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Web Time Entry User Guide




Web Time Entry User Guide


This guide provides instructions for employees to submit time through the PeopleNet Web Time Entry application.

First Time User Registration

1. Go to: Save as My Favorite.

2. First time users click:

3. The `Setup New User' screen will walk employees through creating their User ID and Password. The User ID is your email address. Passwords must be at least 8 characters in length and include at least 3 of the following characters: · Upper case alpha · Lower case alpha · Numeric · Special character (*, @, $...)


Enter Time

1. Select the correct `Week-Ending' date from the drop down menu. You can enter late time for the previous 2 weeks if you have not entered any time for those weeks.

Web Time Entry User Guide


2. Choose an `Assignment' from the drop down menu.

3. Enter your `IN' time and your `OUT' time for each workday; include breaks if necessary. Note: The hours for the day and week are automatically calculated.


4. Click on to add additional `IN/OUT' times, add `Assignments' for the day, or `Copy' hours entered to another day.

Web Time Entry User Guide


Note: These `Options' are only available after hours have been entered for the day.

Save and Submit Hours

1. Select Save at the top or bottom of the screen to save the time sheet. A confirmation pop-up will appear. Select Yes to submit your time for approval or No to return to the entry screen. 2. A second confirmation window will appear to confirm your decision. Select Yes to continue and close the pay period or No to return to the spreadsheet. You can choose not to see the second confirmation by click the message box. 3. Once you have submitted your time, you may return to the main screen to ensure the correct time was entered.

Note: To view transaction details, click on the time summary cell for the day you would like to view.


Edit Timesheet

To make changes to the timesheet, Re-Open click on

Web Time Entry User Guide


Note: Once your timesheet has been approved, you are no longer able to make changes using the spreadsheet interface.

Online Product Tutorials

Payroll Questions

For questions on time entry policies or your payroll, please contact your Payroll Representative.

Technical Support

For questions or issues with the Web Time Entry System, please contact PeopleNet. Support: 1-800-669-9765 Hours: 8:30 AM ­ 5:30 PM EST 24/7 Pager Support [email protected]


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