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Noun Clauses · Practice 1

NOUN CLAUSES Subject: What she said was worth remembering. Direct Object: I don't know where the library is. Indirect Object: The judges will award whoever finishes last a prize. Predicate Nominative: His problem was how he could earn a living. Object of a Preposition: The pirates quarreled over why they were lost.

The Noun Clause A noun clause is a subordinate clause that acts as a noun. It can be used in any of the functions common to single-word nouns.

Introductory Words Some of the words that introduce noun clauses function as the subject, direct

object, or some other important part of their clause. Other introductory words have no function in the clause. USE OF INTRODUCTORY WORDS WITHIN NOUN CLAUSES Subject: The police officer asked who had witnessed the accident. Adverb: We argued about where we should eat. Adjective: Jody couldn't decide which job she should take. Direct Object: You are what you eat. No function in clause: Do you know whether the train has gone?

Identifying Noun Clauses. Underline the noun clause in each sentence. In the space provided, indicate the function of the clause within the sentence. EXAMPLE: We wondered what we should do next.

2. We have to do our best with what we have. 3. Aaron modestly admitted that he had driven in the winning run. 4. All of Elaine's friends believed what she said. 5. Angie's dream was that she could have a horse of her own. 6. The witnesses disagreed about how tall the robber had been. 7. What happened next surprised us all. 8. The economist predicted that the cost of living would keep rising. 9. The real surprise is how the movie ends. 10. Do you know if the Penguins won this afternoon? direct object

Exercise 1

1. When the next meeting will be held has not been announced.

Exercise 2

Recognizing the Use of Introductory Words. Underline the noun clause in each sentence. Circle the introductory word. Then in the space provided, write the use of the introductory word within the clause.

we parked the car? adverb

EXAMPLE: Do you remember where

1. "Whose woods these are, I think I know,"--Robert Frost 2. The x shows where the treasure is buried. 3. Betsy doesn't know who will be playing tennis next week. 4. Whoever leaves last should turn off the lights. 5. We will never forget what she said next.

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