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Jeepney for sale

It has been off the road for four years and requires some care and attention, and a respray to bring it up to it's former glory but, basically the engine and bodywork is sound. We can assist with the importation of new decor parts to maximise the refurbishment. This vehicle is actually quite well known in the U.K. having attended Philippine Festivals and special events throughout the U.K. It has been on national and local television. A unique site on the road, it attracts more attention than a Ferrari, and has a unique hire potential. Apart from obvious functions like weddings, it has also been hired by La Fayette in Paris for a Philippine promotion week, London Pride beer for poster adverts and several times for Office of Philippine Tourism trade stands both in the UK and Europe. In the past the jeepney also earned its' owner free airline tickets annually for advertising space on the rear and side mudflaps. It has considerable earning potential as a promotional vehicle were it to be resparayed in the specific colours of an airline servicing the Philippines, or another organisation involved with the Filipino community. The Philippine jeepney owned by the Philippine Craft Centre in Kent is for sale this coming January/February 2010. To the best of our knowledge it is the only genuine Jeepney in the UK. It was built in the Philippines specifically for the UK market with right hand drive and complies with EEC requirements. It was imported before even further requirements were legislated. It certainly would require much more expensive modifications to import a jeepney nowadays. It is restricted to 8 seats including driver so that it doesn't make it a bus licence. In the Philippines this would be a 16-seater! So why are we selling it? Well, it was originally imported as a promotional vehicle for the Philippine Craft Centre in Kent and for the Annual Philippine Festival which was organised there. That retail sector is now smaller than in the past, and the Festival with the ever increasing burden of bureaucracy and the cost now surrounding health and safety, sadly is no longer. With the wholesale and Philippine manufacturing side of our business demanding more commitment (we are moving to the Philippines) we have decided to sell on the Jeepney. As it is such an unusual vehicle in the UK and an icon of the Philippines, we hope that it would be put back on the road and, if not made available to the Filipino community, at least be able to be seen in its' former glory from time to time.

The Jeepney in Kent

The Jeepney was originally manufactured to our specifications in 1984 by Amante in Laguna, Philippines, specifically for the UK market ­ right hand drive, windows, side doors (normally open)restricted seating to avoid bus licence requirements, and a petrol engine (Mitsubishi Gallant 1.6) which was a bit faster than the local diesel engines (petrol was cheaper then). It was first introduced as a `special guest from the Philippines' in the programme of the Second Annual Philippine Festival. We hid it behind some buildings earlier and drove it up to the front of the stage at the appearance time. There were tears of joy when it pulled up. The time allocated was 15 mins..45 minutes later photos were still being taken. The crowd didn't want us to remove it! They were only appeased when told that it would still be in the car park for personal photo shots.

History and importance of the Jeepney

The most common transport on local and major routes in the Philippines is a type of minibus known affectionately as the `Jeepney'. When the Americans retook the Philippines and together with the Filipino guerrilla forces ousted the Japanese, they brought with them thousands of vehicles, the most familiar of course was the `Willis' jeep. When the American forces evacuated they left the bulk of their hardware behind. Many of the jeeps mysteriously were driven into the jungle only to run out of petrol, and be discovered by the Americans' Filipino friends! With a struggling economy after WW2 these provided a cheap form of transport. Various chop shops literally chopped the jeep in half and welded a new section to make them longer and able to carry more passengers. Later the uneconomical petrol engines were replaced with imported reconditioned Isuzu diesel engines. President Marcos at the time controlled the motor industry, and that was the only engine available. After a few years the Jeepney made from original jeeps couldn't carry enough passengers, and so factories started up using imported Japanese truck chassis, and building solid shells on top with elaborate decor. On the front of the Jeepney the original jeep design look was retained.. the modern day jeepney was born.

Invitation to Tender

You are invited to make an offer on the vehicle. Price is condition as seen, collect from Philippine Craft Centre Brookland Kent TN24 0HD. The vehicle can be viewed at the above address but by appointment only as there are limited opening times. All bids should be submitted by January 28th at the latest. Please note this is an invitation to bid only not an auction. Whilst it is normal to accept the highest bidder some consideration will be given to whether it can be still be involved, or viewed by the Filipino community. Please advise if you are a private individual, a Motor Museum or Tourist attraction, a syndicate, or an organisation involved with the Filipino community. Please fill out the form below and click on send. You can contact us on [email protected] or ring Frank Trotter on 07986 399787, 01233 643733 or 226565. For more details on the craft centre and location map visit

Invitation to Tender

Name of individual Organisation (if any) Address Postcode Telephone number Mobile Email address My offer is

Signature E signature accepted otherwise email form and send duplicate in the post to: Philippine Craft Centre Administration 10 Western Gardens Willesborough, Ashford, Kent, TN24 0HD Other details or comments Terms: No warranty on the vehicle is given. Sold as seen (or described) If your bid is accepted, you will be advised and this will be considered as a legally binding contact. Payment should be made by bank transfer or cheque within 7 days. If by cheque vehicle will not be released till cheque cleared.


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