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Single User Licence Agreement

In consideration of the payment by you of the purchase price of the Software, BCPC (British Crop Production Council) hereby grants you a non-exclusive Licence to use the Software on a single computer under your control. You may install the Software on one additional portable computer, on the condition that both of these are for the use of the same person. You may not install the Software on a network server unless a specific agreement to do so has been concluded with BCPC. BCPC owns or is otherwise entitled to grant licences in respect of all rights, title and interest in the Software (including but not limited to copyright and all other intellectual property rights), as you by the acceptance of these terms acknowledge. You acknowledge that the Software and Documentation constitutes confidential information and undertake to maintain, without limit in time, the confidentiality thereof and to use your best endeavours (including obtaining all necessary undertakings from your staff or authorised agents in lawful possession of the Software) to prevent its unauthorised copying, publication or disclosure in any form and to supervise and control the use of the Software in accordance with the terms of this Licence. You may not copy the Software or the Documentation, in whole or in part, except you may make one backup copy of the Software. You may not install your backup copy on any machine under your control if the primary copy is installed. You agree not to modify, adapt, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or otherwise attempt to discover the source code of the Software and not to create derivative works based on the whole or any part of the Software or the Documentation. To the extent that local law grants you the right to decompile the Software in order to obtain information necessary to render the Software interoperable with other software, you shall first request BCPC in writing to provide you with the necessary information. BCPC has the right to impose reasonable conditions such as a reasonable fee for doing so.

The e-Pesticide Manual

Version 5.0 2009­10 Fifteenth edition


You have purchased the the Fifteenth edition of The e-Pesticide Manual (ePM 5.0). You need to do two things: 1 download and install the software 2 activate the program.

Promoting the Science and Practice of Sustainable Crop Production


Promoting the Science and Practice of Sustainable Crop Production


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1 Download and install

To download your software from the web, go to and click the the download instructions link at the foot of that web page. · Select ePM v5.0 (Single User) and your current operating system. · Click Download ePM5.0 and you will be asked to enter your User Number. This number was emailed to you when your purchase was confirmed. You may want to make a note of it here. User Number. · Please key in your User Number and contact details ­ we won't send you unwanted email, but we would like to notify you of any software upgrades that become available. · Then click Start Download. At this point your operating system may allow you to choose whether to install the program automatically or save the file to disk. If saving to disk, you will then need to install the software: click on EPMVSetup.msi and follow the instructions. Those using MS Windows XP may be prompted to install the .NET Framework. XP users must have the .NET Framework software in order to run ePM5.0. To obtain it, follow the instructions that appear on screen. Those using MS Windows Vista may be prompted to run the program as an administrator. Open Windows Explorer, and from the start menu select Computer. Then navigate to the folder where you placed ePM5.0 (the default is Program Files\BCPEPM\EPMV). Right-click on the ePMV Application file and select Run as administrator. For additional Help Notes on installing the program, go to and click the download instructions link at the foot of that web page.

2 Activate

Ifyouareworkingonline,youcanactivatetheprogram automaticallybyclickingonActivateonline.Thissimple optionisrecommended.

If you are offline and choose to activate the program manually, do the following. · The first time you open ePM5.0, key in your User Number. · So that you can get started straightaway, the system generates a temporary Activation Code ­ you can use this code for 21 days. · During this 21-day period, email your Request Code to BCPC (click on Clipboard to copy the code, then paste it into an email addressed to [email protected]). · You will then receive a permanent Activation Code via email ­ copy and paste this into the box shown in the window below and click Activate.

Your software licence (see page 4) allows you to activate two copies of ePM5.0. If you need to activate the program again ­ for example when transferring to a new computer ­ contact [email protected]

Ifyouhaveanyproblemswithinstallingoractivating thesoftwarepleaseemail [email protected]

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