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his 2004-2005 issue of the Script highlights many of the major events that our faculty, students, and alumni were engaged in during this period. The various activities are impressive! The College of Pharmacy Alumni Dr. Robert W. Society continues its Brueggemeier outstanding work to support the College's students and faculty in many important ways, including the Alumni Scholarship Golf Outing. In addition, the Alumni Society recognizes the accomplishments of distinguished alumni at the annual Pharmacy Alumni Awards Banquet. I want to personally thank our alumni for your outstanding support. In this column, I wish to provide you with various updates of our academic programs and faculty activities from 2004-05. The Ohio State University Doctor of Pharmacy Program is vibrant and strong. During the 2004-05 year, the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) conducted the regularly scheduled review of our professional pharmacy program. The final report from the site visit was presented to the ACPE Board of Directors in January 2005, and the Board of Directors granted full accreditation to our PharmD Program through June 30, 2011. Commendations from the review and report include strong commitment of College leadership and faculty to quality pharmacy education and professional development of students; a solid curriculum for the Doctor of Pharmacy degree program; excellent students in the PharmD program who are well prepared and have strong participation in student professional organizations; and strong positive relationships with the clerkship partners. I wish to thank our faculty, staff, preceptors, students, alumni, and friends who participated in our year-long self study process and the accreditation visit. Your involvement and support contributed significantly to a successful ACPE accreditation review. In 2004-05, 442 students were enrolled in our entry-level PharmD program. The fourthyear class (P-4) consisted of 96 students, and these students were engaged in clerkship rotations locally, nationally, and internationally. On June 11, 2005, we held the PharmD Hooding Ceremony and the guest speaker was Dr. John A. Gans, the Executive Vice-President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Pharmacists Association (APhA). The PharmD Class of 2005 received their Doctor of Pharmacy degrees at the OSU Spring Commencement on June 12, 2005 in Ohio Stadium. Following graduation, the graduates accepted positions in community pharmacy or ambulatory care practices (50%) and in hospital pharmacy practice (20%). Approximately 20% of the graduates selected residencies to continue


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their education and specialization via postgraduate opportunities. The P-1, P-2, and P-3 classes in 2004-05 were comprised of approximately 115-120 students per class per year, and we anticipate enrolling 120 students into the new class in September 2005. Our nontraditional PharmD (NTPD) program is an on-line professional doctoral degree program that provides licensed pharmacists at the baccalaureate level with the opportunity to enhance their skills and credentials to provide high quality pharmaceutical care and obtain the PharmD degree. We have 96 students enrolled in the program in 2004-05, and 18 NTPD graduates received the PharmD degree in the recent academic year. New combined degree programs were approved by the University, and these are the PharmD/Master in Business Administration (PharmD/MBA) and the PharmD/Master in Public Health (PharmD/MPH). The College also offers combined PharmD and graduate programs in pharmaceutical sciences, the PharmD/MS and the PharmD/PhD degrees. The College's programming for undergraduate students has never been stronger with the BS in Pharmaceutical Sciences program, and approximately 350 students enrolled as majors in Autumn 2004. Also, 29 BSPS students participated in undergraduate research projects. Many of our top students in this program entered our PharmD program in the fall, while others have gone on to medical school, graduate school, or one of many career options. Our graduate programs in the College of Pharmacy continue the tradition of excellence, with approximately 105 students enrolled this fall in the areas of medicinal chemistry and pharmacognosy, pharmaceutics, pharmacology, and pharmaceutical administration. In the 2004-05 academic year, 18 PhD degrees and 15 MS degrees were awarded. Both excellent disciplinary research and exciting interdisciplinary research in drug discovery, drug action, drug delivery, and drug development are being led by our faculty. Our faculty are engaged in exciting innovative practice models of pharmaceutical care, and faculty, PharmD students, and residents engage in training and delivery of pharmaceutical care services in various area hospitals, clinics, and ambulatory/community practice settings. Also, faculty and staff serve the University and profession at both the regional and national levels and are involved in stimulating outreach and engagement activities. The strong academic programs in professional, graduate, and undergraduate education and the excellent research and scholarship are a reflection of the high quality faculty, students, researchers and staff of the College. The 2004-05 year was clearly a stimulating and stellar year, and we are excited to serve the largest number of students ever enrolled in College of Pharmacy at The Ohio State University. I hope that you will enjoy reading this issue of the Script as much as I have. We look forward to hearing your comments and feedback. And as always ­ Go Bucks!

The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy Dr. Robert W. Brueggemeier Dean, College of Pharmacy Executive Publication Editor [email protected] Shannon Weiher Director of Development [email protected] Lou Marcy Director of Alumni Affairs Publication Editor [email protected] Tanya McDay Coordinator Development and Alumni Affairs Contributing Editor [email protected] Barbara Hegler Contributing Editor [email protected] Michael Conrad Design Editor Conrad Graphic Design [email protected]

Photos courtesy of Dan Repicz College of Pharmacy Website [email protected]

On the cover..... The alumna on the cover of this issue of the Script is Jeanna (Galante) McQuillen, PharmD '04, a magma cum laude graduate at the 2004 Hooding Ceremony. Jeanna, who earned her B.S. in Chemistry from John Carroll University in 2000, married Matt McQuillen, a business major and a 2002 graduate of the OSU Fisher College of Business, in October of 2004. She is currently manager of the Macedonia Walgreen's in Macedonia, Ohio and will soon become a preceptor for PharmD candidates at her pharmacy. Jeanna decided on her career choice of Walgreen's after her 4th year rotation set up by Professor Jerry Cable. Of her Walgreen's experience she says, ..."and I love it. It has been such a wonderful experience." Dr. McQuillen's e-mail address is [email protected]

Alumni Society President O - H........!!!!


ow many places have you gone that you've wanted to shout "OH"? And how many times do you think Pictured with our Alumni Society someone President, Linda Bendinelli, are her would respond with husband Chris and Karen and Bob "IO"? I know Balcerzak, as the enjoy their 1980 you probably Pharmacy Class Reunion last year have as many at the U. of Texas Tailgate Game. stories as I do about running into Ohio State alum wherever you go. Just recently, my husband and I were visiting our son in England. As we were waiting for our return flight home, my husband looked over and saw a man with an Ohio State University tee-shirt on! What are the chances of running into OSU alumni in London...or at the beach...or in the National Parks? Chances are...pretty good!! This is what I've enjoyed most about being in the College of Pharmacy Alumni Society... getting to know many different ages of alumni and renewing old friendships. What a wonderful experience this has been! I am constantly amazed at the energy and enthusiasm of our alumni! We have been honored with the commitment of our Heritage Committee in establishing a showcase for pharmacy antiques. Make the time to view this collection in the main lobby of the college and relive our professions' history! Come to the CE program before the football tailgate and listen to what areas our colleagues practice. You can hear the passion in their presentations! And what better way is there to see old friends but over a hot dog and chips before the game. Is your class getting close to a reunion? Plan a get-together around the tailgate. You don't like football? (And you chose Ohio State?) Come to one of our winter events. We've enjoyed hockey, men's basketball and women's basketball games. These are usually preceded by a box lunch and camaraderie. And we're always open for new ideas. Attend the College of Pharmacy Alumni Golf outing to enjoy the sunshine, golf, and friendship...and see Lou Marcy make fun of how bad I golf! It's amazing how much money is raised for scholarships through this one activity. Get involved with the college and be amazed at the energy of our students ­ our future alumni! Not only are they exceptional pharmacy students but they participate in many charities. They present their programs to the Alumni board with so much confidence and professionalism. The Alumni society has provided them with their lab coats after finishing their first year of school and you can see the pride as they put them on. So the next time you're traveling, yell out "O-H" and I bet the response could be from a fellow Pharmacy Alumni!!

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New Director of Development


s. Shannon Weiher joined our college this year as Director of Development. We are pleased to announce her appointment and we look forward to working with her on alumni events, fund-raising activities, and stewardship of our donors. Shannon grew up in a family familiar with fund-raising, as it is her father's profession. Mr. Tippie, her father, also an OSU grad, worked for a time for the OSU Alumni Association, and now owns a consulting firm in Minneapolis. Shannon's experience externing in her father's firm led her to pursue a similar professional career.

Shannon graduated from Ohio Weslyan with a bachelor's degree in International Business and French. Besides working in her father's company, she held fund-raising positions at the

Cleveland Ballet and Columbus College of Art and Design. While working on her master's degree in Public Policy here at OSU, Shannon worked for the OSU Libraries as a Development Officer. Shannon found our college welcoming and supportive. She set out early to accomplish her first objective ­ to familiarize herself with the college mission, our alumni, our faculty, their expertise and research interests, our students and their needs, and the dynamic profession of pharmacy. To this end, Shannon plans to meet with alumni and industry partners here in Ohio and throughout the country, updating them on the activities of our College, our students and our faculty. Her efforts will reconnect many alumni with us and ultimately with one another...all serving to benefit the mission and goals of the College of Pharmacy. Together with Lou Marcy and Tanya McDay, their efforts support our exceptional faculty and students in their research and professional goals. Shannon met her husband, Bill, while at Ohio Weslyan. Bill is employed at Nationwide in the area of marketing strategy. She and Bill enjoy water-skiing at their lake home in Michigan. But Shannon promises that her allegiance remains here with us at Ohio State!

OSU -- Four Generations

Ms. Jessica Richards grew up in a family with a rich history in the profession of pharmacy and a strong connection to The Ohio State University. Her father, George K. Richards, an OSU grad, and grandfather, George D. Richards, an OSU Pharmacy grad, are involved in the pharmaceutical industry. They are long-time supporters of the College of Pharmacy and provide exemplary wholesale services to the many pharmacists in Ohio and surrounding states. Her great-grandfather, Kirby Wheeler, graduating with his pharmacy degree from Ohio State in 1923, and was a member of Phi Delta Chi. But Jessica never thought of herself in the pharmacy world. Although an excellent science and math student at Worthington Kilbourne HS, Jessica pursued her varied interests in politics and early child development, interning at both the Governor's Office and a nursery school. Those early high-school experiences guided her away from these specific careers. Jessica's college courses, however, re-kindled her interest in science and math. She soon narrowed down her career choices to include pharmacy, specifically looking for an avenue where she could work with people in community settings. Jessica will begin her third year of pharmacy school in the fall. Her rotations to date include the OSU Student Health Center, Giant Eagle, and the College of Pharmacy Senior Partners Program. Jessica is spending this summer in Spain on an OSU academic program and will undoubtedly return to OSU refreshed and ready to continue her studies in Pharmacy. She plans to graduate, as a fourth generation OSU grad, with her Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2008. We wish her much success.


Director of Development Creating a lasting impression



he Ohio State University College of Pharmacy enjoys a wonderful reputation for the quality of its students, the commitment of its faculty, and the loyalty of the alumni and friends who support the mission of this College. Shannon Weiher, M.A. Examples of the extraordinary support from our alumni and friends include a recent gift from Dr. Chih-Ming James Chen ('81 Ph.D. Pharmacy and OSU Foundation Board member) to create the Dr. Sylvan G. Frank's Research in the Design and Evaluation of Novel Drug Delivery Systems. Dr. Chen's gift will support Dr. Frank's research focusing on optimizing drug absorption from novel dosage forms designed for specific routes of administration to ensure and enhance drug therapy. In May, the College recognized the over 120 student scholarship recipients and our friends and alumni who endowed scholarships at the 2nd Annual Endowed Scholarship Reception. The Alumni Society Governing Board recognized the impact scholarships have in helping students offset the rising tuition costs

and have endowed a new fund to be awarded to incoming 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year Pharm.D. students. This scholarship will continue to grow from funds raised at the many alumni events held throughout the year. Friends and family of faculty have created several endowed funds to honor those who have passed and those who are still building a wonderful legacy. The Ralf Rahwan Endowed Fund, in memory of the late Dr. Rahwan, supports activities in the division of Pharmacology. The Dr. Milap Nahata Distinguished Lecture Series honors Dr. Nahata, Chair of the Pharmacy Practice and Administration, and is aimed at starting a lecture series within the division. In my first few months with the College, I have had the pleasure of meeting many alumni and friends who, over the years, help to ensure that The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy remains a leader in the pharmaceutical sciences. I look forward to working with many of you as we build a lasting impression in support of tomorrow's pharmacy students. Support for scholarships, research and outreach programs provide permanent resources that enhance the academic excellence celebrated here at Ohio State. Gifts to the funds mentioned here or to additional programs in the College of Pharmacy may be directed to the Development Office Parks Hall, 500 West 12th Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43210 or please contact Shannon Weiher, Director of Development, at (614) 247-6482 or [email protected]


Can you see yourself in this picture? The Pharmacy Golf Outing needs lady golfers to play and balance the field. If you play and would like to be included next year, please contact the alumni office. We will make you a game if needed. Pictured here are some of the ladies who played in the 2004 Pharmacy outing. In front are Shannon Prater, P3 (left) and Beth Sparks. In the back row are Melissa Meekins '04, Ellen Tressel and Amy Bennett '70.

t is with much relief to finally deliver this issue of the Script to you. As the number of College and alumni events increase and become more complex, recording and reporting the functions becomes more challenging. I hope you will enjoy reading about Louis W. Marcy, B.S. the activities and '65, R.Ph. accomplishments of Alumni Affairs some of the College Director faculty, alumni and students and about some of the events of 2004 and 2005. Planning has already begun on the next issue of the Script. I am so happy to welcome Shannon Weiher to the Dean's Staff of the College as the Director of Development. She comes to the College after working on development with the OSU Libraries and completing her M.A. degree at OSU. Some of you have already been contacted by Shannon, as she has started the job running and is already committed to our alumni and their long and short-term plans. Shannon is so easy to meet and I know our alumni will enjoy getting to know her. Please stop by and say hello if you visit the College or e-mail Shannon at [email protected] (Please read an introductory article in this addition of the Script.) As he has done in many areas of College administration, Dean Bob Brueggemeier has reviewed and proposed changes in the alumni office. The addition of Barbara Hegler, M.A. (Formerly, Barbara Skunza.) to the Dean's staff to help in the area of publications is a much needed and welcome move. Barbara's administrative and communications expertise will help to insure that College and alumni publications will be generated in a timely manor. Barbara will continue as Program Manager for the Non-Traditional PharmD program. She previously served the College as Assistant to the Dean and Fiscal Officer from 1993 to 2000. Many of the alumni of the College know Barbara and enjoy her intelligence and pleasing personality. When you visit the College, be sure to welcome Barbara Hegler to the alumni and development team. You can send her an e-mail to make her feel at home to [email protected] Please provide the alumni office and the College with an update of your news and accomplishments. Your classmates and faculty want to know about you. One way you can update your information is on your Pharmacy Alumni Society Membership renewal statement when you pay your annual dues. Other ways to send updates are to e-mail Lou Marcy at [email protected] or to update your listing on See Alumni Affairs Director Page 16


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APhA 2005 Annual Meeting: Ovation in Orlando!

The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy celebrated with faculty award recipients, fellows, participating speakers, authors and student participants at the APhA 2005 Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida April 1-5, 2005. Dean Robert W. Brueggemeier led a contingent of 19 faculty and residents and 64 Pharmacy students to Orlando to participate in APhA 2005. Some of the accomplishments of the College faculty, students and alumni are highlighted below and make all of us proud to be part of the OSU College of Pharmacy. New APhA Fellows Seventeen pharmacists were elected as Fellows of the American Pharmacists Association in 2005 and four of the new fellows had an affiliation with the OSU College of Pharmacy. An APhA Fellow is selected by their respective Academy and has a minimum of 10 years of professional experience and achievements in professional practice, both through activities in APhA and in other organizations. The APhA Academy of Pharmacy Practice and Management elected faculty member Gerald L. (Jerry) Cable as an APhA Fellow. Jerry Cable, director of experience programs and outreach and engagement, and clinical assistant professor at the OSU College of Pharmacy has been the OSU APhA-ASP advisor since 1991. He earned a B.S. degree in pharmacy from the University of Michigan in 1971. Jerry has practiced pharmacy at the OSU Medical Center in inpatient and ambulatory care settings and in the community as a clinical pharmacist in long-term care and home infusion services. He is a celebrated and highly regarded and respected member of the College faculty and is known to all graduates since becoming director of experience programs in 1990. He was chosen as APhAASP National Advisor of the Year Award recipient in 1998. Jerry joins faculty member & alumnus Marialice Bennett, B.S.'69, and faculty member George H. Hinkle and alumna Roberta M. Armstrong as APhA Fellows of the APhAAPPM Academy.

Judy and Jerry Cable, with Jerry holding his APhA Fellow certificate, are flanked by colleagues and friends after the 2005 APhA "academy awards" program in Orlando Florida." From left to right are, Jon Schommer, professor at the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy and former faculty member & friend, Assistant Dean, Ken Hale, Judy & Jerry, Dean Bob Brueggemeier and Lou Marcy, alumni director.

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The APhA Academy of Pharmaceutical Research and Science elected faculty member Craig A. Pedersen, Ph.D. as an APhA Fellow. Dr. Pedersen is associate professor and director of graduate studies in the division of pharmacy practice and administration at the College. Craig earned his BS in Pharmacy from the University of Washington and a PhD in pharmacy administration from the University of South Carolina. Hospital pharmacists from around the globe seek his expertise in hospital pharmacy practice and patient safety. The College contingent at the 2004 APhA Annual Meeting were happy to celebrate with Craig as he served as Speaker of the APhA House of Delegates in his home town of Seattle, Washington. And, the 2005 College group was again very happy to celebrate with Craig at the Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida on his election as APhA Fellow. Dr. Pedersen joins a group of eleven faculty and former faculty and four alumni of the College as APhAAPRS selected fellows.

Christopher G. Green, Pharm.D. is an adjunct professor of clinical pharmacy at the College and a clinical pharmacist at the OSU University Health Connection. Chris earned his BS in Pharmacy from Ohio Northern University and a PharmD degree from the University of Toledo. He completed an APhAASHP pharmacy practice residency at OSU. Chris was selected for the Merit Award for his role as provider coordinator for the APhA Foundation's Patient Self Management : Diabetes Project at the Ohio State University. Green's citation read "His passion for helping patients with diabetes cope with this chronic disease presents an excellent example of a caring, interactive pharmacist for patients, physicians, residents, student pharmacists, and the university community as a whole." Tara R. Green, Pharm.D. is an adjunct clinical professor at the OSU College of Pharmacy. Tara is also the clinical coordinator at the Kroger Patient Care Center in Columbus, Ohio, where she serves as a preceptor for pharmacy residents and students. She earned her BS in Pharmacy degree from the Ohio Northern University and her PharmD degree from the University of Toledo. In addition, she completed an APhA-ASHP pharmacy practice residency at the OSU College of Pharmacy. Tara received her Merit Award for being the coordinator of the APhA Foundation's Patient Self Management: Diabetes Program for Kroger, Great Lakes Division. Dr. Green's citation included this statement: "She is an inspiration to the Kroger providers, and her level of dedication to patients and their wellbeing is a primary reason for the program's success."

Chris and Tara Green start the celebration of their APhA-APPM Merit awards with Dean Bob Brueggemeier.

Craig A. Pedersen, Ph.D., FAPhA.

College Alumni Elected as APhA Fellows at the 2005 Annual Meeting Rosemary R. Berardi, Pharm.D., B.S. '63, was selected as a Fellow by APhA-APRS during the 2005 Annual Meeting. Berardi is professor of pharmacy at the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy and clinical specialist, gastrointestinal/liver diseases, in the U. of Michigan Health System Department of Pharmacy. She is a recipient of the OSU College of Pharmacy Distinguished Alumni Award in 1995. Patrick L. McKercher, Ph.D. '74, was selected as a Fellow by APhA-APRS during the 2005 Annual Meeting. McKercher is the founding director of the Center for Medication Use, Policy and Economics at the University of Michigan. He is a recipient of the OSU College of Pharmacy Distinguished Alumni Award in 2005. Academy of Pharmacy Practice and Management Merit Awards The APHA-APPM Merit Award recognizes individual pharmacy practitioners for singular, significant contributions to pharmacy. The Merit Award was established in 1988 and has only been awarded to one other OSU College of Pharmacy faculty member. George H. Hinkle, Ph.D., was the recipient of the APPM Merit Award in 1994. The College community is proud of the two faculty members that received the Merit Award in 2005.

Additional faculty of the College participated in the APhA 2005 Annual Meeting by being speakers, presenting papers and posters, participating in committee business and judging. They were Professors Bob Buerki, Marialice Bennett, Jen Rodis, Bella Mehta, Maria Pruchnicki, Kristen Casper, Laura Hall and Jim Coyle. Current ambulatory residents participating in the annual meeting were Kim Boaz, Dave Catanzaro, Carrie Fish and Melanie Mabins. Alumni and former faculty members Anne Burns and Bruce Berger were speakers at the meeting. Alumni Susan Downard, B.S. '96 of Kaiser Permanente was also a speaker. Susan is a 2005 Recipient of the Josephine S. Failer Alumni Award of the OSU College of Pharmacy.


The 2005 OSU College of Pharmacy Dean's Dinner at APhA: A great time!


he Dean's Dinner at the Annual APhA Meeting is a long standing College student and resident tradition which provides sweet memories for all for years to come. At the 2005 APhA Annual Meeting in Orlando, the Dean's Dinner lived up to the tradition. Dean Bob Brueggemeier presided over the festive family-style oriental feast provided by the famous Orlando trademark, the Ming Court. The Chinese specialties were served familystyle on large rotating trays in the center of each table. The 80 students, residents, faculty, and alumni present thoroughly enjoyed the festive décor and fellowship at the dinner. APhA-ASP President, Shannon Prater and President Elect, Dave Kurtzman were present along with the OSU College of Pharmacy ASP Patient Counseling winner and contestant in the national competition at the Annual Meeting, Beth Porchia.

Part of the happy group of students, residents, faculty members and their families are pictured outside of the famous Ming Court Restaurant in Orlando, Florida at the OSU College of Pharmacy Dean's Dinner, a long standing College tradition. When you travel to attend a national professional annual meeting, please be sure to let Lou Marcy at the College know so that you can be included the College gatherings. Contact Lou at (614) 292-7167 or by e-mail to [email protected]

Seattle Celebration!


ore than 80 OSU College of Pharmacy faculty, alumni, students and their guests were present at the 2004 American Pharmacists Association Annual Meeting and Exposition in Seattle, WA, March 26 to March 30, 2004. The College contingent, lead by Dean Robert Brueggemeier, was gratified and pleased to be able to join in celebrating with Professor Craig Pedersen, Professor Marialice S. Bennett, Professor Robert Buerki, PharmD 4 student Carrie Fish and the ASP Chapter for their recognition during the annual meeting. Professor Craig Pedersen was glad to share his home town, Seattle WA with his college colleagues and students. The beautiful scenery and friendly people of Seattle did make the visitors feel at home. Professor Pedersen served APhA as Speaker of the House of Delegates as he presided over the house business during the meeting. Professor Pedersen is a excellent role

model for the College's students by serving his profession and APhA as Speaker. Professor Robert Buerki continues to distinguish himself as an authority on the history of pharmacy in the United States and internationally. He was presented the Edward Kremers Award for distinguished historical writing from the American Institute of the History of Pharmacy. The Kremers Award is the highest recognition of history of pharmacy writing in the country. Professor Buerki will be officially invested with the Kremers medal at a ceremony in Scotland by an international history of pharmacy institute. Professor Marialice S. Bennett was honored twice at the 2004 APhA Annual Meeting. She was awarded the coveted 2004 Jacob W. Miller Award from the APhA Foundation for her leadership of Project Impact: Hyperlipidemia at the College. Professor Bennett invited her entire College team of clinical contributors to join her at the APhA Foundation Annual Contributor's Breakfast on Sunday, March 28, 2004. At the Community Pharmacy Residency Program Networking Reception on Saturday, March 27, 2004, Professor Marialice Bennett received the APhA Community Pharmacy Residency Excellence in Precepting Award. The citation included: "Marialice S. Bennett was selected as the inaugural recipient of the award in recognition of her vision and determination in creating the community/ambulatory residency program at The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy and for continually challenging her residents to achieve their maximum potential. She also takes great pride in the professional growth of her preceptors. As a mentor to residents, she encourages a balance of work and life, and trains them to be innovative agents of change for patients. She appreciates that the strength of a program is measured not only by the vigor of each member, but also by the effective cooperation of the group." With these two prestigious awards, Professor Bennett continues to distinguish herself as a leader in pharmacy education and is an inspiration to faculty, residents and students. PharmD student Carrie Fish was the College winner of the patient counseling competition and represented the College at the 2004 APhA Annual Meeting Academy of Students of Pharmacy National Patient Counseling Competition. She made the College proud as she placed in the top ten in the competition and was recognized at the APhA-ASP Awards Ceremony on Monday, March 29, 2004. This is the second time that Carrie has won the College competition and earned the right to represent the College at the Annual Meeting. The OSU College of Pharmacy ASP Chapter was awarded Certificates of Participation for Operation Diabetes and Operation Immunization. These certificates were presented at the APhA-ASP Opening General Session on Saturday, March 27, 2004. Dean's Dinner Dean Robert Brueggemeier hosted the traditional Dean's Dinner on Saturday, March 27, 2004 at Anthony's Homeport Shilshole

Restaurant in Seattle. The College contingent of 85 faculty, alumni, residents, students and guests enjoyed the water-front view of Salmon Bay while dinning on local wild salmon or beef. The group enjoyed a warm and congenial atmosphere and fellowship heightened by gratification for the honors earned by faculty and students at the APhA Annual Meeting proceedings. Overall, it was a successful and memorable experience for all present at the meeting in this beautiful city of Seattle, WA.

Professor Robert Buerki is the recipient of the prestigious AIHP Kremers Award for excellence in history of pharmacy writing.

Professor Marialice Bennett accepts the Jacob W. Miller Award presented by Robert Belknap of Wyeth Pharmaceuticals (left) and APhAFoundation President, Tery L. Baskin (right).

Carrie Fish, PharmD, (4th from the left) is recognized for her top ten finish in the national ASP Patient Counseling Competition 2004 in Seattle.

The OSU ASP students gathered at the 2004 Awards Ceremony. Holding the Certificates of Participation in Operation Diabetes and Operation Immunization are Jackie Kamm and Meredith Toma.


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The OSU College of Pharmacy Alumni Awards The OSU College of Pharmacy Honors Outstanding Alumni

The highest honor that the College can bestow on an alumnus is to present them with an alumni award. The Beal Postbaccalaureate Award, the Distinguished Alumni Award and the Failer Award recipients are carefully selected by a panel of the College faculty, staff, students and the selections must be approved by the Alumni Society Board of Governors. Please make it a point to nominate one of your fellow graduates who deserves the honor. A description of each award is provided below. The Twenty-second Alumni Awards Banquet and Annual Meeting was held on May 6, 2005 at the Fawcett Center on campus. The event was attended by over 100 alumni, faculty, students and guests. Social committee member, Janet Robertson '84 served on the planning committee with Chair, Shirlyn Chaffin '59. Roberta M. Armstrong, '63, Alumni Governing Board President emceed the program and along with Dean Bob Brueggemeier presented the awards to the recipients. Thanks to Bill Sheridan '77 and the Kroger Company and Pharmacies for donating the beautiful Flower arrangements.

Thanks to the financial support of the College and Dean Bob Brueggemeier, the banquet was a near break-even event again this year. A medley of Broadway show tunes was played on the piano by BSPS student, Hae Na Park. Thanks to all for supporting our Awards Banquet and Annual Meeting. Warm congratulations to these outstanding College of Pharmacy graduates. Jack L. Beal Postbaccalaureate Award Recipients of 2005 The Jack L. Beal Postbaccaluareate Alumni Award is named in honor of the late Jack L. Beal, Ph.D. 1952, Professor Emeritus of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy at The Ohio State University. The recipient of the Jack Beal Award must have a postbaccalaureate degree (M.S., Ph.D., or Pharm.D.) from The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy and shall have contributed significantly to research and scholarship in the pharmaceutical sciences and/or contributed outstanding service to the professional practice of pharmacy.

Roberta M. Armstrong '63 and Dean Bob Brueggemeier with the 2005 Beal Award recipient, David A, Kvancz.

Alumni Governing Board President 2003-2005, Roberta M. Armstrong '63 "passes the gavel" to incoming president for 2005-2007, Linda Bendinelli during the Annual Meeting portion of the awards program. Linda in turn presented Roberta with a token of appreciation for her dedicated service as president for the past 2 years.

The alumni service award is presented to Alumni Governing Board past officers as their term comes to an end. Pictured here are past presidents Tom Whiston'81, 2001 to 2003, Roberta Armstrong '63, 2003 to 2005, and Kim Laughlin '80, 1999 to 2001 with their coveted awards.

David A. Kvancz received his BS in Pharmacy from Albany College of Pharmacy in 1979 and did his internship at St. Peters Hospital in Albany, New York. He received his MS in Clinical Hospital Pharmacy from Ohio State and completed his ASHP-accredited residency at Mount Carmel Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio in 1982. While at Mount Carmel, David was instrumental in the implementation and evaluation of mobile decentralized pharmacy services, a new integrated pharmacist practice model, and the design and construction of the new hospital pharmacy. In 1982, David accepted a position as Assistant Director of Pharmacy at Tucson Medical Center in Tucson, Arizona. During the next 12 years, he implemented a number of new programs and services at TMC including mobile decentralized services, operating room, home health care, sub-acute, skilled nursing facility, hospice and outpatient pharmacy services. In 1994, David accepted a position as Associate Director of Clinical Pharmacy Services at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas. At UTMB, David significantly expanded the clinical pharmacist specialist program, implemented pharmacist managed home care and anticoagulation

services, supervised ambulatory pharmacy services processing over 500,000 prescriptions annually, and planned for inpatient pharmacy facility redesign and automation using horizontal carousels and robotics. In 1997, he accepted the position as Director of Pharmacy at The Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Cleveland, Ohio and since 2003 has served as the Chief Pharmacy Officer for CCF In addition to his CCF duties, David has responsibility for coordinating selected strategic initiatives among the Directors of Pharmacy within the ten Cleveland Clinic Health System owned community hospitals, the Clinic's Naples and Weston Florida hospital and clinic pharmacy operations and the Cleveland Health Network. David is a past President of the Arizona Society of Hospital Pharmacists and has served in various elected and appointed positions on several local, state and national society task forces, subcommittees and Councils. In 1990, he was awarded the AzSHP Hospital Pharmacist of the year and in 1996, David was recognized as a Fellow of ASHP in 1996. David was a member of the CCF team that won first place in the 2000 Abbott Laboratories National Hospital Pharmacy Quality Award and the 2002 ASHP Foundation Award for Achievement in the Professional Practice of Pharmacy in Health Systems, He is an Associate Professor at the Ohio State College of Pharmacy, adjunct professor at Midwestern College of Pharmacy in Glendale, Arizona and has held similar faculty positions at the Universities of Texas, Houston and Arizona Colleges of Pharmacy. David lives in Strongsville with his wife Denise. They have three children. Matthew, a mechanical engineering graduate of Georgia Tech, is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia working for Accenture. Tim is currently an undergraduate student at Pima Community College in Tucson, Arizona. Melissa will graduate from Strongsville High School in June and plans to pursue her initial undergraduate studies at Cuyahoga Community College.

Patrick McKercher received his bachelor's degree from Ferris State University ('63), his master's degree from Wayne State University ('70) and the PhD from The Ohio State University ('74). He has held positions including Director of Pharmacy at Muskegon General Hospital, Associate Professor of Pharmacy at Wayne State University and Executive Director of Corporate Initiatives


with The Upjohn Company. He spent his early years hanging around his father's Nashville Drug Store in Nashville, Michigan. Prior to graduate school at OSU he practiced pharmacy in the Cunningham pharmacies and Cook Drug stores in Flint, Michigan and enjoyed hospital experience in Hurley Hospital and Muskegon General. Following graduate school and teaching positions at the University of Rhode Island and Wayne State University he joined The Upjohn Company in Kalamazoo. His Upjohn career included assignments in marketing, professional relations and corporate policy initiatives where he was responsible for providing technical support to Upjohn Washington Government Affairs. Following the merger of Pharmacia with The Upjohn Company in 1996, he joined the Center on Drugs and Public Policy at the University of Maryland in Baltimore as Executive Director. In the summer of 1999 he returned to Michigan and joined the University of Michigan, College of Pharmacy as the founding Director of the Center for Medication Use, Policy & Economics in the College of Pharmacy. He has received Ferris State University, College of Pharmacy's most prestigious award, the "Clark A. Anderson Alumni Recognition Award" and, early in his career, the Michigan Pharmacists Association recognized him as the "Pharmacist of the Year". During his tenure at Wayne State he received the "Faculty Recognition Award" presented by the Wayne State Board of Governors and the "Distinguished Alumnus Award." He is an APhA Fellow. He and his wife, Mary Ellen, reside in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Their two sons live with their families in Kalamazoo and South Lyon MI and their daughter and son-inlaw live in Orangeburg, SC.

Pharmacy as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmacognosy in 1987. He taught undergraduate courses in antibiotics and natural products, and graduate courses in organic and medicinal chemistry. His research interests included the discovery of novel enzyme inhibitors and anticancer agents. He was selected as the young researcher of the year in 1989 by the Mississippi affiliate of the American Heart Association. In 1991, he moved to Cephalon Incorporated, where he led research projects to discover novel drug candidates for the treatment of Alzheimer's Disease and other neurodegenerative diseases. One of the products of this research was the discovery of CEP-1347, currently in phase III clinical trials for the treatment of Parkinson's Disease. Dave moved to Bristol-Myers Squibb in 1997, where he worked on the development of novel phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. During this project, Dave and his team were the first to publish the discovery of compounds that were more potent and selective than sildenafil (Viagra®). He has been invited to speak on this subject at a variety of national meetings, and is authoring a chapter on the topic of phosphodiesterase inhibitors for Comprehensive Medicinal Chemistry. After joining Lexicon Pharmaceuticals in 2003, he is leading a group of up to 20 chemists in the search for agents useful in the treatment of obesity and diabetes. Dave has authored 26 scientific papers and is an inventor on 8 patents and patent applications. He has been active in the Division of Medicinal Chemistry of the American Chemical Society, and is currently national program chair for the division. He and his wife of 24 years, Mary Beth have three children, Christopher, a recent graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, Amanda, a freshman at York College and Dominic, a sixth grader. Dave enjoys baseball, football and hockey, and with Mary Beth, likes to listen to Jimmy Buffett music.

David P. Rotella earned his B.S. in Pharmacy degree (magna cum laude) from the University of Pittsburgh in 1981, and entered the graduate program in the College of Pharmacy at The Ohio State University where he obtained his Ph.D. in medicinal chemistry under the direction of Donald T. Witiak in 1985. While at OSU, he was awarded a Graduate School Fellowship and an AFPE Fellowship. In addition, he was part of a dominant softball team, with Bob Brueggemeier, that won the chemistry league title two years in a row. After postdoctoral training at Penn State University with Professor Ken S. Feldman, David joined the faculty at the University of Mississippi School of

Old friends and colleagues, Arnold Schwartz (left) and Professor Popat Patil are pictured as Professor Patil congratulates Dr. Schwartz at the awards banquet.

years, establishing military pharmacies in several countries, including Korea, and was discharged in 1955. He received a M.S. in Pharmacy (Pharmacology) from OSU in 1957. Prior to enlisting in the USAF, Schwartz worked as a registered (NY and NJ) Pharmacist in many retail pharmacies in Brooklyn, and prior to enrolling in OSU he worked as a Registered Pharmacist in many New York City Hospital Pharmacies. He was accepted to the doctoral program in Pharmacology at SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, Chaired by Robert F. Furchgott who won the Nobel in 1998. Schwartz graduated with a Ph.D. in Pharmacology, Drs. Furchgott and Lee as his supervisors, and in 1961 won a NIH Fellowship taking him to London where he studied brain biochemistry at the Maudsley Psychiatric Hospital, U. London with Henry McIlwain and then in Aarhus, Denmark with Dr. J.C. Skou (Nobel in 1997), studying NaKATPase and mechanism of action of digitalis at both institutes. The latter was the Department of Physiology at Aahrus University. He was recruited by Dr. Michael E. DeBakey and moved to Baylor College of Medicine in Houston where he rose to Professor and Chair of a newly established Department of Cell Biophysics, and Research Head of the Debakey Heart Center. In 1977 he became Professor and Chair of the Department of Pharmacology and Cell Biophysics at the University of Cincinnati and presently is Director of the Institute of Molecular Pharmacology and Biophysics at UC, Distinguished University Professor, and the Edward Wendland Professor of Materia Medica. Schwartz has won a number of highly prestigious awards: The Otto Krayer Award in Pharmacology, AHA Awards in Research Excellence, The US Clinical Pharmacology Research Award and the Ariens Award in Receptor Pharmacology. He has an honorary D. Sci degree from Long Island University and is a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology, a Fellow of the American Heart Association, and a Fellow of the APhA. He has close to 500 peer reviewed papers, a number "Classic Citations", and is credited with the mechanisms of digitalis, and calcium channel drugs. He has always found time to pursue his first love, theatre. He has appeared in over 400 productions some in NY, Houston and Cincinnati and has his own company: Blue Chip Players, Inc. With all this, Schwartz's love of Pharmacy has always remained and in fact on March 8, 2005 he received reciprocity in the State of Ohio, as a Registered Pharmacist. Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients of 2005 Distinguished Alumni Award recipients must have a professional degree (B.S., M.S., Pharm.D.) from the OSU College of Pharmacy, have made distinguished contributions in the fields of public health and public service, have performed outstanding activities in the interest of

Arnold Schwartz, after attending CCNY for two years studying chemical engineering, transferred to Brooklyn College of Pharmacy, LIU (now: Arnold and Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy, LIU) and graduated in 1951 with B.Sc in Pharmacy cum laude. He served as a Pharmacist in the USAF for more than four


the College and its students, and have an outstanding record in the profession of pharmacy.

Kathleen D. Donley earned her Bachelor of Science degree from The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy in 1977. Active in the College's student government, she served as class representative, secretary and vicepresident. She was selected to the Rho Chi Honorary Society and received the College of Pharmacy Faculty Award in 1977. Her professional career actually began in an independent drug store in high school. It officially began as a staff pharmacist at Akron General Medical Center. In June 1978 she became Assistant Director of Pharmacy, and in 1985 became Director. She earned an M.B.A. from Baldwin-Wallace College, Berea, Ohio in 1986. Upon becoming Director, she compiled a "To Do' list that filled a legal pad. The entries ranged from the mundane- "Buy glassware" to the slightly more complex- "Establish formal clinical services". The last outstanding item on that original list was completed when Akron General received ASHP accreditation for their Pharmacy Practice Residency in 2003. During the last twenty years, with the help of many wonderful pharmacists and support personnel, the Pharmacy Department has grown dramatically. In 1985 there were 12 pharmacists in the basement. There are now about fifty with dedicated clinical staff in all major areas. The department has relocated and has established satellites in critical care, OR, the cancer center and the ambulatory care center. A new ED/Heart and Vascular Center satellite will open in the fall. The department also now offers training sites for interns, Pharm.D. clinical rotations and pharmacy practice residents. Kathy serves as Residency Program Director and precepts a rotation in Administrative Pharmacy Practice for several colleges of pharmacy. Kathy has also coordinated implementation of three computer systems, centralized robotic dispensing, unit based cabinets, optical imaging, and the current installation of bedside bar-coding technology. The department now provides pharmacy service to the health system including two other hospitals and an inpatient hospice. For fourteen years she also had responsibility for the Cancer Center. In this position she coordinated construction of a new outpatient treatment center and the development of the

cancer center product line. She chaired the Medical Center's Cancer Committee for over ten years and had responsibility for the outpatient nursing unit, the cancer registry, cancer research staff and the laboratory, radiology and patient registration personnel and functions in the center. She helped initiate several support groups and was one of the initiators of "Muffins for Mammograms", now in its twelfth year, a program that provides free mammograms for uninsured or underinsured women. Kathy has been active in state and national professional organizations throughout her career. A member of OSHP's Legal Affairs Division for many years, she has also served as OSHP President, Director-At-Large, and as the OSHP delegate to ASHP many times. She has also represented OSHP many times on the State Board of Pharmacy Rules Review Committee. She was a member of ASHP's Council on Legal and Public Affairs and served on the ASHP Nominating Committee. Kathy received the Walter M. Frazier Pharmacy Award from OSHP in 2002. In her non-pharmacy life, she served on the Boston Heights Village Council for seven years. She was inducted into the Nordonia High School Academic Hall of Fame in 1996. Kathy lives in Boston Heights, Ohio with her husband Vincent May who is also a pharmacist. They renovated an old house on 12 acres that is part of the larger family compound that includes her parents and her sisters and their families. In their non-working time, they are aunt and uncle to twelve and are always building dry stack stone walls.

Debra K. Gardner graduated with a B.S. in Pharmacy and in 1976 and Pharm. D. in 1987 both from the Ohio State University College of Pharmacy. Debbie's interest in pharmacy began while working as a part-time clerk after school in the pharmacy department at Avellone's, the neighborhood drug store in Bay Village, Ohio where she grew up. Debbie began her career at McKinley Pharmacy, a small independent pharmacy in Columbus, Ohio where she developed a pharmacy internship program, a drug information library, and a patient information pamphlet series on over-thecounter medications. In 1979, Debbie joined the Ohio State University Medical Center as a clinical pharmacist and supervisor of drug administration technicians. While earning her Pharm.D. degree, she helped document the

need for clinical pharmacy services in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at OSU. In 1987, after receiving her Doctor of Pharmacy degree, she accepted the position of NICU Clinical Pharmacist, which later developed into Specialty Practice Pharmacist for Women and Infants, the position she currently holds. Debbie provides clinical pharmacy services for a 40 bed NICU and for 60 antepartum and postpartum high-risk obstetric patients. Every aspect of pharmacy service is provided by Debbie, including rounding with the medical teams, providing parenteral nutrition, control of the drug formulary in her specialty area, development of drug use, dosing, and administration guidelines, and medication use review with the goal of providing safe and effective therapy that is also cost effective. Debbie has developed drug protocols for anemia of prematurity, nausea and vomiting of pregnancy, and drug addiction during pregnancy. Debbie serves as preceptor for Pharm.D. students and Pharmacy Practice Residents in one month rotations in the NICU and in the High Risk Obstetrics. This year Debbie is welcoming her first year-long Specialty Practice Resident. Debbie is also Assistant Clinical Professor at Ohio State University College of Pharmacy and lectures often locally and nationally on a variety of neonatal and women's pharmacotherapeutic issues. In October, 2000, as a guest of the Japanese Society of Hospital Pharmacists, Debbie shared experiences, held interactive teaching sessions, and gave lectures about developing clinical pharmacy services at Ohio State University Hospital. During her 29 years of professional and academic service, she has published 26 articles and abstracts in professional journals, five book chapters, and given more than 120 invited or contributed presentations. Debbie also serves as reviewer for American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Hospital Pharmacy, and American Pharmacy. Her honors include the Ohio State University Hospitals Executive Director's Award of Excellence in 1991 and the Josephine Failer Young Alumni Award in 1993. Debbie was elected Preceptor of the year by both the Division of Pharmacy Practice in 1992 and the Doctor of Pharmacy students in 1998. She was elected Ohio Hospital Pharmacist of the Year by the OSHP in 1993. Debbie is a member of the American Society of Heath-System Pharmacy (ASHP), the American Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (A.S.P.E.N.), and the American College of Clinical Pharmacy. Debbie and her husband Glenn live in Worthington and have two sons, Jeremy (25) and Evan (22). Evan will be graduating from Ohio State University in June.


Mark A. Gerhardt, MD, PhD earned his B.S. in Pharmacy, with Distinction, in 1986. His love of research and pursuit of an academic career began as a pharmacy student. While in the Medicinal Chemistry laboratory of Dr. Duane Miller, he helped synthesize an iodinated trimetoquinol analog. The following year in the Pharmacology lab of Dr. Dennis Feller he performed platelet aggregation studies on a series of trimetoquinol compounds which had been synthesized by the Ohio State Pharmacy research group. His training as a pharmacist provided an excellent background and he was accepted into the NIH sponsored Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) at the University of Michigan. The MSTP pathway leads to combined M.D.,Ph.D. degrees in preparation for an academic career. Dr. Gerhardt's Ph.D. studies in Molecular Pharmacology focused on coupling of the alpha-2 adrenergic receptor/Gprotein signal transduction proteins. He received his M.D. with distinction in research. Dr. Gerhardt's clinical training began with an Internal Medicine Internship at the Cleveland Clinic followed by several years at Duke University where he completed an Anesthesiology Residency and a fellowship in Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology. Dr. Gerhardt joined the Cardiac Anesthesia faculty at Duke and his research efforts were supported by an NIH Anesthesiology Research Fellowship and grant co-sponsored by the Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research (FAER) and Society of Cardiac Anesthesiologists (SCA). In 1998 Dr. Gerhardt accepted a faculty position as Assistant Professor in the Department of Anesthesiology at Ohio State. Clinically he specializes in cardiac, vascular, thoracic and regional anesthesiology. He was instrumental in building the lung transplant and regional anesthesia program at Ohio State. He served as the Anesthesiology Education Program Director during 2002-2003. Dr. Gerhardt considers his being honored as the Teacher of the Year by the Anesthesia residents in both 2001 and 2002 as one of his proudest professional achievements. He was also awarded a University Teaching Award by the Ohio State University Medical Center in 2002. Dr. Gerhardt was selected as a National Board Examiner for the American Board of Anesthesiology (ABA) in 2003. Dr. Gerhardt continues his research interest

in signal transduction mechanisms in heart failure. He is currently sponsored by a FAER/SCA research grant. Dr Gerhardt's has authored several book chapters and presented > 50 abstracts at national/international meetings. His published scholarly work has appeared in journals such as Molecular Pharmacology, Circulation, Circulation Research, Journal of Cardiac Failure and Anesthesiology. Dr. Gerhardt currently lives in Upper Arlington with his wife, Brenda, and two sons (Micah and Kenji). He has been active as a volunteer wrestling coach with his sons since returning to Ohio. The Gerhardt family sponsors a College Scholarship at the Graham High School in Columbus, and started Arts Endowments at two Upper Arlington elementary schools.

Julie A. Johnson, Pharm.D., FCCP, BCPS is the V. Ravi Chandran Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor and Chair of the the Department of Pharmacy Practice, Professor of Pharmaceutics and Professor of Medicine (Cardiovascular Medicine) at the University of Florida Colleges of Pharmacy and Medicine, and Director, University of Florida Center for Pharmacogenomics. She joined the faculty at the University of Florida in May 1998. Prior to her appointment on the UF faculty, she spent 9 years on the University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy faculty. She grew up in Delaware, Ohio and received her B.S. in Pharmacy from Ohio State University in 1985. During her undergraduate couresework, she worked as an intern at SupeRx Pharmacy and Riverside Hospital. She received her Pharm.D. from the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio in 1987, and following her Pharm.D., she completed a post-doctoral fellowship in cardiovascular pharmacology/ pharmacokinetics at the Ohio State University. Dr. Johnson's research focus is cardiovascular drug pharmacogenomics, and disease-gene associations that may be relevant to pharmacogenomics. She currently work is focused on the pharmacogenetics of hypertension and heart failure, with primary emphasis on proteins that are drug targets. Her research has been continuously funded by the National Institutes of Health and/or the American Heart Association since 1990. She currently is PI on three NIH grants.

Dr. Johnson teaches cardiovascular pharmacotherapy, pharmacokinetics and pharmcogenomics at UF. She is recently completed a four year term on the Nonprescription Drugs Advisory Committee of the Food and Drug Administration and is serving a four year term on the Protocol Review Committee for the NIH's National Heart Lung Blood Institute Pediatric Heart Network. She is currently vice-chair of the American Heart Association Southern Consortium Grant Review Committee 3A, and is a member of the AHA Florida/Puerto Rico Affiliate Research Committee. She is on the editorial board for the journals Pharmacogenetics, Pharmacotherapy and Personalized Medicine serves as manuscript reviewer for numerous other scientific journals of pharmacy and medicine. In addition, she is a member of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy, the American Heart Association, the American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, the American Society of Hypertension, and the Heart Failure Society of America, American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy. Dr. Johnson's awards include the University of Tennessee Excellence in Teaching Award from the Student Government Association (1996), induction as Fellow of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (1996), the Ohio State University Alumni Association William Oxley Thompson Award for early career achievement (1997), the Outstanding Faculty Award from the University of Florida Working Professional Pharm.D. Program (2001), the Philip C. and Ethel E. Ashby Lecturer at University of Oklahoma (2003), the Albert Ebert 31st Annual Lecturer at University of Illinois (2003), the Leon I Goldberg Young Investigator Award from the American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (2004) and the University of Florida Research Foundation Professorship Award (2004-2006), and naming as an endowed professor, the V. Ravi Chandran Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences (2004). Julie's husband is Dr. John Lima, who is Director of Clinical Pediatric Pharmacology and Pharmacogenetics at Nemours Children's Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. They have two daughters, Sarah and Elizabeth, who are 10 and 6. Josephine Sitterle Failer Alumni Award Recipient of 2005 The Josephine Sitterle Failer Alumni Award recipient is named in honor of Josephine Sitterle Failer, B.S. 1939 (d. 1987), a long-time College benefactor who contributed service to the College for nearly five decades. The award recognizes an alumnus who has received a professional degree from the College of Pharmacy within the past ten years and has made an outstanding contribution(s) to community or professional service.


Susan Crist Downard received her B.A. (1990) in political science and sociology and her B.S. in Pharmacy (1996) from The Ohio State University. Upon graduation, she relocated to Denver and began employment in the Kaiser Permanente Colorado Region as a graduate intern. Susan has worked at Kaiser Permanente in various capacities including those of intern, staff pharmacist, supervisor, and chief pharmacist; and has been in her current role of Pharmacy Area Manager since 1991. Her areas of responsibility over the last three years have included outpatient pharmacy operations management, academic affairs, recruiting, supply chain and inventory management, home infusion and oncology services, coordination of the pharmacy float pool, and most recently

responsibility for the support services of the Pharmacy Automated Refill Center (PARC), mail order (DirectRx), and pharmacy purchasing/warehouse operations. Susan also currently supports the Kaiser Permanente MidAtlantic region pharmacy operations. She has direct reports in the region and travels to the Washington, D.C, suburban Maryland, Baltimore, and northern Virginia service areas several times each month. Susan has taught multiple courses in pharmacy technician training programs at several Denver-metro community colleges. Susan supports the educational mission of Kaiser Permanente by coordinating the experiential training program with a clinical partner so that more than 120 rotation slots can be offered annually to University of Colorado and out-of-state pharmacy students. She has been active in the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) since 1991 and most recently served as the APhAAPPM Administrative Member-at-Large from 2002-2005. During this time, she participated in planning the educational sessions for the annual meetings and was a captain for the contributed papers evaluation process as a member of APhA's Education Committee. She was awarded the Young Pharmacist of the Year Award by the Colorado Pharmaceutical

Association (CPhA) and Pharmacists Mutual in 1998 and the Colorado Pharmacists Society (CPS) Pharmacist of the Year award in 2002. Susan has attended the Advanced Practice Institute (API) in Gainesville, sponsored by APhA, and the APhA/GSK co-sponsored Wharton Executive Management Leadership Program in 2002. She participated as a speaker at the Career Awareness Roundtable at the 2005 APhA Annual Meeting. She is a member of APhA, CPS, Colorado Healthcare Strategy and Management (CHSM), the American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists (ASHP), the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP), and the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP). Susan currently resides in Denver, CO, and travels extensively to the Washington, DC, area to help support the restructuring of the Kaiser Permanente MidAtlantic Region. She is active in her community and volunteers with several organizations that provide meals and clothing to the homeless. Her personal interests include hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, photography, cooking and attending sporting events. She is currently training to participate in the Marine Corps Marathon in Arlington, VA, in October 2005.

SAVE THE DATE! The OSU College of Pharmacy Alumni Events 2006-2007

September 1 & 2, 2006 Autumn Symposium and Alumni Tailgate Party and Class Reunions. Reunion Weekend! Autumn Quarter Classes begin. Alumni Society Governing Board Meeting* Longaberger Alumni House ACCP Meeting St. Louis, MO College Luncheon on Thursday, October 26, 2006 ASP Chili Cook-Off June 14, 2007 ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting Anaheim, CA Sunday, 12-3 at Noon, Student/Resident Lunch Tuesday, 12-5, 5:30, College Reception Wednesday, 12-6, 11:30 AM Residents & Latiolais Award Luncheon by invitation. June 18, 2007 January 3, 2007 February 15, 2007* Thursday March 16-19, 2007 Winter Quarter Classes begin. Alumni Society Governing Board Meeting* Longaberger Alumni House APhA Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA. Dean's Dinner for students, March 17, 2007. Alumni Awards Banquet and Annual Meeting Blackwell Hotel Doctoral Convocation, Hooding Ceremony and reception Alumni and Friends Golf Outing, Scarlet Course. Projected, & subject to change.

September 20, 2006 October 12, 2006* Thursday October 26 to 29, 2006

May 4, 2007

November 17, 2006 Friday December 3-7, 2006

* Designates Alumni Governing Board Meetings.


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2004 Alumni Awards Banquet

The Twenty-first Alumni Awards Banquet and Annual Meeting was held on May 7, 2004 at the Longaberger Alumni House Sanders Grand Lounge. The event was attended by 129 alumni, faculty, students and guests. Former Buckeye Cheerleader, 93 years young, William Owen Hays, of the class of 1937 was present and was acknowledged by alumni board president, Roberta Armstrong '63. Again, thanks to Bill Sheridan '77 and the Kroger Company and Pharmacies for donating the beautiful flower arrangements. It was a beautiful evening. The committee added classical music of the Stanton Avenue Strings during the meal to enhance the quality of the banquet. Thanks to all for supporting our Awards Banquet and Annual Meeting.

Pharmaceutical Research and Science. In 2003, he received the APhA Research Achievement Award in the Pharmaceutical Sciences. He is also an APhA Fellow. He has been a member of the United States Pharmacopeia's Drug Utilization Review/Therapeutic Decision Making Expert Committee for 15 years and the Michigan Medicaid DUR Board for over a decade. Duane married fellow pharmacist, Marilyn, in Columbus with a wedding reception at the OSU Faculty Club. Together they enjoy hiking, travel and choral singing. They are currently preparing for their third European concert tour this summer with a United Methodist Chorale in this triennial event.

Now, Dr. Lee leads a 20 persons' group dealing with four projects including an integrated project for developing hypoglycemic natural products and an industrial project for developing cardioprotective agents. He has one son, now a graduate student in School of Pharmacy, NTU. He and his wife, Su, enjoy mountain climbing and gardening. Dr. Lee is also good at playing soft tennis, his daily exercise if the weather allows.

Jack L. Beal Postbaccalaureate Award Recipients of 2004

Duane M. Kirking received his PhD in Administrative and Social Sciences in Pharmacy from The Ohio State University in 1980 and a master's degree in public administration from what is now its School of Public Policy and Management. Prior to his sojourn in Columbus, Dr. Kirking earned his BS in pharmacy from the University of Wisconsin - Madison and PharmD and clinical pharmacy residency from the University of Kentucky. He credits his decision to train at OSU with T. Donald Rucker to a chance meeting with Prof. Rucker when he presented a lecture at Wisconsin. After getting his PhD, Dr. Kirking moved to the University of Michigan. Currently, he is Professor and Chair of Social and Administrative Sciences at the College of Pharmacy and Research Scientist in Health Management and Policy at the School of Public Health. As a graduate of two and an employee of a third Big Ten university, Kirking addresses the matter of his allegiances with great diplomacy. Dr. Kirking's primary professional interest is assessing and improving the quality and costeffectiveness of medication use through research, teaching and service. Current research includes examining the relationships between patients' disease and other characteristics, their health resource utilization including medication use, and patient-centered quality outcomes of health-related quality of life, productivity, and medication adherence. He teaches courses in research methods, the health care system and medication use quality. Kirking was a long-time faculty advisor to Michigan's APhA Academy of Students of Pharmacy chapter. Among Dr. Kirking's various professional activities was the presidency of the American Pharmaceutical Association (APhA) Academy of

Shoei-Sheng Lee received his B.S. (1977) and M.Sc. degree (1979.6) from School of Pharmacy, National Taiwan University (NTU), the latter under the supervision of Prof. Chung-Hsiung Chen. After two years' military service, he entered the graduate program in Division of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy under the guidance of Professor Raymond W. Doskotch, and obtained his Ph.D. in 1985. Dr. Lee undertook postdoctoral work during 1986-1987 at Columbia University in Chemistry Department under the supervision of Professor Koji Nakanishi. He joined School of Pharmacy, NTU, as visiting Associate Professor in August 1987, and promoted to Full Professor in August 1993. He was Dean of School of Pharmacy, NTU (August 1996- July 1999), and chairman of Pharmaceutical Science and Traditional Chinese Medicine section, Division of Life Science, National Science Council (NSC, Taiwan) (August 1998- December 2001). Currently, he is the Director of Drug Research Center, College of Medicine, NTU, Executive Secretary of National Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Science Program (NSC), chairman of TCM Preparations in Committee of Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy, Department of Health, and chairman of SBIR biotechnology section, Ministry of Economics, Taiwan. Dr. Lee's research has focused on new drug development in the category of cardiovascular system, hypoglycemia and oncology. His effort in research has led to 120 publications in internationally recognized journals and has granted him from NSC (Taiwan) "Outstanding research award" (1991-1994), the top "Excellence Research Award" (1998-1999), and "Outstanding Technology Transfer Award" (2002.8). He has filed five patents, part of which have been transferred to local industry and the development is in progress. His overall performance is also recognized and was granted "Ching-Hsing Medical Award" (1993), the top award in College of Medicine, NTU, and "Ching-Kang Teacher Award" (2001) from Alumni Foundation, School of Pharmacy, NTU.

Patrick J. O'Neill, BS with Distinction, 1972; Ph.D., 1976. Pat was born, raised and educated in Columbus, Ohio. His inclination to go into pharmacy came from his father, who as a young man, worked in a local drug store. Pat's first real exposure to pharmacy was as a pharmacy technician, and then a pharmacy intern at Grant Hospital in downtown Columbus. Although his original postgraduate intent was to pursue a master's degree in hospital pharmacy, his interest in pharmacology led him to apply for a National Science Foundation Undergraduate Research Summer Fellowship, working under the direction of Dr. Popat Patil. The environment (shaped by folks such as Dick Hahn, Lou DeSantis, Ken Bachmann and others) influenced his decision to pursue a pharmacology degree instead. Pat was among Dr. Ralf Rahwan's first graduate students. After graduation from OSU in 1976, Pat joined the McNeil Laboratories division of Johnson & Johnson, working in the research facilities in Fort Washington, PA. He held various positions at McNeil in both Research & Development and New Business Development, the last being Executive Director, Developmental Research with responsibility for Drug Metabolism, Chemical Development, Pharmaceutical Development, and Drug Safety Evaluation. In 1989, Pat moved to one of J&J's medical device companies, Ethicon, a manufacturer of surgical products, as Vice President, Research & Development. Although primarily a device company, he was able to maintain involvement in pharmaceutical R&D, with management responsibility for an industry leading program on soft tissue growth factors for wound healing (ultimately leading to the first FDA approved growth factor, Regranex becaplermin gel, for poorly healing diabetic foot ulcers) and a biologics program which resulted in approval of a product for prevention of post operative adhesions. In 1997, Pat moved to another J&J company, Cordis Corporation, as Group Vice President, Research & Development and New Business Development, with worldwide responsibility for both functions. While once again predominantly a medical device company, it was during this time that Cordis demonstrated the clinical value of combining devices and pharmaceuticals in a novel way. The incorporation of sirolimus, an agent previously approved only for systemic treatment of organ


transplant rejection, into a slow release coating applied to a coronary artery stent, has proven to dramatically reduce the incidence of arterial restenosis (reclosure) following angioplasty and stenting. Following a 3-year position at J&J's corporate medical device group, during which time he again oversaw both R&D and New Business Development activities, he returned to his roots, one of J&J's pharmaceutical organizations. He now holds the position, Vice President, Worldwide Licensing & Acquisitions, Consumer Pharmaceuticals and Nutritionals Group, Johnson & Johnson.

Thomas P. Sherrin graduated from the Ohio State University with a B.S. in pharmacy in 1965. He completed his Masters of Science in Hospital Pharmacy Administration at The OSU College of Pharmacy and his Residency in Hospital Pharmacy under the direction of Clifton J. Latiolais in 1967. Following his residency and internships, Tom began his career as Assistant Director of Pharmacy for Riverside Methodist Hospital. In the next two years, Tom was promoted to Director of Pharmacy Services for the hospital, a position which he held for the next 30 years. While director, Tom established an ASHP residency and implemented many contemporary pharmacy programs, including clinical pharmacy services, computerized unit dose and intravenous admixture services. Under his direction, Riverside became the first hospital pharmacy in the nation to install the VHA Pharmacy Purchasing Program. He was recognized by the American Society of Hospital Pharmacists with the Pharmacy Manager of the Year Award in 1987. In 1999, Tom shifted his focus in healthcare to become Corporate Director of Materials Management for the Ohio Health System. In this new role, he provided strategic leadership in the areas of contracting, purchasing, and value analysis for the multi-hospital system. In January 2003, Tom again responded to the changing healthcare environment and was instrumental in creating a new department focused on optimizing resource evaluation, use and safety for the OhioHealth system. As Corporate Director of Clinical Resource Management, Tom works closely with OhioHealth clinical staff to identify opportunities to reduce variance in the use of clinical products, to develop and maintain a process for the introduction of new technology, and to facilitate collaborative work of clinical teams throughout the system to reduce medication errors and increase patient safety. Throughout his career, Tom has provided administrative and consulting services to several Ohio community hospitals, including Hardin, Mercy, Scioto Memorial and Marion General. He has completed a number of

post-graduate courses including a Fellowship in Biotechnology with Immunex, Seattle, WA and the Executive Management Program for Directors of Pharmacy at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. He held faculty appointments at The OSU, The University of Toledo, and Ohio Northern University Colleges of Pharmacy. Tom is active in APhA, ASHP, and is past president and past board member of the COSHP and the OSHP. He has served on numerous committees in pharmacy and hospital administration at the local, state and national levels. He has contributed to numerous publications and has presented at many professional meetings including several midyear and annual meetings of the American Society of Health System Pharmacists. Tom is the recipient of a number of awards including the OhioHealth Prism Awards ('97) and Ring of Quality Award ('99 & '03), the Clifton J. Latiolais Award ('94), National Pharmacy Manager of the Year, ASHP, ('87) and the Walter M. Frazier Hospital Pharmacy Award in 1984. He is a Fellow of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, 1992. Tom and his wife, Irene Ann Elek Sherrin, currently reside in Worthington and have two daughters. Kelly and husband, Andy, reside in Dublin with their children, Kathleen, Tricia, and newborn son, Ryan. Amy and husband, Jeff, reside in Powell with their newborn son, Thomas.

Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients of 2004

system was put in place in patient care areas. His current position is Regional Vice President for Pharmacy Systems, Inc. where he provides management support to directors of pharmacy in nine hospitals in two states. Don is a Life Member of the OSU Alumni Association and Varsity "O". He is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the College of Pharmacy. Don is an advocate for vaccine preventable disease and has championed pharmacist administration of immunizations. He is a member of the faculty of the Ohio Pharmacists Foundation's Pharmacist Immunization Training Program. Don has been very active and influential in professional organizations, and has been recognized by them with numerous awards. He has served as President of the Central Ohio Society of HealthSystem Pharmacists, the Ohio Society of HealthSystem Pharmacists and the Ohio Pharmacists Association. In 1998, he was instrumental in working with Ohio legislative leaders on expanding pharmacy practice via Ohio S.B. 66. Don currently serves as Vice President of the OSU College of Pharmacy Alumni Society and as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Ohio Pharmacists Foundation. Don lives in Westerville with wife Amy, a 1990 Distinguished Alumni recipient and past president of the College of Pharmacy Alumni Society (1993-1995). They have three children, Mark, Christine, Jenny, daughter-in-law Sarah, and 17-month-old grandson Jude.

Donald L. Bennett graduated from the Ohio State University with a BS in Pharmacy in 1970. While at OSU, he earned Varsity letters in Lacrosse ('67, '68, '69) serving as team captain in 1969. He earned his Master in Business Administration from Capital University in Columbus in 1975. Upon graduation from OSU, Don accepted a staff pharmacist position at Grant Medical Center in Columbus. There he was instrumental in initiating pharmacist rounding with the Family Practice Residency program. In 1977, Don became Assistant Director of Pharmacy at Mount Carmel Medical Center in Columbus. He then served as Director of Pharmacy from 1980 to 2004. While in this position, he coordinated the development of decentralized pharmacist services, pharmacokinetic consult services, structured drug therapy monitoring programs, trauma and "Code Blue" participation, and maintained an ASHP accredited Pharmacy Practice Residency program. During his tenure, a combination of decentralized automated dispensing cabinets and centralized robotics were implemented to enhance patient safety with the medication dispensing process. A bedside bar code medication administration

Pam Bernadella earned her Bachelor of Science Degree from The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy in 1988. Upon graduating Pam began her professional career in Community Practice with Meijer Pharmacy in Dublin, Ohio. In 1991 she joined Target Pharmacy as a Staff Pharmacist. While living in Columbus, she served as a Clinical faculty member in the Division of Pharmacy Practice for five years. In her 12 years with Target she has held numerous management positions with the company and currently serves as Manager of Pharmacy Professional Services. Pam is responsible for pharmacy recruitment, pharmacist and technician training, professional education, experiential programs, industry relations and government affairs. Her passion for education and continuous learning is unparalleled. In 1998 Pam coauthored Implementing Disease Management in Community Practice- Smoking Cessation which appeared in JAPHA Clinical Therapeutics. She has successfully designed and implemented an exclusive program in Self Care, affecting thousands of Target pharmacists nationwide. Additionally she has fostered relationships with numerous pharmacy schools to provide outstanding introductory and advanced


community practice rotation sites for our future practitioners. Pam presents regularly at national meetings on topics such as Self Care, Quality Assurance and Patient Safety, and Personal and Professional Development. Pam has received numerous awards at Target for her outstanding leadership and commitment to developing and mentoring others. She is a member of APHA and currently serves on the APHA Electronic Books and Products Council. She is active within the retail industry as a member of the NACDS Policy Council and is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board for the Chain Practice Memo, produced by the NACDS Foundation. She currently serves on the Dean's Advisory Council for The Ohio State University and Midwestern University Chicago College of Pharmacy. When not working, Pam enjoys playing golf and spending time with her friends and family. She currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota with her husband Richard and daughter Kasey (6).

been responsible for the Association's community pharmacy residency initiative, a program that develops future leaders for the profession and stimulates the development of advanced patient care services in the community pharmacy setting. This initiative includes working with the American Society for Health-System Pharmacists to facilitate the community pharmacy residency accreditation process, developing community residency training resources, working with key stakeholders to address residency training issues, and providing program assistance and support. She is a member of the American Pharmacists Association, the American Society of HealthSystem Pharmacists, and the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy. Her honors include: the Anne L. Burns Student Award established by the Ohio State University College of Pharmacy (1997), the Miriam R. Balshone Award for Distinguished Teaching (1988, 1991, 1996), the APhA-ASP Appreciation Award (1997), and the Josephine Failer Young Alumni Award (1989). She currently resides in McLean, VA, with her husband, Tom. They are the proud parents of two children, Jacob, a systems engineer in Arlington, VA, and Joseph, who is a sophomore at the University of Virginia.

Indianapolis, IN. Sara has three children including Andrew, 21, a fourth-year student at Purdue, Corinne, 19, a second-year student at American University, and Anna, 16, who Sara is working on to attend The Ohio State University.

Josephine Sitterle Failer Alumni Award Recipient of 2004

Patti & Marc Sweeney are pictured with Dean Bob Brueggemeier. Marc A. Sweeney received his Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy degree from Ohio Northern University in 1993 and received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from The Ohio State University in 1997. He completed an Academic Leadership Fellowship at the Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1999. Marc is now enrolled in a Master of Divinity program at Southwest Bible College and Seminary. His previous professional experiences include Rite Aid Pharmacy, Overholt's Pharmacy, Trumbull Memorial Hospital, NMC Homecare, Meijer Pharmacy, Doctors Hospital OhioHealth and is currently the Director of Experiential Programs and an Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy at the Ohio Northern University Raabe College of Pharmacy. Marc is also a Clinical Assistant Professor of Pharmacology at Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine. Marc is currently the President of the Ohio Pharmacists Association (OPA). He has served on several committees within OPA, the Ohio Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists, American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, local pharmacists associations, healthcare institutions and universities. He previously chaired the OPA Public and Professional Relations Committee. He has served in active roles in many professional associations and has served on the Board of Trustees for the Ohio Pharmacists Association and the Centers of Osteopathic Research and Education. Marc has published several articles pertaining to pharmacy practice and has made many presentations to healthcare professionals and the general community. He has implemented pharmacy practices in physician offices and has participated in the development disease state management programs in various institutions and pharmacies. He continues to be involved with research in pharmacy practice, experiential education, and patient safety. Marc lives in Lima, Ohio and lives with his wife, Patti, his daughter Rachel, and his son, Ben. His personal interests are spending time with his family, running, playing the piano and trumpet, and leading Bible studies and college student ministries.

Anne Burns received her BS in pharmacy degree in 1980. Upon graduation, she worked as a community pharmacist at Northland Medical Pharmacy in Columbus, Ohio, a clinic pharmacy specializing in pharmaceutical compounding. In 1984, she returned to The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy to assume responsibility for the undergraduate professional practice laboratory courses. As the Manager, Professional Practice Laboratory and Clinical Assistant Professor, she modified the laboratory curriculum to incorporate a multi-dimensional educational experience that included patient counseling exercises, device technique training, sterile and nonsterile compounding, pharmaceutical calculations, and instruction on commonly used medications. A renovation of the practice laboratory was completed under her direction, and she was a co-founder of the Laboratory Instructors Special Interest Group of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy. In 1997, she joined the American Pharmacists Association, headquartered in Washington, DC, as the Associate Director of Education where she was responsible for the development and implementation of the Association's education and training programs. In 1999, she transitioned within the Association to concentrate on practice development programs, as the Director, Practice Development and Research. In her current position as Group Director, Practice Development and Research, she is responsible for developing strategies and work plans to address the practice needs of pharmacists and advance the scientific underpinnings that impact practice. She serves as the liaison to the APhA Academy of Pharmacy Practice and Management, and works with pharmacists in all practice settings to address practice-related issues. Since March 1999, she has

Sara New St. Angelo is an Indiana native who earned her BS in Pharmacy Degree from The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy in 1976. As a student she was active in KE and SAPhA and was selected to the Rho Chi Pharmacy Honor Society. She was also elected to Mortar Board. She practiced as a hospital staff pharmacist in Columbus, Cleveland and Chattanooga, TN before returning to her hometown, Indianapolis, IN, in 1984. There she completed her PharmD at Purdue University in 1989. She practiced as a consultant and as a home infusion pharmacist for about 10 years. She is a member of ASHP and of the Indiana Pharmacist Alliance where she was chair of the ISHP Education Committee from 1993-1995 and was ISHP secretary from 1995-1997. She is Adjunct Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice for both Butler and Purdue University. Currently, she is a clinical pharmacist for St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Hospital in Carmel, IN. She was appointed to the Indiana Board of Pharmacy in 1998 and is currently serving in her second term. She was Indiana Board of Pharmacy Vice-President in 2001-2002 and President in 2002-2003. She served on the 2002 NABP Task Force on Wholesale Drug Distribution. Sara was elected to The OSU College of Pharmacy Alumni Society Governing Board in 1995 where she serves on the College CE Committee and is the College of Pharmacy Alumni Board Representative on The OSU Alumni Association Alumni Advisory Committee in her second four-year term. She is well traveled between Columbus, OH and


2005 and 2004 Golf Outings The Pharmacy Alumni and the College Honor & Say "Thank You" to Andy Geiger and Ken Hale!

The 19th Annual OSU College of Pharmacy Alumni & Friends Golf Outing was held on the OSU Gray Course as the Scarlet Course undergoes a renovation led by Jack Nicklaus, the greatest golfer of all time. Opened in 1938, the OSU Gray Course has provided quality golf experiences to thousands of OSU alumni and has generated many warm memories to its players. This year, playing the Gray Course meant that the scramble scores would be lower than when the event is played on Scarlet and they were. With the winning score of 55, 15 under par, was the first place team of Brad Daugherty, Gary Kabetso, Don Casar and Greg Carlson all from the Giant Eagle Team A. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to Giant Eagle for their continuing support of the Alumni Golf Outing and to our efforts to raise pharmacy scholarship funds! Players had a chance to win a lease for a BMW Z4 roadster with a hole in one on the par three 2nd hole, again sponsored by CVS/pharmacy and Shawn Eaton. Over ninety golfers played in the outing. Another 40 attended the Pfizer sponsored CE program arranged by Dr. Doug Miller, BS '72. Twelve alumni volunteered for the day to help make the event successful. Mulligans were sold to players by the volunteers who raised over $300 for ASP. Thanks to a generous sponsorship by Chairman, Tom Scono and Dean Brueggemeier, student golfers were able to play. Andy Geiger has had an unbelievable career as OSU Athletic Director. Under his guidance, OSU has been established as the premiere Big Ten University in athletic facilities and successes. Mr. Geiger was introduced by Buckeye Football Coach, Jim Tressel and his comments were full of gratitude and respect. Mr. Geiger said that his goal while at OSU has always been to increase the quality of the student experience. A goal shared by the faculty, alumni and administration at the OSU College of Pharmacy. Warm thanks go to Joel Arnold '58 for arranging to have Andy Geiger and Coach Tressel at our 2005 outing. Joel is a key member of the golf committee and his extra effort on behalf of the College is appreciated. Assistant Dean and Dean of Student Affairs, Ken Hale has earned his place in the history and lore of the OSU College of Pharmacy along with other great pharmacy educators like, Bope, Beal, Parks, Robertson, Patil, Rahwan, Uretsky and Cassady. It felt good and satisfying for the alumni present to be able honor Ken Hale for all he has done for the College and the students over the years. Speakers sharing his introduction were

^ ^ ^

The 2003 Champions of the Pharmacy Alumni Golf Outing only finished second in the 2005 outing. Nice golf, guys! They are Steve Figliola, Anthony Figliola, Dustin Anderson and Rob Waulk.


Professor Marialice Bennett, Shannon Prater, student and ASP President, and his longtime friend, Lt. Col. Ralph Foster. What a special moment for our College!

Marialice Bennett '69 shares her remarks in introducing 2005 Honoree, Ken Hale '76. Andy Geiger, Clark Kellogg, Jim Tressel, Dean Bob Brueggemeier, Ken Hale and emeritus Dean, John M. Cassady at the 2005 Pharmacy Alumni Golf Outing. What a gathering of talent! Make it a point to become part of the golf outing, even if you do not play golf. Dinners are just $30 each and of course, optional scholarship donations will be gladly accepted and appreciated! Ralph Foster '56 introduces his friend and colleague honoree, Ken Hale during the dinner program of the 2005 golf outing.

Andy Geiger's group is pictured with Lou Marcy '65, (Playing for Dean Brueggemeier who had a sore back.) Bill Sheridan, '77, Kroger Company, Rick Gray, '74, Giant Eagle.

Nice fit! Can anyone identify this man seen driving away with the hole-in-one BMW Z4 from the 2005 golf outing?

The 2005 Pharmacy Golf Outing winning team! They are Don Casar, Greg Carlson, Brad Daugherty and Gary Kabetso on the Giant Eagle A Team.

This group of Shannon Prater, Terrilyn Estell, '71, Ellen Tressell and Beth Sparks played well, and as you can see, they had a good time together!


2004 Golf Outing Asst. Dean Jerry Siegel and "Special K" honored at the 2004 Alumni Golf Outing!

The 18th Annual Alumni & Friends Golf Outing to benefit scholarships and fellowships was held again on the famous OSU Scarlet Course, home of the 2002 NCAA Men's Championship, on June 14, 2004. Honored were Pharmacy Co-chairman, Asst. Dean, Jerry Siegel, Pharm.D.'03 and Buckeye Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee, Clark Kellogg, know affectionately by Buckeye fans as "Special K". Kellogg is the color announcer for the Indiana Pacers and for the Final Four broadcasts. Dr. Jerry Siegel is the Senior Director of Pharmaceutical Services for The OSU Medical Center. Players had a chance to win a lease for a BMW Z4 roadster with a hole in one on the par three 17th hole sponsored by CVS/pharmacy and Shawn Eaton. Ninetyeight golfers played in the outing. Another 40 attended the Pfizer sponsored CE program arranged by Dr. Doug Miller, BS '72. Twelve alumni volunteered for the day to help make the event successful. Mulligans were sold to players by the volunteers who raised over $350 for ASP. Five students were sponsored and played in the golf outing with alumni and donors, thanks to a generous sponsorship by Chairman, Tom Scono and Dean Brueggemeier. The winning team of Arlington Court Nursing Home was Allan K. Vrable, Jim Merrill, Jim Howison and Charles Mattingly. Their names will be added to the Everett L. Smith Memorial Trophy. Thanks to the sponsors, alumni, volunteers, staff, faculty and students for making this another successful golf outing. $50,000 was raised for scholarship and other funds. Overall, this was a memorable College alumni event.

The 2004 Dean's foursome at the Alumni & Friends Golf Outing included from left to right, Joel Arnold '57, Golf Outing Honoree and Buckeye Athletic Hall of Fame Member, Clark Kellogg, , Ira Novak and Dean Bob Brueggemeier.

Alumni Society Treasurer and avid basketball fan, Col. John Coughlin shows his autographed Scarlet Course pin flag with the signer, Golf Outing honoree, Clark Kellogg.

The 2004 Pharmacy Alumni & Friends Golf Outing hororees Clark Kellogg and Senior Director of Pharmacy Services at The OSU Medical Center, Jerry Siegel with Dean Bob Brueggemeier, right.

Assistant Dean, Ken Hale and his family are together at the 2005 Golf Outing dinner to celebrate Ken's being honored. From the left is Ken's father, William Hale and mother, Daphne Hale, Adam Hale, Ken's Son, and Karen Hale '76, his wife.

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Alumni Affaires Director

line on the OSU College of Pharmacy web site at: index.cfm. Click on "Alumni & Friends" and then on "Create an alumni account." Your classmates will appreciate your news. Thank you to all of the College alumni who have so graciously given their time to volunteer and attend alumni functions at our College. I do know how valuable your time is, as I know someone is probably covering for you when you appear. And, I pledge to make your attendance at the College or at one of our functions a pleasurable and memorable experience. Dean Brueggemeier, the faculty, alumni and the current students are proud of what you are accomplishing in a time of change like we have never before experienced. And, we hope that you are proud of your education at the College and of the exceptional effort that you put forth to earn your degree.

Golf Outing Chair, Tom Scono '80 chides Golf Outing Honoree, Clark Kellogg about where his daughter will go to college. Team Captain, Al Vrable and his team of Jim Howison, Chuck Mattingly, M.D., and Jim Merrill (Jim was back at the office.) collect their championship winners gift certificates from Roslyn Simpson, Development Director.


^ ^

Tailgate 2005 Texas The Showdown at the Shoe!

The OSU College of Pharmacy 19th Annual Alumni Tailgate Party was held as usual at the Lloyd M. Parks Hall and Southwest lawn of the College. But, the historic first-ever matchup of the 2005 Football Ohio State Buckeyes and the University of Texas Longhorns in Ohio Stadium was an event of the decade. The game with the Longhorns was pivotal to the perfect season and 2005 National Championship for the University of Texas. The atmosphere was electric all week prior to the game on September 10, 2005 in the College and all around the state of Ohio. All of the more than 300 alumni, families, faculty and students who were at the College of Pharmacy Tailgate Party were very happy to be part of the Buckeye excitement prior to the 8:08 PM kick off between the Buckeyes and the Longhorns. It was a College Tailgate milestone for the tradition, now in its 19th consecutive year and it will stand in history as one of the greatest games the College ever had for the Tailgate Party. (The College Alumni Society held the Tailgate Party for the University of Michigan game in the Shoe on November 18, 2000. OSU lost 38-26.) College Fellowship is First! The co-founder of the College of Pharmacy Alumni Society and beloved professor and Assistant Dean, Jack L. Beal, would often explain to alumni that the Alumni Tailgate Party was started for fellowship and not to sell football tickets. Unfortunately, a very high profile Buckeye football game, like the 2005 U. of Texas game, makes it hard for all of us to remember his words and to put fellowship above the burning desire to be at the game. And, it is completely understandable that most Pharmacy alumni and loyal Buckeye fans want and even need tickets for themselves and their families. Unfortunately, the College and the Alumni Society was only able to buy the same number of tickets that they bought for the last tailgate game in 2004. (This was the Marshall University game on September 11, 2004.) Every loyal Pharmacy Alumni Society member and Buckeye Football fan who ordered Tailgate packages and sent in their checks deserved to have their orders filled! However, as you know, all of the 400 orders could not be filled. The Pharmacy Alumni Governing board executive committee and Dean Bob Brueggemeier and the College were indeed very sorry to not be able to fill all of the orders. The Alumni Society is eligible to buy football tickets in bulk for alumni at the annual tailgate party because the Society complies with all of the conditions set forth by

the parent organization, the OSU Alumni Association. The Association only can negotiate the bulk sales of tickets with the OSU Ticket Office. And, the Society is very thankful to have the opportunity to be able to offer football tickets to its members and intend to continue to do so in the future. However, it has been decided by mutual consent, that selecting the very high profile games results in too many disappointed alumni and will not be offered in the future. So as Dr. Jack Beal would remain us, our College fellowship comes first and it will remain so for future tailgate parties. Please support this wonderful College and alumni tradition next year on September 2, 2006 when the OSU Buckeyes battle with the scrappy N. Illinois Huskies in Ohio Stadium. Special thanks to the Kroger Company and Bill Sheridan, B.S. '77 for again donating the food for the tailgate meal. The donation allows the Pharmacy Alumni Society and the College to provide a good time for all tailgate attendees and not deplete their funds. The Kroger Company and the Kroger Pharmacies have partnered with the College to create clinical practices which have been recognized nationally. This is an example of how the educational and clinical interests of the College and your present employer's interests may intersect. Please consider the potential for collaboration with the College. Two alumni classes celebrated their reunions on the 2005 Alumni Weekend. The classes of 1965 and of 1980 each had their own tents on the west lawn of the College thanks to the support of Dean Brueggemeier and the College. Heart-felt thanks to all of our wonderful alumni tailgate volunteers! Shirlyn Chaffin, Chair Barbara Dixon John & Susie Coughlin Frank Sainato Floyd & Betsy Bender Christine & Tom Murphy Roslyn Simpson Sandy & Alan Katz Linda, Tony & Chris Bendinelli Jerry & Judy Cable Bob & Darlene Hayman Ralph & Ruth Foster Jerry Marlowe Tanya McDay Carol Marcy Larry & Kim Schieber Don & Amy Bennett Janet & Larry Robertson

Sue and Dean Bob Brueggemeier share the Buckeye Spirit with Tom Murphy (left) and Jon Bennett (right). Tom & Jon are the husbands of Christine Murphy and Marialice Bennett and they have both been adopted by the College faculty and staff.

Alumni Governing Board President, Linda Bendinelli, '80, Karen Balcerzak, '80, Mary Ann Kennedy, '78, and Larry Kennedy approve of the tailgate food table. Linda is also a student in the Non-Traditional PharmD program at the OSU College of Pharmacy.

It is good to see Brian, '97, and Joy Lehman, PharmD, '01, B.S., '99, at the tailgate party. They are both very hard working pharmacists.

Marcia Nusgart, '76, (right) is seated with from the left, Adam Nusgart, Marcia's nephew, Howard Cohen, a friend and Robert Nusgart, Marcia's brother. Marcia serves on the Dean's Corporate Council.


Longtime friends Ruth and Ralph Foster, '56, and Assistant Dean and Dean of Student Affairs, Ken Hale share a moment during the party. Yes, Ralph is doing very well and donates his time to help interview prospective PharmD students! Ralph is an Honorary Lifetime Member of the Alumni Governing Board.

Alumni board president, Linda Bendinelli talks with Roger White, '61, at the 2005 tailgate party in the lobby outside of the student lounge.

April Lupfer, BSPS '05, graduate (front, left) and 3 of her alumni cheerleader colleagues lead a rousing cheer during the 2005 Tailgate Party. April has begun a career as a manufacturer's representative with Pfizer.

Joel Arnold, '58, Phyllis Arnold, Roslyn Simpson, Director of Development, Debbi and Paul Romanyak enjoy the festivities. Joel is a recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award in 2000.

The Pharmacy Class of 1980 are pictured at their tent on the southwest lawn of Parks Hall. Pictured are from the left, Kim Laughlin, Linda Bendinelli, Tom Scono, Nancy Lytle, Randy and Kathy Nameth, Karen & Bob Balcerzak and Kevin Snyder. Can you tell that they are having a good time at their 25th reunion?

Paul Thomas, B.S. '98, PharmD '00, and his guest Emily Walsh came from Anchorage, Alaska to fellowship with other alumni and cheer on the Buckeyes!

Amy, '70, and Don Bennett, '70, are both Distinguished Alumni recipients. And, Amy is a past president of the alumni governing board and Don is the current president elect. Thank you, Bennetts for all that you do!

The Pharmacy Class of 1965 celebrated part of their 40th reunion at the 2005 Tailgate party. From the left are Bob Berridge, Lou Marcy, Ray Anderson, Ph.D. '74, Marilyn Wollett, Mary Jo Stvartak Jasinski, Tom Sherrin, Lou DeSantis, Ph.D. '73 and Don Harris, DO. Many other classmates were present at the Friday 40th Reunion dinner at the Longaberger Alumni House on September 9, 2005 with special guests, Dean Bob & Sue Brueggemeier and John, '64 and Stella Vedrody. Kara, '98, and John Kniska share a Coke and smiles during the Texas tailgate party in the student lounge.


19th ANNUAL!


2004 Alumni Tailgate Party

An infectious Buckeye pharmacy spirit was evident throughout the halls of Lloyd. M. Parks Hall, during the 2004 OSU College of Pharmacy Alumni Tailgate Party. Alumni board president, Roberta M. Armstrong emceed the brief program as Buckeye alumni cheerleaders led cheers and Shaylee Peckens, the 2002 Miss Ohio Teen and now a med student, sang a special version of "God Bless the USA" as a tribute to the victims of 911. Dean Bob Brueggemeier, acknowledged the faculty and staff present and added his own special encouragement to the football Buckeyes with a solid "Go Bucks" greeting to all in attendance. Roslyn Berry conducted a raffle of some priceless Buckeye treasures and a

commemorative Buckeye National Championship of 2002 golf putter. Alumni board vice president, Don Bennett, BS '70 held the winning raffle ticket and went home with the trophy putter, which is sure to improve his putting. After the Raffle, the Buckeye fans moved to Ohio Stadium to watch the Buckeyes beat the Marshall University Thundering Herd in an early season victory. Special thanks to the Kroger Company and Kroger Pharmacy Merchandiser for Ohio and Michigan, Bill Sheridan, BS '77 for providing all of the food for the 2004 Tailgate party. This generous gift allows the Pharmacy Alumni Society to benefit and further support pharmacy student scholarships.

Shaylee Peckens, sings a musical tribute to the victims of 911 with a special rendition of "God Bless the USA". Shaylee is a student at NEOUCOM and is the former 2002 Miss Ohio Teen. Her mother, Judy Peckens, BS '78 is the Kroger Pharmacy manager from Yorkville, Ohio.

Dean Bob Brueggemeier and Owen "Doc" Hays, BS '37, cheer with the alumni cheerleaders who led the Pharmacy Tailgate attendees in some rousing cheers at the 2004 alumni event. Owen is the oldest living former cheerleader at 92 year young and has been honored by the cheerleaders as the "Most Inspirational Cheerleader".

Bob Dupont, Sr., BS '62, former alumni board president, Frank Sainato, BS '58, Col. John Coughlin, BS '56, alumni board treasurer, and Bob Hayman, BS, '64 tend the bratwurst fires at the 2004 Tailgate Party. There is a lot of barbequing experience represented here!

Dean Bob Brueggemeier, alumni board lifetime member, Charles W. "Bill" Ague, BS '50, Owen Hays, BS 37, Roberta Armstrong, BS '63, alumni board president, and Assistant Dean, Ken Hale, Ph.D. '95 enjoy the sunshine at the 2004 Tailgate Party.

Go Bucks!


ASHP Midyear Clinical Meetings 2004 & 2005 Big Winners in Las Vegas!

The 40th American Society of Health-System Pharmacists Clinical Midyear Meeting which was held in Las Vegas, NV on December 4-8, 2005 marked the second consecutive year that one of the OSU College of Pharmacy programs was selected to receive the ASHP Best Practice Award in Health-System Pharmacy. This Award program is a national competition that recognizes innovation and outstanding leadership in health-system pharmacy. In 2004, at the ASHP MCM, the Best Practice Award went to the OSU College of Pharmacy Clinical Partners Program for Advancing Patient Care Through Innovative Practice. Honored at that time were PPAD faculty Bella Mehta, Jen Rodis, Milap C. Nahata and Marialice Bennett. The OSU College of Pharmacy University Health Connection was selected to receive an ASHP Best Practice Award at the 2005 ASHP MCM in Las Vegas. The UHC is an interdisciplinary approach to providing Healthcare in the 21st Century. Honored were Professor Marialice S. Bennett, Jane Brody, R.N., Stephanie C. Cook, D.O., Christopher G. Green, Pharm.D., Renee McCarthy, Pharm.D., Pharmacy Resident and Mitchell A. Medow, M.D. Receiving two consecutive Best Practice Awards is unprecedented and thanks go to all the faculty, students and residents who have had a part in making the University Health Connection successful. Congratulations to the Pharmacy Practice and Administration Division and to Chair, Milap C. Nahata for bringing both of these honors to the OSU College of Pharmacy. The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy and Medical Center Department of Pharmacy reception during ASHP Midyear Meeting each year has become a midyear tradition. The OSU Reception provides lasting memories for students, residents, faculty, alumni and friends of the College for years to come. And, the 2005 MCM OSU Reception was no exception. The reception was held as usual on Tuesday of Midyear, in the Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel where the happy attendees overcame the close space in the Renaissance and enjoyed the intimate setting, food and fellowship. Thanks go to Dean Bob Brueggemeier and Asst. Dean and Senior Director, Jerry Siegel and the Pharmacy Alumni Society for providing the means to make another successful and enjoyable MCM OSU Reception. Please mark your calendar for next year at ASHP MCM in Anaheim, CA on Tuesday, December 5, 2006 Dean Bob Brueggemeier hosted a Southwestern Luncheon for students and residents, and faculty & alumni who were available at the Las Vegas Hilton on December 4, 2005. Those attending feasted on spicy beef



& chicken tortillas, rice, refried beans & flan. Dean Brueggemeier welcomed the OSU Pharmacy group and extended his wish that everyone would have an educational rewarding and worthwhile midyear meeting.

Characteristics of a Clinician: Creativity, Caring, Commitment and Exemplifying the Buckeye Spirit." Congratulations to Joe Dasta!

Latiolais Award is presented to John A. Armitstead, M.S., FASHP

The Clifton J. Latiolais Award was established in 1985 by the former graduate students of Dr. Latiolais and named in his honor. The Latiolais Award recognizes excellence for contributions made to health-system pharmacy and is presented each year at a luncheon during the Midyear Clinical Meeting of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. John A. Armitsead, M.S. '82, is Director of Pharmacy Services, Assistant Dean for Medical Center Pharmacy Services and Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Kentucky Hospital and the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy and is the 2005 Clifton J. Latiolais Award recipient. After earning his B.S. in Pharmacy from the Ohio Northern University, Armitstead determined that the MS/Residency Program at Ohio State was the program to enter to develop a leadership role in the implementation and maturation of clinical pharmacy practice. He credits his success to his mentors Clifton J. Latiolais, Thomas P. Sherrin, BS '65, MS '67, Philip J. Schneider, MS '75, Timothy D. Moore, MS '79, Donald N. Schneider, MS '71, Marianne F. Ivey, and Max L. Hunt, Jr., BS '69, MS '71.

After the presentation of the 2005 Clifton J. Latiolais Award to John A. Armitsead, M.S. '82, Philip J. Schneider, MS '75, Jerry Siegel, Pharm.D. '03, B.S. '76, and Dean Bob Brueggemeier join John for a picture at the awards luncheon during the 2005 ASHP MCM.

John A. Armitsead, M.S. '82, is presented the 2005 Latiolais Award by the 2004 recipient, James A. Visconti, Ph.D. (right) and Dean Bob Brueggemeier.

A First in Clinical Pharmacy Achievements

In understanding the need to recognize outstanding contributions made by clinical pharmacists at the OSU Medical Center, Senior Director of Pharmacy Services, Jerry Siegel, Pharm.D. '03, B.S. '76, created the Clinical Achievement Award. The OSU Medical Center Department of Pharmacy insisted that the award must carry the name of the Dr. Siegel in honor of his leadership over the years of his directorship. Therefore, the Jerry Siegel Clinical Achievement Award was created. Chosen as the first recipient of the award fittingly is, Joe Dasta, M.S. '76. Known to some as "the father of intensive care clinical pharmacy residency", Joe shared some of his memories in establishing clinical pharmacy practice in his early years in the ICU at OSU Medical Center, at a dinner in his honor during the 2005 MCM. The first Annual Jerry Siegel Clinical Achievement Award dinner was held at the renowned Aureoles at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, NV. The award plaque with a clock presented to Joe Dasta reads, "2005 Jerry Siegel Clinical Achievement Award Presented to Joseph F. Dasta, M.S., R.Ph., for Embodying the

Jerry Siegel, Pharm.D. '03, B.S. '76, and Deb Goff, Pharm.D. enjoying the celebration of the first Annual Jerry Siegel Clinical Achievement Award dinner at the renowned Aureoles at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, NV.

Jerry Siegel, Pharm.D. '03, B.S. '76 is pictured with Joe Dasta, M.S. '76 after the presentation of the first Annual Jerry Siegel Clinical Achievement Award to Dasta.

Andy Gons, PharmD '04, Pharmacy Resident at the University of Kansas is enjoying the 2005 ASHP Best Practice reception with Dean Bob Brueggemeier and Milap Nahata.

presented with an Honorary Specialty Practice Residency Certificate in Drug Information at the OSU Latiolais Award and Residency Luncheon during the 2005 ASHP MCM. The term of Marva's residency and service to the OSU Medical Center Department of Pharmacy read "July 18, 1966 to September 30, 2005". Over that span of time, Marva has been a respected & appreciated preceptor to more residents and students than anyone at OSU. Congratulations Marva, on an exemplary career!

2004 Annual ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting A Celebration in Orlando, Florida at the 2004 ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting.

The College celebrated with the PPAD faculty at the 2004 ASHP Best Practices Award in Health System Pharmacy Poster Reception on Sunday, December 5, 2004 at the Peabody Orlando. The OSU College of Pharmacy Clinical Partners Program was selected as Advancing Patient Care through Innovative Practice Best Practice Award. Honored were PPAD faculty Bella Mehta, Jen Rodis, Milap C. Nahata and Marialice Bennett. Also honored with a Best Practice Award for Measuring and Reducing Adverse Drug Events Associated with High Risk Medications in Acute Care was Ohio Health and OSU alumni Tom Sherrin, BS '65, MS '67 and Kathy Crea, BS '84. Double winners in the coveted ASHP Best Practice awards were reason for happy celebration! The traditional reception co-sponsored by the College of Pharmacy and The OSU Medical Center Department of Pharmacy was held at the ASHP Headquarter Hotel, the Peabody Orlando, on Tuesday, December 8, 2004. Each of the over 200 alumni, residents, students, faculty and friends were offered alumni and national championship lapel pins. Emcee and host, Senior Director of Pharmaceutical Services at The OSU Medical Center Department of Pharmacy, Jerry Siegel, BS '76, PharmD '03 greeted the gathering and introduced PPAD Chair, Milap Nahata who passed best wishes for a good midyear meeting on behalf of Dean Brueggemeier, who was celebrating a family wedding. Pharmacists who are alumni and attend the Midyear Clinical meeting, look forward to the OSU reception each year and many say that this reception makes them proud to be OSU Pharmacy Alumni. Dean Robert W. Brueggemeier sponsored a buffet luncheon for students and faculty attending the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting on Sunday afternoon, December 5, 2004 in Orlando at the festive Ming Court Restaurant. About 75 students, residents, alumni and faculty were present at this fun party. This meal and fellowship provided a welcome break from the interviews and presentations, and programs

Renee McCarthy, Pharm.D., Pharmacy Resident, Christopher G. Green, Pharm.D., Professor Marialice S. Bennett, the College recipients of the 2005 ASHP Best Practice Award are pictured with Dean Bob Brueggemeier at the reception.

at this very busy and vital clinical meeting for the OSU Pharmacy student & resident attendees. Thanks to Dean Robert W. Brueggemeier for this event. Professor and PPAD Chair, Milap Nahata hosted on behalf of Dean Brueggemeier. PharmD candidate, Tara Hackett was selected to receive a Student Leadership Award from ASHP. This program recognizes and celebrates the contributions of students who represent the very best attributes and accomplishments of ASHP student members. The Peabody Orlando was the site of The OSU Masters/Resident Graduate Alumni reunion luncheon to present the Clifton J. Latiolais Award on December 8, 2004. The 2004 Clifton J. Latiolais Award recipient was our own James Visconti, Ph.D., Professor and long-time Drug Information Director of The OSU Medical Center Department of Pharmacy. Philip J. Schneider, MS '75, Clinical Professor and Director of the Latiolais Leadership Program delivered a program update and assisted the 2002 award recipient, Jerry Siegel, Pharm.D. with the award presentation. Dr. Viscconti challenged the assembled pharmacists to embrace the new field of pharmacogenomics. This was another great day for The OSU Pharmacy Alumni Family.

Tom Sherrin, B.S.'65, M.S.'67 and Kathy Crea, B.S.'84with their award winning poster at the Best Practice Reception. OSU Department of Pharmacy Senior Director of Pharmacy Services, Jerry Siegel and College PPAD Chair, Milap C. Nahata greet and welcome attendees of the OSU reception at the ASHP Clinical Midyear Meeting in Orlando Florida. Siegel also serves as Assistant Dean of PPAD and Nahata serves as Assistant Director at the OSU Medical Center Dept. of Pharmacy so that the two organizations can work more closely together on educational goals. Long-time colleagues Jim Visconti, Ph.D. and Marva Tschampel, are pictured just after Visconti delivered his Latiolais Award acceptance speech.

Dean Brueggemeier hosted the Dean's Luncheon at the Las Vegas Hilton on December 4, 2005 for students & residents during the ASHP MCM. With Dean Bob are from left to right Professor Marialice Bennett, Professor Darrell Bryant, Class of 2006 students Melissa Baughman, Liban Warsame, Greg Samijlenko, Professor Chris Green, 2006 student, Jonathan Dreslinski, Anne Louise Burns, B.S. '80, APhA Director of Practice Development, and Milap Nahata, Chair of PPAD. Grag Samijlenko and Jonathan Dreslinski represented the College in the ASHP SSHP Clinical Skills Competition.

Long Time colleagues and friends Jerry Siegel, Pharm.D. and Marva Morris Tschampel, R.Ph. are pictured just after Marva was



2004: A Year In Review

APCO members, Eric Hals, BS, '89, Doc Lamberjack, BS '93, and Shirlyn Chaffin, BS '59 present Dean Brueggemeier with the checks to be added to the Academy of Pharmacy of Central Ohio and the Women's Pharmacy Club endowed scholarship funds at the February 2004 Alumni Governing Board Meeting.

Pictured are the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd classes of the Early Admissions Pathway program. We have a total of 49 students in this program. The College Director of Undergraduate Programs, Jennifer DeGraff is pictured on the farthest right.

Kristen Lamberjack, PharmD, B.S. '94 was presented the Ohio Pharmacists Association Distinguished Young Pharmacist Award at the 126th OPA Annual Conference in Columbus April 16-18, 2004. Kristen is an outpatient pharmacist at Children's Hospital in Columbus is pictured here with her husband "Doc" Lamberjack, B.S. '93.

The Bachelor of Science in the Pharmaceutical Sciences (BSPS) program is the newest degree program offered by the College. Pictured here are the new freshmen! This photo was taken during the 2003 Autumn Quarter kick-off for our new freshmen class. The College directly enrolled 83 honors and scholars freshmen. Of the 83, 26 students are in the 3rd class of the Early Admissions Pathway program (EAP provides advanced admissions to the College of Pharmacy's PharmD program for a select group of Honors freshmen.) 14 of the entering BSPS freshmen earned a 4.00 grade pointaverage during their first quarter at Ohio State, and an additional 15 freshmen earned a 3.723.98 grade point average.

The College sponsored a short-term study abroad trip to Puerto Rico in March, 2004 including 16 BSPS students and 5 faculty/staff facilitators. This photo was taken near Seralles Castle near Ponce in southern Puerto Rico. Jaime Capestany, BS '98 in the first row on the far right is one of the faculty facilitators. Jaime entertained the group at his parent's home for dinner during the trip.

The B.S. in Pharmacy class of 1998 held their reunion on April 17, 2004 and pictured is the class with Dean Brueggemeier, Marialice Bennett and Ken Hale in the front row.

Edgar Diaz-Cruz, a Ph.D. candidate in the OSU College of Pharmacy was unable to attend this BSPS student dinner in his parent's home due to an appendectomy. The student group visited the School of Pharmacy at the University of Puerto Rico and were able to talk and interact with the pharmacy students.

The Class of 1998 is pictured at the College for a tour of the building. Professor Marialice Bennett is on the far right. Inga Becker-Gutarts, class president, is in the center of the front row with the nametag, organized her class reunion.

This is a photo of the Pharmacy House residents. Pharmacy House is a living-learning residence hall program where students live together on the 4th floor of Patterson Hall, with the intention of community building in mind. Jennifer DeGraaf, Director of Undergraduate Programs for the College of Pharmacy has academic advising hours in Pharmacy House once a week.

The short-term study abroad group toured through El Yunque rainforest in Eastern PR. It was amazing! "What was that in the tree?"

OSU PharmD candidates shined at the 2004 Academy of Pharmacy of Central Ohio Installation Banquet on April 30, 2004, at the Heritage Golf Club in Hilliard, Ohio. From left to right are Kelly Pfaff, 07, recipient of the


Boyer/KE Award, Angela Jones, 07, Angela Sunderhaus, 07, Melissa Meekins, PharmD '05, Ming Poi, PharmD, 05, Women's Pharmacy Club Award recipient, in back, Kevin Rider, 06, Rupesh Patel, PharmD 05, Michele Caruso, PharmD '04, APCO Scholarship recipient, Andy Gons, Pharmd '04, Ian Hollis, PharmD '05, Past President of ASP, Pam Risko, PharmD '05, Meredith Toma, PharmD '05, APCO Scholarship recipient, Nick Grinder, '06, APCO Student Award recipient, and Shannon Prater, 06, ASP President.

Assistant Dean, Ken Hale is honored as the 2004 recipient of the William J. "Bill" Marks Award by his old friend, Ralph Foster, B.S. '56. Congratulations, Ken! Jerry M. Cohen, B.S. '52, was also awarded a Marks Award, posthumously, after an introduction by Lou Marcy, B.S. '65, at the 2004 APCO Installation Banquet.

Marc Sweeney, PharmD '97 swears in Erica Ragaji, B.S. '71 as the President of the Academy of Pharmacy of Central Ohio.

The second annual Pharmacy Ball was produced by the Pharmacy PharmD candidate class of 2007. The semi-formal event was held at the Hyatt Regency Columbus on May 22, 2004. About 100 students, faculty and alumni were in attendance for dinner and dancing. Dean Brueggemeier is pictured with Dana Hanudel, PharmD '05 and her husband. It was a glorious evening!

Assistant Dean, Ken Hale swears in Shannon Prater as APhA Academy of Students in Pharmacy President at the 2004 APCO Installation Banquet.

The 2004 Rho Chi Society Initiation Ceremony welcomes 16 new members on June 1, 2004. New initiates are from left to right, Kristina Gwaley, PharmD '04, Justin Kullgren, PharmD '05, Jonathan Dreslinski, '06, Nicholas Grinder, '06, Laurel Ann Grundman, '06 Ronald Heitz, '06, Amanda Jewell, '06, Michael Olexia, '06, Leah Rodden, '06, Christopher Runyeon, '06, Sara Seggerson '06, Fadi Smiley, '06, and not pictured are Christina Smith, '06, Jonathan Williams, '06. Three graduate students inducted were Joseph Crea, Ph.D. '08, Brian Miller, M.S., '04, and Satish Valluri, M.S., '05.

Nicole Toth and Angela Jones, both of the Class of 2007 helped organize the gala event. The Pharmacy Ball is an ideal way to help bring the school year to a conclusion.

Mary "Libby" Marks is presented an APCO Honorary Membership by John Boggs, B.S. '49 as Libby's son Roger looks on. Libby has been an active member of the Central Ohio pharmacy family for years even after the passing of her husband, Bill Marks, B.S. 36. Mary E. "Libby" Marks, 91, of Columbus, OH, passed away on Thursday, March 24, 2005.

^ ^ ^

Dean Robert Brueggemeier, Professor Robert Buerki, Rho Chi Advisor, and Assistant Dean Ken Hale are pictured after they officiated at the Rho Chi Initiation. The Rho Chi Society is the National Pharmacy Honor Society, and the first chapter was instituted on May 19, 1922. The Upsilon chapter at The Ohio State University was the 18th chapter to be organized and approved. As all honor societies, the Rho Chi Society has as its fundamental objectives the stimulation and recognition of academic excellence. Rho Chi is dedicated to promoting the advancement of the pharmaceutical sciences and the profession of pharmacy. What a proud moment for these outstanding initiates!


Roger W. Anderson joins Medco as Chief Pharmacist

Medco Health Solutions Inc. today announced that Roger W. Anderson, Ph.D., M.S. 1963, nationally recognized as an innovator and expert on pharmacy practices, will join Medco as Senior Vice President and Chief Pharmacist, a newly created position, Roger W. Anderson, effective July 1, 2004. Ph.D., M.S. '63 Anderson, who holds a (Medco Senior Vice doctorate in public President and Chief health, most recently Pharmacist. served as the Vice President of Pharmacy for the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, a worldrenowned leader in cancer care and prevention. Since 1997, he has also served as professor of pharmacy practice and management at the University of Houston College of Pharmacy. He is currently a member of the Texas State Board of Pharmacy. "Roger will help us to continue to pioneer and lead the industry in patient health and safety, and adds an important voice and perspective to our leadership team," said David B. Snow Jr., chairman, president and CEO, Medco. Medco sponsored a luncheon for the fourthyear pharmd candidates on June 11, 2004 at the College.

Department of Pharmacy turned out to sponsor several foursomes of golfers.

Doctor of Pharmacy classmates of 2005 Maria Limperos & Dana Hanudel and their husbands are pictured with the Lane Wallace's and Cari Brackett at the 2004 Pharmacy Ball.

Senior Director of the OSU Medical Center Department of Pharmacy , Jerry Siegel, BS '76, PharmD '03, and his team of Trisha Jordan, MS '01, Katie Speidel, Pharmacy Resident (& golf ringer!), and John Vrontos, PharmD '03 are ready to "Tear up the Links!".

Marri McAndrews, a BSPS Student, Molly Maloney and Palak Shah, classmates of the class of 2007 enjoy the party atmosphere at the Pharmacy Ball of 2004.

Dean Bob Brueggemeier on the far right pauses in the heat of the round at the APCO outing with his foursome of Professor Joe Dasta, MS '76 (And another golf "ringer".), Dave Kurtzman, Class of 2007, ASP President-elect, and Ian Hollis, Class of 2005.

The 2004 Preceptors of the Year were recognized on June 9, 2004 at the Longaberger Alumni House Sanders Grand Lounge at the Pharmacy Preceptor Appreciation Program. They are Jim Lauer, B.S., St. Ann's/Mount Carmel, Karen Knoell, Pharm.D., Ohio Health Riverside and Mary Beth Shirk, Pharm.D., B.S. '91, The OSU Medical Center. They are pictured here in the above order with Dean Bob Brueggemeier.

Marilyn Wollett, Director of Pharmacy Services, Medco Call Center, Dublin, Ohio presents Dean Robert W. Brueggemeier with a Medco check for $15,000 as a donation to be used for pharmacy student scholarships in June of 2005.

Retired preceptor, Paul Hafner and his U. of Michigan roommate, Professor Jerry Cable pair with student Harold Payton, Class of 2006 and Dean emeritus John Cassady at the 2004 APCO golf outing. This foursome has the talent to win the event!

The OSU College of Pharmacy supports the 2004 APCO Golf Outing.

The Academy of Pharmacy of Central Ohio raises funds through sales of raffle tickets to be able to present three $1500 scholarships to OSU College of Pharmacy Students each year. The 2004 APCO Golf Outing was held at the Links at Echo Springs on August 25, 2004 and the College and the OSU Medical Center

Dean Bob Brueggemeier has presented the APCO Scholarship to Melissa Meekins, Class of 2005 at the APCO golf dinner. Melissa was one of three OSU College of Pharmacy APCO Scholarship recipients.


Professor Harold Godwin receives honor.

The Class of 2007 Shine at the White Coat Ceremony

The students of the Class of 2007 don their white coats for the first time during the traditional White Coat Ceremony held on May 21, 2004 at the Fawcett Center auditorium. Students and their families heard from Dean Robert Brueggemeier, William Winsley, Executive Director of the Ohio Board of Pharmacy, Debbie Lange, President of OPA, and Robert Giacalone, President of the Ohio Board of Pharmacy during a program led and emceed by Assistant Dean Ken Hale, Dean of Student Affairs. Recognized during the ceremony were Preceptor Mentor Award recipients Tej Shah, B.S. '01, and Nancy Lytle, B.S. '80. Professor Jeffrey S. Johnston was presented with the 2004 Benjamin Balshone Award. The Balshone Award is presented to the favorite professor as voted on by the students of the College. Students were helped into their white coats by the above award recipients during this traditional ceremony. The white coat is one of the symbols of the profession of pharmacy and wearing the coat carries responsibilities for a professional to protect patients under their care. The evening concluded with the reciting of the Oath of a Pharmacist.

Professor Harold Godwin, M.S. '66 with Marva Tschampel.

Harold N. Godwin, R.Ph., M.S. '66, FASHP, Professor and Chair of Pharmacy Practice at the University of Kansas was the first recipient of the Harold Godwin Leadership Legacy Award during the ASHP MCM on December 7, 2004. The award recognizes the outstanding leadership and contributions to the profession of pharmacy. Professor Godwin, retired director of pharmacy at the Kansas University Medical Center Hospitals, directed the launch of the KU & KUMC Practice Management/Masters Residency Program, which has graduated more than 90 masters students and residents since 1970. He is a past recipient of the Clifton J. Latiolais Award, the Harvey A.K. Whitney Award and the John W. Webb Lecture Award.

Debbie Lange, OPA President for 2004 shares her thoughts with the students.

2007 class member, Brad Bird is helped on with his white coat by Nancy Lytle, B.S. '80 with Professor Jerry Cable, Experiential Director in the background.

Dean Brueggemeier, Debbie Lange, OPA President, Robert Giacalone, President, Ohio Board of Pharmacy, and William T. Winsley, B.S. '74, M.S. 78, spoke at the 2004 White Coat Ceremony.

Class of 2007 students (L to R) Rita Caldwell, Jeffrey Capers, Suk Yin Chan and Danette Clark enjoy hearing the comments of Dean Brueggemeier.

Preceptor and Teaching Award recipients are pictured with their plaques. Pictured are (L. to R.) Professor Jeffrey Johnston, the Balshone Award recipient for 2003-2004, Nancy Lytle and Tej Shah, Preceptor Mentor Awards recipients.


Robert M. Elenbaas, PharmD Delivers the Convocation Address at the 2004 OSU College of Pharmacy Doctoral Convocation, Hooding and Awards Ceremony.

Robert M. Elenbaas, PharmD, FCCP, stated that this 2004 class of OSU PharmD graduates were the most highly educated, best equipped class in Pharmacy history. But, he warned that knowledge was not facts, but values and caring for others comes from the heart, not from facts. Dr. Elenbaas is the Founding Executive Director, American College of Clinical Pharmacy. His address was titled "Forever Young", and was delivered to the assembled faculty, doctoral graduates and their families. Dean Robert Brueggemeier welcomed the assembled convocation and shared his thoughts. Milap C. Nahata, PharmD, Professor and Chair, Division of Pharm,acy Practice and Administration gave an invocation and Assistant Dean Ken Hale served as master of ceremonies. Associate Dean, Sylvan Frank led the PharmD graduates in the Oath of a Pharmacist. This was a joyous and warm College celebration for all in attendance!

The 2004 PharmD Class President, Salah Mansour Gammouh, PharmD delivers a response from the class.

Ji-Eun Oh, PharmD, a Cum Laude graduate, celebrates with her family, some of whom came from Seoul, Republic of Korea to see her hooding. Dr. Oh plans to practice Clinical Pharmacy at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.

Pharmacy student recognized by the OSU Board of Trustees

By Assistant Dean Ken Hale

On July 9, 2004, Amanda Hord was recognized by the Ohio State University's Board of Trustees as a recipient of a Student Recognition Award and presented by President Holbrook. In July 2004, Amanda was about to enter her fourth and final year in our Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program. Prior to her doctoral training, she received a Bachelor of Science in the Pharmaceutical Sciences (BSPS) degree at Ohio State. She has been an excellent student and has conducted research relating to health behavior theory-based strategies for improving patient medication adherence with Professors Coyle and Brackett in the College of Pharmacy and Professor Love in the School of Public Health. She has presented a poster at a national meeting. And she has served as a student teaching assistant in several of our professional and undergraduate courses. Beyond her many academic accomplishments, Amanda has been a very strong student leader in the College of Pharmacy, she has served as student representative on our PharmD Program Committee, President of our chapter of the Student Society of Health-System Pharmacists, on the Ohio Society of Health-System Pharmacists Educational Affairs Committee, and she has served as chair of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists Student Forum Executive Committee. In the latter capacity, she provided leadership to ASHP's student initiatives at the national level. On a personal note, Amanda is a delightful student. She is positive, bright, hard working, articulate and fun. She is a student of whom we are very proud, and we appreciate the opportunity to introduce her to the Board of Trustees.

2004 Student Orientation Events

Dean Robert Brueggemeier presents the Faculty Award to Carrie Louise Fish, PharmD, the outstanding graduating PharmD student of the year.

Pictured here are Chad Endsley, student trustee, President Holbrook, Amanda Hord, Doctor of Pharmacy candidate, and Trustee Tammy Longaberger at the OSU Trustees meeting on July 9, 2004.

Robert M Elenbaas, PharmD, FCCP delivers the 2004 Convocation Address. At the July 9, 2004 Trustees meeting, were Associate Dean Sylvan Frank, Dr. Jim Coyle, Professor Phil Schneider, Amanda and her fiancée, Asistant Dean, Ken Hale and Amanda's parents.

PharmD student orientation for 2004 provided a full complement of preparatory programming for students in each of the four years of the program. Our new first-year students may represent our strongest class ever in terms of academic preparation (average GPA 3.5, average PCAT score composite percentile 86%). They met with upper-level student leaders, faculty and staff at the orientation kick-off social Sunday evening, September 19th at the Mirror Lake Amphitheater. Medco Health Solutions hosted dinner, and this lovely South Oval venue provided a wonderful beginning to their experience in the College of Pharmacy. Our first-year students then participated in orientation programming September 20th and 21st in Parks Hall, culminating in the 15th "All-College Welcome Back Cookout" (hosted by Kroger). In 2004, the new second-year student orientation was implemented which stressed the impetus for pharmaceutical care. Pharmacy faculty, preceptors, residents. physicians, and upper-level students shared their views relating to the critical need for the development of a


sound therapeutic knowledge base as our second-year doctoral students begin their sequences in pharmacology, pathophysiolocy and therapeutics, and pharmacokinetics. The third-year students completed their traditional immunization training September 20th and 21st, and fourth-year students were orientated to their advanced practice experience rotations in August.

The annual student organization fair was conducted for the new and returning students on Tuesday, September 21, 2004 in the Jack L. Beal and Alumni Student Lounge. Students are shown here gathered around the Pharmacy Council table. President Jason Makii (seated at the table) presented information about student organizations to our first- and second-year students during their orientation programs. The first-year PharmD students enjoy dinner (Hosted by Medco Health Solutions) and mix with upper-level student leaders, faculty and staff at the Mirror Lake Amphitheater on September 19th. Assistant Dean Ken Hale is presented with a John Mac Cassady Diversity Enhancement Award by Dean John Cassady at the 2004 NPhA Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA.

NPhA Holds its 57th Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA, July 23 to 27, 2004

Assistant Dean Ken Hale was presented with a "Friend of SNPhA" token of appreciation at the 2004 NPhA/SNPhA Annual Clinical Meeting. Pictured are Tamika White, a BSPS student, masters candidate & resident, Stephanie Smith, Dean Hale, and NPhA Past President, Lori Woodson, R.Ph., MBA.

(Right to left) Dean Brueggemeier, Lisa VanDyke (Academic Counselor and Staff Assistant), June Evans (College Registrar), and Heather Agresta (Director of Admissions) greeted the new students at the Mirror Lake kick-off event on September 19, 2004.

This picture was taken at the OSU College of Pharmacy booth at the Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA) national meeting. Dr. Stephanie Smith (MS student and resident in the medical center ­ Stephanie was also national SNPhA Vice President for 2003-4) and Dean Hale. As you can see, many students were eager to receive information about our graduate and residency programs.

Pictured are Asst. Dean Ken Hale, Stephanie Smith, SNPhA Vice President, Tamika White, Lou Marcy, Ayoola Aladesanmi, student and Darrell Bryant, PharmD. This was part of the OSU College of Pharmacy contingent at the 2004 NPhA Clinical Meeting in New Orleans, LA.

The 15th annual "All-College Welcome Back Cookout" was held at the conclusion of student orientation on Tuesday, September 21, 2004. This event is hosted by Kroger. Darrell Bryant and Mike Green from Kroger are seen in the forefront manning the grill.

Ramona McCarthy Hawkins, B.S., 1950 is presented the second John Mac Cassady Diversity Enhancement Award by Dean John Cassady, at the OSU College of Pharmacy luncheon at the 2004 NPhA Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA.


Faculty News AAAS Honors Pharmacy Professor Ching-Shih Chen

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) has chosen ChingShih Chen, Ph.D. Professor of Pharmacy and Internal Medicine as a fellow in a class of 13 other OSU faculty members in the 2004-2005 elections. Professor Chen's work merges synthetic organic chemistry with molecular and cellular biology to design novel chemotherapy agents that attack molecular defects in tumor cells. Many of these promising compounds are undergoing tests at different laboratories at the OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center to evaluate their effectiveness against a number of cancers, including prostate, breast, lung and ovarian cancers among others. President Karen Holbrook, herself a AAAS Fellow said, "The fact that we've led the nation in new AAAS fellows for two years in a row underscores the quality of our faculty and the recognition of their success by their peers." Congratulations to Professor Ching-Shih Chen.

Professor Dasta has directed the Post-BS Pharm.D. program since July 1990 and serves as a preceptor for the SICU rotation at OSU. He typically precepts 3-6 Pharm.D. students per year and has done so since 1981. The SICU has evolved over the years and there is a fully operational ICU satellite pharmacy and as of last year, a hospital-based clinical pharmacist. There is a synergistic relationship between the ICU clinical pharmacist and Prof. Dasta which serves as a role model for other faculty-staff pharmacist teams.

Alumni Updates ...

1933 Stephen B. Raynes is blessed with 95

years and volunteers 2 days a week at the local hospital. He grows 4 varieties of tomatoes to share with his neighbors. He resides in Troy, OH. Email: [email protected]

1943 Peggy E. Hanna worked at Skinner Clinic

for 54 years. She was a pharmacist for 6 doctors for 40 years. When the pharmacy closed she became an insurance clerk. The clinic honored her in the spring of 2005 with a reception and she was on one of the local evening TV news programs. She resides in San Antonio, TX.

1944 Audrey Bowser

Daren Knoell, PharmD received the 2004 Research Career Development Award from the American College of Clinical Practice. PPAD Chair, Milap Nahata is pictured on the right with Daren Knoell at the College Luncheon at the ACCP Annual Meeting in Dallas, Texas on October 24, 2004 at the Hyatt Regency.

Bazler moved to a new retirement community called Stonebridge at Winton Woods. They furnish transportation because she no longer drives due to vision loss. Her address and telephone number is 1489 Fieldcrest Court, Cincinnati, Ohio 45231, (513) 851-3126.

1947 Virginia Mayhugh Cross retired at the

beautiful age of 80! She always worked for independents and enjoyed everyday, even some of the bad days. She is glad to still be an active member of KE Alumni, even though it is 80 miles roundtrip! The meetings are stimulating, interesting and fun! Knox County is beautiful and she is glad they made the move! She and husband, Robert, reside in Fredericktown, Ohio.

1948 Carl H. Braun formally retired in 2003

Faculty member honored by SCCM

Joseph F. Dasta, MSc, R.Ph., FCCM was chosen to receive the prestigious 2005 Distinguished Service Award from the Society of Critical Care Medicine. The Distinguished Service Award is presented to SCCM members who have made exceptional leadership contributions that furthered the vision and mission of SCCM. Professor Dasta began his practice as a faculty member at The Ohio State University in July, 1976. Initial practice site was pulmonary medicine. In 1978, the pulmonary department took over the MICU and he switched practice site to this unit. At that time it became clear that critical care was a unique practice opportunity for clinical pharmacists. In 1981, he moved to the surgical ICU, which remains his primary site of practice, teaching, and research.

Dr. Jessie Au received the 2004 Research Achievement Award in Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics and Drug Metabolism from the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists.

Duxin Sun, Ph.D. was a recipient of the 2004 Meritorious Manuscript Award from the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists.

due to spinal complications. He sure misses it! Pharmacy not doing itself any favors from this side of the fence. E-mail: [email protected] Robert A. Wolfe was a pharmacist at Wendt Bristol Drug from 1949-1954 and at Roche Labunatonics from 1954-1985. He is now retired and enjoying golf 3 days a week. While working for Roche, he was awarded top ten awards 3 times and the Presidents Achievement Award 2 times. He passed the National Certification Test. He and his wife, Freda, travel all over the county in Deisel Motor Home. They reside in Ocala, FL. Email: [email protected]

1947 Nancy Bartlett Anderies works as a

Volunteer Pharmacist at Marillac Clinic. She is looking forward to her 60th Bexley High School Reunion in September. She plans to include a visit with Jean Windesheim who is a 1949 grad of the College. E-mail: [email protected] Warren E. Sinkhorn is a retired Pharmacist who was self employed as the Owner & Operator of Kee's Pharmacy for 35 years in Akron, Ohio. He is now enjoying golf. He has been married to his wife, Evelyn, for 57 years. They have 2 sons, 3 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild. They reside in Sun City, AZ.




Jean Graf Windesheim is currently working as a Pharmacist at Crosby's Drugs in Columbus, OH. She enjoys working part-time and is still active in KE Alumni and APCO. She moved to a new location in Licking County in Pataskala, OH. E-mail: [email protected]

1950 Samuel Borcover is retired from New

England Nuclear. He recently returned from a European trip, Italy and Paris and still enjoys the amenities of San Francisco. "Anybody from the class of 1950 still navigating?" E-mail: [email protected]

1952 John E. Hoover is currently working on

somewhat retired but still works from time to time and still enjoys retail contact with customers. His wife, Dottie, continues to teach Montessori and is called to lecture internationally. His son, Joel and daughter-in-law, Liz are growing older with Audrea, their second child, having her Bat Mitzvah on April 5. Jodi and husband, Dr. David Gubman, recently moved to Voorhes, NJ. Rabbi Mark and his wife, Rabbi Tara, are loving their life with son, Gavi in Memphis, TN. They are very busy at Temple Israel and their second child due in July. They now have 7 grandchildren and can't get enough of each of them. Robert and his wife reside in Voorhees, NJ.

1962 Dr. Ole J. Lorenzetti elected to retire

the 21st edition of Remington: The Science and Practice of Pharmacy (text/reference book). He resides in Swarthmore, PA. E-mail: [email protected] John K. Lutsch is a retired pharmacist from Hart's/Big Bear Stores. He resides in Columbus, OH. Paul W. Wherry retired from Pharmacy Sales at Squibb. He has been a lifetime member in APCO since April 2003. Paul resides in Worthington, OH.

1956 James F. Hall and his wife, Virginia, are

enjoying retirement in the high mountain desert of Northern Arizona. They are looking forward to the 50-year reunion of his Pharmacy class. They reside in Cornville, AZ. James W. Staker retired from active pharmacy practice December 31, 2004. He and his wife, Sally, reside in Portsmouth, OH.

1958 Peter Hirsch retired after owning an

1953 Houston R. Morgan works part time

PRN at Barberton Citizens Hospital. He is still involved in scouting at local Stow Parks Recreation Board and Stow Historical Society. He and his wife, Marylee, have 6 children (all grown!), 4 grandchildren and 1 greatgranddaughter. His hobbies/activities include photography, hiking, camping, trains (model and prototype), travel, and some woodcarving. "Glad I got a good OSU education to keep up!!" He and his wife reside in Stow, OH. Fred J. Weaver, Jr. worked many years in Columbus, OH and retired in 1992. He worked part-time for several years. He has 4 children, 3 are graduates of OSU. He and his wife, Eleanor, moved to Colorado in December 2004 to be near their children. Fred lives at Centre Avenue Health & Rehab Center. He can be reached at his wife's address, 712 Shadowmere Court, Fort Collins, Colorado. Paul H. Wolf is retired. He is president of Kiwanis 2004-2005, and Lt. Gov. DW 22 Michigan 2005-2006. In January 2005, he spent one week in Yellowstone Park and West Yellowstone area, snowmobiling with his wife, Ruth. They have 4 children, 5 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. They reside in Indian River, MI. E-mail: [email protected]

independent pharmacy and is still an independent pharmacist. He and his wife, Deanna, spend their Winters in Florida and are happily watching their grandchildren grow.

from Alcon after 31 years of distinguished service. He joined Alcon in 1969 as a Senior Pharmacologist in Research and Development, after five years as a Pharmacologist at Miles Labs, Inc. /Done Laboratories Div (Elkhart, IN). At Alcon he has managed R&D areas of pharmacology, toxicology, microbiology, biochemistry and immunology through various positions in technical services and basic research. His extensive background in ophthalmic, cardiovascular and dermatology sciences served him well in the management of the basic sciences in these early years at Alcon. Ole's recreational focus is on outdoor sports ­ sailing, ranching, Equestrian, hiking and travel/reading which he enjoyed with his late wife, Joyce, a pharmacist and accomplished sculptress. They have three children; Elizabeth Harvey (Sr. Geophysicist, Texaco), Maria Blazo, M.D. and Captain Dario Lorenzetti, Ranger Btn.; and three grandchildren, Ian (10), Eric (6) and Alex (1). He continues lending his medical expertise in the area of therapeutics as a consultant and as President of Alcon, Inc.

1963 Dr. Rosemary R. Berardi is a Professor of

1959 Rinaldo A. Brusadin became the

Executive Director at the Council of Ohio Colleges of Pharmacy on January 1, 2006 at the OSU College of Pharmacy. He and his wife, Eileen, reside in Columbus, OH.

1961 Gerald E. Beisner is a retired pharmacist.

"After 37 years of pharmacy ownership, I was able to sell my pharmacy and was given the gift of

1954 Otis L. Crawford retired from Director of

Sales at Eli Lilly. He was appointed to the Board of Directors of Health. Pharmacy for Bioterrism for the district. All volunteer, of course. He and his wife, Lois, reside in Westport, CT. Email: [email protected] Dr. Lemont B. Kier is a Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University. He just published his 6th book, "Modeling Chemical Systems using Cellular Automata." This book is the first of its kind; a textbook and a laboratory manual about cellular automata modeling of common systems in Chemistry. The book is designed to be used as a text in undergraduate courses. He resides in Richmond, VA. retirement." He and his wife, Leslie, reside in Lafayette, CA. E-mail: Beisners John J. Piecoro, Jr. is a Professor at the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy. In November 2005, he was named as a Fellow in the Kentucky Society of Health-System Pharmacists at their Annual Meeting. He and his wife, Sue, reside in Lexington, KY. E-mail: [email protected] Karl A. Renner sold his pharmacy in May 2002 and has been working part time for Londontowne Pharmacy (Twila Boyd) and Plain City Druggist (Joe and Robin Craft). He and his wife, Mary, reside in London, OH. E-mail: [email protected] Ann Nicodemus Mottice is enjoying retirement and winters in Naples, FL. She and her husband, Bill, reside in Warren, OH. E-mail: [email protected]

Pharmacy at the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy. She was awarded a fellowship in APhA at their annual meeting and previously awarded a fellowship in ASHP and ACCP. In October 2005, she received the ACCP Education Award at the ACCP Annual Meeting in San Francisco and is Editor-in-Chief of the APhA Handbook of Non-Prescription Drugs. She currently resides in Saline, MI. E-mail: [email protected] Mildred Decker Gordon is enjoying retirement. She has two grandsons; Joseph Edward Gordon, 2 years old and Daniel Erik Gordon, 2 months old. She resides in Radford, VA. E-mail: [email protected] Dr. Oliver M. Hackett retired at 68 years old from private practice in dentistry in 2004. He and his wife, Kathleen, moved to Sun City Center, FL but still spend summers at their lake house in Vermilion, OH. E-mail: [email protected] Richard M. Mora, Sr. still practices 2+ days/week as relief. His family continue worldwide travel (Europe in May). Maisie (9) and Marcus (11) continue with year-around USA swimming for famed Arden Hills team (Maisie in top 5 in No. California-Sierra Nevada as a 9 year old). Significantly involved with the new OSU Aquatic Center (was member of the last OSU NCAA Championship Team in 1962). His family resides in Cameron, CA.

1965 Dr. Ralph L. Lyon practiced pharmacy

1955 Robert M. Feldman is a

pharmacist/consultant at H & L Concepts, Inc. "The OSU College of Pharmacy Class of 1955 will be celebrating our 50th class reunion and I am hoping to see all classmates." He has

throughout his studies ­ masters, doctorate and medical. He taught at the University of Rhode Island and did research in Pharmacognosy (enjoyable experience). He kept in touch with Dr. Beal throughout these years and misses him. He did family practice studies in Chicago and Toledo. He began an ER practice in 2000 and continued medicine, also working in nursing homes. He has


three grandchildren and hope one will practice in these three areas and RPh. He and his wife, Peggy, reside in Bucyrus, OH. Dr. Thomas P. Sherrin is the Corporate Director at Ohio Health. In 2004, he received the Jack L. Beal Postbaccalaureate Alumni Award, the ASHP Best Practices Award for Health Systems Pharmacy (reducing Adverse Drug events involving high-risk medications in acute care) and the ASHP Research & Education Foundation's Award for Excellence in Medication-Use Safety. He celebrated his 40-year Anniversary at Ohio Health. He has 2 new grandsons and a total of 4 grandchildren. He and his wife, Irene reside in Columbus, OH. E-mail: [email protected] Paul T. Tavano is finishing up his 40th year with Hillcrest Hospital. The last 20 years have been spent working in the Cancer Center at Hillcrest. He resides in Parma, OH.

1970 Pamela Allen is Corporate Director of

Pharmacy and Chief Pharmacy Officer at Saint Barnabas Health Care System, the largest health care system in New Jersey with 3690 Acute Care beds in nine hospitals, 1578 long term care and assisted living beds in 12 facilities and 22,000 employees in the system. Currently she is president of the New Jersey Board of Pharmacy. She resides in Morristown, NJ. Email: [email protected] Miles C. Schuman has opened a new corporation, MMS, Inc., specializing in hospital pharmacy consulting. He and his wife, Mary Ann, reside in Bullhead City, AZ. E-mail: [email protected]

Gregory L. Duche was promoted to Executive Vice President of Wholesale Distribution at R&S Sales LLC. He resides in Columbus, OH. Email: [email protected]

1975 Carmen M. Hadley is a Poison Information Specialist at Children's Hospital. She received the Thompson Micromedex Award for the best abstract at the 2004 North American Congress of Clinical Toxicology. The project, "Not Nice to Lice - Not so Nice to Eyes", was sponsored by the Central Ohio Poison Center. She resides in Columbus, OH. E-mail: [email protected] 1976 Marsha I. Nusgart is President of Nusgart Consulting LLC. She currently received the Leadership Award from the Association for Advancement of Wound Care in recognition of her vision and leadership as Executive Director of the Alliance of Wound Care Stakeholders. She resides in Bethesda, MD. E-mail: [email protected] Mary Moore Peterman is Sr. Director for Merck Research Labs, Project Management. After many years, she returned to OSU College of Pharmacy and is now in her final year of the NonTraditional PharmD Program. "Go Bucks! ­ A great school and a great program." "Best wishes to OSU Pharmacists and Congratulations to Dr. Mungall, Barbara Skunza and the NTPD leaders on winning the national award." She and her husband, Jay. reside in North Wales, PA. E-mail: [email protected] Ramona Rausch Moenter is General Manager of Chartwell Home Therapies. She was selected to the Board of Directors of National Home Infusion Association. She and her husband, Barry, reside in Sacramento, CA. Email: [email protected] 1977 Barbara Jo Ague is a Pharmacy Operations Manager at Robinson Memorial Hospital. She is President of Akron Area Society of Health-System Pharmacists 2005/06. Her family resides in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. Dr. Josef F. Bossart is founder and principal of Bossart4 Bioconsult (, a biopharmaceutical business development service company. He resides in Southeaster, PA. Email: [email protected] Kathryn Miller Kourie is retired and following the kids around with sports. Son, Joe, participated in Hockey Camp at Ohio State and Kathryn hosted Orange County Alumni with President Holbrook in the Summer 2005. She and husband, Michael, reside in San Juan Capistrano, CA. Email: [email protected] Fred S. Lefton returned to pharmacy practice as Assistant Director of Pharmacy Operations for Kaiser Permanente, Ohio Region, after spending the last 15 years in pharmaceutical sales. He and wife, Nancy, celebrated the birth of their granddaughter, Hailey Lauren Murphy. born January 21, 2005. She is their 9th grandchild. They reside in Hudson, OH. E-mail: [email protected] Sharon Lust Schnell has been working at Joint Township District Memorial Hospital for 25 years as a Staff Pharmacist. "That is the longest for anyone to be in the Pharmacy Department." She and husband, Michael, reside in New Bremen, OH. E-mail: [email protected] Richard J. Scholz graduated from the Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville, Florida in May 2005, receiving a Juris Doctor Degree with Honors. E-mail: [email protected]

1971 E. Clyde Buchanan retired from Emory

1966 Allen R. Keller works as a pharmacist at

Meijer. He resides in Columbus, OH. William G. Leiby retired from CVS-Revco in June 1998 after 29 years of service. He currently works for Rite-Aid every other week. He competes in senior Olympic events (golf, basketball and track. He and his wife, Sandy, are enjoying their 14 grandchildren, travel, hiking, horseback riding and visiting friends and relatives. They reside in Warren, OH. Dr. Lawrence L. Martin retired from SanofiAventis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 2005. He resides in Lebanon, NJ. Gerald A. Stock, Jr. has worked at Doctors Hospital for 32 years. He also works as a parttime consultant for Group Homes at Zellmed Solutions. He and his wife, Cynthia, have been married for 38 years and have 7 children and 8 grandchildren. They reside in Massillon, OH.

1968 Col. David A. Kotzin left Greater

Baltimore Medical Center as its Director of Pharmacy and now is the Pharmacy Manager for Terrapin Pharmacy, a locally owned independent professional pharmacy in Annapolis, MD. Dave's term as an individual member for the National Coordinating Council for Medication Error Reporting and Prevention was recently renewed for an additional 2 years. Dave and his wife, Kathleen, still reside in Columbia, MD with their dogs, a Pomeranian and Yorki, and their 6 cats. Son, Charles, is a junior at OSU in Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering and daughter, Rachel, is a senior at Towson University due to graduate in December with a degree in Forensic Psychology/Criminal Justice. Dan J. Lycans has worked for the past 10 years as a Pharmacist Supervisor in the Ohio Call Center for Medco Health. His daughter, Lori, has a daughter Jessica, age 11 and his son, Andrew, has a son Dakota, age 9 and a daughter, Isabella, age 3. He and his wife, Lois, reside in Grove City, OH. Email: [email protected] William H. Puckett, Jr. retired and moved to Orlando after having been in hospital pharmacy management for 33 years. He is now an independent consultant and speaker in hospital pharmacy on leadership topics. He also has a weekend job driving monorail trains at Walt Disney World. He and his wife, Jan, reside in Orlando, FL. E-mail: [email protected]

Healthcare in Atlanta Georgia after nearly 18 years of service as Senior Director of Pharmaceutical Services. He know works parttime as a Pharmacy Speaker and Consultant. He resides in Atlanta, GA. Email: [email protected] Robert P. Fudge accepted a 50% position in the OSU Department of Pharmacy in Nov. 2004, as the MUE Coordinator for the James Cancer Hospital. He also works 50% within the department as an Investigational Drug Pharmacist. He and his wife, Ann Kline, reside in Dublin, OH. Charlotte D. Johnson moved to Virginia in 1992. She has 3 married children ­ living in Freeland, MI a Chemical Engineer with Dow, in Omaha NB a Nurse and in Atlanta, GA an Electrical Engineer. All 3 kids are Virginia Tech grads. Her husband, Tim, is president & CEO of Continuous Care Retirement Center (CCRC). "I'm still working full time retail, which I love." She and her husband reside in Richmond, VA. Email: [email protected] S. Frank Lemon is a pharmacist at Adena Health System. He resides in Laurelville, OH. Paul E. Stach became Vice President of Pharmaceutical Development at Paddock Laboratories, Inc. in Northwest Minneapolis in June 2005. He and his wife, Beatriz, reside in Minneapolis, MN.

1972 Dr. Marilyn Dix Smith is Executive 1973 David J. Kalis can be E-mailed at

Director at ISPOR. She resides in Voorhees, NJ. [email protected] Michael A. Steele is working at CVS Columbia, SC. He resides in Ridgeway, SC. Lynn Roberts Whisler is semi-retired. CR leads have destroyed her hands. Her daughter just received her Masters Degree in OT from Colorado State and her son graduated from the Coast Guard Academy with honors in ME in May 2004. She resides in Littlerock, CA. E-mail: [email protected] Richard T. Yowler is Pharmacist/Co-Owner of Ringers Drug Store, Inc. He and his wife, Kathryn are the grandparents of Andrew Thomas Yowler, born June 23, 2004 to Scott and Jen Yowler. They reside in Bryan, OH. E-mail: [email protected]

1974 Robert A. Crunelle is a pharmacist and

1969 Dr. Matthias Chi Hwa Lu is Professor

and Assistant Head at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He is also the Rho Chi Region IV Counselor 2004-2006. He resides in Glenview, IL. E-mail: [email protected]

co-owner of Tremont Pharmacy. He and his wife, Sue, celebrated their 30th Wedding Anniversary in August 2005. They have 4 daughters; two married and two in college. The family resides in Upper Arlington, OH. Email: [email protected]


1978 Benjamin A. Blackford has worked at

MedCentral Health Systems in Mansfield, Ohio since December 1999. He enjoys working with his fellow Buckeyes. He and his wife live in Fredericktown with their two daughters, Amanda and Bethany. E-mail: [email protected] Guy A. DiPasqua has been named Regional Manager for California Division for HBC/GM/Rx Operation. His daughter, Jessica, is graduating HS in June and will attend the FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design Merchandising) in LA. His wife, Debra is still teaching art and lovin life! Rebecca Shaffer Guth purchased a retirement home in Bradenton, FL just in time to experience four hurricanes in 2004. (Survived with only minimal damage). She and husband, Eric, are located 2 miles off Interstate 75 at State Route 70 ­ 4815 Peridia Blvd., E., Bradenton, FL 34203. E-mail: [email protected] Maryann Zupancic Kennedy is Director, Scientific Field Operations, Medical Affairs at Roche Labs. In the fall of 2005, the Maryann Z. & Lawrence D. Kennedy Pharmacy Scholarship will be activated. Her husband, Lawrence, is retired and is now a Pfizer Ambassador working national conventions. They reside in Solon, OH. E-mail: [email protected] Craig A. Smith became District Manager at Weis Markets due to a merger and consolidation between Omnicare and Neighborcare. He changed from Long Term Care to his present position. He and his wife, Elizabeth, reside in York, PA. Email: [email protected] Kenneth L. Warman is enjoying life with his new granddaughter, Audrey Gwyn Hayes, born December 2004 to Benjamin and Cindy Hayes. He resides in Portsmouth, OH.

1979 Craig L. Clemens is District Manager at

Kmart. He resides in Cortland, OH. Joseph R. Severinski is a Pharmacy Supervisor at the Department of Veterans Affairs. He resides in Rocky River, OH.

1980 Karen Folden Balcerzak is an Oncology

Specialist with Genentech Bio Oncology. Her husband, Robert S. Balcerzak is a 1980 Pharmacy Graduate working as a Software Engineer with AT&T. They have two daughters, Katie, 17 years old, high school class of 2006 and Erin, 14 years old, high school class of 2009. They reside in Red Bank, NJ. E-mail: [email protected] Linda F. Bendinelli is an Oncology Pharmacist at Riverside Methodist Hospital. May was a terrific month ­ she was inducted as Alumni Society President and she and husband, Chris, celebrated 25 years of marriage. They celebrated by visiting their son, Tony, at Oxford University in England where he is studying this Spring. Their daughter Stephanie, is a freshman at Notre Dame. She enjoyed seeing classmates, Karen and Bob Balcerzak at the OSU vs. Texas Football Game. They reside in Columbus, OH Email: [email protected] Gail Dean Krug graduated cum laude with a Professional Pharmacy Doctorate from the University of Florida on December 17, 2005. She resides in Saint Petersburg, FL. Email: [email protected] Dr. Richard H. Parrish II is Assistant Professor with Career Central at Shenandoah University School of Pharmacy. On December 30, 2004, he married Ibolja Cernak in Senta, Serbia & Montenegro. He was named a Faculty Fellow at Shenandoah University in the Fall 2005 and

finished his second book on pharmaceutical control in the genomic age. They reside in Rockville, MD. Email: [email protected] Connie Immel Ray is a Staff Pharmacist at Pickerington Pharmacy. Life has been very full for her family the past year as both her daughter and son were married. She is now surrounded by Teachers ­ her husband, both children and their spouses. "Now if I could only figure out how to get my summers off!!" They reside in Canal Winchester, Ohio. Jimmie Sue Neill Shaunessy is a Pharmacy Manager at CVS Pharmacy. She relocated to Mississippi in 1990. She has two daughters, Elizabeth who has a Ph.D. and teaches gifted students at the University of South Florida, Tampa and Anne, the mother of her two grandsons, Ricky and Hunter who lives in Louisville, KY. She does a lot of traveling with childhood friends. Gary P. Sabistina works at Tahoe City Compounding Pharmacy. He is offering ­ "Help, we are looking for a Pharmacist who likes the mountain lifestyle. Compounding. Patients. $60/hr. No time off. Inquiry at [email protected]" He and his wife, Chona, reside in Kings Beach, CA. Thomas E. Scono is Vice President of Vendor Relations at IPC. He has two daughters, Lauren is in her sophomore year at Butler University in prepharmacy and Carrie Ann is a junior in high school. He and his wife, Frances, reside in Granville, OH. Email: [email protected] Kevin J. Snyder is the Owner of Morgan Drug Stores. He and wife, Lori, have two sons, Drew a freshman at OSU, Newark, Ohio and Ian a Junior in Electrical Computer Engineering at Purdue University, West Lafayette. They reside in Lisbon, OH. Thomas J. Thompson is the Vice President of Pharmacy Services at Hamot Medical Center in Erie, PA. He resides in Edinboro, PA. Dr. Paul L. Witkowski is Director of Pharmacy at Alliance Community Hospital in Alliance, Ohio. He and his wife, Mary, have a son, Joe, who dotted the "I" at the Illinois game on 11/5/05. He is a Music Education major scheduled to graduate in December. Joe is an Assistant Squad Leader and (obviously) a saxophone player in the OSU Marching Band. He has also been an U.S.G. Senator while in school. Family and friends celebrated at a "Skull Session" before the game and at an "I-Dot Party" after the game. The family resides in Canfield, OH.

Riverside Hospital. Three Linebaughs at OSU­ he started the NTPD Program in January 2006, his daughter, Kate is a senior in the BSPS Program May 2006 and son, Rob is a Freshman in the Fisher College of Business (Mount Scholar) May 2006. The family resides in Columbus, OH. Email: [email protected] Joseph H. Mayer changed jobs in December 2004, after 20 years as a Staff RPh at Riverside Hospital. He transferred to the Information Services Dept. of OhioHealth as a Pharmacy Systems Analyst. He and his wife, Chrystal, have 3 children and reside in New Albany, OH. Jeffrey A. Snyder currently works as a Pharmacy Flight Commander in the United States Air Force. He and his wife, Kim, are moving to New Jersey in the Summer 2005 with 3 of their children, Carli, 16, Peter, 14 and Natalee, 11, where he will assume command of the 305th Medical Support Squadron at McGuire AFB. Their oldest daughter, Sadie, will start school at OSU in the Fall. They currently reside in Peoria, AZ. Mark A. Wernery was promoted to Regional Sales Director for Schering-Plough Corp. in April 2004. He celebrated his 21st year with the company. He resides in Loveland, OH.

1983 Jack Lemanowicz is the Director of

Pharmacy at Children's Mercy Hospitals & Clinics. His address is 605 SW 34th Terrace, Lee's Summit, MO 64082. Email: [email protected]

1984 Dr. Monica E. Berninghaus is a

Commander in the US Navy, USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74), Aircraft Carrier in Bremerton, WA.She resides in Silverdale, WA. Email: [email protected] William C. Kelley III is Vice President/General Manager at Medco. He and his wife, Gina, have 2 children. Billy is in 7th grade at Olentangy Liberty Middle School. The football team went 70 and the basketball team went 15-3. Their daughter, Ashley is still playing travel basketball as a 5th grader. They reside in Powell, OH. Email: [email protected] Terry Len Laurila started as Home Infusion Manager at Children's Homecare in February 2005 in Columbus, Ohio. Email: [email protected] Steven R. Rudner is a Senior Account Manager in Supply Chain Management at the VHA. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Florida in the summer of 1995. He resides in Gahanna, OH. Email: [email protected]

1981 Barbara Clark Dowd works as a Clinical

1985 Dr. Rick Arnoto is a CNS Sales Specialist

Management Consultant at First Health Services and has project management responsibility for implementation of new pharmacy programs for State Medicare clients. She and husband, Michael, have two sons, Chris, 17 and Greg, 14, both guitarists. They reside in Richmond, VA. E-mail: [email protected] Thomas E. Whiston is Manager of Whiston Pharmacy and the Mayor of Mt. Gilead. Email: [email protected]

1982 Susan Diefenthaler Bredon is a Clinical

Staff Pharmacist at Grand Strand Regional Medial Center. She and husband, Dirk, recently relocated from Ohio to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. "We've met a lot of transplanted Ohioans, who we cheer on the Buckeyes with!" E-mail: [email protected] Dale J. Linebaugh is a Clinical Pharmacist at

for UCB Pharma. He received the Doctor of Pharmacy from Ohio Northern University in August 2004 and qualification of Fellow of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacist FASCP. He will be taking the Florida Consultant Pharmacy Exam in February to become a Licensed Consultant Pharmacist. He and his wife, Kathleen, reside in Fort Myers, FL. Email: [email protected] Michele Balint Brammer was recently promoted to Director of Trade and Channel Management for Endocrine Business Unit at Genzyme Therapeutics. She and her husband, Brad, reside in Sunbury, OH. Email: [email protected] Dr. Thomas W. Englehart is "Thankfully back in the U.S.A! as a Medical Corps Officer (Maj)." He spent six months deployed with the 625th Forward Surgical Team in support of Operation


Iraqi Freedom. He has been married for 20 years and has been an Army Reservist for 15 years. "My wife, Ginny, and kids did an excellent job keeping the home fires burning and maintaining a normal home environment in my absence. I was thankful for the opportunity to have served and would gladly go again if needed. Having a son of draftage, I fully appreciate the dedication and commitment of our young men and women who proudly wear the uniform of our armed forces. They are the real reason I serve." He enclosed a picture of himself sitting on the roof of Saddam's Southern Palace overlooking the ruins of the ancient city of Babylon. They reside in Galena, OH. Email: [email protected] Paul S. Hoffmann is a Pharmacy Manager at Puget Sound Cancer Center. He published an Abstract in American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), proceedings May 2005, #8137 "Administration of Peyfilgrastim on the Same Day or Next Day of Chemotherapy". He resides in Kirkland, WA. Scott A. Lawler is RPh/Owner of Lawler's Pharmacy. He resides in Dresden, OH. Diana Paxton works for Neighbor Care. "The independent pharmacy I have worked for over the past 3 years has sold out to the world of corporate power." She is now awaiting the many changes in Medicare and Midicaid reimbursements' "trickle down effects". She resides in Carlsbad, CA. Dr. Brian J. Sabol is a Clinical Pharmacy Specialist at St. Elizabeth Health Center. Every year he looks forward to the OSU­Michigan game and the annual get together with fellow classmates Trish, Carl, Mary Ann, John, Linda and Tracy. GO BUCKS! He and his wife, Marcia, reside in Poland, OH. Email: [email protected] Michael L. Sobel is self employed as a Nephrology & Hypertension Specialist. He and his wife, Janice, have three sons, Gary, age 4, Maxwell, age 2 and Jackson, age 1. The family reside in Westerville, OH. Email: [email protected]

Dr. David L. Willins is a Clinical Pharmacist at University Hospitals in Cleveland. In March 2004, he and his wife, Colette, welcomed the newest member of their family, Aaron Christopher. His older brother, Joshua, 7, is now in the 1st grade and is reading like a pro! He loves math and science (and soccer)! They reside in Avon, OH. E-mail: [email protected]

1989 Dr. Ayad Kamal M. Agha is a

1987 Joseph S. Ohr, Jr. is a Medical Examiner

at the Franklin County Coroner's Office. He finished in Forensic Pathology at Miami-Dade Medial Examiner's Office in July 2005. He resides in Dublin, OH. Email: [email protected] Robert W. Pfeifer is Associate Director of Medical Services at Boehringer Ingelheim Roxane. He and his wife, Karen celebrated the birth of their son, Noah Robert Pfeifer, born October 11, 2005 weighing in at 8 lbs., 2 oz. Congrats! The Family resides in Dublin, OH. Email: [email protected] Thomas W. Schulte is a Pharmacist for Medco. He relocated to the Columbus area and works with many classmates. He resides in Upper Arlington, OH. Email: [email protected] Michael D. Warmuth after working 1 year as a retail pharmacist is returning to Eastern Maine Medical Center as a Clinical Application Analyst (Pharmacy). He loves the information systems side of Pharmacy. He and his wife, Carol, have 3 children, Spencer, Gregory and Claire and they reside in Brewer, ME. Email: [email protected]

Interventional Radiologist and the Director at New Albany Surgical Hospital. He resides in New Albany, OH. Email: [email protected] Mark P. Mershon is a Pharmacy Manager at Walgreens. His second son was born in September 2004. They now have 2 boys, Tony, 2 years old and Max, 6 months old. The family resides in Cincinnati, OH. Dr. Gail Day Nelson is a Pharmacist at Children's Homecare Pharmacy. "2004 was a big year!" She received her PharmD through the Non-Traditional PharmD Program (which she highly recommends) in August, and her daughter, Madeline Day Nelson, was born in March. She and her husband, Philip, reside in Columbus, OH. Email: [email protected] John P. Santell is Director of Educational Program Initiatives at U.S. Pharmacopeia. He became a fellow of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) in June 2005. He resides in Gaithersburg, MD. Email: [email protected] Kathleen J. Vieson is the Managing Director of Drug Products Data at Gold Standard. On November 13, 2004, she was married to Claude Booska. They have just returned from their honeymoon in the Canadian Rockies. They reside in Tampa, FL. Email: [email protected] Margo J. Zelenznik is a Pharmacist at Giant Eagle. She and John Mishic is planning to be married in May 2006. She resides in Akron, OH. Email: [email protected]

1990 Sandra Restaino Siekel is a Staff

1986 Diane Talley Darling is an Executive

1988 Michael J. Blake is Senior Counsel and

Pharmaceutical Sales Specialist at AstraZeneca. She completed the Pharm.D. Program in August 2005 and graduated with honors from the University of Florida. She resides in London, OH. Robert A. Grasso, Pharm.D. He retired from the Navy on December 1st after 29 years of service. Upon retirement he was the Director of Pharmacy Services at the Naval Hospital, Great Lakes, IL. He accepted a position with the Department of Veterans Affairs as the Associate Chief Consultant-Pharmacy Benefits Management, Director of Emergency Pharmacy Services. He and his wife, Sheila have two children, Nicholas, 5 years old and Ava, 2 years old and reside in Gurnee, IL. Email: [email protected] Michael F. Leon is a Clinical Pharmacist at Fairview General Hospital. "We all need to get together for our 20th Reunion. Lets try to get together during the Pharmacy Alumni Game in 2006!" He and his wife, Lynn, reside in Avon, OH. Email: [email protected] Marie E. Savini is a Staff Pharmacist at Rite Aid. She resides in Canton, OH.

Director of Patent Operations at Eastman Chemical Company. He resides in Kingsport, TN. Ted M. Crum was recently promoted to Manager in the Pharmaceutical Care Clinic at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, OH. He and his wife, Laura, reside in Avon Lake, OH. Email: [email protected] Barry E. Klein married Ann McClelland. They reside in Hudson, OH. Email: [email protected] Catherine M. Lopienski is a Staff Pharmacist at Columbus Children's Hospital, Vice President of Total Wellness Concepts, a wellness consulting firm and Secretary of Sound, Mind and Body Institute. Cathy was instrumental in organizing an AIDS fundraiser in conjunction with the OSU College of Pharmacy and Children's Hospital. The December 2004 fundraiser featured a band showcase, live art auction, film showcase and a dinner/silent auction featuring Emmy AwardWinning Filmmaker, Rory Kennedy. The events raised funds for the OSU HIV High-Risk Pregnancy Clinic and Children's Hospital F.A.C.E.S. Clinic. Cathy resides in Lewis Center, OH. Email: [email protected] Dr. Vernon D. Reynolds is self employed as a Physician and Pharmacist. He helped birth his beautiful son, Gage Reynolds on March 10, 2004. He and his wife, Julie reside in Columbus, OH. Email: [email protected]

Pharmacist at Giant Eagle Pharmacy, Niles. On September 13, 2003, she married David Siekel. They reside in Cortland, OH. Email: [email protected] Linda Woollett Sill is the Project Manager at New Britain General Hospital. Her husband, Bruce, is the Director of Clinical Pharmacy Programs at Cigna in Bloomfield, CT. They have three children, Elizabeth, 4 years old, Emily, 2 years old and Ethan, 1 year old and reside in Glastonbury, CT. Email: [email protected] Brent J. Swipas is the Pharmacy Manager at Giant Eagle. His wife, Kimberly, is also employed at Giant Eagle as Staff RPh. They have 3 daughters, Lindsay, 10 years old, Tori, 8 years old and Carli, 4 years old. They reside in Warren, OH. Email: [email protected]

1991 Molly Cartnal Allen gave birth to her first

child, a baby girl, Abigail in August 2004. She resides in Burleson, TX. Dr. Stephanie Anderson and Dr. H. Glenn Anderson announce the birth of their baby girl, Rebekah Hope, born February 3, 2005. She joins her "big brother" Elijah Gabriel who is 2 years old. Tron A. Emptage is Vice President of Pharmacy Services for Progressive Medical, Inc. His wife, Dr. Ruth Haring Emptage is a Staff Pharmacist and Clinical Assistant Professor at Ohio State. She received her PharmD from OSU and her BS in Pharmacy from Pitt. Ruth and Tom reside in Worthington, OH. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] Angela T. Foreman is a Pharmacy Manager at Cassano Health Pharmacy. She was married to Rick Forman on April 9, 2005. She has three children, Aaron, Ethan and Justine. She left Meijer Pharmacy after 13 years. The family resides in Dayton, OH. Email: [email protected]


Kristen Best Jansen is a Pharmacist with Walgreens in Dade City, FL. She also owns a dance studio with her husband, Troy, in Tampa, FL, called The Children's Dance Workshop. "Come visit us in Sunny Tampa Friends!" E-mail: [email protected] Karl H. Kappeler is Director of Pharmacy Services at Columbus Children's Hospital. He resides in Dublin, OH. Mara Tudor Ward is enjoying a fulfilling career as a Consultant Pharmacist for long term care. She and her husband, Eric, have 3 beautiful boys, Matthew, 6 years old, Alexander, 4 years old and Justin, 1 year old. They reside in Dublin, OH. Email: [email protected]

1992 Christina Walters Brague is a Pharmacist

at Marietta Memorial Hospital. She resides in Vincent, OH. Alex Kerezy is a Data Architect at Nationwide Insurance. He received his MBA from Franklin University in May 2005. He resides in Columbus, OH. Email: [email protected] Maria C. Fowler is a Pharmacist and became the Owner of Hoffman's Pharmacy in Ashtabula on January 1, 2006. She and her husband, David, have two children Sarah age 9 and Matthew age 7 and reside in Conneaut, OH. Dr. Joan Robinson James is Director of Reginal Medical Scientists~Neuroscience at GlaxoSmithKline. She resides in Plano, TX. Nenad M. Milenkovich is a Health Care Lawyer with Jones Day. He and his wife, Dasha, (M.D.) have twins, Peter and Paulina, born July 2, 2002. He obtained his PharmD from the University of Illinois, Chicago in 1997 and his J.D. from The John Marshall Law School in Chicago in 2000. They reside in Chicago, IL. Cynthia L. Moore was promoted to Clinical Pharmacy Manager of Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy. She resides in Cincinnati, OH.

Sonia Meadows Skripac works one day a week at the same Giant Eagle Pharmacy she began since graduation. Her husband, Michael, runs his own Grocery Wholesale Company (no connection to Pharmacy). They celebrated the birth of their third child, son William James in August 2004. "He joins older sister, Jessica and older brother, Randy, who are thrilled to have a baby brother." Congrats! They reside in North Lima, OH. Email: [email protected] Marcia Reed Triska is a Pharmacist with Cornell's Pharmacy who opened its doors in 2001. She job shares with another OSU grad, Daun Wechter. Cornell's is a grocery store with a pharmacy attached. She and her husband, John, reside in Lexington, OH. Michele Garchar Willis works as a part-time Pharmacist with CVS. She and her husband, Clark, celebrated the birth of their 2nd child, daughter, Jaime Michele Willis on March 18, 2004. Congrats! They reside in Princeton, WV.

Barbara Jean Stokes works for Bioscrip. She and husband, Rick, celebrated the birth of their 2nd daughter, Maya Reagan on September 28, 2005. Congrats! The family resides in Dublin, OH. Jason L. Swartz is Pharmacist-In-Charge at Kerr Drug. In October 2005, he and wife Lisa, moved to Holly Springs, NC a career move for her. "It is a lot warmer with plenty of Buckeye transplants to make us feel right at home!" Holly Springs is south of Raleigh in Central NC; 2 hours to the mountains or 2 hours to the beach. They can't wait for summer! To all his Pharmacy friends, send him an email if you are in the neighborhood. Email: [email protected]

1994 Linda Westerheide Musgrave and

husband Mark, are the proud parents of Nicholas age 10, Andrew age 7 and Katherine age 5. Mark has a thriving Orthopaedic Surgery practice in Medina and Akron. The family resides in Medina, OH. Ted Tristan Nussbaum works as a Pharmacy Manager with Discount Drug Mart. He and his wife, Deana, have four children, Elizabeth, 10 years old, Rachel, 8 years old, Hannah, 4-years old and Noah, 3 years old. They reside in Strasburg, OH. Email: [email protected] Holly Pope Petro is a Staff Pharmacist with CVS Pharmacy. She and her husband, Chris, have a 2 year old daughter, Madison and are expecting their 2nd child in August. They reside in Gallipolis, OH. Email: [email protected]

1998 Charles M. Bontempo is a Staff Pharmacist at Discount Drugmart since 1999. He is very happy to be there. His technicians are the best, his partner is great and his customers are pleasant to serve. Recently, he and his wife, Vicki, celebrated the birth of their son, Joseph Charles, born July 13, 2005, weighing in at 8 lbs., 9 oz. and was 22 inches long. "He is the joy of our lives." Congrats! The family resides in North Royalton, OH. Email: [email protected] Dr. Steven S. Carlisle is the Chief in Pharmacy Operations in the United States Air Force at Wright Patterson Air Force Base Medical Center. He married Lorraine Muses of Murriseville North Carolina. Major Carlisle continues on active duty. Dr. and Mrs. Carlisle reside in Beavercreek, OH. Email: [email protected] Dr. Lisa Shoemaker Ramey is a Clinical Pharmacist with Southern Ohio Medical Center. She and her husband, Jeff, have been busy with their new baby daughter, Olivia Kirsten, born April 14, 2004. She just completed her PharmD

1995 Casondra Ferrell Williams is a Pharmacy

Manager with Walgreens. She received her MBA from Franklin University in August 2003. She resides in Lewis Center, OH.

1993 Amira Del Tosto works part-time at

Kroger Pharmacy at Bethel Road. Sheand her husband, Mark, have 2 children and one on the way in July. They reside in Columbus, Ohio. Jennifer Oswald Cavanaugh is proud to announce the birth of their first child, son, Colin Patrick, born October 2, 2004. Congrats! She and her husband, Patrick, reside in Kailua, HI. Email: [email protected] Dr. Richard R. Cline works as an Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota. He and his wife, Heidi, are proud to announce the birth of their daughter, Jillian Lindsey, born December 30, 2003. Congrats! They reside in Shore View, MN. Email: [email protected] Doc Lamberjack can be reached by Email: [email protected] Julie Schlecht Moeller works as a Clinical Pharmacist with PacifiCare Asia Pacific. Her husband, David is currently stationed at a U.S. Navy Base in Guam. She is starting up an anticoagulation management service for the clinic with potential to become island wide. She is currently enrolled in the University of Colorado in the Non-Traditional PharmD Program beginning her 3rd year (working slowly). They have 2 great and fun boys, Troy, 6 years old and Trevon, 3 years old. "I want to say HEY! To the class of '93!" They reside in Santa Rita, GU. Email: [email protected] Sandra Restaino Seikel is a Staff Pharmacist at Giant Eagle. The family celebrated the birth of their son, Matthew Daird on February 8, 2006, weighing in at 7 lbs., 3 oz. Congrats! She resides in Cortland, OH.

1996 Virginia L. Beaty is a Pharmacy Manager

at Target. She resides in North Olmstead, OH. Denise E. McCaleb is a Pharmacist at Walmart. She has been happily married for 7 years and has 3 beautiful children, Lucas age 6, Jane age 2 and Patrick who is 5 months old. She loves her career. "God Bless all the current students in the College of Pharmacy School." The family resides in Montgomery, TX. Email: [email protected]

1997 Jodi Krupp Geduldig is a Pharmacist

Manager with Scrip Pharmacy. "I got married!" On November 27, 2004, she married Brad Geduldig from Amherst, Ohio. They honeymooned in Maui and Kauai, Hawaii. They reside in Gahanna, OH. Email: [email protected] Dr. Carole A. Hessemer moved to the Chicago area in the Fall 2004 due to her husband's job transfer. She loves being back in the Midwest!! She is doing part-time consulting work in Clinical Research. They reside in Kildeer, IL. Email: [email protected] Tressa Walker Kneer is a Pharmacist with Target Pharmacy. She and her husband, Jon, celebrated the birth of their son, Evan Joseph, born January 20, 2005. Congrats! They reside in Huber Heights, OH. Email: [email protected] Steven P. McLaughlin is a Pharmacist at OmniCare Pharmacy. He resides in Delaware, OH.

in June 2004 and Jeff is working on his Masters in Nursing at Wright State University (Family Nurse Practitioner). They reside in Portsmouth, OH. Dr. Heather Gerlach Turner and husband, Ross, celebrated the birth of their son, Keegon Putman


Turner, on January 21, 2005. Ross graduated from Medical School in June 2004. He is doing a year internship at Riverside Hospital. He will be starting a three year anesthesia residency at Ohio State in July. Heather is practicing dentistry parttime close to Upper Arlington. She still works occasionally as a pharmacist at Riverside Hospital. The family resides in Canal Winchester, OH. Frank and Melissa (Weekly) Vostatek(Pharm.D. '02) celebrated the birth of the next generation Buckeye ­ Franklin Dean Vostatek. "He will make

Lisa Van Noy Emmons is a Staff Pharmacist with Longs Drugs. She and her husband, Zachary, celebrated the birth of their baby boy, Kyle William, born October 12, 2004. Congrats! They reside in Canyon Country, CA. Email: [email protected] Andy Irons, PharmD '00, BS '99 and Jen announce the arrival of baby Emma Claire Irons born August 2, 2006 and weighing 6 lbs 11 oz. Send your congrats to them by e-mail to [email protected] and ask them for a picture! Nicholas E. Maksim is a first year resident with Ohio Health in Internal Medicine at Doctors Hospital in Columbus. In 2004, he graduated from Ohio University College of Osteopatic Medicine. He and his wife, Andria, reside in Lancaster, OH. Email: [email protected] Nicole R. Thorpe recently took a position as an over-night Pharmacist with Walgreens. She resides in Gahanna, OH. Email: [email protected]

currently reside in New Milford, CT. Email: [email protected] Dr. Jenai S. Paul is still working at the University of Maryland, School of Pharmacy. She has a new job as Clinical Coordinator at Spring Grove Hospital Center, Catonsville, MD. Email: [email protected] Angela Osborne Piposar and Dr. Michael T. Piposar were married on August 21, 2004. They both work as Staff Pharmacists for Walgreens and Michael also works at the University Hospital in Cincinnati, OH where they reside. Email: [email protected]

2003 Jennifer Elliott and her husband Keith,

a great Buckeye!!" Congrats! The family resides in Weirton, WV. Jennifer J. Wright is a Clinical Pharmacist with Southern Ohio Medical Center. She and her husband, Johnny, celebrated the birth of their new baby boy, Nolan Marshall, born December 14, 2004. Congrats! They reside in Portsmouth, OH. Email: [email protected]

1999 Ian M. Flores is a Pharmacist with Medco

Health Solutions. The family celebrated the birth of their daughter, Ann Corinna on August 3, 2004. They reside in Plain City, OH. Rhett M. Hutchinson is a Managed Care Pharmacist with Medco. He and his wife, Pei-Lin Hsu, celebrated the birth of their daughter, Colleen, born August 23, 2004. Congrats! They reside in Dublin, OH. Edward R. Kapturasky, Jr. is a Staff Pharmacist with Children's Hospital. The family resides in Columbus, OH. Email: [email protected] Paul J. Nadur is a Pharmacist Supervisor with Medco. He and his wife, Kimberly, welcomed the birth of their son, Joseph Zachar, on March 14,

2001 Timothy R. Hoffman is a Staff Pharmacist with Meijer Pharmacy. He plans to attend law school in the Fall 2005. He and his wife, Brandi, celebrated the birth of their son, Connor, born November 22, 2004. Congrats! They also have a son Corey, 6 years old and Carlie, 4 years old. The family resides in Canal Winchester, OH. Email: [email protected] Dr. Christopher W. Leibma took a new job with Elan Pharmaceutical as a Director of Pharmacoeconomics and moved to LaJolla, California. He married Leanne Strow on October 29, 2005. Email: [email protected] Tanja L. Lucas is a Pharmacist at Discount Drug Mart. She lost her hearing suddenly last summer and as been on disability. She received a codearimplant at OSU Hospital Surgery and it went very well. She is completely healed and her implant is working. She is thrilled to regain the ability to hear again and hopes to return to work soon. "Modern technology is truly amazing. My thanks to OSU Otolaryngology." She resides in Washington Court House, OH. Email: [email protected] Carrie G. Nichols and Eric Nichols were married in April 2003. They celebrated the birth of their first child, Luke Patrick on May 19, 2005. Congrats! The family resides in Saint Albans, WV. Dr. Jennifer L. Shamp works as a Clinical Pharmacy Generalist in the James Cancer Hospital. She resides in Dublin, OH. E-mail: [email protected] David B. Stultz is the Owner/Pharmacist-inCharge at Stultz Pharmacy. He is looking to expand to more than 2 stores. He and his wife, Leslie, have two sons, Drew, 3 years old and Dylan, 1 year old. They reside in Greenup, KY. Email: [email protected] 2002 Lynne A. Bellerjeau is a Clinical Generalist Pharmacist at Ohio State Medical Center. She is finishing her last year of the NTPD Program. She is married to Brian Luca (Geography major at OSU). She resides in Columbus, OH. Email: [email protected] John S. Judin, Jr. and Heather Clark (PharmD Candidate 2006) were married on October 1, 2005. They reside in Blacklick, OH. Dr. Lance M. Nicholls is Associate Director of Pharmacy Affairs with Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals. He started with Boehringer as a Medical Science Liaison right after graduation in 2002. He started his current position in March 2003. He and his wife, Laura, have 4 boys and

celebrated the birth of their daughter, Brooke Susan, born March 10, 2005, weighing in at 9 lbs, 1 oz. Congrats! They reside in Columbus, OH. Zachary J. Tressel, BSPS is a Pharmacy Technician at Mediserv, Inc. and a new member of the Pharmacy Alumni. He really enjoys it and is getting good experience in the realm of retail pharmacy working under R.Ph. Mary Riegle and R.Ph. Kay Hansen. He resides in Columbus, OH. Email: [email protected] John Vrontos, Jr. is the Traveling Project Director of Corporate Operations at McKesson Medication Management. He resides in Gahanna, OH. Email: [email protected] William D. Wright is a Staff Pharmacist with CVS Pharmacy. He resides in Charleston, WV. Email: [email protected]

2004 Dr. Michelle C. Caruso is currently

completing a Pharmacy Practice Residency and will remain at The John Hopkins Hospital for another year to complete a Pediatric Specialty Residency. She resides in Owing Mills, MD. Email: [email protected] Dr. Carrie Fish is currently completing a oneyear Community/Ambulatory Pharmacy Practice Residency at The Ohio State University. Her primary site is University Health Connection. She will complete her residency June 30, 2005 and will be looking for community care pharmacy positions in the Columbus area. She resides in Columbus, OH. Email: [email protected] Dr. Gregory Horn is Staff R.Ph. at the VA Hospital. He resides in Twinsburg, OH. Dr. Brandon M. Vojticek is a Clinical Pharmacist at Duke University Medical Center specializing in Trauma & Transplant Surgical Patient Populations. He resides in Raleigh, NC. Email: [email protected]

2005 Guowel (David) Dai works for Bristol-

2004. Congrats! Kimberly works part time as a Counseling Pharmacist at Medco in Dublin. They currently reside in Dublin, OH.

2000 Olivia Hannah Donovan is a Staff

Myers Squibb as a Research Investigator in Clinical Discovery. He resides in Lawrenceville, NJ. Email: [email protected] Elaine M. Hixenbaugh works as a Clinical Generalist at the James Cancer Hospital. She resides in Columbus, OH. Email: [email protected] Dr. Patricia M. Schuler is a Pharmacy Practice Resident at Pitt County Memorial Hospital. She resides in Greenville, NC. Samantha Swiderski is an Operations Supervisor at Saint Luke's Hospital in Kansas City, MO. She resides in Lenexa, KS.

Pharmacist with Walgreens. She is married to OSU grad, Sean Donovan and they have a son, Daniel, 2 years old. They reside in Westerville, OH.


In Memoriam

William D. Cairns William D. "Bud" Cairns, 83, of Indianapolis passed away peacefully Saturday, August, 27, 2005 at his residence. He was the son of the late Alfred H. and Rose Mary (Crotty) Cairns. Bud was a World War II, Army Air Corps bomber crew member based in England. Following the war he completed his pharmacy degree at The Ohio State University in 1948. He was a registered pharmacist in Ohio and began his 33 year career with the Eli Lilly Company as a sales representative. In 1953 he was transferred to Lilly headquarters and then to New England as Boston District Manager. Other moves were to Germany and Canada, where he was general manager of those Lilly affiliates. He was on the board of trustees of Indiana Central University during its transition to the University of Indianapolis. He received the distinguished alumni award from The Ohio State University, College of Pharmacy. He is survived by his wife of 60 years, Joan Ready Cairns, whom he met in their first grade class at St. Mary's School in their hometown of Elyria, Ohio. Their four children include Timothy W. and Michael A. Cairns, Mary B. Kubley and Jane M. Drascic. Bud and Joan have eleven grandchildren and four greatgrandchildren. Everett L. Daniels Everett L. "Danny" Daniels, 86, died May 16, 2006, in Columbus, Ohio. Danny was a 1949 graduate of the College of Pharmacy, a pharmacist and owner of McKinley Pharmacy in Columbus, a veteran U.S. Army WWII, a member of Trinity United Methodist Church and many community organizations. He was a Past President of the Academy of Pharmacy of Central Ohio and the Tri-Village Lions Club. Danny is survived by his wife, Jennie; children, Janice Riffle, Alan (Susan) Daniels, Floyd (Karen) Daniels and Larry (Mary Ann) Daniels; 10 grandchildren and 8 greatgrandchildren. Contributions may be made to the Ohio Diabetes Assn ( James R. Hazelett James R. Hazelett passed away in 2006. Jim was born in Akron, Ohio, on December 15, 1941, to Auda and Mary (nee Lybrook) Hazelett and spent his childhood in Tallmadge, Ohio. He was a 1960 graduate of Tallmadge High School, where he excelled in basketball. He attended Ohio State University, College of Pharmacy, graduating in 1966. Upon graduation, Jim and his family moved to Elyria. In 1971, he opened and co-owned Southside Pharmacy in Lorain, operating there for 27 years. William James McAuley William James McAuley, 43, passed away on Saturday, May 22, 2004 at his residence in Columbus, Ohio. William is the brother of James W. McAuley, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Neurology, at the College of Pharmacy, The Ohio State University. He lived in the Morrisville-Levittown and PalmertonLehighton areas of Pennsylvania and was a dedicated firefighter with life membership in Capital View Fire Company in Morrisville and a baker with Giant Food Stores.


Joseph Nichol Joseph Nichol, 79, passed away on July 20, 2004. Mr. Nichol came to central Ohio over 60 years ago to study at The Ohio State University, where he met his wife to be, Betty Jane Steinberg of Columbus. WWII interrupted his education, however, as Mr. Nichol enlisted in the U.S. Navy. Following the war, Mr. Nichol returned to Ohio State and married Betty. Both graduated with degrees in pharmacy, his in 1950. Joe first coowned Main-Wilson Pharmacy; he and Betty eventually co-owned Eastmor Pharmacy from 1962-1989. Mr. Nichol's pharmacy career included membership in the American and Ohio Pharmacists Associations, Academy of Pharmacy of Central Ohio and Rho Pi Phi professional pharmacy fraternity. Betty Nichol was the first woman to serve on the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy. As a longtime member of Beth Jacob Congregation, Mr. Nichol was an officer and lifetime member of the board of trustees; served for more than 40 years with the synagogue's burial society and for more than 45 years organized prayer services for grieving families. Mr. Nichol is survived by Betty, his wife of 56 years, and their sons, Allen and Steve. Louis Rugo The College received word of the death of Louis Rugo in late 2004. Louis graduated from The Ohio State University, College of Pharmacy, in March 1943. Louie Rugo was a very dear friend to all of his classmates. They remember him fondly for his courage, good nature and affability. R. Tim Webster Tim Webster passed away July, 2003. During his 27 years of dedicated service, Tim Webster's leadership and vision built the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists into an organization with more than 6,000 members and an annual budget of more than $8 million. Tim had a gift for identifying opportunities and trends early and that gift catapulted ASCP to a position of respect within the pharmacy community. His dedication and high standard for the profession built consultant and senior care pharmacy into a leading segment of the profession and improved the health and quality of life for millions of seniors. After receiving his degree in pharmacy from The Ohio State University in 1969, Tim dedicated his career to promoting quality pharmaceutical care for the elderly. Tim was involved in regulatory affairs relating to long-term care and championed the cause of taking the expertise of consultant pharmacists in nursing facilities to the larger senior population in home and community-based settings. He led the development of a professional program for board certification in geriatric pharmacy practice. Under his leadership ASCP currently produces scores of reference materials and informational publications, internet resources and services that allow ASCP members to provide the highest levels of pharmacy services to seniors

in all settings. Tim was the founder and publisher of ASCP's, The Consultant Pharamacist, wrote numerous professional articles, and spoke widely in the United States and abroad on the importance of optimizing drug therapy in the elderly. Tim received numerous recognitions and awards for his advancement of the pharmacy profession, including The Ohio State University, College of Pharmacy's, 1991 Distinguished Alumni Award, the 1996 Vision Award and the R. Timothy Webster Scholarship in Long Term Care at OSU, established in 1997. Tim's dedication to our consultant and seniorcare pharmacists and to the nation's elderly is an inspiration to those of us who are committed to protecting the lives and quality of life of seniors. Randy J. Wright Randy J. Wright, 47, of Huber Heights, passed away on February 8, 2006. Randy was a 1981 graduate of Ohio State University and a Pharmacist for Rite Aid in Park Lane for over 20 Randy and his family, years. He was a member Wife ,Tina, and of Sulphur Grove daughters, Lindsay Methodist Church, a and Lauren. coach for recreational sports in Huber Heights for many years and an enthusiastic Buckeye fan. Randy is survived by his wife, Tina; daughters, Lindsay, a student at BGSU, and Lauren, a student at Wayne High School; and many relatives and friends. Randy's battle with the rare and potentially fatal disease amyloidosis began in 1999. His wonderful spirit and his loving family helped him through the 6 year journey until his death in February, 2006. In 2002 Randy received the 'gift of life', a new kidney, from his dear friend and colleague. But in December 2003, Randy found he was no longer in remission and, though a valiant fighter who had overcome so many odds, he was beginning his greatest battle. By May 2005 he had to relinquish his mortar and pestle and leave his beloved work as a pharmacist. Randy lived 3 years with his new kidney, a gift of time from his friend. Randy's family (Tina, Lindsay and Lauren) and his close friends urge you to consider organ donation and to register your intentions with the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles ( When persons receive or renew their drivers' licenses or state ID's, they are asked if they want to be an organ or tissue donor. With the action of the State Legislature 2000, the statewide donor registry was established in July 2002, just a month before Randy's transplant surgeries. The law requires that the BMV maintain the registry of donors that is available 24/7. Besides establishing the registry, the law recognizes that an individual's registration as a donor is an advanced directive. Visit the website for further information. Randy Wright is affectionately remembered by his colleague and friend, Tom Whiston. "I met Randy our first year of Pharmacy school and he left a positive impression from the start. He was highly intelligent and yet his humor and enjoyable nature made him a natural to be around. He was a very special person. Our class will remember him fondly during our 25 year reunion this year."


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U.S. Postage


The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy Alumni and Development Office 500 West 12th Avenue Columbus,Ohio 43210-1291


Columbus, Ohio Permit No. 711

Published by The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy Alumni Society

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