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December 2006



PermaRock Products Ltd offers an innovative range of façade systems for the refurbishment of traditional and non-traditional, low rise and high rise buildings.

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For many 20th century buildings, the thermal performance of the external walls falls well below the standards required by the current Building Regulations Part L/J/F with heat energy losses through the walls being of an unacceptably high level by today's standards. Many buildings were designed without any form of insulation in the walls, and even those buildings with cavity walls and which have subsequently been fitted with cavity insulation fail to meet the stringent thermal performance requirements of the current regulations for new buildings. Many of these old buildings also suffer from cold bridging and the associated problems of dampness and condensation and it is now understood that these conditions can have health implications for building occupants. Building owners are faced with ever increasing costs for heating and maintenance whilst at the same time being asked to reduce energy consumption in support of global efforts to reduce CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions.

Reducing heat energy losses through the external envelope and eliminating problems associated with condensation and dampness is important for both social housing and for commercial redevelopment, for high rise and low rise, traditional and non-traditional forms of construction. PermaRock External Wall Insulation Systems provide an effective method of dealing with many of these problems and can provide significant improvements in both the thermal performance of buildings and the lifetime of the building fabric, in addition to improving the appearance.

· The installation of an external wall insulation system has a 'thermal jacketing' effect that causes heat energy losses through the external wall to be reduced. · A PermaRock render or insulated render system protects the building fabric from the worst excesses of the weather and allows damp structures to dry out. As a result, the building can expect a longer useful lifetime. · An external wall insulation system overcomes the effects of cold bridging, thereby eliminating condensation and dampness. · Systems are durable and cost effective and improve the appearance of old buildings. · Application can take place without disruption to the occupants and there is no reduction in interior living or working space. · The original wall construction is used as a heat store. This thermal mass helps to reduce temperature fluctuations and maintains a more comfortable internal environment.


Complete remodelling of the building façade is also possible with PermaRock. The wide range of decorative finishes and effects that are available with PermaRock systems provides the designer or architect with the means of creating interesting and aesthetically pleasing façades that either compliment the original style or which can create a whole new impression.

PermaRock systems are available for all types of construction, including solid wall or cavity wall, concrete, steel or timber frame, dense and no-fines concrete, brick and stone, rendered, metal clad, tile clad or timber clad structures. PermaRock systems have been designed for use on high and low rise buildings, for traditional and non-traditional forms of construction, including many pre-cast reinforced concrete (PRC) types, in exposure conditions ranging from sheltered to very severe.

PermaRock systems can achieve very high standards of thermal insulation, not only up to current Building Regulations requirements for new buildings but also beyond predicted future energy-saving and CO2-reduction requirements: PermaRock systems can be designed to meet or exceed any future reduction in U-values that may be imposed.



PermaRock offers a range of high quality products and systems that enable existing buildings to be refurbished or remodelled to improve both the thermal performance and to enhance the visual appearance. Consideration has been given to conventional construction methods, such as cavity wall and single skin masonry, as well as to timber, structural insulated panels (SIPS) and lightweight metal frame, either as infill panels to concrete or steel framed constructions, or as structural building systems. PermaRock products are equally suitable for high and low rise schemes and in sheltered or exposed situations. Technically, PermaRock systems insulate and reduce temperature variations within the structure, creating a stable internal environment and achieving the dual goals of maximising thermal performance and saving interior room space. They reduce structural movement. They protect, waterproof and preserve the fabric of the building. Spatially, PermaRock unites the structure bringing colour, texture and contrast. Practically, PermaRock systems are remarkably quick and easy to install. And, as they're external, they're perfectly placed for simple maintenance. The following groupings outline the principal brand ranges offered by PermaRock.

EXTERNAL WALL INSULATION SYSTEMS PermaRock's range of render protected external insulation systems are designed to provide significant improvements in the thermal performance of buildings in both new-build and refurbishment applications. PermaRock offers five key systems based on a range of modern insulation materials that include fire-safe mineral fibre, mineral fibre lamella, lightweight expanded polystyrene, and high performance rigid phenolic foams. Systems are designed to enable various methods of fixing to be employed, depending on the substrate condition and type. · PermaRock Mineral Fibre System is a firesafe mineral fibre insulation based system employing adhesive and mechanical dowel fixings. · PermaRock EPS System is a lightweight, low density system employing expanded polystyrene insulation with adhesive and mechanical dowel fixings. · PermaRock Phenolic System is a high thermal resistance, low-profile rigid phenolic foam insulation board system with adhesive and mechanical dowel fixings. · PermaRock Lamella System is a fire-safe mineral fibre lamella insulation board system with an adhesive fixing mechanism. · PermaRock Track Systems employ either fire safe mineral fibre or low density expanded polystyrene insulation boards with a track or rail fixing system. PermaRock External Wall Insulation Systems are complimented by an extensive range of decorative options including acrylic and silicone textured render coatings, brick and stone finishes, traditional spar dash aggregate finishes as well as architectural profiles and waterproof coatings.

EXTERIOR RENDER SYSTEMS. A range of high performance exterior renders that offer levels of weatherproofing and crack resistance unmatched by conventional cement-based render technology. · PermaRend and PermaRend TC are the leading brands of mineralic, polymermodified cementitious render systems. In addition to being highly resistant to impact damage, PermaRend renders are weatherproof, waterproof and water vapour permeable, allowing structures to breathe. · ThermaRend is a unique high build, low density render system with excellent adhesion to most substrate types. The unique formulation, incorporating polystyrene spheres in a cementitious matrix, gives the material significant heat loss reduction properties, enabling the use of this material as an insulating render. · ZF-Rend is a cement free, thin-coat, lightweight, fibre reinforced weatherproof render that provides exceptional resistance to cracking and immense flexibility, making it suitable for ventilated rendered façades and application to sheathing boards of framed constructions. · PermaRend Scratch Render is a high quality textured render based on natural limestone sand that can be used to provide a naturally textured `scraped' finish or to create traditional stone effects including rustication, ashlar and simulated blockwork. Scratch Render is available in a range of natural mineral shades and can be produced in special colours to order, subject to minimum order requirements.


HIGH PERFORMANCE COATINGS. PermaRock's range of protective coatings for buildings is unmatched. · The Cap-elast system represents a range of plasto-elastic, crack-bridging coatings for the treatment of exterior concrete, render and plaster surfaces. Cap-elast system materials have excellent levelling, filling and covering power and are weatherproof, waterproof and resistant to atmospheric pollutants. · Disbon and Disbocrete coatings provide anti-carbonation and anti-chloride ingress protection for fair-faced, textured and exposed aggregate concrete. · The Sylitol range of pure and polymer modified silicate coatings are based on ageold mineral paint technology and are widely used for the restoration of historic monuments and buildings. · Amphisilan micro-porous silicone dispersion coatings represent the state of the art in exterior coating technology. Amphisilan materials provide water repellency and superior breathability for masonry, rendered or plastered surfaces, and are waterthinnable, ecologically compatible and have low odour. · Amphibolin 2000 and Amphibolin W are pure acrylic coatings that provide excellent performance on all types of exterior substrates, including brickwork, natural and synthetic stone, render, plastic and metal surfaces. Exterior coatings are available in an extensive range of standard colours, from the 3Dsystem colour chart. In addition, many of these products can be supplied in shades from other colour collections, such as BS 4800 and RAL.

ARCHITECTURAL PROFILES. PermaRock offers a range of Architectural Profiles for new build or renovation applications, enabling the designer to create traditional architectural detailing or add individual character to a modern building façade. In addition to a range of standard profiles that includes window and door frame elements, keystones and quoins, cornices, consoles and corbels, PermaRock Architectural Profiles can be produced to individual customer designs. The material can be fabricated into almost any shape or profile and can be used for rosettes, crests or coats-of-arms, or to provide lettering across a façade. Profiles are fixed adhesively, with additional mechanical fixing being recommended for large sections, and are finished with an exterior coating from PermaRock's extensive range of high performance materials.

SURFACE PROTECTION Maintaining clean façades in some areas may be particularly difficult, and PermaRock has identified a number of specialist products that can be used with many of our decorative finishes to provide enhanced protection. · Sacrificial anti-graffiti coating for the protection of surfaces affected by repeated graffiti attacks. Also included in the antigraffiti range are products to remove graffiti from affected surfaces and a range of masonry cleaning and protection treatments. · PermaRock Dirt Repellent Treatment (DRT) is a specially formulated surface treatment that confers significant additional dirtrepellency to coated and uncoated masonry and rendered surfaces. PermaRock DRT is a clear, colourless and non film-forming surface treatment that is applied by roller or brush. It is also available with a fugitive dye to aid application onto light-coloured surfaces.

FURTHER INFORMATION For more detailed information on these façade systems, please ask for the following technical brochures: · Mineral Fibre · EPS · Phenolic · Track · Lamella · Renders Further information on our decorative finishes and effects is available in our Decorative Options brochure.


High rise buildings present a number of interesting technical challenges for the external wall insulation system designer. In addition to experiencing greater structural movement and higher wind suction forces than low rise buildings, high rise structures are riskier in terms of fire propagation, and are less likely to see regular exterior maintenance than their low rise counterparts. The installation of an external wall insulation system to a high rise building is a longer process than with low-rise buildings, and the various elements forming the system may therefore be exposed for some time before the final, decoratively finished, rendered surface is achieved. It is important that façade systems for high rise structures are designed with specific regard to these particular technical requirements. PermaRock's track record with high rise is second to none, and our award winning high rise systems have been designed to provide excellent thermal performance as well as total resistance to driving rain and high negative wind pressures. PermaRock systems are tough and durable, will withstand extremes of temperature and have very low maintenance requirements. But more than just providing systems that fulfil the technical requirements of high rise buildings, PermaRock offers the widest choice of decorative finishes and effects giving the designer freedom of expression to create interesting and pleasing façades. With high rise buildings, the use of contrasting colour and texture enables the scale of buildings to be accentuated or diminished. Additional relief modelling, using extra layers of insulation or preformed insulation sections can be used to 'break up' the façade or to introduce curves into otherwise flat elevations.

PermaRock's products and systems provide a totally flexible approach to rejuvenating high rise buildings, combining good looks with practicality, satisfying the needs of the building owner and the occupants, the architect and the installer. The issue of fire safety is particularly important with high rise buildings. PermaRock has three systems that offer the opportunity of CFC/HCFC free insulation that meets the requirements of Fire Note 9 and can be designed for use on high-rise buildings without the need for fire breaks. The PermaRock Mineral Fibre, PermaRock Lamella and PermaRock Phenolic Systems are fire-safe during all phases of installation, not only after the final coat of render has been applied and are recommended for multi-storey buildings where optimum performance in relation to fire is a serious consideration.

PermaRock systems can be applied to almost any substrate type, including brick, dense and no-fines concrete, blockwork, solid wall, cavity wall or panel (fair faced, exposed aggregate or ribbed) constructions. Where the building façade requires remodelling, perhaps by the extension of the external walls to enclose balconies using a lightweight metal frame, timber frame, or SIPS panel construction method, PermaRock offers systems with full accreditation for these substrate types. PermaRock systems are lightweight and easy to install from a traditional scaffold or from mast climbers. Installation is carried out by trained, specialist applicators and PermaRock is able to provide full budget costings, specifications, and comprehensive guarantees for all projects.


Solid or cavity wall. Concrete, timber or steel frame. Houses, bungalows or flats. Traditional or non-traditional build. PermaRock offers complete technical solutions to meet the requirements of all forms of low rise housing. With traditional solid wall or cavity wall construction, PermaRock systems can provide all levels of rejuvenation from a simple aesthetic uplift, using a high performance exterior render system, to full thermal performance improvements, elimination of cold bridging and condensation using a fully accredited external wall insulation system. A PermaRock insulated render system provides immediate benefits in terms of heat loss reductions and savings in heat energy costs. The system protects the building fabric, extending the useful life of the structure, and offers the opportunity for improving the appearance using any of our range of low maintenance exterior decoration materials and effects. PermaRock systems can be designed to deliver U-values that are considerably better than current Building Regulations requirements, and systems can be designed for application to walls that have already been treated with cavity insulation, to provide further improvements in thermal performance whilst shifting the structural dew-point to the outside, thereby eliminating the risk of interstitial condensation.

NON-TRADITIONAL HOUSING PermaRock Systems have been used extensively across the UK, from the Shetland Islands and Western Isles in the north, to the extremities of Cornwall in the far south west, in urban and rural environments and in exposed and sheltered locations. PermaRock systems are designed to provide thermal and aesthetic improvements to non-traditional housing, whether installed as part of a mortgageable repair scheme for precast reinforced concrete (PRC) or other non-traditional house types, or applied purely to provide improvements in aesthetics, or to enhance comfort levels and to eliminate cold bridging, dampness and condensation. PermaRock External Wall Insulation Systems provide a thermal jacketing effect that stabilises the structure by reducing thermal movements whilst protecting the building fabric from water and weathering. The application of a PermaRock insulated render system will raise the temperature of the building fabric, reducing interstitial condensation and dampness, allowing drying out to occur. Reduction in the moisture content of the concrete reduces reinforcement corrosion and can therefore prolong the life of the structure - a particularly important effect with PRC buildings.

PermaRock systems can be used in conjunction with electrochemical reinforced concrete remedial measures, such as cathodic protection, electrochemical chloride extraction, realkalisation, or with chemical treatments, such as migrating corrosion inhibitors, to provide additional levels of assurance that the corrosion process has been brought under control. PermaRock is able to offer a fully `mortgageable' solution for many PRC house types, as well as for other nontraditional or system built types. PermaRock systems have been employed extensively with non-traditional types, including the following: · Airey · BISF · Bison · Cornish · Dorran · Easiform · Hawthorne-Leslie · Hawksley BL8 · Orlit · Reema · Spooner · Swedish Timber Frame · Tarran · Trusteel · Unity · Vic Hallam (various) · Wates · Wimpey No-Fines · Woolaway



Remodelling of existing commercial buildings to create modern apartments, offices or other spaces usually involves changes in the external envelope of the building and in many cases this necessitates the creation of new wall structures using infill panels of blockwork, lightweight metal framing, timber framing or insulated panels. PermaRock offers a comprehensive range of fully developed insulated render and exterior render systems to cater for all of these situations.

PermaRock has systems with third party accreditation (BRE-WIMLAS) for use on lightweight metal and timber frame constructions with either plywood or mineral board sheathing. Systems can be employed on in-situ or pre-cast concrete, brick or blockwork or other masonry backgrounds, and systems can be designed to incorporate drained or ventilated and drained cavities, giving you full compliance with the requirements of the major buildings insurers, such as NHBC and Zurich.

With the extensive range of decorative finishes and effects available from PermaRock, the designer has unprecedented freedom to create uniquely expressive façades and interesting architectural designs that are also functional and practical.



Durability and impact resistance. Low maintenance. Cost effectiveness. Fire safety. These characteristics are of particular importance when considering façade systems for buildings in the Education sector. Durability and impact resistance because walls of school buildings are frequently subjected to scuffing, kicking and generally high levels of wear and tear. Low maintenance and cost effectiveness because budgets are often limited and resources stretched. Fire safety because nothing less will suffice in this environment. PermaRock's range of exterior render and insulated render systems have a track record in the Education sector that is second to none, both for refurbishment and remodelling projects and for new construction. PermaRock offers systems that are fire-safe and environmentally benign. Systems provide functionality and durability with a wide choice of low maintenance decorative finishes and effects: systems that are tested and proven to meet the needs of buildings for education. The principal PermaRock systems carry full third party accreditation through BBA or BRE-Wimlas, and these organisations give life expectancies for accredited PermaRock systems in excess of thirty years.

So whether it's the refurbishment of a Hills, CLASP, SCOLA or other steel framed building, a traditional solid brick or cavity wall construction, or a timber framed building, PermaRock offers engineered solutions with full third party accreditation through BBA or BRE-WIMLAS. For structural remodelling projects, where for example window sizes need to be reduced or curtain walling requires replacement with a more energy efficient system, PermaRock can also provide complete walling solutions. Systems can be designed with large spanning capabilities, enabling steel frame formats to be reclad or overclad.

Systems for educational needs are designed on a project-by-project basis, with particular consideration given to durability and low maintenance, perhaps through the incorporation of Armour Mesh reinforcement into the render system, and the use of the more resilient, scrubbable and hard wearing decorative render finishes. Protection against graffiti may also be something of concern to the specifier. PermaRock offers specific advice on the types of decorative finishes that are more appropriate to areas where graffiti may be likely and, in addition, we have a full graffiti removal and anti-graffiti protection system to complement our range of decorative finishes.




Surfaces can be finished plainly or with texture, in bright, bold colours or in neutral or earth shades, with decorative tiles or aggregate, brick or stone effects.

Three dimensional texture can be introduced in the form of architectural profiles, allowing the creation of stylish detailing, mouldings, cornices and the like. Simulated blockwork, ashlar, relief banding or sweeping curves can be introduced to add further expression.

Our Decorative Options brochure provides further information on the range of decorative finishes and effects that are available with PermaRock systems.


PRE-CONTRACT SERVICES To make full and best use of the breadth of services available from PermaRock it is recommended that PermaRock be engaged early on in the project. Early involvement means that attention can be focussed on achieving the specific project objectives and specifications can be prepared that are closely tailored to the individual project requirements, providing opportunities for reductions in costs associated with time, materials and material waste whilst at the same time maximising value for money and maintaining a high quality standard. Whichever route is taken, PermaRock is able to offer a complete and comprehensive service to its clients, including the following:· U-value calculations and condensation risk analyses for all wall construction types and incorporating any insulated render system. · Detailed project specifications tailored to the individual project requirements and including a comprehensive method statement and extent of works. · Elevational colour design concepts. · Preparation of colour samples of render finishes and 'breakdown' samples showing the layered construction of a PermaRock insulated render system. · CAD technical detail drawings showing typical system details and interfaces with other elements of the construction. · Site surveys to identify areas of the scheme that may require specific reference in specification or extents of works, etc., and to enable budget costings to be prepared. · Detailed budget costings prepared in conjunction with a PermaRock applicator.

GUARANTEES In addition to offering the PermaRock 10 year warranty on materials, PermaRock also offers the PermaGuard® Guarantee and Latent Defects Insurance on selected PermaRock systems installed by our national network of trained, approved applicators. The PermaGuard guarantee offers unsurpassed security for the property owner, is completely transparent in terms of costs and benefits and the client deals directly with the insurance company should a problem occur. The guarantee, available for 10, 15 or 20 years, covers problems associated with materials, system design and the application process. Under the scheme, the insurers require all contracts to be inspected by an independent body whilst work is in progress and on completion so that the quality of the finished job is assured. If, despite the quality checks and controls, any defect becomes apparent after the job is complete the scheme insurers will ensure that the problems are rectified and will meet the cost of remedying the latent defects. The PermaGuard guarantee does not depend on the system designer or installer continuing to pay annual premiums to maintain the insurance cover, and the cover is fully transferable in the event of a change of ownership. Further details on the PermaGuard scheme can be obtained from PermaRock Products Ltd.

TRAINING In addition to providing training courses for our approved, specialist installers, PermaRock offers one-day seminars to other project team members, such as Clerks of Works and Site Agents. These courses, delivered by PermaRock Systems Technicians, provide site personnel with a basic level of understanding of the practical installation aspects of external wall insulation and rendering. To find out more about the theoretical and technical aspects of PermaRock's products you may be wish to arrange for PermaRock to present at your offices. Technical Presentations, usually held during lunchtime, take the form of a Powerpoint slide show and give a more in depth look at the underlying principles behind external wall insulation and cladding and make reference to specific projects and case studies.



APPROVED APPLICATORS Installation of PermaRock Systems is undertaken by any of our nationwide network of trained and approved specialist application contractors. Approved Applicator personnel receive regular training updates and are kept abreast of the latest innovations and product developments. The performance of the applicators is constantly monitored to ensure continuing satisfactory performance. PermaRock approved applicators operate in all areas of the UK and PermaRock can provide details, on a project-by-project basis, of approved applicators capable of carrying out the installation of any PermaRock System for any project, based on project size, location and program requirements. Many of PermaRock's applicators are of sufficient size and calibre to undertake general building works and the full main contractor role, providing a full package of access, site supervision and management, and fulfiling the requirements of Health & Safety/CDM regulations, etc. Many applicators are subscribers to Constructionline, and operate in accordance with the technical requirements of the Insulated Render and Cladding Association, INCA, the national trade association for the industry.

ON-SITE TECHNICAL SUPPORT PermaRock Technical Services department provides a range of technical services in support of the client and the specialist applicator during the course of the contract. The department is responsible for providing initial training in all aspects of the installation of PermaRock products and systems. Training is effected and maintained by our Systems Technicians, skilled in the practicalities of installation of the wide range of PermaRock products and systems. Training forms an integral part of the service provided to our approved applicators, and the provision of training is included in our registration to BS EN ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management Systems - Requirements. Training is not only provided for specialist approved contractors, but tailored training courses can also be provided for designers and architects, clerks of works and site agents, etc. ­ training courses are open to all key personnel involved in projects with PermaRock products and systems. Whether it is advice on application, a product demonstration or familiarisation with application techniques, one of our Technical Services Systems Technicians is available to answer your questions.

AFTER SALES SERVICE The successful installation of a PermaRock system is not the end to PermaRock's involvement with a project. PermaRock provides Care & Repair manuals for its systems, detailing how your maintenance team can carry out routine tasks such as cleaning, effecting minor repairs, or modifying or adding new fixtures and fittings. The PermaRock Technical Services team is always available to discuss completed projects with you and to provide you with any necessary support or assistance when you wish to move on to your next PermaRock project.


The information in this brochure was correct at time of going to press. We reserve the right to modify or alter technical information based on further laboratory testing, etc.



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