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Gigaset QuickSync version 3.0 Download versie: 3.0 (October 2008) ; Compatibel met: For Microsoft® Windows® XP* and Windows® Vista (32bit and 64bit) Gigaset QuickSync for fast and easy synchronization of your PC address book with your Gigaset handset. Thanks to this convenient software, you can easily synchronize your addresses in Microsoft® Outlook®, Windows® XP* or Windows® Mail (Vista) with your Gigaset handset via Bluetooth® or a data transfer cable. Features: Fast synchronization between your PC address book and Gigaset** Supports the following programs: Vista Contacts, Windows® Address book, Outlook® 2000, 2002, 2003 and Outlook® 2007 Quickly recognizes your Gigaset handsets Download of ring tones***, screen savers and Picture CLIPs New for version 3.0: Support of Gigaset SL78H - USB-Drivers (WHQL-certified) provided for USB-Interface - Synchronization of up to 500 Addressbook Entries in SL78H - Automatic check for new Firmware-Versions (daily) - Firmware-Update of SL78H (only via USB-connection) support of multiple handsets with user friendly names Advanced synchronization filter dialog, more options available Synchronization now also with Outlook-Folders possible * .Net Framework 2.0 is necessary when using Gigaset QuickSync with Windows® XP ** Gigaset QuickSync Software is compatible with: Gigaset SL785, SL780, SL78H, SL565, SL560, SL56, SL555, SL550, SL55, SL375, SL370, SL37H, S685, S680, SX685 isdn, SX680 isdn, S685 IP and S68H *** Only with Gigaset SL565, SL560, SL56, SL555, SL550 and SL55


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