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Treasurer: Larry Witt [email protected] Director: Shirley Caudill [email protected] Director: John Hill [email protected]

JUNE, 2011

President: Paul Minch [email protected] Vice President: Sue Errgang [email protected] Secretary: Nancy Bowman [email protected] PRESIDENT'S REPORT JUNE 2011

Director: Jerry Hardcorn [email protected] Director: Elaine Krietemeyer [email protected] Director: Joe Frohn [email protected] Paul Minch

I hope this mailing finds all of you with good health and enjoying the early summer. So many great things have happened this year with the renovation being completed on Glenwood Hall. From a great New Year's celebration, to the Grand Opening and Derby Day, the hall is in very good hands and being used frequently as we had hoped it would be. My thanks to everyone, especially the volunteers who have made it happen. Great Job! As you are aware, we are seeking candidates for the upcoming election. Please consider whether you have the time and energy to make a difference in the community by serving on the board of directors. Details of dates and requirements are contained herein. I also wish to thank you for the prompt payment of this year's assessment fee. By seizing every opportunity to save the association money, we are able to keep the fee at the same rate as last year even though we lost a few members. My best wishes go out to you. Enjoy your early summer! Paul Minch


Sue Errgang

The grand opening of the Glenwood Hall Community Center was held on April 16th, even though the weather did not cooperate the cold and rain did not hamper the great time that was had by all. The PPROA would like to thank Shakey for all of his hard work cooking the barbeque and also a special thank you to Eric and Worm for cooking the hot dogs and ladies as always what a terrific job on all of the deserts, it truly was a community pulling together so the grand opening was a total success. Folks even though the weather caused us to cancel some of the events we had planned in true Perry Park fashion we carried on and I would like to share with you the big winners of the day starting with the kids fishing tournament. There was stiff competition in the kids fishing tournament however Bob and Terry Beil's granddaughter Mallory showed all that girls do rule and won 1st place. Not only did she catch most fish for the day I was told she also caught the biggest fish of the day, so congratulations goes out to Mallory. All of the kids received a participation tee shirt and Mallory won a new fishing pole for reeling in the win. The Westminster of Perry Park was a crowd favorite with 12 dogs competing, it was a tough call for our judges Sonny Yeager and Bob Heuser but in true champion style Evan Thompson's Ellie May out shined the rest and placed 1st in the competition, Cheyenne, Erick and Karen Lozier's dog came in 2nd leaving the pack shaking their heads and wagging their tails. Fourteen teams were signed up for the Corn Hole Tournament with all the tuff completion out there Ron Husker and Bob Heuser had their hands full bringing home the victory over the 5 and 6 year olds. We all want to thank Mr. Bill Watson for entertaining us with his story telling, the crowd loved it, Bill well done. If you would be interested in renting the hall please contact me, Sue Errgang, at 502-484-0793 or email to [email protected]


Linda Woodall

The Serenity Garden (formerly Memorial Garden) Committee is planning a YARD SALE Saturday, August 13th from 9A.M. TO 3P.M. at Glenwood Hall Community Center. Please gather up your donations of "gently used" items that you wish to donate. The proceeds will be applied to the purchase of the pavers and benches for the Garden. After July 1, take your donated items to Glenwood Hall on Tuesday or Thursday between 10:00AM and 11:00AM. If the drop off schedule is impossible for you, please contact any Committee member for other drop off arrangements. NO CLOTHES ACCEPTED. CASH DONATIONS ARE ACCEPTABLE. Committee: Linda Woodall 859-380-1414; Charleen Borchers 502-419-0198; Sherr Witt 502-484-2752; Nancy Ratterman 859-468-8024

RUN FOR THE ROSES Sue Errgang Hats off to the Ladies Association for throwing one heck of a Derby Party. Ladies Glenwood Hall looked absolutely beautiful what a wonderful job you all did, on behalf of the community I'd like to thank you for bringing back this great event for everyone to enjoy. Now ladies and gentleman their at the gate with the first race of the evening and their off with CEX Engine coming in

first, the CEX POTTS are the owners featuring Judy and Pete Martin, Ann Baker and Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Fieger with CHUG-A-LUG JERRY riding to victory. The 2nd and final race of the evening found EASY MONEY in the winners circle. Riding EASY MONEY was Charleen Borchers cause no show Joe was a no show. Owners Shirley Caudill, John Hill, Shay and Joe Frohn, Alvera and Charleen were on easy street with their big win.

Thanks to all the women who entered the hat contest, ladies you all looked like southern belles parading around in your wonderful hats, congratulations goes out to Sue Errgang and Kathy Thomes for coming in 1st and 2nd in the hat contest. The Ladies Association wants to thank everyone involved for helping to make Derby Party 2011 a big success.



The annual property owner's meeting will take place on Saturday, September 10, 2011. Three property owners will be elected as directors to serve on the Board of Directors. You must send a brief BIO to the address below. All BIOS must be received by 2:00p.m., July 23, 2011. BIOS may be hand delivered or mailed. Please mark on the envelop "CANDIDATE BIO ENCLOSED". No BIOS will be accepted via email. Hand deliver to: Mail to: Elaine Krietemeyer PPROA Communications Committee Chairman Attn: Elaine Krietemeyer 240 Whippoorwill Lane Communications Committee Chairman Perry Park, Ky. 40363 P.O. Box 112 Perry Park, Ky. 40363 QUALIFICATIONS TO BE A CANDIDATE: * YOU MUST BE A CURRENT PROPERTY OWNER * YOU MUST BE IN GOOD STANDING WITH THE PPROA AT TIME OF SUBMITTING BIO (ALL FEES PAID) AND THE 2011-2012 ASSESSMENT FEE PAID BY JULY 23, 2011. DIRECTOR'S RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: * ATTENDING REGULAR MONTHLY BOARD MEETINGS * ATTEND SPECIAL MEETINGS IF CALLED * COMMITTING TO BE ON ONE OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTOR'S COMMITTEES OR CHAIR A COMMITTEE. * VOLUNTEER TO TAKE IN SPECIAL ASSIGNMENTS AND OR HEAD UP SPECILA PROJECTS. THE BOARD REPRESENTS THE PROPERTY OWNERS. YOU MUST ACT, VOTE, AND DEAL WITH ISSUES ON THEIR BEHALF FOR THE GOOD OF THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY.


Elaine Krietemeyer, Communications Committee Chair

The Board of Directors is now recruiting members for the Election Committee for the September, 2011 election. The Election Committee is responsible for the collection and verification of ballots, tabulating the ballots and presenting the Election results at the annual PPROA meeting held in September, 2011. Your commitment would be two-three evenings and the morning of the annual meeting. All interested parties must submit their name to a member of the current board of directors prior to the August 4, 2011 board meeting and meet the following criteria. Of the interested parties, four names will be drawn; the first three names will serve on the committee, and the fourth name will be the alternate. The Criteria to serve on this committee is as follows: 1. Not a current board member or planning to be a candidate in the upcoming election. 2. May not live in the same household or be related to a current board member or perspective candidate in the upcoming election 3. . Must be a member in good standing; meaning all fees due the PPROA are paid in full through the current year . 4. The 2011-2012 fees are paid in full by July 12, 2011. Please call Elaine Krietemeyer 484-5586 or any board member if you would like more information or are interested in serving on the committee. You can also email Elaine at [email protected]


Shirley Caudill

On Saturday, November 5, 2011 at 1:00 PM at the Glenwood Hall Community Center, Perry Park, we will be honoring our Perry Park military veteran members. Several names have already been submitted for those who have served, including names of those resident family members currently serving in the United States Armed Forces. In early September, these individuals will be sent a personal invitation to attend this ceremony in order for us to honor each and every one of them for Veterans Day. The Carrollton Army National Guard has been invited and graciously accepted to participate in our program on that day. All Perry Park residents and their families are invited to this celebration. However, in order for us to plan for this event, we need to know the number of all residents and family members who will be attending by October 1, 2011. The Perry Park Ladies Association will be providing snacks and beverages after the ceremony closing. Let's all plan to attend this special event to honor our military. If you haven't submitted a military member's name, address, telephone number, military branch of service, dates of military service and service rank, please do so no later than October 1, 2011. The names of those military we have thus far to be honored are Robert Watson, Roger Roeding, Walter Ratermann, Cortland Lambert, Michael Schmidt, James Caudill, Dan Chaney, James (JD)

Smith, Jerry Hardcorn, Dick Roeding, Dave Burdette, Don Stivers, Hank Mullins, Paul Mastin, Greg Thomes, Ron Becker, James Becker and Ronald Smoot. Several others have contacted me and will be providing their info. If you have family members serving or have served in the military we would also like to include their military service. For the number of residents attending and submitting additional military members info, please contact Shirley Caudill, PPROA Director, Planning Committee Chairman at 502-484-0403 or email [email protected] WATER AEROBICS Shirley Caudill

Low impact Water Aerobic sessions will be held at the swimming pool for Perry Park residents, beginning on Wednesday, June 15 and every Wednesday thereafter thru August 31st, weather permitting. Sessions are for women and men and are free of charge but current pool entry charges will apply if you don't have a pool or golf membership. Contact Shirley Caudill at 502-484-0403 or email [email protected] with subject of email "Water Aerobics." Also a reminder, the Ladies Assoc. holds video exercise classes at the Glenwood Hall Community Center every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00 AM. $1 per person will be charged. Contact Evelyn Huser at 502-484-3857 for info. Come Join Us For A Healthy Fun Time.


Judy Martin

JULY EVENTS Every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 am exercising to a DVD. Bring your dollar for the usage fund. July 2nd: Birthday Night and 4th of July Parade Rain date: Mon. July 4th We are also celebrating the July's Birthdays. Bring a snack or a dessert to share. Bring your own drinks and a chair. Line up for the Parade at the first entrance of the trailer park @ 6.30 p.m. Parade starts at 7.00 p.m. and will end up at the Glenwood Hall Community Center Crowning of the 2011-2012 King & Queen. Judging of Golf Carts. Games for children. Music and Fireworks. To help with the Expenses, and fireworks, we need your help with a donation. We are Raffling off a Red, White and Blue Afghan. $1.00 a chance or 6 for $5.00. You can give your donation to Pete and Judy Martin or Ann Baker With your help last year we were able to have $500.00 for fireworks. Let's make it bigger this year. July 7th: Board Meeting at Glenwood Hall Community Center at 7.30 p.m. July 12th: The Ladies Plantation Classic. Remember to take your door prize gifts to Colleen Heuser house. July 16th: Pot Luck Dinner $5.00 a person at 6:00p.m. July 18th: Ladies Fun Day. Hosted by Jean Blick and Judy Mitchell. July 30th: Card night. Bring a snack and dollar for the usage fund. AUGUST EVENTS Every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 am exercising to a DVD. Bring your dollar for the usage fund. Aug. 4th: Board Meeting at Glenwood Hall Community Center at 7.30p.m. Aug. 5th: Birthday Night 8.00p.m. Bring a snack and $1.00 for usage fund. Aug. 15th: Ladies Fun Day . Hosted by Jane Harmeling and Terry Beil. Aug. 20th: Pot Luck Dinner $5.00 a person at 6:00p.m. Aug. 27th: Card night. Bring a snack and dollar for the usage fund. I will update this when new events come in. All dates are subject to change. Your Community Center Manager is Sue Errgang 502-484-0793.

THIS AND THAT Sue Errgang Hi, my name is Royce and I'm a dog. Now in case you didn't know Gran Mefford is my dad. Your probably thinking right about now what in the world is this all about . Lord knows Peyton Place, I mean Perry Park has a lot of issues going on and some of them just might be important but listen people this is important too. Now just calm down cause a great injustice has been done people and I think once ya'll get the story straight from the source all the snickering''' behind my dad's back will stop and the sun will shine again on the Mefford house. So just sit back cause I'm gonna tell you what really happened. Day 1. I was lying around one night and I hear my dad talking to my mom about some dog show, and the more dad gets to talkin the more excited he gets. I'm thinking Royce ol boy just keep on lying here, mind your own business and this to shall pass. Well the next thing I know dad's in the golf cart and I'm running along side like we're training for the Olympics or something all the while dads saying like" you can do it Royce" and I'm thinking do what , well I found out what . Day 2. It's around 6am and I'm dreaming about that cute little hottie that lives down the street, her name is Abby and her mom is Jean Blick, anyhow here comes dad blowing a whistle waking me up saying "training is starting for the dog show". I look around and some darn fool has hung hoops from our trees and all sorts of strange looking things in the yard , well turns out the darn fool is dad. Day 3. Ya'll know I love my dad but listen people , after chasing that golf cart for 3 miles and trying to figure out what "jump through this hoop Royce" means and watching dad sitting and fetching for hours I was exhausted. Day 4 . The Grand Opening. As any good trainer will tell you it's important to rest before any competition , well lets just get clear on this people me and my dad did not rest ok. John Hill is going to have to add a inch or two of more asphalt on Inverness because I ran at least that much off of it, anyhow it's show time, it's my time to shine, it's my 15 seconds of fame, victory is mine, well it was before I laid eyes on Levy anyway and that darn Ellie May showed up and by the way, OK I get it now. It was suppose to be me going through the hoops and sitting and fetching and not my dad. Who cares if Ellie May won that stupid bucket of Dollar Store treats, your cheap Sue Errgang I just want you to know that, all that hard work and the prize was a stupid bucket of Dollar Store treats. I'm a winner and so is my dad, Ellie May was a ringer and so it goes . NEWS FROM THE PERRY PARK LADIES ASSOCIATION Evelyn Huser

Hard to believe it is the middle of June already. We are still going strong planning for the up coming months. We are now planning events to raise money for the Serenity Garden which will be built behind Glenwood Hall. We will be selling T shirts and Sweat shirts on the 2nd· of July and a Pot Luck and Card Bingo on the 16th of July. All proceeds go to the Serenity

Garden. If anyone is interested in attending the Serenity Garden meeting please let me know. So far this year the Ladies Association has donated money to Relay for Life and the Owen County Girls Golf Team. Our next yearly meeting will be in October. We will be voting for new officers. Please send your nominations to Judy Martin. We need nominations for President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasure. If you have any questions please contact me at 484-3857


Ron Huser

The season finally got off to roaring start on Thursday 6/9/11. We simply chose up sides and had enough for two teams. I am sure there are a number of aches and pains but I think everyone including the many fans had a good time. The only thing we have to work on is getting Judy to concentrate a little more on the game instead of the dogs in the carts down the right field line. I hope her shin is feeling better. We plan on playing every Thursday at 7 p.m. If anyone at any time wants to use the equipment to practice just call Ron Huser at 484-3857 or 317-691-0252. This softball is a self supporting endeavor. There are costs involved in field up keep. We ask $1.00 per

player and fan who show up. Of course any additional donation will be gladly accepted. PPROA and PPLA are not involved in any way financially. We will also be getting the volley ball court in shape. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped with the ball field. This includes Woody Woodall, Greg Perkins, Greg Thomes, Bob Heuser and the Lozier family. We are considering selling grilled hot dogs and chips at the games if everyone thinks this is a good idea-another way to support softball.


Ron Huser

Access to this ramp is now on Waterford Rd. about 500 ft. from Springport Ferry Rd. Culvert pipe and gravel have been installed to get over the ditch. Please do not access the lake from Glenwood Hall parking lot. We are in the process of landscaping this area and soon there will be white PVC pipe here to prevent entry. Please respect this effort to beautify your community center. We have Wayne Williams to thank for his work on the culvert pipe and gravel. Wayne also took it upon himself to fill two large holes that developed on both sides of the west side of the spillway from Lake Holiday to the river. Thanks again Wayne.


Ron Huser

There are almost too many people to mention who have helped with Glenwood Hall & cemetery maintenance, landscaping and grounds clean up but they deserve recognition. I always knew this was the attitude of most of our neighbors here in Perry Park. We all should be proud to be part of a community made up of such generous people: Jerry Hardcorn, Greg Thomes, Woody Woodall, Greg Perkins, Lozier Family, Thompson Family, Pete Martin, Sonny Yeager, Bob Heuser, Denny Dramis, Wayne Williams, Bob Krietemeyer, Joe Frohn, John Hill, Jim Baird, & Larry Witt. Sorry if anyone was missed. Many other people have called indicating their desire to help. Upcoming projects will include clean up of the burn site / old boat storage area, old bath house area and Big Bass Lake shore line behind Glenwood Hall as well as trenching electricity to our Serenity Garden, and Paul's fountain and trenching from our hall gutters to the lake. Again thank you very much!


Perry Park Ladies

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00 am we exercise at Glenwood Hall. Please come and join us. Where else can you go exercise and laugh for a $1.00. A big hand for Judy Mitchell she has now made 2 and a half miles, she is now working on 3 miles. "YEAH" Judy. We are proud of all our exercise ladies. Some days it seems harder than others. Keep up the good work. Everyone is making progress.


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