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Name: Student Teaching Practicum Weekly Reflection #9

Teachers seek to continually grow as teachers.

Summary: 1. Summarize your teaching experiences during the past week.


Knowledge: 2. What have you learned about your chosen profession and yourself as a teacher?

Performance: 3. How has your teaching improved? Are you a "reflective practitioner"? Do you continually evaluate the effects of your choices and actions on your students and school community?

Disposition: 4. How important do you think it is for teachers to be "reflective practitioners?"

5. Write one goal for yourself in regard to professional development and growth over the remainder of the semester.

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Date: Date:

Cooperating Teacher: Please refrain from signing this form if it is more than one week old. STT: This reflection needs to be completed, signed, and sent to the University Supervisor on a weekly basis.



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