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The A to Z Guide for Recycling & Disposal in Pinellas County Questions? Call Solid Waste at 464-7500. All phone numbers are area code 727, unless otherwise indicated.


Motor Oil

used motor oil from a car, truck, boat, motorcycle, recreational vehicle, or lawn mower

This is hazardous waste. Do NOT dispose with regular trash, pour down the drain, or on the ground! If possible do not mix with other fluids including water.

Please notice that options are different depending on whether Motor Oil is used in a household or by businesses including non-profits.

* To recycle used motor oil, pour it into a clean, empty plastic container with a

lid, such as an empty milk jug.

1. Drop off at a Pinellas County mobile collection or the HEC3 facility for recycling (free for residents/ for businesses see #4 below): a) The container cannot exceed 5 gallons in size. b) If you are bringing more than 5 gallons total, call first (464-7500). 2. Drop off at a convenient Motor Oil Recycling Program site for free recycling. There are over 60 locations in Pinellas County that accept used oil, including Autozone and Advance Auto Parts stores. 3. Safety Harbor residents: Drop off at Safety Harbor Public Works, 1200 Railroad Ave., 724-1550 (free for residents). 4. Business options: a) Drop off motor oil (for a fee) at a Pinellas County mobile collection or a monthly EnviroBusiness Day (check link for dates) event at the HEC3 facility. b) Contact an oil recycler to request pickup (fee varies):


EQ Florida FCC Environmental Howco Environmental Services Safety Kleen Synergy Recycling Also see:


Tampa Plant City St. Petersburg Tampa Tampa


(813) 623-5302 (813) 754-1504 327-8467 (813) 626-1709 (813) 627-9833

Antifreeze Motor oil filters Fuel

This guide is provided as a service for our residents. A listing does not constitute an endorsement by Pinellas County. The listing is not all-inclusive or exclusive, and is subject to change. Contact the organizations listed to verify program details.

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motor oil

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