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41-500 Automotive Protocol Communications Module

Handles Multiple Network Protocols: All CAN Configurations, Popular UART protocols (LIN 2.0, KWP2000, ISO9141, J1708, etc.), All Variants of J1850, as well as New/Custom Protocols With Plug-In Hardware Highest Channel Density Real-Time Autonomous Operations With Resolution Better Than 1ms Modular Hardware/Software Design Allows Quick Custom Adaptations Data Analysis, Traffic Control, Emulation Setup, Data Retrieve and Monitor Block Transfer Full-Duplex Mode For Class 2 and UART Applicable Protocols Library Of Functions (DLL, ActiveX, Custom) For 32-Bit Windows, LabVIEW®, LabWindows CVI®, VC, VB and Other Applications Single Slot 3U PXI (Compact PCI Module)


This Product Is Only Available Through The USA Sales Office. All Enquiries Should Be Directed To: [email protected]

Serial Network communications for Automotive ECUs is critical for module control and diagnostics. The 41-500 is designed to support all of the major protocols in the industry. In addition, as new protocols become standard or variations on existing protocols are required, plug-in hardware upgrades can be added. The 41-500 can support up to 10 channels in total. Protocols supported include CAN or J1850 and their variations as well as 13 different types of UART based protocols: LIN, KWP2000, ISO9141, UBP (Ford), ACP (Ford), J1708, AOS, RUP, etc. All channels are autonomous and can be set up to interact with multiple UUTs simultaneously. This can help speed up testing in a production set-up or to monitor multiple devices in an environmental chamber. The software interface is designed to work with all popular programming packages and can support applications ranging from simple test structures to full emulation of the ECU's operating environment. ISSUE 6.6 SEP 2012

PXI Switch & Instrumentation Pickering Interfaces

Specification The 41-500 is adaptable to all leading communications protocols: 1. CAN network ·Standard 11-bit and extended 29-bit header (J1939), optional physical layers for High-Speed Dual-Wire. ·Single-Wire CAN (GMLAN) and DaimlerChrysler FaultTolerance CAN. ·Tool supports Multi-Frame CAN (ISO-15765) and new J2534 standard. ·Up to ten (10) independent CAN channels. 2. J1850 ·Ford SCP (standard or enhanced), GM Class2 and DaimlerChrysler J1850. ·Up to 3 independent GM Class2 (J1850) channels. 3. UART ·ISO9141-II (KWP2000), ISO9141-Ford, UBP, AOS, LIN 2.0, ACP, J1708, RS232, SDL and other protocols. ·Up to ten (10) independent UART channels. 3. Other ·IIC, SPI and other customer specific protocols. Connectors PXI bus via 32-bit P1/J1 backplane connector and a single 44-pin female D-Type communication connector for I/O signals. Width and Dimensions Single slot 3U PXI (CompactPCI card). Power Requirements +3.3V 0 +5V 500mA +12V 0 -12V 0

PXI & CompactPCI Compliance All Pickering Interfaces PXI modules comply with the PXI Specification 2.2. Safety & CE Compliance All modules are fully CE compliant and meet applicable EU directives: Low-voltage safety EN61010-1:2001, EMC Immunity EN61000-6-1:2001, Emissions EN55011:1998. Operating/Storage Conditions Operating Conditions Operating Temperature: Humidity: Altitude: Storage Temperature: Humidity: Altitude: Product Order Codes PXI Automotive Protocol Comms Module 41-500-001

© Copyright (2012) Pickering Interfaces. All Rights Reserved Pickering Interfaces maintains a commitment to continuous product development, consequently we reserve the right to vary from the description given in this data sheet.

0°C to +55°C Up to 90% non-condensing 5000m -20°C to +75°C Up to 90% non-condensing 15000m

Storage and Transport Conditions

Pickering Interfaces requires a configuration sheet filled out with the protocols required, their variations, and the number of channels. Use our Excel spreadsheet configurator which you can download from our web site. Latest Details Please refer to our Web Site for Latest Product Details.

PCB View of the 40-500 Automotive Protocol Module

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