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The E-zine of Pinstriping UK

Issue 12 September 2006 Champagne corks are popping ­ with our 1 Anniversary Issue. We are pleased to feature the great "Yosemite" Sam Radoff in this issue. Sam organizes the Panel Jam at Detroit Autorama each year where over 200 Stripers from across the US meet to demonstrate their talents and raise money for Charity. Plus A major feature on the NSRA Supernats from the end of July plus as much more stuff as we can find for this bumper anniversary issue! Enjoy.


Kris & Lyn

NSRA Supernationals Old Warden Once again the sun shone brightly on the NSRA Supernationals. The quality of cars seems to improve year on year and they come from all over the EU as well. The guys from Belgium and Holland now make it a regular opportunity to stock up on striping materials and once again try to talk us into going to the excellent Stars on Wheels show in Antwerp in April. Guest speaker this year was the legendary Norm Grabowski who is probably better known from his appearances on Monster Garage

appeared in many films he was a joy to listen too and kept the laughter going all weekend. Norm is also a renowned wood carver and brought his hand carved gear shift skulls for us to view. The skulls which can sell for up to $1000 can contain precious metals.


surrounded by pinstriping both

on the cars and in the marquees. From Rod Kult and Melissa Gee's range of accessories and T shirt designs. Not forgetting Philip on the Beuglar stall who makes that machine look so easy to use. Hod Rod Tiki etc. etc.






He built the original Kookie mobile (for those of you old enough to remember)

Tootall and myself (hampered by a burst blood vessel in my eye ­ grrrr) got some lovely cars to work on and for once making a rare appearance at a Hot Rod event, probably the UK's top striper Neil Melliard, who normally reserves his talents for the Goldwing and VW brigade, outside of his own excellent workshop facilities. Look out for the Turquoise and white Corvette which he got his mits on this weekend. More proof, if you need it that Pinstriping has at last surfaced in the UK and more and more people want to have some, or see the top stripers in action at one of the UK's top shows. Even just to wear it!

A car customiser and builder of real repute, Norm Pioneered the T bucket craze which continues to this day. An actor who has


The E-zine of Pinstriping UK

Issue 12 September 2006

PITP 06 The annual get together of the UK Cruisers took place on the weekend of the 11/12 August at Billing Aquadrome. A spectacular glow off and a wild west night with both a raffle and an auction to raise money for their chosen Charity LEUKA. The quality and diversity of customizing on these PT's is superb. The latest raze being `Lambo' Doors Mr Mike flew in from the USA to upholster the Budweiser PT over the weekend and the PT Bruiser Drag Car was once again on display ­ the noise this makes when fired up is phenomenal! The Jari Konola Pro-Stock motor develops north of 1200hp meaning the Bruiser dispatches 0-60 in a mere 1.2 seconds, guzzling nearly 2 gallons of fuel for every mile driven. As always a queue of people waiting for some of Kris's brushwork including a superb piece of brocade work.


The E-zine of Pinstriping UK

Issue 12 September 2006

32nd NASC Nationals ­ Ipswich Despite the weather forecast we arrived to glorious weather on Friday. Many of the rodders had arrived on Thursday even, for this infamous 4 day event. Many traveled from as far afield as Holland, France & Belgium bringing superb vehicles and lifestyle items with them. Ty Lawer of Pageant Paintworks had even more work on display. gave us time to catch up with old friends and actually see the other stalls. Kris in particular searching for Springer forks for his chopper project was happy to while some time away at the Krazy Horse stand.

Our own ex student Steve Wooldridge, brought us his first attempt at outlining flames to see on his mates Model Y.

a Harley Chop

Aussie Peter Anthony was on hand to do the signwriting. Peter is becoming a regular face at this years shows. An accomplished striper too, with both Tootall and Kris also kept really busy. Chris Bunting organized the annual art exhibition and the main band this year were Dr & the Medics to compliment the Drs & Nurses theme for the night. With the obligatory Wet T Shirt Competition! Public Day on Sunday went crazy, it is always busy but there were more cars on the show and shine field than we have ever seen. (We must remember to suggest a Show and Shite field for the rats etc next time.) Kris got the opportunity to do some really cool striping on a 59 Ranchero Bonnet and the NASC Champion Tot Rod

and a pair of radio flyers for LilyMae & Brandon

Our own Terry Bull also joined the throng. Hugo & Daisy, organizers of the superb Stars on Wheels & Power on Wheels shows in Antwerp were also in attendance in their 41 Caddy. Too Many vehicles to count went out on the Saturday Cruise, which left the day a little empty but

All in all a superb show proving once again that despite the cost of petrol - Rodders Rock.


The E-zine of Pinstriping UK

Issue 12 September 2006

This kit comes complete with chrome embossed Lazerlines case. Set includes original medium striping handle, short handle, and your choice of single or double headed long handle. You also get your choice of two (2) Lazerlines brush heads

The Anodized Violet and Fiery Amber kits are the same high quality set as above, but the handles have a rich violet or amber coating, and are sold in limited numbers. With this set you get a choice of double or single headed long handle and you get a choice of three (3) different brush heads

These sets are hand engraved by CJ, "the Engraver". They are hand engraved with traditional style flame pattern, and no two sets are alike!

All this and more will be gracing the pages of our website in the near future !


The E-zine of Pinstriping UK

Newbie Corner!

Issue 12

September 2006

Michael Rigg bought a starter kit at the Deva Dub Show in June wrote to us in July ! After just one month ­ boy do we teach good! I thought I'd show you guys what I've been doing since buying the starter kit from you at Deva. First up I watched your DVD and then basically went for it (did a little bit of practice on some scrap first). The deck lid is my first piece, then I did the large door, then the small upper, and then the sliders, and most recently the motorcycle helmet............have some jerry cans I'm prepping for my next attempts............hope you like em..........


The E-zine of Pinstriping UK

Issue 12 September 2006

"Yosemite" Sam Radoff

Ontario, Canada

Sam Radoff has been a fixture on the custom car, bike and painting scene for over 45 years. He wasn't old enough to drive when he first started working on cars Luckily for all of us, a minor detail

like that didn't stop him. Sam organizes the annual Pinstripers Jamboree at the Detroit Autorama

I started doing model using a striping brush to put on the flames and scallops. That led to doing striping on local cars etc. At 12 I was putting stripes on cars in car shows in the Detroit area.

Then I started doing custom paint which led me into custom body work. in the 60s I opened my 1st real shop , doing custom paint, body work, and pinstriping I was building , choppers , vans, rods, custom cars , etc Over the years I've won 100s of awards including the Riddler at Detroit. Some of my choppers toured Europe for 2 years at a time, doing shows in different cities. My work has been in 100s of magazines and newspapers. I did the artwork for the national PTTV and magazine for Chrysler the ads were all done with pinstriping. I do a lot of work on PT's

Did a reality TV show WAR OF THE WHEELS, co- authored a hard cover book UP IN FLAMES a history of flames (Lyn & th Chris got this book in stock the day it published on June 30 )

I like doing all kinds of work I hate doing straight. lines BORING! I love doing all kinds wild work your work has to stand out , if you have to tie a ribbon on your car to find it at a show its too simple!


The E-zine of Pinstriping UK

Issue 12 September 2006

My favorite kind of work these days are doing sculpture and painting, fine art or auto art. I've been taking everything I've learned as Yosemite Sam to create sculptures and paintings

In the old days I used to do a panel that matched car or bike and give it to the owner way before anyone was doing panels My next goal is to try and get the fine art people to look at pinstriping and auto art be accepted as fine art which it is. That's one of the reasons I produce the PINSTRIPERS JAMBOREE at Detroit I think the talent today is the best it's ever been, and getting better. There are far more artists then the old days My advice to new artists is, to stay with it even if you have to have a day job. Go to events watch and ask questions and practice as much as you can its tough to make a fulltime job out of it Remember it's still the coolest and most rewarding job you could ever do in the next few years I see pinstriping finally bridging the gap to fine art


The E-zine of Pinstriping UK

Issue 12 September 2006

Retro-Tastic Pinstripes This cd-rom contains 300 high quality vector pinstripe images for use in signmaking, tattoos, body art, print, web or creating airbrush masks / artwork for choppers, bikes, cars. A great reference for old school pinstripers. All the images are listed on the accompanying pdf catalogue. The images are ready to use in most of the popular graphics software applications as well as major sign cad/cam packages Each cd contains a pdf catalogue containing each image with a easy to use reference system. These images are each saved in four file formats which are - ai eps cdr dxf. Software that can use these files include Illustrator, Corel Draw, Freehand, Photoshop, Painter, Paint Shop Pro, Autocad, Flash, Signlab, GSP Composer, Flexi Sign Pro The cd-roms are PC and Mac friendly. Currently being sold on Ebay!

Beetle Striping Spotted Kelly Sands sent us this pic taken at the `Flames & Frames' show in Hoo, Kent recently. A great mix of bikes and cars, including the Beetle that this striping was on. He said "I don't know who owns the car or who striped it, there was no-one nearby to ask but it caught my eye & thought others would find it interesting, especially now that striping is crossing the boundaries into the VW scene too."

Support your local Pinstriper !

Champ again! We are pleased to announce that Doug D'Gama retained his British Power Lifting title . We were delighted that they managed to make a quick visit to Old Warden on the Friday to see us and introduce 7 week old Tom! (seen below proudly sporting Dad's Gold Medal). Simon Pollock aka "Nefarious" has just launched the first in a range of Pinstriper T's.

To get yours buy on line at Simons own site. Got mine already!


The E-zine of Pinstriping UK

Issue 12 September 2006

Hints & Tips

#12 Lacquering over Oneshot

The most common question these days is - can I lacquer over Oneshot? Gavin Brown of Gs Custom Designs in Scotland has no problems with this and has sent us this advice to share with you..

How to Pinstripe by Ray "El Vago" Smith

from a few editions ago, will also like this easy to follow two colour pinstripe design. His instructions are very clear and to the point, with A wealth of tips to help you master symmetry and design. The photos give you a clear idea of how to create the design . Highly recommended. To view the tutorial go to /index.html

How to paint a Flying Eyeball

Those of you who appreciated Ray's

Lay down your stripes over already sanded 2K lacquered panels. This makes it easier to correct errors and aid flow. LEAVE FOR 24 HOURS Mix enough 2K lacquer at 2-1 to cover only the pinstripes.


Get what you REALLY want for Xmas!

OK I hear you groaning but just a hopefully timely reminder that to avoid getting sox and undies and those awful sweaters from Aunty Mavis + more smellies than you can handle Start telling people NOW you want a Pinstriping UK gift voucher for Christmas ! Available online from £5 to £500

Spray a light coat over lines, not too dry and not wet, just enough to see a gloss. No need to call this a first coat. Wait 20 minutes if using a heated booth at 20° C or 30 minutes air dry. Mix up a new batch of lacquer to do the whole job with a 2-1 mix and 5% -10% reducer and spray panels as normal using the string test between the 2 or 3 coats applied. Note: this tip only applies to MS lacquer and not HS lacquer. Not all 2K lacquers can be used in this manner PPG Deltron, Lechler and Spies Hecker lacquers will achieve results using the above method.

Gavins method has been tried and tested over many years and should solve most of the problems experienced by less accomplished sprayers.

Pizza Pans Fast becoming the material of choice for stripers in the USA for display panels. Pizza Pans can be sprayed and painted and make an attractive display when hung via adhesive plate hanger discs (available from most art shops) Ranging in size from 7" ­ 16" diameter and from £1.75 - £6 each. A very economic and attractive medium which can enhance your work.

Pic courtesy of Fat Daddy Lines USA In the UK try Alphin Pans at


The E-zine of Pinstriping UK

Issue 12 September 2006

Rat Fink Reunion

Bobbo Dunn tells us he went to Bloomington, Illinois to a Rat Fink Reunion, Car Show and Auction recently. Much to his surprise, he was awarded the "2006 Rat Fink on Route 66 Award" by Ilene Roth, Ed's widow. He said it was a good feeling to be a part of the Roth family. Many artists worked hard to make the auction a success. Shane Syx and Chuck Leighton did the honors of auctioneering. About $3600 was collected. The two day event featured George Barris, Darryl and Donna Starbird, Junior from Florida and Gene Winfield plus lots of cars from the local area plus the feature cars. Bobbo even drove his '60 Ford Starliner with all the 60's scallops, new 302 crate engine with 345 hp, new AOD trans and 3.50 rear end. Like driving a new car and got 18+ mpg for the 2900 mile round trip. To view the panel jam check out

Coming to a store near you ? The latest range of kids, mens & ladies wear from or click any item to go to the site.


The E-zine of Pinstriping UK

Issue 12 September 2006

Hot Rod Art Some fantastic Hot Rod Art was brought to our attention recently from the studios of Willy Fishers "daddy-o designs" in New Mexico. Well worth a surf ! NEW

House of Kolor Striping Enamels

From 1st September, we have been approved for the resale of House Of Kolor Striping Enamels, Reducers and Catalysts. The details are currently being loaded on site. Stock should be with us within the next 7-10 days. The enamels will be available in 1/4pt sizes only and the range will consist of approximately 31 colours. We are not stocking the Neons at this time due to their light sensitivity which causes them to dull in a reasonably short time scale.

Gary Jensens own - Jensen Swirly Q The Jenson's Swirly Q brush is designed for scroll striping and script lettering Available in sizes JS1 & JS2 on the website now.


The E-zine of Pinstriping UK

Issue 12 September 2006

Euro Striper


Chris Kress

Christian Kress " DaChris" Member of the oldest hotrod club in Germany called " BEATERS CAR CLUB "

I started in 2000, doing some stripes on hotrods and kustoms in Finsterwalde,Germany( also check

Currently I´m building a 27 ford roadster, traditional style hotrod. I also stripe a lot of aircooled VW´s .

Anyone who has not already signed up to Stripekults ace pinstripers forum should do so NOW loads of hints tips and inspiration from around the world

Kris's Pimp my Ride Experience!

Transmission dates for Kris's Pimp My Ride appearance have now been confirmed. 17th Sept - MTV (22:00) 24th November - Channel 5 ( time TBC)


The E-zine of Pinstriping UK

Issue 12 September 2006 Hi there , Happy Anniversary Trickstriperist from Alan Johnson Grafix NJ USA Here are a few shots of the Barradini Bros."404 Roadster" . This car has quite an early history as one of the most winning early Drag cars . It retained the "404" number through out it's career and 3 owners . The striping was originally done by Von Dutch. It was restored to it's original configuration by Dave Crouce's Custom Auto in Loveland Colorado where I striped it in 2 days, loaded it into the trailer and drove with Dave to the 2005 Grand National Rodster show . where the car won the Bruce Meyer Preservation award . It is featured in Rodders Journal 1932 Ford anniversary Issue.

Organic Image launch Pod casts Beej Curtis and the team at Organic Image have launched their very first FREE iTunes Podcast Movie. Now available to download and subscribe to from the Apple iTunes website. Beej tells us that "We are now working on hi resolution, streaming films and video which will feature Classes and Workshops here at Organic Image allowing YOU to follow very detailed step by steps and learn all kinds of Airbrushing & Art tips without leaving your PC! Classes without travelling with our new [email protected] on it's the future of creative learning"

New from Mr J at Xcaliber in USA $19.50 each + $12.50 shipping to UK Email : [email protected]


The E-zine of Pinstriping UK

Issue 12 September 2006


We will be at these last shows of the season Steel City Cruisers ­9/10th September ­ Outokump Sportsground, A631 Sheffield Hull Car park Show - 23/24th September ­ Pryme Street Carpark, Hull Doncaster Wingspan ­ October 8th at the Dakota Way Leisure Park, DN4 7FB We are already booking our 2007 show schedule Wheels Day - April 6th Rushmore Arena Aldershot Stars on Wheels ­ April 28/29th Antwerp Belgium Americana ­ July 5/8th Newark Showground, Nottinghamshire PITP7 ­ August 11/12th Billing Aquadrome

James Dawson

More superb work from our ex student "Gene" aka Peter Kager from Holland

It is with great regret that we report the sad death of our friend James Dawson (19) on 30th August. from problems associated with his heart condition. James pictured above winning his trophy at the 2004 NASC Nationals at Suffolk for best newcomer. was always a live wire around the shows and an enthusiastic member of the AHRA. His "Shuvvit" was a thing of beauty complete with striping and Ralph the Iguana. He was a 100% Hot Rodder. I'm sure everyone here would like to send their heartfelt condolences to Chris and his family at this time


LAST POSTING DATES FOR XMAS UK via DHL Monday 18th December EU via DHL Wednesday 13th December UK postal service - your guess !!!!



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