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Spanish Fury: Battle!- or P I S T O L A D O

Example Page 1- the Unit Cards

Punch this out with a hole puncher, and you can put this card and others that you need for any battle on a ring. Flag symbol is just for colour and quick recognition The training level of the unit- used to determine if the regiment can move and re (veterans and seasoned) and modi es rallying from rout (veterans only) Marshalling number is rolled when crossing Obstacles, and when trying to change formation or facing when charged. The roll must be this number or less to succeed. Means that the roll for this test must be with one die (1D6). This area shows modi ers , sometimes to the unit's Melee rating and/or Fire ratings, depending on the current formation and type of the unit.


Ferocity modifes the Waver rolls of any unit charging, charged or in Melee with this unit, and has an e ect on Combat and Casualties. Denotes which Movement band on the Quick-Ref sheet this type of unit uses to measure its movement.







Movement- as Other Foot


The unit's Melee ratings, depending on the current formation of the unit. These are the formations this regiment can assume. Denotes which Range band and Intensity on the Quick-Ref sheet this type of unit uses when Firing.

Column Hedgehog Shot Forward

4 4 2

Fire Mod.

-1 -2 0

Affect'd by:

Reminder to check the other systems below that may modify the unit's Melee and Firing ratings (in this case, Cohesion).

Shoot- as Common Shotte

Cohesion Level Waver Combat Fire Modif. Modif. Modif.

The di erent levels of Cohesion, which correspond to the marker placed next to this unit when it has undergone disorder by Fire or Movement.

(0) Sharp (-1) Trim (-2) Uneven (-3) Disarray'd (-4) Ragged (-5) Mob


0 0 0 +1 +2 +3

10 to

0 0 0 -1 -2 -3

0 0 0 -1 -2 -3


Modi ers that a ect Waver Tests, Melee (Combat) and Firing ratings, depending on the level of Cohesion that the unit is currently at. Percentage of companies lost will permanently a ect a regiment's Waver tests by adding the modi ers shown to their rolls.



To regain Cohesion, the unit must spend a turn halted with a "Rally on Me" Brief Speech, and roll 1D6 on this chart to see how many levels it regains.

10% 20% 0 +1

1 2 3 4

More +4

5 6

-4 -4 -5 -5 -5 -5

Reminder to check the other systems below that may modify the unit's Waver roll (see Quick Ref Sheet for the identi cation of these symbols.)


The unit must take a Waver Test whenever any of the four listed situations arise- it wishes to make a Charge, a Charge is successfully declared against it by Cavalry, or by Foot, or when it is forced to check for Disaster.

8 Charged By Cav 7 Charged by Foot 7 Disaster 7

To Charge

Affect'd by:

Ch St St M

9 8 8 8

H 10 -1 11 -1 11 Rt 9

Rt X Ln Ln


When taking a Waver Test, the owning player rolls on the chart shown along the row for the cause of the test. If the rst red number (or less) in the row or rolled, apply the result shown to the right of that number. If the roll is higher, but not as high as the third red number in the row, apply the result next to the second number. If the result as equal to or higher than the third red number, apply the last result in the row.

Means that the roll for this test must be with two dice (2D6).

Players should pick out and have at hand only those unit cards that correspond to each type of regiment they have elded for the battle they are playing, putting aside all the others. These, along with the Quick Reference Sheet (of which each player should have a copy) should cover the majority of the information that a player will need to refer to in each turn of the game.



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