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This Price List is for the Sinus & Virus ADVANCED 200 Hour Kit

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Select a KIT Model - All are supplied as Tailwheel, Select Nose Wheel Model in the Options NOTE: The Standard kit takes approximately 200 hours to complete for the average builder X SINUS 912 15 m (50 ft) Wingspan - Advanced KIT 80 HP 59,900 59,900 VIRUS 912 12.4 m (40 ft) Wingspan - Advanced KIT 80 HP 59,900 The following options and upgrades include the item price plus installation costs and accessories if applicable Options Light version (minus 8-10 kg) 7,500 Nose wheel model (additional weight 8.8 kg) wheel 4.00 x 4 1,720 Long range tanks 2 x 50 l fuel tanks (additional weight 3.2 kg) 550 Large instrument panel additional weight (1.5 kg) 400 Baggage pouch behind the seats (0.6 kg) 80 Solid luggage container behind the seats (additional weight 2.5 kg) 500 Side door for outside baggage access (additional weight 0.8 kg) - (under development) 550 Wingtip nav & strobe lights and landing light (additional weight 2.3 kg) 1,200 Bigger wheels with fairings on main wheels for tail wheel version only (add weight 11 kg) 850 All terrain bigger wheels (additional weight 5.1kg) for nose wheel version not possible Berringer high performance main wheels & brakes + parking brake 1,800 Ballistic rescue system GRS 5/472.5 with container (additional weight 15 kg) 3,200 Tow hook 1,100 Additional window on the door 250 Additional air vent hole on the top window 70 Additional cigarette lighter connector in the instrument panel 60 Doors lock system on both doors 130 Additional battery 11AH (additional weight 4.5 kg) 180 Variometer tail static probe with installation 180 Autopilot Trutrak digitrak (directional - ailerons only) 2,250 Autopilot Trutrak digiflight IIG directional, altitude hold, GPS steering 5,000 Air speed indicator diameter 80 0-250 km/h (0-140 Kts) 240 Air speed indicator diameter 58 0-250 km/h (0-140 Kts) 290 Altimeter diameter 80 0 - 10.000 m (0-20.000 ft) 520 Altimeter diameter 58 0 - 3.000 m (0-10.000 ft) 290 Variometer diameter 58 ± 5 m/sec (±10 Kts ± 1000 fpm) 550 Variometer diameter 80 ± 5 m/sec (±10 Kts ± 1000 fpm) 420 Electronic variometer ilec diameter 80 mm with acoustic Vario 800 LX166 ­ vario speed to fly system (NMEA input, wiring ,,plug and play" to Colibri and 2,000 iPAQ, graphic display, flown dist. Indicator) Fuel pressure gauge ­ Analog 110 Manifold pressure gauge ­ Analog 110 Water temp. Indicator ­ Analog 90 Outside temperature indicator ­ Analog 140 Oil thermostat 250 EFIS Dynon 100 2,600 EFIS Dynon 180 - single screen (without Brauniger) 2,600 EFIS Dynon 100 & EMS Dynon 120 - double screen (without Brauniger) 4,200 Artificial horizon - Trutrak ADI 1,000 Transponder Microair "C" mode with pitostatic encoder, aerial, wirings and installation 2,100 Transponder Filser TRT 800 Mode S with pitostatic encoder, aerial, wirings and installation 2,500 Radio XCOM with inbuilt intercom and outside antenna, 2 headsets HD-1000 1,500 Radio Microair vhf 760 with outside antenna, 2 headsets HD-1000 and intercom 1,500 Radio Filser ATR 500 with outside antenna, 2 headsets HD-1000 and intercom 1,500 Radio Filser ATR 833 with outside antenna, 2 headsets HD-1000 and intercom 2,300 Radio Icom ICA210 with aerial, 2 headsets hd-1000 and intercom 1,400 GPS Garmin 496 + AirGizmo and connection to the autopilot (if applicable) 1,650 GPS Garmin 695 + AirGizmo and connection to the autopilot (if applicable) 3,000 ELT AmeriKing AK-450 121.5 MHz 310 Radio wiring + antenna 140 Radio wiring + antenna integrated in rudder 680 Transponder wiring with pitostatic encoder and antenna 650 Additional holes for the instruments not possible Registration markings (UV resistant decals) 120 High altitude elevator balancing kit 480 Oil check door on top engine cover 200 2 blade carbon fibre featherable propeller - additional price 1,900 2 blade carbon fibre variable and featherable propeller additional price 2,100 Set of castle nut/safety wire propeller & engine mount screws 120 Leather seats and cockpit upholstery 670 Rotax certified engine 912 A2 certificate JAR 22 - additional costs 4,500 Titanium exhaust "Akrapovic" - additional price 450 Overload clutch 460 Click-on fast fuel connectors in the cockpit (0.6 kg) 120 Pedal-mounted wheel brakes for both pilots (0.9 kg) 200 Fast screws on the engine covers (0,4 kg) 160


Aircraft hoist system Aircraft hoist system - attachment sheets on the aircraft only Ground tie-down set to fix the aircraft to the ground (Sinus) Ground tie-down set to fix the aircraft to the ground (Virus) Wings, tail and fuselage cover in light cloth Hangar manoeuvring pushcart ELT Kannad 406 XS-3 Personal locator beacon, 406 MHz Auxiliary electric fuel pump Closed trailer 750 140 200 200 500 500 720 280 13500 330 100 130 300 600 850 1,7 EUR/KM contact us contact us contact us contact us


Bill of sale document Export customs procedure Export documents outside EU costs Apostile Cost of wooden supports in the container and lading costs one aircraft Cost of wooden supports in the container and lading costs two aircraft Transport by road Transport by sea Other documents to be done by request Bureau Veritas expert check Fumigation of the container Others Others Others

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Pilot's seat position - please select Brauniger units in - please select Compass Hemisphere Information Attachments: General terms Pipistrel d.o.o. Ajdovscina Issued: 3 copies (1 for customer, 1 for dealer and 1 for Pipistrel d.o.o. Ajdovscina I have read, accepted and signed this order and attachments as being correct (signature of the customer)


For and on behalf of Pipistrel d.o.o. Ajdovscina (Signature)

Initial Deposit 20% Balance before shipping Price converted into your local currency - enter exchange rate here >

Payment Instructions Bank: NOVA KBM d.d. Nova Gorica BIC / SWIFT: KBMASI2XGOR Acc. no / IBAN code: SI56 0475 1000 0104 859 All charges and commissions outside Slovenija are for ordering customer's account.

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