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Supersedes PPROA Rules dated May 2, 2006 Revised by PPROA November 4, 2010 1. MEMBER a. Member is the Property Owner with one (1) voting right regardless of number of lots owned. b. Conduct ­ Property Owner's are responsible for their personal conduct and actions of their guests. c. No person may use another property owner's property without written permission from the property owner. d. Members must adhere to all State and County rules and regulations, PPROA rules, Deeds of Restrictions, Articles of Incorporation, Agreed Order and ByLaws. e. All property in Perry Park Resort, owned by members, is for the owner's use and not for lease or rental, except for rental or lease of the Community Center. . f. Property owners are responsible for the neat and orderly maintenance of their home and property. 2. LAKES a. Includes Lake Holiday, Lake Inverness & Big Bass Lake. b. Fishing 1) When fishing in the lakes, each person fishing, must have a valid fishing license in their possession, and all Kentucky fishing regulations apply. 2) Fishing is limited to two (2) guests, not including children under 16 and must be accompanied by the property owner. 3) Fishing is not permitted on the golf course. 4) Fishing is not permitted on property owner's lake front property without the property owner's written permission. c. Boats 1) Use of gasoline engines on boats are not permitted. 2) Boats must be stored on the boat owner's property. d. Swimming ­ Swimming in the lakes is not permitted. e. Lake Safety Walking on frozen lakes in the winter is prohibited. f. Leaves ­ Blowing leaves in the lakes is prohibited due to clogging drainage in the dam. 3. HUNTING a. Hunting for PPROA members and their guests is not allowed in the residential areas of the Resort. 4. FIREARMS a. Discharge of firearms within the residential area of the Resort is prohibited. Section 4 411 Member Handbook Rev.4, 12/1/10

5. TREES a. Cutting trees from undeveloped property or lots owned by others is prohibited unless the property owner grants written permission. b. Should a tree fall from a property owner's lot into the lake, the property owner is encouraged to remove the tree from the lake. 6. DUMPING a. Dumping of garbage, water heaters, glass, metal objects, appliances, TV's, building materials, furniture, etc. in the dump area of the resort is strictly prohibited. Only small brush, such as tree branches, twigs, small parts of trees are permitted. b. Contractors are not permitted to dump anything in the dump area. c. Owen County Dump is located in Owenton and will accept any items you wish to dump that are not burnable. Contact 5024842427. d. Burning. Burning of garbage is strictly prohibited within the Resort. Open burning bans must be observed when instituted by Owen County. 7. SECURITY a. Security Guards are on duty 24 hrs. per day, 365 days per year. b. Guests may be denied entry to the Resort unless the Guardhouse was notified prior to their arrival. This also includes repairmen, servicemen, contractors or visitors, etc. c. Those mentioned in b. above may be denied entry to the Resort unless the property owner has given prior permission, or is accompanying the guest(s). 8. PETS a. It is not permissible to allow pets to roam unattended within the Resort. b. If an owner's pet annoys another member, it is the offending member's responsibility to correct the problem. c. In accordance with the Declaration of Restrictions no more than 2 pets of the customary household variety (including birds) may be kept on any lot except upon the express written permission of PPROA. 9. ATV's, UTV's, GOCARTS, DIRT BIKES & GOLF CARTS a. Golf Carts State laws (licensed drivers) concerning the operation of motor vehicles on public roads apply within the Resort. b. Guests are not permitted to bring gocarts, dirt bikes, ATV's or UTV's into the Resort. c. ATV's and UTV's will be permitted to be used by the residents only with a valid driver's license and operated in a safe manner. Completion of a "Registration Form" for these vehicles is required by the property owner with acknowledgement that the property owner is solely liable and Section 4 412 Member Handbook Rev. 4, 12/1/10

responsible for the use of such vehicles. (A Registration Form is provided by the Guardhouse and approved/signed by the PPROA President. Refer to Member Handbook, Section 4, Pages 42 & 43.) d. Speed limits must be observed at all times. e. Property owners are responsible for all damage or injury caused by their vehicles. 10. CONSTRUCTION a. Only structures, remodeling and additions approved by the PPROA, complying with the Declaration of Restrictions on file at the Owen County Clerk's office will be permitted to be constructed or placed on your lot. b. Building Permit ­ The property owner is required to submit a "Building Permit Application" to the PPROA for any new construction or addition to an existing structure. (Refer to Member Handbook, Section 6.) c. Tanks ­ Any tanks for use in any residence including tanks for the storage of fuel must be buried or concealed from view of other residents. 11. SIGNS a. No signs larger than 24" x 36" and no higher than 36" may be placed on property owner's lot. b. No sign may be placed closer than 10 feet from the edge of the road. c. No signs advertising any business or services are permitted. d. Signs must be maintained in good appearance while posted. 12. ENFORCEMENT OF THE COMMUNITY RULES a. No more than two notices will be sent by the PPROA to the property owner regarding any of the rules or regulations that are violated above. b. The first PPROA notice will address the violation and give the property owner fifteen (15) days to respond. If no response and the violation has still not been resolved by the property owner during that timeframe, a second notice will be issued to the property owner. c. The second PPROA notice will give the property owner an additional fifteen (15) days to resolve the violation or dispute the notice of offense. d. Fifteen days after the second PPROA notice was given and the property owner has not resolved the violation, the PPROA will assess a fine of twenty five dollars ($25.00). e. If the assessed fine is not paid within ten (10) days and the violation is not resolved, the property owner will lose their privilege as a memberingood standing and will remain such until the violation is resolved and fine is paid in full. f. Invalidation or nonenforcement of any one of these rules or regulations by judgment or Court Order, shall be in no way affect any of the other provisions which will remain in full force and effect. Section 4


Member Handbook Rev. 4, 12/1/10


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