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Guardol ECT with Liquid Titanium


See how the power o l qu d f i i t tan um can work f you i i or .

Guardol ECT Diesel Engine Oil


· Proven premium engine oil technology for on and off-highway diesel engines and mixed fleets (gasoline and diesel) · Leader in providing long oil drain technology · Oil Analysis Plus provides oil analysis for fleets · Supported by National marketing network

Premium API CJ-4 Technology

· Guardol ECT is a synthetic blend, a first in the industry


· Advanced low SAPS technology for modern low emission engines (API CJ-4) · Back serviceable for older fleets · Excellent soot control · Enhanced corrosion and wear protection · Exceptional low temperature benefits

Synthetic Blend Advantage

F eature

High temperature protection Shear stability and high film strength Enhanced oxidation stability Exceptional low temperature pumpability

Bene i ft > > > >

Maintain film strength even at high temperatures Less wear helping to extended engine life Extended oil life Improved cold start up engine protection

Benchmarked to Leading Competitors

In 12 tests, Guardol ECT demonstrated better performance than three leading competitors.


The Titanium Advantage

· Liquid titanium additive is an exclusive, patented component of ConocoPhillips premium HDEO products · Engine tested and field proven · Provides extra protection for longer equipment life and longer drain intervals · Compatible with emission system aftertreatment devices (catalysts and DPF's) · API CJ-4 licensed and OEM approved

Guardol ECT with Liquid Titanium


· Reduced wear of critical engine parts · Increased oxidation stability · The liquid titanium advantage elevates Guardol ECT's leading performance to a new level in the industry

How Does Liquid Titanium Work?

Liquid titanium bonds to metal surfaces of the critical engine parts to provide a protective shield and help reduce wear

Titanium found incorporated into steel surface structure



Put Guardol ECT with Liquid Titanium To Work Today.


Thank Y ou

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