have noticed all the clearing and dozer work being done on the east end of the range. We are building a new 300 yard rifle range that can be used when the main rifle range is occupied with the high power match or silhouette match. More information will be forth coming as we get closer to opening the new range for use. Guests It is the members responsibility to ensure their guest comply with all club rules and safety regulations. If you bring a guest, make sure you are properly supervising that guest. It is now mandatory for all guest to sign a waiver of liability before commencing any firing on the range. These waivers are available in the clubhouse. Trap Shoots With the rising cost of gas, shells, and everything else, the trap shoots will now require a minimum of 5 shooters. Ken Parker (850-944-0686) asks that all trap shooters notify him of their intentions to shoot the scheduled matches before hand. If less than 5 shooters, there will be no scheduled trap shoot. Club Work Days The Range is closed on the 3rd Saturday of each month to do the required maintenance that keeps our range the premier shooting facility in area. The maintenance officer directs the maintenance and it is at his discretion as to when the work is complete and the range re-opened. There is no set time for the range to re-open so if you show up wanting to shoot and the range is still closed, pitch in and help and the range will get opened sooner. Annual Membership Meeting The annual membership meeting will be held at the range 19 June at 6:00pm. All members are encouraged to attend as this is the best opportunity to voice your concerns, opinions, or complaints to the board members. One third of the current board we be voted on for re-election or election of newly nominated members. Lead Removal If you cast your bullets and want to use the range lead, help yourself to all the lead you want. The only thing is we need to know how much lead is removed from the range. We have to report it to the EPA. If you remove any lead from the range please call Charlie Webster at (850) 968-9846 and let him know how much was removed. Gate/Building Reminder If you are the last person to leave the range, be sure to check that all the range buildings are closed and locked. Also lock the inside gate behind you as you leave.



Tuesday 1

May Wednesday

Thursday 2 900 Pistol Match 9:30am

Friday 3 Rimfire Benchrest Practice Match 9:00am

Saturday 4 Rimfire Benchrest Club Match 9:00am High Power Rifle Match 9:00am Fiesta Five Flags Regional Pistol Match 11 Silhouette Match 9:00am

5 Fiesta Five Flags Regional Pistol Match Trap Shoot 10:am 12




9 900 Pistol Match 9:30am

10 Rimfire Benchrest Practice Match 9:00am 17 Rimfire Benchrest Practice Match 9:00am 24 Rimfire Benchrest Practice Match 9:00am 31 Rimfire Benchrest Practice Match 9:00am



15 Board of Directors Meeting 7:00pm

16 900 Pistol Match 9:30am

19 2700 Pistol Match 10:00am




23 900 Pistol Match 9:30am

18 Range Workday 8:00am Range Orientation 10:00am 25

16 Trap Shoot 10:am




30 900 Pistol Match 9:30am




June Wednesday



2 Trap Shoot 10:am




6 900 Pistol Match 9:30am





13 900 Pistol Match 9:30am

7 Rimfire Benchrest Practice Match 9:00am 14 Rimfire Benchrest Practice Match 9:00am

Saturday 1 Rimfire Benchrest Club Match 9:00am High Power Rifle Match 9:00am 8 Silhouette Match 9:00am

15 Range Workday 8:00am Range Orientation 10:00am 22

16 2700 Pistol Match 10:00am



19 Annual Membership Meeting 6:00pm @ Range

20 900 Pistol Match 9:30am

23Trap Shoot 10:am




27 900 Pistol Match 9:30am

21 Rimfire Benchrest Practice Match 9:00am 28 Rimfire Benchrest Practice Match 9:00am




PRPC May-Jun2013 EMAIL

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