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Technofarm 75.

Technofarm 75

Technofarm 75 Engine

English Perkins engine 4 cyl ­ 68.2 HP (ISO) / 50.2 KW 1104A-44 naturally aspirated diesel, Dry element air cleaner Torque 201 Nm @1400 rpm Vertical exhaust Wet charged battery


Mechanical 4wd engagement 12 + 12 Shuttle Gearbox ­ 35kph 12'' Dual clutch 4wd 55 degree steering, centre drive front axle Front axle with differential lock "limited slip" Rear mechanically differential lock Rear independent brakes

Travel Speeds

Speeds in Kph with engine at max 2200RPM Using 420/70R30 wheel equipment Forward Range 1F 1.59 2F 2.32 3F 3.35 4F 4.85 5F 3.99 6F 5.82 7F 8.42 8F 12.19 9F 10.71 10F 15.63 11F 22.61 12F 32.74 Reverse Range 1R 1.34 2R 1.96 3R 2.83 4R 4.11 5R 3.38 6R 4.92 7R 7.12 8R 10.32 9R 9.06 10R 13.23 11R 19.13 12R 27.71

Hydraulics/Three Point Linkage

Mechanical linkage control Draft and Position control Top link sensing Response control Category 2 fixed ball ends 2700 Kg lift capacity 42L + 20L hydraulic pumps 2 Standard spool valves (1 standard + 1 float) Swinging drawbar


360/70R20(125A8)/W12 - 420/70R30 (143A8)/ DWW15 Pressed rims Track adj front 1450/1846mm Track adj rear 1194/1905mm

Weights and dimensions

Weight 4WD Length Min width std Height to top of ROPS Ground clearance Wheelbase 4WD Fuel capacity

Operator environment

2 post foldable safety frame - rear mounted Standard seat (with rear suspension) c/w seat belt Rigid sunroof c/w rotating beacon light Analogue instrument panel Hydrostatic steering Rear oil immersed brakes Right hand external mirror

2584Kg 3990mm 1690mm 2410mm 367mm 2147mm 65L



Operators Manual Front weight frame and tow pin * Power estimated by manufacturer

Independent PTO 59 HP (ISO) / 43.3 KW* Hand lever clutch control Mechanical PTO 540/ 750 rpm Groundspeed PTO 6 spline shaft


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