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NO, 18

ascending to the next story you find six substantial bins 10 feet square, with a combined capacity of about 3,750 bushels. At the east end is also found a 10x20 store room. An 8x10 cupola shelters the top end of the elevating apparatus. At the west side of the main building is also a 20x20 onestory addition for tire iorse"-p?jwer.--A nice awning graces the south side over the receiving window and everything has been neatly and tastefully arranged for the business. Mr. Read in tonus us that he will not begin buying until some time next week anyhow, but he ought certainly to meet with success. He is a very affable and accommodating gentleman and a valuable addition to our village, to which his enterprise baa already been quite a benefit,-

Remember the only pure White Lead in town is



Price, $ 1 . 0 0 p e r Year.


ADVERTISING RATES . Ifaaaien) advertteeraente, 15 eeata per inch for 4ret Insertion and t e a c e n t s per Inch for each subseq u e n t Insertion. Local notices, 5 cents per line for « a c b Insertion. Special ratea for regular advertisem e n t s by t h e year or quarter.

TEACHER WANTED--In school district _.._Now w.ehave got spring! J&9. 3,_townsh 1 p of Hamburg. (J. A. CORDLEY, Director. F . L. Tompkins is in Detroit. WANTED.


Wheat, Bean6 and Clover Seed, la»t week. * highest prices paid. Fishing is the all-prevailing recreaTompkins & Ismon.

L. F. Rose, of Bay City, was in town


Grand Trumk Railway Time Table.


The DISPATCH is a good advertising medium. It reaches people who pay G. J. Gibson, of Fowlerville, was in for whafethey get. town last week. 1

tion now.






P u t down in you diary: "A snow storm on Saturday, May 9, 1885." . M. . M. X r.*. k7:85. P.K. RlOGEWAV A. X . A6:00 F5:55 · :S5 8:00 9:55 If you want a harvesting machine Mrs. James Stage, of Fowlerville. is 9:10 7:90 7:10 10:!» 0:25 6:15 you shuuid see Geo. Reason. Armada He sells a :40 7 « 7:1ft 10:50 4:45 0:30 Romeo Daniel P. Markey, Eepresentative visiting her parents near this village. 7:4& 11:52 the Buckeye Low Down Binder. Roche iter r M. Prof. T. F. Bigg has purchased a from the Iosco DioUict, comprising the Dr. H. F . Sigler is building a new 7:00 £ } Pontic j # ltt:45 The WThit« Leghorn chickens will · :80 counties of Otsego, Iosco, Caawford, 1:15 12:90 6:86 produce more eggs in a vear than any fence in front of his property on Mil' horse and buggy and is now on the Wlxom d. i ( a. 3:00 8:00 road taking orders for all kindsofpen Oscoda, Alcona, and Ogemaw, was other fowl, so say all the leading street. A. M. > 8o. Lyon< born in the township of Bunkerhill, poultry journals. * Can spare a few 7:10 a.) / d . 7:1» W., B . Thompson and wife visited work. M r . Bigg's penmanship is su- Ingham county, Mich., June 27,1847; 8:0» 6:8& Hamburg, settings of eggs from first class stock, 8:10 PINCKNEY »*:40 friends near Fowlerville Saturday and perb, he is reasonable in his chartres, Most of his early life wan spent in guaranteed pure. GEO. W. SYKES. Jb:» Mount Ferrter «*:15 and all who need anything in his line 0:36 5:10 8tockbrldge Sunday last. 4:40 10:05 Henrietta, should entrust it to his skill and ex- Pinckney. Livingston Co., where he The DISPATCH is sent, post-paid to 10:45 JACKSON4»» Mr. and Mrs. Frank Haney are reany part of the United States or Canperience. He is also_aathorized agent pursued his studies, graduating at t h e / All trains ran by '"eentral standard'' time. school m that village, and afterwards ada for $1.00 a year, 50 cents tor six joicing over a 12 pound daughter which for the DISPATCH. A l l trains run dally, Sundays excepted. arrived Saturday. month*, or 25 cents for three months. VF.J.BPICER, J O S E P H HICKSON, engpging in teaching for several Superintendent: General Manager. Joseph Placeway, executor of the es- years. In 1879 he removed to Ana Mr. and Mrs. George Hoy land, of NOTICE. tate of Martin Melvin, deceased, will Arbor, obtaining a position as bookDetroit* Lanslitf * Northern Railroad Notice is hereby given that all Howell, visited friends and relatives sell the personal property belonging to keeper for a manufacturing conipany, Time Table. horses, cattle, sheep, hogs, etc., will here the first of the week. said estate at3 auction at his place, 4 He at the same time entered upon the QOINQ WKBT. I STATIONS. ' GOING RA8T. not be 1 Mowed to ruD at large in our & K . Hause picked u p ..anJndianjL All stock found upon the miles east of Pincimey, a t one p. M^study of law, a n i waVadmllteoTto the T . M A. M.i A.M. A. X. P. · p. x. streets. 5.00 9:86 6:001 Lv Detroit Ar 11 Ml S.80 900 highway will be immediately impound- stone hatghet on his fathers farm near 011 Saturday, May 23. It is hop^d that bar in April, 1881, in September o! Plymouth t>.<A 10:81 8:53 1100 2.62 8(16 ed. Chubb's Corners last Friday. E. L. THOMPSON, South Lyon 2.07 7.89 6.90 11:01 7:19 1034 as much as possible may be realized which year he remove^ to West Green Oak 6 . « 11:08 7:98 10.96 1.59 7.81 Village Marshal. Mrs. Saniord House, Iosco, died Fri- out of the property, as the widow is 0.41 11:90 7:88 Brighton 1015 1.49 7.19 Branch, Ogemaw counfy, where he 7.00 1149 7:56 Howell 957 131 7.00 day last of childbirth, aged 33 years- needy and in very bad health. WHEAT. 7.18 11:58 ·8:14 Fowlerville 9.40 1.14 6.42 still resides, and began/ the practice ol r. x . Wanted at-Pinckney Mills for which The funeral was held Sunday. Webbervllle 9.26 l.HO 6.28 7.8* 19:14 8:28 J . J . Hause kindly furnishe? us the his profession as an attorney. In 1881 9.1512.48 6.16 the highest market price will be paid. Wllliaiaston 7.44 I S : * 8:40 Mrs. D. D. Bennett returned Mon8.5112.22 5.51 8.0? 19:55 9:051 Trowbridge following list of 47 persons in Putnafn he was appointed by^Gov. Jerome CirGRIMES & JOHNSON. 5.45 1 day, trom ? vist to Fowlerville. Mrs. «.15 1:0ft 0:10 5 \ Lansing { J 8 4 5 11.55 5..5 1:25 township who are over 70 years of age. cuit Court Commissioner and elected 8.12 11.**: 4.59 See the Buckeye Low Down Binder A. Davis is also visiting there. «.48 134 9:4l| Grand Ledge S. M. C. Hinchev>, Samuel Wilson and wife, to the same offic/ at the election of Portland 7.4dll.04 4.U5 at Agricultural Hall. 8:31 10:04' Rollln Webb and wife, James Hearso, Mrs. Lee, 7.15 l'»S5i 4.05 G. W. Teeple's bank building is J o h n Martin, Mrs. Oawley. G. B. Randall and 1882. In 1883^ vacency occurring in 9.40 5 \ i«»i. ·:. ....i10.90 4.00 10 945 JiS *! Dtmn and wife, moving along nicely and from present wife, Jameswife, Mr. Winter, Mrs. Dunn, J e s s e the office of Jttdge of Probate, he was i · I Hanse and Mrs. L. llincliey, 8.48 Stanton Jim. 9.56 8:1710:4« 7.0010.10! a 16 Doyle wife, Mrs. appearances will be a convenient lit- James Havn'es, Jand JackaonMrs. Wheeler, ear t appointed tc/that position by Gov. Be8:50-11:18» Greenville 4:8.Vl2:00i Howard City 6.80 9.49 2.¾ M. B. ohn and wife, Mar Jlunn, W'm. Placeway, H. N. Whitcorab and wife, gole. A s / a republican he received -* tle structure. i 8.551 Moses Puller, K. G, K»se and wife, Joah-SeUmah J . B. M U L U K R N , W. A. C A R P E N T E R Quick, Mrs. Lucy The schoolmates and friends of the and wife, Garret Wood, Ja<M>b Mr?. Hall. Martin 2,964 votes to 2.481 for Chester a Gen'l Manager, (ien'l Pass. Agent. Mann, Jacob Teeple and wife, J O H N P . WOOD, Traveling Pass. Agent. Harris and wife, Hugh Clark, Sr., and wife, late Miss Addie McGee are raising a A. Darwin and wife, K. A. Sprout and wife. Seth Mitchell, fusionist, and 2 scattering.-- T O M P K I N S & ISMON. Michigan Manual. subscription to erect a memorial stone Some two weeks* since Mrs. Edward BUSINESS CARDS. The Buckeye Low Down Binder over her urave. In reply to our item concerning the beats them a l l . G. W, Reason has Don't forget the temperance meeting Latson, an aged lady of Genoa, woundT H iiOAO, M. D . , Police Gasette advertisementr^-the them for sale. at the M E. church this evening. Mr. ed one of her hands white cutting pork outh Lvon Excelsior savs: (HOM(EOPATHIC.) Sutton is said to be a very intelligent Nothing was thought of the matter "We would like to ask the Dispatch man w h o PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. speaker and handles his subject admir- until of late, when the lady's entin controls our advertising columns? W e are n o t Office at residence first door south of Monitor tlit* < nly advertising nrm became very painful, and began Gazette. paper doing such papers afor nxhe Police Houss. We mention m o g our ex* ably. the Holly Advertiser; Brighton C1Uand continued to swell, until it/was changes asSentinel; Manton Tribune; Plymouth Some ot the "boys'* went fishing on crreatly swollen, the result of/blood zen;Utica a nuni>>er of others that are running Keview and T \ M. GREENE, M. D., Gazette "ad," Why ia it that Reeves' pond Tuesday night, and were poisoning caused by the wound. Al- the Police of the Dispatch, picks out us aa bisBro. Newkirk, vicPHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, obliged to stay on the water until day- though her ailment is of a serious na- tim and leta the other papers go scott free? l Prohrbly he Dispatch man failed to get a propolight revealed to them their landing ture the old lady is domg/weil under sition from the Gazette hence its violent o u t PLAINF1ELD, MICHIGAN. bursts. We notice several "frauds"' advertised Office at residence. Special attention given place. Dispatch, (the Nunda b. medical treatment.--Livingston Dem- in the columns of the Which is the worst tP ud o anrgery and diseases of t h e throat and l u n g s . Co., Nunda, N Y.} o J. Tourney opened up a saloon and ocrat. free advertising for theabuve "fraud" and swind/ · An Answer Wai.ted. ling Pub. Co , or to run the Police Gazette "ad."f TAMES MARKET, Dear John, come, m a k e an honest c o n f e s s i o n . " Can anv one b"ing us a case of kid- billard room in the basement under A telephone message yesterday , ney or livei crrajvaint. that Electric the hotel last evening. Th** room has Brother publishers, as to who conNOTARY PUBLIC Bitters will not speadjly cure? We been arti.licy papered and painted b r o a * h t t h e ' " K ^ TM that J. D. trols the advertising columns of t h e A n d Insurance Agent. Legal papers made' on « h o r t notice and reasonable term*. Office on say they can not, as tliuusandsot cases and a flight of- inside >t;ur* has been B e n n " r t ' o f E a s t * a * ' n a w - w h o h a s Main St., near Postofflce Pinckney, Mich. already permanently eunrd and who been sick with /the typhoid fever for Excelsior we frankly town we do not are daiiy recommending Electric Bit- built. +he-past three/months, was dead, and know, but judging from the jooks of ter?, will prove, Bright's disease, diRIME* 6 JOHNSON, The M. E. Parsonage, well under them generally we should say most Proprietors of abetes, weak back, or any urinary way, will consist of a 16x28 upright, that his reinains would arrive at How- any one who happens to desire to use PINCKNEY FLOURING A N D CUS- complaint, quiekeiy cured. They pur- with bay window at gable, and a 14x2*i ell on t h e / n o o n train to-morrow. I t them. Then the snivelling cry: " W e ify the blnod, regulate the liuwels..anil was quite a shock to his many friepd TOM-MILLS: addition, both two stories high; posts here.^s nearly all supposed he was on are not the only paper doing advertisact directly on the diseased parts Dealers in Flour and Heed. Cash paid for all kinds of grain. P i n c k n e y , Michigan. Fur sale at 50 cents a bottle, at 16 ft. fjin. the/gain. The family was much es- ing for the Police Gagette." Bosh! Winch ell's Lrug Store. Ira Abbott removed to Charlotte teemed in this vicinity, where they Wnat has that to do with t h e matte ULT P . V A N W I N K L E , last week, where he has been working pmi-aever-ai- years of their life, and Do you expect to be pan|pBelf for An Enterprising, Reliable House. ATTORNEY & COUNSELOR at LAW Winchell's Drug *tore can always at his trade this spring. We hope he, the remaining ones will be comforted your sins because o t j i e r ^ o p l e have be relied upon, not only to carry in will gain as 111: iny friends in his n s? You know betand SOLICITOR in CHANCERYand cheered in this their hour of trial committed the,. OfficeoverSigler'eDrug Store. PINCKNEY siuck the best of everything, but to seby many warm and sympathizing ter; con>mon sense teaches you t h a t cure the agency for such articles as home as he left behind. is no argument. You dare n o t have well known merit, and are popuMr. Fred Hall, formerly a cb/rk in hejrts. T \ D. BENNETT, deny it was against decency to publarwith the people, thereby sustaining iLitchcok.jfe Hemen's drug .groVe a t P A I N T E R AND P A P E R H A N G E f l f tne reputation of beTnjLj atways enter- South Lyon, now salesman Sr the pa- --An exchange vividly pjitkrres the lish the advertisement and t r y to make country editor in^^htswise. "The excuses because same other publishers All work in t h i s l i n e executed with neatness prising, and ever reliable. * Having * n d dispatch. secured the agency for the celebrated per house of Louis k Rogefs, Detroit, country editor^HTfne man who reads were as indescreet in the matter as y o u Dr. King's New Discovery for Con- called on us Thursday la^t. newsM^efsTwrites on almost any sub- were. If the Nunda Publishing Co. sumption, will sell it on a positive AMG8 4 K I R K L A N D , An Otisville preacher recently an , sets tvpe, folds papers, makes up is a fraud it is a fact of whioh we have guarantee. It will surely cure any nouncsd: -"Services-Tiext Sunday e and every affection ol throat, lung's mail, ru is errands, saws wood, works heretofore been innocent. We took ATTORNEYS, 8 3 0 OPERA HOUSE BLOCK, CHICAGO, attend and chest, and to show our confidence, ning will begin p/o.nptly at^o^cTock in the garden, is hkraed tor thousands particular paint to write to C. H.San·carefully to business sent them from other places. we invite you to call and get a trial God's time, for yye adp^ptf^'lbat as our of things he never thought ot, helps ders, postmaster at Nunda, N . Y. t a n d bottle free. * time uistead o/jtattaard or the world's people-rnto office who forgot all about jhe informed u s that said company was time it afterwards, and very irequently gets an/street has a business boom cheated out ol his earnings. He puffs all right. We think therefore"there OUR PRbDUCE MARKET. his" week. J.H.Barton is building a and does move to build up a town than is a vast difference between the t w o nice new picket fenye and is preparing any *>ne else, and U»o miser a n ! fogr "ads." You know the Police Gaaette CORRECTED WEEKLY B May 14,1885. - TO'MPKftfs * ISMON to put up a barn, while N. B. Mann are benefited.fet they will not take contains filthy advertisements a n d I arid Mrs. M. B. Haynes are both having hi* pape«\ will borrow it, read it and filthy reading matter which should Wheat, N o . 1 w h i t never come betore the eyes of t h e "· N o . )T · " H6 some new fences built. cuss the editor. NjN^red,. young, for you had a copy t o examine, . S'5 Does a General Banking Businei o. 8 red,.. Mr. Frank Perkins and Herbert i& j * l ! Fish left, last Sunday night, tor DenThe elevator is now completed and while in o u r case if we published a Corn Xoaey Loaned oa Approved Not ar. Barley, 1 UOfrl 50 ver, Colorado. Mr^JWkioa will be is a good substantial structure* The fraud ad. it was through ignoranoa Beans, , .7^ai 11) and not ior any desire to have o n * Dried A p p l e s ! Deposits received. .KfcA .1)0 i away from homeiibout a month, while main building is 20x40 feet and 22ft. Potatoes, .*) readers spend their money Cor m l ···v Certificates isMjed-mi time deposits, Butter ; , 15 Mr. FislMdTfgo on to Oregoa, where high. On the first floor is found a Eggs..... payable on demand. Dressed C h i c k e n s . 10 1 viait relative*.--Bancroft Ad- nice little 10x10 office, the hopper and which would do the no. tnore harm i t a * H vtrtuer. " waist and other superawDdms, and good. [QNS A BPKJULTY. Clover Pteed... DrwMtf o r k .


Mrs. John Maroney, of Ann Arbor, FOR SALE.--I have seven good fat hogs for sale at mv place three miles visited lriends here recently. south-west of Pinckney.

Mrs. Henry Gillett while sitting on Sykes' bridge fishing Tuesday evening, lost her balance and fell into the water, and bad her husband not been nea: by to help her out she probably would have been drowned, as the water is quite deep a t tha^ point. Teeple/c^ Cad well, the pioneer hardware fiwn, occupy some space in our advertising columns this week, in which they enumerate many of the a r ticles they have for sale and invite all to see their stock, which by the way is a large and well assorted one. A Sunday school--which will meet every Sabbath a t 4 p. M.--was organized at the Earaan school bouse, West Putnam, on Sunday last, with the following officers: Sup't., J o h n C l a p h a m ; ass't sup't., J . T. Eaman; treasurer, Norman Wilson; treasurer, Miss Aggie McGee; organist, Miss Laura W ilson.

\ '&


AT $5.50 PER TON.








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TO CORRESPONDENTS. AJlcomwunlcatlonn fur Hi is i»;<i>or»hould be accom p*nlfd by the name < f Uvo auilior. not necessary for > bllcatfon. but an an evident ··· ot good faltli on tho it of the writer. Write mm "» one triilr of the rwr. lie porllcultirly enreiul ubout giving unmet an* dates, toliave tin- letter* undrtKiirt>nplain und <U«tlnct Proper names are often difficult to dei'lober oecause of the careleaa umnner In which they are written.



Our Life Charges. Detroit Post. Of tin* first ten life convicts sent to Jack9on, beginning with March, 1847, Wayne couuty furnished five. Oi the 130 whose names appear in the last annual report as life convicts sent to Jackson siuc.e the above tfcte, Wayne eountv has seut twenty-six. Of the sixty-two committed during the past ten years, Wayne county has sent twelve. Janles Hitchcock, a life convict in the s t a t ' prison at Jackson, lrom Ingham couuty, has served the *tate continuously since lsotf--a period of thirtv-two years, or just one half of bis life, having been ;ti years old at the time of his bcutence; u longer period y L c u n i i n u o u * service by some live years than that served by any other convict. lie is salely trusted outside of the walls without a keeper, showing no ceaire of escape. He was l he tcutji life convict sent to Jackson. A p r i l ' s Report. During the mouth of April the amount of Michigan salt inspected in the counties named was as follows: Barrels. S.VJ30 Bay >,005 Saginaw r.U'.HKi Huron 1<-,.5S:2 Manistee 3,¾¾ Midland 4,1*)'.) St. Clair « · · · · ooU Iosco Total 187,0¾

More Suggestions. Gov. Alger sent the following message to ·both houses the other day:


Mica., May 5, 1S85, ) Should the legislature decide to create a pardoning board, in accordance with my message of the 30tb ult., 1 would suggest that the law be so framed as not to permit the sittings ·of the board to exceed six mouths during the gubernatorial term, and that tin* compensation be regulated accordingly, leaving the portions of the six mouths which the boar3"snould sit discretionary with the executive. 1 do not think a secretary other than a stenographer would be essential. (Signed) RUSSKI.I, A. AL.GKB.


GENERAL STATE ITEM8. Ypsijanti had a $0,000 blaze May 5. Hon. Edward 8. Moore of Three Rivers is


Battle Creek Is to have an art loan exhibition i n June. I T h e Ropes gold mine, U. P., gives employm e n t to 40 men. A patent roller process flouring mill is to be erected in St. J o h n s . Berrien Springs boys arc not. allowed on the .streets after 9 o'clock p. in. During April 1,175 emigrants entered the United States at Port Huron. Four million young white lish have been de. posited in the bay at Bay City. The colored people of Allegan are raising ·funds to build an M. E. church. Muskegou parties are talking about establish i n g chemical works in that city. * Fruit growers in Allegan county pronounce t h e prospect good for a fair crop. Michigan stone has been chosen for the new postofllce building at Fort Wayne, Ind. There is a good opening for a young physican at Mundy Center, (Jeuesee county. Eighteen prominent citizens of Clare couuty arc under indictment for trial at the next term of court. George Morgan, a Michigan Central brakeman, had hts foot crushed by the ears at East .Saginaw. Mrs. Ancer, a lady 60 years, of age, was drowned in Carp Hake, seven miles frnni Traverse City. Articles of association of the Menominee & Ste Marie railroad have been tiled with t h e secretary of state. Col. (lro. Aldrith of Cass county, Iias^&een appointed Deputy. Warden of da, ky>«^*pri9on, vice Dr. Drake. Hon. Allen Porter, ex**ftT»'>r < i Kalamazoo > a u d ex-memberofju*frfgr< *s. iiii'd in Kalxmazoo oh the Sth ij Rujjj«ft;d that a number id capitalists are to build a railroad-between Grand Raps and Muskegon. Smith A Woodard of Kalamazoo, have been awarded the tirst-prize lor windmills by the New Orleans exposition. Carrie Heiiedict of .Ypsilauti, has gone to Terra Haute. Ind., to enter the convent of t h e Sisters of Providence. Fred Surdam ha^ been found guilty o larceny by the Clare county circuit court, and sentenced to Id years al luuia. Lansing Palmer, an employe of the St. Louis postollicc. has been arrested, charged with purloining money from letters. On the steaner N'ordland, which arrived at New-York recently, were ;J0l) Hollanders, who are now en route for Michigan. Mrs. Verris, a resident «f St. Joseph-for 50 years, dropped dead of heart disease the other .afternoon. She was 75 years old. The business portion of tirand .Junction, Van Burcn county, was destroyed b/y lire on t h e 2d inst, a t if total loss of $20,000. Wm. A. Ridgely, a lumberman, was murdered at Indian Lake, near Manistique, a few days ago, in a quarrel about a cup of coffee. S i m u l a t o r s in the upper peninsula are agitating a scheme for the establishment of,a company to prospect for gold in Alaska. Michael Bronan, the I'ust Saginaw lawyer, Who was^injurcd at Vassal on the 12 ult., died. from the eilects of the injuries on the 5th inst The "Geo. T. Smith Du.-t Collector company'' has organized iu Jackson for the manufacture At a machine to do the work implied by the |amc. The cases of Alva Dibble, the charivari homicide, and Prank Abrams, larccnlst, have been laid over at Howell till next term of the circuit court. Emory ·'.«. Storrs of Chicago, will address the rapidly decimatingranks of the "old pinouc e r s " at the annual reunion in Cassapolis next month. The Senate has m a d r ^ t h e consideration of Ford's capital punishment bill in the committee of the whole a special order foe May 14, a t U p . m. A quarrel about a coffee pot at Indian River resulted in the murder of a lumberman named W m . A. Rldgeley, his skull being crushed by a skidding bar. Manistique needs more houses. Many of the /toouscs there contain two families and the rapid g r o w t h in population is putting things into a

·crowded shape. O. V. N. Lothrop of Detroit, hat been appointed envoy extraordinary and minister pienlpotcnliary of the United States to Russia, Jfr. Lothrop will accept.

E. E. Carleton, a St. Clair pioneer, is dead. Some remains of a mastodon were foundon the farm of C. N. Cook, near Coruuua. The under jaw measured 3 ft. *J iu. in length aud 3 ft. across, Mrs. Margaret Dudgeon, who lives with her daughter, Mrs. Chas. Han ford of Oscoda, was 104 years old May 5. Mrs. Dudgeon was hern in Ireland in 1781. N. F. Love-ridge of Coldwater. has resigned the [xisition of Sexinid Deputy Commissioner of Pensions. He will return and resume law practice in Coldwater. John Ramsey a prominent cltiren of Portland, and well known throughout the state as a live stock dealer, died recently at his farm residence m a r Portland. The crop rcDort for Mav indicates an aggregate product of ^5,00 1,000 bushels of wheat in the state. All reports received state that wheat is in good condition. Win. Heart, the crook who was shot by a policeman in Grand Rapids, while resisting arrest, died of his wound the next day. T h e officer who shot him lias been arrested". Brooklyn, Hudson, Morenei and Wauseon have formed a trotting circuit, and each give II,000 in premiums. The races will be gin about the middle'of J u n e at. Brooklyn. -Oliver .'Lemming, ilie e»Vaped" convict from the Michigan >tate prison, who has recently been making himself notorious both iu Toronto, and London, Out., is again in jail iu Toronto. The St. Clair Republican is responsible for the statement that Alexander Eraser of China township, St. Clair county, has a cow that Saturday, the 3d hist, dropped a calf weighing 120 pounds. An Otisville preacher recently announced: "Services next Sunday evening will begin promptly at 7 oYlock. God's time, for we adopt that as our t uie instead of standard or the, world's tiui"." Ex-City Attorney Clink of Muskegon has had his examination on the charge of perjury made by ex-Mayor Cook. Clink was bound over for trial at the Mav term of court with bail fixed at $2,0(.)0. Edward Wood of Eau Claire, Berrien county, was killed by lightning, while eating his breakfast. His wile and child, who sat at the table with him, were uninjured, save a little spot on the child's face. The apple tree plague has struck in several places in Gratiot county in full force. Whole orchards are becoming bothered by the pest known as the oyster shell bark louse, the most destructive of scale insects. Ferdinand Sehwindt's eight yearold daughter, Ella, of Graud Rapids, while "playing arouud a bonfire with other children the other night, caught her clothes on lire and was fatally burned. She died In terrible agony. The Scandinavians of Manistique will erect a neat church there this season, a good amount having already been secured. It will be in the form of a cross and surmounted by a tine spire. I t will be neat and tasty, but not expensive. David A. Davis, the alleged adulterer, who was recently arrested In Flint, has been discharged mainly on the petition of his wife. Mary Moore, Davis' paramour, refused to give evidence. Davis will return to his family iu Detroit. Charles Biarchard, a g e d - 5 0 , employed in Klady's novelty works, in Big RapidsJ was caught in the shafting and revolved a great many times, being pounded to pieces. Both legs were broken and his ribs crushed. He is 6till alive but unconscious. While building a fence around the Mayville cemetery the other day a colli n was struck outside the* platted grounds. The colllu was of small size, but contained a (>ortioii of a Irame of a grown man. - The authorities are suspicious that a crime has been committed. Miss Mary Martin, aliout 20 years of age and daughter ol Albert Martin, near Olivet, was found dead in her bed the other morning. She had been an epileptic subject, and it is supposed that in a lit during the night she turned on her face, and iu that position was smothered. 5;Eugene Saulsbury and his brother-in-law Peter Miller of Union City, quarreled while under the influence of liquor. The next day Miller aud Eugene's father approached the house, and Eugene pointed a revolver, and fired at Miller, the ball entering just below the heart. Miller lived 15 minutes. Dr. Ohlinger, claiming to live in Windsor, Ont., was arrested in Monroe the other day foj violation of the law requiring physidajw^to file an allldavit with the County t ^ w ^ C s e t t i u g : forth that they are proper^-tfualilied. H e pleaded guilt) and in d^rtTJtof a payment of a Hue of $5 was sruA-tojail for fifteen days. The bodv>>f**3osepb. Herman, a resident of Sault>i*r\>larie, was found near Palms Staon the Detroit. Machiuac it Marquette Railroad a few days s i n e . He left the latter place for home in the lore part of J a n u a r y , aud_ probably got lost and was frozen to death. His hand and face were badlv eaten. The body was taken to the Sault for interment. To show the increase iu value in real estate property, in Battle ( r e c k tin1 past year, we will give an ihsH-anic made more remarkable from the character of t h e land. Ina'eertain section of the city* some swamp laud which last year was assessed at $700, by the enterprise of "uue citizen, who has improved the property by residence buildim;, was this year assessed at $5,000.--Battle Creek Journal At the annual convention of the state firemen's association held in Albion, the following officers were elected: President, S. D. Pond, Allegan; vice presidents, Ed. Finn, Quincy; E. L. Hclmer, Jackson, and IS. S. Berry, Albion; secretary, W. H. ·Teller of Pent water; treasurer, A. I/ Holmes, Grand Haven; statistician, C.--V. R. Pond, tjuiucy'; representative to the national association, L. A. Bently, Eatou Rapids Commander Chas. D. Long and Col. Hill, the Committee on Transportation for the Grand Army of the Republic, have go to Portland, Maine, via the Chicago ifc GrarTd T r u n k and Grand Trunk route, either by ^Niagara Falls, Albany and Boston or by Niagara Falls, Toronto, Montreal and the White Mountains. The lickets will be good for thirty days from date, with stop over privilege,-, on the return route. The excursion will leave Flint on the 19th or 20th of J u n e . The details of the trip are yet to be arranged. Henry Ray of Coldwater, owner of the Schilling patent for concrete paVement, covering this state, has commenced ten suits in the United States court in Grand Kapids, aarainst residents of Thrc-c Hivers, White Pigeon and Con stantine, for infringement. The patent claimed to be infringed upon is a pavement ma^le to imitate stone and laid in blocks. The pavement Is in general use throughout the state. and if the patent is declared good, suits will be commenced against all using them tocollect royalty. Arthur Brodie, son of P. P. Brodie, agent for the Michigan Central a t G r o s s e l s e , a young man named Thompson of Detroit, and a young boy named Allen Baby, and Edith .Jennings started on a hand car from Slocum's eJunction to Grosse Jsle. When a few rods from the Canada Southern bridge connecting Grosse Isle with the main land, the man In charge of the bridge, unaware of the approach ot tho hand car, s w u n g open t h e draw. T h e car was going at a good rate of speed, and the first irnulsc of Thompson and Miss J e n n i n g s was > Jump off. Brodie and Baby, however, were apparently dazed at the sight of the open draw and took stock still. The hand car, went rumbling Into the draw, and with its two oox cupants tumbled headlong into the w a t e r . T h e forms of the young man and boy straggling l a the river were seen by some of the company's employes, a n d every means were exerted t o save them, b u t without success. B a b y disappeard in less t h a n t minute,jHnd Brodie was o u t of slight before t h e men on t h e bridge reached | h e other end o f t h c draw.


OEN. LUMSDEN AND STAFF RECALLED. F o r o i g a News in Brief. Gen. Lumsden and the majority of his Btafl have been ordered to return to '.ondou This Is practically a recall, although ··ladstone says it should not. be so regarded. is accepted throughout England a- a humiliating surrender. It means that, so fuffrom submitting the Pul-l-Khlsti affair to investigation and arbitration--upon which Mi Gladstouu laid so much stress iu his recent speech--the czar has sustaiued aud honored Kauiiarolf, while England discredits, abantlou* and dishonors her ageut in the matter, be4>>re any iuvesllgatiou has been made, aud while all the iulormation at baud fully justille* him Joseph Smith " t h e informer.'' died iu Loudon Muy 7. y u e e n D o w a g e r Emma of the Sandwich Islands, died April 25. · Earl DufTcrin is reported to have resigned as viceroy of India. The two rebel leader* who instigated, the burujug...of..Colou ]i_ayc beeu_Jiaiig;cd The reported resignation of Lord Dutlerin, viceroy of India, is emphatically denied. The news of the peace a r i a u g e m e n t s proposed by E n g l a n d created pro'louud dismay in India. Sixty-eight persons weie buried by ;m avalanche from a mountain t.ear Lake Van, in Armcmia. The conference of Earl Gram-die and Baron de Stual on the Afghau boumi.o> question has been postponed. Advices from Honolulu say t h a t Queen Dowager E m m a oi the Sandwich Islands died April 25. Her death w as sudden. James Russell Lowell delivered a panegyric on the poet Coleridge on the unveiling of a bust of the latter iu vVesimiuster abbey. The opinion gains ground iu Louduu and Europe generally that Uie British governmeut's arrangement is a complete surrender to Russia. It is aunounced that the King of Denmark has definitely agreed to IH4-H* arbitrator on the question iu dispute between E n g l a n d a n d Russia. Famine prevails in Kordolan. The revolt against El Mahdi Is spreading. The report of the routing of El Muhdi wall heavy losses' at Mesalamia continued. 4 It is believed that a treaty has been jslgued between our government aud the United States of Colombia in respect to the security oT transit across the isthmus. El Mahdi's forces have been defeated again, and have retreated to Abu-lUraz. The Mahdi has but lew troops at Omccrman, and isuuable to send reinforcements against the insurgents. It is reported t h a t a secret treaty has been signed between E n g l a n d and Turkey by the terms of which Eugluud will be allowed to send men of war through the Duidauells iu case of war. The governor of Eastern Siberia reports t h a t bands ot armed Chinese have crossed the Russian frontiet aud~supjJriscd inuny Cossack vil lages. The extent ot the depredation;} is not stated. Emigrants on board a French steamer bound lor Buenos Ayrcs mutined and were overpowered o n l y a tier wounding several of the crew aud pa'ssengers aud killing some of the latter. A largo force of British and Indian troops and fneudly natives, under Gen. Graham, marched o u l to i'ackbal, where they surprised and defeated 41X1 rebels, killing sixty of them and capturing twelve prisoners aud. 150 head of cattle. Alter burning' the village they retired to until they had passed Hashecu. The British loss is live wounded. The steamer Rio Jauerio, from Hong-Kong, reports a collision March·'£·$ on tin- l l u a n t p r e river, between the Chinese ferry sleamei Li iyuu, sailing between" Woo Sung and Shy^gffui, and the Ocean steamship e o m ; ) a n p ? < s t e a m c r Orestes. The Chinese sieion>i*f'wliich carriedabout 100 passengers iujj*ir"erew numbering 12, was cut in t w - 0 . ^ ^ 4 + ^ u s '^ passengers and seven of tue^wew are believed to have'pcvi&hed. CONDENSED NEWS.



M A Y ').


A T E N E M E N T HOUSE F I K E - - A COLLAPSED BUILDING B U B S 8 . . Several Lives Loit. About 9 o'clock ou the morulmj of May 5, the root and a portion of the wall* of a large building iu Brooklyn, S. V., fell In. A dozen manufacturing tirms had portlonsof the buildiug aud employed altogether several hundred hands, chiefly young women, all of whom were at work in some of ttie five stories of the building. As soon as the crash was heard and before an alarm could be sounded the inflammable, tinder-like woodwork of the exterior was ablaze, aud the first firemen who arrived found many of the panic-stricken female operatives crowding aud shrieking wildly at the windows which opened upon the interior area of the works. Their retreat had been cut off and the firemen quickly ran up the ladders, but the girls were hemmed in and many fell back into the flames before help could reach them. The iuttammable character of the building hindered the efforts of the liremen It was ascertained that the engineer of the factory, Daniel J. Lowry, was one of the victims He was killed by the falling of the wesT v\an o F t b e iuIbTtTle wing Oh Attantle-ave. The cause of the fire was the overturning of the boilers of a soap factory on the second floor The west wall of the middle wing, on Atlautic-ave., had settled; workmen were screwing it up with jacks; the middle jack had been screwed up too high and it was lowered, wheu the, whole weight of the wall came upon the t w o ' jacks at the end, and it fell with a crash. It is not now known how many lives wera lost, but it is believed that 30.persons perished. GENERAL NEWS.

PRNA.TK--'I'rfe g o w r u o r by message advised legislation looking in :1c establishment of a l>oaril of '.'iid'ui-,, it) be allowed a stenographer but no -eeretarv ami in lie limited to a session ot ie>t to >-\,TIMI M \ month* during the t e n u o f uny u'overiior. Th · ^o>-ernor approved of 1111' act* c-'ahii-diing a -rliuoi of mines iu the Upper i'cuiiw.dJ'. v i n e o r p o r a t i n g llou ard City ; iucorpnraiiiig < >>, o i i, appropriating 115.u00 as working cupi'u! '.or tie- Northern Asylum; reincorporating Vassj;-. The following bills pa>sed on third reading: House bill, amending charter oi Hillsdale; House bill 120, 'to provide attorney fees for foreclosure.- laid on table. Ad|«'Urned. ' Hot'si: --A communication from President Angell ul the University, stating that Randolph Rogers h'ad presented bis- colleetiou of easts to the University ioul asking lot an appropriation to defray the" expense ol transportation was referred'to t h e ' Committee on Way* aud Means. R e p o s e d adversely ; Senate 201, making t h e University lax one tenth of a mill. The bill was tabled . iueoi p o u t i n g the Village of H a r t , Ocean a eountv, amending section '.lo?., Howell, relative, to exceptions in criminal eases The i i u me.--age. made I'uriiii r swg gestions as to a board oi pardons Keterred to t h e Jli'dttHaVv" <-ofnTuTtfciI'TieTiove'rffor noted his approval <<l the lollow ing acts : To put in repair ti state load in St ('lair county ; incorporating the i itv o! l.ndington , incorpo r a t i n g ' l lie Citv of W vain lot t e . issuing a patent to Chester C. Morion. The Governor returned House bill is, to seeiiie minority stockholders representation on boards of directors, without his* approval. The vote bv which the bill was passed was reconsidered and the,bill laid ou the table. The afternoon was spent in committee of the whole. Adjourned

MAY 7.

S E N A T E -- T h e follow ing lulls passed unless otherwise noted: Empowering Leslie township to borrow £20.000: amending act 142 of 1SS3. relating to selei ting jurors in the Upper IVnitisula ;ameiiding - section 5932, Howell,relative to payment of legacies; appropriating lands to improve the Maple river in Gratiot county; to prevent the spread ol glanders and farcy; to regulate the practice of pharmacy; amending

an act of ]8>J3, for macad-


Register of the Treasury Bruce has resigned. The president will not lake a summer vacation. Gen. McDowell, U. S. A., died in Sau Francisco on the 5th inst. Fire wined out the entire business portion of Caberry, 111., ou the 3d inst. Minno, chief of the bureau of statistics, will, resign. He has been requested to do so. Silk worm eggs are to lie bought and distributed by the agricultural dcpui tiueut. Reported that Ca"pT. Crouch and colonists are preparing for another raid upon Oklahoma. Secretary Manning has ordered the issuance of $1 and ¢2 notes discontinued for the present. Richard Short, the-assailant of Capt. Phelan iu New York, a tew months ago, baa been acquitted. Gen. Grant was re-elected President of the Army of the Potomac, at its recent reunion iu Baltimore. Isaac W. England, publisher of the New York Sun, recently died of dropsy of the heart, aged 53 years. Plymouth, Pa., is afflicted with typhoid fever, 600 people being dowu with it, and the death rate, averaging ~15 daily Two of the striking, quarrymen at Lament, 111., were killed by the militia, which had been called out to queh a riot. Seventy, striking quarrymen at Joliet, 111. were arrested by the milifary for a t t e m p t i n g to prevent other mer: from-working. James Logan, his wife aud child, of Waterloo, N. Y., were burned in their house which was destroyed by tire on the 3d inst. The third a n n u a l visit of the Veterans of the Army of the Potomac to the battlefield of Gettysburg was. made on the 4th inst. President Cleveland and party were, present. Judge Wylie of the supreme court of the District of Columbia has resigned and J u d g e ' W i l liam M. Merrick is expected to succeed him. The revised version of the old testament will be given to the public in London ou the 19th, and will be published in New York ou the 21st. Fire broke out in the pine lumber yard di; trict in Chicago, and before it was subdued over 1700,000 worth of property had been destroyed. Kent H. Hayden of Omaha, has been appointed national bank examiner by t h e secretary of the treasury for the .-tates of Kansas and Nebraska. Maxwell, the man charged with the murder of Preller, whose ruutillated remains were found in a t r u n k in a hotel in St. Louis, has been arrested in Auckland, New Zealand. A terrible disease is dej*opulating Plymouth, Penn. From stx to 14 deaths occurred daily for several days. The epidemic was brought on by the filthy condition of the streets, and the impure water,,

amizing roads in Bay county, for t h e challenging of talesmen in justices c o u r t s ; to regulate freight tariffs; amenuiug section 1750, Howell, relntiye 1o the support of the poor; a m e n d i n g laws relative to the protection of lish by prohibiting, the depositing of sawdust, etc.. in the streams; lost, considered and tabled; reorganizing th*' Township of Case, Presque Isle County^ making an appropriation for the current expenses of the Normal bchool; m a k i n g an appropriation for buildiug walks at the Normal School. Adjourned. H O I : S E , -- T h e governor noted his approval of the act amending the charter of Hillsdale.* The bill appropriating $15,000 to build two infirmaries at the Eastern asylum for the Insane was passed. Senate joint resolution extending the time foi completing the Marquette, Houghton <f Ontonagon railroad, was defeated, 311 to ,c 40, the vote reconsidered und the resolution tabled. ·Adjourned. MAY 6. S E N A T E . -- T h e governor noted his approval of t h e acts; for the relief of Peter Des r e l d e r ; ameudfiig chap. 107, Howell, - rcTatlve Id industrial schools; amending Se-es. ISIO-U, relative to re]M)rts of supervisors, directors and overseers to county superintendents of the poor; amending act 27 of 1SS2, to provide for the incorporation of the grand council of the royal templars of temperance The day was spent in considering the several e l e c t i o n ' bills in committee of the whole. Adjourned. Hovst - .---The following bills pas-ed on third reading unless otherwise noted; Amendij Sec: fj.sW How. relative to a p p t u n t m e n t ^ r r l i d m i u i s t r a t o r s ; amending Sec -i5iMjJ**w\ relative to sale of real estate bv · xeij^Ktfs; appi updating money to the \oj^>r*i"f\.'liool for building sidewalks; to ICT^>*TTTIIUII i.-sident atien> from acquiring I^HtfSui l J i i s s.1 u (- ·; legalizing ditch tax iii-^rTiudsor, Eaton county; making an ·opriation for t h e |)eaf and liuinb institute; m a k i n g an appropriation of state swamp lands to improve the l.ooking-glas's river in Clinton and Shiawassee counties; to hasten thcciviliza tien of Indians, Iw-d ; proposing au amend uietil to the constitution relating to auditors · of Wayne count;., appropriating $5,000 for the semi-centennial celebration of the admission of Michigan into the Union; amending section 2275. Howell, relative to police regulations of the liquoi_traflic, lost; reconsidered and referred lo the coin mittec of the whole, for publication of divorce statistics, lost; for the puni-bment of public oliicers; enacting clause -truck out bu* bill re consideied; amending section (W'O, Howell, relative to s u b p ' e n a s ; for indexing names of soldiers; amending section 7012. Howell, relative to punishment for cutting and tarrying away timber; amending section 750S. relative to taking depositions ; to prohibit sale of butttrii.c and oleomargarine. Tin- committee on military bounties reported their inability to estimate the amount required under the terms of the Sellers bill. . Adjourned.


,i_ SOME POSTAL FIGDRKS. Third Assistant Postmaster-General has made a report of the effect during the first vear of the reduction of letter postage from t^ree cents to two. He says that the actual revenue for the year ended September 30, 1SS4 (the first year during which the reduced rate prevailed), was $42,184,S09, or $7,407,899 less than the estimated revenue upon a three cent rate, and the loss by the reduction of the rate to two cents was $,533,100 less than the estimated loss. The immediate-falling-ull in the issue of postal cards was is.00 per cent,, amounting to S3,034,2S7 cards. Crediting the extra reveuue on letters from the loss ou postal cards with $830,342 of the beneficial results of two-cent -postage would leave $1,907,.592 to be divided between the benefits growing out of the increased number of letters and the substitution of sealed circulars for open ones. He thinks the actual loss in revenue even less than this. In conclusion, Mr. Hazen says: "I will only add that the results of two-cent postage have more than realized the most sanguine expectations of its warmest advocates." He thinks that when the law making the single rate weight limit one ounce instead of a half ounce goes into elfect it will add to the revenues by inducing persons sending light packages to scud them uc ler seal instead of p a n e l rates.


A tert ible bail storm passed <+ver Virginia the other afternoon and extended into N o r t h s Carolina. All the growing eottou, corn^aoH vegetables were destroyed, and thuHTirmers will be compelled to plant agajju**'** he hail fell to the depth of twelve injym*? and a whirlwind prevailed along the A^TTUT of the storm, blowing down b:irjy>r^fenees and -beds. In some . places hrj^i'Tfrrev eountv, Virginia, the hail leJUteruie depth of eighteen inches and in oine spots was drifted to the depth of four feet ' (' UtELlJSS WOKKMKN TO BLAME. Careless- workmen making repair - on the house !~| Elilridge street, New t'ork. allowed a large cornice to fall into the -treet. ami several children plavitig there were-struck bv the falling mass. Joseph Koooukowitz. 0 years old, and Theodore Neumille.r, aged 7, received fatal inpiries Anna Seliapsky was so badly hurt, that she will probably die. The police arrested six of the workmen


A di.-ratch fnun RanUfoo! on 'I"" '1'h inst. says: To day a Hying column undei command of Col u t t e r , numbering :',0u, comprising mountcdji-Jiee under I ier-chtm-r. men from the Queen's Own Rilles B battery. Ottawa foot guards, and <' company, he-ide- mounted volunteer- from Battlclord. had an engagement with Poundmak'-r on their reserve. It lasted from 5 in the morning till noon and was most hotly contested throughout The fosses ou Otter's side were eight killed a n d - t w e l v e wounded. The Indian los- is estimated a t tifty.

S E N A T E -- T h e bill amending Sec. 4741. How., relative to burying grounds, was passed. The day was spent in considering iu committee of the wliole the value insurance policy bill. Adjourned. HorsK--The greater part of the day was devoted to work in committee of the whole The following passed: fdr a grunt of state swamp lands to drain the township- of Verona and Colfax. Huron eountv. DETROIT MARKETS. W h e a t - N o . 1 white ? 9S @ 1 03 W h e a t No. a md, IN (a, l oa Flour .4 75 (a 5 00 Corn .. 45 (a .50 Oats 35 Qp 40 Barkv 1 35 ub 1 50 Rye per 100 4 00 ( ^ 4 ¾ Corn meal per 100 1> Ol) (a\[) 0 0 Clover Seed \) '.',! 4 00 (ri ', 00 Timothy Seed 1 75 r«; 1 SO Apples'per bbl z 50 (it) 3 IX) Apples p e r b u 75 di, 1.(/3 B u t t e r VII) id oi 10 Egirs 11 (a: \l Maple Sugar. .· 10 <o) ]{ Potatoes IN (n) 45 Turnip-... .-5 "'(J/) 40 Onions $ bu 'JO (a 1 00 Honey '. 10 <7b 1:5 Beans - :.ick"d . . . . 1 15 (To 1 :*5 Eenns,'i!np;"kcMl 90 ^ 1 ()0 Hay . . . 1 0 00 f^ps 00 St/!tw-.., 0 00 («) 7 00 ·rlc. dressed # 100 5 50 (a) 6 00 Pork, mess new \:> T> (f«P2 50 P o r k , lamily 12 50 (rel2 75 Hums . . . . : . . . : . . : wy^to 11 "Shoulders ' .^,.. 8 {it 7 Lard 6 (ib 7 Tallow 5 (ti 5½ Beeswax :¾) {<t> 3 5 Beef extra nifss 10 2 5 , (¢615 50 Wood, lice,- li and Maple *5 75 (& tJ 00 Wood, M*].·»· . . 6 25 (r$ 6 50 Wood. Hickory. 6 75 (& 7 00


Poor Fellows. Prostrated, debilitated, enfeebled, they feel as it they were hardly worth picking up. They would hardly give the toss of a bright pntiny for a chance of a choice between lit'« and death. But even such forlorn people can be renewed by the use of Brown's Iron Bitters It vitalizes the blood, tones the nerves, and renovntes the system. Mr. Isaac C. Weed. Burr's Mills, 0.. says: "I used Brown's Iron Bitters for general weakness, and it helped me greatly."



Luminous trees grow in a vttlleynear Tuscaroru, Ncvudu; made luminous by : DarasltfcS. ' ^ Knoxvillo, Tenn , invested SI,080.0CO in buiulinnrs last year. Don't Skip This. So many schemes are put before the public for the increase of newspaper circulation, which seem to be plausible ana vet are fradulenl, that when a legitimate, honest eSort is made to build up the circulation of a legitimate, honest paper, by legitimate, honest means, people who have been so many times duped.are very slow to respond to the genuine scheme, We are led to this train of thought by a perusal of the advertisement of THB AMERICAN RURAL HOME of Rochester N. Y., published in this issue of our paper, to which we call the attention of our readers. We ate acquainted with both paper and pub lishers and take pleasure in recommending it as one of the very best farm and family journals in this aountry, Every person who sends one dollar for a year's subscription to the paper receives a handsome present which is donated by the advertising patrons ot the paper. These premiums consist ol Cattle, Land Reapers and Mowers, Plows, Books, Pictures, Organs and thousands of other valuable articles. The Rural Home Co. is endorsed by Hon. Cornelius R. Parsons, Mayor of Rochester, to whom you can write if you have any doubts at to its reliability. It will pay yon to send for sample oopy if nothing more than to get a look at this great twelve-page, sixty col utun illustrated paper. Addrees Rural Home Co. Limited, BoohetUr, N T.

dancer increases the number of its victims in England at the rate of over 800 per year. The coal fields of Arkansas cover an area of 12,000 Bquarc-mrresr^ Mining is being actively pushed in the new gold mines in Murray county, Ga.

CATTLI:--Market weak but active at 10c dec l i n e ; shipping 14 05(?r5 SO; butchers, $'i 50(¾ 4 ,50; stockers, $d i.tOi'4'4 00; feeders, $4 60(0*5; Texan's, $4(rt5. Hoo.s--Market slow and weak and 10e lower; rouifh and mixet), $4fn)4 «25; packing and shipp i n g . $4 :i0(g4 45: light, $4 20<&4 45: skips, 13 50(a4 10. SHEEP- Market fttrong; common to fair,

|[email protected]; medium to gbod: |4 20(g5. H. M\ "Robert, cftjrled' with swindling a Big Rapids bank out of $000, has been brought to the latter citv from liichraond,Ind., and lodgeu :n .Tai' !. ··,.,.- dealers in Big Rkplds claim to have .. en -w nJled by Robart to the tune ' 5.-,000.


"Oh!" said Mr. I\acy dryly; "so this to her at times of fatigue or despondency. "A genius." Was she, indeed is the reason she wouldn't marry John Let all the mottalH over born a genius? If she were--O bright, im- Deforest?" >. Keoouut their every grief; possible if--ovary sacred fire of her "It is one of the reasons, I believe," Their talca I tr<Mt with utter scorn, And.bear with uuLeld f. nature was "burning on the alter of said Mr. Arden, laughing. Then; never dwt-k a soul on earth this book, into which she was interAnd thus, in striving to work out Townoni were so uukiud weaving the tenderest fancies of her tho happiness of her parents, Marian The Fa tea that ushered we to birth-- soul or brain; oh, if! /V Lacy found the great gift and sunshine No matter. Never mind 1 And Marian grew paler and more of her own life. I madly loved In early life, absorbed day by day; and her mother Before I left my teens; watched her with wistful, silent care, The lady might have been my wife, The Egyptian Fellah. Instead of Mr. Green's. and old Hiram fretted on with the inThe fellah is not the owner of the 'Twere sad enough the facts to tell, coherent plaints of old age, and the soil, but merely a laborer under a But worse remains behind: summer ripened into golden fulness, matter; just as the same class of men I c«n't get on with Mrs. L.-~ under beamy moonlight nights and the were three or four thousand years No matter. Never mind 1 glow of tropic days. ago, under the mighty* Pharaohs, so It struck me once I had a turn "It'sgetting warm weather," groan- are they now. The fellah formed part For commerce or for trade; ed old Hiram, "and this Croton water of the estate, and if it were sold, then I found a little safe concern Where money might be m«do. isn't lit for a dog to drink, let alone a the serf, not as slave, went with But ruck and ruin came to pas a, Christian. Oh, if I could only have a for he was under direct protection it, of And I could only find drink of water cut of the old well un- the law; his master had no power One shll ing in the pound, alaa I -- der the garden wall! It used to be as over his life, aslformerly in American No matter. .Nevermind! cold as ice when the sun was at its 1 thought the City life so hard hottest. I dreamed last night of stand- slavery. Each serf had the liberty to That, In a little time, teg'beside that well with t h e - old" appeal to Pharaoh himself, whether Say a I, I eavfi. I'll he a bard, And build the lofty rhyme. bucket brimming over and the wild the petitioners' were workmen or tillYet verse is not a merry task. roses hanging over the cunl, all in a ers. Both were serfs, the tiller of the But one incessant grind; ground only bearing the name of tangle, as they used to grow!" Will genius ever pay i 1 ask"fellah." A papyrus, now in No matter. Never mind? "Father," said Marian, wno had British museum, thus describes the the just come in, with cheeks unwentedly bitter life of the fellah: "Behold the I only steer a cranky craft rosy and a light sparkling deep down humble farm laborer. His whole life Acroas a stormy sea; To slowly starve aboard a raft in her eyes, "shall we all go, you and is consumed amid the beasts of Alone is left for me. I and mother, for a nice, long drive in The waves are high, obscured the sky, the field. His strength is the country this afternoon?" And bleakly blows the wind. spent in tending the vines and the The old man's face lighted up for an hogs. He seeks his food in the fields. For help I loudly, vainly cryNo matter. Never mind f instant, but it fell again. well, well among the --Henry S. Ltiglu "We can't afford it,11 he said, testily. If he is\t he is he ishe lies on the bare cattle; sick, "We are poor. Carriage drives costs THE GIFT. ground in the midst of the herds." money." Before the days of Rameses the Great, "But I An April day, the sky all dappled from my have earned a--a little money supposed to be tho Pharaoh of Joseph's book," began Marian eagerwith silver-shining clouds, while bright time, regarding the husbandman the sheets of rain seemed to braid themfollowing is the treatmen narrated tby "Book, selves with the sunbeams, and every "A pretty indeed!" laughed old Hiram. the scribe Amenemapt to the scribe book you'd write. But gust of southward-coming air seemed go, if you can afford to squander we*l| Pentaur, the original being also in the lull of vague scents of violets and daf- money of your old father You've the British museum: ."Consider the fodils, and grass growing green on been very close with ^yolfr money of condition of the husbandman. Ere it sunny hillsides. is yet harvest time, the worms, the Hiram Lacy sat by his city window, late." Marian'scheeks glowed unde- hogs, the locusts, the birds devour the where the sweet air lifted the silver sereryttdlaunt, b«t she didat the reply. growing corn; and if he is not vigilnot hair upon his forehead, and thought ^--'"·Father's not well," she said toner- ant the little that remains is stolen bv longingly of the departed days wKe "and he's old and irritatable^-and thieves. D'The tax collector waits ^tT ho dwelt under his own vine jyad fig self, hot weather frets him. He will be the quay to claim the tithe of-his hartree, and watched the dajiefhg sun- this when--" vest when reaped. The-'doorkeepers better beams with 11 greedy eyesV are there with thejr-sfaves and the neAnd there Marian's reverie stop groes with their" palm-canes. "Marian! he^said, in his feeble, ped. They piping voice-r^Blarion, don't you think cry, 'Give-lip thy corn!' If it is lac*full we mjgfaf have a little yyalk in the of The air was hay, of the sweet breath ingviie is flung down, bound, and new mown when the ,parK this afternoon ? The air is so riage rolled along the green open carcountry^ ragged head downward through the 'mild, and I'm so tired of these tour roads, under the rustling bouglTs of canal. His wife is manacled before walls.' 1 elm and beech and wjiviiig willow. his eyes. His children are strangled; Marion Lacy looked up from her I^am_J^acvy_^s__evjis^jrjghtened, the his neighbors, occupied in their own desk at the farther end of the room. harvest,7abahdbn him to his fate." This blood seemedjtoieap r She was a slender, pretty girl of sev- Teai fhTby^!^lns~vcins^ with new impul- tyrannical mode ofgt>vernment4s-sttid en or eight-and-twenty, with large, with Cheops, the he cried, drawing a deep to have originated first and largest soft hazel eyes, brown hair, and pale founder of the feath, "now I am beginning to live pyramid. Three thousand years have cheeks. with "By and by, dear father, 1 ' she said, again! Why, this is the/old road., gate. passed away, and still the same usage the gnarled oak hanging oyer the jently, "when the snn gets a little There aro. the fields that used to be of the husbandman, or small farmer, owcr." still Daughter, why did y-ou take remains. "The tax-collector landing And once more she eagerly resumed ours.road?" awaits the corn-barge at the her writing, tho pen flying swiftly over this thought you would like to see the place, the bastinado is still wielded by "I the smooth surface of the paper, as if old place again, father." his negro assistants, and the wretched it were winged with magic speed. It lorvger!" he groan- defaulter is beaten, cast into prison. Hirmni Lacy turned to his wife, who ed. isn't ours any clover fields--I al- and tortured to this day." /Three "See those sat patiently sewing opposite him. ways said it was the best ground in .thousand years ag* the weaver's fate "Wife," said he, "the apple trees tyas as bad as that of the husbandman. will be in blossom at the old farm soon. the country--and the tali corn, grow- "The weaver, imprisoned/ inside the ing loyally! and Don't you remember how the white looks so just as if usedtheto house house, is more helpless jiian a woman. leaves used to shower down on tho I believe it > is tiie very look. He sits crouching, his" knees higher · ground like a snowstorm ? The old robin singing in the poplar tri-u bysame than his heart. Ile^tastes not the free ihe air; If, for a single d a y / h e fails lo farm--if I could but have ended my poarch." days thcro !" ho added, with a weary His eyes were brimming over with weave the prescribed length a of stuff "sigh. "Hero I'm a poor, weakly old he is bound with cords, like bundle man, and nobody nurses me or cares tears; his voice faltered strangely as of the marsh/lotos. It is only bv bribfor mc iiy tho city whirl--but there ho spoke ing doorkeeper with gifts of "Who lives hero now?" he asked. that the gets to look,out upon the bread every troe rs a friend of mine, and tho he light tfery wind anions the branches sounds "You said Burke had >old it." of day."' There was\one thing, how. "Nobody just at present. Sh;ill w»\ familiar in my cars !" the oppressed go in and v'valk through the r<»iynis?" ever, that in common w\thworkers of "Jt's no uso thinking about old Egypt had their taskHiram Lain- absented with a masters of every. rank.\ The dead tinfes, dear," said' his wife, sighing inclination of the head. almost inaudibly. bodies were mummified, although in a It was all the s.inie-4-the old fund-, cheap and careless manner,/"some"If I could culy have been contented to let thoso oil speculations alone." ture undisturbed in its nooks are! cor- times inclosed in coarse baskst^work, resumod Hiram, eagerly; "or if 1 ners, the worn, familiar carpets,/ne sometimes wrapped in palm frands could have bought them a m o n t h - Bam* tinting of .wall and woodwork., laced with palm-fiber, the only relics only a month--earlier! But I was mad Hiram Lacy could ;.lino>i believ'e that buried with them being a knotted cord/ --and we aro ruined! The landlord it was but yesterday he quitted Hie a pair of straw slippers, and a toolwas hero this morning,, persecuting threshhold. He sat. do»vn/in the-old punch; and with the fellah a pick and us^becauso tho rent of the room was cushioned arm chair, which had oiiee hoe; and these mummies of the humnot paid. I never thought I should been his special cha.r. / blest class are found lying side by side, " I shall die more/contential'\ for layer above layer, in enormous comcome to this, Huldah!" His wife made no reply. Marian- having seen tho dear' old farmhouse mon graves." The singular tuft of still wrote on, her brow slightly con- once more !" he said in a broken voice.. hair on the head of the Egyptian men "Father !" eri/d .Marian, unable u> and children of the present day protracted. "Still, we should have done well restrain herseLf'any longer, "you shall fessing to be followers of Mohammed is described by Josephus to have been chough," went on poor old Lacy, "if never leave \X'. It is home to you !" "Home ]/ repeated old Hiram in a the practice of the Phoenicians, who Marian could have made up her mind to marry young Deforest! Ho is well puzzled voice/ "It was home once, I used to shave the head, leaving only a lock on the crown, but for what puroff; wc old folks could have had a know, but--" "And it is homo now !" cried Mar- ·pose is unknown.-- Ladies'* Trwsuni. home with him, with onr feet on the green grabs'; and God's pure, clear mh, throwing her arms around his sky above our heads. It's not too neck and bursting into tears, ·Tell The Cost ot Disiufcfting Rags. late yot, lass. Deforest was here yes- him, mother ! I cannot." To disinfect rags costs about >Vj per "Marian is the oue who lias bought terd-ay when you and mother were ton. It Is done in an air-tight:J\n>lC gone down to those musty old news- it, father," said the old lady, witli paper offices. You'd better think of fond, maternal piide. "Her book has into which each bale of ragsjs-'drawn been published, and it was a great by means-oIiive-S-crews^wnich at the it, my girl!" "Marian looked up, tossing back the success, and she took the money to same time make live-perforations from buy the old farm back for her lather end to end of thtfbale. Super-heated drooping hair from her brow. steam is injected through the screws, "Father," she said, pitifully, " I and mother to end their days in." Old Hiram was silent for an instant; which are hollow and perforated with have told you that I do not love him!" "Love! love!" echoed the old man then he laid his hand on Marian's holes which permit jets of steam to penetrate through the rags m evensneeringly. "Love won't boil the-ket- bowed head. "My daughter," said he, "you have direction. An escape in the tipper tle nor buy a gown! I thought you had outgrown the age of school girl kept the fourth commandment, and part of the box is provided with a God will bless you for it in His own bath intended to intercept the passage sentiment!" " I hope 1 shall never outgrow it, good time. 1 never dreamed of this of any disease germ into the air. father!" answered Marian in. a low --when--when I was so cross and un- Most germs of life are killed at a If eat reasonable with you. But who is of 212 or -'15 degrees, but the steam voice. "And while you are waiting for love this?" as a shadow crossed the thresh- employed in this process is raised to to grow up in your heart your poor hold, and a tall, noble looking man 330. An exposure of four or live minold fathor and mother may pine their entered from another door. "One of utes here heats the bale so that it takes lives out in this city-smelling den!" Q our new neighbors, perhaps; there two hours for it to fall below tho ;~"r " I hone notr"father," said Marian." have been many changes since I lived icide point of 2V2.~-St. Louis t/.i. Democrat. here." "My writing--" "No, father," said Marian, growing " I don't want to hear another word He Took the Hismit. as rosy as the elms pinks in the garof your writing," interrupted Mr. A fashionable voting man of this L?cy. "If it hadn't been for your den outsido; "it is Mr. Arden, one of beautiful village, who. is of a very ridiculous k oa that you were a genius, the publishers of tho new book." " I ' m glad to sec you, sir," said Hi- economical turn, has the habit'when you'd havo settled down quietly to bo John Deforcst's wife live years ago!" ram Lacoy, with old fashioned court- he send* a note to his girl of adding Marian pursued the argument no esy, "and I'm glad you like my girl's this postscript: "Give negro boy a biscuit for carrying this note." 'Refurther, but her mother's gentle, en- writings." " I do, sir, very much," said Mr. cently the )oung lady promptly sent couragrng glance, as she looked up, mutually testified that she had at least Arden, Frankly, "and, moreover, I the young man quite a number of like tho girl--so well that I am here biscuits, informing him that he could one tender sympathizer. And the blue-eyed April violets blos- this afternoon to ask yon to give her henceforth prepay postage, and wheu tho rations were exhausted to draw somed and died, and hung her chap- to me for my wife.." "What does Marian say?" asked tho on hor for injure. A cok! wave now lets of bloom on tree and glen and forest, and still Marian toiled on, early old man, after an instant of bewilder- blows between that yonag lady and the collect-ou-dclivcry yov»ug man.and latei ^ · " ment. i> Hart,wcll£Ga.) Sun. * Her father's words often~T>fccui*edT 'She says yes,

A nm.osopuEn.



Pbj»Ical Conditions Brought Into Harmony * with the Bible Narrative. ..The quarterly statement of - the Palestine exploration fund for April of this year, says The, London Post, contains an interesting article by Prof. Hull, of Dublin, on "The Relations of Land and Sea in the Isthmus of Suez 'at the Time of the Exodus," wherein he deals with the question of the actual position of the passage pf the Red Sea by the children of Israel. Prof. Hull justly remarks that, according to the present position of land and water, {there is a direct land way across into the wilderness of Etham, and he asks whether, if at the time of the exodus the physical conditions of the district north of Suez had been the same as they are now (of course be disregards for Jthe moment the existence joiLJthe Suez canal), there would have been cause for the cry of despair from the Israelites, or the necessity for the stupendous miracle of deliverance such as the bible narrative relates. Ho thon proceeds to show that tho beds of sand and gravel containing shells, coral,and other marine forms now existing in the waters of the Gulf of Suez (which beds are found on oither side of the gulf up to at least two hundred feet above the present sea level), form complete eviFrost Preserves Them. dence of the elevation of the whole "If your garret or loft is only cold1 land area of that particular region, but that this elevation must nave enough, there isn't anv reason in t h e taken place at a time long antecedent world why you shouldn't treat y o u r to that of the exodus He points out friends with plump, full-flavored what is true, that if at the time of the 'Rhode Island greenings, Baldwins, o r exodus an elovation of not more any other choice apples, just as well than from twenty-live to thirty feet next; J u n e as you did last Christmas,"' had remained to be effected, the land sajd a Washington street commission now forming the southern part of the merchant. ''IlLhave last year's BaldIsthmus of Suez would have been sub- wins, and I don't know but last year's merged, by the waters of the Red s e a / freenings, as sound as a knot, in my and he regards it as in the highest de- ouse next summer, in the same dish gree probable that as the time "when with this year's harvest apples; yet the exodus, took place the waters of nine out of ten people would have the Red sea extended northward, up thought these same apples were ruined the valley at least as far as the Bitter two months ago, and would have treatlakes, producing a channel twenty to ed them accordingly. Why? Simply thirty feet in depth, anol perhaps a because they were frozen." mile in breadth; a terrible barrier to "Doesn't the freezing of apples spoil the Israelites, and sufficient to induce them, then?" asked the reporter. a-cry of despair froni the whole multi"The general opinion i s , " replied tude." Having quite recently tra- the merchant, "that after an apple versed the whole isthmus, making a freezes its value is gone; but the factspecial examination of the portion be- is that just the contrary fs the trtithv~ tween IsmaiKya and Suez, the follow- Let a barrel of apples freeze in t h e ing incident, which then occurred, ap- fall, and keep them froze, or, rather, pears t o b e worthy of notice, inasmuch do not disturb them, and in the spring as it is eminently corroborative of Dr. they will be in the very condition they HulT/S7 view: While engaged with were when taken from the tree. Baldother members of the international wins, and, in fact, all favorite eating: commission upon the investigation'of apples, do not have their full flavor "various matters connected with the nor mellowness when packed in the question of improving the Suez canal, fall. They ripen in the barrel, and some of our party landed from time to are at. their best m January. After time, and on one occasion at a point that they begin to decay, and when between what is now the north end of ,,March comes they are few and tar bethe Gulf of Suez and.the south of Bit- tween, those that are left being the reter lakes, not, in fact, very far to the sultof especial good care and attennorth of the bridge of boats by which tion. -. the pilgrims from^Mecca cross the "If they are frozen in the fall, howcanal. Desiring to.test for myself the ever, the ripening process is checked. character and hardness of the unbroken The vitality of the apple is simply susground at this point, and a height ot pended, and it only needs proper about twelve or fifteen feet above sea treatment to restore it to its natural the lirst stroke of a pick turned up action. The trouble has always beeo from three inches below the surface a that when a barrel of apples was thick cake of-a- dull white substance, found to be frozen it was rolled off at which at the moment appeared to be once to a warm place and subjected to gypsum, and, while stooping to take it a rapid thawing. S >me people take up; I remarked accordingly, but sim- the apples out ot the barrels and ultaneously a colleague who was stand- plunge them into col I water ,to draw ing at my side exclaimed, " S a l t ! " On the frost out. The result is a flabby/ asking^ him how it camo to pass that flavorless fruit, really not worth thehe so instantly arrived at this conclu- room it occupies, and subject to speedy sion, he replied that the whole dis- decay; all because of popular ignortrict thereabout was full-of-^such salt. ance. A frozen apple is one of the When it is explained that this gentle- most sensitive things in the world. man had the engineering charge of a Touch your linger upon it, and when*" considerable length of the Suez canal the frost is thawed from the apple, theat the time work was in course of con- spot touched will bo a mark of d e c a y / struction, and consequently had-thus which spreads rapidly over the fruit. acquired an intimate knowledge of "Therefore, if you ever find that this district, and also that on testing your barrel of Baldwins is frozen, heat the ground at other points thereabouts it gently. If the apples are thoroughly I found skit existing below a thin cov- frozen the barrel will not be full by ering of sand a t heights considerably nearly a peck, so much has the fruit above the sea level, there is ample contracted with the frost. It would warrant for saying, as I have done, be impossible now to move the barrel that the extensive existence of salt in without ruining every apple in it. So, this form, and at such a height, can if it stands'where it will not be subject not bo regarded -othefwtefT than as a to sudden warmth, and. thus thawed proof that the w»tet6 of tho Rod oca out rapidly, lei it aland.--Cover t h e did at one tinjio^xtend as far north as applejs up where they will be kept dark.. tho Bittej>-lakes. A specimen nearly Then go away and let them alone unan inchi thick is before me as I, write. til spring comes and draws the frost / Further evidence that at some period out of everything. Then uncover antecedent to the formation of the-^uez- -your apples. It may, but canal the sea extended as far up tne you will find the barrel full to the ! isthmus as the Bitter lakes is found head with the plump fellows that were ( in a remarkable sample of salt which rolled into your house in the fall, ami was cut from the bottom of the Bitter which were a sorry-looking lot of lakes by the engineers of the Suez Ca- wrinkled, shrunk-up fruit the last time nal company before the sea was let in you saw them. to effect the completion of the water "If the'y/were assorted apples when communication between the northern packed you need not pick them over, and southern sections of the work. This block of salt to which my atten- for they wilKbe just as sound and tion was directed by M. de Lesseps, is hard as they were in November. By preserved in the court-yard attached the middle of May or 1st of June they to the offices of the canal company at will be in the fragrant, mellow condiIsmailiya. It is fully seven feet in tion that they would have been in five height, and, according to M. Vosnil months before if the frost hadn't Bey, v h o at the time it was taken out stepped in and held it back. I've had acted as the company's chief engineer apples frozen and thawed-tbree times in Egypt, salt certainly existed to a in one winter, owing to sudden changes still greater depth, but to what pre- in the weather, but they were all right cise extent is not known. I may hero when the final drawing of the frost mention that, while passing over the took placo. A barrel of apples might, 1,500 miles from tho Straight of Bab el be kopt frozen a thousand years, I be-" Mtndeb fo Suez, the water of the Red lieve, and the fruit would" be just as sea is so far changed by evaporation sound and fine flavored when thawed that samples taken from tho surface out and ripened as it was the day it. at Suez have been proved to be nearly was packed,"--New York Sun. --, '«^ » -- -- two parts in 1,000 saltier than those at Paralyzing Puns. Bab el MaJfcteb. It should be borne An agricultural country--Hay-ti. in mind, moreover, that an -exA little one for a scent--An onion. ceptionally great amount of evapAn idle-eyed female--The blind oration would necessarily take place within such a comparatively woman. shallow island basin as that of the BitTho young man who sows wild oats. ter lakes, having its surface swept by is apt to reap his sown. the hot, dry air of tho Arabian desert, Murderers in prison are candidates and shut ft from tho Mediterranean by for hempt-tie honors. the high backs of Serapeum immediThe man who made the first s t e a m ately to the north, or, at any^ engine should have been a man oL great engine-unity,--Vamty Fair.

. » i

the still higher ridge of country at El Guish. These conditions would obviously contribute to the formation of such a remarkable deposit of salt as ifr found in the specimen-above described. VA peculiar feature in this specimen is the presence of a thin layer of sand, most probably caused during the prevalence of violent southerly winds, which, from time to time, r a i a e t h e s e a level of Suez nearly three feet above that of an ordinary sp/ing tide in calm weather. The'strong current to the northward on such occasions* would be sure to carry a considerable quantity of sand into tho Bitter lakes, sufficient,. it may be assumed, to account for the layers of sand in question. The facts to which 1 have here called attention appear to me unquestionably to coofirm the view entertained by Prof.. Hull. Feeling with him that, according-to this--v4ew-, the phyaieai condi- · tions at the time of the exodus-will be brought into harmony with the bible narrative, and that the difficulty whieh which has hitherto surrounded the subject of the passage of the Israelite* through the Red sea will thus have been to a great extent removed. I have ventured to send you the result of my own recent personal observations, in the hope that the interest of the subject raav secure a place for thisletter in your columns.



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J. L. NEWKIKK, EDITOR AND PUBLISHED Pinckney Michigan, Thureday, May 14th>

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The chief editor of the New York THE TROTHS<f STALLIOX, Herald, the Rev. l)r. Hep worth, is pastor of a church in Newark, New Jersey. His parishoners think-they fa not getting their money's worth when he preaches only one sermon nn Sunday, and that perhaps an old one, while Bennett grudges him the time taken to deliver it. He should divide his sermons into editorial paragraphs and advise his hearers to subscribe to the Herald" if they want to get Will makf thp season of 1Srt5 at the proprietor'** stables, " niilert wi^iof LLuicknoy. TV mis, $10 hv ,) their money back.--Free Press. tlu1 "oaaon: 3K> to injure Seiifon money dm.' at



In the appointment of G. V. N. Lothrop as minister to Russia PresiHaving rented D. Richards' dent Cleveland has shown due regard foa the dignity of the office and for the reputation ot the nation whose ambassador Mr. Lathrop becomes. It is not we are now prepared to do all probable that Mr. Latliop has sought kinds of "--· this, or any other office, and his selectiun is, mereiure, a surpnsing^oin ras is, tin rrrast KEPAlKlNCi. to the nomination of such men as KelIncluding' ^orse* Shoeing. ley and Meier for foreign appointments. Mr.Lathrop, it need hardly Machine and Steel WorK done to be said, was not urged upon the pres- order". ident by the office-broking mpb of PARKER & SPEARS. small Democrats who recently invaded Washington.--Post.

time of service, All mares at owner's risk. Season ending July 1st. ALBERT WILSON, Proprietor.


N e are the first and the only bouse in the et&to making Hosiery and Handkerchiefs an^xclusive N specialty. We carry as fine and as large an assortment aa any eastern house, audjnjpTtc*}» we guar-abtee-tu niateb the lowest. WV solicit the trade to'send for sample dozen on^pproval, naming price, colorB and styles. We are working for the Hosiery and Haadkerchief^trade and for it will give the \er\ heat of goods for the money at tne lowest possible price, JH"*' will give you a better cash dis^ count than any house in our line. Our representative wmcaifbn the trade every sixty days. " L Y O N , D U N N I N G ^ e O T f 9 9 AND 101 WEST LARNEDYr., DETROIT. iG>e< i

f. -2 0 2 H *

./V IF IFt IF. S K I N T 1

A St. Petersburg dispatch brings the news of popular demonstrations in honor of General Komaroft. It is said that he has become "a national hero.' 1 He is regarded by the populace as the embodiment of the national spirit and .pride, and of the aggressive ambition of Russia. At the risk of setting England aflame with rage, /Komaroff fought the- Afghans and boldljptook possession cf disputed Jefrifory. As it appears to the Rus5Tans, the battte on the bordei^tfnd subsequent operationspf-the Russian forces, were ? huThe Most Delightful iation to the Lion. This was enough to stir the popular spirit, which Palaoe Steamers. l o w Sates. finds vent in cheers for Komaroff. If Vour Tripe per Week Between there is to be an amicable settlement DETROIT AND MACKINAC : of present, complications,, by mutual And Srery Week Say Between concessions, or even by a radical modDETROIT AND CLEVELAND . ihcation of the claims of the Russian Writeforonr \'Olovernment, General Komaroff will .vitail :\& a hero in the eyes of the Rus- " Piotureiqut Maokinao," Illustrated. Contains Tall TartieoJere. Vailed Tree. sians. He prodded the Lion with his Detroit St Cleveland Steam Nav. Co. sword and the beast sdvuikawavC. D . WHITCOMB, OCM. PAa)«. A«T^

Our readers for 1^ rents in jioata^o Htampe t( pay for mailim.' and wra|i])iuu, anil names of two l)o"ok a^'ente, will n-rehe FRE^ H STEEL FIN.SH P*«. LO« ENORAV.FIO "* all CUR PRESIDENTS, including CLEVELAND, size'·i'-'x^ indies, worth $-4.1)0. ADDRESS ELD£R PUB, CO., CHICA50 J il i t^'











x IV



*ubll*lied t?very Thursday a t $2 per y e a r ; or,




line HonMor$1.00


·An examination of GOODS solicitedVI, i**; mn* **ith **>hi«h thm VOVXtf MM mm ^-*9*ll ate thf O f i O R R m*n*9rmmrth*fn*m4lm «»re **Hght«*. Km+* MHtaser tmmfmttim ti;ty.»ijcr<»httHnm »»HI-/Ifieri **i*h tn* mmmt *$'lgin*tl m i ' t m i w / l i l ' v aw«Ve#0af^ri >» tel»i(«/i «tr>«> nrtirlem tm im%*r«mt, 'timtruet mnd b*H*flt mfmry rceMfer.

******t~r, fv AI~1 BKmriKcri


>ol Departmenl


Cw»dnetedby R**>. ,T. M&TtFJ. Croaer Theological --*-^OmMmr mTMWl., ^ hmmmmm KmmmmlMmiim igsr^reymr*M *m» for eramtnettoei an i upon appttoafloo. Reod for tbetsC


k IV I a









* "

PASACAS. It is not to electrify the world by some brilliant performance on the turf that we present the picture'of thesubjact of our sketch on the frontispiece of thd Horseman this week, but to place again before the public one of the grandest horses in general conformation and as a stock horse in Michigan. Pasacas, whose picture appears here, and one that represents him very truly, and for which a great deal of credit is due the artist, is a blood bay stallion, 1 5 | hands high, of wonderful conformation, superior both in quality and substance throughout. Hts sire is the great Almont, son of Alexander's Abdallah; bis dam is Glory, by Jackson's Western Star" by Piatt1* Western star, son of Blacknose, by Medoc, son of American Eclipse, by Duroc, son of imp. Dioined;2d dam by Boanbrges; {Jd dam by Gallatin. He is the property of W. W Starkey, Fovvlervitle, Livingston County, Michigan. While bis career on the turt has been very limited, he has trotted some creditable races. In 1878 he was entered through the Oil Circuit in Pennsylvrnia in the 2:40 class, and trotted his lirstracein in the circuit at Oil City, September l&tfl against John McDougal and Cricket, but was driven for, second place only on account of having suffer» · ed a temporary disability from the efThe Woodchuck at a Weather Prophet. The Conuecitcut country editors are fectotavery severe quarter (Tack in one of his front feet that had been very greatily wrought over a story that a annoying to both horse and owner Fitehtield county woodchuck was throughout the whole season, but in caught in a trap in March. Their fehis race his owner learned to prize patrons are taking up the pen and an more highly the sterling qualities and indomitable courage that he has & . o aopalliag deluge of woodchuck know- stoutly inherited tbi-ough his royal anledge is outpouring on the great ques- cestry. When scoring lor the second tion whether the woodchuck does or heat he burst open his quarter afresh, doesn't know enough to stay in his but came unflinching to the wire for hole until April at least. A Har- the word, and troted a good second in the heat, and when he cam*} out 1.. r winton expert on woodchuck* swears the third heat he carried his lame foot, by the eternal horn spoon that '-when going from the stail to the track on he was a boy" he traped chucks every three legs, and his owner tuinkin^ it month in the year. A Caeshire man. cruel to start him again, went to the stand to draw him, but his driver presays his dog treed one last week on a vailed on him to let him come to. score branch twenty feet above the ground, oftceT-tosee if he would not-braceoip and an aged farmer with the_truth_o.ii -enough to savei hts distancein the heat, his lips and mud on his boots tells the and thereby win second money, which gentle editor of the Derby Transcript he did. The moment his check wa& that March is the wbodchuck's mating iilaced. and he turned tor the wjordfhe came down the stretch, Ji^rleyes like season, and after & light snow they bails of Hre, anditetecl like he was can be tracked for long distances on ready to do^cpdieTand he was allowed their evening tramps in search of a to go tho-heat, and was only b 'iiteii by housekeeper for the coming summer JjohtTJlclJougal a neck in 2:33£, without even a nod, over a hall imie trauiv, --Hartford Post. a 3b foot grade in the tirst quarter, which accounts tor the slow ume BUI Nye on RoUeKSkatiny. made over the track I hat season. At The roller^sjcate is a wayward little Edinburg the next week he won third quaglropea. It is as frolicsome and placii, and at Parkers the week followiiiore innocent looking than a lamb, ing he won second place in agoud tie Id of horses.' At MassilUon, Ohio, the but for interfering with one's upright same fall he was started in the three attitude in the community it is per- minute class to win, and won in haps the best machine that has ap- straight heacs, beating Young liruao, Doctor Cash (both ringing out of thenpeared. class), and fmr others, best turn* 2r&> One's first feeling on standing upon in. deep sand. c pair of roller skates is an unconIt will be remejabert-d that Pasaci trollable tendency to come from to- was broujjit-^tb" Landing, Mich,, in gether. One foot may start fjr Ida- February 1878, a place where well ea mores were comparatively unho, while thd other promptly str known at, that time, and ,, where the people was very much 'prejudiced out for Arizona. against such high priced stock--as One of the most>noticeable tilings they termed it---from the fact that a t a skatii^rrnlT. is the strong at- other well bred stallions ha>j been tracjtiornoetween the human bjdy and largely patronized in different localithe floor of the rink. If the human ties throughout the state, and as yet had failed to produce trotters, and they body had been coming through space they could not be induced to patroni/e for daysj at the rate of a million this horse, the consequence wa* he had miles a second, without slopping at to seek other gelds tor his labor, and he svas taken to Fowlerviile where he his eating stations, and not excepting now owned and wlvre he has made a Mindays, when it strikes the floor, great local reputation as a sire. Paswe could understand why it strikes acas is a horse of wonderful individual excellency and prepotency as a sire; his the floor with so much violei\ce. As colts all inherit in a reinarkabledegiee it h>, however, the t h i n g is quite in- the indomitable courage, nerve and instinct to do or die so conspicuous in explicable. ~~ their sire. There are different kinds of falls in Out of 245 colts got by this horse up vogue at the rink. There are the to 1882 from all colors in dains, 117 are rear fall and front fall the Cardinnl bay, 26 are chestnut, and two are gray. Wolsey fall, fall one across the other This shows theprepotency in the blood, three in a pile, and so on. There are with power to transmit. These colts are largely bred and owned by farmsom« of the falls that I wouldJike to ers, consequently very few of them have be excused from describing. The been handled or trained. Up to this rear fall is the favorite. I t is more date not more than a dozen mares brought to-his embrace can be traced frequently utilized than any other. to any speed producing strains of There tire two positions in skating. blood, and the produce from these the perpendicular and horizontal. dams are too young to develope much spejedy Those ot his get that have^belm Advanced skaters prefer the perpen- handled are out of strict lycoW^looded dicular, while ot'.ers effect thejiotfi^ dams, as far as know^HtTfd it can safely be said thatjva-streNiu Michigan can Quintal. ^<" show sueh-arTotof fine^olts with same Skates are no /espector of persons. agjji*#ate amount ot sf>eed, superior They willJay"out a minister of the fuality, and substance fors road and gospel-or the mayor of the cjty^as track from the class of darns, as this son of the great Almont. Tfrey have readily as they will a jbaft coated taken tirst premiums over all comers boy or ajjidi whenever snosvn with their sire tor sweepstakes, for stallions, and six of man's feet start for his own get, at the Michigan State* and the other for Colorado, Central, and Western Fairs, also as t h a t does not separate him from the single and individual horses in their floor or break up his fun. Other cii^s.--Chicago Horseman. portions of his body will take the the place his feet have just vtcated IMPORTANT. When you visitor leave New York C«tv, saw with a promptness that is surprising. b*KVW expre»aage and carriage hire aaa stop at And he will know that the fun has tae Grand Uni»>u Hotel, opposite Or and Central l>t>pot. ant just beffun--for the people looking - Klegj rooma fitted np at a coat of one mil Forgot Something. "What! You in mourning!" she exclaimed, as she entered the car und caught sight of an acquaintance. "Yes." "Someone dead?" "Yes." "Dead and buried, eh?" "Yes." "Well, that'b too bad! Died of pnou monia, 1 suppose?" "Nn,--of brain fevm." "Dear rae, but that's awful! How do you like my new hat?" The^ newcomer rattled on in_ this T^sHion for twenty minutes, and then lett the car. As it started again after leaving the cross walk she made vigorous motions to the conductor, and when he had brought the vehicle to a halt she said: "Won't you please ask that lady friend of mine if it was her husband or one of her children who died. I forg o t to find out.11 " She didn't find oat on .that trip,-- . Free Press.

The ft Dftlr o f . . . . . On. . . . . ..^- -oilara, reduced to \l.00 and upward* pet lion doilara, ^1.00 per e q u i p m e n t s for t h e rink are day. European »lan. Klevator. ReaUarantiiip . , . * * _ I plied with the beat I'orae car*, fad MfvaKc 4kat68, a CUBhlOn a n d a DOt-1 railroad to all depou. KaxalUea can live better . v ( O M M I BOOM at the Grand Uniou Uuiai U»c


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Plains and Brocaded OTTOMAN-CORDS* MattefcesteF Brocaded Fanctesr etc-.retc, -afc -20-eta. worth 2o-et». fiue line of S U I T I N G S , at 25c. worth 30 cts. W e are making special prices on all Broadhead Dress Gooda. A-



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r> o ~w isr


i isr ID

Which has met with such wonderful anc/esa in the past and ia faet paining in popularity; also elevated Binders of diffurerustj^S: the well known


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tic oMinwHat.

mr <**m ** *m bo»i to , o > ^

J. Mba







n ^




^ ^












Old travelers wondered at these coffins f INDUSTRIAL BREVITIES. s e t u p above ground; and the SpanSoma of tho Singular Customs of the Aborigiards--as little scrupulous as Dr. Sterninal Residents of America A London paper says: The number When the Indians were g r e a t n a t i o n s berg "about violating burial places-- of live stock and tho quantity of fresh J . L. N K W K I E K , Publisher. instead'broken, w a n d e r i n g t r i b e s , t l u i r found in some of them a deal of wealth. meat shiuped weekly to this country -.customs were more elaborate. Lawson, Tho burial boxes of a tribe on tho from tho United Suites and Canada "who wrote a history of the Carolinas Talomeco river, Oregon, are said to still continues on a very large scale, i r e * «ft »»* in the first years of the last century, have furnished handfuls of pearls to a and, as already stated, a further inwas struck with the care tho Indians party of soldiers that were exploring crease in the importation of both live CUfiBENT TOPICS. showed in keeping the corps from con- the coast. 25 YEARS_JN_ USE, stock and fresh meat is anticipated. The Chinese, wo remember, also Tho arrivals at Liverpool during tho tact with the soil. Their feeling was above g r o u n d ; week ending Feb. 7 from the above Tho Greatest Madical Iviuapb, of*the £$*. just the opposite of that expressed by keep their coffins H E R E is the entertaining prophesy SYMPTOMS OF A " e a r t h to e a r t h . " Old travelers give and, ages ago, they used to be as n a m e d countries were unusually large, of a Pittsburg man: " I n 50 years, or quaint wood-cuts of the quigozogon or reckless as tho red men in their offer- and in excess of any preceding week perhaps in half that time, coal will not mausoleum, in which dead people of ings to the dead. The Scythians-- since the beginning of the year. The IiOaa of appetite, Dowel* coetlve, Pain in be carried from the mines to its place note were laid. It was lined as well as probably also belonging to the yellow total Imports amounted to 2,079 cat- the bend, with n dull sensation la the race-- seems to us to nave been the back parr, l'tiin uudcr tbo shoulder* of destination in bulk, but only its floored with mats, and had its sides most lavish because of the quantity of tle, 12,803 quarters of sheep,2,184 car- blade, Fullness after eating, wllli ndls* secured from falling in by well-spliced casses of mutton, and 100 hogs. The actual heat energy will bo transported, poles, which supported an arched gold found in their torabs. But gold conveying stt amers,twelve in number, inclination to exortionof body omlnrf, Irritability of temper, luew spirit*, with and that by wiro, a process which, he roof. . If all this seems too much was common in the Ural; and to a were as follows: Norseman, 508cattle a feellsff of hnrlug neglected some duty, Weerlaess, Dizxiuees, Flattering at the says, can be accomplished Iby convert- trouble for " s a v a g e s " to take, wo Scythian king even the treasures found and 891 quarters of beef; Dominion, Heart, Dote before tho eyes* Headache in such a tomb as Koul-Oba, near 300 cattle; Nessmore, 460 cattle; Vir- over the right eye, Uestleesness, wttk ing the coal into heat, the heat into m u s t remember that thoy were not K^ertch, were not more valuable savages--had many arts which they t h a n j ^ h i i a j u - j j a ? c a t t h v 1.064 quarters-ef fltful dreamt, Highly colored Urine, » a # ttotionnnd the mbtlonTnto electricity^ have lost througli contact with the alt" t h a t calico, a n d those Buffalo robes beef, and 265 oarcasses Of mutton; _ St CQN STJPATION. C n ,, Tt/TT'S PILLS nro especially e> Md a storage battery in Cincinnati would whites, and, from tho u n s p a r i n g way and blankets, were to poor Cheyenne. Istrian. 272 cattle, 1,377 quarters of to men ono dose effects V beef, and 139 carcasses of mutton; tbango ofcases,up n.s to astonish the SMB e take it up as fast as generatethat the in which nowadays they give their best All the Year Hound. feel 1 sufferer. They cause Lake Manitoba, 132 cattle, 899 quar- body toIncrease the A ppettte,snd ay itemthe mines, a n d from this battery i; mwld to their dead friends, we may argue that Take ou FIc*h,thu» the Is The Heredity of Alcohol. t h e Bry and Latitau, and other explorters of beef, and 181 oarcasses of mut*, noaxished.smt by tholr Tonic Action on be taken, and converted iu k It is of course fresh in the minds of ton; Samaria, 1,100 q u a r t e r s of beef? the DlfestgYe Organs, tteaulor stools are ers, simply depicted what they saw, and jMjoduced^Prlc^Mk^^farrai^tyWjY. motion a n d heat, or chair.:· ·! t h a t the houses of the dead were, among the readers of The Health Monthly ( a n d Arizona, 1,580 quarters of beef, and some tribes, really far more sumptuous indeed there are reminded each m o n t h 870carcasses of m u t t o n ; Nevada, 2,620 light." than those of the living. Here is an* by the discussion that js going on in quarters of beef, and 500 carcasses of *Gni.T HAIR or WHIAKIR* changed to a instance of this present-day unspar- these columns) that Dr. George W. m u t t o n ; Spain, 1,560 q u a r t e r s of beef, GLOBST BLACK by a single application of THE president of the Manchc. & ingness in a poor broken tribe in Cali- Keith, in October, presented some won- and 330 carcasses of m u t t o n ; Britannic, this DTK. It imparts a natural color, acts instantaneously. Sold by Druggists, or medical society, England, said recently fornia. These Californians burn their derful facts for the purpose of showing 800 q u a r t e r s of beef, and 200 carcasses^ sent by express on receipt of 91. · g t h a t the number of deaths from cancer dead, as do many Indians of the far that intemperance was not transmis- of mutton, and British Princess, 914 Office, 4 4 Murray St., New York* west; and the scene at the chief's sible from parent to child through the q u a r t e r s of beef, 149 carcasses of muthad increased from 4,807 in 1849 to 14,- b u r n i n g reminds one of the burials of laws of inheritance. Those who have ton, a n d 1QQ hogs. ^^^^^^ 057 in 1882, tho last return available. the old Greek heroes. " I n his mouth been replying to Dr. Keith have m a n A Kansas farmer writes as follows Mr. Whitehead did not compare deaths were placed two gold twenties, and aged the subject so well we have been smaller coins on his breast and in his disposed to take a back seat and assume about exterminating artichokes: Plow from cancer wkh population, but with hands and ears. All his finery--feath- the p a r t of spectator r a t h e r than that under when they have attained the the total number of deaths, a n d ho er maatles, plumes, clothes, shell- of a wide-awake disputant, We take height of one foot. They only grow found that whereas, in 1849 out of the money, bows, arrows--was heaped the floor now only for a moment to re- from the tubers. At this time the old P R I C E . 'Xe.lftrfiHJJr'ire *s total moralty one death in 90 was due upon him; and as soon as the dirge mind both Dr. I^eith and those who tubers are decayed and the new ones Ho- 8 for Urge fiailly 9 Ho. 8 for Hotel and Iassdrj 10 to cancer, in 1882 tho proportion wag_one and funeral dance were set going the are discussing the subject with him have not formed. This has been [ndian spectators began to lose their that he has given the observations of practiced here to my positive knowlOver 20,000 in ttn, in 36. These figures do not represent heads. One. stripped off a brand-new only on physician. There is hardly edge with perfect success. The great the extent of the increase fully, because broadcloth coat and Hung it on the any end of the list of those who ob- t e r r o r of many good people that they formerly fibroids, polypi, etc., were in- pyre, howling piteously. Another was served the effects of Heredity and the will take tho farm is a slander on this cluded u n d e r the term cancer. In 1882 just throwing on a pile of blankets, observations are certainly quite in con- innocent plant and is a g r e a t hindrance when a white man offered him $10 for trast with those given by Dr. Keith as to its general culture. Hogs also will twice as m a n y females died from can- them, jingling tho bright coins before coming u n d e r his eye. Dr. H o w e , in d e s t r o y tnem if pastured in the growcer as males, and the proportionate his eyes."" The redman hurled him his report on idiocy in Massacnusetts, i n g seasons. They will produce from -aside, and threw his offering with the stated that the habits of one o r ^ b p t h four h u n d r e d to ono thousand bushels increase has been g r e a t e r among rest. Women kept throwing oh all parents of 800 idiots had been" learned per acre. They produce more hog women. they had in the world--their gayest and that 145 of these unfortunate chil- food per acre than any other crop X dresses, their shell neckla-es. Indeed, dren were be the offspring of am acquainted with and the hogs will P E O P L E who enjoy shopping and so furious got the excitement that habitual drunkards. He presented the harvest the crop themselves. getting bargains should go to Berlin some of them would themselves have -ease of^ofie d r u n k a r d who was the paT h e r e are about 12,000,000 and join in the scramble for "some- len ped i n h, ad_they not been p r e von ted.. rent of seven idiots. Dr. Beach, medof buckwheat raised in t h i n g t o b o o t r* * - which" d e al e r s 1 n TbatT TTTeTdea~wasTh~uY "the souls o f t h o I ical superintendent of the Darenth States, and OS per ' city gladly give to attract trade. Thus^ tilings thus burned went off charioted Asylums at a ' m e e t i u g of the British is credited to N< Medical Association reported that an it is said: Confection houses give Chi- in the smoke-wreaths, along with tho analysis of 430 cases under his own vania. Althp«g*h not the better wav, soul of the dead waif. At this funeral nese shawls, hats and satchels; grocers the white men who were looking on care showed 31.6 per cent, of idiotic muchof-HTls^ threshed by machine in Uje^-fleTd where it grew, as little acbribe cooks"with gifts of soap; butchers calculated", that at least $/300 worth of children were tho offsprings of in^ count is made of straw, and this plan Thousands of ladies are uting it, and they speak of it in the hlghmiWma, saying that they would give extra slices of ham, and dry g o o d s , guxfds \vei\: destroyed, and what sur- t e m p e r a t e parents and he i saves handling; and at first thought it rather dispense with any.other household article, ed that in his p r i v a t e s - p r a c t i c e seems to be the cheapest way of disdealers give dress patterns, valuable prised iiicm most was that the Indians, similar ttian No well-regulated proofs werjj-^^continually posing of it. Rut many farmers claim familythis excellent Washer.It saves the clothes, at o"ier times such close bargainers,, ! will be without it, as --accordi^-as4h<^value-^-Jlie"^ia ehase-- '{"wlmtty forgot flTetrusual greed. confronting himj^-EJrT Turner, _pf the that tae old-fashioned way of thresh- ·are* labor, saves time, uvea fuel, saves soap, and makes waahday no longer a dread, but rather a is much or little. T h e p r a c t i c o is most " U hy, he'd have cleared $8 if he'd sold New York^fca-teinebriato Asylum, in ng with a flail is not only better, but pleasant recreation, aa much as such is possible. most general>fti6ng booksellers, who me his blankets.'" said the man who his seeiMKrannual report stated t h a t cheaper^ as the machine cracks much HOBTOX M'F'G CO., ia<t made the offer. " I only did it t o c^-t5T1406 cases of delirium t r e m e n s of the grain. The price paid per give toysV"dolls, games, pencils, and coming under his-ob*ervatien 980 h a d bushel for the machine, saying nothing Agents Wanted. Ft. Wayne, In4* try him»_ajid. precions g l a d 1 w a t h e Tike, and recently in one of tlie an inebriate parent or grand-parent, about extra help required, will nearly when I saw he man at or both. He further expresses the beBerlin school the police had actually such a price. was too wil pay for threshing with a flail. to be called in, the pupils having got Where they do^-rfot burn they are lief that if the history of each patient's G. W. Truesdcl], a Massachusetts into a violent quarrel over some fire- equally l a y j ^ l t r D r . Sternberg, of t,ho ancestors could be ascertained it would dairyman, in feeding cows gives a be discovered that eight out of ten of, crackers obtained by ono of them as U'nite^Sflites army, found tn Kansas, therh wero free ' users of alcoholic mixed diet} of hay, bran, and cornajjwfil; le Cheyennes, a burial-case 'boot' in a book store purchase"!' A testimonial of a similar meal; d o e ^ n o t 7fe*ed cotton seed meal; raised some eight feet from the ground poison. character comes to us trom N o r m a n would nwr give milch-cows all the hay> on four notched uprights. S e e i n g t h a t M R . W. D. H O W E L L S isejtgnged upit was carefully constructed, his "civ- Kerr, M. D., F. L. S., an eminent Lon- they will eat; prefers g r a d e jJerseys on a new serial s t o r ^ - f d r T h e Century ilized" instinct prompted once don physician, from Dr. Mitchell in f o r b u t t e r m a k e r s ; would not have a before the British poor milker in his employ if he would Magazine, tojpiffiw " T h e I^ise of Silas to send it to the Army Medical muse- his testimony um at Washington, where it was found House of Commons, from Dr. Lauhier, work for nothing; sets his milk i LaphanOf^which will be finished in the to consist of a box six feet long, three, of tho French Medico-Psychological pans that stand from twent ist number. The" publication of feet high, and three feet dep'p, of white Society. Erasmus Darwin, M. D., F. hours to thirty-six hours betpre^skim-j mmg. His time is when] the new story wilt be begun possibly willow branches, neatly united, with a R. S./from Dr. Elam, a L o n d o n au- ho can get the m otot psell-beef it, which] s r o t i t on during the~~autunin, and will be com- floor of burlalo thongs, and straps fas- thority on physical degeneracy and- is at the age of 12 to 15 months. Had tened it to four twelve-foot ironwood from M. Rousel, M. Taquet, M. Laupleted in six numbers of the magazine. poies, which had rested in the notched ceraux and many other well-known calves at t h a t age that dressed 440; It is said to deal with tho fortunes of a uprights. Outside were two buffalo authorities, last but not least of whom p o u n d s ' a n d 573 pounds. country boy in Boston, and with the robes of the largest /size, and inside may be mentioned Dr. Rtchardson, t One of the newer uses to which it is proposed to apply steel wire, in a perplexities, on his account, of the min- five more, each bound round with a well-known writer on the a b u s e ^ o f a l 1 bright sash, were successively re- cohol. As remarked at . t h e earlier u t e r who has tried to help him with ad- moved. Then came five blankets-- stage of this discussionT^Dr. Keith's braided or woven form, is its adaptation to belting for driving machinery! vice; and will therefore illustrate phases two red, two blue, one white; and next paper was a welcome contribution, not of all kinds. Some things may bej of one of the peculiar questions of a white and gray/striped sack, and in- only because-if was calculated to lead said both for and against this use off American life. The situations will be side that a United States infantry to iiseiwMnquiry but because his facts wire, but, as in so many kindred^ overcoat, like all the other wra jvefe really quite r e m a r k a b l e Dr. fresh, and the characters a larger group nearly new. Then, on a p r a p p m g M Keith's testimony is just as creditable things, the choice must often lie in thej general expediency of the given case, w than Mr. Howells usually brings upon rags, was the "medicine-bag" of the | a g a n y t j i a t n a g j j e e n presented on the as to whether a skillful hand will be! or the scene of a novel. In the minister, dead baby--Of course it was a baby; other side of the question and from likely to be near by to take care of the! 16 readers of The Centnry will recog- all those wrappings left only room tor our personal knowledge of the man wire belt when it reveals some one of] a year-old/child. The bag contained a we know that he has not taken the the trifling early tendencies to a need, se one of the subordinate characters parcel of/red paint, some bits of deer- position that he has through any over- of repair which with such fixtures een-j of " T h e Rise of Silas L a p h a m . " skin, along with straps, buckles, and weening love of the cup t h a t inebri- erally a p p e a r only to one searching) carefully for them. other qetds and ends. The inner wrap- ates.--Dr. Footers Health Monthly. Afresh impetus to bible study will, no pingS/Were three splendid robes, each Can't Keep Up With the Language. It will surprise some people to learnj -floubt, be given by--tfnr app6arance~of afrnn/ fnnr fppt--long, of buffalo Qftlf- -- " A f t e r I have lived IUU years long- t h a t t h e a a g n b r n s l i Ittnrtn n f T^-ilir^skin7. elaborately decorated with bead e r . " said an old gentleman to a re- naturally the very emblem of sterility;' the new revised v e r s i o n of the old tes- work stripes--blue and white in the porter, " I will not be able to under- and desolation, can be readily cony tament, which was to have been g i r e n first, green and yellow in the next, stand the l a n g u a g e used. Tn fact our verted into fruit farms whereon-ap4 nectarines, apricots,' to the public on the lstinst., but is now blue and red in the innermost. T h e 4 language is being loadeddown with af- pies, peaches, hoods, too, were richly' ornamented fectation. A gentleman asked me tho prunes, grapes, and all the small! promised for the 19th. As stated be- with bead work, and all round the fruits are produced in the greatest} fore, this has been 15 years in p r e p a r / robes little spherical brass bells wero other night how I liked the game of polo. profusion and of a quality unsurpass* I t o l d him I d i d n ' t know whatrkind of a Ing, and all the profound est learning of' h u n g with strings of beads. Next was game it was, and he insisted on my ed. I t is declared that the Boise, the age has been engaged upon it. The a g r a y woolen shawl, then five y a r d s going to the rink to see the g a m e Weiser, Fayette, and other I d a h o valof blue cashmere, followed by six ef leys can,not be excelled by a n y region genuineness of the orignal manuscrpts rod, and then again by six of brown played. I went and saw them play- east of California for tho production has been verified, their variations 7 com- calico, and in that last w r a p p i n g was ing shinny--plain, old-fashioned shin- of fruit. nv, the only difference being that the pared and weighed, and all the/rules of the babe, with a beaver fur-cap and players were on roller skates. T h e n Probably as curious an article of exinterpretation developed by the highest long wampum necklaces and strings you hear people talking of a 'sweet of port as is often carried in an ocean scholarship applied. T h e / Revised of r a r e shells, among them that Halj- rooms.' I didn't know what they steamer was lately taken out to New otis from the California gulf, so valVersion is perhaps the most perfect ued by the tribes living east of the meant by the word 'sweet,' and on Zealand. It consisted of a consignmaking inquiries 1 was told that a ment of "bumble-bees." At present transcription of the sacred writings in- Rocky mountains. The dress was suite of rooms was refeircd to. We clover does not " s e e d " in that conn to the English vernacular that will ever a red tunic, with bead work frock, are clear gone on shams."--Louisville try, though it grows readily, because red and black stock- Courier-Journal. there are no bu II bumble-bees to--fertilize] be undertaken or accomplished. H will leggings, ings, deerskin moccasins with beadtho flowers. The i m p o r t e r hopes thatj be the standard foi/ all ages. If it work, and over all a red flannel cloak. To Set Off' the Alautlepiece. the bumble-bees will save him £5,000 al differs but little from the old King All the little creature's toys--a china J i m Wilson McCoy, of Dallas, is the year in clpver seed. James version the fact only shows the doll, a vase, a pair of mittens, etc.-- fattest man in Northern Texas, One of the l>est ^ w e r e placed in the cloak. Think of weighing upwards of 200 pounds. high merit of / h a t translation. If it shown at tho Granite state dairymen's the a m o u n t of self-dcnal in giving up fails to supers/de it in popular use it all those blankets and all that mass of He is in constant danger of dying convention at Concord was brought in] suddenly of heart disease. Not long, will only bCybecause it has proved the bead and wampum work! Tho New since P a y n e ' s stock of crockery was by Mr. I. J. Burns, and was made] substantial/correctness of the old trans- Yorkers ara only acting like those who sold at auction, anal Mrs. J i m Wilson from the milk of cows fed largely up , on ensilage and grain, little or no d r y lation, m any event it will have ac- held the land before them, when they McCoy attended the sale. When she foader being given. It was presented spend such fabulous sums as the news- returned her face was radiant with complished its end, and a glorious and p a p e r s tell us they do on oomn deco- joy. in a five pound box filled in solid, direct from the churn without working, noble/work it has been. ration. Other tribes, instead of,plait"·'You m u s t join ' the crematien and. was but two or three days old. ed willow boxes, use regular wooden society," were tho first words she said lestnut! Oliver Wendell Holmes chests, wonderfully carved, usually to her husband. Mr. C. P. Goodrich, of Oakland, carries one in his pocket as a rheumatic with a lid like a, gabled roof and Wis., estimates tho income derived "What for?" ' >reventivc. from fourteen cows, last year, at 81,a l w a y s with an opening in the side " I ' v e bought.Huch a lovely vaso to The finest granite in the world is that t h r o u g h which food may be passed in. hold your ashes. \You have no idea 245.03, an average of $84.G8 per cow. fo South Carolina, and it is being used so t h a t the soul may eat the souls of how ii will set off'he niantlepiece,-- Their milk was manufactured into.buu tor on tho farm, and all tho food they .he good things provided by its friends. Texas ~ t r p a v e the streets of Charleston. Siflings. consumed raised oh it.

ghfchmg §te$at${.










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. ,->>·'·?: > * * " - * : '

HZ. « H V « DAUOBUB. Poor Katie 1 A great sufferer she was, tand most patiently did she endure in the hope tha( at last hex sufferings would ' come to an end. She was just budding into womanhood; a fine-looking girl of neatly nineteen, who had, previous to her attack of illness, enjoyed robust health. Let her mother tell the story, as she told it to two of our editorial friends who recently spent an evening at the house. " Katie's illness carae on slowly, with great pain in her thigh and hip* For a while she kept on going to school, but the pains became so severe that she had to stay at home, and most of the time lie down on a little lounge here in the sittingroom. W e tried the beat physicians we could get. The disease banleu them all. One said it was ulceration of the thigh bone, and wanted to have the poor child undergo a terrible operation. It turned out to be sciatic rheumatism. Poor child I h o w the 4id_iuflrJ About four o'clock in the afternoon she would begin screaming with pain. She couldn't help it. She would scream and moan till about four in the morning. Then she , would fail asleep from weariness, and sleep/for some hours. This went on for about eight months. During the nights neither she nor I could sleep. M Katie was a great reader. One day, in a paper, she saw an advertisement, of Athlophoros. j3he asked me to get it and see if it wouldn't cure her. We had tried a good many different things, but I ought we would try this. And I went id got a bottle. I gave her a dose of it towards evening. It was simply wonderful how it quieted the poor child's pain and put her into a gentle sleep. She slept nicely until ten. Then she was in a great perspiration. She waked, and I gave her another dose, for the first one h a d d e u e her so much good. Then she feiTasleep again and slept till morjafigT Her pain was gone. She hadjiafa'tv any returns of U, The Athlophoros did the work for her most completely. £ut the terrible sciatica had drawn Katie's leg up, and made it shorter than* it had been, by several inches. She was lame for life, although the rheumatism was all driven out of her. She had to walk on crutches. One day she fell down stairs ~ahd was so badly hurt that she had to be taken to the hospital. There she suffered a great deal, and after soma weeks she died. > "Father Tscheider, of the Paulist Fathers, saw much of Katie during her illness, and knows all about us. Go and askhim,^and-hewilHeltyonaHabout itr Borne time ago we gave a letter about Katie's case, and it was published. We hTrrhanumeroui i n d i e s i n f e r e n c e to It, all of which we promptly answer. " I must tell you," continued Mrs. Gill, " of our neighbor, Mrs. Summers, and her eleven-year old boy. The boy had one of the most terrible attacks of rheumatism I ever knew a boy to have. I had, a little Athlophoros left in the bottle from which Katie had taken. I gave it to Mrs. Summers, and she gave it to the child who was scream*. ing with pairr. When Mr. Summers came home, he was surprised to find the boy ·ivti.iii uiv, .x«=w from H«"', and cheerfully sitting up, free , w m pain, » " - ^«vw.«.., singing. I wish you would go and see ·uJL e T ^ n ,, i s ,, / ,not f«. fmm here, ^ them. They livo w far from h 0 « on West 12th street, No. 905." Mr. Gill added in his own behalf: ' " I have liad a good deal of rheumatism ' myself, chiefly in my shoulders and arms. But I took Athlophoros and I got rid of . the trouble. I did not have to take much , either. I found the medicine acted very quickly." The Rev. Father Peter Tscheider, assistant pastor of the Church of the Holy Family, was found at his pastoral residence, No. 417 West 12th street, Chicago. Father -Tscheider took pleasure in saying that he knew Mr. and Mrs. Gill, and that he esteemed them highly'; also that he had , seen Katie frequently during her illness, ; and knew all about her wonderful re, covery from sci^ica, and her subsequent injury and her illness at the hospital. If you cannot get ATHLOPHOROS of your druggist, we will sen d4t paid, on receipt..or regular price--ouo aotitir peroottle. t We prefer dollar per UOILH that you bay It from your drug^s>, but If he hasn't it, do not be persuaded to try something else,abut order at once from us, as directed. AraxoPHoaoa Co., lis Wall street, New York.




All Tired Out

The mild weather, follovMnjc our Ion* and severe winter, hai Much a depresslni? ^ffeia upon the body that one ferls Mil tlr»'.d UIII, nlm >»t completely p r ~ trqted. thu appetite is lost, ir.d there la no ambit i to do auythliiK. The whole t«nd<;iicy of the system · downward. Hood's Harsaporllla U Just tlie inedlclue needed. It purifies tlic blood, sharpens the aplH)tHe> overcome* t*ic tired feeling, sad Invlx urates every function of the body. "My daughter had been alllimr some time with iccneral debility, and Hood's HanwparMa was recoiii»ie;i(led to ut. After she had taken throe bottles Klie wiiy I'.iinpletely cured and built up. It It with. Kreat [i!e;i»nre that I w i m i m e n d Jloud's SarHaparllla.' JiKN M MIHI:IK!.KI>. Su;>!. (,'iru'lnnatl & Louisville Mail Line ( . . . Cincinnati. "HoodV ·; ii otji'irlllu l:i (uiirw:'!'!^ inside me a new man. My lead censed to ache, and my whole system Is built 11;) anew, enjoying perfeo lienlib." I. BARKI.NOTO.V, I.-JU V.unk nt,, X. V. <Jtty.







rot, axo

If wheu you tallforHop Bitters (SEE OKBKf ciXKTKK OK HOPS ON THK WHITE LABEL) the «lruj»jri»t bands out any stuff called C. D. "Warner's German Hop Bitters or with other "Hop" name, refuse it and shun that druggist as you would a VIIXT; and it has taken your money for the stuff, in4k4 him for the fraud, and sue hint for damage* for the swindle, and we will reward you liberally for the conviction.


·· I have Buffered."

With every disease Imaginable for the last three years. Our Druggist, T. J. Anderson, recommending "Hop Bitters" to me, I used two bottles I "'·'' Am entirely cured and heartily recommend Hop Bitters to every one. J. D. WALICBH, Buckuer, Mo. COUnterfeitina Proves Superiority "Although counterfeiting Is one orthegreatest crimes against the business of any country,

ttuti i n n i a n y CUOLU ·

2 u


O r~ O





H o o d s SarsapariHa



Sold by all drutfK'sts.. 11; six for *'>. Mude only by C. I, HOOD & CO., Apothecaries. Lowell, Mass.


IOO Doses One Dollar.

A living unak*, four fret long, with two wingH rttific ied lo i s body abr>ut four inches back of the head, is being exhibit^'! in NflVJida. ROUGH ON HATS."

Clears out rat*, mice, n i c h e s , tiles, ants, bed-bugs, skunks, chipmunks, gophers. 15c. Druggists.




jQ I T T J J b SbJt



T A K E N O O T H E R if you wish a C E . C y * E f o r BILIOUSNESS, WDIGKBTlo*!, D Y S P E P S I A . L O S S Ol-' A P P E T I T E and NLKKP, Nothing waa ever invontad that will T O N E U P T S ^ 8 Y S T K M _ l n the_8i)rlBj{_of th« year egual to H O P S and A l A L T B X T I ^ E K I S . only G E N t T I N E a w manufactured by the H O . AJTD M A L T B I T T E B d CO. of Detroit. Mich.

"Destructive of health and life! " "It proves beyond :i doubt the" tl 8uperftrlty"-- Of TUB ARTICLE counterfeited;


E. H. WAENEfi & CO , Sochester, JT.Y. Koti

Proof of this Is found In the great number in ''Australia, England, France, "Germany, India, Belgium, Canada and th» U. S,-- Of counterfeits of the great remedy. "Hop Bitters," Whose name and merits are so well known the world orer that it is a "Shining mark and favorite prey "For Counterfeiters! ! ! ·' Beware of all that does not have a green cluster of hops on the white label. Prosecute the Swindlers 1/)

If when you call for Hup Cltters ( s a * OREKX « . i r v TXBorHutptt ON THK WHITKLABKLI the druKglst hands out any stuff called O. 1). 'Warner's German Hop fttiters or with other "Hop" name, · e f u s e It and sh;n that druggist as you would a viper; and tf he. \i-\t taken your money for the stuff. Indict him fur th:; fraud and sue him for damages for the swindle, unJ we will reward you liberally for the conviction.


0 1 . O O A B O T T l ^ .ochestervN. Y . H. H. W A R N E R & CQ

Rxv. W. B. UKATHWA1TE. lied Bank, N. J., was cured qf^mpi'iwla, and other stomach disorders, by farrier's TiPi'KCANOE, The Best. FOR

Drunko)'nH*s j * greatly o n the increase in Mwcico. according to a-statem e n t i n t h e l V o RBpublics of t h a t city. -""

Palpitation, Dropsical, S w e l l i n g Dizziness, Ind i l u t i o n , Headache, Sleepleasness cured by "Well's Health Kenewer."




N a t u r e has a l w a y s been progressive, -and e u e h e r has recnntlv b e c o m e s o . "BOUGH ON COENS."

Ask for Wells' "Rough on Corns.-' 13c. Quick complete cure. Hard or soft corns, warts', bunions.





« | 1 . 0 0 .... B O T T L E . fl. H. W A R N E R & CO., Rochester,!*. Y .

HON. D. D. a. BROWX. Rochester, N. Y.. used Warner's TIPPKOAKOK, The Best, for stomach derangements, ancT~Was ustonlshed at the good It did blm.

T h e r e are 6SJS newspapers andperiodioals published in foreign l a n g u a g e s i n this country, of w h i c h 483 are i n Ger man. ^ ^ _ _ R e m a r k e d by R. C . Joiner, of A l l e n P . 0 . , Hillsdale C o . , Mich.: " N o t h i n g g a v e m y rheumatism such quick relief as D r . T h o m a s ' E slectric Oil--believe i t infallible for r h e u m a t i c s .

·' \ " ······ --

-THE o

Can't is hypocrisy as well a s bad gram mar. -- P i t t s b u r g Chronicle.

I N F L A M M A T I O N O F TIJK E Y E S . Jas. L. Clapp, Mllbtoo, Wis., after being nearX olind for rears, wui entirely cored by the use of Cole's CarbollsalYe, and now resds fln« print with 25and 50c at Druggists.

A female dentist in Oregon is said t o This medicine, combining Iron with pure have resorted to a novel device t o obtain vegetable tonics, quickly and completely IJarw* Dyspepsia* lMcI1#;eatton, Womkaetw, n husband.- S h e had as patient a h a n d Don't be discouraged because you have tried I n para Blesd, rtfaJsuia,ChilU mn4 F«v«n» s o m e m a n , a n d one day g a v e h i m a dose fifty remedies for that neuralgia of yours, and and Nearmlpftu It Is an unftllir * remedy for Diseases of the failed to find relief. Athlophoros never fails. of ether that confused, but did not KldneyH mndL J.Tver. It cured Mr. A. B. Baker, of 365 West Harrison m a k e h i m insensible. Then she sent It Is lnvaluatla for Diseases peculiar to street, Chicago, and his wife of the severe Women, and all who lead sedentary lives. _ vases of longstanding:--Price, t l r most bottler for a c l e r g y m a n , a n d while the subject per ltdoeanot mjuip the teeth, cause headache,or w a s under the influence of the drug, the produce copstlpt- tion--oihw Iron medicine* do. If your druggist hasn't It, send to Athlophoros In the U n i t e d States o n e pet&on in Co.,-112AValiSt., N. Y. It enriches ami purifies the blood, stimulates t w o were declared man and wife. W h e n the appetite, aid- the Kssim'lation of food, reman every 120 i s d e p e n d e n t upon public \ **"> recovered his sensMheexpreased lieves Hcartbur- and Belching, and ttrengtbThe Oldest Medicine in the World is surprise and s o m e disgust at w h a t had care. ens the muscle and nerves, For Intennlft nt Fevers. Lassitude, Lack ol probably Dr. ISAAC T H O M P S O N ' S occurred, o w i n g to the fact, n o t before B U R D O C K B L O O D B I I T E R S taken after Energy, Ac., it i as no equal. k n o w n t o the fair dentist, that he al-^ ^ ^ w i U r e l i e v e a n y feeling of weight J»- The gem ne has above trade j»ark "nd This article is a carefully prepared »hyslel*n'i ready possessed a wife. . prescription, and has been In constant use for neatf« Sold or over fulness of the stomach. _ . . crossed" red lint- on wrapper. Take no other. r a c e n t n r r . and notwithstanding tha man* other Bad* Mir br BHO * CXULICAI. CO. BAIT U O a i . sU» f he territorial government of D a k o t a every YD ere. preparations that have been introduced Into Utm market, the sale of this article Is constantly increa*. has offered a reward of five t h o u s a n d lng. If the directions are followed it will never fail Jokintf o n facts will frequently part dollars for the discovery and d e v e l o p We particularly 'nrite b« attention of physician* M Its m e r i t s ^ m e n t of a mine of.anthracite coal in that closer friends than beer a n d French John L. Thompson. Sons. A Co., Troy, N Y. mustard territory, and prosf>*»etf>rs are busy. Mrs. M. Schaenberger, B e a v e r D a m , Many of the bUtcrs and quack rostrums of Wis., writes: ' W e have used Dr. the day are ttlso advertleeil lor consumDMon on will be t'lt'l (m »aj Orata Faai the plan that the only tblo* the "stuff" wont Thomas,' E c l e c t i i c Oil in o u r f a m i l y for or.aua* «n« thkt tan cIIKB""·*·" h i | u niui:h (, r«m or Ser4 In SBS cure Is the avsTictoup, iBnoble^nrttof the Coughs, (Jolds, Croup and R h e u m a <1». ..our l'»tci.t Si ON A It OH is btautiful, all but her skin ; proprietor. Doij't be dtcelv: u* Tbe best tism. It cures every time. Uraln »>id l>rctl r ^ « » » r » U » remedy for strengthetiinu: the lunsrs soothing · ·I'I K n a i f ' "r "" I n ^ r a T N and nobody has ever told W a r v h u u . e U ! i l »ub Kqu»a. all irriratioi', aid stopping tbe, coukrb, 's Dr. T h e S u t l e j , o n e of the grreat streams f e r w l i i r i i . ( nrter c h c i p . ClTSa* Wlstar'a Balsam or Wild Cherry, It has cured her how easy it is to put lar unr) Prlci 1.: t mkiM fVee. many cases where phjslcians h*4 given up of British India, is probably t h e swiftKEWsRKMdCHIflECO.. est large river in the world; it has a dehope. beauty on the skin. Beauty l»lm»k>-», Ualtk scent of 12,000 foet in 180 miles, an · THE B s « T IS CHEAPEST." ^ on the skin is Magnolia Lumincu3 trues are roper'pd t o be average of abonf 67 fsefc opr mil^. g r o w i n g in a valley near Tuscarora, RCim TUUPQUPQQSAW|iUaV Balm. FOK THHOAT DISEASE'* AND N e v a d a . At certain pensous tho foliagg BHOWN'S BHONCHIAI. Tiioi HKs.liki'allCorona. HEALLY gives out sufficient light to enablo any GOOD things, arc frequently imitated. TuE one near at hand lo nvt,d sm ill print, GENI-'INE HOLD OXLV IN UOX'ES. while the luminous ^Hm«r:i] < ffect m a y A " m e m o r y " school has been estabbe perceived some mil* * dict-M. T h e lished in L o n d o n . T b e teacher's purphenomenon is jtttnl);iu»>l ;<> [i^rjisites. pose is to bestow upon his pupils an inStock gamblers IUMV *< li bo wcared fallible m e m o r y , a n d to cure persons by the passage in il\n N^v York Senate w h o s e minds are g i v e n to 'waLdering.'*. of the bill to pri vent nil irnusa-'tioiis in "A Crick in the Back" 1« many times a sympstocks, cn'titicaiHs, rer«-i|>-,». e i c . which kidney are not at'6oiu|»"n'o>t liy tlm actual pos- tom of Remedy disease. Hunt's" [Kidney " and Liver] will cure it, session or transfer of ibo goods dealt in. Moissonier's canvases, w h i c h the he first law feu of u \nuiit' !:iwjei' of painter recently lent t o be exhibited for Sylvania. (?a., p.s.'d uir- o i n - r d a y , consisted of $ 3 iu money, a siack of f o d - charitable purposes in Paris, were in der, a fcilver w a l c b , an old s o w a n d a sured at t h e rate of $100 to the square inch. yearling steer. For womVn in delicate health, no medieine u Oh, I do feel «" nlc-1" »t»-id a yonrg girl of equals Hunt's remedy. All female complaints The Uses of Pans, nineteen years. "I iiou'f. t~ el a* If I had (. i* Miss Lookabout, in a N e w Y o r k l e t - head or a Btomach, or auychmg." And yet are speedily cured by it. It never fails. ter, tells of a n e w u s e to w h i c h f a n s headaclies, backaches, bruw&ch aches and A resident o Brooksville, F l a . , claims are p u t : D i d y o u suppose that c l o t h e s many other acii*-», «*e)ini»if, sores, etc., to have gathered from his grove 500 troubled her bef(ire the io..k Dr. Guysott'i were a l w a y s for w a r m t h a n d fans for Yellow Dock ana far^parula. This remedy o r a n g e s .which averaged in w e i g h t o n e coolnessP Well, then, y o u are m i s - restored her to perftet. heaih, as is indicated pound e a c h . taken. Y o u r theory is s o u n d in t h e by her clear con.pitxiuo, smooth fkln and HALFORD SAUCX the best. Do not buy any lmltamain, but t h e ball belle n o w r e v e r s e s bright eyes. It wilt rtlleve all ailments pecu- Ion In plsco of It. llar to female life. · iE She g o e s to the g a y g a t h e r i n g s of An apple tree 18ti year* old is still dancers in the decollete fashion s a n c flourishing in Cb.e-hive, Conn. It is tioned b y polite u s a g e . It is as c l e a r JO feet high and ylelds 125 bushels anas can be tbat her garb has n o referT O T H E P U B L IIC .. ence to w a r m t h . E v e r y d r a u g h t o f nually. ·HE P U B L C - ^ j. Rochestter, N.Y.. Mar. a , . J S 3 3 . 4 . / * P Q air threatens her with p n e u m o n i a , a n d , Contrary to c o m m o n understanding intedwhh trie publishers >f * T > t M x < < ^ 7 \ , · " · I am acquainted with the p c h a n g e f r o m the temperature of a and belief, Alpine air is not entirely / of the AMERICAN RCKAI. HO'VK, and I \ ^ ^ _ room to that of a cooler o n e m e n a c e s free from impurities until an altitude U V believe they Jtill rfuh'l ' "' " "''X every guarantee ' {Mayor of Rochester for ^ ^ A ^ ^ ^ T they make l a t h e public. n e u r a l g i a , o r r h e u m a t i s m . I n this of 6,000 or * , 0 J 0 feet above the level ol ten years fast.) quandary s h e h a s bethought herself of the set is reached. Is Recommended by Physicians! R U R A L H O M E C O . , Limited, R O C H E S T E R , N.Y. m a k i n g h e r f a n a paradox. She e m T h e g o v e r n i n g board of Duhvich c o l p l o y s t h a t article of adornment, flirta- lege,in South London, intend shortly to tion and refrigeration for still a n o t h e r present t o Iho people for iheir free u s e 5Wemanufacture and seliitwitha p o s i t i v e purpose. S h e g e t s a b i g o n e , c o n - a nicely-kept ©pen space or park, 72 guarantee that it will cure any structed of feathers o n the outside, o r acres in area. c a s e * and ire will forfeit tbe above amouat e l s e a lace affair, w h i c h l o o k s as airy H u g h C o n w a y , i s about to publish tf a s her o w n corsage;, but the inner sur- novel through a newspaper s y n d i c a t e C U R E S Rheumatism, L u m - r i l | _ r i l I I I I I I U l s L JH*""ln»«lngl« Instance. Ibago, L a m e Back,^iSprains · · ^ ^ · · · · W · I M i ^ T ^TlBSli face is c o v e r e d w i t h s w a n ' s d o w n o r T h e organization paid him $5,000, and It is u n l i k e any ottu-r Catarrh remedy, II and Bruises, Asthma^Catarrh, C o u g h s , C o l d s , Sore Throat, Diphtheria, B u r n s , | , i u r , u n d e r which is a thick w a d d i n g . from o n e newspaper alone in Great * t u t a k e n I n t e r n a l l y , a c t i n g u p o n (Frost B i t e s , Tooth, Ear, a n d H e a d a c h e , a n d e l l pains and A c h e s . A r m e d with that sort of a f a n , l i k e Britian he received $750 lor t h e e x c l u - t h e OjOOd. If you arS 'troubled SrliKthii FOSTER, MlZBVRNJb COMB ANT. Proprietor*, Buffalo, New Tork, TT. 8. A. t h e shield of a J o a n of A r c , s h e _ d e - sive right of publishing in a l a r g e coun- distressing disease,ask yourDruggis*. for it, and ACCEPT NO IMITJTXOV OB SUBtTITCTK. If BS fends h e r breast against t h e d a r t s of has not got it, >end to us and we will forward sas imnsdiately. Price, 75 cents per bottle. d e a t h . If a door is opened., t o l e t i n ty. F. J. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo. Ohio, c o l d air on her whilo s b e i a e n g a g e d Palpitation < r rspid beating of the heart i n a quadrille, s h e s p r e a d s t h e i a n followed by periods of complete cessation, la employment and good sal Mlling- Queen City Skirt) closely, and thereby is Instantly a t caused chiefly by nervensnees and bad blood. 8to(*kinKi»u|>port«ra.8ami If the disease is neclected it is liable to m u l t outfit free. Address Cinclnn. m u c h dressed a s t h o u g h in a h i g h seriously, especially at a time of sudden ex108 6R1S Y O D ST, DETROIT. YL Soapeadar Co.. Cincinnati, O n e c k e d g o w n . If in the circles of t h e citement. Purify tbe b)ooc\ strengthen the can make ·& to $15 per day seUiiw waltz s h e has to pass a n o p e n w i n d o w , muscular and nervous sjsnin.fcovernlnfitthe PAMSOH'S HASlS-BOOK OP t h e f a n i s / c l a p p e d i n t * p l a c e . T h e v heart, by using Dr. Guysott's Yellow Dock and BOOK-KEBJ>TSQ, pES~ Barsaparllla, »nd you will soon be rid of every* are a g r e a t oomfart during t h e b a l l OFFERS IMPROVED trace of the affectiop. ' ^e\nsz »*x*u*****RvaiNM8a and opera season, 1 assnfe yon. Farms, Hardwood Lands t vjcma. ADPRISS, they know all about Mustang LinIt was Napoleon Bonapart who said PAKSOWS Bpsiiffss CoLLioa. KalaiMKoo, Mich and Pine Lands iment Few do. Not to know is when the conquest of the Chineae WM In Michigan at RKDUCKD PRICES for cash or on SOpsu -- Trees ht*e *>-»· chtJf-»t*rf-rti« in proposed to him* "No; there are too time payments. Detroit Real Estate of all kind* for not to have. Homes or for Investment. _ _ ^ Portp Money on Improved Farms with people: In the spring many of them. Once teach them the Michigan Loaned of Sl.OUOand upwards. In Eastern. ,--aan In _.,,,,, . . . /the* beffin to lenve for the snmmer, w- art of modern warfare, and they will Farm Listsums Map of Michigan for FRKKDIsV and TBIBUTIOM. Bend for them by postal. / Songhiome will be unabhito do so, be- overran Europe and crush out our oiv-

T h e a d v a n c e m e n t t o an earldom was o n e of t h e prizes held out to G e n . W o l seley conditional upon hsi s u c c e s s in Egypt. : T H E T H R B B O U T L E T S of disease are t h e b o w e l s , the skin, a n d the kidneys. R e g u l a t e their action with t h e best purifying tonics Burdock B l o o d Rtttersr



Celebrated Eye WateR







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Real Estate! Loan Agent

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F T M I ogf Corrt<poi>deat.

D. Potter will move to Stockbridge thin week. Is by far the most complete in town. A beautiful line of Ella Montague came home to spend the Sabbath. The sick ones keep Dr, DuBois pretty busy this week* v X.I2ST33 O F Mr. and Mrs. John Sargison have gone to Marion to speucTa-iew^weeks with their nephew Will. JAMES T. EAMAN & BRO. Ryal and Emma Barnum vi BREVITIES. relatives in and near Stockbridge bucklen'N Arnica Salve. A Knights of Labor lodge has THE BisT SALVE in thr world for week. been organized at Dexter. Cut- Bruises, Sores, Uleers, Salt Mr. and Mrs. Tommie HarWer Rheum. Fever Sores. Tetter, ^Chapped That beats anything in town. LADIES, examine the new It is thought that the_diphtheria -Ha-nda? CbiUda^w^-Corn-vand all Ai n_. iust returned from a visit to friends i* under control at 'Brighton. in South Lyon. * Eruptions, and-pxtfitively cures Piles, or no pay^rT^qjigped. It is guaranteed During the year 1884. 176 marW. D. Hartsuff, of Fort Wayne, tn give perfect satisfaction, or money Indiana, made a short visit at his riages, 134 deaths and 831 l>«ih$-have »··· funded. Price 25 cents per box. occurred:in Livii.gston county. brother's this week. For Sale, at WINCHELL'S Dituu STORE. We must call your attention to our elegant line of Ella Hartsuff received quite a severe Bodilv ailmenls are more or less the Chas. Pierce, of White Oak, aged till lasC Saturday which she feels the 70 years, and Elizabeth Patterson, results of kidney affections. Wh*»n effects of yet. No bones broken, how- said to ^ave four other, husbands ' skin becomes dry and hus' yt iwins in tthe back, hot and hiurh colored urine, ever. with divorces from none, were mar- ' soreness in the smti 11 of the lack,-are unmistakable fncts that the kidneys Rev. J. A. Lowery has been enjoy- ried at Suck bridge last week. are in bad condition, and a few doses ing a "feast of fat things" the past The net receipts of the Miss Rounds ofKelo.yrg's Co!nml>i»n Oil will conweek in Detroit, attending the misvince any one of its curative propersionary meetings. Would that many cntertaiument at Howtll last week ties on their disorders. was 0 minus 15 cents, and coBsiricrof us could have been with him. .The Greatest Wedicinr of the Age. ing the we.ither the G. A R. boy? Kellogg'* IV ttuvbian Oil is a powerWill and Jennie May, of Stockbridge, brought their little daughter ought to consider themselves lucky ful remedy, wlnctican be taken internally as well as externally by the ten- We have a full line of Tinsel Trimming Braid. (.ENTLEMEN, we must 'down last we*k to show to grand-pa at that. dered infant. I t cures almost instant-cull your attention to our line of------ The Livingston Democrat last week ly, is pleasant, acting directly upon the Gib, also to her many uncles and aunts was accompanied by a two-pace sup- nervous system, causing a sudden and cousins. ! buoyancy ot the mind. In short, the Pinckney people, why can t you plement, making it a, ten-page paper. wonderful effects of this wonderful come over to the social w h ich is to be "Advertisements vs. Reading Matter" remedy cannot be explained in writheld in the basement of the M. E. is thejjueslion' before the Ho welt ten language. A single dose inhaled and taken according to directions will ehurch Wednesday evening, May 20? newspaper bar just at present. convince anyone that it i> all that is * TJ. 8. Stedman will tell us what-fie Grass Lake parties are taking down claimed for it. Warranted to cure the knows of California life, jind-you can- the large brick block, on the bill in Hlowintr diseases: Rheumatism or not help but be interested for he is a their village, aud shipping the ma- Kidney Disease in any form. Headache, Earache, Neuralgia. grand talker^-besides we expect to terial to Jackson. Several men sunk Toothache, Sprains, Bruises. Flesh Wounds. Bunfiave ajipiefiaid supf»er. Now do come, large fortunes iu building the block ions, Burns, Corns, Spinal Affections. you. ~~ ~~ over twenty years ago, and it~hns '"Colnr,Cramrimg^atnsv Cholera- MorThe sick list this week is large; never paid any income to speak of-- bus, Flux, Diarrhoeas--Coughs, Colds, Bronchial Affection, Catarrh, and all they are Mrs. Johnnie Judson, Mrs. Stockbridge Sun. aches and pains, external or internal. Grace Fick, E. C. May, Earnest May, Full directions with each bottle/ three of Mr. Crowley's children, Mrs. For Sale at WIXCHELL'S Duro STORE. Statistics ot disease show that there Wm. Davis, Mr. Pickell, Mrs. George is a greater morality from kidney difVoorheis, John Watson and Mima ficulties and rtie'umatisin than any other causes and fatality and sufferPyper. ing which attend these diseases make I am afraid we have got something it. more necessary to bring before a among us now worse than the "sneak disconcerning public the great healthief" mentioned a short time ago. I ing, soothing, and curative properties Columbian don't know wtiat it is unless it is one of Kellogg's the kidneys, Oi^ as it acts directly on rheumatism ofO'Donovan Rossa's converts. Last and ali aches and pains. Monday morning Jennie Watson To the Afflicted. found on their premises three sticks of Since the introduction of Kellogg's wood nicely covered with boards and Columbian Oil it has made more peron examining thern she found each on^ manent cures {ind civen better .ntisof them plugged on one end; she re- fnction on Kidney Complaints and moved the plugs and below each was Rheumatism than any known remedy. Its continued ot wonderful cures a paper wad covering about four in all climatesseriesmade it known as has W<yne, Du P«gd Co., Illtnon, inches of powder. What they were A safe and reliable acrent to emplov HAS IMPORTEO FROM FRANCE prepared for and who the--wretch is agrtinst all aches and pains, which are l ' e i c b e r o n l(<i<'»e* v a l u e d at £ 3 . 0 0 0 , 0 0 0 , Mrkick tucludea that prepared them we can only sur- the forerunners of more serious dis75PERCENTGFALLH0nS£i mise, but there is one who knoweth orders. It acts speedily and surely, Wh. -» i n v ' r tit f«l<v I l< Mfnhlwucl *>y ttifir f>«f!l(fri* always relieving suffering and of'ien O S KKANCE. all things and will not let him go un- saving life. The protection it affords »«'"i>< i In'i*'s*Tt'U TH OD KTOOK M E R I C A E;VI:R M P O R E A finished if harm was intended. by its timely use on rheumatism, kid- V V ^ , ( ' ^ ^ f f f t k . (STUCK UN HA..NU ney affection, and all aches and pains, i rso wounds, crampinc pains, cholera mor- ! JnporM Brood Mires PLAINFIELD. bus, diarrhoea..coucrhs, colds, catarrh, From out Correspondent. Iawied stallion* and disorders among children, makes On! t&oufb fur -rtrr\c* ^^ Frank Boyce talks of leaving Plain- it an invaluable remedy to he kept always on hand in every home. No 1 OO p o t T S field. person can afford to be withoutit, and j Warm showers have made green those who have once used it never will, t It 1 absolutely certain in its remedial ¾ fields. effects, and will always cure when r»^< ·*****» not f M O ' i l t d » n l r»nnr>< 1m rnih#nri.»iiy It is said, that M. K. MeKenzie is cures are possible. * ' ' njKi* «h<Mj|it ^·»»in»<1 fn\f n k.v«df», ! w'll !w)| k|| l^-fi**"* Stork fit (r"Ul* r > i r * i whPi) 1 f A n .1 r'11rt· I«A going south. - unimU r*\\ v+A\e'ra Hi* n v Call at WINCHELL'S DRUG STORE and- r»''» r hi hr.'((Br»irt "'11» Tuiaj' *-»i"1T rf H-hnr-lJ i ihrim> Su>.I ' fl m . i nn ^ >..«, Wheat in this vicinity is looking bet- get a memorandum book giviiig^ntore ·t)i).ipi.nH »4i»» M I J H ' i * * ?lor»e> «1 Hi* bxliihiHjj* ol <h i full details of the curative ^properties ter than last season. DD*nn »ol rtri»r. in<iit"iii.> IM !(.«··« --c i i · wonderful medkrfie. 3 v--I T>--' -*' '' of this U a u U o u r , (h» mud (imomt at »IJ «ui«». t>«iuit(i House cleaning is the business of the ·* day about here. Mrs. Mary Cain is fast recovering from the operation of removing cancer. With A larger stock than ever before. Beside a complete assortment of Our school is taught by Arthur Dailey, who is giving generafsatistac tion. E. T. BushJs-^Busy at work repair >~--We have the finest stock ot ing the^grist mill; will commence ing May 25th. Miss Girtie Taylor had a tumor re> -- - c a n be found the following: · sever shown in southern Livingston county.^-" moved from her cheek last Monday by The Milford two-horse Cultivator, both Wood and Iron Frames, Dr. Greene, and it is doing well. The genuine M»Ixne Cultivator, John Waliwortk who cut his foot The Albion -Spring Tooth riding 3 section cultivator, the beat corn .inift.1low cultivator NOW is USE. badly aboat two weeks ago, is doing The best 5 tooth expansion one horse corn cultivator. well and can now step on his foot. Peter VanKeuren, who had the mis- A full line of Gale Plows, and the only genuine Gale Repairs in town, fortune to cut his foot badly is keeping 30, 40 and 72 tooth Harrows, and the Bemeiit adjustable 48 tooth Harrow. the latest improvement out. John W's. company "on crutches." in great variety. Framing to order a ir-ecialty. John Flora and Samuel Williams, White Oak Stone Koats, Doors, Sa*h. Blinda, Glass, Putty, Paints. Oils, e Terpentine, Varnish, etc. a specialty. of the Topping House, have rented the A FU&& S T O C K O f S T E E L ST&1&0, hotel at Stockbridge and will remove Kidder & Hamlinton Barn Door Kollora for wood track, ^ . to-day. The Terry Barn Door Rollers for iron track is the best. The Plainfield base ball nine will Those wishing Flower Seeds for indoor planting will find a good assortCrown Jewel Vapor Stove* with the best Oven on earth. ment at our Store, we shall also keep a full stock of Garden Seed* thii reorganized neit Saturday and expect Buck Thorn and Hold Fast Fence'-Wire. ·iioann > ' ' to make some fnn for the boys this & A visit to our storemHf convince you that we can not and will not beseason. season. undersold. " * Dr. Greene removed by cuttinj?, a TEEPLE & CADWELL. fairer for Mrs. Steves*, of White Oak; PINCKNEY, MAY H, 1885. WEST MAIN ST., PINCKNEY,

it is healing and no return is anticipated, it had been growing two yean? We-pav ca>h lor but had not caused much pain until of late. Wheat, Beans, Glover Seed, PotaG^o. Wright's celebrated buck. Bir- * toes, Hides, Pelts, and Proon B.sinark No. 257, 2 yrs. old, shearduce Generally. ed 26¾ pounds, one ewe No. 20, 1 year old. 16 1-16 pounds, at the sheep shearW E S B L L ing festival in Oceola. He has also one ewe No. 52. raised by Stickney, of Ver- Lumber, Salt. Lime. Plaster. Feed, Grass-st'ed. Paints.Oils, Wire, mont, that took second premium at -- Nails, etc.. at-- Centennial; she is 11 years old and her fleece is 2¾ inches long.

Attention! Farmers.

It takes but a short time for a person to see that the stock carried by






Our store is full, and the goods are going to go. Prices are what knock, and we are always ready to meet any --competition.--


the very latest shapes.




M r i v GMMMH












Diamond Dyes, Dye Stuffs generaly, La and Lamp Trimmings, Soaps, Kerosene 0 Tobaccos, Cigars, Spices, Etc., Etc,



Briggs' Transfer Patterns, Filoselles and Embroidery Silk^ very complete line. £Wincheirs Central Drug Store,






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