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Tree Frogs

Includes red-eyed, green, and White's tree frogs

Tree frogs thrive in groups of the same species, and have a friendly, easy-going nature. White's is one of the larger species; the green tree frog one of the smallest. They love to climb, and become active and vocal at dusk. Is a tree frog the right companion animal for you? Yes No Check "Yes" or "No" after reading the following statements: 1. I have an appropriate location and space for a tree frog. 2. I can commit to handling tree frogs as little as possible. 3. I feel comfortable providing live food to a tree frog. 4. I can commit to providing proper care for this companion animal. 5. A mature person will provide responsible and primary care for this companion animal.

If you answered "Yes" to these statements, a tree frog may be the right choice for you! Continue reading about how to care for tree frogs and consult with a PETCO associate to learn more. PETCO is committed to responsible companion animal care. Average Size Diet 1.5 to 5 inches long, depending on type Life Span 8 to 10+ years

Provide a variety of appropriate size live feeder insects, such as crickets and mealworms Dust the insects daily with a pure calcium supplement and once or twice weekly with a vitamin/mineral supplement. Clean, fresh, filtered, chlorine-free water, changed daily


Feed growing frogs daily, adults 2­3 crickets every 2­3 days; size must fit easily into frog's mouth Size ­ A glass habitat with a tight-fitting screen lid Habitat ­ Should be heavily planted, with large driftwood branches and artificial, non-edible plants; it should never be in direct sunlight or in a drafty area; cover the back wall with a dark green material; and use large suction cups to attach slabs of cork bark to the back wall Temperature ­ Should be about 68° F. at night, and 75° F. to 80° F. or 85° F. to 88° F. during the day, depending on the type of frog; use a basking lamp and make sure to have different temperature zones inside the habitat; maintain proper humidity for particular type of tree frog Substrate ­ Mulch-type commercial material; unbleached paper towels, soil, dampened sphagnum moss, and bark; avoid gravel and artificial turf (too harsh for skin) Supply a fresh, clean, dependable water source, and keep their environment very clean Do not house different species of reptiles together


Recommended Supplies

10- to 20-gallon, tall Foliage, artificial plants Book about frogs

glass habitat Tight-fitting screen lid

Commercial mulch

Water bowl, not much

larger than the frog Humidity gauge

Live crickets/mealworms Calcium supplement Water conditioner Multi-vitamin supplement Basking lamp; tank heater

pad at one end, if needed

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Tree Frogs

Includes red-eyed, green, and White's tree frogs

Normal Behavior and Interaction

Tree frogs are active at night and rest during the day; love to climb; have an appealing personality; they often learn to accept live insects from your fingertips. White's and painted monkey frogs move slowly, sit quietly; the smaller red-eyed tree frog is more active and jumpy; Females are usually larger than males; in a mixed group, males call loudly during mating season; in the right environment, females lay eggs which hatch to become tadpoles Change the water bowl every 1­2 days, using clean, filtered, chlorine-free water Use an appropriate sized, small-mesh, soft net to move or block the frog while doing habitat maintenance; avoid handling; if you handle them be sure to wear latex gloves; residue or oil on your skin can harm amphibians Wash tank and floor covering weekly in hot water and dry thoroughly; it is convenient to keep two pieces of floor covering so you can rotate them; if using live moss or mulch for floor covering, change weekly Never use soap, detergents, bleach, or other chemicals to clean tank or furnishings The habitat and all the furnishings must be kept very clean Mist your frogs once a day, in the morning if possible, with de-chlorinated water Provide a water bowl not much larger than frog; frogs can take in moisture through their skin Don't handle unless necessary; wear latex gloves; do not allow frog's secretion into contact with eyes, mouth, or open wounds Always wear latex gloves if you must handle your frog and wash your hands after handling the habitat contents to help prevent Salmonella and other infectious diseases

Habitat Maintenance

Grooming and Hygiene

Signs of a Healthy Animal Common Health Issues

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Active, vocal, and sociable after dark Healthy skin; clear eyes

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Eats regularly Maintains weight Suggested Action May be lethal; be sure to protect your frog from exposure. Consult with an exotic animal veterinarian; surgery may be required. Ensure a varied diet; use vitamin and mineral supplements. Consult with an exotic animal veterinarian. Consult with an exotic animal veterinarian for treatment.

Health Issue (alpha) Chemical Intoxication Intestinal Obstruction Nutritional Deficiencies Skin Problems

Symptoms or Causes Caused by exposure to soap, detergent, pesticides, etc. Caused by swallowing gravel or by eating too many hardshelled insects. Weak hind legs, lethargy, lighter or darker skin color. Abrasions, bacterial and fungal infections.

Red Flags

Lethargy · Skin lesions Loss of appetite · Distressed breathing Weight loss · Weak leg movements If you notice any of these signs, please contact your exotic animal veterinarian. Care and Breeding of Popular Tree Frogs by Philippe de Vosjoli et al. Frogs and Toads: An Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet by Steve Grenard et al. The Terrarium (Complete Pet Owner's Manual) by Harald Jes and Johann Brandstetter

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Note: The information on this Care Sheet is not a substitute for veterinary care. If you need additional information, please refer to the above sources or contact your veterinarian as appropriate.

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