June 1999

PHR Launches New Website, Premier Issues of Two Publications

Since January 1999, the Information Dissemination (ID) unit at PHR has broadened its activities in a number of areas. This includes a redesigned website, 33 new technical reports, and the release of the premier issues of the Executive Summary and Primer for Policymakers series. Connectivity PHR's website was recently redesigned and rereleased to better meet the needs of our audiences. One important objective of this effort was to provide easy access to users in developing countries with limited computer hardware and/or software capacity. Another major goal was to expand and refocus the website based on the profiles and needs of current and potential visitors to the site. The new design was undertaken by a private webdesign company to give the site a professional look, with easy access to relevant information being the top priority. PHR's website comprises nearly 300 webpages, including an overview of the project, information on global issues, country activities, the Resource Center, and links to the bibliographic database and to other health projects. Immediate online access to more than 80 PHR publications is a notable highlight. Users can save both time and money by taking advantage of immediate access to PHR reports online. They also have the option of receiving hard copies of reports via regular mail. Requests for several documents are often filled by being copied onto recordable CDs. The website is also available in a text-only format for those who require or prefer frames-free access. Introductory pages are also presented in French and Spanish and provide lists of documents available in those languages. Visitors to the site can utilize a search engine to browse the PHR website. The PHR Resource Center's easily searchable bibliographic database of materials includes books, papers, grey literature, videos, CDROMs, and journal articles related to health sector reform. The database, available on the PHR website, contains more than 2,600 entries, primarily from 1990 to the present, and can be searched by title, author, organization, country, and keyword. Ordering information is provided as available with each entry. Resource Center The Resource Center serves as an information broker to increase and facilitate access to information on all aspects of health reform. PHR recently completed a mailing to more than 3,700 cooperating agencies, donor organizations, country counterparts, NGOs, and health professionals to alert them to our new website and updated publications list. We will monitor the utilization of the resources offered through the site to shape and develop follow-on ID services. The PHR Abstract Compendium of Publications, prepared by the Resource Center, is now available. The compendium contains abstracts of all PHR reports as of June 1999 and will be updated periodically. This listing is arranged by PHR program area and subdivided by regions. It also contains indices of authors, geographic areas, titles, and subjects.

In addition, a pocket-sized version of the PHR Publications List was recently released. This provides information on PHR documents completed through April 1999 and ordering information. The Resource Center's list of new acquisitions added to the database each month is available on the PHR website. We have recently released the PHR Health Reform Glossary. The glossary provides a translation of 200 terms in French and Spanish and the definition of each term in English. Editorial Services PHR recently released the premier issues of two new series of publications. The first issue in the Executive Summary series is the eightpage Reducing Maternal and Child Mortality in Bolivia, available in English. The series provides overviews of more detailed technical publications about PHR's collaboration on health reform efforts in specific national, regional, or functional areas. The first issue in the PHR Primer for Policymakers is Alternative Provider Payment Methods: Incentives for Improving Health Care Delivery is available in English, French, and Spanish. This series serves as a reference to orient policymakers and stakeholders to the terminology, concepts, and results of health reform. Since January, PHR has completed 33 reports from all regional and other PHR programs, including: < an exhaustive survey of health care providers--physicians, facilities, dentists, pharmacists and traditional caregivers--in Egypt, with findings on issues such as provider efficiency and patient access to care, as well as service delivery in the private and public sectors, that have broad implications for health care policy; < applied research investigations into equity of care provision in four countries in Latin America and Africa, which will contribute to more in-depth analysis and policy recommendations

Funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID)

for increasing equity; and < a study of maternal health services in Uganda, looking at private- and public-sector provider and consumer costs and management improvements to enhance provider efficiency without sacrificing quality of care. Events Since January 1999, the ID staff helped arrange seven brown bag presentations at USAID and seven at our offices on a range of health reform topics including National Health Accounts and policy mapping. The ID also supported PHR's attendance at the International Health Economics Association (iHEA) Second World Conference in Rotterdam June 6-9 and offered nine presentations on topics including equity to health care and maternal and child health

insurance. This was preceded by PHR's cohosting, with iHEA, the International Symposium on National Health Accounts June 4-5. PHR will also make ten presentations at the Global Health Council Conference June 20-22 on issues including decentralization and immunization financing. Fifteen presentations have been accepted for the American Public Health Association Conference to take place November 7-11, 1999. These presentations take the form of plenary, panel, and poster sessions. For more information about PHR Information Dissemination efforts, contact Zuheir AlFaqih at: [email protected]

Funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID)



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