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PROFESSOR DR. DURRISHAH IDRUS [email protected]; [email protected] 012-7373950; 0197752115 UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI MALAYSIA International Campus Kuala Lumpur

Professor Dr. Durrishah Idrus is a highly experienced academic leader, and a Professor in the field of Industrial Relations and Public Policy. She is the Dean of UTM Perdana School of Science, Technology and Innovation Policy (UTM Perdana School), UTM International Campus, Kuala Lumpur. She has successfully established the new graduate school and granted three graduate programs from the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE), namely PhD in Policy Studies, Master in Policy Studies and Master in Science, Technology and Innovation Policy (Taught Course) according to the highest standards set by the Ministry. At present, the school has started operations with almost 30 PhD students engaging in various topics that relate to STI policy. Professor Durrishah has successfully led a Contract Research with MOHE, entitled, `Guidelines on Policy, Standards and Criteria for Upgrading the Status of College to University College and University College to University'. This is a very important research of significant impact in the whole transformation of Malaysia to become the hub for higher learning in the region. Professor Durrishah has been appointed by the government as the privileged few members of a newly established Majlis Profesor Negara Malaysia (Malaysian National Council of Professors). She is the Secretary for the Cluster for Governance, Law and Public Management in the Council. This Council is responsible in representing the government in tackling all higher learning issues, and become the highest academic body to voice out the concerns of society current needs. One of her comments appeared in the Star on the 10th January 2011 (as attached . Professor Durrishah, based on her areas of expertise, is expected to contribute significantly to the Council. She has served the university as the first lady Dean for the Faculty of Management and Human Resource Development (FPPSM) UTM Skudai, Johor for 5 years, where she led the faculty of 200 academicians and 40 support staff. She is also the first lady Principal for one of the Colleges in UTM Skudai, where she was responsible for 1200 female students. Amongst her many responsibilities are motivating the students to be independent, excellent in both academic and co-curriculum. As the Dean of FPPSM, she introduces new academic programmes at Bachelor level. She is also responsible for bringing up the status of FPPSM to be at par with the many engineering faculties at UTM, successfully expanding the Post-Graduate school to be leading in research in the management field at Master and PhD level. It is under her leadership that the faculty grows and expands, attracting hundreds local and international PhD candidates. This is a new development for the faculty and a personal achievement for her as it is something not achieved


before. This experience gives her the insight of how MOHE and the system operates and cemented an excellent and lasting relationship with the top management officers at the Ministry. At international level, she is a visiting scholar at Universitas Sriwijaya, Indonesia, giving public lectures on Human Resource Development in Malaysia since 2008. Two of her most outstanding completed contract research are for the European Commission (EC) and the Malaysian Election Commission (SPR). The DIM-SUM project under the EC is an international research analysing the policy and innovative decision-making process on water management system in four countries; Malaysia, India, Nepal and Indonesia. She also led a consultation for SPR Malaysia which subsequently led to the betterment of policy, system and procedure of the Malaysian election system. She is a think tank resource person for the National Institute of Human Resources (NIHR) under the Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia. She is the external editor for the Malaysian Labour Review of the Ministry , as well as editor for Jurnal Kemanusiaan of Faculty of Management and Human Resource Development, UTM Johor. She has been invited as guest speaker on industrial relations issues for the Ministry, and dialogues that involved the Asian countries as well as South Africa. She is an established academia who teaches, supervises, publishes and researches at Master and PhD level in the areas of HRM, HRD, and especially Industrial Relations, and Occupational Safety and Health. She is an examiner for PhD and master theses of various universities in Malaysia. At present, she teaches and supervises in the field of Industrial Relations and also Human Resource Management for MBA programme at International Business School, UTM Kuala Lumpur and at the Faculty of Management and Human Resource Development, UTM Johor. She is a guest lecturer at School of Social Science, Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS), teaching labor relations for the Industrial Relations Programmes. Recently, she was again invited to lecture on Human Capital Management for the School of Business and Economics, UMS and is the external examiner for their MBA programmes theses evaluation committee. She is a visiting scholar of Sriwijaya University Indonesia, giving public lectures for master and PhD students from their Economic Faculty, on Human Resource Development of Malaysia.



1.1. PROFESSIONAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Secretary, Cluster for Governance, Law and Public Management, Malaysian National Council of Professors (MPN). External Editor, Malaysian Labour Review, Human Resource Ministry. Think Tank for National Institute for Human Resource, Malaysia. Visiting Scholar at Industrial Relations Programme, School of Social Science, and MBA and HCM programmes for School of Business of Universiti Malaysia Sabah. Visiting Scholar at Postgraduate Programme, Universitas Sriwijaya, Indonesia. Committee for National Minimum Wage Policy of Malaysia. UTM International Campus, Kuala Lumpur. Dean UTM Perdana School of STI Policy Director, Centre for Technology Policy and International Studies (CENTEPIS)(2009) Research Manager, International Business School (2008 ) Distinguished Academic Fellow , UTM (2009). Main University Committee on Occupational Safety, Health and Environment, UTM. UTM Skudai, Johor Professor of Industrial Relations and Public Policy, since 2008 Associate Professor of industrial relations and public policy since 2003. Dean, Faculty of Management and Human Resource Development, UTM Skudai Johor (2004 ­ 2008) Deputy Dean (Graduates Studies and Research), Faculty of Management & Human Resource Development (2003-2004) Head of Programme for Master of Science (Human Resource Development), FPPSM (20022003) Head, Unit of Strategic Studies on Human Resource, FPPSM (2002-2003) Principal and Fellow for Students' Residential College, UTM (1986-1995) Main University Committee on Occupational Safety, Health and Environment, UTM.

National and International Level:

1.2. EDUCATION PhD, (2001), Industrial Relations/Management, University of Stirling, Scotland, UK. M.A, (1995), Economic History, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. B.A, (1984), (Second Class Upper Honours), University of Malaya 1.3. RESEARCH SPECIALISATION Industrial Relations, Occupational Safety and Health, Human Resource Management, Labour Issues, Ethnic Issues and Public Policies.


1.5. ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES Visiting Scholar for School of Business and Economics, Universiti Malaysia Sabah. Think Tank for National Institute of Human Resources, Ministry of Human Resource Ph.D Supervisors to 30 students, four successfully completed. Editor to over 10 academic books. External Examiners for PhD and Master Thesis for many Malaysian universities. Lectures and supervises postgraduate students on Industrial Relations, Human Resource Management, Human Capital Management courses at UTM, UMS and Universitas Sriwijaya, Indonesia. Lectures Subjects on Ethnic Relations, Professional Ethics, Technocrats and Development and Seminar on Development and Global Issues at Postgraduate level. Written and presented numerous working papers in International and National Conferences/Seminar/Workshop on Industrial Relations, Ergonomics, Election System and Participation, E-Learning, Islam, the Malays, Issues on Development, Decision-Making Process and Policies in Malaysia and other countries. 1.4. RESEARCH AND CONSULTANCY 2011- Awarded a contract research on establishing criterias for Green Universities, Colleges and University Colleges in Malaysia (Grant: RM 72,000)- LEADER. 2011-Awarded a Second Phase project to Establish Criterias and Instrument for Upgrading Colleges to University Colleges and University Colleges to University for Ministry of Higher Education (2009-2010) (grant: RM60,000). -LEADER 2010-Awarded a project to Establish Criterias for Upgrading Colleges to University Colleges and University Colleges to University for Ministry of Higher Education (2009-2010) (grant: RM80,000). -LEADER Awarded Consultation Work for the Malaysian Election Commission (SPR) to conduct a yearlong research on The Attitude of Potential Voters towards the Malaysian Election System, completed in 2005( Grant: Half a Million).- LEADER Awarded RM5 million for International Project with European Commission to conduct a study on Innovative Decision-Making Process on the Sustainable Water Management in Four Developing Countries ­ Malaysia, India, Nepal and Indonesia (2005-2008).- LEADER for Social Science. Awarded a research grant on Integrity Among Political Leaders- Completed (Funded by National Institute of Integrity, Malaysia)- (Grant RM70,000)- Member Awarded grant for Research on Discipline Violation ­ Drug Abuse Study among Military Officers- Vot 68715(Grant RM50,000)- Member Awarded a Research Project on `Absent W/O Leave (AWOL) among Military Officers', Vot 68716 (Grant RM50,000)- Member Awarded a Research Grant on `Kajian Analisa Keperluan Latihan Keusahawanan' (TNA) Vot 63095 (Grant: RM499,000)- Member


1.5. AWARDS (2005) Award of Excellence for Group Research Category UTM (DIM-SUM International Research on Innovative Decision Making for Sustainable Management of Water in Developing Countries) ­ a project under the European Commission (EC), UTM. (2005) Award Anugerah Jasa Bakti (UTM). (2003) Awarded Excellence Service Award Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. (1998) Awarded the British Scholarship Scheme, jointly funded by the Foreigh and Commonwealth Office, the British Council, the Department of Trade and Industry and University, United Kingdom. (1995)Awarded Excellence Service Award UTM.



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