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Chemie-Armaturenbau GmbH

Valves for the chlorine industry

Universal material PTFE

Although a material employed for almost all media, PTFE is particularly resistant against chlorine and its compounds. PTFE has been the first choice for our lined valves, especially with chlorine applications, for more than three decades. Further fluoroplastics such as linings of PFA may also be employed.

In case of permeation, a greater wall thickness means everything. As low-molecular media, such as chlorine in fluoroplastics, have a tendency to permeate and as influence factors such as density, crystallinity, cross-linking etc. are extremely difficult to vary, a greater wall thickness is the most economic solution.

Series 1a Series 1b Series 1c Series 1d Series 6a Series 8a Series 10a Series 10e Series 14a Series 14e Series 20a Series 20b Series 21a Series 22a Series 23b

PTFE-lined Globe Control Valve PFA-lined Globe Control Valve PFA-lined Aseptic Valve PTFE-lined 3-Way Valve PTFE-lined Micro Valve PTFE-lined Angle Valve PTFE-lined Butterfly Valve PTFE-lined Butterfly Valve Butterfly Valve of special material Butterfly Valve of special material PTFE-lined Ball Valve PFA-lined Ball Valve PTFE-lined Drain Ball Valve Drain Ball Valve of special material Rotary Plug Valve of special material

Series 23e Series 26a Series 26e Series 26l/t Serie 26v Series 27a/c Series 27d/e Series 27f Series 27g Series 27h Series 27i/k Series 27l/m Series 40 Series 30 Series 31

PTFE-lined Rotary Plug Valve Ball Valve of special material Trunnion Ball Valve of special material 3-Way Ball Valve of special material 3-Way Ball Valve of special material Sampling Valve of special material PFA-lined Sampling Valve Sampling Valve of special material Sampling Valve of special material Sampling Valve of special material Sampling Valve of special material PFA-lined Sampling Valve Globe Control Valve of special material Multi-Turn Actuator Quarter-Turn Actuator


Chemie-Armaturenbau GmbH

One cannot totally do without metal. The more than two decades of experience with valves in chlorine applications have led to diverse solutions in the choice of materials.

Special materials such as tantalum, Hastelloy, titanium, zirconium, Inconel, aluminium oxide, nickel etc. are employed in our valves as supplementary components resp. ectively as an alternative.

German Clean Air Act (TA-Luft) In order to fulfil the conditions concerning tightness to the atmosphere, our dynamic seals such as a maintenance-free cup spring live-loaded PTFE packing or the PTFE bellows in the standard version are ideally suited.

This can be shown by readily available proof resulting from helium leak tests. Special solutions, such as a double stuffing box, a reinforced bellows or a tightenable stuffing box are also here no problem due to our variety of products. Bellow seals for quarter-turn actuators, rotary motion by means of magnetic coupling or bellows in special metals such as titanium or Hastelloy may also be realised due to the well-structured modular design of our valves.


Chemie-Armaturenbau GmbH

Quality check

Meeting the high quality requirements in the chemical industry the qualilty check plays an important rule in our production. Each part of our valves is carefully examined in serveral checks.

The examinations have led to optimize the linings, so that Pfeiffer valves have become a perfect example of quality on the valve sector. Each valve is tested by a special pressure test to guaranty the tightness of seat and body.

For your special requirements please contact our technical sales department.

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Pfeiffer Chemie-Armaturenbau GmbH

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Issue October 2004

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