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Comparing Characters


· Comparing characters · Story comprehension · Understanding "similar" and "different"


B Choose a story that has two primary characters.


í After reading the story, students record the two primary characters on the lines that say "Character 1" and "Character 2". í In the box titled "Same", students write four ways the characters are similar. í In the two boxes at the bottom of the page students record four ways the characters are different from each other. The box on the left corresponds to Character 1 and the box on the right to Character 2. The lines across from each other should contain sentences that relate to each other yet show how the characters are different from one another.


If comparing two children in a story the Skill Sheet may look like this. Gwen Sheila They both like to swim They both can run fast They are friends They are both smart Gwen is tall Sheila is short Gwen has blonde hair Sheila has red hair Gwen likes pizza Sheila likes ice cream Gwen has a dog Sheila has a fish


Name ______________________ Date ______________________

Story Title _______________________________________________________________ ___________________________

Character 1


Character 2


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Microsoft Word - Volume1 Final.doc