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Pennsylvania Digital Newspaper Project, Phase I, 20082010 Historical Context 18801922 Lackawanna County SCRANTON Scranton Title

Sunday Morning Free Press Providence Echo/Register Lackawanna Democrat Sunday Morning News Sunday News (weekly ed.) Every Saturday Labor Herald Republican R bli Republican (Sunday ed.) Weekly Republican Tribune Truth Scrantonian Daily News Times Weekly Times

1881 89,268 45,850 1881

10,500 600 0

1891 142,088 75,215 1891

9,000 800 0 5,600 1,900



Population 1901 1911 193,831 259,570 102,026 129,867 Circulation 1901 1911

9,000 800 4,722 2,200 5,800 0 10,000 10 000 5,000 3,000 10,500 16,000 12,927 16,061 800

1921 286,311 137,783 1921

1923 286,311 137,783 1923

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

Sun. Ind.Dem. Fri./Sat. Ind. weekly Dem. Sun. Ind./Ind.Dem. Mon./Sat. Ind. Sat. Labor Sat. Labor morn.ex.Sun. Rep./ Ind.Rep. S Sun. Rep. Wed. Rep. morn.ex.Sun. Rep. evg.ex.Sun. Ind./Rep. Sun. Ind. morn.ex.Sun Ind. Pr'gr'sive morn.ex.Sun./ Dem. evg.ex.Sun. Thurs./Sat. Dem.

3,500 3 500 1,800

7,800 7 800 5,300 3,100 0 10,422

20,097 20 097

30,384 30 384

30,014 30 014

18,723 0 32,483

35,008 35,011

34,000 37,401

2,500 1,600

0 0

1 County Seat 2 Circulation: blank cells indicate title not published; 0 in cell indicates circulation not reported / = Change in title, frequency, or bias Source: Ayer, N. H., & Son (1881, 1891, 1901, 1911, 1921, 1923). American Newspaper Annual and Directory. Philadelphia: N. W. Ayer & Son

Cell: D7 Comment: Sunday Free Press editor, publisher: E. J. Lynett, F. A. Beamish/James J. Mahon Cell: B8 Comment: Providence i.e, Scranton Cell: D8 Comment: Providence Echo/Register publisher: John U. Hopewell/N. B. Lent & W. C. Tunstall Cell: E8 Comment: Providence Echo, Ayer ad 1881: "The Echo is independent in all things, but neutral in nothing; contains the local and general news of the day. It circulates largely in the Coal Regions, and is therefore a good advertising medium." Cell: D10 Comment: Sunday Morning News Publisher: J. C. Coon/John Fitzsimmons Cell: D12 Comment: Every Saturday editor, publisher: P. G. Morgan, J. J. Coleman Cell: D13 Comment: Labor Herald editor: John Power O'Connor Cell: B14 Comment: Scranton Republican title changes: Scranton Republican (1877) TribuneRepublican (1910) Scranton Republican and Tribune (1915) Scranton Republican Tribune and Truth (1915) Scranton Republican Tribune Truth and Daily News (1915) Scranton Republican (1915) Scranton Tribune (1936) Tribune (1977) Scranton Tribune (1987) Scrantonian Tribune (1987)

Tribune (1990) TimesTribune (2005) Cell: D14 Comment: Republican editors: John A. Scranton Robert D. Towne G. A. Somarindyck John E. Barrett Cell: H14 Comment: TribuneRepublican, Ayer ad 1911: "Scranton's only morning newspaper. Largest circulation of any morning newspaper in Pennsylvania outside of Philadelphia and Pittsburg. Some of the large stores use the TribuneRepublican exclusively. Local advertisers use its columns to as great an extent as they do any other Scranton paper and pay as high a rate." Cell: D16 Comment: Weekly Republican publisher: Joheph A. Scranton Cell: B17 Comment: Scranton Tribune (1891) merged with the Scranton Republican (1877) to form the TribuneRepublican (1910) Cell: D17 Comment: Tribune editor: L. S. Richard Cell: B18 Comment: Scranton Truth (1884) merged with Scranton Republican and Tribune (1915) to form the Scranton Republican Tribune and Truth (1915). Cell: D18 Comment: Truth editors: John E. Barrett Robert B. Towne Publishers: J. E. Barrett J. J. Jordan Robert Shiel Cell: F18

Comment: Scranton Truth, Ayer ad 1891: "The road to business success in Northeastern Pennsylvania, is through the advertising columns of the Scranton Truth. Independent in all things. Largest circulation in Pennsylvania, outside of Philadelphia and Pittsburg. Cell: B19 Comment: Scrantonian (1897) merged with Scranton Tribune (1987) to form the Scrantonian Tribune (1987). Cell: D19 Comment: Scrantonian editors: Richard Little E. Tracy Sweet Cell: B20 Comment: Scranton Daily News (1913) merged with the Scranton Republican Tribune and Truth (1915) to form the Scranton Republican Tribune Truth and Daily News (1915). Cell: D20 Comment: Daily News editor: Robert D. Towne Cell: H20 Comment: Daily News: Established 1913. Circulaton 25,117 in 1915 Cell: B21 Comment: Scranton Times (1891) merged with the Tribune (1990) to form the TimesTribune (2005) Cell: D21 Comment: Times editors: J. C. Coon Edward J. Lynett Publishers: Aaron Augustus Chase P.A. Barrett Cell: D22 Comment: Weekly Times publishers: A. A. Chase Edward J. Lynett


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